Star sign superheroes!

Superman could fly faster than a speeding bullet but was brought to his knees by Kryptonite.  In the same way, each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is born with a superpower – and an Achilles heel.  Our journey in this life is to use the superpowers we have been born with and learn how to work through our own personal challenges.  But what are the superpowers of each sign of the Zodiac? And what are the challenges each must overcome?

Fearless Aries

Aries’ superpower is fearlessness.  An Aries will happily hurl themselves head first into any kind of danger.  As a result, if you’ve got one fighting your cause it can seem like you have your own personal Knight in Shining Armour on call.  The Aries challenge, however, is to see things through as otherwise they can be big pyrotechnic starts and no finish.

The unstoppable Taurus

If you need a superhero who can pick themselves up again and again and determinedly work towards a finish against all the odds, through enormous obstacles and even if it takes years, then call a Taurean.  These people don’t know the meaning of the word defeat.  Funnily enough, an element of their superpower is also their Achilles heel, as they can tend to hold on to things for longer than is good for them.

Geronimo, Gemini!

When it comes to mental agility, look no further than a Gemini.  Geminis can think faster than a speeding bullet.  Their Kryptonite arrives in the form of boredom.  It will make them fall to the ground faster than a lump of green rock from a distant planet and Geminis need to learn how to maintain their focus when the initial excitement has passed.

Caring Cancerians

Sensitive Cancerians are fabulous at nurturing and have wonderful people skills.  Not necessarily the most highly rated of superpowers, but the world wouldn’t work without it.  And in a cunning plot twist, the deadly weapon that can take them out is their own lack of self confidence.

Leos – Lords and Ladies of the Universe!

In contrast, lordly Leos know that they have been blessed with the love and abundance of the universe.  Again, that might seem like a strange superpower to have, but no one can do anything without self belief.  Their life challenge is to learn compassion so that they can share their world with others.

Viva Virgos!

Virgos have a strange superpower.  They are more likely than any other sign to attract wealth and hang on to it.  Their weakness is perfectionism.  In a world where everything has to be perfect, nothing can be right, and so even if they activate their superpower and become successful and wealthy, they can’t enjoy it unless they overcome their challenge.

Librans – A touch of glamour

Librans arrive packing charisma.  There are Librans who have never carried their own luggage or opened a door for themselves in their entire lives.  Because they can see all sides to all things, however, they can be slowed down by indecisiveness. A villain wanting to stop a Libran in their tracks need only ask for their help in making a choice.

X rated Scorpios

Scorpios have been gifted with X-Ray vision, meaning that they can see right through people and situations in a flash.  Any villain wanting to defeat a Scorpio can do so from a safe distance if they are smart enough, however. Scorpios are fascinated with the underworld and death and are quite capable of self destruct with the minimum of push from the outside.

Lucky Sagittarius!

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansiveness and good fortune.  Their entire lives can look like the plot of a blockbuster adventure film as, no matter how much trouble they get themselves into, they are usually bailed out at the last moment by a swoop of amazing luck that leaves the audience gasping. Their weakness is their bluntness.  Their outspoken nature means that they suffer from foot in mouth disease and can easily alienate allies with the wrong thing said at the wrong time.

Capering Capricorns, Batman!

Like Taureans, Capricorns can keep going long after everyone else has given up, but the difference is Capricorn’s head for heights.  They can and do goat-foot their way onwards and upwards through life and are totally comfortable at the top of the mountain.  Their weakness is that they can be a total control freak.

Aquarius – rulers of the new order!

Aquarians are the great visionaries of the zodiac and, as they are also humanitarians, any utopia they could create would involve equality for all. Like Geminis, however, they are terrified of boredom and can’t bear to feel confined.  They must overcome the paradox of being a slave to freedom to make the most of their superpowers.

Peace keeping Pisces

Like Cancerians, Pisceans are blessed with huge sensitivity, but their special genius comes in the form of their psychic ability, creativity and intuition.  They absolutely hate anything loud, brash and crude and could be sent recoiling across the universe by the foul manner of a villain before they’d even done anything.  Because they are so sensitive, and because elements of the world can be too harsh for them, they can seek escape through addictions that numb them.  A well placed potion that promises an escape from harsh reality could take a Piscean out of the action, if they haven’t overcome their own personal challenge.

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