Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 6th September 2021

new moon in virgo

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 6th September 2021

By our astrologer Elena



Supermassive passion and attraction

Dare to write your own rules

Set something in motion for wow factor results

Dynamic, daring YOU, Aries. You’ve more bedazzle than a ballgown. More bravado than all the contestants on Drag Race combined and more attraction power than the Galactic Centre. Your anthem this week should you be seeking one is Muse and Supermassive Black Hole. That’s your pull and power this week thanks to ruler Mars and Pluto.

Make the most of the trines between Venus in its ruling sign/house (7th) and Jupiter in your 11th. This is an angle of wish or desire fulfilment but could be activated by you simply asking or seeing what you can possibly get away with if you try. Mercury is slowing down in here but we also have Ceres in Mercury’s house (3rd) angling to it on the 6th and then Mercury opposes break free of stereotypes Chiron in your 1st on the 7th. All this adds up to you simply being prepared to go after what you want or pursue it in ways neither you nor anyone else may have considered before. You’re not playing by anyone else’s rules but yours now.

Take a transformational approach

This week’s new Moon in your 6th on the 7th trines Uranus (retrograde as are all the outer planets). Uranus always loves a radical or revolutionary approach. Especially if it breaks us free or out of something. You’re willing now to innovate and experiment when it comes to your work (paid or unpaid), wellbeing, habits, routine, diet and exercise. Anything you initiate in these areas is likely to stick.

Venus moves out of your 7th and on into your 8th on the 10th. This is your ‘other’ money house of salary, shared resources and yes, sex. It’s where worldly passions and soul desires fuse and are reborn out into the world as transformational events. This could be that lover or that vault door opening. It could be you simply taking a radical approach to how you have been dealing with someone or something and in doing so, effortlessly ascend from it. The effect – supermassively wow.

In a nutshell: That supermassive magnetic aura surrounding you this week draws to you people, solutions and opportunities. Plus wow factor daring self-confidence means you’re willing to try anything to get that result, Aries. It could confound and astound this week.


Embrace alternatives

Feel the love

Opportunity doesn’t just knock – it shines!

Looking at alternatives puts you in a power position this week, Taurus. Ruler Venus is giving you a big assist with career matters when it trines Jupiter on the 6th delivering what is probably one of the biggest opportunity creating trines of the year for you on the 6th. This could add up to a promotion or better paying position for you as Ceres in your money zone trines Mercury in its ruling 6th.

Mercury is slowing down and enters retroshadow from the 7th so if you can, do what needs to be done or bring work matters to a stage of completion this week ahead of full retrograde at the end of the month.

A new cycle of pleasure starts here!

New beginnings around love, fun, being in the spotlight, children and creativity could make themselves known under this week’s new Moon in your 5th. It’s time to create or even mate and you also have Mars in this house turning up the heat. However, if being parent isn’t in your plans atm, then please take extra precautions. This new Moon trines Uranus retrograde in your 1st which can add up to unexpected surprises!

Of course, this doesn’t mean to say the surprise is unwelcome or unwanted. This could be that surprise acceptance or promotion. Or as Venus sashays into its ruling 7th this week, love could be the surprise. If single, this combined with your 5th house activity makes this a time to be noticed and attract. Settleds could be surprised by a partner’s love gesture.

Those alternatives I mentioned could include a different career direction or a contender for your heart who doesn’t conform to your usual ‘type’ but who nonetheless intrigues so much you can’t resist exploring further. This week could present you with vastly different choices or invitations to those you have received in the past. If you’re seeking new outcomes then opting for that untried alternative could just deliver what you’ve wanted all along, Taurus.

In a nutshell: A week to choose different, Taurus. Anything from that prospective lover to that outfit. Project an aura of someone willing to experiment and play as you enter a powerful cycle of attraction and new beginnings!


Take your time with love

Balance professionalism and play

Time to live a little – or a lot!

Ruler Mercury is slowing down this week in preparation for moonwalking mayhem later this month when it turns full retro in your 5th. For now it is still moving forward however but use all due caution in matters of love from this point onwards. And guard your ideas. People may steal them.

Dare to try something new

However, new, exciting and possibly unusual lovers or friendships could appear thanks to its opposition to Chiron in your 11th on the 7th. Or what you seek could be found in the last place you expected to find it. New deals on love or what you love to do could be the upshot of the trine between your ruler and Ceres n your 1st on the 6th. Boosted by another by Venus also in your 5th to Jupiter in its ruling 9th.

Lucky breaks, being in the right place at the right time, travel and other opportunities shine brightly. Say yes to something or someone. Or set a change in motion even if you’re not certain how it will work out or where it will take you – yet.

Shifts around living arrangements or a new lifestyle beckons too. First we have the Mars/Pluto trine across your 4th-8th houses. The new Moon in its ruling 4th trines Uranus now retrograde in your 12th. Remember, Uranus wants freedom. If an unplanned move appears unannounced or unawares, then understand this has a purpose. As does anything that appears unexpectedly under this new Moon. No matter what it looks like initially.

Venus is on the move into your everyday 6th so shifts around home, work, routine or lifestyle – including those habits, diet and exercise, could be tied into simply living better and well. If you are faced with a spiralling To Do list by the time the week is over, remember the rule of emotional smarts – first things first and one step at a time. You’ll handle this week beautifully as you juggle work and play.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury is slowing down and well – you can’t or shouldn’t hurry love now, Gemini. However, that doesn’t mean its off the table this week. New and exciting people could cross your path. The potential? Yours to discover!


Say what you need to say

Bring home and lifestyle matters to a conclusion

Time for a lighter, brighter love!

Clear the air this week Cancer. If you’ve something to say now is the time to say it. Or if you have a plan or project – get ready to launch. How you communicate, getting around, contracts, agreements, writing, the internet and news will feature thanks to the new Moon in your 3rd this week. You also have Mars in here trineing Pluto in your 7th. So, discussions with someone else and conversations which lead to change thanks to Ceres in your 12th trine Mercury in your 4th.

This could be around your career, your relationship or home matters. But it tells you that if there is a conversation you’ve been putting off having or a step you need to take, no more procrastinating, Cancer. Mercury rules your 3rd and 6th houses. Its presently in your 4th of all things Cancer-themed but slowing down in preparation for full retrograde later this month.

Is love moving in?

Moving matters may begin to slow down. If you are involved with buying, selling, leasing or renting, try to finalise things now. If not, be prepared for things to stall, go back and forth or for reversals and delays. I should not need to over-sell the point that anyone who engages in property dealings during these times often lives to regret it. Sometimes a move cannot be helped or avoided. But if you can, put off plans for now if you cannot conclude them.

What’s hot? Your 5th house where Venus lands this week. Love is in the air, babies, children, your adult children, the younger generation, holidays, fun, hobbies and creativity are all in order as is a little indulgence. The luck factor is activated. The overall message? If serious business and agreements can be concluded and reached now then simply put it on the back burner for now. Lighten up, Cancer. Love wants to move in.

In a nutshell: If you need to say something, say it. This week favours conversations, deals and agreements of all kinds. Home matters may take longer than anticipated. But romance, fun and good times more than compensate, Cancer!


Partnerships bring benefits you can bank on

Invest extra cash in home matters

Relate to what you have in new ways

If you are looking at extra money heading your way this week – and the new Moon in your 2nd trine Uranus in your 10th speaks of a fresh cycle of innovation when it comes to your cash, then direct this towards long term plans or home matters rather than frittering it away, Leo.

Work and income factors are activated this week by the trine between Mars in your money house and Pluto in your 6th. You also have a powerful new Moon in your 2nd on the 7th which trines Uranus now retrograde in your 10th. Sure, Mercury which rules contracts, communication and commerce is slowing down now, preparing to head backwards later this month. But it trines both Jupiter (7th) and Ceres (11th) this week pointing to something new and highly beneficial impacting on your future path.

You may take steps to increase that bottom line in bold, unusual ways thanks to the Mercury/Chiron opposition. While your ruler the Sun also trines Uranus the day the new Moon occurs encouraging you to take that step and innovate, promote or head down another path entirely.

It’s about true worth, Leo!

Venus rules both your 2nd and your 7th houses but before crossing into your 4th on the 10th, trines Jupiter from your 3rd. Beneficial dealings involving you and another are highlighted now. That bottom line includes self-worth as this could bring you benefits via a partner or usher in a potential one where both parties are beneficiaries be this a personal or professional relationship. By the time Venus moves into your 4th you could literally be ‘bringing home’ something sustaining materially and/or financially. This week offers bankable results in more than just material terms, Leo.

In a nutshell: This week ushers in fresh ideas around your relationship to what you have, Leo. Whether it’s your cash, possessions, talents or the people who support you. Look at what you can ‘bank on’ now. And invest what you have in more to love at home.


Set your intentions

Stand by your values

Discover just what love has in store, Virgo!

Ruler Mercury along with Venus in your 2nd this week put your focus on your cash and income. While this week’s new Moon in your 1st makes a trine to Uranus in your 9th on the 7th will have you no longer willing to sell yourself short or even sell that soul over something that truly doesn’t align with that personal value system.

This new Moon is the most important of the year for you as no matter what date your birthday happens to be, it marks what we can say is the cosmically charged start date for your new cycle. Allow your actions, what you send out, say or even your image to communicate what it is you stand for or are or aren’t willing to accept now. Know what this is as Mars still in your 1st makes an intense angle of attraction to Pluto on the day before the new Moon appears. Set your intentions now, Virgo and stick to them.

State your terms for your new cycle

You’re moving forward but ruler Mercury in your 2nd is starting to slow. It enters retroshadow this week in preparation for Retro 2.0 later this month. However, its trine to Ceres in your 10th plus the opposition to Chiron on the 7th could see you stating your terms or an outcome in your favour when it comes to your money. Especially when it chimes with Venus in its ruling house trine Jupiter in your 6th of work.

Venus will move on into your 3rd on the 10th enhancing your presentations, social media feed, CV, job opportunities and adding sparkle and allure to anything you put out there and say. This is your house of contracts – any you sign could be in your favour, news (Venus makes everything upbeat), commerce – business should pick up with a little TLC on your part, and the internet. Of course, this house rules that app or dating site too. Venus along with the new Moon puts you in a mood to discover just what or who is out there for your new cycle. Make finding out part of that intention this week.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 1st marks the start of your exciting new cycle. Ensure the outer ‘you’ and what you say and do communicates your intentions around what you intend to achieve in the coming year. And what aligns with those values, Virgo.


Probe the shadows and discover your truth

Set fresh goals infused with intention and soul purpose

What you attract reflects your true value

A soul searching new Moon in your 12th probes the deep mysteries of your soul and aligns to Uranus in your 8th this week. Asking you what you’re going to bring into your new cycle with you. And what needs to be released and relinquished to the past, Libra. This could mark a major re-boot in your value system and also your ability to communicate this.

If endings follow then its likely this comes as no real surprise to you either. Chances are you’ve felt this for some time now. The trine between Mars in your 12th and Pluto in your 4th tells you that you cannot ignore those gut feelings any longer. This new Moon is also a powerful one under which to set yourself fresh goals for the coming year. Envision your future. The trine to Uranus hands you dream weaving capabilities and a willingness to experiment when it comes to those goals. Simply one more reason to discard anything no longer aligned with this.

Love powers intention

Ruler Venus will leave your sign this week and enter its ruling 2nd on the 10th. Before it does it brings one final benefit with its trine to Jupiter back in your 5th. This is your house of romance and also what you love. This could show you that sticking to those values brings you validation and something better. Mercury is now in retroshadow in your 1st from the 7th but makes angles to Ceres in your 9th and Chiron in your 7th making this a stellar week for love and attraction too. Venus wants you to open up to the flow of abundance. Yes, of course its now about your cash, Libra. But its also about what you know you deserve in terms of how you are treated. This week shows you how to get that better payday on so many levels.

In a nutshell: What you attract is always a reflection of your worth. And just like stocks and shares, this can climb. The difference is – you are in control of setting your value. This week’s new Moon plus ruler Venus in your 2nd sees you working this – for all you’re worth, Libra.



Your past needs to evolve to stay part of your future

New beginnings in partnerships form

Time for the season of self-care, Scorpio

This week’s new Moon in your 11th on the 7th trines Uranus (retro) in your partnership zone. Just before this happens both your rulers ancient and modern make a powerful trine on the 6th as Mars in your 11th aligns to Pluto in your 3rd. This is all about you and one other person. That past, present or potential connection. Anyone from a friend to a lover or a group of people, a boss or employer.

Look to goals you have which involve relationships or which require other people in order for them to manifest. Now, chances are you don’t have one that doesn’t involve the participation of another human soul at some stage. If so, this Moon could even connect you to who you need to know for this to occur.

If you stay home in your blanket fort with just Netflix and Chill’d (the Ben & Jerry variety as opposed to the other kind), you are likely to be staying that way for a while. This new Moon sets the tone for your social life for some time to come.

Revive what’s relevant

News could arrive around a goal, wish or ambition. Or even someone from your past could reappear. This is also a fabulous week to revive old contacts. Now, before you text your ex, I am not necessary talking about a Bennifer type reboot. Although Mercury slowing down in prep for full retro action later this month in your 12th could see that old flame re-appear. However, the influence of this new Moon combined with this is great for reaching out to friends you’ve not heard from in a while and resurrecting your connection.

If something is due for a revival, it may come door knocking when Venus crosses the threshold of your 1st on the 10th. Time to enter the season of self-care. Not just as in taking yourself physically although this is a wonderful transit under which to update your look, treat yourself to a new ‘do’ or outfit, or book that treatment. But also to look at what needs to be let go of now because on some level it doesn’t do you any good. Memories, situations, habits, people – if the past is relevant it continues to grow with you. If it comes back after a break remember – it needs to have done that in its absence as well.

In a nutshell: Fresh goals can be set that are relevant to who you are now. And where you’re going, Scorpio. If the past returns, it needs to have evolved as you have if it wants to be part of your future. Self-care puts you best face forward this week.



Win friends and influence people!

A connection could become so much more

Doors to a new definition of success open

Friends, groups and communities are in focus this week thanks to the line up in your 11th. One friendship or contact could prove to be highly beneficial or turn out to be more important than you first realise thanks to the trine between Venus in here and ruler Jupiter in your 3rd on the 6th. Watch who lands in your inbox, calls, pings or swipes on this day.

Usually this would be about friendship but the potential is almost limitless for what kind of connection you could forge due to Mercury’s (also in your 11th) trine to Ceres in your 7th the same day and then the Mercury/Chiron opposition on the 7th. You may think this is one thing but then it turns – surprisingly, into something else entirely.

Be an original

Entrée into new, even powerful circles or success setting moves can be made thanks to a ragingly confident Mars’s trine to Pluto in your money house on the 6th. The new Moon in your 10th on the 7th, shines on a fresh path towards authenticity and accolades and your ability to impress professionally. You could find yourself in the company of authority figures – bosses, clients, VIP’s, professionals and people who don’t need to fake it ‘cos they have absolutely made it. If so, you’ll impress by working what you alone individually bring to this party thanks to this Moon’s aspect to Uranus.

This week cements or builds on past efforts while opening the door to a new cycle of achievement. Venus enters your 12th on the 10th. Expect creativity and intuitive skills to be enhanced and the past to feature in some way. Especially now Mercury begins to slow in preparation for Retro 2.0 later this month. Something you let go of or gave up is suddenly relevant again. If you reclaim it you won’t let go a second time, Sag.

In a nutshell: New connections could enchant but they aren’t set in stone. Allow them to reveal their nature in their own time. You’re in a position to impress this week, Sag. And that’s by what you and only you can offer. Don’t be tempted to copy anyone else.



Take action

Adjust your course if needed

Explore a fresh cycle of opportunity

There’s something you know you need to do as this week begins, Cappy. And if you’ve been putting it off, you’ll take action on the 6th when Mars in your 9th trines Pluto in your sign. In fact, this week offers solutions to long term situations, opportunities, travel potential and the chance to break free of restrictions thanks to the new Moon in your 9th on the 7th trine Uranus in your 5th.

This marks the start of some kind of journey. Either a cycle of experience, an actual trip or the discovery study brings. Long term ambitions – always a topic close to your heart, are highlighted thanks to Mercury and Venus in your 10th. Venus trines Jupiter in Venus’s 2nd on the 6th while Ceres trines Mercury from its ruling 6th the same day. Recognition, rewards and tangible offers could follow.

Set a fresh direction

This is a fabulous week to look closely at the path you are on. Or if you discover its veered off in a direction that’s taking you nowhere, to get on a new one. Again, if you’ve been hesitating over this, the Mercury/Chiron opposition of the 7th sees you willing to give previously unexplored options a try. Venus moves into your 11th on the 10th telling you that you have plenty of support if needed. Friends and other contacts are ready to rally round with help, advice or just that information or insight you needed. Don’t hesitate to ask them, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: An opportunity creating cycle begins with this week’s new Moon in your 9th. Time to explore it and leave that rut or restrictions behind you. If this means change, your support network not only has your back, Capricorn – but approves of the changes.



Dance with the wild winds of change

Your evolution is here!

Time to get serious

Change is necessary for freedom, to allow something better to enter our lives and for our soul evolution. Yet, we usually to everything within our power to delay it or prevent it happening. You’ve little or no chance of that this week Aquarius, so then why not go with it instead?

The heads up on change begins at the start of the week when Mars in its ruling 8th trines Pluto in your 10th while Venus in your 9th trines Jupiter in your 1st. This is a day of triple trines as Mercury also in your 9th trines Ceres in your 5th. Change brings you opportunity or a new and better tomorrow.

Watch what shifts, transforms, ends or what you suddenly and effortlessly are released from – even unexpectedly on the day of the new Moon in your 8th (7th). This new Moon makes yet another trine to ruler Uranus this time in your 4th. Which is of course the Moon’s ruling house. What is changing is evolving into something more sustaining for you. Have no doubt about that.

Take yourself seriously

Mercury is slowing down now as it enters retroshadow on the 7th in preparation for Retro 2.0 later this month. As many of us are travelling again now and this is your house of overseas and long distance travel, please remain aware of any movement/border changes regarding Covid and the usual kinds of delays we association with full fat retro.

Venus in your 10th (10th), brings opportunities to impress via your work or professional smarts. And can sometimes even deliver that potential partner who your grandma would have described as ‘a catch’. If so, they’re looking for someone serious. As could that potential employer. That’s you and a chance to make this week.

In a nutshell: Ruler Uranus always wants your freedom. And along with the new Moon this week could deliver opportunities and solutions to hand you just that. Ready to impress? Taking what you want seriously gets you serious attention in both career and love.



You’ll never know until you ask

Step into a fresh cycle of relating and receiving

What you seek is where you may least expect to find it

An important new partnership cycle begins this week with the new Moon in your 7th. This is about your boo, bae or bestie. That duo, duet or double act. Or even that rival or frenemy. You’ll know if something is working or not and this includes friendships as Mars in your 7th trines Pluto in your 11th.

New, influential and even powerful connections can be made. Or you step outside your usual social or professional circles to find exactly who or what you were looking for all along thanks to this new Moon’s trine to Uranus.

What do you dare to do in the name of love?

Whatever your goal or what you want – this is a week to test just what you can get away with and maybe change up the way you have done things in the past. We have a series of free flowing trines which touch on income and security thanks to Jupiter in your 12th trine to Venus in your 8th and Ceres in your 4th trine to Mercury on the same day (6th). The Mercury opposition Chiron in your money zone on the 7th tells you that you’ll never know unless you dare to ask. Maybe for that raise, loan, repayment plan or better paying job.

Of course, I don’t need to oversell the fact that all this relates to your self worth and values which set your capacity to attract, give and receive love. So, take it that your relationships reflect that this week, Pisces. Especially after Venus enters your 9th on the 10th. You know you’re after something bigger now. Those who ask or just try, usually succeed.

In a nutshell: Partnerships are in focus this week thanks to the new Moon in your 7th telling you it takes two, baby. Be open as to whether this involves a past, present or potential bae. Or a love or professional double act.



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