Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 2nd 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 2nd 2021


Time to take a chance

‘tis the season – of love

Try a little daringness!

You know your values and what truly matters, Aries. Or should do by now thanks to Uranus in your 2nd. But what about those you know or are connected to? Are you on the same page? More importantly – do they show you how you are valued by them in turn? You’ll be looking at this kind of same-page alignment as the Sun opposes Saturn in your social sector. Simply put – is it mutual?

Roll the cosmic dice!

This week could just offer an unexpected chance or opportunity if you are willing to simply go for it. If we always make the same choices we get the same result. What if you choose differently? Bent the rules a little? Coloured outside the lines? Dared to try a radical approach or ask for something you may have hesitated over before? Mercury (3rd) and the Sun (4th) trine Chiron in your 1st this week. Chiron writes its own rules and doesn’t play by anyone else’s. It tells us to experiment, try the untried or daring move with a mindset that says ‘What have I got to lose?’. The answer being – only what hasn’t worked for you so far.

That exciting love prospect that looks enticing different to anyone you have encounter before, entree into a radical new social scene, unexpected invitations, opportunities to have fun, showcase your talents, get yourself noticed – your 5th house rules these plus luck which is now firmly on your side at the time of the new Moon in here on the 8th. Bathe yourself in the fabulosity of self-belief and the fun challenge of daring to go for that dream.

It’s the start of a season of romance and love. Children, holidays, good times and creative self-expression and play feature. Let go of worries and approach every opportunity with the mind of a child. This week tells you love and even life itself, shouldn’t always be taken seriously. Dress to be noticed. Act like an artist. You’re on show, Aries. Be ready for what (or who) responds.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon in your 5th launches a fresh cycle of fun, good times and romance. All sprinkled with an extra helping of romance and glitter, Aries. Luck is on your side so work it!



Showcase that domestic side

Playfulness and joy bring wholeness and healing

Watch out as love could be the surprise this week!

We’ve got a nurturing new Moon appearing in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart – your 4th this week, Taurus. Plus, ruler Venus in your 5th trines Uranus in your 1st on the 3rd.

Children or parenting may play a big role in this week’s events. If not your own then contact with other people’s. Also your adult children if you have them, grandchildren, adoption, foster children or younger generations. For singles, love could come out of left-field or take you totally by surprise. If you have been thinking about an ex and that you would never hear from them again – this week could have you thinking again.

What’s missing from your life is now loudly knocking on your door or making itself known. If you have ignored it up until now – perhaps because answering its call would lead to overturning the status quo – this week could show you that is no longer possible. Not if happiness is your ultimate goal anyway.

Showcase, support, shelter

Home and property matters, a fresh sense of place, sustenance, what sustains you and belonging are all themes this new Moon ushers in. Think of your home as the oyster and you are the pearl. How does it protect and also showcase you perfectly? If it falls short then look to ways to change and enhance this. Look to what your space or living arrangements say about you as well as support and shelter you. Our home and our lifestyle, our space, how we live is the ultimate outer reflection of who we are. Ensure yours sends that consistent message, Love where you live in the same way you want to be loved. Taurus.

In a nutshell: Home and lifestyle take on new significance thanks to this week’s new Moon, Taurus. Your living space is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s your support and showcase. Display accordingly for enhanced satisfaction!



Promises can be made and kept

Prepare for exciting news

What you say or send out opens new doors

The trines of the week chime across your 3rd of news, communications and the internet as well as that of home, friends and goals. Prepare for unexpected but exciting turns of events, people and opportunities. And even a release away from restrictions this week.

Juno is the asteroid which rules marriage and serious contracts and commitments of all kinds – not just the love and horse and carriage variety. The kind of agreements or promises you cannot easily back out of so think contracts, soul promises and anything that requires a binding signature or a lawyer if you wanted a U-turn on. So, you don’t enter into it lightly. Juno heads direct this week in your 7th where it is very much at home.

Get talking

Something may be up for discussion or require a definitive yes or no answer from you one way or another. We have a new Moon in your 3rd of all things Gemini influenced on the 8th. As well as business, study, writing, speaking, communicating and getting around, this house rules contracts. Some of you may be looking at getting into a new work contract, signing on the dotted line with a purchase, loan, lease or similar, agreeing to commit to something long term such as a plan or a course of study, entering into a partnership of any description which requires both parties agreeing to terms. It’s time to align and launch this week. Or if you are seeking someone to team up with, to commit to the search for them. Promises are to keep this week. In or out. One way or another.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon favours communication, study, commerce and the internet. It’s time to get talking. One conversation could lead to a long-term commitment. One way or another – it could have lasting consequences, Gemini.



Set yourself a fresh set of values

Start a dialogue with the current of abundance

Money doesn’t just talk – it relates

You of all signs love new Moon times and the breathless sense of new beginnings they usher in, Cancer. Each month, another area of your life sparkles with the promise of renewal and replenishment. Filling you with optimism and the opportunity to begin anew.

For you, its always about relating anew as well as the experience. So, the new Moon in your 2nd on the 8th is an opportunity to re-evaluate how you relate to your cash, income, possessions and even your self-worth and values. And as in any relationship, to look at what your money has to say about you in return.

Money Talks

Money is energy. And this means it is an entity in its own right. So, once you see it like this, you can engage with it as one living being to another. How about opening up a meditation dialogue with it under this new Moon? Take some time to think about your feelings towards your money. Hard to come by? Easy come, easy go? The root of all evil? What do you spend your money on? What do you believe money buys you? Do you feel you have enough or can earn enough or do you chase it constantly?

Look at all these elements and then imagine your money or financial situation is a person. Who are they? What do they look like? How old are they? How do they dress? Above all, what have the got to say to you about your relationship? Be open to what comes through and journal afterwards. Take note of any changes you feel you need to make as a result of this encounter. And understand that all relationships need work and can be improved when we work with the other party.

The trines between the Sun and Mercury in your 2nd and Chiron in your status and career sectors could see you initiate a new and releasing action plan around your income, salary, career or simply how you choose to manage what you have. You’ll emerge working with the flow or current – as in ‘currency’. Who knew finances could get so relatable?

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 2nd isn’t simply about your money or your cash, Cancer. It’s how you relate to what you have and the flow of abundance around you. Money talks and this week wants you to get talking back.



Go bold or go home

Your heart is your best compass

Launch yourself into a no-limits new cycle

Ruler the Sun opposes Saturn in your 7th this week while Mercury and the Sun trine Chiron in your 9th and Venus in its ruling 2nd trines Uranus in your 10th. Time to get serious one way or another about something, Leo. It’s a time of bold new beginnings.

Commitment vs. Freedom

Saturn says ‘Put a ring on it’. But this also extends to ‘Are you in or are you out?’. Either way, this entails a commitment – one way or another. This can encompass anything from that relationship to that job. This week says its decision time as it is the start of a fresh cycle for you and shiny new beginnings.

Your future shines so bright this week they will be able to see the glow from the space station, Leo! You’re filled with optimism and that wow factor wonder of possibilities as the new Moon shines forth bathing you in potential on the 8th. No matter when your actual birthday is, the new Moon marks the point of the fresh cycle for you.

Time to follow your heart, Leo. You need to radiate and showcase all that makes you special. So, this is now time to look to your image, appearance, look, style and ask if it’s time for an update, relaunch or rebrand? You’ll feel your signature confidence and optimism return with a roar if you’ve been low-vibe lately. Above all, go in the direction of your dreams, yearnings and desires. You know what these are Leo so don’t pretend you don’t. The heart wants what the heart wants and it wants to guide you to it. Follow where you know it wants to take you.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 1st always marks your relaunch or the start of a no-limits new cycle. If you are wondering which direction to head in this week go in the one that makes your heart beat faster, Leo!



Suspend judgement

Expect the unexpected

Good things often come in disguise!

Uranus is a planet that always wants our freedom. Especially when it is in our 9th of just that. An unexpected solution or opportunity could come spinning towards you this week which would hand you that on some level. It may involve change or taking a step into the unknown. But its designed for your benefit as Venus trines Uranus from your 1st on the 3rd. Same say as ruler Mercury in your 12th trines Chiron in your 8th.

Keep an open mind around just what opportunity looks like and understand there may be surprising twists and turns ahead. Nothing may be as it first appears. What you initially see as untoward, unexpected, an upheaval or even setback turns out to be the best thing that could have happened further down the track.

Look beyond the obvious

In other words, because you don’t get your desired outcome you are forced to explore alternatives or are sent hurtling down a different path to the one you were on instead. One strewn with treasures or simply better alternatives you might have missed otherwise. An example of this would be a lover telling you its over and then you meeting someone so much more divinely better for you later. Which you would never have done if you had stayed together.

So, under all of this and the new Moon of mysterious ways in your 12th on the 8th – keep an open mind. This is an excellent new Moon under which to dream of possibilities yet to be discovered. To hone your intuition, to imagine and create. The universe can always come up with something far better than what we can imagine for ourselves. Allow it to work its magic this week.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon asks that you suspend judgement for now. Something unexpected which occurs may not be what it immediately appears to be. Understand there’s magic at work now. Look beyond the obvious, Virgo.



Find release

What does the new togetherness look like for you?

Make that commitment to your future self

No matter what happens this week, Libra you need to understand this is all about your personal freedom and release. Ruler Venus in your mysterious 12th trines Uranus this week in your 8th of change. Uranus also sits in Venus’s other ruling sign of Taurus. If something no longer adds value to your life or is holding you back, this week could see it swept away or at the very least, the dynamic change which leads to freedom.

Love defies description or is in a category all its own!

Time to redefine love or what partnerships look like! You also have the Sun and Mercury in your sector of goals, friendships and connections, trine Chiron in your 7th. New partnership opportunities could appear for singles or a past or present one takes a surprise turn. There may be a new understanding as you take something to a new level or else you or the other party makes their intentions clear as Juno heads direct in your 3rd from the 3rd. Know what outcome you seek and understand that any beginning or ending for that matter, has long term implications.

New friendships, exciting and even famous or glamourous people could enter or impact on your life thanks to the new Moon in your 11th on the 8th. Good times, fun and even entree to the VIP section of life could be on offer now. This is an excellent new Moon under which to set or re-affirm those goals. The people who enter your life or surround you now could be destined to influence your goals, your path or your future in ways you may not be able to imagine or think possible. You could enter a new circle or cycle of experience. An invitation is arriving in some shape or form. RSVP to the positive.

In a nutshell: New and exciting connections can be made thanks to a new Moon in your 11th. Time to reaffirm or set fresh goals. The future is loaded with potential. And asking you to do whatever it takes to fulfil it, Libra.



Don’t be shy – strut

Nobody does it quite like you

New connections could have unexpected outcomes

Know what all superheroes or even supervillians have in common, Scorpio? They work their superpowers like a boss. And aren’t shy about it either be they for good or somewhat ambiguous like Loki. So, this week is superpower week for you. Werking it – but above all, owning what you have to offer that simply nobody else has. So – strut this week.

Sure, we can do a job others do. But we bring something unique to the mix to it. That’s part of the super package that’s you. Your resume or track record will be slightly different to someone else’s. This week is all about that and what differentiates you from them. Your unique selling point and how you go about promoting or using this. Above all, it’s your ability to take yourself, your skills, your expertise, track record and what you want to achieve, seriously.

Needless to say, the Sun and Mercury in your 10th shine on career, reputation and status matters. And elevates those work prospects as they both trine Chiron on the 3rd and 4th.

Unexpected clicks that could lead to a new and exciting double act or dynamic superhero duo could follow the trine between Venus in your 11th and Uranus in your partnership zone. This may not necessarily be a romantic one or if it does lean towards that, expect friendship first.

Success YOUR way

The new Moon in your 10th in the 8th is when you can begin to step into the role destiny wants you to undertake. This is a good time to re-evaluate your career path to date and also to look at whether you have chosen it or it was chosen for you? Did you go in a certain direction because this was expected of you or a family tradition for instance? If you are happy with the direction you are on, time to showcase your pride in what you do or have achieved.

This is a time when you can make your best impression on bosses, clients or anyone in a position of influence or authority. If you feel its time for a change, this new Moon supports you striking out in a fresh direction and applying for something new. With all of this the key is to be showcasing all you are and have to offer. That unique mix that can’t be found in anyone else. No matter what path you are on – nobody does it exactly like you.

In a nutshell: This is no time to undersell what makes you special, Scorpio. Especially when it comes to work or career. If you’ve got a superpower – then work it like a boss. The fact is – nobody does it quite like you. Time to own your path.



Keep the promises you make to yourself

Explore with wide-eyed wonder

Take the first step on a new adventure!

Your 9th is where all your Sag-inspired dreams can come to life. Let’s look at dreams of big loves first, Sag as Juno – ruler of commitments and promises, moves ahead n your 1st from the 3rd. Juno is about marriage and commitments of the kind we can’t easily back out of. In the case of marriage, we need a divorce and that too is a commitment – to leave for good. Sometimes all we are actually committing to under a Juno cycle is our promise to ourselves. Which let’s face it, if we can’t keep, we can hardly expect to keep one to someone else.

What promises you have made yourself around those things that are totally part of who you are and what you need to experience in order simply to be YOU need to be treated every bit as seriously as those you make to others. This week sees you looking at the start of something that could fulfil that dream or desire. Agreements are likely to be binding or have long term implications as the Sun in your 9th opposes Saturn in your 3rd.

Enter the dreamtime reality!

Both Mercury and the Sun trine Chiron in your 5th indicating you are willing to do whatever it takes to see that promise fulfilled. And also, you are open to new ways to have, do or experience it. The new Moon in your 9th on the 8th marks the start of a real or metaphorical journey towards one particular goal or dream. It’s about adventure and expanding your horizons on some level. And experiencing this with eyes wide open in wonder.

This could take the form of a new relationship, a lucky break in your work or career, a creative project, travel or a learning opportunity. Whatever form it takes, this is the first step in a longer journey and is linked to you expressing all your potential or what matters to you. Live the dream – because sometimes dreaming just isn’t enough.

In a nutshell: You’ve arrived at the stage where nurturing that dream simply isn’t enough, Sag. The new Moon this week has you searching for ways to experience it for real. Take a fresh approach or new pathway towards your goals.



Remove those blocks between you and what you need

Shine a light on self-worth issues

Bank on new intentions

Self-worth and values – these determine what you give and get – both emotionally and materially. So, think of this week’s powerful and intense new Moon in your 8th as enabling you to remove any blocks you have around this.

You start the week with the Sun in your 8th opposing your ruler Saturn in your 2nd. Something around your money, income, cash or again, feeling worthy – is being dragged out into the light now. In other for you to look at it and transform it. If this is something you have been shoving away – say those unopened bills for instance well – not to put too fine a point on it – this all impacts close to home now or home truths around this need to be dealt with. This week is about financial and self-worth karma. And where you may have set those values too low in how you are treated by others and the world in general. Or maybe even how you think of yourself.

Set some new rules for receiving and worth-i-ness

This isn’t as confronting as you might think and any work you do around these areas simply paves the way for something better. This new Moon hands you the tools to renegotiate anything from the T&C’s in your relationships to that salary or even the terms of that mortgage or loan. Your 8th is the house of shared/joint assets especially the house, mortgage, joint account that goes together with this like a horse and carriage. And other areas like the chores. Anything out-of-whack? Time to state your terms. Any work done on your worth clears out the worthless and lets in the new and for some this could be a better opportunity thanks to the trine between Venus in your 9th and Uranus in your romance zone. Revalue your stock, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Hidden blocks that exist between you, abundance and prosperity, can be dragged out into the light of day and dealt with this week. Sure, it may initially feel confronting. But unblocking that flow – so worth it, Capricorn.



Good boundaries add up to feel good relationships

Find that perfect me/you sweet spot

A new, more balanced love cycle begins

The planets and new Moon (8th) in your 7th are all about duos and double acts of every possible variety under the Sun. But what you need to watch for as the Sun in here opposes Saturn in your 1st on the 2nd, is where you may be giving away too much of yourself in relationships and living your life by other people’s needs.

Saturn like Mars rules boundaries. Except it’s a little more clear – those rings in other words. You need to look at where yours need shoring up with self-worth motivated intention this week.

A few good questions to ask yourself before the new Moon appears are whether or not you make excuses for other people’s bad behaviours because you don’t want to upset things or fear if you call them out on it, your relationship will implode. Or have you taken on board values and attitudes of the other person to have the relationship but deep down these aren’t yours?

Find the right balance

If any of this is happening in any close current connection, expect it to become a pressing issue you can no longer ignore this week. Especially due to the trines between Mercury and the Sun to Chiron (3rd and 4th), and Venus and Uranus (3rd). You will find the courage to speak out now. All that being said, this new Moon can usher in fresh partnership potentials for those of you who are seeking someone new. To set the energy in motion – focus on your own self-love and also gratitude for those relationships that do align to you – heart and soul.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon in your 7th points to a fresh cycle of love and relating. But it also has the potential to restore much needed balance in your relationships too. Allow the perfection to emerge by setting some boundaries if necessary.



Tackle past issues which sabotage in the present

Be present in the moment

The small stuff matters – in big ways

If you are doing anything which unconsciously undermines you – either physically, mentally or on a soul level, this week lays it out for you to see, Pisces. Stating with a soul-revealing opposition between the Sun in your 6th and Saturn in your 12th on the 2nd. You may have carried this forward from a past life without even realising it. A coping mechanism or thought process you developed as a response to something incredibly deep.

Look to those default reactions and ask where they may have originated. Especially if your enhanced awareness leads you to realise they don’t in fact do you any good or get you the results you need. Mercury in its ruling 6th and the Sun both trine Chiron in your sector of self-esteem and at this point, you will be prepared to take a radical approach if necessary.

The Present is a Gift

Venus in its ruling 7th trines Uranus on the 3rd bringing you an unexpected opportunity to actually put these insights to work. Certainly take this step on the day of the new Moon in your 6th on the 8th. It’s a key point in the unfolding story to be in the here and now and take practical steps when it comes to your daily life, thoughts, habits, work, routine, diet etc. And to understand that everything little thing you do matters in big ways.

Don’t check out of your own life now. Be aware and yes, present in the present. Look to coping mechanisms and self-soothing behaviours. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel without reaching for anything that allows you to check-out. If this results in anger towards people or regrets – allow yourself to feel that too without the edge taken off. You are justified to have these feelings. Once you have faced them, you’ll find the methods you used to avoid them are no longer needed. Fresh starts follow. That’s your gift to yourself, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Hidden blocks to progress in the form of those habits, self-soothing behaviours, coping mechanisms or thoughts get dragged out into the open thanks to this week’s new Moon. Don’t avoid them, Pisces. It’s a chance to feel what you’re entitled to. And to heal them for good.



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