Weekly April 2nd Written Horoscopes 2018

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 2nd 2018


  • Cultivate a compromise
  • Own your choices
  • Rule success!

This week asks for compromise and also claim. Compromise as in finding common ground between you and others upon which something new can be built. Claim as in claiming authority for your own life, your power and above all, your choices and decisions. Ruler Mars meets Saturn in Saturn’s ruling house – the sector of your chart which not only rules reputation and rewards but also asks us to be ‘grown ups’. It’s all about how we deal with authority in our lives and above all, whether we have given it away to someone else or take responsibility. Mercury in your 1st squares Saturn and speaking up and speaking out may form part of this. When we give away or abdicate our own authority we  not only lose the ability to direct our lives but also remain powerless to change them. With the Sun in your 1st squaring the Black Moon also in your 10th, this is your opportunity to take back any lost power.

This is going to be done by owning your choices and decisions and not blaming anyone else. And when it comes to compromise or working out what is going to be a new powerbase to support you, you have help this week in high places. Venus in her ruling 2nd impacts on Ceres in your glowing, fun-filled 5th. Ceres is mistress of the art of compromise and Venus always strives for the diplomatic solution and balance. Both Venus and Saturn are in their ruling domains as they trine one another on the 7th. The result? You taking ownership of success along with everything else. Get ready to rule this week.

In a nutshell: Step into self-rulership and power this week, Aries. It’s about changing how others see you and how you see yourself.  Get ready to rule success this week!


  • Where does soul want to lead you?
  • Can you have both freedom and commitment?
  • Time for a richer, more sensual kind of love

What is it you truly want, Taurus? Those hidden desires may surprise you this week. Ruler Venus in your 1st is stirring up those passions making you open up and seek out richer, warmer, more sensual and yes, more loving experiences. But behind all this, there’s more going on than meets the eye. It’s deeper and more profound. And it is the answer to something you soul is calling out for. The question is: will you answer the call or ignore it now?

Vesta enters your house of freedom this week, but being you this is all about structured freedom. In other words, something which allows learning and exploration but which provides a base all at the same time. This could mean you redesigning your career path around a larger plan or goal now. Mars meets Saturn in here this week boosting your confidence but again, this is all about putting that structure in place and not rushing headlong into something without it. Venus squares Ceres as you reach for that solution where you can balance responsibility with what your desire to see, do or experience. Yes, it’s a balancing act but if anyone can pull it off – it’s you.

That hidden desire could come to the fore as the Sun squares Lilith the Black Moon also in your 9th on the 6th. Now, are you going to acknowledge the desire is there and work with it, or just shove it back into the shadows and pretend it doesn’t exist? Remember, energy can be temporarily repressed but it cannot be contained. Lilith is alchemical, chimeric energy. Demonised in the Bible she nonetheless represents our need for equality and expression. So, unacknowledged or repressed, she can burst forth in unexpected ways. As Venus trines Saturn on the 7th it’s time to be open about what it is you need for freedom – both to yourself and to others. Get ready for a new kind of responsibility and freedom now – to love your desires and be yourself.

In a nutshell: What is your soul calling out for? A richer, deeper love where you can truly be yourself? Own those desires and embrace the freedom to love your way.


  • Intuition points the way to the future
  • Act with confidence
  • Surf the wave of change!

Deep down inside you have known for some time that certain things need to change. Have you acknowledged this? Change may come out of left field but if you step back you should see that it is either overdue or been anticipated on some level for a while. Others may initiate proactive change on their own behalf. Riding that wave in like a world-class surfer. Vesta in your 8th is all about taking back your power (and this is your house of power after all). Mars meeting Saturn in here is all about the confidence to take whatever action is needed and act with authority. Ditch worries about how others will react or see you and also be prepared to enforce boundaries if necessary. Ruler Mercury in your 11th squares Mars and Saturn in your 8th this week. Say what you mean, mean what you say and also take care when out and about.

Venus in your 12th links you back to the past and also to empathy and intuition. This is where what you have known about deep within comes in to play. Deep inside you have been in a state of readiness for the arrival of this. Now the news catches up with you in the present as Venus squares Ceres in your 3rd of news and communication and then trines Saturn in your 8th. There are decisions to be made now but you need to be grounded and practical when making them. You have been preparing for this whether you know it or not. Something is now coming to an inevitable conclusion. When you understand this you can tap into such a deep well of self-understanding and empowerment, you truly can surf those changes and ride that big break into shore.

In a nutshell: You know in your heart that for things to improve they have to change. Don’t stand in the way of it. Surf the wave of transformation towards success now, Gemini.


  • Make a long term connection
  • You’re the Right Stuff
  • What you attract in the outer world reflects those inner thoughts

It’s not just about what you attract this week but how you respond to what you have attracted, Cancer! Funny as what pops up now is either what you love or conversely, what you hate. Hopefully you’ve got all of the former and none of the latter. But what you need to know is whatever appears has been thought about even on a subconscious level by you, for some time. Looking for love? The desire is there as is the passion but you’re certainly not in the market for anything superficial. As Mars meets Saturn in here you could connect to someone with the potential for being a lifelong partner, lover or friend. This could be someone with an intense, private side who could even come across as serious in their public life but this hides a deep sensuality and also killer, dry sense of humour once you get to know them. They don’t show this side to everyone, just those they are comfortable with. However, if things have not been going well in a relationship, this meeting could mark the parting for the ways. Again, you may have been thinking about the possibility of this for some time so it should not come as any great surprise but something inevitable.

That meeting which results in a serious, long term connection for you could arrive in the form of a long term working partnership or employer. Your 7th rules all types of collaborations and this includes the working variety. As well as Saturn and Mars, Black Moon Lilith sits in your 7th while the Sun and Mercury are in your 10th. You could be in a position where you have to show or prove your abilities to a potential boss or business associate. Venus in your 11th of contacts, friends, groups and goals makes a highly energetic and beneficial angle to Saturn allowing you to create a good impression and be seen as The Right Stuff. Take yourself seriously and know your thoughts and ambitions deserve serious consideration now. Think about that and what future you can create with it.

In a nutshell: What you attract this week could have been thought about by you for some time. If you didn’t realise how powerful you are or don’t like the results – think again!


  • Go the distance
  • Believe in that dream
  • Aim for the win/win outcome

Up the ante on what you believe you can achieve this week, Leo. It’s time to embrace your full strength but also to pace yourself. Go the distance is your motto this week. Remember the film that quote comes from? Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. It is about now just following a dream but believing in yourself and what you can achieve and seeing it through. Know you have what it takes – the will of steel with the bold but gentle heart of the Strength card of the Tarot – which is of course your card. Vesta joins Mars, Saturn, Lilith and Pluto in your 6th of work and wellness this week. As this is your house of health, you need to look after your diet, pay attention to your teeth and bones (calcium!) and above all, PACE YOURSELF. You may have so much energy and so determined to make your mark that you rush and this is where mistakes and even accidents can occur. You come across to people you work with (or prospective bosses) as someone tireless and above all dynamic. You project leadership, self-assurance and above all the ability to get the job done as Mars and Saturn meet. Just remember, check the details before acting and you never get a second chance to make a first impression so ensure you get it right first time.

Strike the necessary balance for all this as Venus in your career sector squares to Ceres in your 1st. Find that compromise position within and then act. Ruler the Sun also squares Lilith the Black Moon also in your 6th. Lilith can put you in touch with your confidence and ability to aim high while the Sun wants to release you into something bigger. But Ceres reminds you any interaction involves a negotiation or compromise. You can have most of it, but nobody gets it all. Just bear this in mind and aim for the win/win. That ability to see and include others in your vision could just be the secret of your success as Venus in your house of career and reputation trines Saturn. Those who go the distance not only get help, they also get the prize.

In a nutshell: When it comes to the secret of your success it’s sharing the spotlight with others. There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is one in prize. Let others join you this week, Leo.


  • Ready for serious passion?
  • Expect peak experiences
  • Use your influence

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 8th and it’s all about decisions based on something already in motion or transformations long delayed now coming to a conclusion. I should not need to add do not resist this process as Mars meets Saturn in your 5th and Mercury squares both Saturn and Mars. The Sun is also in this house in your chart and squares Black Moon Lilith also in your 5th. Passion could transform you and warning: your magentism and sex drive are about to increase. Desire could be the transformative agent in your life – whether you pour this into a creative project, a past, former, future or even resurrected love affair. You could also be amazed at how you can influence people or how readily they take up your ideas. However, if you feel you are not being heard or taken seriously, especially in your intimate relationships, this line-up could bring a shake-up of the status quo.

You may need more freedom to express yourself now and this goes hand-in-hand with the desire to be taken seriously – or get serious when it comes to relationships. Do you feel it is time to take something to the next level? Are you being ‘heard’ by the person you are in a relationship with? Use this energy to go deep and articulate your feelings. Bottling them up will only result in frustration or worse, you suddenly feeling inexplicably low and depressed. In fact, if this is where you find yourself this week, look at what you are not saying or feel unable to as chances are, the problem lies in that and not anything external. Venus trines Saturn on the 7th from your break-free 9th and you could now feel a burden has been dropped. Perhaps this is just you learning not to resist change and looking at the cause of any frustrations – rather than the symptoms.

In a nutshell: Your magnetism draws people to you like moths to a flame. But when it comes to love you want to be taken seriously now. Only serious contenders need apply this week!


  • Look to the future
  • Accept change is for the better
  • Life has a beautiful – and grand,  design for you

Ruler Venus has changes in mind for you Libra and is pushing you towards them. These could well be taking place around your home, lifestyle or even your career now. Expect all areas that link to your long term security to be impacted upon as one decision you make in one area has a ripple effect into others. But with Venus you know there’s always a beautiful design fueling this. It is not change just for changes sake. But change to sustain you.

Moving or relocating could form part of this transformation for many of you especially as Mars meets Saturn in your 4th this week. The same day that Vesta, ruler of the pristine and yes, your hearth and the flame that burns there, also arrives in your 4th. Create a home base or a lifestyle to support you. It’s all about making decisions in the moment but with an eye on the long term – and all the implications. For all of us this week, there is an undercurrent happening where no matter what area of our lives is subject to change and no matter how random or sudden it may seem for some of us, deep down we have all known on a soul level the changes were coming or had to be done. For you dear Libra, I am not seeing it is so much sudden, but that you have known for some time it was needed or had been given notice is would happen. This week therefore is all about embracing it or setting the wheels in motion.

Some of you may literally be packing up while others look to changes that impact on your career and involve at least one other person. Venus makes a fabulous trine to Saturn in your 4th indicating this is not just about a move or change but something long lasting for you. Think ahead to 2020 and beyond and where you see yourself then and base your decisions around this. That’s why this week’s changes could be wide – and long lasting for you, Libra.

In a nutshell: There’s a grand design behind any changes happening right now, Libra. They could be wide-reaching. But one thing is certain – they’re in your best interests.


  • Don’t just talk it – bring it!
  • Love, work and play at both
  • Do your research

Push through your ideas and take charge this week, Scorpio. You’re able to impress others with your energy, your mental acumen and also your ability to move forward and act on your ideas. Mars your ancient ruler is in your 3rd and along with Saturn this week endows you with a confidence and can-do authority that others just have to take seriously. You are certainly not just talking a good game now, you are bringing it.  Interviews, business meetings, pitches and presentations should go well as Mars is all about taking action while Saturn gives you the ability to get people to take you seriously. Mercury who rules this sector of your chart remains retrograde in his other ruling house your 6th. This is the house of details so please, check and triple check your facts before proceeding. Mercury will square both Mars and Saturn this week but again, this is from one Mercury house to another. You can present a compelling case when taking care of business now.

Venus in Venus’s ruling sign in your chart you enjoying yourself with at least one other person. For singles, this is one of those transits that can mark the start of a new love affair or see and existing one deepen. Love talk could get serious as Venus trines Saturn as some of you could be making plans for the future. It’s time to recapture the magic if you are already in a relationship. Venus is all about pleasure so time to kick up your heels and have fun with your partner or alternatively stay in and smolder!  Whether it’s talk about business or love this week, you have the imagination to start the conversation and the desire to follow those words with action.

In a nutshell: Whether it’s work, love or play, you don’t just talk a good game, you bring it this week, Scorpio. Follow those desires and turn words into passionate action!


  • Keep the past where it belongs
  • Put what you have learned into practice
  • Love and money reflect your values

Time to ensure that the past is not intruding on the present when it comes to love and money, Sag. Or that you’ve learned your lessons from the past and that you are ready to put these into action across one or even both areas. The fact is, until we learn from our past, we keep repeating it. That’s why there’s the saying ‘The truth will set you free’. It’s about more than just having a clean conscience. It’s about accepting the truth of our past actions and being set free then to create a future where we step free of an old cycle with better results to follow. So, when it comes to love – and sex, and money – what is it you have learned? Mars and Saturn meet in your money zone this week prompting a new game plan when it comes to your assets. That’s money and love. Vesta’s arrival in this house this week reminds you that you have the power to not be owned by either but instead see them as a reflection of your own values. If your values shift, so do your relationships and this is one big indicator that you’ve learned from past experiences – and moved on.

Venus is the ruler of this house and is presently in your 6th – your house of work and routines. Venus in here brings about an excellent period of financial dealings and anything to do with job seeking. This is a Mercury ruled house so communication is all important now. Just ensure when it comes to work you keep your conversation to work matters as Venus can make us a trifle indiscreet. Venus trines Saturn on the 7th offering you an opportunity to boost both your income and your reputation and separate past from your future once and for all. Talk up a change for yourself this week.

In a nutshell: What have you learned about love and money? They are two sides of the same coin. This week put that knowledge into action and you’ll bank the results, Sag!


  • Second chances or fresh starts appear
  • Life is not a competition
  • Play by your own rules

Usually it is only around your birthday that your 1st house is this busy, Capricorn. But April offers something special for you. With so many planets and influential asteroids in your sign think of this as a second birthday – or opportunity to begin a new cycle if you didn’t get it right first time. It’s not often we see a line-up like this. Vesta arrives in your 1st now and you could find your competitive streak being stirred. Mars meets your ruler Saturn in here and if you feel you are having to compete for anything from someone’s attention to a promotion, perhaps it is time to step back and ask why? Especially if you are being made to feel you are not good enough as you are or measure up to others. There could be a subtle powerplay involved here that may not be obvious at first but you may suddenly become aware of. At which point it may be you who changes the rules of the game.

Determining your own rules, playing by them and shaping the course of your future in the process, is your gift this week. It’s a lot like the new beginning that occurs at the time of our solar return, when we experience a sense of optimism and possibility. You have Black Moon Lilith also is your 1st now and in mythology this was one woman unafraid to create her own destiny and be upfront about her desires.  The fact she might not be good enough or compared to others never occurred to her. We can say self-esteem was never Lilith’s problem. A very dull, controlling husband who thought he was the only man on earth was however. Claim your new beginning this week as Venus in your pleasure and romance sector angles to your ruler. Competition results when people come from lack – either believing there isn’t enough to go around or feeling lacking in themselves. Know you’ve more than enough for anyone – or anything this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: This week is like a second birthday line-up, it’s so laden with potential. Claim a new beginning. And a second chance at something now, Capricorn!


  • Be you, no apologies necessary
  • What’s in your vault?
  • When it comes to character analysis – use your intuition

It’s a high fidelity week for you, Aquarius! Time for authenticity, transparency and a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach to business and in your personal life. It’s not that your life has to be an open book. In fact, at the moment you need to choose who you confide in carefully. There is a big difference between choosing to keep things to yourself and acting with deception however. People may confide in your and if so, please ensure whatever they tell you remains in your vault. You’ve a massive line-up of planets in your psychic and intuitive 12th house now. Vesta arrives in here this week plus you have a major conjunction between Mars and Saturn as well as Pluto and Lilith the Black Moon in here. This is your house of secrets – the secrets you keep and also those kept from you. Your energy is at a peak and you can channel this into your ideas or work skills. This is the point where practice can pay off with perfection.

Your psychic and intuitive abilities are also operating at high frequency. So, please pay close attention to what they are telling you. Especially when it comes to business or financial matters. Mercury is retrograde still and if signing any contracts or documents, please read the small print carefully. With any other matters, check the facts and get it in writing. If you feel something is ‘off’ then it probably is. This week could call on your to preserve your own integrity – even if others around you have lost theirs.

In a nutshell: Don’t let secrets leave the vault this week and be careful who you confide in. Your intuition is telling you who is trustworthy and who isn’t. Listen to it, Aquarius.


  • Be part of something that lets you be who you are
  • Who you are with says a lot about you
  • Deep and lasting connections can be made

Time to express your individuality and also your independence. You want to be part of something but on your terms and with people who set your imagination on fire! You’ve got so much to give to friends, groups or an organisation now – provided it’s the right one of course. If it is, you will invest your time, friendship, talents or just your incredible imagination and love, selflessly and passionately. Are you with the right people where you feel generous enough to do this and above all, free to be yourself? Mars meeting Saturn in your 11th could bring about an important and lasting friendship or connection or else see you moving on from one. Vesta now in this sector of your chart may be making you more selective about your social life and the company you keep.

That lasting and important connection I mentioned could be one that has the potential to evolve into more than ‘just good friends’. Venus in your 3rd angling to Saturn adds some romantic undertones as well as a touch of destiny involved. Saturn rules karma as well as time. Because of this, there may be an age gap between you of at least seven years or more either way. So, older or younger but love doesn’t see age only the state of hearts. If this is the time for love and if that older or younger lover doesn’t care about numbers then neither should you now.

In a nutshell: A new and possibly destiny-driven connection could be made this week. It could be a friendship. Or evolve into so much more, Pisces.

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