25th August 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 25th 2019


  • Get less grind and more daily stimulation
  • Love the skin you’re in#
  • Routines demand reinvention

It’s not just a feel-good week, it’s a feel better one.Work, routine and body issues dominate this week as we now have a massive build-up of planets in your 6th including Mars your ruler. Both Venus and Mars will trine Uranus in your 2nd this week. And this is the house Venus rules. Mercury also arrives in this its ruling sign from the 29th heralding an upsurge in work matters and a feeling there’s nothing you cannot handle. Uranus however says it’s time to radically shake up your daily routine or the job you do. A new path may open up for some of you with a job offer or project. Even if you don’t do paid work it’s time to infuse what you do with some variety and inventiveness. You want less of the grind and more stimulation now.

A powerful new Supermoon in here on the 30th occurs the same day as Mercury and Juno meet. There’s a new commitment forming and possibly between you and your body, health, fitness routine or wellbeing regimen. You’ve an emotional need now to simply feel more comfortable in the skin you’re in. Fitness, diet, exercise and how you feel about your body or your health in general, will be first and foremost in your mind. Doctors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, alternative health practitioners may feature as a result as between your ruler Mars and the Sun and Moon on the 30th stirs your desire to reach for a healthier version of you. If you have a condition then that too will dominate your actions now. You’re not just the boss of that routine, you’re the body boss this week.

In a nutshell: It’s all about that day job and even more so about that body beautiful, Aries. Health, wellbeing and fitness become your focus as wellbeing on every level becomes your goal.


  • What begins comes pre-packaged with promise
  • Commit to pleasure
  • Romance takes you centre stage

You’re in major attraction mode right now thanks to an amazing array of planets in your fabulous 5th. These include ruler Venus. This is your house of creativity, holidays, parties, pleasure, children and love affairs – especially those which could end with you becoming a parent. Juno forms part of this week’s line-up in here and this rules commitments. So, a new love affair which begins now could have the potential to end up with just that. Or an existing one could arrive at that stage now. Settleds could commit to parenthood or another child. Or you make that commit to bring into being something you want to create.

We attract when we radiate our energy ‘out there’. As Venus and then Mars followed by the Sun and Moon on the 30th, draw in the energy of Uranus in your 1st, don’t hold back or limit yourself in ways you can do just that. Immerse yourself in the moment. Commit to pleasure and fun and watch how others sit up and take notice. When Mercury enters here on the 29th and the new Supermoon appears on the 30th you have six planets in here. Yes, six. New Moons always bring in a new phase to time to create, make love and attract. Just what are you likely to draw to you now? Or should I say who? Be on the lookout for someone oh-so-sexy where the spark is there from the start. Money, wealth, inheritance, charity, property or even working in one of these areas may feature or be a big part of their lives. And you could be their next big investment, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Radiate and watch the world sit up and take notice this week, Taurus. You effortlessly attract now. Love comes pre-packed with the promise of something lasting. Get ready to shine.


  • Whose life are you living anyway?
  • Reframe that family karmic DNA
  • Bring it on home, baby!

Ruler Mercury enters your 4th this week and it’s all about home, security and family. Focus on building a base now. This week sees a peak in this 4th house weather as you have a new Supermoon in what is, the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. The day the Moon appears in here sees a grand total of six – yes, count ‘em, six planetary house guests in here making this one very full house. Living arrangements, house moves, renting, buying, leasing, who you live with – your family or even your created one which includes flatmates if you have them, will be in focus. As will major decisions around these themes. With Mercury meeting Juno which rules commitment in here on the same day as the new Moon, if you love your home and lifestyle, commit to it. If not, commit to changing it.

Family themes and secrets, revelations around your roots, the past, where you’re coming from and where you need to go next and what sustains you, emerge in surprising ways now. What have you inherited from a family member in terms of soul DNA and history? Is there a family ‘story’ that keeps repeating? Uranus in your 12th could be set to reveal something that relates to this in surprising ways. It’s actually designed to set you free of it. Especially if this relates to family karma. Who in your family do you take after the most? Whose life are you really living? What have you inherited from your family in terms of ideas, themes and expectations? This week could provide insight into this. Ultimatelt this week is about taking control of your own life and living your story – not anyone else’s. And calling your home your own.

In a nutshell: Time for living decisions, Gemini. Home, family and what you need to feel secure feature. Create your No Place Like Home now and put down those roots for the future.


  • You have a message
  • Ideas say it all but actions speak louder than words
  • Don’t just think it – say it, do it, BE it!

Supersize those ideas then – commit to one and see it through, Cancer. This week sees a new Supermoon plus five other planets in your 3rd – including Mercury which rules this house. Fabulous angles between the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in its ruling11th, unleash your inner inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. Writing, publishing, communicating and the internet are all in focus now as is taking what you have to say to a wider audience than ever before.

It’s not about just talking about it, it’s about backing up what you say with action. So, apply for that new job, make that pitch or launch that website, blog or YouTube channel. Above all, ensure this is an idea your heart is 100% behind. While it is important to take care of the details and have a plan, what matters most especially when it comes to success, is your emotional message and intention behind what you write, communicate or say. Uranus hands you your own unique and highly individual way of looking at things. This is your superpower now. Your message, idea or what you are selling stands out from the rest. Don’t leave it languishing in the realm of talk or thought. Take action if it aligns with your heart this week.

In a nutshell: Writing, speaking, publishing, communicating – your superpowers this week. Got an idea? Don’t just think on it. Take it out there and reach as many people as you can, Cancer.


  • Bank on your surety of self-worth
  • What’s on offer is a reflection of your values
  • Invest in what pays dividends in the long term

Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart along with your ruler the Sun now. Plus when the new Supermoon appears in here on the 30th you will have a total of six planetary bodies if we include Juno, in here. Putting you right on the money now, Leo. Needless to say, the focus is on your cash, your earning ability, your assets, talents, skills, self-worth and even charity. Giving to charity means we are coming from a place where we feel we have more than enough so we will share with others less fortunate. Or that good cause that touches our hearts. Changes around your job, your income source or even your career could result from you seeing yourself and what you have to offer in a very different light. Venus, Mars and then finally your ruler, make ladder ascending angles to Uranus in your house of long term career, rewards and status.

The new Supermoon in your 2nd on the 30th hints at either a new source of income opening up – and this could even be a side-hustle. Or else you relating to your money and what you have at your disposal in a new, more aligned way to your true needs. It’s a good time to commit to a budget or as I like to refer to it – spending plan. One where you focus on what you need and adds value to your life, rather than just spending on more ‘stuff’. It’s not about the temporary high buying something gives you, but about investing in something which continues to bring you pleasure again and again. This could even see you commit to deferred gratification as you save for that major purchase – eschewing the cheap, quick fix in the process. All this adds up to you feeling worthy of the best. Especially when it comes to how you are rewarded for what you do, Leo.

In a nutshell: Feel your best to attract your best outcome this week, Leo. Money and self-worth are two sides of the same coin (pun intended). Know your worth to attract what’s worthy of you.


  • Time for reinvention and a relaunch
  • Show the world your inner you
  • Update yourself

Our first house is the face we project ‘out there’ to the world and this includes the World Wide Web. It’s your profile, your image, your brand if you like. Now, it may or may not be how we see ourselves. But it’s how others see us. Or at the very least the first impression we give them. With a total of six (yes, six!) planetary bodies in your first including Mercury your ruler this week, this is very much a time like no other to look at how you come across. Or want to come across. The message is now: Be who you feel you are. Needless to say, this may not be how you are perceived but if there was ever a week for some reinvention – this might just be it.

Make changes to your image or appearance now – radical ones if necessary. Why not experiment as Venus which rules beauty, Mars which rules confidence and action and then the Sun which represents your ability to shine and be seen, all make relaunch angles to Uranus in your 9th. Take yourself out on a ‘me’ date. Try on items in stores you would not normally choose. Remember, this is an experiment. You don’t have to buy and also nobody else will see unless you want them to. However, you may be surprised at what chameleon qualities a different type of outfit reveals. Ask for a makeover at a make-up counter and say you’re after a different look. Again, you don’t have to adopt it but even a small change may actually feel like the inner you is now reflected in the outer one. The new Supermoon in your 1st on the 30th says this is the relaunch you’ve been waiting for. Craft your best possible image of how you want to be seen in the next 12 months Virgo.

In a nutshell: This is your moment to launch brand new you, Virgo. It’s time for reinvention and relaunch and being seen in a fresh light. Show the world a new facet of fascinating new you!


  • Dive deep into the cosmic mystery that’s you
  • What is heading into the future with you?
  • The future of love is grounded in reality

You’ve a loaded 12th house, Libra with this peaking this week thanks to the entry of Mercury into this house and also a new Supermoon in here. Ruler Venus is also in residence along with the Sun, Mars and Juno which rules commitment. This adds up to six planetary bodies in here on the day of the Supermoon. The emphasis is on your psychic ability, intuition, creative muse and also the past catching up with the present in some way. This is your house of the deep side of life. It contains soul secrets, hidden truths, karmic ties and your higher purpose. Because of its connection to your past, don’t be surprised if people from it reappear now. If they do, this is your soul house clearing time. That period of psychic decluttering that comes immediately before our birthdays when we decide what to take with us into the future. And what to leave behind.

Angles between Venus, Mars and the Sun in here to Uranus want to break you free. So, if the past in the form of a person resurfaces now, please think long and hard about whether getting re-involved involves freedom or simply continuing to being tied. You’ve evolved. Have they? Be especially wary if this is someone who you always felt didn’t actually dwell in the real world. You need a lover grounded in reality – not fantasy. No fixer-uppers either. This week may hand you a surprising gift. A piece of information you need to answer a long term question or which is a missing piece of a puzzle you’ve been trying to put together. Its effect is to put an aspect of your past into perspective. And again, this frees you from it. You’re going deep into hidden truths this week. Moving forward may just involve looking back – one last time.

In a nutshell: What binds you to the past and what frees you from it is in focus now, Libra. Heading into the future could just involve one final replay. And emerging with a brand new perspective.


  • Make a wish
  • Know what you want
  • Weave a little future magic

Make a wish this week, Scorpio. There’s a special kind of magic in the air which wants to weave a new vision of your future. With you as the master magician! Get very clear about what it is you want or how you see yourself at this future date. Reach for the most awe-inspiring outcome and then imagine how you will think, feel and look when it appears. Your 11th is not just your house of friendships and your support network. It’s where we set our future in motion. This is Uranus’s ruling house in your chart and it currently occupies your 7th – which is ruled in turn by Venus. Venus is in your 11th – so these two are talking about your future. Ancient ruler Mars also trines Uranus on the 28th and the Sun makes the same aspect on the 30th. You know what you want and you have a plan to get it.

The future weaving potential of your 11th peaks now as once Mercury planet of communication and ideas is in here, and the new Supermoon appears, you have six heavenly bodies helping you towards what you want. The Supermoon is all about fresh dreams – and new friendships. This new Moon sets the scene for your social life for the next 12 months. It’s not just about new friends but like-minded ones and people who are travelling with you towards that future you are envisioning. Don’t stay home whatever you do. Talk about those dreams as there is magic in your words. Making commitments to that goal or even to that social group or one friend in particular, could have a profound impact on your future path. In ways you cannot yet even imagine even as you immerse yourself in that vision of the future you. Once you see it – do whatever it takes to live it for real, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: It’s Make a Wish week, Scorpio. What does the future look like when it comes true? New people play a role in this. Weave a little collective magic with like-minded magicians.


  • You got the Right Stuff
  • Know you belong – wherever you’re aiming for
  • Work what’s your alone

This week tells you to know you’re the Right Stuff – and act like it when it comes to career matters and decisions, Sag. The 10th house is not just the highest point in our chart but represents how high we can climb when it comes to achievement. It’s a ‘public’ house – where we are very much ‘on show’ so be aware of this at all times now. The people watching us are often those in positions of authority, influence and power. They can either hold doors to progress open for us – or alternatively, slam them in our face. Being the Right Stuff isn’t actually about ‘faking it till you make it’. The Right Stuff knows it belongs. It has the credibility, confidence and experience.

Venus in your 10th is set on enhancing your professional image so you make your very best impression with exactly the right mix of diplomacy and cooperation. Mars gives you go-getting confidence while Mercury in here hands you ideas and the power to sway with what you say. The Sun just highlights your Right Stuff attitude while Juno also in here is all about your dedication and commitment to your path. The Sun, Venus and Mars will all trine Uranus in your 6th of work this week and when it comes to career and job related matters, this is all about what you and you alone bring to the table. Right Stuff success comes from you being able to convince employers (present or prospective), clients, customers or anyone you need to say yes to you, that you are the right fit. The new Supermoon in your 10th is all about a new door being held open for you. Work your conviction and others will be convinced to give you exactly the right answer this week.

In a nutshell: The Right Stuff? Know that’s you when it comes to your ambitions, Sag. Knowing you have what it takes puts you in a position to sway others. Strut those career smarts this week.


  • Set yourself free
  • Go with the unexpected
  • Love, luck or just living with passion finds you off the beaten track

Have a plan, map, satnav of the soul and destination in mind this week, Capricorn. Know where you want to get to. Then – prepare to discard all of your planning and head somewhere else instead! This is one of those week which can spin you around and send you in an exciting new direction in a moment. The question is: how adventurous do you feel? Reach for that inner explorer and your sense of curiosity. Above all, don’t get too attached to plans, schedules or your routine. Luck finds those willing to stray off their usual path.

Your house of travel, freedom and expansion is on fire this week with peak planetary activity designed to send you hurtling forward into something new. Venus and Mars will both trine Uranus in your 5th which always wants to break you out and free you into something more passionately wonderful. For some, this could even be a romance. Unexpected trips, people with foreign connections or daring, wildly sexy adventurous types could awaken you to what you have been missing. Just what is that? This week’s new Supermoon in your 9th represents the first step on a very big journey. You’re also in the mood to commit to something wilder, bigger and more freeing. Know when to stick to the plan or go with the unexplored and unexpected when it presents itself now.

In a nutshell: Ready to get wild? Unleash your sense of adventure and get ready to explore something new. Life or even love could deliver freedom and passion this month, Capricorn.


  • Shake yourself free into expansion
  • What does really living mean for you?
  • Doors open to security and a new lifestyle

Break free and get living this week, Aquarius. What do you value above all else when it comes to your lifestyle and family (or how you define family?). Your change and personal power sector is chock full of planets this week. Three of them – the Sun, Venus and Mars are going to make highly beneficial and for many, literal space expanding angles to ruler Uranus in your 4th. Needless to say upgrading your living space, renovating, remodelling or moving somewhere that is simply more ‘you’ could be just the change you’re seeking. Your 8th is the house of things you share – and that includes your home or living space. Mercury rules paperwork so leases, contracts, mortgage papers, insurances and other important documents could require your signature once it arrives in here on the 29th.

A new Moon appears in your 8th on the 30th – the same day the Sun trines Uranus. This could offer others an opportunity to make themselves more financially secure via a salary increase or pay out. Certainly use any extra assets coming your way to do just that. Above all, stay connected to what you need for your quality of life. It could be you are happy where you are but need to free yourself from anything from clutter to not enough time to do the things you want. This week offers you the opportunity to define what’s important and what adds up to truly living for you, Aquarius. And to make a commitment to that from here on in.

In a nutshell: Really living means breaking free of that rut or routine. Get ready for some lifestyle defining changes. And more time for who – or what, truly matters to you, Aquarius.


  • Opposites don’t just attract – they rule this week
  • Get closer
  • You’ve got that loved-up feeling

This week has to be one of the best for partnerships of all descriptions. Or even finding your peace (if only on an inner level) with that person you simply can’t stand. Venus rules your 7th and is not only in here right now, but will be joined by five more astral bodies this week. This includes opposite number Mars as well as the Sun, Mercury, Juno (which rules commitment) and on the 30th, a new Supermoon. So, this week is very much about the person opposite you. Which can be anyone from your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, long term friend of any gender, business or activity partner or yes, even that enemy.

New Moons are always about a fresh phase of relating. This week sees Venus, Mars and then the Sun trine Uranus in your 3rd promising not just surprising encounters and conversations, but new ways to partner up. Fresh starts in long term love are possible. If you have been tiptoeing around an issue with a current squeeze then these angles with Uranus allow you to start the conversation with surprising results. Singles should be out there daring to flirt, chat, like or swipe. Juno in your 7th adds that extra promise of long term potential. Others may simply seal the deal with a kiss now as this has to be one of the best weeks of the year for a Pisces to wed. Settled, single or married – simply say ‘I do’ to love this week.

In a nutshell: It’s a week for love, love, love. And to say: I do. If not to someone then to partnering up with life itself. But it’s really about that opposite number reflecting back at you now, Pisces.

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