Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 9th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 9th 2021


It’s glamourous, enchanting – but is it real?

Take a break

Don’t tune out that intuition

Check you chart for any aspects between 22-24 degrees this week. We have a Yod forming between the Sun in Leo, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. It’s all sacred geometry so the degree matters.

Venus opposition Neptune (10th) can see us checking out of our everyday lives on some level. Especially when its across your 6th/12th axis. Now, we all need an escape from everyday reality once in a while. A holiday fits the bill and the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the following day supports that. So, even if its just a staycation this week, you should be set for good times and some good old fashioned type fun.

Take a cosmic mini break

Checking out of reality temporarily is fine too. Via creativity, fantasy, daydreaming, visualization. If we don’t allow ourselves to dream up possibilities for ourselves and give our imaginations free rein, we’d never create, try or attempt anything. This week is also wonderful for a little indulgence, getting your glam on and becoming totally insta-gorge. Unleash this side of you. And have as much fun with it as you want.

However, watch for dusting others with the same kind of cosplay glitter you’re simply having fun with. As in projecting qualities onto people they simply don’t have. There’s enchantment in the air around love. But ensure it’s real and that you don’t neglect the things you know you should be doing. If so, reality will make itself known when Mercury enters its ruling 6th from the 11th and that Yod strikes back on the 15th. It’s nothing more than a timely reminder to pay attention to those inner promptings. You intuition is a valuable asset this week whether you are using it for creativity or to decide the direction of business or love. Don’t ignore that message unless you want to come back down to earth with a bump!

In a nutshell: Time to take a break from reality this week, Aries. It’s a fabulous time for holidays or simply taking a trip in your imagination. The recharge can leave you primed to take on anything. But count on returning to reality sooner or later.


Just say yes

Others want what you’re selling!

Love is the anticipation, the journey and the destination

Ruler Venus in your 5th is pleasure-sent, Taurus! This is a week for love, a little escapism, attraction and fun. If you can get away from it all even for a day, then do as Venus opposes Neptune in your 11th on the 10th. It also trines Pluto in your house of journeys the following day. If ever there was an invitation to explore the undiscovered country of joyfulness, romance or simply good times with others, then this is it.

Even if you ended up not going far, chances are everything takes on a fresh and almost luminous perspective. You are also glowing now, Taurus. That lighthearted side of you is asking for you to indulge it. And the more you do that, the more you get yourself noticed and attract back.

Work what you have like a boss

Invitations could arrive and these aren’t just limited to dates or the social kind. There’s something alluring about you and provided you don’t totally check out from reality, there’s an opportunity to progress those ambitions too. Whatever you’ve got other people want it. Can you bottle it?! Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter in your career sector could open ways to impress. That allure extends to the professional realm as you could be see as the one with the most to offer.

In its ruling sign of Virgo and your 5th Mercury is all about paying attention to the details but also in playful form. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to balancing that work/love balance. If you can maintain it across the need to shine and simultaneously decompress with those responsibilities at both home and work, you’ll work the yod that appears this week like a boss. Which you are, Taurus. Check out but don’t disconnect from getting the job done.

In a nutshell: Dress for success. That savvy, smart confident aura that surrounds you is your calling card. Sure you can’t afford to ignore the details. But you can amp up your expectations when it comes to outcomes this week, Taurus.


Small steps lead to massive results

Plans get put to the test

Feet on the ground – head in the stars!

Ruler Mercury brings you a reality check around home, lifestyle, living arrangements, security and family matters this week, Gemini. It’s a week to have your eyes on the prize but be grounded very firmly in the reality of how you grasp this. Your key to making the most of this week’s energy is to think in the long term.

This may not be as easy as it sounds due to the Venus/Neptune opposition on the 10th. Yes you may have a vision of where you want to get to. But castles in the air need a foundation which is what you ruler wants to remind you. You may also have the desire to escape or have painted yourself such a vibrant, broad strokes big picture of what you want to achieve that you’ve neglected to think about the steps you need to take to make it happen.

Sustain for the long term

This week is rife with opportunity or you could simply end up back where you started. It all rests on that reality check. You’ve either thought it all through or neglected the details. Mercury rules Virgo and your 4th. It’s very much at home in here and this is all about what you need on both an emotional and material level to support and sustain you.

What’s on offer could be a way to get exactly that. Provided you have a map rather than just drifting. You may be put in a situation which shows you if that plan is practical by this week’s Yod. It also hands you the means to course correct if needed. Make sure you know the details – every step of the way, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Time to road test those plans, Gemini. This week offers up major opportunities thanks to ruler Mercury. You could get a green light or be sent back to the start. Either way the feedback’s invaluable.


Plan that getaway

Fly free of restriction

The attraction factor rises

The moon is waxing which is always a positive time for you, Cancer. It’s a week to get things done or to set things in motion. It’s also a week to go somewhere or travel. Either in reality or your imagination thanks to the opposition between Venus in your 3rd and Neptune in your 9th.

Getting away from it all

Travel – even the day tripping or short distance kind is highlighted for you. Or you may choose another kind of escapism – fantasy, film, your imagination for instance. There’s a lure now for the mystical, exotic and far away. A yearning for a bigger experience is a soul call vibration that resonates. How are you going to answer? Sometimes getting away means transcending a problem or issue which has had us trapped or stuck. Don’t rule that way out either as Mercury opposes Jupiter on the 11th.

Joint trips, journeys or plans are also favoured thanks to the trine between Venus and Pluto in your 7th. Your flirtation factor and ability to attract is high now and a new kind of partnership dynamic could be on the cards for some of you as the heat of attraction increases and Mercury in its ruling sign and house (3rd) makes you magician of the enticing opening line whether you use this power for work or romance.

Yods are all about energies that have nothing in common but if we can find the release point, had us transformational capabilities. Your point of power is in your assets, self-worth and money. Think buying freedom and experiences not stuff. The one on Aug 15 wants you go for what you love or to understand money buys choices. That’s your choice to make when it comes to leap-frogging anything that’s restricting you this week.

In a nutshell: Feel the heat this week, Cancer. The temperate soars within and passion ignites. You reach a break-free moment where you get away from it all or simply transcend a problem. What a release!


Explore the priceless world of experiences

Hustle that imagination

Deal or no deal, Leo?

Money, money, money. You could be humming along to the Abba song this week especially as Venus which rules this house is in here and Mercury which rules Virgo leaves your 1st and arrives on the 11th. What’s important for you now is to know where it goes and what you need it to do for you as opposed to buy you.

This is not a week to splurge as if you do you may later regret your purchase or even exceed your budget. Venus opposes Neptune in your 8th on the 10th which can lead you into impulse buys or if you are on holiday or out enjoying yourself, adopting an: ‘The money will turn up’ attitude as you order another round of cocktails.

This transit can be wonderful for delving into imaginative and creative ways to boost your net worth. Or even for transcendental sex! But it can also lead you to throw practicality out of the window until the bill brings you down to reality with a bump. Especially when Mercury has you counting the cost from the 11th. If you are involved in negotiations now, you need to know what outcome you want and be clear about it.

Get a fun budget

Enjoying down time with your bae or even the appearance of a new potential partner could follow the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 11th. You are also in a power position to move forward with work or study plans. But again, you need to pay attention to the details and be in the here and now as a Yod forms between your ruler the Sun, Pluto in your 6th and Neptune in your 8th.

This week invites you to imagine, play and even indulge yourself. But it also tells you to not just lost in this and balance with what needs to be done. Money buys you a ticket to escape and pleasure. Just remember it’s a return trip back to reality.

In a nutshell: You’re right on the money this week Leo if you focus on experiences rather than simply stuff you can acquire with your cash. In fact, resist the urge to splurge. Where you go or what you do could end up costing less and be priceless.


Start something new

Balance fantasy with fact

What supports and serves?

Ruler Mercury arrives in your 1st joining Venus and Mars in here like an early birthday gift. You are now ready to begin the new so let’s get your party started, Virgo!

One thing is certain this week, your psychic antenna are especially sensitive. You’ll be aware of the most subtle shifts of energy between you and your partner. You’ll be craving dreamy, sensual closeness and connection as Venus opposes Neptune in your 7th on the 10th. You want romance, fun and escapism. This week is an excellent one to get away from it all whether it is with your boo or just by yourself.

Like the fantasy but love the reality

Singles could see the emergence of someone dreamily intriguing. Just don’t project that’s all. Once Mercury arrives it tells you, use that enhanced psychic attunement to tune in to the real person. In fact, some of you will already be doing this as you will notice if there is a disconnect between what someone promises and what they do – be this a lover, a friend or even your employer. The Mercury/Jupiter opposition which occurs on the 11th will highlight any discrepancy.

If anything like this comes to light, please don’t ignore it. While you have a planetary party happening in your sign you are still in your soul house declutter period until the Sun arrives on the 22nd. So, attention still needs to be paid to what supports and what no longer serves. This week’s Yod which is in orb from 15-17th nudges you to look closer. When you do you’ll instinctively see if the facts and the fantasy align, Virgo. And what to do about any discrepancy. Your new cycle demands the less that adds up to more love and support. Declutter where necessary.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury in your sign tells you its time for something fresh. Your new cycle begins now but don’t make the same old mistakes, Virgo. Or take something into it that no longer serves you.


Time to declutter

Make that tough choice

No more ‘the way things were’ – things just got better!

Ruler Venus is your 12th is all about your past. Whether it is healing it, re-framing it or in some cases yes, reviving it. If you have discarded anything worthwhile – reclaim it now. This includes activities and things you love to do and which allow you an outlet for your creativity, passion and talent. Or else you’ll be able to identify thoughts and habits which don’t add anything – and discard accordingly replacing them with new, more aligned ones with your needs.

If someone returns which is possible this week thanks to the Venus/Neptune opposition on the 10th, don’t automatically assume things can go back to the way they were. They can’t. Instead ask what you can create anew or else you may be better off with a ‘Thanks, but no thanks’. There’s no need to repeat the past but you can replace it. Mercury’s arrival in your 12th from the 11th helps you with identifying if you are setting yourself up for history repeating or rebirth. There is a difference.

Take from the past but don’t live there

Attend to matters close to home as Venus trines Pluto in your 4th on the 11th. Looking at what no longer serves could lead to big benefits around living arrangements and lifestyle. It’s important that you use this week’s astounding imaginative energy to focus on the kind of future you want to create for yourself. This means harvesting from your past what you’ve learned and what remains relevant and worthwhile and treasuring this but discarding what doesn’t for the sake of your own long term wellbeing.

This may see you making very tough toss or take decision around anything from your memories, habits, people, routines, relationships and what you’ve been told to be true or right and what you now see just isn’t working for you now even if it once did or you took it to be gospel. As this week’s Yod forms look at what you’ve been told or thought was right for you but now see it isn’t. Release and replace it as needed, Libra. Lighten the load.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus’s arrival in your 12th brings healing and a fresh perspective on the past. Look to what needs to be tossed and what you need to take forward with you. This includes hanging on to hurts and memories, Libra.


Take a day trip to dreamland but be ready to return

Step into something bigger

What expands your world?

Your superpower this week lies with who you know. Time to assemble when it comes to that dream team Scorpio. Friends and groups, networks and communities and all kinds of connections feature and prove to be conduits for your desires and goal manifestation this week.

Day Trip to Dreamland

Dreamy, floaty, sail away with me romance or getaway from it all opportunities feature with Venus in your 11th opposing Neptune in your 5th. Holidaying or day trips with friends or shared activities bring you a sense of joyfulness and connection. You may be craving oneness with others or with the universe itself. This is an excellent day for creative pursuits and magical encounters. But please, bear in mind while a day trip or two away from everyday mundane matters does us good, we need to return to reality sooner or later.

Venus trines your ruler Pluto in your 3rd on the following day which could bring you game-changing news around career, home life, moving or living arrangements. Mercury still in your status zone opposes Jupiter in your 4th. You could be asked to accept something or given the keys to an opportunity.

Mercury also lands in your 11th later than day – it’s ruling sign of Virgo where it is very much the boss. Invitations, messages, meetings and new connections offering fresh ideas are part of this Mercury cycle. Please don’t be a boxset hermit now no matter what the current restrictions are in your locale. Connect even if its via the internet which this house along with Mercury rules.

Ruler Pluto, the Sun in your 10th and Neptune in your 5th form a high tensile aspect on the 15th. You may need to come back to earth to deal with the reality of something – if only for a while. Keeping your word and not promising more than you can deliver may feature so please don’t let things slide this week. No matter how alluring temptation may be. If others are the ones not living up to their word this highlights it. But chances are others have your back this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Enjoy yourself this week but don’t lose touch with what still requires your attention, Scorpio. You could miss out on an opportunity if you do. And don’t be a hermit either. Time to connect and let the future happen.


Know your goal

Act in the moment

Take control of your path

Know what outcome you want to achieve. Dare to visualise it and dream it. But understand that’s not enough. Releases, big breakthroughs, solutions, opportunities and door swinging open wide are highlights ready to be unwrapped for you this week, Sag. But you have to keep your eyes on the prize, not allow yourself to drift and act.

Step across the threshold between possibility and realisation

There are oppositions and then there are portals of opportunity. The main one for you this week is the Mercury (9th) and ruler Jupiter (3rd) which occurs on the 11th. Astro savvy Sagi’s will have already noted both planets are in one another’s ruling houses in your chart. So when this happens we say they are working together as opposed to the usual push/pull feel you get with an opposition. This could bring big news, travel, opportunity or super-charge the luck factor for you and Jupiter’s solution giving benefits.

The reason I am telling you to know what you want and be ready to act is the Venus/Neptune opposition the day before. This can leave you on cruise control so you either fail to act in a timely manner or simply take an outcome for granted. So please, don’t. Far better for you is the Venus/Pluto trine also on the 11th due to Pluto being in Venus’s ruling 2nd. This can literally deliver a bank account or self-worth boosting, tangible outcome for you.

Mercury has the final say as it moves into its ruling sign of Virgo and your 10th of status later on the 11th. It’s presence in here enables you to sell yourself and your ideas like a boss. This is a great day all round for making big bold moves, interviews, pitches and asking for what you want.

Acting like the CEO of your own destiny, taking a chance and pushing forward could see you on the bring of a major transformation by the time a high tensile yod appears on the 15th. It tells you act, don’t drift or cruise and if you do, you’ll look back on this week and realise how pivotal it was, Sag.

In a nutshell: News could arrive that is too big to miss or that you’ve been waiting and hoping for, Sag. Travel or a move on up could feature for others. Time to act and put yourself back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your destiny.


Drive your chariot!

Stay focussed on that outcome

Transcend restrictions

I’ve got an extra special message for you this week, Capricorn. Ready? This is for you and only you. So, don’t tell the other signs, okay?

New beginnings and game changing news abounds now. But you need to be centered and prepared for this. You could be about to transcend restrictions, discover solutions to long term issues or be handed an opportunity. But in order to maximise this potential you need to be ready. How do we prepare for this on a soul level? By tuning in to the energy ahead of time by using a symbol of course!

Flex those metaphysical muscles now and grab your Tarot deck and the card of The Chariot. Because it contains the wisdom you need to make the very most of this week’s special transits starting with the Venus/Neptune opposition on the 10th. This can bring about a desire for escapism and may indeed bring travel, holidays, minibreaks or staycations for many. But this is just one part of a bigger picture for you this week.

Focus your intention

If you look closely at this card this is about the driver and how they direct the two sphinxes or sometimes horses, pulling the chariot. This is you directing the energy of these oppositions and this week’s Yod. Are the two energies depicted by the pulling figures moving straight forward together or are they in fact pulling slightly apart in different directions? It’s intention which aligns them so align yours with an outcome now Venus trines Pluto in your 1st on the 11th along with the Mercury/Jupiter opposition across your money and empowerment sectors.

Mercury enters its ruling sign of Virgo and your 9th later on this day giving you impetus and forward progress. The 15th will see you so glad you took the time to tune in to this energy as the yod on this day links the Sun in your change sector to Pluto in your 1st and Neptune in your 3rd. You’ll see that you have the power to make the changes you seek or sent your destiny down a fresh path. You’re in the driver’s seat of you own life now, Capricorn. Take control.

In a nutshell: Just like neighbouring Sagittarius, you’re in control of the direction your future is headed this week, Capricorn. Ensure you focus directly ahead. Your superpower is exactly that. Eyes on the prize now!


Keep the vault door closed

There are no No Go areas when it comes to discussions

Time for a personal resource conservation project!

Keep a tight hold on the purse strings and an eye on your bottom line this week, Aquarius. Above all, avoid impulse buys, so-called ‘bargains’, dodgy sites on the internet and get rich quick schemes. If someone asks for money via a phone call or message, please please check a scambuster site before handing anything over. If you are traveling this week even locally, ensure you keep you purse or wallet close as Venus in your 8th opposes Neptune in Venus’s 2nd.

Try to confine spending to what you need as opposed to want. If you are involved in financial dealings of any kind this week you need to read all the fine print and understand the implications of what you are agreeing to or getting into. If you are not sure, then please seek out professional advice before going any further.

Under lock and key

If someone confides in you this week – keep it in the vault. If you need to confide in turn – choose your confident carefully. It may be a professional whose code of ethics ensures confidentiality is your best bet. A doctor, therapist, clergyperson, accountant or even one of our readers.

Joint financial matters are also highlighted as in money or assets you have with a partner – your joint account, mortgage, maintenance, support etc. Or even your salary or benefits due to your 8th and 12th houses highlighted. Mercury in your 7th opposing Jupiter in your 1st says you and another may be going back over or discussing those finances. Or even some of you may see a potential partnership situation up for discussion.

Contracts, mergers, negotiations and acquisitions feature as Mercury lands in your 8th later on the 11th. You’ll also have no hesitation in tackling subjects you’ve been avoiding up until now. It’s this week’s yod that demands you separate the emotion out of money matters and also if needed, ask what you want your money to buy you. It links the Sun in your 7th to Pluto in your 12th and Neptune in your 2nd.

Don’t also fall for hard luck stories. By all means help someone out if you can afford it and know they deserve it. But if you do, please be prepared to wait or even write off the amount. This week is about how you direct your resources and how in control of money you feel. It’s about more than simply what money can buy you.

In a nutshell: Look at your resources this week and not just your money. I’m talking love, time, talent, Aquarius. Where do you direct these and on who or what? Is it time for an audit?


Get ready for close encounters of the breathless kind

Kickstart that connection

Unstick yourself

Let’s talk encounters now, Pisces. If you’re single, this week could bring you a star-struck, cosmic and altogether dreamy meet-cute or click thanks to Venus in its ruling 7th opposing your ruler Neptune on the 10th. The 11th has Venus trine Pluto in your house of friendships and all electronic gadgets and apps. Time to swipe? Or just to accept any invitations that some your way? Put yourself out there and get noticed in any way you can.

Start the conversation or make the move yourself and don’t be shy once Mercury joins Venus on the 11th. Cupid may go crazy. Arrows get fired off and some may hit more than one target. As in this could be a work, friendship or business approach but just as feel-good for you, Pisces.

Build connections by questions

Jupiter has left your 1st for a few months but don’t worry – it will be back like Schwarzenegger. Just prior to Mercury switching houses, it opposes Jupiter in your 12th from its ruling 6th house. Insights into wellbeing, healing and even working in alignment with your purpose could end up being your hidden but most valuable take-out this week.

The 15th brings a strange kind of energy for all of us to process. A Yod can be a snarky aspect of energies that appear at first glance to have nothing in common. This one has the Sun at its apex and your ruler Neptune and Pluto at the bottom. You’re being called to transform something stuck – a situation, a feeling, a way of life and to do it you need the additional insight someone in your circle has.

Don’t be afraid to start conversations with the words ‘I wonder if I could ask your opinion/advice?’ or ‘I thought you would be the best person to ask about this . . .’ If you do it will work like a magic charm. You get the answer you’re seeking and the other party takes away the pride in using their experience to help. Lasting friendships are forged this way, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to let others know how valuable they are.

In a nutshell: Alluring, enchanting and possibly breathless attraction could follow the opposition between Venus and ruler Mercury this week. Explore romance, intuition and creativity, Pisces. Ask questions of the right people to build real connections.


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