6th April 2020 Weekly Astrology – Libra

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 6 2020 Full Moon in Libra



Look deep into the mirror of love

Get crowdsourcing

Promote yourself

This week brings you a full Supermoon in your partnership sector. Call this a mirror of your soul, Aries. Someone is going to be holding it up to you and you will gaze deep into it. And in doing so learn so much about yourself and a key relationship now. This is valuable stuff no matter who it is which is sending that reflection. Yes, even that rival, opponent, frenemy which the 7th house also rules. Of course, you may be looking deep into the reflection of love that is close to you. Or thinking about how you can change the reflection for the future by spending time exploring self-love.

Understand that whatever reflection ripples back at you on this night, it is an aspect of how you see yourself rather than the other person. Go within and look at how you emotionally feel about you. Not feeling the love from that partner? Dealing with that irritating and obnoxious party yet again? Look within to solve the problem without. If you are lushly loved-up now however – yes, that’s a reflection of how you feel about yourself too.

Ruler Mars wants you to connect when it comes to seeking out what you want. It’s a crowd sourcing kind of week too with it in your house of connectedness even if you are self-isolating. If you are feeling confined, connect in any ways you can and also mine your contacts to set up those future plans. Ask around as Mars squares Uranus on the 7th and trines Vesta in your 3rd on the 8th. Selling yourself better could just be the result of that mirror, mirror moment as Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 11th. If you want to head in a new direction in either work or love for the future, this week offers the chance to see yourself as others see you, and do just that, Aries. Or simply fall in love with that reflection of your own best love, Aries.

In a nutshell: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Someone holds up a magic one this week. And how you see yourself promises valuable insight into the state of love – or self-love in your life, Aries. Fall in love with that reflection again.


Take an alternative route towards success

Act on intuition

The truth sets you free once you see it

Big ambitions arise within you. Your personal goals and your confidence to pursue these is being ignited by proactive Mars in your 10th now. Along with Uranus in your 1st this is all asking you to consider a different path or tactic to get where you want to go, Taurus. There is more than one route to the top or one definition of success. Chances are you could already have set things in motion or know what it is you want to achieve. But current circumstances may have stalled you. So, let loose your creativity and imagination and be prepared to be flexible and think outside the box now.

Mars also trines Vesta in your money zone. Pay or just equality around the home may also fuel that desire for changes. If you have come to believe you deserve better – the answer now is yes, you do. But you have to take steps to make this happen. Validation awaits those who dare to act on this.

Your 6th (work and wellbeing)/12th (hidden truths) axis is also being triggered this week. First a full Supermoon appears in your 6th on the 8th. It’s shining its light back into your 12th illuminating a truth you cannot now escape. This could be how a person, situation or even a habit or routine, is no longer supporting your growth. In fact, it may be holding you back or having a negative impact on your overall soul health. The thing is, you may have had a growing gut feeling around this for some time. This Supermoon simply highlights this and shows you that it is important to pay attention. Mercury’s arrival in here simply provides more validation and also boosts those intuitive faculties. You’ve inspired solutions to hand if you need them now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Dare to act on that intuition. And to look at alternatives when it comes to pursuing those ambitions. Intuition aligns with action to show you a fresh approach. Don’t be afraid to take it.



Your imagination takes you on a journey

Get real about your present experience

Be a soul traveller

Your soul is on a steep learning curve now. Part of this is awakening to the fact that the Law of Attraction doesn’t go into lockdown or stop its flow. Yes, it’s still there for you to connect to this week no matter your circumstances. Have faith that your ability to attract what you desire remains intact. So, this week’s full Supermoon in your 5th is an ideal one under which to tap back in either via creative visualisation or your long-term goals. Children, babies, teenagers and the young generation may also feature. Ruler Mercury arrives in your 11th where the future is set in motion on the 11th. Your people need you and you need them. Keep those connections alive, message or chat on line. And concentrate on really connecting from an emotional level. People need realness we can relate to now. Ready to get real?

Normally, Mars in your 9th pushes you out of your comfort zone. Which is you are isolating at home may be a small one right now! But this is your house of learning and exploration. Where we open our minds to new ideas. One way is to explore different perspectives on the world on-line. Immerse yourself in a subject which fascinates you and also exercising especially outdoors while observing social distancing.

This transit asks you to take action in some way – including signing up for an online course of study or trying a new fitness regimen as Mars squares Uranus in your 12th on the 7th. The 8th sees Mars trine Vesta in your 1st. Even if you can’t leave the comfort zone of home, giving hobbies and pastimes you love and can lose yourself in could provide you with something new to explore. If you have been staying in and keeping the home fires burning lately, you can still keep the flames of freedom alive. Your dreams and imagination are your passport to future opportunities. This week you can begin to map out the route to them. Be a soul traveller this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Self-isolation doesn’t mean your imagination is on lockdown, Gemini. Time to set some new goals. So, let your dreams take you on a journey towards the future. You’re on a learning curve of the soul this week!




Bring in balanced changes

Keep heart and head into alignment

See that issue as a non-issue

Mars is in its ancient ruling house of changes this week while your ruler the Moon is fully super-sized in its ruling 4th. Expect emotional intensity especially with partners and around resources and things you share – anything from that joint account to that bed. Or that lounge room right now if you are isolating together. There’s no hiding your feelings, so ensure you express these rather than repress them. There’s also questions around trade-offs and what you give and receive in return lurking in the background around all of this. Fair’s fair in other words.

Especially if one or both of you is now trying to juggle several roles at once all from home. This may require some honest communication around this and also those you live with having to be flexible around what they usually do – or don’t do in some instances. The combination of this supermoon plus Mars angling to both Uranus also in its ruling house, and Vesta in your 12th, could have you looking more closely at the terms around this. Especially if the trade-off is not based fairly on a compromise between both parties but is instead, skewed heavily in favour of one.

A better deal or way of living within your current situation, may follow. You of all signs should know that no matter what emotions a full or even supermoon, stirs up, they are fleeting. So, if this one exposes something you need to take care of, please wait a few days before taking action until Mercury arrives in your 10th on the 11th. This will allow you to balance your mind and your emotions and to approach any changes from a position of facts rather than feelings.

Take the emotion out of any discussions with others in fact. Be it your boss, your kids, others in a shared household or your boo. Be matter-of-fact about changes you’d like to see around sharing the housework. Making issues a non-issue takes the emotional sting out of them for both parties. Just call this good housekeeping this week, Cancer. And your intuition and sensitivity bringing about a wonderful win/win as usual!

In a nutshell: Emotions guide you towards necessary change but ensure you’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater this week! Take some time to feel with the heart – but act with the head.




You need more heat

Shift your life back towards passion

Get ready for the hot pursuit of happiness

There’s nothing like increased time out for allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t, Leo. Also, what fires you up and what leaves you tepid. You need the heat, Leo! Mars remains in your 7th asking if passion has left the building or those flames still burn. Be they for someone or something. You are prepared to consider innovative ways to ignite this in the future if that heat is now missing. The snarky angle between Mars and Uranus in your 10th on the 7th may at first glance, look like both parties are taking a ‘my way or the highway’ approach.

However, for some this could the start of a process which propels them out of a dynamic that has become stifling and on into one that offers more growth and freedom. This may take time but the direction and your purpose are clear. The 8th brings a full Supermoon in your 3rd bringing a conversation you have been having or wanting to have, to a peak. That conversation could revolve around the future of one particular connection as Mars trines Vesta in Gemini on this day.

Mercury rules all conversations and communication. It’s a week to get talking especially over the internet which Mercury rules. And to look at those big ideas for learning and expansion as It arrives in your 9th. Ultimately, it’s a desire for more freedom in a key area which is your sub-plot this week. This is an excellent transit for planning even if you cannot take action just yet. No matter what, chances are one of the themes of that sub-plot is that you are craving a bigger life experience in a key area. The attainment of which results in increased wellbeing. Your 9th is all about the freedom to pursue that at the very least. Changes to your status or the dynamic between you and another will either usher this in, or ultimately rekindle the fire within to pursue happiness, life, liberty and love, Leo.

In a nutshell: Your focus shifts towards bringing the heat and passion back in, Leo. Get creative about ways you can do this. Schedule that all-important conversation that results in rekindling the fire for the future!




Invest in self-worth and satisfaction

What can love create?

Know your value

With your entire work/ sharing/power money sector of your chart lit up this week we can’t not talk about values, Virgo. First, whether you feel valued and rewarded by what you do each day. Whether this is paid or unpaid work. It may not simply be about the cash you receive although of course, this plays a role thanks to the full Supermoon in your money zone on the 8th. It’s also about that emotional pay-back. You feeling what you do is worthwhile and appreciated. You need that take-out and if it’s missing, the alignment between Mars and Uranus in your 9th on the 7th along with the trine between Mars and Vesta in your 10th the next day, may shake you into that inescapable reality that you cannot escape taking action about it.

Sure, right now this may be limited but you know what to do now. Especially if you have been feeling taken for granted of late. What can your love create this week? There’s romance and also the creative power of love. You could see powerful results from a creative process or simply thinking in new ways about what matters to you – and how you matter in turn.

Ruler Mercury is on the move this week into your 8th on the 11th. Which is where the full Supermoon shines its searchlight. Full Moons always reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. This is all about financial relationships. And yes, that begins with your relationship to your own self-worth. So, think marital assets – your home, mortgage, security, things you share – everything from the bed to the chores and the kids if you have them. Loans, your salary, pay, shares, taxes, benefits, savings and investments. Time to talk about money, what you value, shared values and to negotiate a better deal if need be.

This again may require a shift towards what truly matters and what actually doesn’t. Know the difference. Because the Moon rules our security it relates to that too. Home is everything as are the people who matter. That includes you. Your self-worth determines how secure you feel about this. Invest in that this week.

In a nutshell: Your work, money, self-worth and security issues feature this week. What matters becomes clear. As does communicating those values thanks to ruler Mercury. Selling yourself short isn’t an option for you any longer, Virgo.



Put the spotlight on passion

Are you being seen for all you are?

Express yourself!

This week’s full Supermoon in your 1st plus the arrival of Mercury in your 7th, puts the spotlight on one particular partnership or person. Chances are they’ve been a focus for some time, Libra. But you won’t be able to escape seeing the connection for what it really is now – one way or the other. Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, this is not just about you, but about you and someone else. So, you and your former, current or potential partner, co-worker, bff, business partner or collaborator, may be talking and joint decisions around where you go from here, may feature.

This could have a direct link to your living arrangements or income as Jupiter and Pluto make an exact conjunction in your 4th on the 5th. Jupiter is offering solutions as well as stability via necessary changes. Totally transforming your lifestyle or home environment for the better are just two possibilities.

Mars is still busy in your 5th stirring up desire and the need to express yourself no matter what the current limitations. Channel that energy into creative projects, hobbies or activities you love if there is no one special around now. If you don’t feel you are receiving all you deserve, you’ll passionately commit to making changes to find this in the future as it tightens its grip on Uranus in your 8th on the 7th.

You need someone to see you for all you are and if they can’t or won’t, making the decision to do something about this will be easy when Mars trines Vesta on the 8th. Especially if you have come to feel that the dynamic between you has become one-sided. This week asks you if someone is paying you the attention or showing the love you know you deserve. Or shows you where the potential lies to find this, Libra.

In a nutshell: An opposite number sails into the spotlight this week, Libra. Partnership matters feature as in your past, present or potential one. You’re searching for a more passionate connection. No matter what form it takes.




Create some living room

Talk about matters close to home

Time to exhale!

Channel that energy into home activities or if you can, take socially-distanced exercise as ancient ruler Mars in your 4th needs action, not duvet days. Changing rooms, tackling those chores or simply moving that furniture around or decluttering that closet. Signing up for on-line exercise programs also qualifies and is a good way to use this energy. If you don’t give the energy an outlet, what is likely to happen this week is that you get snarky with those you live with. Those endearing quirks partners exhibit suddenly become deliberate tactics to annoy you or your flatmate leaving that unwashed coffee cup on the counter yet again is now blown out of all proportion into a major conflict.

If you don’t have things to do around the home from that clean up to the gardening, then please take socially responsible exercise and blow off steam instead as either your reaction or theirs may be impossible to predict thanks to a disconnect between Mars and Uranus in your 7th on the 7th and a full Supermoon in your 12th on the 8th.

If you have been secretly seething over the fact that you feel you are expected to take on more than your fair share of household or mundane tasks, it’s time to talk about this. Letting resentment build up will only result in your reaction being seen as out-of-proportion to the trigger event and hurt feelings all round. Open your arms wide in the fresh air – even if it’s just from your bedroom window – and release that tension.

And then once you have exhaled, talk about how this makes you feel once you are calm again. Mercury enters its ruling 6th on the 11th which rules your day job (paid and unpaid), your routine and yes, your wellbeing and health. This includes your mental and soul health as well as your physical health. Please make this your priority. Pay attention to the details and above all, don’t sit on stress. This week says it’s all better aired. Take a deep breath – and don’t wait to exhale!

In a nutshell: Talk about the changes that need to be made around the home, living arrangements or that routine. And come up with some new and innovative solutions. Pro Tip this week: Just breathe, Scorpio!




The world needs your optimism right now!

Share those big dreams

Make a promise to your future

Putting a lid on those feelings or what you need to say is also going to be impossible this week, Sag. Take a ‘better out than in’ approach and say what needs to be said especially if repressing this is having a negative effect on your wellbeing. The truth sets you free as Mars in your communication sector strikes Uranus in your work, routine and wellness zone on the 7th. Mars will then move on to make a much more diplomatic angle when it comes to sorting out partnership matters when it trines Vesta in your 7th on the 8th. This is also the day of the full Supermoon in your house of friendships and the future.

Remember, full Moons shine into the house opposite to the one they appear in and this is your 5th of creative self-expression, children and joyfulness. Yes, that spark may be difficult to find if you are confined. But sharing your true thoughts and feelings with others and also focussing on future projects, restores your ability to find the upside in your current circumstances.

The world needs your ability to think big now, Sag. So, if you can summon up your usual optimism, then share that too. Mars in your 3rd favours pushing forward with idea, short term studies and the passion behind your words and what you communicate. Say it with fire now and also ensure what you say comes from the heart. Above all, draw up a plan to follow up what you say with action. This is a promise you are making to yourself about your future. Mercury which rules your 3rd enters your 5th on the 11th so you’re saying and following up with creativity and love. Others may thank you for that message. So, set an example and share, Sag. Choose words that move both you and others this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: The world needs your upbeat style and your ability to find the upside in any situation. Sharing your vision and hope for the future is one way to make yourself – and others, feel optimistic again, Sag!




Focus on what really matters

Innovate those resources and talents

Star a homecoming conversation

This week bring a full Supermoon in your status-seeking 10th. It shines a light back into your 4th of home and security. Asking you to look closely at what you have at your disposal right now to meet your needs. It’s time to separate wants from needs as these can be two very different things. This time could have you appreciating the difference and put your focus firmly on what’s most important. You may be happy to cocoon and simply be grateful for what you do have. Especially when it comes to where you choose to direct your resources. This week also has you looking at what money buys you or where it goes thanks to Mars now in your 2nd.

Handling material resources and building a relationship with our money, assets and possessions is part of our spiritual experience here. This week may see you getting more creative or innovative around how you make your bread or what you spend it on, as Mars makes a budget defining angle to Uranus in your 5th. It then asks you to empower yourself when it trines Vesta in your 6th on the 8th. This could have you looking seriously at what you buy, save or spend. Channelling what you have right now into what matters rather than splurging could see you feeling richer for the experience. And taking this lesson to heart.

Mercury arrives in your 4th of home, family and emotional security. Of course, this ties in with your money and resources. How you live, where you live and family ties feature. As does what you need to feel settled and secure. Talking about your needs, kitchen table discussions with family members, flatmates, co-sharers about what’s important when it comes to your lifestyle defines what you need rather than what you want. This week says that’s a place to call home and a purpose which defines you, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Knowing the difference between wants and needs has you focussing your resources – and your ambitions, towards what really satisfies your soul. That could also be a place or a lifestyle you call home.




Keep the faith that the universe has a plan

Give what you love to do priority

Don’t doubt you’re part of the Global Evolution Revolution!

Ruler Uranus is intent on breaking those chains to situations which have become stale, lived out or bind you this week. Your ruler seeks to constantly evolve your soul. If you become stagnant or stuck, or simply refuse to make the changes necessary to keep on growing, it will bring about circumstances that force evolutionary change upon you. What’s going on right now could just be one of them. Mars in your 1st hands you the confidence in your process right when it squares your ruler on the 7th. No matter what is happening in the world, it asks you hold on to your faith in a higher power. Watch as the full Supermoon in your 9th brings decisions or lights a new path ahead for you on the 8th.

If you’ve been held back by taking on more than your fair share of responsibilities, then Mars’s angle to Vesta in your 5th could set this to rights. Or have you been so focussed on what needs to be done you have not made time for what you love to do? A time-out can bring sudden clarity around this. Put simply, you were too busy to see what was really going on. This could re-set those priorities for you and show you the importance of pursuing passion and pleasure once in a while.

Mercury rules news and communication and enters its ruling 3rd this week. A call, letter, message, email, text or conversation could be the trigger for those changes I mentioned. Or you finally acting on a game changing idea that you have been sitting on for some time. Maybe questioning whether it is valid or not. This could clear away those doubts. Ultimately, this will eventually prove to be a catalyst which clears the way ahead for you to escape restriction. No matter what today looks like – keep the faith in tomorrow and your ability to create it.

In a nutshell: Ruler Uranus has plans to evolve your soul, Aquarius. The future is taking shape even if you feel stuck. Have faith in a higher power and that you’re part of something bigger this week.




Your superpower? Working with a higher purpose

Don’t undersell all you have to offer

Help others step into their potential

Ready to become a warrior for your higher purpose? Mars in your 12th points to peak energy while the full Supermoon in your 8th on the 8th to peak experiences. And a desire to get at the truth. It could surface in unexpected ways this week – suddenly and without warning. Stand by for revelations as Mars squares Uranus in your 3rd of news and communication. Also, if you have secrets you need keeping, be careful who you confide in now. It may be better to say nothing or confide in a professional who job it is to keep confidentiality.

If you are self-isolating then a psychic or on line counsellor may be your best resource. You may be aware of an unhealthy emotional dynamic between you and someone you are close to. You may not even have been aware of this until now if so. If this is exposed, encourage them to talk openly about what they really need rather than making this into a confrontation.

Very often, people resort to covert tactics to get what they want because they feel powerless or unable to ask for what they need directly. You are in the position of power this week thanks to this Supermoon. So, use this super power for good if you can. And also, if you need something from someone, use the direct approach yourself as Mars trines Vesta in your 4th. If the answer is no, it was always going to be this anyway. Now you know.

Understand that feelings of powerlessness and not-worthiness often stem from lack of self-worth. Mars in your 12th has you probing into the shadows and looking at where these began if that is what you are confronting now. There’s no blame to be assigned here. Just understanding what has influenced us and why. Mercury’s entry into your money and values zone on the 11th, this could open up ideas around making more money and also has you pegging a new and possibly better price on all you have to offer. This week offers enlightenment followed by appropriate action when it comes to stating your true worth. Or even helping others realise theirs, Pisces. That’s what being a warrior for the highest truth involves.

In a nutshell: Revelations bring amazing growth opportunities for you and others. Step into the role of being a warrior for your highest purpose this week, Pisces. And set a new price on what you have to offer.


Weekly Astrology 6th April 2020 – Full Moon in Libra




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