Weekly Astrology All Signs February 14th 2022 – Love


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 14th 2022


Get some spontaneous love happening

Your company says a lot about you

What’s that psychic ‘heads-up’?

You know what you want when you see it, Aries. And this Valentine’s Day week won’t see you deviate from that. With the Sun and Mercury in your social sector hooking up with Uranus in your 1st, it’s not just about seeing and getting that you want, but the odd surprise too. Especially when it comes to news and your social life. This could be very last minute and the way to get the most out of this Valentine’s Day week is to be spontaneous and go with whatever direction Cupid’s Arrow points you in.

This week’s full Moon shines a light on desire and passion after weeks of love being on hold. You’re feeling more social and adventurous – whether the connection promises romance or not! What’s being concealed right now? Whether you realise it or not this is all about what the people you’re connected with think of you. And say about you. This eclipse may eventually show you in whose company you belong – and with who you can really be accepted for yourself.

Love shines a light on the past

Venus meets your ruler Mars in your 10th on the 16th telling you that ambition alone simply isn’t enough. It has to be infused with passion, love and perhaps just a touch of enchantment. Venus in here enhances your professional image and on a personal level, adds serious allure. Mars brings the confidence to work that. You may intuitively know what is going to happen now before it does as we are days away from the Sun’s arrival into your 12th Once there it could hand you the validation you were right on the money when it arrives on the 18th. Pay attention to any gut feelings. Because this is your house of the past, the past may return this Valentine’s week in the form of a past love. That could just be one of the surprises for you this week. As could going after that heart’s desire.

In a nutshell: You’re going after what your heart wants, Aries. And you don’t need Valentine’s Day as an excuse. Time for some serious moves as ruler Mars meets Venus in your 10th.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (11th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (10th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (5th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (12th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (12th to 2nd)


Craft your professional image

Showcase yourself

Where does your love flow?

Network like there’s no tomorrow this week, Taurus. However, it’s not just about who you know but what you know too. Understand you are under the professional microscope on so many levels now. If you’ve been planning a major career move or to shoot for the top job, then this is you week to take action.

People are watching you so ensure you are projecting the right image. It’s not just about looking the part but being seen as someone who knows what they are talking about and above all – delivers on their promise. Your action (or lack thereof) now will be something you live with for a long time to come so please be aware of this. The coming two year period is going to see you offered increased success and also responsibility, so be seen as someone ready to accept this.

Doors to passion and potential swing wide

This Valentine’s week could see you more focussed on professional relationships rather than personal ones. But that does not mean love is off the menu or that you may not be surprised by a secret admirer now ruler Venus is direct and meets Mars in you expansion zone. This week’s full Moon in your 4th – the Moons ruling house, is all about doors opening and closing. It focusses on security and also tells you to take care of your professional reputation and public image as it will be under scrutiny for better or worse now. Bear in mind that if your focus has been on your career to the detriment of other areas of your life, you may suddenly be faced with different results to what you hoped for. Which way will the doors swing for you?

An indication of how well you are doing could arrive as soon as the 18th as Jupiter aligns to Uranus in your 1st. How is today’s success story looking when you compare it to the one you see for your future, Taurus? This also promises surprises, fresh connections and new groups to explore. It’s time to jump forward and enjoy new experiences. These are designed to help you expand your worldview and your thinking. Time for a little spontaneity after putting that personal business plan into action, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Where your focus is, there’s the love this week, Taurus. It’s not just about work and it’s not just about love either. It’s all about feeling the passion across all areas.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (10th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (9th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (4th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (11th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (11th to 1st)


Reach higher

Go for that no limits love

Answer that soul yearning

One final focus on what you have been learning this past month may be necessary this week, Gemini. Ruler Mercury returns to your 9th and will clear its retroshadow next week. You are now in a cycle of expansion and exploration. To move forward you need to tap into your well of learning and experience. Is there something you are hesitating to do? Chances are this may be holding you back and you are being nudged towards taking that first step towards an experience you know you should have claimed previously.

Only you can say for sure what this is but it is designed to stretch you and also expand your horizons on some level. It can be anything from that trip you have always wanted to take, that item on your bucket list, applying for that job or starting that business or learning something new. You have not done it yet because you imagine it is beyond you – or takes you too far out of your comfort zone. Ditch the limiting thoughts and dare to leave that comfort zone under this week’s full Moon in your 3rd. It’s time as it occurs to think about a new direction entirely. The universe wants to release you from limitations.

No limits love

This also requires blue-sky thinking as Jupiter makes a highly charged angle to that original and maverick planet Uranus in your house of inspiration. You’re able to reach for different ways of doing things and in an experimental frame of mind now.

The 16th promises change as Venus and Mars weave a transformational tapestry for you in your 8th. Gather up all your resources and learning experiences and channel these into power moves and creating exactly the right impression. This includes bringing sexy back in your personal life if you’ve spent the retrograde period looking for that misplaced mojo. The good news is that if so, this week hands it back. Whether it’s your career or just a yearning for a bigger life or love experience, no more hesitation now.

In a nutshell: Reach for a different kind of love this week. Or way of expressing it. Whatever you think is beyond you, could be closer than you think this Valentine’s week.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (9th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (8th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (3rd)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (10th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (10th to 12th)


Get ready for refined, reimagined, redefined love

Transformation gives way to new beginnings

Turn up the passion

Changes could come to fruition with a key project, negotiation or even a relationship coming to completion. Your house of personal power, shared resources, transformation and passion contains all the ingredients for change this week – and is illuminated by the light of the full Moon in your 2nd.

Love reborn

Gather your self-confidence. It’s time for debts to be paid or settled, contracts to be signed or renegotiated, resources to be shared and perhaps even fears to be confronted as this house rules those too. You know better than other signs how a full Moon always maximises your emotional journey in a key area. This one is all very Yin/Yang as it contains both death and rebirth. So, an ending may in fact turn out to be a new beginning, no matter how it appears at the time.

Venus and Mars meet in your partnership sector on the same day as this full Moon firing up love and partnership matters. This is now the perfect time to go seeking to be part of any kind of duo, duet or double act this week. This is Love 2.0 and you are so ready for it. Single or settled, you are now bringing your life or even your psyche, back into wholeness again. With a new you rising up stronger as a result as full Moons always reflect their light back into the one opposite to where they appear (your 8th). The house of the rising phoenix. house is the house of the rising phoenix after all.

Surprises grab your attention

As the Sun enters your 9th on the 16th it arrives with both rulers of Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune, in here making this one of the most opportunity and solution bearing periods of the year for you. If your energy has been drained by the sluggish retro residue left by Venus and Mercury in your 7th, you are about to make up for lost time. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Pisces and your 9th and it angles to Uranus in its ruling 11th also on the 16th. Expect a surprise which is set to excite and evolve your soul. This could arrive in the form of someone or something unexpected, heart starting and exciting different. Prepare for a dynamic leap forward on into a month of expansion and new experiences. The changes which have preceded this may now be revealed as preparing you to launch. Countdown’s over, Cancer!

In a nutshell: Changes pave the way for something new. Passion propels you forward. And anything that doesn’t capture your full attention just won’t do this Valentine’s week.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (8th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (7th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (2nd)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (9th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (9th to 11th)


Bring back balance

Transformation is a two-way street

Love means letting go

The full Moon in your sign throws a key connection into the spotlight this V-Day week. Now this could be your significant other, that spouse, live in boo or serious love interest. But it could just as easily be that bestie, working relationshjp, mentor, business or activity partner. Just know that duos and double acts will feature in some way, shape or form.

So, look to that opposite number. Or even that competitor or opponent. This house also rules legal proceedings if you are involved in those right now. Mercury’s return in here (14th) could put a resolution on the table or an agreement may be about to be reached in a work or business relationship. Cupid could return a past love in a fit of V-Day hearts and flowers for some of you as while Mercury is direct, it has yet to clear retroshadow (next week).

Become the lover you are seeking

The day of the full Moon also has Venus and Mars co-joined in your 6th. Valentine’s week could see you being your own Valentine or treating yourself as you would like a lover to do. You may spoil yourself – not with the wine and chocolates so much as in indulging in rituals designed to bring about inner If you bliss, balance and holistic healing. This is true self-care. It says YOU are just as important as anyone else.

Ruler the Sun is on the move on the 18th into your change sector. If you do change how you have been treating yourself this week, you are likely to love how it makes you feel and stick to it. Beneficial changes are on the horizon around what you share or is shared with you. This can includes your salary, benefits, loans, mortgage, legacies etc. The Sun’s arrival coincides with both Jupiter and Neptune in here. Expect to enter the Vault of Empowerment during the month. Jupiter aligns to Uranus, the planet of surprises, unpredictability, revolutionary thinking and owning our individuality on the same day. In your 10th house this is all about what you and you alone bring to your role, position or what you aim at. Be an original not a ‘Yes’ person. If you are seeking a new position or promotion, be willing to apply alternative solutions and then to let go. Above all, work whatever you have in your arsenal – both in your professional arena and the personal one, like a boss. And in a way that simply nobody else can, Leo!

In a nutshell: Love past present and future falls under the influence of this week’s full Moon in your sign. You have something nobody else has. Simply being you. It’s an attraction factor like no other, Leo.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (7th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (6th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (1st)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (8th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (8th to 10th)


Go deeper into the details

It’s soul—decluttering time!

Love has its own timing

You’re aiming for pristine perfection now with Mercury returning to your 6th. Tie up any loose ends and bring any work or study projects to completion or launch now. This week’s full Moon in your 12th is asking you to ‘clean house’. It’s setting you the task of not leaving anything hanging or unfinished. And is also asking you to refine and heal your life on so many levels. Balance and wellbeing are your take-outs from this exercise.

This full Moon will illuminate any areas that need attending to as well as boosting your psychic insights. Focus on those habits, routines and also what you intuit. Hidden truths come to light and when they do, please face their reality and act accordingly. If you need to declutter your life on any level, this process will not only leave you filled with joy, you’ll open up a space for more of what you need to flow in.

Clear the way for that perfect love

Is this love or simply having time for the people in your life or what you love to do? This is a week where love is in the air after all. And all the more so for you. Cupid could go crazy as Venus and Mars align in your 5th of romance and attraction on this night. Sure it’s two days after the actual V-date. But with Mercury still gathering speed, you expect slight delays until next week.

All in perfect cosmic timing, naturally as the Sun arrives in your 7th on the 18th. In here Jupiter and Neptune intent on delivering divine entwining for all Virgos whether it’s with that existing boo or a new one. This year can see many of you deepen your connection, tie the knot or can usher in that depth defining new love. Jupiter’s alignment to Uranus in your 9th could deliver a larger than life and unexpected opportunity which sends you down a new path.

Partnerships can take on a beautiful spiritual resonance and you feel the desire to connect on a deeper level. Pave the way for love to flow by clearing the way for it with those finishing touches. this week. Isn’t that worth keeping an eye on the details for?

In a nutshell: What’s perfect for you right now, Virgo? Or should I say who? Clear the clutter and make way for the perfect love or solution, to find you this week!

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (6th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (5th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (12th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (7th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (7th to 9th)


Love gives you an answer

Express yourself

Work to wow

Children, young people, lovers and your creativity. This week sees you dealing with one or more of these themes before the Sun moves out of your 5th and on into your 6th on the 18th.

Who’s your Valentine, Libra? The answer may surprise you this week especially if you’ve been playing a guessing game with someone for a while. Mercury returns to your 5th this week while ruler Venus and Mars meet in your 4th on the 16th. The thing about you and game-playing is, that you tire of it after a while. That door to your heart only stays open for so long before you shut it for good. Sure your romantic heart keeps it ajar for a while, but then you just move on.

The full Moon in your 11th points to the fact that you could discover you’ve just got tired of waiting and move in a new direction entirely. A cycle of romance or creativity you thought over and done with reappears reborn with a new focus this time. Or children feature. Perhaps this is just your childlike perfect self asking permission to express itself? Play, experiment, dance, create. Radiate. This is a fabulous full Moon under which to get together with friends or socialise. Even if this V-Day week hasn’t delivered that special someone, this is telling you that every kind of love is simply special and just as valid as the romantic kind.

Everyday miracles

Magic is always special whether it’s the everyday, practical variety or the universe shifting kind. We get exactly the right dose we need when the Sun is in our 6th which happens on the 18th. But this is no small magic you’ve been handed in ‘22, Libra. A little of it goes a long, long way and has increased potency when it comes to your day job, studies, habits, diet, routine and even your pets if you have them.

You have both Jupiter and Neptune in here allowing you to take aim at work freedom and spiritual satisfaction too. Harness this energy but looking closely at your daily routine, wellbeing and work and where changes need to be made. Even small ones could result in major improvements now. Jupiter opens doors and takes you ideas further as it aligns to Uranus in your 8th promising rewards of a more material kind.

Work your resources in a creative yet practical manner in this house. You get your point across in a way that wows. Bosses sit up and take note of what you deliver. Needless to say, this is a wonderful time to apply for a new job or make that presentation. Turn work into something you can love now.

In a nutshell: If life has been ‘heavy’ or ‘serious’ lately it’s time to lighten up. Express yourself and play. And maybe throw in a little romance for good measure this week!

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (5th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (4th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (11th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (6th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (6th to 8th)


There’s no place like home

Who are your real ‘family’

Love is where you belong

What does ‘family’ mean to you, Scorpio? This week sees home and family in the spotlight – a full Moon in your 10th shines its light back into your 4th. Perhaps you are one of those lucky souls who were born into or even adopted by a family you feel are ‘your people’.

However, we can be someone’s biological child but it does not always follow we are a child of their spirit. If so, we may have to go create our own definition of family. It doesn’t matter which it is this week, but your home, living arrangements, what you need for your long term security and the people who make up your little tribe or unit, are all about to feature in some way. Creating a place to call your own which sustains you along with the people in your life will take on a new importance now. Decisions around where you are living or what you need could be made now Mercury direct again, enters your 4th favouring property dealings and moves.

Hot lovers and big luck

This week sees ancient ruler Mars turn up the heat as it meets Venus in your 3rd of news and messages. Yes, this could see those Valentine’s or a hot V-Day date for you, phoenix. You also have the Sun’s arrival in your 5th on the 18th. This is the Sun’s ruling house and it joins Jupiter and Neptune in here for what is destined to be one of the most powerful cycles of attraction, creativity and romance you have experience so far. Time to get clear on what you want this to bring you.

Luck is on your side so do take a chance. Make that first move. Don’t forget you have Jupiter in your 5th bigging up your luck factor and set on expanding your personal horizons for most of this year. Jupiter links to Uranus in your partnership zone on the 18th. There’s nothing more sustaining than love after all. It could be found in unexpected places or appear in unusual form. With an increased sense of security to sustain you, experiment, play and express yourself. It’s all about the magic of emotional safety which leads to freedom which sustains.

In a nutshell: This week is all about living – and loving, in a way that suits you, Scorpio. Taking a chance – on what you set in motion or even say ‘Yes’ to, simply increases that sense of something worth falling in love with.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (4th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (3rd)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (10th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (5th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (5th to 7th)


Say it with love

Own that path

Ideas can take you a long way

Mercury direct and returning to its ruling 3rd adds up to those V-Day messages, news, a flurry of likes and you knowing what to say and how. The ‘L’ word included as this week also sees Venus and Mars meet in your 2nd. That’s your sector of self-worth and relationships with big benefits don’t forget. Cashed up love or romance could be something that pays dividends this week. Or hands you a surprise bonus.

Set sail on the sea of love

This week brings your annual Explorer’s full Moon in your 9th. What direction are you heading in? Consciously choose your course now. If you have allowed yourself to drift, this full Moon shows you just how far off-course you are. You can correct and set yourself a fresh direction if need be. Uncharted waters and far flung destinations beckon. And be aware that in the era of Covid your exploration can be a learning journey if an actual physical one is not possible right now. Love could be the undiscovered country or the one you and your boo are returning to under this. You need something bigger and this full Moon awakens it.

From the 18th, the Sun joins ruler Jupiter and Neptune in your 4th. Aside from an increased emphasis on home, property, family matters and your emotional and financial security, this cycle is all about your life – your way. Are you living your life or living up to another’s expectations? Are you a fully-fledged adult but still depend on your parents in some way whether it is financially or simply their approval?

Property dealings are favoured now but so is moving on and being a ‘grown up’ – whatever that means for you. Look at whether your parents encouraged you to go out there, experiment and explore or if their fears and expectations held you back. If this is the case, do something about it. There’s an opportunity waiting for you on the horizon but it will only hang around for so long. You may have to simply take a chance and grab it as Jupiter aligns to Uranus. Go claim it now.

In a nutshell: Fabulous opportunities glimmer on the horizon. If you have the courage to set sail towards them. Take that step to claim them now. It’s your life – how you choose to live it – and love, is all up to you this week, Sag.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (3rd)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (2nd)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (9th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (4th)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (4th to 6th)


Join the rich list

Bring on the passion

Act on your ideas

This week’s full Moon in your asset sector has you focussed on more than just your money. It’s all about your values too. Think of life as a series of exchanges which your values actually determine and form the rate of exchange. What are you willing to give up in order to get something else? Because whether it’s the money you earn for which you exchange your time and your skills, or just where you are prepared to compromise, it’s all determined by your values. I will trade this off to have that. And conversely – ‘That’s a deal breaker’.

This week brings in a new rate of exchange paying you in terms of balance and also healing around any blocks between you and abundance. You may find you are only prepared to give up so much in order to get more of something else or that some things just don’t have a price ticket on them. If in doubt about any transaction be it financial or emotional under this full Moon, fall back on those core values and understand being rich is a state of mind, not a bank statement.

Go for love

Wondrous possibilities open up in terms of relationships and personal desires this V-day week. You may have felt more stalled and confined that most other signs during the retro cycle which has persisted since December due to the fact you have had Venus and Mercury backwards in your sign. Now, with the shift forward – Mercury moves into your 2nd on the 14th, and the entwinement of Venus and Mars on the 16th, your power to attract and set those desires in motion draws those outcomes or new beginnings towards you. All intensified under this full Moon.

Get behind your ideas now as the Sun shifts into your 3rd joining Jupiter and Neptune in here on the 18th. Time to examine your routines and also look at what you really want from life – and then to act on the ideas that come to you. That’s the important thing with planets in here especially Jupiter. It wants you to think big. This is your major launch cycle for ‘22 when you can experience just how far an idea or what you do can take you. Go with outside the box thinking as Jupiter aligns to Uranus on the 18th. This is no time to hold back.

You’re rich in ideas but that’s all they remain unless you back them up with action. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words after all. Get straight to the point and above all, have your facts straight. If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t pretend you do. It’s time to walk your talk in more ways than one as business, written and commercial ventures are favoured. Join the rich list this week – in more ways than just the obvious one.

In a nutshell: Your money, assets and above all, your values are in focus this week. What are you prepared to trade to have or do what you love? Define the price you’re willing to pay.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (2nd)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (1st)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (8th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (3rd)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (3rd to 5th)


Loved up or looking – how to you want that love served?

Seek out security and satisfaction

What does that reflection say?

Having Mercury return to your 1st isn’t a bad way to see in Valentine’s Day nor celebrate the final days of your birthday season, Aquarius. In fact, what occurs in both your sign and your money zone this week could set the tone for the rest of the year now. The Sun remain in your 1st until the 18th. Plus this week sees Jupiter in your money zone make a soul boosting angle to ruler Uranus in your 4th. Satisfaction seals the deal with money, self-worth and anything that adds to that sense of belonging and security.

Add to this mix a full Moon in your partnership sector on the 15th which shows you how someone sees or feel about you as it acts as a mirror. Look closely at who or what opposes you now and remember, what you are shown may be the wonderful new version of you that you are becoming. Does this person embody that raw potential? Do you see it in them but not in yourself? Do you believe you deserve to be loved this Valentine’s week? Good questions to contemplate under this full Moon whether you are loved up or looking.

Cashed up self worthy benefits

The Sun shifts into your 2nd on the 18th bringing you renewed focus on your values and your bank account. With both Jupiter and Neptune in here doors to financial freedom, abundance and prosperity are set to swing wider in ‘22 than they ever have previously. A new source of income or even a new romance can’t be ruled out. You could be set to indulge in some of the finer things of life but don’t spend just for the sake of it. Focus on the opportunities you have in the here and now and act on the information Mercury delivers. If so, you’ll be amazed at how your goals start to manifest sooner rather than later. All you have to do is look.

In a nutshell: This week puts you in the here and now, Aquarius. Living and loving in the moment and seeing the opportunities in front of you puts you in the fast-lane towards success.

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (1st)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (12th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (7th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (2nd)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (2nd to 4th)


Tune in to messages from beyond

Pay attention to your intuition

Happy birthday, Pisces!

The run up to your birthday season gets all a bit spiritual and mysterious, Pisces. But then you do the cosmic oh-so-well. Just prior to the Sun joining your two rulers in your sign on the 18th, you have a 12th house full of spiritual insight and links to your past. You may just know something is going to happen before it does. Hopefully this will not spoil any Valentine’s surprise for you.

Messages with you in mind

The past will certainly feature on some level or return for one last go-around. It may turn up in person with that V-Day message, or just in memories surfacing to be re-framed and healed. This is all about setting yourself up for freedom now and discarding anything that holds you back. Open up up to cosmic wisdom, healing and also feeling balanced within again if this is needed. Again, your higher self may be guiding you towards experiences, things and even books or films with important messages for you related to this now Mercury has returned to your 12th.

Be open and you could step forward into this new cycle unencumbered. But for now you may be keeping all this to yourself. That’s okay. This could be due to a revelation about someone or something from your past. This week’s full Moon in your 6th shines the light on something so obvious you’ll wonder how you missed it.

Venus now direct in your 11th says if you have no boo, then besties are your go-to Valentine’s love connection as it meets Mars in here on the 16th. But once the Sun arrives in your 1st look forward to a year of expansion, freedom and new people and experiences like no other you have ever experienced. As the Sun moves through your sign it will meet your rulers, handing you gifts, opportunities and solutions as well as directions towards those dreams. Jupiter’s angle to Uranus on the 18th could show you a dazzling preview of what’s in store that’s your trailer for the main feature of ‘22.

Time to keep that line open to your higher self. You won’t be spending much time on your own in the coming weeks but when you do, listen to what your inner self has to say and then act on it. You’re about to discover new loves and recapture some old ones now. Time to give yourself the gift of a No Limits attitude. The future? As open as the Multiverse for you, Pisces.

In a nutshell: In the run-up to your birthday there’s so much going on with you you’re just not ready to show others, Pisces. But get ready to emerge – and dazzle in the process!

Feb 14 2022 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius (12th)

Feb 16 2022 Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn (11th)

Feb 16 2022 Full Moon in Leo (6th)

Feb 18 2022 Sun enters Pisces (1st)

Feb 18 2022 Jupiter in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (1std to 3rd)



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