Weekly Astrology 16th March 2020 – Big News! Saturn into Aquarius

Weekly Astrology 16th March 2020 – Big News! Saturn into Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius brings about a massive shift. So, we are moving towards an equal society. In other words, a society where we understand each person’s value with less hierarchy.

The past few months have clearly shown the huge role delivery drivers, nurses, and carers have, for example. How people once deemed ‘low skilled’ are irreplaceable, essential, and of supreme importance to our society.

Saturn brings a radical shift

So, take heart, sweet soul. Certainly, change is coming. Likewise, through this challenging time, miracles can spring-up.

There’s a more profound planetary shift occurring now; and for the next couple of years, which gives us a long term transformation. In addition, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is entering Aquarius in December. This is giving us a flavour of the Universal change.

The peak of this transition comes when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024 until 2044. This clears away structures based on earthy materialism. In addition to cementing our future as a kinder, fairer society with different values.

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Weekly Astrology 16th March 2020

Opportunities we create for ourselves that are aligned with our soul calling or purpose are on our mind.  We are called upon to stand together, to support each other and help others during this anxious time.

With Saturn entering Aquarius, and moving out of patriarchal Capricorn, we are seeing the world in a new way, a world where we can be compassionate and inclusive. We are in life changing times as the Corona virus tests our integrity, our survival emotions, and our ability to join forces to help each other through.

Mars and Jupiter align in Capricorn – sign of the high climbing mountain goat. There’s room for a different kind of success story in the world that’s being created now. Solutions we have never imagined are to hand but we have to tap into our higher selves to reach for them.

Mercury now direct re-enters inspiration and compassionate Pisces. We can walk the path between two worlds now – the spiritual and the material, when we align to a higher purpose or goal. The new ‘upwardly mobile’ isn’t about one person’s success. It’s about all for one and one for all!

How does yours fit into this bigger spiritual picture? What could your contribution be? Making a difference, elevating the world vibe doesn’t require us to be a CEO but it does ask us to be our own leaders and lead by example in what we do.

There’s a new kind of partnership dynamic based on working cooperatively or towards a joint vision as Juno which rules commitment aligns to new deal for the Now Age, Ceres in Aquarius. It’s about compromising to create something better with others than results in a win/win for everyone.

The Sun in fiery Aries on the 20th is a call to action not just for the birthday sign but for all of us. Winning could just add up to a better way of sharing power and compromise. Vesta has long been associated with the patriarchy while we have Pluto and Mars in the sign that rules those at the top (usually dominated by those of a certain gender, race and class). These will meet next week. For now, expect the focus to be on those who have resorted to exploitation.

This is the day when the Now Age of Aquarius officially begins. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, leaves its sign and arrives in Aquarius. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled Aquarius. So, how does the planet linked to ‘the man’ to use sixties parlance, also embrace revolution? Because what goes up the mountain can come down the mountain – often unexpectedly. Saturn rules time and also when it’s time to replace an old order with a new one. Aquarius rules people power. Movements and ideas whose time has come and the people who take them forward.

This week could shake some power junkies, patriarchs off their perch and give us a preview of what the new Now Age could look like. For more on your role in it, see your personal Saturn in Aquarius forecast for your sign. Action for the Now Age is in sharing, collective vision and win/win. Join in this week.


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