Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 23rd 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 23rd 2021


Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Get the perfect balance between feeling and fact

Meet that opportunity half way

Get ready for Close Encounters of the Third House kind this week, Aries. News, messages, conversations, meetings, contacts and connections have a fated feel. And the potential to send your future in an entirely new direction. Venus in its ruling 7th offers an introduction, invitation, meet-cute or conversation starter as it trines Saturn in your friendzone. But its likely this may have nothing to do with you being friendzoned at all.

Meet the future halfway

Venus in your 7th is one of the best transits for lasting love and duos of all descriptions. Its opposition to Chiron in your 1st on the 26th means you’re willing to try a daring approach when it comes to partnerships. That lover like no other could make a surprise appearance. If so, its fate. Your card for this week in the Tarot would be the Knight of Cups. This is someone sincere and genuine no matter the reason why they approach. Or how. But what this card tells you is that you’re on to a good thing and you might want to meet them halfway. Or take that first step yourself.

This week has Mercury in its ruling sign of Virgo oppose Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces. Both in their ruling houses in your chart. This is called ‘Mutual Reception’. And basically means you get the best of both planets. They support and work together even if usually, their energies are very different. So, intuition is spot on and a tool. You’ll also know where to go to verify the facts. You can harness insight and combine this with practical action for stellar results. Perhaps bringing you the news you were waiting for. Or the result you wanted.

In a nutshell: Venus in your 7th amps up that partnership potential this week. Whether it’s a past, present or potential one. Take a step towards some kind of duo or double act, Aries. What’s on offer is worth meeting half way.


What you resist persists

Answer the call of that vision quest

Change could appear in person

Break free moments and cosmic timing occur this week. The universe or rather ruler Venus is asking you if not now then when? Chances are Mercury’s alignment to Neptune on the 25th sets your imagination soaring as you are shown possibilities for yourself that you know exist, but now seem oh-so-attainable. You’ve known what it is you want for some time in fact, Taurus. What’s been keeping you from getting it could range from an unwillingness to let go of the status quo and make those changes, to simply your own sense of responsibility or belief in yourself.

Surrender to the quest!

Ruler Venus makes three crucial aspects this week which could finally set the whole thing in motion. Especially when it opposes Chiron in your 12th on the 26th and those long held desires surface and simply won’t let go of their pull on your soul. This is your vision quest calling! The Moon and Uranus meet in your sign on the 28th tugging at Venus and you are in the classic ‘What you resist, persists’ conundrum.

If this week has anything to teach you Taurus, its that resistance is futile. The only way forward is to stop or alternatively, reach a compromise which could be with anyone from that lover to your boss. Ceres conjunct the North Node in your 2nd on the 25th points to a new, long term agreement while the Mercury/Pluto trine on the 26th releases you into something bolder, soul changing and freer. Someone can enter your life now who sets change in motion or who is the embodiment of that desire you’ve been waiting to act on. Things can’t stay the same, Taurus. So stop resisting.

In a nutshell: Explore whether the barrier between you and what you want is an outer one – or simply your own resistance, Taurus. Is it time to get out of your own way and simply allow yourself to go after what you want? Ruler Venus says yes.


Reach for the win/win sweetspot

Get ready for sudden sparkle

Someone shows you just how right that choice is, Gemini!

Ceres meets the North Node in your 1st this week. It’s one where decisions can be reached and deals done which impact on your long term path, Gemini. Think of this as adding to the foundation for your future. And take your time thinking things through as you are going to live with your choices for a long time to come.

Ruler Mercury aids your thought process as it opposes Neptune in your career zone from your 4th of home and security on the 25th – the same day as Ceres and the Node meet. What’s up for discussion or even a move? Where is your sweet spot, your win/win or compromise to be reached? The 26th brings a decision or seals the deal as Mercury trines Pluto in its ruling 8th and ‘other’ money house. Property matters, career choices, loans, mortgages and settlements of all descriptions add to the foundation you’re creating.

Good things arrive unannounced

There’s a sense of lightness, wellbeing, relief and release hanging over all this. Venus in your 5th is all about the glitter, the romance, the prizes and the good times. Putting yourself first may factor in. Who you know could provide you with what you are looking for. And sudden romantic opportunities, lucky breaks or escapism could feature too thanks to a restriction easing trine between Venus and Saturn on the 23rd and an opposition to Chiron on the 26th.

This is an excellent week to reward yourself by doing what you love, taking a holiday or simply putting your own needs first. The 28th may remind you just how important this is if you have been neglecting yourself lately. Someone may unexpectedly show you their true colours. If this occurs it will just reinforce how right you’ve been when it comes to the choices you make this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: There’s a cycle to be closed and a new one begun. A deal to be done or that middle ground between you and someone else discovered. Find the sweetspot between desire and flow this week, Gemini!


No more self-doubt

Place your future on a fresh course

Joint goals = double success potential!

Choices and decisions you make which include at least one other person influence your future direction and may even bring a long term cycle full circle this week, Cancer. The latter part of course depends on how old you are. As in if you were 18 or over 19 years ago.

If you were a fully fledged adult back then you may be looking at the culmination of a cycle and a new one starting but under fresh T&C’s as Ceres and the North Node meet in your 12th. If you were younger, then what occurs this week could set you on a new path. This could involve family, living arrangements, property or even your career path or purpose. Venus in your 4th enhances your home and lifestyle or brings you beneficial moves, property dealings or opens the door to these via more resources thanks to its trine to Saturn in your 8th.

Yes, you HAVE earned this

Mercury sits in its ruling sign and house linking to Neptune in your 9th and Pluto in your 7th. So, this involves at least one other person – anyone from your bae to your boss in other words. Being asked to step up to a larger, more public position, taking on more responsibility or being given access to the resources you need as in getting that ‘yes’ answer may be what you have been hoping for. Yet at the same time could have you questioning whether you are ready to take this on?

If something is held out to you, time to accept now. Look to the goals you share with one other person as your ruler the Moon meets Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 28th. The angle both make to Venus on this day simply tells you that there’s more to be achieved when you join up or in. Finding out what you both want and share – your secret to success.

In a nutshell: The choice you make could determine a new long term destiny cycle this week. No pressure, Cancer! Your superpower now? Aligning your goals with those of someone else. Partner, bff, collaborator. Harness the power of at least two!


Money talks, love flows

Get serious about that outcome

Dare to ask for different!

The talk gets serious around love and/or money this week. Take some time to look at exactly what you need from both areas for the long term, Leo. A little auditing pays dividends over the long term.

Partnerships, mergers and deals are on the table. These may be the financial kind or those of the heart and soul. These are both the opposite sides of the same coin so to speak as both our love life and our bank accounts are ruled by Venus. The 23rd sees it trine Saturn in its ruling 7th in your chart. This says its time to step up and be serious about what it is you want. This may even involve you stating your terms. But it is important to be very clear about these or what you are getting into if any kind of deal is on the table or under discussion.

Mercury in Venus’s ruling 2nd demands clarity of Neptune in your other ‘money’ house – your 8th. And of course, also your house of sex and shared assets. Both Venus and Mercury are in their ruling signs and in one another’s houses in your chart putting them on your dream team. Ceres in your 11th meets the North Node on the 25th opening up common ground for agreements. Or at the very least, a surety on where you will and won’t compromise.

Make that fierce request

You may be prepared to suggest a fiercely radical alternative on the 26th when Venus opposes Chiron in your 9th. And be astounded at just what you can get away with. Certainly, walking away with something better due to the Mercury/Pluto trine. This is an excellent time for negotiating that pay rise or deal or even who does what around the home. Don’t whatever you do falter around the 28th. This is the point where you need to stick out for an alternative if the old system or past choices are no longer working. Don’t let anyone throw self-doubt into the ring.

In a nutshell: Money talks and love or partnership matters are the hot topic this week, Leo. It’s important to know just what you want from both. Don’t hold back on that outrageous request. Fortune favours the fierce!


Harness the power of YOU

Having it all means knowing you deserve it

Embrace the gift that lasts all year long!

It’s a week to be fiercely, independently and unapologetically you, Virgo. After all, if you can’t be this during your birthday season – then when can you?

And it’s only fitting and right that you are the sign in the best position to benefit from the feel-good factors in the sky right now. Venus in its ruling sign and house (2nd) sends that self-worth and crucial ability to accept abundance, sky rocketing. To have it you first have to understand you DO deserve it. The week delivers work and worth boosting aspects between Venus and Saturn in your 6th (23rd) and Venus and Chiron in your 8th (26th) as well as a conjunction between Ceres and the North Node in your status zone on the 25th.

Real is your superpower

Rewards and recognition could feature amongst those birthday celebrations. But there’s more thanks to ruler Mercury opposing Neptune in your 7th (25th) and trine Pluto in your hot zone (26th). The simple fact is, you are radiating, confident, extrovert and optimistic and that simply attracts back in kind. It is however a great week under which to set your intentions for the coming year. And these should include the right to be you – no filter needed.

The thing is, others are loving this outgoing authenticity and just want more. You’ll quickly pick up the vibe of their response which in turn just fuels that buzz. Don’t be afraid this week to be that little bit extra. Go that little bit further. Be that more real. Engage the perpetual motion engine that is the real you. It can generate enough power to last all year long now, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Give yourself the gift of you this birthday season, Virgo. Engaging the positive flow around you gets kickstarted by your authenticity and how you express this. It’s no big secret – attraction follows self-expression this week.


Explore the realm of improbable probabilities

What returns may look different but be better

Look past the obvious

With ruler Venus in your sign you’re in pre-party mood when it comes to that fresh cycle, Libra. This week – travel, foreigners, study, mass media, people in uniforms, the law, big business, wide open spaces, sports, luck, fate and fortune all feature.

If you are old enough, look back 19 years or even another 19 before that. A theme may come alive again or repeat now as Ceres meets the North Node in your 9th on the 25th. But in a slightly different or more satisfying way. Venus meanwhile trines Saturn in your 5th while opposes Chiron in your 7th. Love meets outrageous fortune. If you thought something could never possibly happen – it does.

Relive the dream

Revivals, reruns and returns could also feature thanks to Mercury in your 12th opposing Neptune in your 6th (25th) and making a trine to Pluto in your 4th (26th). Something could be back from the dead or resurrected. That connection, that dream, that vision you had. It tells you: Never say never again.

The 28th just may demonstrate how improbably probable things can get. Your 8th is your ‘other’ money house as well as ruling transformations and rebirths. This could be an emotional one as well as one of a more material kind. The question is what you do about it. Or if something returns but in a freshly reincarnated format – what your answer is? Sometimes love or what we need doesn’t look quite like we thought it would. Especially if we had an idea around this in the past. Look past the obvious. Dead dreams live again in fresh forms, Libra. Party with them.

In a nutshell: This week could demonstrate that nothing is improbable. Especially when it comes to revivals, rebirths or resurrecting that dream. Sure, it might not look the same as the first time around. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t better the second.


Free your soul and drift away!

Dream on for real insights

Revival, rebirths and reconnections resurrect the past

Beauty, love, art, mysticism, travel, fantasy. There are times when it is quite fine to drift and explore where these things could possibly take you. This week is one of those, Scorpio.

Indulge your dreamy, creative side. Tune in to your inner voice but avoid jumping to conclusions right now. Chances are more insights will follow. You will be especially attuned on the 26th when Mercury in your 11th trines ruler Pluto in your 3rd. News or something you hear, read or watch could have the capacity to re-frame something or hand you the means to decode the bigger picture.

Mercury’s other link this week is to Neptune in your 5th on the 25th. Someone or something beckons to you. But when I say avoid jumping to conclusions, this includes concluding too quickly someone is all they appear to be. You need to wait for that big picture to emerge. Be wary of anyone who love or friend bombs you now. Step back and ask why.

Find fresh meaning

Exploring your past as well as your imagination could feature too. This week is a good time to return to past haunts and places or reconnect to what was special. What inspired you and held meaning for you. It will feel both familiar and new. This is all due to Venus in your 12th. This week also hands you a prime conjunction between Ceres and the North Node in your 8th on the 25th. An existing union could undergo a transformation or deepen.

This is your house of all things Scorpio-ruled so you are comfortable with this energy. You may take steps to revive something thanks to the exploration and insights you discover now. Or choose something else entirely. Take all the time on the drift that you need now, Scorpio. To paraphrase Dobie Grey – it’ll free your soul.

In a nutshell: Not all weeks require that you have a plan or a purpose, Scorpio. Sometimes soul growth means letting go and drifting where your thoughts, imagination or the universe want to take you. The past is a country waiting to be rediscovered.


Bring big back home

Someone unexpectedly reveals they’re on your team

Break all the love rules

Big loves, far off loves, destiny driven partnerships of all descriptions and course corrections to put you on the path you were always meant to be. That’s what this week is serving, Sag.

Venus in your 11th is about the friendship kind of love rather than the romantic kind. However, this week, Venus promises something out of the ordinary. An ‘all bets are off’ when it comes to meet-cutes and greets as it opposes Chiron in your romance zone. It’s also in conversation with Saturn in your 3rd when they trine on the 23rd. Saturn’s in relaxed and open mood, lounging on the couch, unusually light-hearted. Dare we say it – in a mood to flirt? Or as close to it as Saturn gets. Older, well travelled, experienced friends and graduates from the University of the Universe feature. And want to offer assistance. Or more.

Full circle reboot

There’s the promise of finding yourself on the same page with someone in a totally unexpected way. Of offers or recognition. Saturn still wants to be taken seriously and there’s a new era or deal on the table this week which needs serious consideration and possible compromise as Ceres and the North Node meet in your 7th also on the 25th. Look back 19 years if you were 18 or over then at themes around who or what you loved for clues.

The times they are a changin’ this week as this is mutable weather with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. A past direction could revive for you or simply take on a new lease of life for the future. If you thought an era, an idea, a relationship or a path was over and done with, this week could show you the universe has other ideas.

In a nutshell: Your biggest goals, loves, dreams of the future – the universe has a habit of course correcting if things did not work out exactly the way they were supposed to. This week could put you back in the path you were meant to be on all along.


Here to slay!

You and the other party want the same thing

Charisma, confidence, chutzpah!

It’s a week to crush it, Capricorn when it comes to your career goals and ambitions or even the competition. Break out moves are favoured so don’t allow anyone to tell you to stay in your lane. You got the whole freeway, baby!

Triple crush!

Ruler Saturn is in a power meeting with Venus on the 23rd. Both planets are in one another’s houses in your chart. So, take it they are on the same page wanting the same outcome. This is a week like no other to go after that work or career goal, to pitch, to promote and to see just what you can achieve if you try. Big up those ideas and those ambitions as Mercury in your 9th links to Neptune in your 3rd and then Pluto in your 1st.

Be prepared to be noticed. You are on show or display and people are watching your ability to bring your best game. Ceres meeting the North Node in your 6th says both parties want the same thing when it comes to work or study. It’s not a week to be shy when it comes to promoting yourself, your ideas or even daring to door knock, ask or make a request.

Your key word is chutzpah. How much do you think you can get away with or dare to try? Of course that means colouring outside the lines or refusing to stay in your lane. This week says you’ll never know unless you dare. And daring is just one more activity you get to crush this week.

In a nutshell: You’re in a position to crush whatever task you set yourself this week, Cappy. And beautifully. Time to push the envelope when it comes to what you think you can get away with. Don’t be confined by your past, your choices or what others think.


Be the chosen one

Let happiness pursue you

What’s meant for you comes – effortlessly

It’s a week to pursue and to be pursued, Aquarius. To go after those goals and maybe have one catch up with you. First however, do be upfront and clear in any financial dealings this week because misunderstandings can easily occur. Ensure you know the T&C’s of anything you are getting into and if you should loan someone money or borrow off a friend, please ensure you are both on the same balance sheet.

So let’s talk goals and dreams. The pursuit of happiness and even happiness catching you. Suppose for just one moment what you want is chasing you? So, why not stop this week and let it catch up? There’s a surety in just slowing down once in a while and a confidence involved when it comes to stopping chasing and letting what wants you seek you out. This week sees Venus in your 9th trine Saturn in your 1st and oppose Chiron in your 3rd. If you have been chasing but not catching, maybe its time to try another strategy?

Discover who or what has your number

Aren’t you just a little bit curious now about what wants you? Mercury sits in your change sector linking to Neptune in your 2nd and Pluto in your 12th. You’ll never know unless you slow, Aquarius. This week could also see children, babies, parenting, the next generation, that lover who could potentially turn you into a parent or step parent or the ‘children’ of your creativity play a key role in an emerging new dynamic as Ceres meets the North Node in your 5th on the 25th. This could be the moment what wants you seeks you out.

Ruler Uranus meets the Moon in its ruling 4th on the 28th and there may have to be a compromise reached between what you thought you wanted and what wants you back. This could be anything from that work/life balance to where you live or simply striking out on a new path and leaving what’s familiar behind. Sometimes what chooses us is better than what we might have chosen for ourselves.

In a nutshell: Do we really need to pursue happiness? What if we allowed it to catch us instead? This week says if you’ve been chasing a dream maybe its time to stop. And let it or an even better one, seek you out.



Find your foundation

Own your path

Joint decisions add to security

Your needs when it comes to physical and emotional security demand recognition this week. There are deals to be done and moves to be made when it comes to where you live and what supports you for the long term, Pisces. Ceres meets the North Node in your 4th and this is about where you call home, family, sustainability and belonging.

Moves can be made, contracts signed and deals and decisions done thanks to Venus in your ‘other’ money house which rules salary, benefits, mortgages and joint assets. There’s a need this week to establish something for yourself thanks to Venus’s trine to Saturn in your 12th. To put in walls and boundaries. To feel secure. Venus opposes Chiron in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 26th indicating you may be heading into unknown territory to get this but the result is exactly what you need right now.

Others may set out on a new path which while it may be different to the one they have been on, nonetheless delivers that priceless feeling of something solid beneath their feet. Yes, its scary at first but then comes that realisation its actually oh-so-right. So don’t be afraid to strike out into the unknown as the strange will quickly become the familiar.

People are your emotional glue

This week also has Mercury in your 7th opposing ruler Neptune and trineing Pluto in your 11th. It puts a focus on the future when it comes to you and someone else. This can be your spouse, a past, present or potential partner, a work connection or a close friend. Or one that is emerging for you now. Agreements and alignments may be linked to them and what you agree on together. The net result however – something that supports and sustains.

In a nutshell: Look to what supports and sustains you for the long haul, Pisces. This week favours property dealings but also any decision that hands you that priceless sense of belonging. Find your place, your path and your people.



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