19th June 2017 Written Weekly Astrology Forecast

Written Weekly Astrology Forecast 20th Jan 2020 – New Moon, New You!


Set the future in motion

Welcome in new connections

Head forward – don’t look back

After the intense changes around your career, work, status, title, rep or street cred, time to look to your contacts and connections. The Sun enters your 11th at the start of this week and this is the house where the future takes shape. And often our futures are linked to who we know – or will meet. The new Moon in here on the 24th tells you this is not the time to be a boxset hermit. It’s time for the real world and you to set in motion the next episode of your life simply by making the effort to connect and join in. If there has been a group, club, association, movement, party or band you want to join or create – now is the time to sign up, kick start or join in. Accept all invitations that come your way now as this new Moon in particular, defines your social life and your goals for a very long time to come.

You may either be blessed with fated new contacts thanks to Venus in your mystical 12th trineing the North Node in your 4th and Jupiter in your 10th angling back to Venus this week – or else struck with the feeling of ‘Uh-oh, not again!’. Ruler mars in your 9th makes a tight angle to Venus on the 25th. If someone reappears in your life – especially if this was a lover or they represent a pattern for you, please think carefully about letting them back in. The past often represents a trap and this week sees you on the cusp of a brand-new future. Head towards the exciting and unexplored. Not what may feel familiar, but nonetheless holds you back, Aries.

In a nutshell: Time to expand your circle, Aries. This week sets a new future in motion. It’s linked to who you know or meet now. Don’t stay home. The world is waiting for your shining light now!



Work it your way

Time for that game face!

Let go of what is no longer needed

Time to do success your way, Taurus. Work what you have to offer like a boss this week as the Sun and new Moon light up your 10th of career, rewards and honours. Time to bring it and to put your best game face on. This house of your chart is a ‘public’ house. You are ‘on show’ in some way and people – especially those who are VIP’s or in positions of authority and influence, are watching you closely. Whether you are aware of this or not. It is time for recognition now and also for the books to ‘balance’ in some way as what you are owed for a job well done or what you owe, all falls due. For some this could mean a new job or next step on that ladder. Or simply the recognition and acclaim you’ve been after.

Coming to the attention of a larger audience, moving from behind the scenes to front of house, getting yourself noticed in all the right ways could be yours – courtesy of ruler Venus now in your 11th. It trines the North Node in your house of business and messages on the 20th while Jupiter in its ruling 8th in your chart makes a door opening angle to opportunity with Venus on the 23rd. If travelling now, the people you meet could offer benefits or unlooked for opportunities. The power to change your path is yours if you can rise to the challenge and let go of what is no longer needed as Mars in its ancient ruling 8th tightly aspects Venus on the 25th. Let go and live a little, Taurus!

In a nutshell: Can you see what that next big step could be for you? This week dares you to take it, Taurus. And to bravely let go of what holds you back in the process. Kickstart that future this week!



Heart-starting aspects reflect what you’re radiating

No more lukewarm or so-so

Hot stuff? That’s you now, Gemini!

When you’re hot you’re well – smokin’, Gemini. You’re lava hot, radioactive hot – or should be this week. Across both personal and career areas. If you are not feeling the heat this week, then you need to step back and ask why not? Or have you been settling for warmed-up leftovers? No, no, no! There is no re-heat just turning up the heat now. You could be the hot ticket item when it comes to your career. Venus in this house in your chart crafts that professional image and aligns to the North Node in Venus’s ruling 2nd. You also have Jupiter in your sector of shared resources and power money making a ‘yes, you’re worth it’ angle to Venus on the 23rd. For many of you this could see you being the prime candidate for that job, project or promotion or turn you into the leading light in someone’s life. Mars remains in Venus’s ruling 7th and on the 25th makes a questioning aspect to it. When it comes to long term passion, love or even working alignments, you need to feel the heat. If it’s absent – time to head towards where the temperature and your heatbeat rises.

Lucky for you, you have the promise of a release into a bigger opportunity or experience in another area of your chart. The Sun enters your 9th of expansion and exploration on the 20th. A new Moon in here on the 24th hands you a fresh direction to explore. Or a journey to be undertaken – either real or metaphorical. Travel could feature for many of you as could stepping into that much larger experience on either a professional or personal level. Head towards hotter climates this week, Gemini. And feel the heat that goes with being the hottest item out there right now!

In a nutshell: Too hot to handle? The heat you radiate this week can’t help but attract, Gemini. Opportunities abound in both your professional and your personal life. Don’t settle for tepid!



Change brings new beginnings

Get ready for a bigger love experience

Take a walk to the wider, wilder side of life

Time to change, Cancer. And to embrace freedom that is simply designed with you in mind! Are you ready to dance with destiny this week? Especially when it comes to opportunity, love or doing or experiencing what you love? Venus in your expansive 9th trines the North Node in your sign. Travel could set you on a new path. Or this could bring some of you the love you have been waiting for. Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th and is in Venus’s ruling 7th. The 23rd sees them both align. This is what we call ‘mutual reception by house’. What is means is both planets are working together to bring you something exceptional. A new role, that trip of a lifetime, that result which frees you into something wider, wilder and bigger. Or that brave new world of love!

Positive change accompanies this as the Sun move into your 8th and a new Moon appears in here on the 24th. This could mark the start of something important. A relationship or even a job offer, pay rise or someone placing their resources at your disposal. You are deep now in the energy of primal creation so ask what it is you want to create for yourself? Hopefully a new world of experience. This week also sees Mars in your wellness sector tightly aspect Venus. Look closely at what restricts you or holds you back. If going anywhere don’t rush as accidents or mistakes can happen if you do. This week offers you a fresh direction – or course correction so pause for thought before that next all-important step, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Big loves, big experiences and new beginnings set you on a fresh path for 2020, Cancer. It’s time for new opportunities. Destiny delivers what you need – not what you thought you wanted!



Love needs that 24 carat stamp to succeed

Weave a little alchemy magic

Your heart knows what’s real – listen to it

Ruler the Sun enters your 7th house this week while Venus which rules this house is in your 8th of well, sex and alchemical love magic. There’s a little bit of destiny and a dash of mystery around your love life now. Perhaps in the form of that new lover, Leo? Venus will trine the North Node in your 12th on the 20th – the same day as the Sun enters its house in your chart. The potential around a lover or even a potential connection may not be obvious – but believe me, it’s there. This week also hands you a new Moon in your 7th on the 24th. Fresh starts and new beginnings in all close, long term connections are on offer now. The fact is – you need love like you need air, water and food! But real, true love. You don’t need the fake kind any more than you need fake friends.

This week can have you examining all relationships including working ones, as to whether they are in fact the 24 carat variety or dare I say it – Fool’s Gold. It’s a bit like discovering someone gave you a fake Vuitton bag all while telling you how much they spent on it at the Champs Elysees flagship store. Jupiter in your house of wellbeing and Venus have you asking about the true nature of love or a relationship. And how you may be reacting mind, body and soul to anything that is simply not hallmarked. Mars sits in your house of romance and passion and it too entangles with Venus on the 25th. That fresh connection could leave you simply breathless while the fake ones are all too easy to spot now. You know you deserve nothing less than the real thing, Leo. So don’t settle for anything less this week.

In a nutshell: What do you want? Real love! When do you want it? NOW, Leo. When it comes to matters of the heart or any close relationship – it has to be real now. Don’t settle for anything less – or fake.



What you’re seeking wants to find you

Dr. Feelgood is in the house!

Love has a long lasting lustre now

Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart and points to lover’s meeting as it aligns to the North Node in your 11th on the 12th. You also have Jupiter in your romance sector align with it on the 23rd and Mars in your 4th makes an alignment of entanglement on the 25th. If you are seeking any kind of long lasting love or even friendship or a beneficial work or business partnership – now is the time to get out there and seek it. Mix and mingle. Above all – showcase yourself, your talents, skills and abilities and all you have to offer on both a personal and professional level.

Your 11th of course is the house of the internet. So whether it’s that job or that prospective mate you’re looking to attract, then you should be surfing. Your 11th also rules all the people you know – fated connections with the North Node implicated. Mine that network now and socialise for your future life. This week also sees the Sun and a new Moon appear in your 6th. You are naturally attuned to the energy of this house as of course, your sign is the natural 6th house in the zodiac. This week however adds a personal message just for you on to the usual themes you associate with this house – work, wellbeing and ideas. It says let go of what you think you want and simply be open to what opportunities or people turn up. What we want and what we need are often two different things. Dr. Destiny knows best now and wants to send you the latter. Because it doesn’t look like what you thought you wanted, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have your name on it. Or that long lasting promise you know you secretly crave, Virgo.

In a nutshell: The doctor is IN, Virgo. I am talking Dr. Destiny who has a new prescription for love and long-term connections for you. Time for some seriously good medicine for you – and someone else!



Make love your must-do this week!

Small changes have a big effect

Know you’re worth more

Let’s talk about your under-rated and understated 6th house, Libra. It’s the one associated with our day job, our routines and responsibilities. Details, schedules and must-do’s. I can hear you yawning along with your ruler Venus sitting in here. The reason I say ‘under-rated and understated’ is that your seemingly mundane and misunderstood 6th contains the power to re-boot the rest of your life. Now I have your attention, let me explain. Because the 6th rules the things we have to do rather than those we want to do – in other words, the daily and the grind, we are so focussed on this we don’t see the big picture that the 6th contains. Which is simple changes to our routine have a ripple effect and bring on bigger ones in other areas of our life. Let’s take feeling great about yourself as an example. This is your house of health and wellbeing. You decide with Venus in here that its time to eat better, care for that body better by exercising it more and weeding out the soul drains in your life. As a result, you feel better and look better. You have more energy so you do more. This leads you to dress different and sign up for more activities. In doing so you meet new people and those you know look at you differently. This in turn sends that self-esteem soaring and you suddenly see you are worth more – a better job, better relationships – the list goes on. And you now have the confidence to go for them. All this from deciding to walk more and make healthy eating choices. Who knew, right?

The Sun and a new Moon in your 5th this week point to romance, good times and a chance to shine. Who doesn’t want to be feeling your best for those? Venus aligns to the North Node in your 10th of career on the 20th. How others see you is a direct reflection of how you see yourself. Seeing yourself as the Right Stuff when it comes to that role, promotion or dream job is the key. Jupiter in your 4th aligning to venus on the 23rd, could hand you the key to unlocking a door marked ‘Success’. Mars in your 3rd asks you prepare to back up those ideas or what you say with action. This goes for those lifestyle changes as well as those business and work moves. The result could see you propelled out of that rut – be it the Love Sahara or that dead end job. Small changes have a bigger effect that you could ever believe possible.

In a nutshell: How you feel creates your world. This week hands you some feel-good Love Potion Number 9 – or should I say 6? Your 6th house is fill of hidden resources to make your world a better place this week, Libra!



Take time for love

Set yourself a new set of values to live by

Know what you want – then go claim it!

Get ready for a break in the weather, Scorpio! After the intensity of the past few week you can exhale and finally put those feet up. Well – at least some of the time. Venus remains in your 5th of lovers, children and attraction. You may feel the need to escape, party and play as a result. Chances are you’ve been in reaction mode thanks to the meeting between ruler Pluto and Saturn in your 3rd. Being pulled in many different directions or putting out more than one fire may have featured. This week simply offers the pleasure of a breathing space. Travel or getaways may feature for some as Venus trines the North Node on the 20th. Others could escape to love or receive news around work or a project as Jupiter aligns to Venus on the 23rd. Ancient ruler Mars is currently in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart and asks you to not sell yourself short around the 25th as it squares Venus. While there is usually no such thing as a ‘bad’ square when it comes to the planet of money and love, there are questions here around whether you are settling for less than you’re worth. This could be around your pay or money or even how someone is treating you.

The Sun moves into your 4th on the 20th plus you have a new Moon in here on the 24th. This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart so it is one of the most powerful new Moons of the year for you. Especially when it comes to owning your path and knowing what you want. It’s easy then to see how this extends to the security of being able to ask for what you know you need and deserve. Whether this is setting your price for your time, talents and skills or letting others know what you need from them in terms of love, help or respect. This week says don’t be afraid to ask. Or set your price, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Time for lovers, for parties, play and pleasure! That break in the astro weather tells you that you’ve earned this. When it comes to love or expectations – set your price now, Scorpio.



It’s launch time baby!

Jupiter always rings twice!

Bank on the start of something new and lasting

Craft a new message or get ready to launch that idea whose time you know has come, Sag. If only to leave your computer, pen, tablet, phone or hey – your brain. The Sun enters your 3rd on the 20th and it’s all about your unique ideas, brand or message. And perhaps new channels via which to send these out there. Explore your options now. Up your social media presence. Make your pitch, application or submission around the time of the new Moon in here on the 24th. This house is also linked to travel. Journeys either short in distance or duration.

The past two years may have seen you having to deal with blockages and difficulties relating to your money and income. You may have had to work harder for less for instance. Even if you are gasp – rich, chances are you will have had your own fair share of wealth related problems to deal with. This can be anything from asset management to the impact of trade sanctions or politics. Lucky for you Jupiter in your house of money, income and assets now has your back and is offering you solutions that might not have existed up until now. Venus is the natural ruler of your 2nd and presently house-sitting in your 4th. It offers you enhanced options to make yourself secure either via beneficial moves to do with property or even your career. It trines the North Node in your 8th on the 20th – the same day the Sun changes signs. For some this could deliver news or an opportunity to make yourself secure for the long term. Especially around the 23rd when Jupiter and Venus align. Mars in your 1st gives you the confidence and self-assurance to go for it. And also to know that the steps you take are the ones you need to on the 25th when it too, tells Venus its time to make that rewarding move. The result could just be a better way of living.

In a nutshell: Ideas impact on the bottom line for you this week. That message or what you have to offer could turn into money in the bank. Or simply something you can bank on for your future, Sag.



The news or message is too big to ignore this week, Capricorn. It’s been a time of serious transformation for all sea goats out there. Those once in 500 year aspects crashing through your chart have brought about serious self-assessment and a reshuffling of your priorities. You now know what truly matters to you. So, this week comes as a pleasant surprise and perhaps a validation of all this. Venus in your 3rd is all about good news and messages of love. It will trine the North Node in your partnership zone on the 20th. Could this be the start of a whole new conversation between you and another? Jupiter in your 1st says it’s all up close and personal as well as to your benefit when it aspects venus on the 22nd. Mars remains in your secretive 12th and along with venus could bring news from the past, reignite an old flame or simply tell you the wait is over now when it comes to what you want to say or hear.

Venus rules your 2nd which is all about money, assets, possessions, and jewels in your crown – in other words your self-worth. The Sun enters in here also on the 20th and a new Moon on the 24th could mean that big news you’ve been waiting for is linked to your money, income or simply shows you how valuable you are to someone or the world in general. Don’t underestimate this now. Because you exist trillions of atoms form new potentials. Yes, you’re more important that you ever realised, Capricorn. That just shows you just how priceless you are to everyone now.

In a nutshell: This week’s news could just be what you have been waiting for. Or else is too big to miss. It tells you never to underestimate your value from here on it. Just be a little bit priceless now.




Set some new goals

Out with the old – on with the new you!

Happy birthday, Aquarius!

You’re on a once-in-a-lifetime deep soul journey now. Exploring the truth behind the statement ‘There are more things in heaven and earth’. Ever wanted to explore your psychic skills? Learn the Tarot or astrology? Now is the time. As could be returning to study any subject if it involves a deep dive into a hidden realm. Or just one you want to explore. Above all, know that insight is 100% reliable now and no secret can hide from you. Just call this your birthday bonus as the Sun arrives in your sign on January 20. Your new cycle gets a special boost from Venus in its ruling 2nd highlighting feel-good factors and opportunities for you in the year ahead. It will trine the North Node in your 6th on this day while Jupiter in your 12th – yes, the navigator on that soul journey, points you in the direction of an opportunity on the 23rd.

Time to shrug off the old and celebrate who you are and also who you want to become at the time of the new Moon in your sign on the 24th. This is your point of rebirth, renewal and reinvention. A relaunch if you like. How do you want to be seen and perceived in the coming year? Adjust and evolve that look, appearance, style or brand accordingly. You could also be venturing forth into new social territories thanks to Mars in your 11th. Perhaps that new you has new goals, wishes and dreams. After all, as we evolve so do our goals. Fresh futures need a new cheer squad. That intuition may be pointing you in the direction that they can be found.

In a nutshell: Birthday insight is yours when it comes to knowledge that is hidden or secrets now, Aquarius. Uncovering the truth brings freedom. And unlooked for opportunity. What a gift!



Be unforgettable

Craft an image that’s impossible to forget

Those you meet simply want to say yes this week

Unforgettable, that’s what you are now, Pisces. So much so expect people from your past to be back in touch again now the Sun and a new Moon appear in your 12th. There’s a special kind of awakening going on for you this week. This could be around your creativity, your psychic gifts and intuition. Or simply knowing what it going to happen before it does.

Venus in your 1st is simply enhancing that impossible to forget vibe. Any adjustments you make now to your look, image, appearance, brand or style is likely to gain you attention. Not just from the people you know or have known. But from those you’re meeting for the first time. Star-quality romance or Instagrammable attention could be yours as Venus trines the North Node in your 5th this week. Friends in high places who can open doors for you – even famous friends or VIP’s, could offer assistance and love what you’re broadcasting on the 23rd when Jupiter in your contacts and wish zone connects to Venus. Mars in your career sector asks you to have the confidence to make an approach or stretch yourself when it comes to achievement. As it tightly aspects Venus on the 25th it’s asking you if you dare to try? This is a you make it happen transit. If you take that step, you could discover this sets in motion a chain of events which culminates in people willing to help you get where you want to go. The secret of your success this week could simply be that unforgettable impression you make, Pisces.

In a nutshell: you’re on show on some level this week, Pisces. And set to make an unforgettable impression. Your gifts now include knowing what is going to happen before it does. And being impossible to forget!



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