September 2020 Astrology Forecast

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September Astrology Forecast for all Signs September 2020 – Go Slow


Who put the fire out?

Watch and wait – don’t rush

Go for the slow burn, Aries!

Who turned down the heat?! This month could see you looking at where your va-va-voom has vanished to. Did someone steal your mojo? Since your ruler Mars arrived in your sign in June you’ve been hot, hot, hot – and in hot pursuit. Fearless and unafraid, you’ve not hesitated in going after what you want.

So, when Mars stations and then turns backwards in your 1st on the 9th, it’s not that the heat is no longer on. It’s simply it’s switched from searing to slow burn. You still own that confident fiery assertiveness, but you are choosing to express it in a slower, more scorching form.

First, the full Moon in your 12th on the 2nd, puts you in the right frame of mind to go for the slow burn or take a less direct route towards your desires. It’s also about connecting you to a bigger picture. Because Mars in your 1st is all about you, your passions, assertiveness and confidence. But Mars retrograde allows you to see things from the perspective of others.

Just think of this full Moon as giving you a deeper perspective. Your dreams may be especially lucid but one word of warning – don’t take them literally. Dreams are always symbolic. It’s up to us to look beyond the obvious interpretation. Secrets or deep insights may come to light. But this Moon connects you with the bigger picture. You will see you don’t always have to act in the moment but wait. That’s the key to understanding your Mars retrograde.

It’s been years – literally years, since your ruler made a retro-pass in your sign. Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. And the last one was 2018. But the last time Mars went backwards in your 1st? 32 years! So, we can say for many Aries, this is the first experience as adults of this and perhaps the first experience of this in their entire lifetime. That’s why it may feel like you’ve been unplugged from that current of confidence and assertiveness you’ve come to take for granted!

Bear in mind like all retrogrades, it’s an illusion. No planet goes backwards. It’s brought about from our earthly perspective in order for us to experience another kind of planetary energy. So, what’s your Mars Retro Playbook? First – don’t push. It won’t get you anywhere. Going in full throttle has worked up until now. Especially with Chiron in your 1st allowing you to see what you can get away with. However, you now need a different tactic. Do what you can – then let go and sit back.

What’s your rush?

Above all, wait. Don’t make major decisions and avoid impulsiveness. What (or who) you’ve been hot for could now leave you cold. This especially applies to relationships. You have Mercury in your partnership zone from the 5th and Venus in your house of attraction and romance on the 6th. Talk, lighten up, party (within guidelines) and play. A conversation is your best course of action now.

If those feelings of frustration or major mehs involve another, be aware that both of you may be taking things way too personally now. You might want to read their forecast to see how retro Mars is affecting them. Again, use that Mercury in your balancing 7th to talk honestly and don’t get defensive. Be open to the other party’s point of view. This is where retro Mars can take you from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Hold on, help is on its way!

Mercury’s opposition to Chiron in your 1st on the 11th could see you suggesting a radical solution to smooth over any disagreements. Jupiter, bringer of solutions shifts into forward gear again on the 13th – the same day as Venus also makes a wonderful angle to Chiron from your 5th. Also, that person you never thought to hear from again? Never say never.

This month’s new Moon is in your 6th on the 17th. It’s a secret hidden supermoon. Unlike full Supermoon which light up the sky like lanterns, a new supermoon appears by stealth. We may be unaware it is happening. Unless we read our astrology forecast of course! So, think bigger potentials for new beginnings than usual. And as this one will trine Saturn in its ruling 10th, think something long term. So, whatever you begin now you will stick to. That lasting slow burn effect is now working in your favour!

As this superpowered Moon is in your 6th don’t be surprised if looking at your health, wellbeing, diet and exercise regimens now become top priority. Feeling good, working smarter – all come under the rulership of this house and new moon. Any changes you initiate now you are likely to stick with. Eating better, healthier, greener. Exercising and being outdoors – all these are also antidotes for the Mars retro mehs if you are still experiencing them.

Feeling good about yourself always has that knock-on effect when it comes to feeling good in our relationships. So, think of any changes you make as getting you fit for love. The Sun in your 7th from the 22nd always brings a period where partnerships – past, present and those simmering with potential, get put into the spotlight.

So, again, if not much is happening (yet) with your love life – think of things as coming slowly to the boil. Here’s the downside to Mars wildfire love. It can burn out just as fast as it ignites. So, again, go for the slow burn and if you have just started to see someone – don’t write them off too quickly.

You’ll be open to listening as Mercury opposes your ruler on the 24th. You’re in a conciliatory mood and looking to compromise. Or come up with a solution that keeps everyone happy. This also applies to business – and to anything you share with others – especially over the long term. Mercury’s arrival in your 8th on the 27th along with Juno in here from the 21st favours long term agreements.

This can be between you and your love partner, your employer, the bank and could involve anything from your salary to who does the dishes. No matter what this is, you are intent on finding a solution. Especially around the end of the month when Mercury and Juno meet. This is a fabulous date on which to enter an agreement or sign important documents or contracts.

Burn baby, burn!

Despite the retro Mars fizzle, the month could end on an unexpected heart-starter as Venus still in your 5th of attraction action trines Mars on the 28th and the Sun opposes Chiron in your 1st on the 30th. Unexpected developments and potentials around love, children and what makes your heat beat faster show you that the heat is back on Aries. And now you know it never went away.

In a nutshell: It’s been 32 years since your ruler Mars went backwards in your sign. You may feel unplugged from your trademark confidence and passion. But it’s still there, Aries. Go for the slow burn this September!



You can’t deny those dreams any longer!

Own your path

Make self-care and love your priority

You crave routine, Taurus and seek harmony and stability in everything you do. That is because your sign is rule by Venus which always wants balance – and love to rule.

However, it’s all too easy for that routine to become a rut. Without us even realising it. This month will allow you to see clearly where and how that has happened. And also hand you the solutions to dig yourself out of it.

It all begins as the start of the month when the Sun in your 5th angles to Uranus in your 1st and ruler Venus in your 3rd opposes Saturn in your 9th. Saturn’s rings represent restrictions. Your 5th is about love, pleasure and the lightness of self-expression. Uranus wants to break us free when we stop evolving and begin to stagnate. You may be reminded of what you are missing now.

This happens the day before the full Moon in your 11th. There’s a whole world of experience and connectivity happening out there, Taurus. You will either feel part of it or else as if everyone else hot invited to a party – except you. It’s not about actual non-socially distanced mingling. Just about reflecting on where you now fit in. With your social circle or the world in general. Are you feeling left behind in some way? Or that you inadvertently got side tracked somewhere along the way?

Opportunities to get yourself back on track are there. But you will need to reach for them, Taurus. The 5th sees Mercury enter its ruling 6th and this is all about your routine and whether it supports your wellbeing. The 6th sees ruler Venus arrive in your 4th. You will either be looking at your home, domestic set-up, living arrangements, family etc with a sense of self-satisfied bliss. Or else be deeply dissatisfied with it.

Dreams come down to earth

The far-reaching Grand Earth Trine linking the Moon in your 1st with Jupiter in its ruling 9th and the Sun in your 5th offers a way to change things for the better. Especially if you now see you have fallen deeper in a rut than you previously realised.

Being one of the most down-to-earth signs out there, you tend to take a realistic approach to everything. But sometimes the solutions we are seeking can be found where we least expect them to be – within. Get back in touch with those deep inner needs and wants now. The ones you’ve been ignoring due to having to be practical and tend to those day to day responsibilities. It’s been 32 years since Mars last headed backwards in your 12th. So, we can say for many of you this will be the first time in your lifetime – or your adult life, that this has occurred.

From the 9th, think of this as handing you an Access All Soul Areas Pass to reconnect to those long -buried wants, needs, desires and dreams. With your ruler in your home sector right now, this combination tells you it’s time to go deep within your inner space.

How did you imagine your life would be? How does this compare to how things are? You can apply your talent for keeping it real here. And bring in an honest assessment of where you needed to let go or compromise. And where in all honesty, you should not have given up on the dream or vision you had for yourself.

Mars retrograde in your 12th allows you to look at this fearlessly without self-blame or recrimination. And then come up with a plan to put things right. Stepping free of habits that have contributed to that rut is part of the process. As is looking at what you wanted (and got) from love. Again, if the reality has fallen short, you can now continue to work with your inner guides to come up with a plan to put it right.

While Mars remains retrograde, it is more a time for this kind of reflection than action. This is also the house of the past. Old, unresolved issues can resurface and if so, try to deal with them as they do and don’t ignore or dismiss them. The same goes for people who resurface from your past. One thing about a Mars retrograde in your 12th is to keep in mind this is NOT a time to begin again. If you are tempted to get re-involved chances are they will come back in for a short time and then disappear for good once Mars heads direct once more!

You will also want to get to the bottom of things. Especially if you feel someone is not being upfront or honest. And please, don’t get involved in anything clandestine now. It will have the unfortunate tendency to burst out of the closet at the most inopportune moment and leave you with a lot of explaining to do.

With Mercury in its ruling 6th and then the Sun in here from the 22nd, you’ll quickly be able to see how that routine (or rut), those responsibilities or giving up on the dreams that make well – you truly you, have on your overall wellbeing. Again, this is an invitation to look at how to make soul affirming changes.

Wait for your moment

Mars is all about action. But Mars retro especially in your 12th is all about strategy and feeling for when the moment is right. Letting your inner voice guide this. It’s not that you cannot take action. But it’s the right action at the right time.

Burst into a new cycle of attraction

What dare you do or try? Jupiter direct in its ruling 9th occurs the same day (13th) as ruler Venus trines Chiron in your 12th. Stop or start in the name of love. Or finally make that move you’ve been putting off.

All this looking at how you imagined things would be vs. the way things are, put you in the mood to take some much needed action, Taurus. And if so then the new Supermoon of the 17th is your first green light to do just that. This supermoon will trine retrograde Saturn in your 9th. If you have been wanting to expand, break free and go off in hot pursuit of the way you now see things need to be – this is your moment to set the wheels in motion.

Live it large

Especially if this is linked to personal freedom, big loves, the mass media, travel (possibly in the mind but real nonetheless), study, academia and the outdoors. Barriers between you and these kinds of experiences come tumbling down and solutions to situations that have held you back or blocked you could appear now. Love? Very much back on the agenda as is your creativity and ability to attract.

The Sun joins Mercury in its ruling 6th from the 22nd. Walk, don’t rush and pay attention to the details around the 24th when Mercury will oppose Mars as mistakes and accidents could occur. Watch for snappy come-backs and snarky people. But don’t lose your cool.

This is your house of health, routine, daily devotion and wellbeing. Are you devoting enough time to yourself? And what is the cost of any neglect? Ruler Venus trines Mars bringing changes to your work or on the home front on the 28th. Two days later, the Sun opposes Chiron also in your 12th. The changes you make, the dreams you reach for – you’ve needed to do this for a while, Taurus. No more delays. No hesitation. Reclaim the path and the passion this month.

In a nutshell: Mars retrograde in your 12th means secrets won’t stay that way, Taurus. This includes those dreams and goals you’ve kept on lockdown. Don’t hide them away – time to live them instead.



Lighten up

Feed that passion

Follow up on outrageous impulse!

Ruler Mercury is on the move on the 5th and heads into your 5th of the lightness of not taking things too seriously. The Sun is going to follow on the 22nd. Romance, flirtation, attraction, hobbies, short trips, good times, young people and yes, letting your inner child out to play, are going to feature.

Stop looking down the path not taken

First however, the full Moon in your 10th of reputation and ambition on the 2nd, may stir up feelings around what you have and haven’t achieved, Gemini. Remember, this is the house where the Moon is in its detriment – the house opposite to the one it rules. However, it is in the sign of Pisces so it is not quite as bad as if it were in Capricorn for instance. This is about working with your head and your heart. Of using intuition to guide you but apply it in a practical way. And not being too hard on yourself.

Finalise career and work matters if you can now. Put the finishing touches to those projects and get those important meetings and Zoom presentations out of the way. Be focussed and business-like and remember that old saying that there is no room for emotion in business. Of course, we know on a soul level there needs to be. But at this time and on a practical level, keep emotion out of it and take a ‘strictly business’ approach.

Your ability to stay centered and keep your cool is going to earn you brownie points from bosses, VIP’s and people in positions of influence. If you want to work it like a boss, this means putting that game face on. At least in public. Sure, that soft side is still there, Gemini. But the first week of September – it needs to stay home and have a duvet day. While you take care of business.

Your fun, easy going nature and the fact you’re interested in what people have to say mean that when it comes to who is the leader of your pack – you are happy to take the back seat on occasion.

Luckily for you, Venus moves into your 3rd from the 6th, adding zing to your ideas and allure to everything you say or put out there. This is the house which rules writing, books, getting around, business and the internet. All Gemini ruled stuff which you are comfortable with.

Venus in your 3rd can draw to you work and money making opportunities, enhance your personal presentations and if you are seeking a new boo, dust your on-line profile with extra special allure. So, work it. In fact, say something daringly outrageous around the 11th when ruler Mercury opposes Chiron in your 11th.

Say it anyway

This is your day for making the first move or starting that conversation. The 13th also has Jupiter heading direct in your 8th of shared money and assets (and sex!) and Venus trine Chiron. Is there a new way you can say something? Or a daring suggestion you can make? Let go of worries about what others may think (or outcomes) and try saying it anyway.

If someone suggests going somewhere new, your appetite for new experiences means you’re happy to try anything – once. And if it sounds like fun. Likewise, you’re open to other people’s points of view. However, Mars doing a 180 in your friendship zone, could flag up issues around one person calling the shots a little too often. If one particular friend has just jumped to mind, hold that thought and that focus.

Feed the fire and fan the flames

Unlike your ruler Mercury, Mars retrogrades only one every two years. Mars rules action, initiative, confidence and passion. So, when it heads backwards it may feel like these elements are missing. It’s been 32 years since Mars not turned retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries and your 11th. So, many of you will not have experienced the ‘pause’ button being pushed on your social life quite like this. Despite you normally working retro cycles like a boss.

Think of Mars as handing you a sorting hat. Which enables you to see which contacts and connections have that resonance – and that give and take and variety you love. And which ones may be out-grown. You want shared passions, causes and visions. Do you still have these?

Mars retro in here may make you uncharacteristically shy for once. Or not as talkative and extrovert as usual. You want to listen. But also, that doesn’t mean you are going to tolerate fools gladly either. Differences of opinion or closed-mindedness could determine the future of your friendships – or that one in particular I mentioned earlier.

This is also your house of goals and your future. You may also be holding these up and seeing if what you have been reaching for is still what you want. Don’t be afraid to set new goals now.

Are you a settled twin with a twin flame? No matter what house Mars is backwards in your partner’s chart setting a joint goal or the two of you getting involved in something bigger than ‘just the two of us’ keeps passion alive and results in new bonding experiences and even a new social circle or activity.

This is highly unusual Mars energy. Hence, looking at that resonance and relevance when it comes to who or even what you are involved with. We won’t experience this again until 2047! So, think of aligning with your group, people, cause, band, party, association, club or vision. Mars can ignite a revolution here with your social life. And what you want for yourself for the future.

Fire the vision to go the distance

You’re a visionary, an innovator and if it is part of your vision, an entrepreneur now. Just remember, this retro is all about consistent and sustained effort. Go the distance to get to your goals. This retro tells you there are no silver bullets, quick fixes or overnight success stories. But you have the resources to sustain you for the long haul.

Sustainability and new beginnings are what the new Supermoon in its ruling 4th on the 17th promise. Especially when it comes to home, living arrangements, lifestyle and what underpins your sense of security and belonging.

Unlike the full Moon earlier in the month, this Moon appears in its ruling house. It’s all about a healthier, more streamlined, pristine and beautiful living space. Or way of living. And to your dedication to achieving that. The promises you make to yourself, your family and those you live with are going to be long lasting now thanks to this new Moon being super-sized and trineing Saturn in your 8th.

Rearranging or re-allocating your space, domestic tasks, eating, exercising and your routine are also likely. These may be shared differently between you if you live with someone – be it a partner, a flatmate or a family member. You want a healthier lifestyle or home life. One that offers breathing space. In fact, yoga, meditation or any practice that focusses on your breath will be particularly beneficial now. As will doing anything that ‘lightens’ you up. From decluttering your living space to ditching bad habits or that weight!

What’s your eternal flame?

Getting back in touch with those goals, looking at who is really on your dream time, and tapping into where the flame keeps on burning – and for what or who, puts you in the best position to attract once the Sun arrives in your 5th on the 22nd. The 24th sees ruler Mercury oppose that retro Mars from here. News, meetings, invitations and friendships feature.

Don’t be surprised if hearing from someone from your past – especially that past flame, happens around the 28th when Venus in your 3rd trines retro Mars. This is also a great period of relaunches, revivals or simply trying a new approach when it comes to getting doors to open or those goals.

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron in your 11th could deliver a fresh spin on friendship. In other words, someone who defies the idea of what a friend could look like! Be open to stepping outside your usual circles or not letting your first impression get in the way. Others could just opt for a fresh take on that CV, dating profile or making the first move. This month asks you try a new opening line – to send smoulder to lava hot, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Mars retrograde in your 11th shows you the fire that never went out when it comes to your goals, wishes and dreams. Is it time to fan the flames anew? Reignite the fire, Gemini!



Grow that dream

Fuel up for the long haul

Believe in your dreams

This month’s full Moon appears at the start of September in your 9th. It is asking you where you believe your dreams can take you? You know, sometimes we need to travel in the realm of our imagination for a while. Especially when, as is the case right now, actual travel, especially the long- distance kind which this house rules, is not possible or limited. So, boldly go and explore. Perhaps via movies, books, documentaries, fantasy, science fiction or looking at what the great attractor could bring you.

Get ready to upgrade those dreams

Dream a bigger dream under this full Moon. Is there a subject which fascinates you and seems to call to you? This is a full Moon of the deep dive. Inner space as in your beliefs, thoughts and ideas may fascinate too. Psychology, self-help or what makes you tick and the world go round. You may be interested in other cultures and their beliefs. This is your house of study, academia, the law, the great outdoors and large animals. Especially horses. Anything appeal? However, avoid speculative ventures under this full Moon. (That lucky dip on the lotto is allowed however).

Mercury is on the move on the 5th heading into home territory for you. In other words, your 4th house. The Sun’s arrival in here from the 22nd puts home, family, property, emotional security and where you hang your hat and your heart is, very firmly in focus. Decisions and contracts related to this can be made and signed.

Venus leaves your 1st this month and on the 2nd, enters its ruling 2nd. As this is your money house there is an obvious connection here between income and your sense of security. What you need to meet your needs. It’s not just about money either. Venus in here is about attracting more to see your needs are being met. So, help, assistance, gifts and people who support you.

Try a new approach for a radically different result

Being able to put our needs into words, asking for what it is we need from someone be it on an emotional level or yes, even that job or piece of business, is a reflection of our self-worth. Which is again, all tied to our 2nd house. The aspect between Mercury and Chiron on the 11th is going to test how comfortable you feel about asking someone for something.

This is the same day as the Sun in your 3rd (which Mercury rules) opposes Neptune in your 9th. What this adds up to is a new solution or way out of an old problem – but which you create for yourself by trying something new. Listen to inspiration and intuition when it comes to this. Then – follow up on its advice for far-reaching results. If you dare!

Fuel up for success

Mars retrogrades this month in fellow cardinal sign of Aries which of course, Mars rules. Although Mars heads backwards approximately every two years, it’s been 32 years since it last did a major retrograde in this sector of your chart. So, to say we are all unprepared is most likely an understatement.

This is your 10th house of ambition, career, achievement, reputation and status. It’s a ‘public’ house where you are on show. Mars will make what is known as a ‘station’ – appear to stand still in the sky at 28 degrees of Aries before moving backwards on Sept 9. It will then station again at 15 degrees of Aries on Nov 13 before moving forward again.

Depending on where your Sun and other Cancer planets are in your birthchart, you will have already worked out that at some point during this retro-cycle, Mars will square your Cancer factors. This makes this retrograde very important for you. And you need to guard your public image and reputation and be aware of this at all times. And also be ready and fearless is asked to step up into new responsibilities or a more prominent position if this is offered to you.

Be a power couple

Your 10th house also rules your partner’s status as well as how high you can climb. So, one aspect of Mars’s retrocycle in here could be you supporting your partner’s ambitions. As far as your own go, this is about the long haul. Using what you have already achieved and gearing up for the next level.

You will also be seeking support for what it is you want to achieve now from your partner if you have one. And during this time if you are single, someone who is willing to do just that will be high on your wishlist. Lucky for you, Jupiter planet of solutions and opportunities heads direct in your 7th from the 13th. The same day that Venus in your 2nd trines Chiron in your 10th. Time to up both your expectations – and your game, Cancer.

But on a public/professional level, and I cannot emphasise this enough – if you are dealing with people in positions of authority, influence, gatekeepers or anyone who represents what the 60’s generation referred to as ‘the man’, bring your best game. Be seen as someone to be taken seriously but who also seeks cooperation. Do not get into conflicts or arguments as all that will result is you being blocked at every turn.

Create that support structure

We won’t experience another retro Mars transit quite like this until 2047! By which time Pluto will have left your 7th house and your opposite sign of Capricorn. Another cardinal sign. So, expect this to impact on your partner if you have one, your spouse and any long term relationship whether this is a working one or a friendship. One of our astrologers can go into the ‘It affects two’ aspects this may bring up for you.

Because you will be needing your partner’s support more than usual when it comes to what you want to do or achieve, you will also be aware of any shortfalls in this area. Please tackle these feelings as they arise rather than allow resentment or hurt feelings to fester away. Mars likes a direct approach. So, if you need more support or someone’s help now – ask for it. Don’t assume they should automatically know!

Know what you want and where you are going, Cancer. And above all, how to communicate this. We have not just any ordinary new Moon but a Super-sized new Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. Unlike full Supermoons, new supermoon tend to pass unnoticed unless an astrologer flags them up for us. You know new Moons are all about fresh starts and new beginnings in a key area. Super New Moons bring maximum potential to the table.

This one is all about getting serious about what you want. And reaching for the ability to convey this. It’s about your message and you, the messenger. This new Moon aspects Saturn and because of this, it’s time to look at how you sell yourself and how you come across.

Have your words worth

So, link this to those themes we already discussed: career, financial security, solid values and what you want for the long term. This isn’t about instant gratification. But investing in your future. If you focus on this, you are going to be amazed at how easily you begin to make real headway towards long term goals. And impress others at the same time.

The Sun’s arrival in your 4th from the 22nd could see you ready to kick bask and reward yourself for what you’ve achieved so far this month. You’ve earned that down-time if things have been full on up until now. But the month’s not over yet! Mercury in here opposes Mars on the 24th which could bring news which cements of validates all you have been working towards so far.

Mercury is set to move off into your 5th on the 27th. This hands you the gift of the gab or simply the flirt factor and the ability to weave a little fit of fabulizing fantasy with your ideas or anything you say. If you are single, this transit should deliver at least one opportunity to try those cute one-liners out for size.

The Venus/Mars trine of the 28th tells you not to censor yourself. It comes just two days before the Sun in your 4th opposes Chiron in your 10th. This is about your self-imposed limits. And speaking out despite them. But simply now being unwilling to play by that worn out rule book that has told you that ‘good’ girls and boys don’t do things a certain way.

Provided you do it with confidence, and with an added pinch of passion and an extra dash of love, there may be no limits to what you may be able to get away with – or convince someone of. So be both the message – and the messenger this September. A little confidence and self-belief goes a very long way now.

In a nutshell: Reach deep inside and access those untapped reserves of confidence and self-belief, Cancer. Who told you ‘good’ girls and boys only do things a certain way? Take a chance – walk on the wild side this September!



Be the change you want to see in your life

Authenticity is your superpower

Show the world you’re the real deal on love!

What’s the change around love you want to bring in, Leo? With a full Moon in your passion sector on the 2nd, and Venus in your sign from the 6th, it’s time to look seriously at what you get from love, your expectations, what you share and the love that is shared with you in turn. What September is telling you is that you may be craving something a little edgy, a little more exciting and with a touch of magnetism and sexiness.

Attraction IS the change you’re seeking

Venus in our 1st amps up our ability to attract. If we feel the part. The Moon in your 8th is all about our desires. And understanding that while we may want something, it can also push our buttons too. Are you prepared to let yourself have the experience? Whether deep down inside you fear it or not?

One example of this would be being handed our dream job or promotion. But deep down we harbour impostor syndrome. So instead of knowing we are the right stuff, we sit there waiting for ourselves to *@&! up. And if we don’t, we then find a reason to quit anyway. Too much pressure, no longer enjoying the job – there’s no limit to the excuses we can come up with. We won’t allow ourselves to fail but we ensure we won’t succeed either.

Another example would be we want a relationship. But may have legitimate worries about ‘losing’ ourselves in it. But we don’t give that prospective partner a chance to show us how to be ‘me’ and ‘we’. We push them away.

At the time of this full Moon go deep into any hidden patterns you have around these kinds of fears. Because September offers you a release from them – and possibly for good. It’s going to take courage and also self-control. But you have reserves of both now that an ultra-rare Mars retrograde takes place this month and in your 9th of expansion, travel, learning and opportunity.

Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. But it has not gone backwards in its ruling sign of Aries and your 9th for 32 years! It won’t do this again until 2067. So, we can say for many of us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And let’s face it – we’ve been getting a lot of those lately!

The need for speed

Mars in your 9th is all about fiery passion and the need for a bigger experience. This is your house of long-distance travel. But we can say right now many of us have had our wings clipped. But it is also about new ways to experience the world. And also learning. Mars in here awakens your inner explorer. It asks you to push through barriers and boundaries. Real and self-imposed. But it can begin to feel frustrated when it does not find an outlet. So, experiencing the world and channelling this unique Mars energy may come about via being in the part of the world where you find yourself right now.

Sport, exercise and other kinds of outdoor activities are favoured with Mars in here as your 9th rules this. Mars is about competition and sometimes just competing with ourselves and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is one way to ‘blow off’ Mars energy. So, as Mars rules your 8th where this full Moon appeared, look at ways to push past barriers. And reach for a new sense of empowerment and yes, sexiness!

Other great uses of this energy? Looking to return to education – even on-line. Expect to encounter people who embody your wild side. They may be potential lovers. Or just spirit animals in human form. Individuals who walk their own path to the beat of their own drum. Wildly and unconventionally sexy (okay, that one’s a lover!), well-travelled and above all, confident. One way or another someone like this has arrived to open your eyes, mind and horizons. They represent a part of you that has been dormant. Expect it to be awakened during this Mars retro cycle.

Don’t fence me in!

Love? It needs to be that bigger but freeing kind of experience. One word of warning, Leo. You simply will not ‘do’ clingy or needy now. You’re likely to rebel or distance yourself if your boo gets too demanding. Love needs space during this Mars cycle. Just know how to ask for this without hurting anyone’s feelings. Perhaps a joint adventure which expands both your worlds? In the bedroom or out of it!

The 17th brings us a new Supermoon in your 2nd – which of course, Venus rules. It ushers in a new seriousness about your money, self-worth and values as it will trine retro Saturn in your 6th of work and wellness. Saturn rules structure, commitment and sustained efforts. It is not about quick fixes. Changes to how you earn your money, what you do with it and what you are and aren’t prepared to ‘sell out’ for, put you on a new path towards feeling good about yourself.

Time will play an important role with your decisions around work and income now. In other words, putting a ‘value’ on what your time is worth. This isn’t just about setting a price or an hourly rate for your talents and skills. Although this may play a role. The time factor includes your precious time. Who or what you invest it in. Questions around say that work/life balance. Is this worth it may be the big question for you. If so, you’ll receive answers. Consider these insights you can bank on.

Ruler the Sun is on the move on the 22nd and joins Mercury in its ruling 3rd. That change you seek is now fuelled by your ideas, what you write, say, communicate and yes, the internet. Don’t just talk however, follow through. Put it out there. The more ground breaking and outside the box your ideas or what you have to say, the better. The key is you believe in them. You’ll be able to spot a fake or someone who simply is just talk miles off now.

The deal on realness

Your ability to be your genuine, radiant self is what sells you or your message in now. So, whether it is that new job or new lover you’re seeking – simply come from realness. Authenticity is something we all recognise on a deep, soul level. If you are coming from this place, the 24th could show you jus how far that authentic you can go as Mercury opposes retro Mars in your 9th.

There could be a new deal on the table between you and someone else as Ceres re-enters your 7th on the 27th. The same day as Mercury lands in your 4th pointing to enhanced security and emotional satisfaction. All brought about by what you mean or set in motion.

Venus in your sign trines Mars on the 28th while the last day of the month sees your ruler oppose Chiron also in your 9th. Make that move and/or go with that outrageously authentic thought process. Think of what you have to say or your ideas as Cupid’s arrows aiming for hearts and minds, Leo. Mean it and be right on target now.

In a nutshell: Say what you mean and from that heart-centered place that reflects the real you, Leo. The result could be winning hearts and minds around you. Show the world you’re the real deal this month.



Know what you want to achieve

You can’t – and shouldn’t – hurry love

Is it time to say yes the second time around?

The full Moon in your 7th this month on the 2nd says ‘Backatcha’. Someone is acting as a mirror for you. This could be your partner, someone from your past thanks to Venus’s arrival in your 12th on the 6th. Or someone who reflects your inner thoughts about yourself.

Who is your mirror?

This may not be a romantic partner. It could be a close friend, work connection, business or activity partner. Or yes, that frenemy, rival or opponent. But what they are showing you is an aspect of yourself. So, think of how you can relate to yourself better. And in doing so, improve your relationships all round. Think of everyone you encounter at this full Moon as a facet of you. Your ability to love others and attract love is in direct proportion to the love you show yourself. You are known as the sign of devotion, Virgo. And the relationship you have with yourself is the only one guaranteed to last a lifetime. So, don’t you deserve everything you have to offer?!

If at this time of this full Moon you find yourself saying ‘I can’t stand the way s/he . . . ‘ then look at why they are triggering such extreme reactions. And if you think you see some aspect of yourself in them or their actions, send both of you some acceptance. Note, I did not say love. If someone is on your case all the time, you don’t have to love them. Acceptance however says ‘You are where you are, I am in charge of how I react to you. I release us both.’. That’s powerful stuff.

This goes hand-in-hand with setting some boundaries this September, Virgo. Not just for others but for yourself too. And once you have them in place – keep them there until November. Ruler Mercury is on the move. The 5th sees it leave your sign and enter your 2nd. Expect the talk to shift to finances, money matters and your income.

Cash comes down to earth

The 8th brings us a rare Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 1st, retro Jupiter in your 5th and the Moon in sensual Taurus – the sign of your cash. This could bring back an opportunity to shore up your finances or the bottom line. Make security your focus and come from a realistic place when it comes to money matters.

It’s time to feel empowered but not to take huge risks. Especially when it comes to your income and resources. It’s also time to look closely at any relationship or financial arrangement and see just who calls the shots. Sure, someone always has to be in charge. In fact, all human conflicts boil down to just two issues. ‘How much do you love me?’ and ‘Just who is in charge?’. Expect to encounter one or both these themes as Mars heads backwards in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart from the 9th.

If something is unfairly loaded in one person’s favour, then you could find yourself in a position to change the terms of the agreement between now and Mars moving direct again in November.

Unlike Mercury your ruler, Mars only retrogrades once every two years. But it’s been 32 years since it was last retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries and your 8th. So, for many of you this will be the first time you have experienced this energy. And we won’t see Mars retro again in here until 2047. So, for lots of us this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Mars rules confidence, assertion, power and passion. It’s about taking action. Retro in your 8th and it wants you to consider your actions but feel your power as you do so. This is your house of transformation and endings. Often problems or issues don’t really get resolved. Our energy shifts and takes us away from them. This could happen for you now.

Above all, know you are more powerful when it comes to directing your life, your money, your love life or T&C’s of any relationship or agreement than you have previously given yourself credit for. Mars will have you reclaiming your lost power if you have given it away.

What you share, loans, mortgages, your salary, joint accounts and assets could be reviewed now. Again, tap into reserves of confidence and don’t be afraid to state some terms of your own. This is a time where you need to understand that if someone says ‘No’ to you – they were never going to say yes. Now, this can apply to that promotion or raise or something you need from your partner.

Your role here is not to get angry or upset about it. But to take their response and use it to plan your next step.

This is your house of sex and relationships were sex is important. Spotify Sexual Healing and hum along. Be aware that someone could grow on you now. That slow burn could be well worth the wait.

You can’t hurry love

Look at this and also don’t rush into any new relationship as on the 11th ruler Mercury opposes Chiron and the Sun in your 1st opposes Neptune in your 7th. If you are settled, don’t be afraid to suggest something a little bit outrageous and inspired when it comes to something you share. Singles could be enchanted and enraptured by a love prospect who embodies something different. But take your time getting to know them before throwing your heart into the ring.

Love takes on a new form

Bold, beautiful new beginnings with lasting, long term promise are about to appear. But you need to ensure what is on offer is the real deal. First, we have Venus in your 12th trine Chiron on the 13th. Which is the same day you’ll feel a new openness coming in around love, creative ventures, pleasure and play as Jupiter moves forward in your 5th.

Next, go with the self-love as your extra special super-sized birthday new Moons appears in the 17th. And it’s a supermoon! The new Moon in our 1st is always the start of our fresh cycle no matter on what date our actual birthday falls. This tells you it’s time to begin something fresh. Thanks to this happening at the same time as the Mars retro you may be extra impatient for this to start.

If you want to make changes to your appearance, diet or exercise routine, now is the ideal time. Use your Virgo attention to detail to come up with a schedule or plan. Anything that enables you to commit or create a structure to work within. The changes you make are likely to be permanent ones thanks to this supermoon trineing Saturn in your 5th.

Look to the past at any opportunity you may have felt you should have pursued or taken up but didn’t. This new Moon is saying it may not be too late to try or begin again. This is highly creative energy but it is also linked to how you feel. Your physical energy and yes, that passion you need in order to go for it.

This Moon says it’s never too late but you need to prioritise. If you need energy to fuel your dreams, then you need to ensure it is not been drained or wasted. Look at where, what and who you direct your precious energy now. And conserve it for what really ignites your soul, Virgo.

The Sun joins ruler Mercury in your 2nd from the 22nd. You’ll be taking a more considered, organised approach to your money now and may re-negotiate something around the 24th when Mercury opposes retro Mars. Come from a place of surety now and know the outcome you want.

Mercury is about to move off into its ruling 3rd which it does on the 27th, putting weight and determination behind what you say. Yes, you are willing to compromise thanks to retro Ceres re-entering your 6th on the same day. But not if it means sacrificing your wellbeing in the process.

The 28th has a ‘coming around again’ flavour to it as Venus in your 12th trines that retro-active Mars. While the 30th has the Sun in your 2nd oppose Chiron. Something you thought done and dusted could return now. The difference is you and the fact your needs have changed. Sure, it (or they) could still fit the bill. Or you can find common ground.

But ensure it does fit with who you are now – not the way you were, Virgo. Because this month is all about knowing when to know something is right for you. And when to have the courage and empowerment to hold out for something better.

In a nutshell: There’s a re-birth happening now, Virgo. It could be deep within you like a phoenix waiting to rise. Or it could take the form of a new agreement between you and someone else this September.



Show yourself that love devotion

Re-set your passion

Happy birthday, Libra!

As Mercury enters your sign from the 5th and a full Moon shines on your routine, responsibilities and daily duties on the 2nd, we can’t not talk about your responsibility to yourself, Libra. Make wellness your priority and follow through on any insights your ‘gut’ is telling you around how to achieve this.

Get some daily devotion

Eating better, fresh air, exercise and support from what you do on an everyday level is what you need to focus on now. This full Moon may highlight something that has been allowed to go on for far too long – to your detriment. So, be empowered by what is shows you and make some changes. You will be amazed at how even the smallest adjustment leaves you feeling energised and more alive.

Share the love

Ruler Venus enters your 11th from the 6th. As we are now heading towards your birthday, it’s time to look at your goals. Which ones you attained during the past year. And what is still on that bucket list. Then there’s friends. Your ruler in here is about the love of friends rather than one particular person. And you’re about to experience love on slow burn now. So, between now and November at least, if one to one relationships get put on hold, focus on the love you share with that group, band, circle, network, club or association.

Why? Well, like your opposite sign of Aries, you are going to be one of the signs most affected by the Mars retrograde in Aries which begins September 9. It’s been 32 years since Mars last went backwards in here. So, despite the fact Mars retrogrades every two years, you will not have experienced one quite like this. And won’t again until 2047!

As this is your house of marriage and partnerships, this is going to affect a past, present or potential partner. Or even that frenemy, rival or opponent. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Just ensure it is the healthy kind however. Feeling you have to compete for someone’s love, time and attention – that’s the unhealthy kind.

Feeling left out of love can be a common experience during a Mars retro in our 7th. A bit like Aries, you may wonder where love has gone. You could feel on a different wavelength to your partner for instance even though you usually feel close. Keeping the passion burning may require more effort than usual.

Stop/start in the name of love!

Act don’t react is your best tactic for Mars retrograde. And if you are thinking about long term love decisions right now – anything from moving in to consciously un-coupling, then please, don’t rush. Take all the time you need. In fact, if anyone tries to pressure you into making a decision then this should be a red flag for you. And please, keep in mind, if something or someone looks to be too good to be true – it or they probably are.

If there is any kind of imbalance in your relationship – and here I am including close working relationships and friendships, Mars is about to hand you the way to restore that. For singles, the next six months could bring through an intriguing love possibility. But don’t expect it to be the fastest thing out of the starting gate.

Questions around the compromises you have to make in order to have the relationship you want or dream about, will form a big part of your ‘To do’ list. If we want a committed relationship, we will have to make them on some level. In other words, we can no longer expect to have things all our own way. So, looking at whether you have made too many, not enough, are ready to make them or not will preoccupy you. As could whether you will in a heartbeat, but not right now or only for someone ultra-special. Go with the truth of this Libra.

Spark to a flame

Reviving an old passion – eminently possible. Just don’t be in a hurry to jump straight back in, that’s all. Ensure you set the pace and have the respect you know you deserve whether it is from a returning, existing or potential partner, Libra. If not – you’re hot to trot to the next opportunity! Dates to watch are the 11th when Mercury in your 1st opposes Chiron also in your 7th. And the 13th which sees Venus trine Chiron. What you think impossible between you and another or a frankly improbable opportunity, could appear now as this is also the day Jupiter heads direct in your 4th.

You will have an intense feeling something big, something important is about to begin at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 17th. But you may not be sure of what this is. This new Moon is actually a supermoon. Your 12th is the house of all things hidden. It’s where potentials are born. We are usually unaware that a new Moon is a supermoon unless we are told. Because yes, it is hidden. So, its energy fits in with your secretive, intuitive 12th.

This new Moon also aligns to Saturn in your 4th – and the Moon’s ruling house. Home, family, those you live with, safety, security, feeling settled and roots are themes which will be triggered under this Moon/Saturn alignment. With your birthday around the corner, you may now be looking at how or where you want to be living. And wanting to establish that base for yourself.

Don’t be surprised if you go on a voluntary retreat now to the comfort of your home. Or simply want to spend time alone. You’ll be searching for insight as to what answers those needs within you. And yes, what this cycle is going to bring. For more insight, why not ask one of our gifted psychics as a birthday present to yourself?

Shine on!

The 22nd sees the Sun appear in your 1st house. The upcoming 12 months are going to see you enter the Now Age of Aquarius as both Saturn and Jupiter move into your 5th. Children, the next generation, your creative self-expression and yes, romance, will play a more prominent role than they ever have before. Only the most serious love will do now.

You are also going to see the difficult and restrictive cycle you have been experiencing around home and property issues, ease. Expect solutions to appear between now and December.

Before moving off into your 2nd on the 27th, Mercury in your 1st will opposes Mars in your 7th on the 24th. See this day as the start of an important discussion between you and someone else. And also, being the sign of partnerships, possibly provide you with an opportunity to revive an old one or begin a new one.

Ruler Venus in your 11th trines retro Mars on the 28th while the 30th has the Sun oppose Chiron also in your 7th. Your birthday present if you like could be being in the right place at the right time to make the right connection. Or simply that outcome in love you thought frankly impossible – ever. September sets you up for the Now Age of Love that’s coming for you next year. Enjoy your preview, Libra.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle promises an exciting preview of the Now Age you’re about to enter, Libra. It’s all about love, creativity and attraction. Ready? It’s a slow burn but so well worth the wait.



Go with intuition

Work your brand and image

Play with the Law of Attraction

Your annual soul declutter begins this September. That 4-6 week period before our birthday season starts where we go within and look at what we need to keep – and what we need to let go of. This starts from the 5th when Mercury arrives in your 12th. This also hands you a high-speed connection to intuition and insight. So, when you receive those messages – act on them.

Show the love

Before this – babies, children, the generation that is younger than you and lovers – past, present, potential, are highlighted by this month’s full Moon in your 5th on the 2nd. You may also feel an intense emotional desire to express yourself, to stand out and be noticed. Is there anything wrong with that, Scorpio?

Your creative talents will be demanding an outlet too. This is an excellent full Moon under which to bring any projects you are working on to completion. Or to launch that re-envisioned blog or Insta feed. Social distanced good times could also allow you to step free of any feelings of being overlooked, unappreciated or waiting in the wings. This Moon wants you to lighten up and offers a release into something more emotionally satisfying. If you have no lover but would like one, think about what makes you special and stand out. Now – work that!

Venus which rules both your love life and your bank account is also on the move this month. The 6th sees it land in your 10th of status and career. Venus in here enhances your professional and public image. It’s asking how you want to be perceived by people who count. Or you want to make your best impression on.

Work some fierce glamour!

This is a good time to look at how you ‘present’ yourself and your public (as in on line presence) persona. The term ‘classy’ comes to mind now. As does dressing for success. You are in an excellent position to make upgrades to your image. Go for timeless. This isn’t about looking like everyone else. But projecting that aura of someone to be taken seriously. Same goes for romance. You can make your best impression now.

So, think about whether that declutter I talked about earlier includes letting go of items in your wardrobe that no longer reflect the image you are trying to project. Look closely at how you can in fact, clothe yourself in an aura of glamour and allure – no matter what you are doing or trying to achieve. The 11th delivers a Sun opposition to Neptune in your house of creativity and being ‘front of house’ – your 5th. this is also your house of romance! The same day has Mercury trine Chiron. Is it time for a radical new approach. Or a new you for that matter?

Showing your fierceness but in a timeless way could be one result of Jupiter direct in your communication sector from the 13th. The day that Venus also trines Chiron in your 6th – which is where the main action is now centered for you.

Back to wellbeing

Both rulers ancient and modern will be retrograde this month now Mars heads backwards in your 6th from the 9th. It will remain this way until November. Pluto however will head direct next month.

Mars turns retrograde approximately once every two years. But it has been 32 years since Mars pulled a U-turn in its ruling sign of Aries and your 6th. And we won’t experience this again until 2047. So, add this transit to your list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Yes, we’ve had a few of them lately and they do seem to be involving your rulers, Scorpio!

In your 6th, we have to talk wellness. Mars can have us rushing. When we rush we can burn-out, make mistakes or else have accidents. This is our house of our day job and even if we are not in paid work, our chores, routines, responsibilities. If you have taken on too much, Mars retrograde may have you realising you are simply running on empty. Remember, Mars rules boundaries. This includes saying no if others expect superhuman efforts. Whether this is at work or home.

Go back over that routine, habits, ways of doing things and see how you can make these ore streamlined and supportive. Above all, do a declutter of everything from that stuff to those thoughts. We cannot talk about the 6th house of your chart without touching on the current health climate ‘out there’. Mars rules boundaries. As in – keep your distance. So, please adhere to all distancing guidelines at all times during this retrocycle. If your body needs a re-charge or re-boot, please listen to it. It may be difficult to unplug for a while but if you do, you are going to end up feeling so much better for it in the long term.

Be open to boundaries

Watch for narky, snarky people and encounters however. Especially around anything that involves your daily routine. Your neighbours, local area, co-workers or boss unless you are working from home and if someone is losing their cool, try to keep yours. If this is someone you have to deal with on a regular basis and this is a pattern, you may want to think about distancing from them – permanently. Again, this is all about Mars’s ability to set boundaries.

This is slow-burn Mars. So, if you are making changes to your diet, exercise, wellbeing or way of working you won’t expect results overnight but you will be committed to the long haul to get them. Just think of Mars as burning away anything you don’t need during this period. That includes the weight or the responsibilities you may be carrying around.

Having a plan, a schedule and a routine that works. Getting things organised and your act together body and soul, will be what you can emerge from this cycle with. Mars retro isn’t bad medicine. It’s good for you, Scorpio!

This month’s new Moon on the 17th is no ordinary new Moon. It comes with hidden superpowers as it is a new Supermoon. Just call it the Clark Kent of new Moons. There’s a steely new promise behind that mild-mannered sliver. This Moon appears in your 11th of friends, contacts, groups, clubs, bands, associations and anything that involves you and the collective.

This is also the house of your future. And when it comes to our goals, the fact is, nobody gets there alone. This new Moon aligns to Saturn in your 3rd. Influential friends, older friends or simply those with more life experience could feature. Or you could receive an introduction to someone noteworthy. Take it that anyone you meet now has the ability to impact on your future in an extremely positive way.

Existing friendships will be locked down for the long term. And coming together for a cause you share with others could also open doors to new people and experiences. The message? Accept all invitations or contacts now. People are the co-creators of our future. So be a future focussed friend.

The 22nd throws a searchlight into the nooks and crannies of your life. And further ignites that desire to reframe the past and to discard what no longer works or reflects who you are. This is also about cutting those fears and limitations down to size as the Sun arrives in here.

Take a deep dive into the law of attraction

Your 12th is of course your house of secrets and all things hidden. It’s also a house of manifestation but in a way that can be hard to grasp or understand. That’s because of the nature of your 12th. We have to take a deep dive in and let go of logic and let intuition and insight act as our compass. When the Sun is in our 12th we can attract what we have thought about either consciously or coconsciously, for a very long time. Especially if it pushes our buttons or helps us to spiritually evolve.

Watch what manifests or even returns around the last week of the month as a result of this. Mercury will oppose retro Mars on the 24th before arriving in your 1st on the 27th. The same day as retro Ceres hints at a new deal on offer as it backs into your 4th. The 28th has Venus in your 10th trine Mars while the 30th sees the Sun oppose Chiron – also in your 6th. So, this could see someone or something you have been focussing on one way or the other, reappear or manifest. The only question remaining being: does it (or they) support who I have become or am becoming?

Only you can answer that question, Scorpio. But one way or another, it is showing you how powerful you are. What you can imagine, you can bring into being. So imagine the very best now.

In a nutshell: Powerful aspects take you into a deep-dive, Scorpio. Explore how the Law of Attraction actually works. Hint: It’s linked to you prioritising your wellbeing and what truly works for you!



Release yourself back into the flow of abundance

Reclaim that big love

Assemble that dream team

Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your money zone from the 13th. Financial restrictions may start to ease. It’s been a tough few years for you, Sag. Perhaps stretching back to 2017. The good news? It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you’ve only a couple more months of it. Plus you could just end it on a high note!

Don’t ignore what you feel

This month’s full Moon on the 2nd is in its ruling 4th. Just remember no matter how intense your emotions may get now – feelings are not facts. Of course, they are real. But no matter how uncharacteristically vulnerable you may be feeling – along with the possibility that you want to run away, you may not be seeing things as they truly are. Simply distorted through the lens of your emotions.

You may feel you want to run away and hide. On that remote beach. In your blanket fort. If your gut is telling you it’s time to unplug and have a duvet day, then why not listen? This Moon will bring a lot to the surface. And it could be that you’ve been ignoring this. Now is the time to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Without trying to stuff those feelings down or dismiss them. If they are intense, it is because you have ignored them for far too long.

You have your feelings for a reason

So, if you need to, crack open a tub of Netflix n’ Chill and do just that. Above all, allow yourself to feel what you do feel. Without brushing it aside or dismissing it. It’s not that your feelings are not valid. Just that under this full Moon, you may over-react to them rather than express them appropriately. You feel what you feel for a very good reason. So sit with it and explore just what that is – and why.

The answers you get from this process may surprise and astound you. Understand they don’t have to make logical sense but despite this represent real wisdom you can use. Watch for solutions and ‘out there’ insights afterwards on the 11th when Mercury now you in your 11th opposes Chiron in your 5th. And the Sun in your 10th opposes Neptune also in your 4th.

If you need something – a hug, someone to listen – ask for it. Directly. Like all full Moons the energy of this one only lasts a couple of days. By which time you will be able to express those emotions in a way that supports you and is a true reflection of what you feel. But only if you allow yourself to feel them fully first.

Fall in love – all over again

Venus’s arrival in your 9th on the 6th is about those big dreams and loves which are simply a part of you. You could see an opportunity arise at the end of the month to reclaim one of these when Venus aligns to Mars in your 5th – which is where all the action is now centered.

Your children, babies, adult children, parenting, self-parenting, hot love, that potential lover or past or present partner and those activities at which you feel you shine are all being re-forged in the fires of transformation thanks to Mars retrograde in your 5th from the 9th.

Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. But it’s been 32 years since it last went backwards in your 5th and its ruling sign of Aries. So, we can say for many of us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as it won’t happen again until 2047!

This is your house of romance. Mars is of course the planet of passion and ah-hem – sex. So, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the attraction you have been feeling for someone may suddenly be missing. Or alternatively, flings get flung but then inexplicably fizzle out once Mars heads direct again.

Reigniting the fire however is entirely possible if things have cooled down lately. However, again be aware that if the flame cannot be re-ignited between you and that lover, Mars may simply want to clear the way for someone new. If you are seeking love now – go for the slow burn which Mars retro specialises in. Don’t rush things.

That past passion could also be fired up again in the form of a creative project, hobby or pastime. Mars retro asks you what areas has the heat been missing lately? Are you feeling passionate, sexy and alive? And if not, Mars will now have you doing something about it. This is your house of indulgences! So, if you are coupled up this could include date nights or surprising your boo with that sexy lingerie or some naughty role-play.

Seeing red

Single? This is your house of performing and being in the spotlight. So, spoiling yourself and looking the part could see your mojo restored. Is there a disconnect between how you look and feel with how you want to be? Mars sends you out to make this right.

And if you are undertaking any personal image renovations to feel good about yourself again, remember – Mars’s ruling colour is red. Why not try it? It doesn’t have to be an entire outfit. An accessory, lingerie, lipstick, tie or scarf can really pop your look, draw people’s attention to you and also boost your energy and your confidence. Try it and see!

Grab your mojo and go!

The more you focus on being who you know you can be – the lover, the creative magician or connecting to the bold, brave warrior child within, the more you will find you attract and life takes on a fun, flirty and more passionate feel to it. Mars rules boundaries. Usually the ones we need to put in place with others. But also the restrictions we may have placed on ourselves. Such as stopping ourselves from being just who we are. No more madness – Mars says if they don’t love you how you are – they aren’t worth bothering about. (Actually Mars would be far ruder about that but I’m not writing that here!).

Get ready for bold moves

Growing bolder? Mars begins its retrograde from 28 degrees of Aries and your 5th. It will head backwards until Nov 13 when it will station at 15 degrees of Aries before moving forward again. Smart Sagis will already have worked out that if they have Sag planets between these degrees, Mars will trine them – twice during this cycle. These dates will be very important for you for love, your children if you have them and yes, showcasing yourself. For more insight and exact dates, you can talk to one of our gifted astrologers. So, get ready to make your move.

The 17th marks the start where you need to look at what you want to achieve and have a plan for doing just that, Sag. We have a new Supermoon in your 10th and also it trines Saturn (which rules your 10th), at present retrograde in your money house.

So many Sagi’s have been feeling the pinch lately. Not just to do with Covid restrictions but for some, since 2015 when Saturn entered Sagittarius. So, we are talking a five-year period where you may have felt confined, blocked and since Saturn entered your 2nd in 2018, that you have had to work harder for your money and make do with less than usual.

This new Moon may mark the beginning of a new period when restrictions begin to lift and abundance flows once more. But to fully engage with this new Moon energy, you need to have a plan and to understand that only one person makes it happen: You. A willingness to do the work, commit to whatever it takes, and above all, take those goals and ambitions seriously, could see doors that have been closed for a long time, re-open for you.

Above all, however, don’t get bogged down in regrets over opportunities not taken. Or compared your success to that of others. If you do you will block the flow of the new into your life. And isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for?

It doesn’t happen in isolation

Soul travellers such as you need kindred spirits to journey with. And to help them achieve what they set out to do. Those friends, support network, that group, band, club, party, organisation, circle. The Sun’s entry into your 11th from the 22nd asks you focus on your people. It’s joining Mercury which entered here on the 5th.

Accept all invitations even socially distanced ones. And connect any way you can if not in person. On-line, via Zoom or other apps. Circulate and even if you cannot go far, invite the world to join you on your couch. This is a key period for you Sag especially when we hit the new Moon in your 11th next month. It has the potential to set your future on a new course via others and people you know. If you act like a hermit you will remain one for some time to come. So, reach out as if you do the world will reach back and connect in turn.

Looking for love or someone to share your passion even for an activity, cause or project? Your key dates are the 24th when Mercury opposes Mars and the 28th when Venus trines it.

Mercury arrives in your 12th from the 27th asking you to look back over the past 12 months. But not to get sentimental about it. You need to celebrate your achievements and how you have handled any restrictions and acknowledge what you have yet to conquer. But not in a way that diminishes what you have done. Let go and release what no longer serves you.

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron in your 5th on the final day of the month could see you taking a big chance on something you have thought about doing but hesitated about until now. This could be a ‘What have I got to lose?’ moment.

Or it could deliver an opportunity via a contact you never thought would come about. The impossible just got real. So, be ready to accept it when it does, Sag. Wherever the future is taking you, you have your people to explore it with now.

In a nutshell: This month shows you that you don’t have to go it alone, Sag. And also offers you solutions to long term sticky issues. It all adds up to being stuck no longer. Look at freedom in a new way.



Time for home truths

Emotion is power

Opportunity brings a release into something bigger

The 2nd hands you a full Moon in your 3rd. What’s on your mind, Capricorn? Bring any work or communication projects to a closure. Tie up those loose ends. Your siblings may feature under this full Moon if you have them. It’s excellent for getting together. Sibling rivalry? It may be better to put off that gathering for another day!

The truth needs to be out there

If you’ve got something to say, nothing is going to stop you saying it. This makes this full Moon an excellent one for pitches, interviews, presentations, public speaking or launching anything on the internet (which your 3rd rules). However, if doing anything on line, don’t get drawn into pointless differences of opinion with others. We are all entitled to our point of view. Be open minded and practice tolerance. And hey – if you don’t like something the remedy is simple – keep scrolling.

That being said, this full Moon can clear the air or deliver news you have been waiting for. Mercury which rules your 3rd is on the move too. It enters your 10th of career, status and your public image from the 5th. All the more reason to be walking that talk.

Venus also shifts signs from the 6th and lands in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th of sexy empowerment. Throw into the mix a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 9th, the Moon in your 5th and Jupiter in your 1st on the 8th, and this could see you reaching for an opportunity or a solution to a long term issue.

Bring it on home, baby!

Getting things off your chest at the start of the month is your best plan rather than holding on to them. You’re feeling more sensitive and vulnerable than usual this month, Capricorn. How confident are you when it comes to sharing this with others? There’s a call to let others see your softer side as Mars, planet of assertive action, turns retrograde in your 4th from the 9th.

Your 4th house is the sign of Aries. And this is the sign Mars rules. It’s not a happy houseguest in your 4th usually. That’s because your 4th is a softer, emotive and feminine house. Mars is old-fashioned masculinity in a bottle! It does action not all that touchy-feely stuff. Mars wants an outlet or at the very least, a problem which can be solved by doing. Mars backwards in here however slows things down to more relatable proportions. And asks you not to be afraid to let others in or be upfront about those needs.

Mars retrogrades once every two years. But we have not had Mars retro in this house and its ruling sign for 32 years! And we won’t experience this again until 2047. Aries is a cardinal sign like yours. So, if you have Capricorn factors between 28 degrees and 15 degrees, Mars will square these twice during its retrograde period. You also have Pluto and Jupiter in here so Mars is going to square these as well – making this a Mars retrocycle like no other.

What can you expect? Changes and also commitments around home, living arrangements, career and family matters. Mars rules boundaries and for some this could be literal boundary issues around property, or saying no to someone. How comfortable are you with this?

Some of you may commit to moving in with a partner, to relocating or to sending those roots deeper where you are. Be aware that commitments also include leaving or moving on. Your mission should you choose to accept it is also to share those needs with those close to you. Don’t hold back or give in to fears. Or worse, shove those feelings aside.

We need to talk about Mars

Mars energy needs an outlet. And if you don’t express those feelings now what you will find is they burst out in expected ways – especially if Mars is at that point squaring a personal Capricorn planet. Or around the 11th when Mercury in your 10th opposes Chiron also in your 4th. This is just prior to Jupiter heading direct once again in your 1st which it does on the 13th – the same day as Venus trines Chiron. So, ensure you express yourself in appropriate ways instead of allowing things to come to the boil.

If you have questions, one of our astrologers can give you timings on this. What you need to avoid is flying off the handle over nothing. To avoid over-reaction and hurt feelings all round hand others the keys to your innermost thoughts and feelings. Give emotion house room. Above all, trust it’s okay to be vulnerable.

You’ve a great deal of personal power to tap into now to make changes or to push forward with career matters. So use this, Capricorn. Just avoid the feeling you have to ‘go it alone’ and if you end up feeling like the card of The Hermit in the Tarot – time to open up to someone and share. Even if it is a professional. You need to talk.

Walk through a door to new beginnings

This month’s new Moon in your 9th on the 17th, offers a new way to explore the world. Or a door opening opportunity, Cappy. If you have been feeling restricted, the 19th could mark the start of a fresh cycle of freedom. Your generous nature sparkles under this new Moon which is actually a supermoon. So, think supersized new beginnings and fresh starts. This Moon will trine your ruler Saturn in your 1st. You’re stepping into a fresh cycle of personal experience. Solutions to something which has been holding you back could also appear now.

Often under this new Moon, travel opportunities appear. But right now, this may simply be a chance to experience the world in a new way. Or via someone or something that expands your horizons. Take a chance now. It may be that you need to give yourself permission to explore something bigger. Above all, this new Moon wants to connect you to people. Perhaps even more so than a new Moon in your 11th. Don’t be a hermit, Capricorn.

Time to bring your best game as the Sun shines on career matters when it arrives in your 10th on the 22nd. The 24th sees Mercury also in here oppose that retro Mars in your 4th – so again, it’s all about knowing when you need to talk. And picking when you do and your response to what others say. In other words, avoid arguments and choose your battles wisely.

Mercury moves off into your 11th on the 27th. Expect messages, emails, invitations, calls, texts, followers, fans, likes and increased social interaction. New contacts and unusual connections can be made. Or friends open doors to new experiences.

Work some fierce confidence on the 28th as Venus trines Mars. The 20th also sees the Sun in your 10th oppose Chiron in your 4th. This is about a different kind of success story to the script you may have been following up until now. It’s about accepting or suggesting something radically different. The result could change everything especially when it comes to money, those you live with or love. Don’t be afraid to try it. This September says emotion is power. So, come from your truth, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Express, don’t repress your feelings now, Capricorn. You need to speak and share your truth. Being unafraid of the power of your feelings releases you into a new love cycle. That’s your power now.



Let your true worth shine though

Get ready for outrageous love fortune!

This month’s full Moon on the 2nd is in your 2nd of money, possessions, values and self-worth. Watch your spending under it. There’s a big difference between needing something and wanting it. Getting your finances in order is an excellent way to channel the light of this full Moon. That’s the way the money goes as the children’s rhyme tells us. Why not look at exactly where now?

If you can tie up financial matters, pay bills or settle outstanding debts, you’ll be left with a sense of worth that lasts long after this Moon has waned. This Moon asks you questions about your values. These are the things which don’t have a price ticket attached. How you expect to be treated for instance. And how you value yourself.

Work your worth

This full Moon could bring you revelations around this. If negotiating anything which relates to your finances now – from your pay to a contract or interest rate, please ensure you take the emotion out of it. It’s not about how much you have. Money is just energy. But it can often have a massive emotional hold on us. You are not your bank balance or your possessions. Knowing you are so much more is what sets your true value.

Mercury is on the move into your 9th from the 5th. While Venus enters its ruling 7th in your chart on the 6th. You are craving a bigger, more expansive and expressive love experience. If you’re settled, you want to involve your partner in this vision. You’ll also be wanting to get more adventurous and playful – in the bedroom or out of it!

Singles will want someone who expands their horizons. And their capacity to love. You’ve a feeling there’s more to explore now. You may also be looking for someone who can provide you with the passion but also give you that all important space you need to be well – you. This month could deliver all this and more in one exciting package. Be careful what you wish for as you could attract it – or them.

Say what you need to say

First, do you need to clear the air between you and someone else? If you need to get something off your chest – now is the time to say it, Aquarius. The 9th sees Mars turn stationary retrograde in your 3rd of communication, business, the internet, your locality and your siblings if you have them.

Mars doesn’t retro very often. Approximately once every two years in fact. This is mercury’s ruling house in your chart. But unlike a Mercury retro in here, this one is going to be fuelled by intense desire to say something or get your point across. Mars is going to want the last word in any discussion. I could say argument and that is what you need to watch out for now.

It has been 32 years since Mars last went back over everything you say and put out there, Aquarius. And Mars retro in its ruling sign and your 3rd won’t happen again until 2047! What makes this once-in-a-lifetime transit even more unique is that during its retro period it is going to square the planets in your 12th not once but twice. This may be very personal if you have natal planets in there. One of our astrologers can help you explore this if needed.

Things you have said or should have said to someone in the past could feature. If you did not get closure with someone, you may have the chance to say your piece. Secrets may also surface during this cycle and again, you should get the opportunity to have your say and get closure. Be extremely cautious about anyone from your past re-entering your life however. You may find the same old issues are still there unless you talk candidly. Don’t shy away from ‘difficult’ conversations with anyone.

It’s go big or go home

If you have been tip-toeing around a sensitive issue with a loved one for instance, say their behaviour or worries about an addiction, don’t sweep things under the carpet anymore. This needs to be aired and dealt with. Likewise, the person who continually makes you promises but fails to keep them? Mars rules boundaries. You know this isn’t on so why continue to let them carry on unchallenged?

Mars rules courage. Hence having those conversations we are afraid to have. Usually because we already know the answer or outcome. Mars retro says say it anyway. Clear the air and move forward again. Especially if you want to avoid blow-ups. Mars retro allows you to have the talk at a time where you keep your cool. And get your point across effectively.

It’s about slow, consistent progress with business, writing and work. Keeping to the facts and not saying or doing anything in the heat of the moment. If someone says something which pushes your buttons, count to 10 before responding. As your 3rd house rules the internet, avoid getting into on-line arguments with others over differing points of views. And please – don’t feed the trolls. Delete, delete and block. That’s Mars boundaries for you.

Reviving a writing project – that manuscript, pitch, screenplay or returning to study are good channels for retro Mars in here. Above all, keep to the facts in any conversation, respect others’ points of view and don’t feel the need to prove yours. You’ll have little patience with people who waffle now. Just as you will with people who are stupid. But do you need to prove you are right?

Sometimes winning an argument is simply by saying ‘You may be right’. All the other party hears is the word ‘right’. You actually haven’t said they are. But you have stayed strong and classy in that response.

Mars retro in here provides the thrust you need to ignite those ideas and launch them out there. Use this to plan your campaign. You’ll follow through with anything you initiate now. And this also applies to anything to revive at this time. You will complete it thanks to Jupiter direct in your 12th from the 11th.

Dream the impossible love dream

What you may have considered to be frankly beyond the realms of possibility around love, work or any venture that requires you and at least one other person, could be all too possible when Venus trines Chiron also in your 3rd on the 11th. Improbable, unexpected, outrageous and mind-blowing events, news or coincidences could turn your world upside down.

This month’s new Moon on the 17th is all about necessary change. And your sense of empowerment when it comes to initiating this. Or deciding which way you want change to take you. This is why any work around your values at the start of the month was so important.

This is your money house of shared assets. So, think about fresh starts or negotiations around your salary, benefits, maintenance payments, loans, mortgages or anything that is shared between you and another. Or you and a company or institution. This new Moon angles to Saturn indicating that you will be entering into something long term. All the more reason to know what it is you need – and deserve.

For some, this could see you and someone else enter into a new agreement together. You’ll be in the mood to get serious now and make that commitment. And if you never thought to hear from someone again or even get back on the same page – this cycle could be set to amaze you.

The Sun arrives in your 9th on the 22nd and shines on solutions for you. The 24th sees Mercury also in your 9th oppose that retro Mars just prior to moving on into your 10th of career, status and public reputation on the 27th. This is the day when retrograde Ceres backs up into your 1st for a final visit. Which is why you could have a new deal on the table between you and someone else now.

Again, news and solutions as well as the power of attraction are promised by the intense trine between Venus and Mars on the 28th. Because Mars is retrograde this has a past flavour to it. On the final day of September the Sun will oppose Chiron also in your 3rd. If you never thought you would find a solution or that opportunity had passed you by – it knocks again. Go with outrageous fortune this September, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: This month wants you to take the direct approach, Aquarius. There’s no more tip-toeing around a subject. When it comes to love, expect the unexpected as surprise events show you it has a direction all its own!



Opposites reflect the truth

Know your true worth

Work that magnetism!

One particular person or connection is on your mind as September begins. It could be your partner. It could be someone you work closely with, that bestie or even that opponent, rival or frenemy. Watch who is literally on your mind or ‘opposite’ you at the time of the full Moon in your sign on the 2nd. No matter who it is or what the relationship is, they are holding up a mirror for you which is telling you something about yourself.

Sure, it can be positive. It can reveal your strengths or how you are seen and loved. Or it can show you where your weaknesses lie due to how they are acting towards you. If so, you will have plenty of opportunity this month to demonstrate your self-worth and show them and the world, how you expect to be treated from here on in.

Know what your assets are

Your greatest asset is of course, you. Your talents, skills and anything you bring to the table. Caring, compassion, empathy for instance. This month marks the start of an important cycle where you can upgrade how you see yourself and your values.

The 5th has Mercury planet of communication and business, move into your 8th of other people’s money and self-empowerment. You also have Venus on the move too. On the 6th it enters your 6th of work (paid and unpaid) and wellness. So, how you are paid, rewarded and treated by others and the link between this and your wellbeing are areas you are set to explore now. Don’t undersell yourself in other words.

Let’s go back to your values and worth, Pisces. More than money can buy in other words. Although your money may play a bigger role than usual now Mars, planet of action and assertive confidence, turns retrograde in your 2nd from the 9th.

Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. But it has been 32 years since it was last retrograde in this sector of your chart and its ruling sign of Aries. This won’t happen again until 2047! Mars rules confidence, assertiveness, action and boundaries. And this is the house where your values and self-esteem are stored. So, aside from how confident you feel when it comes to being in charge of your cashflow, expect to be looking at your beliefs around what you feel you are worth – and how you expect to be treated by others and the world in general.

Mars is about boundaries. Which of course are set by saying no and by what we will and won’t accept, compromise or ‘sell out’. So, the foundation of boundaries are set by our values. Especially how we first value ourselves. Mars retro gives us the opportunity to examine these. And also to test how comfortable we are in saying no to people or asking for what we know we deserve.

Mars retro in here is also very good for saying no to ourselves. To setting boundaries or limits on our spending. With Covid-19 so many of us have re-examined what we spend our money on and even if we ever really needed those things to begin with. If you have started this process, you’ll go deeper into it now. Buying ‘stuff’ may have been replaced by doing things instead. Or spending our time and money on items which enrich our lives – like exercise equipment, that bicycle or a hobby for instance. Mars likes us to use our resources for activity!

Because I’m worth it

Being confident in asking for more or something better, is another element of Mars retro in here. And also being confident in taking action to get it if the answer we get is ‘no’. That value upgrade Mars wants to put on a slow burn while in here includes saying no to taking on too much at work without the commensurate rewards. To asking for a pay rise and if we don’t get it, to looking for something better without getting bent out of shape. This is purely business and a value-system mis-match.

You also have Chiron in your 2nd and dates to watch out for are the 11th when Mercury opposes Chiron. The same day you have the Sun in your 7th oppose your ruler Neptune in your sign. So, take note of what you are offered, what others are suggesting to you and how you are treated on this all-important date. As it is going to tell you how your internal values align with how the world sees you.

Invest in self-love

How you value yourself is always reflected by how others treat you. What are you prepared to accept now and what isn’t what you are worth or deserve? If we have low expectations, it’s funny how others or the world will mirror these. Raise the price of your stock by letting someone know what you are or aren’t prepared to put up with on a personal level too.

Your 2nd is the house which rules those relationships and connections which are ‘assets’ to you. The people who love and support you emotionally. Has anything become too much take and no give? Now is your chance to have that discussion and state your terms if things are to continue. Mars tells you if they can or cannot continue as they are. And also gives you the courage to act if you cannot get what you want.

Straight talk

You’ll also crave honestly as you are being so upfront yourself. If you think someone is hiding something or holding back, you’ll be double determined to get to the truth! If a relationship cannot continue under its present conditions, Mars retro in here guarantees you will at least walk away with your sense of self-worth soaring. That feeling – priceless. And it sets the value of your next encounter so much higher.

The 13th has Jupiter direct once more in your sector of friendships and the future while Venus trines Chiron. This could bring real validation as to your true worth via someone you know. They are showing how you are treasured. So, take this as how you should expect to be treated across all your relationships.

Friendship and so much more

Important new beginnings in love could be set to follow the new Moon in your 7th on the 17th. It’s bringing in an important new phase in relating which is being fuelled by you going over how you see and value yourself. This is no ordinary new Moon but a Supermoon. New Supermoons can often happen without us realising it as they are invisible. But you of all signs appreciate the power of the hidden realms!

This new Moon trines Saturn in your 11th. It points to a relationship which could start out as one thing but evolve into something so much more. There may be a difference in your ages – plus or minus 7 years or more. Don’t let age stop you from exploring its potential. It could be romantic even if it does not start out that way. Even if it remains just a friendship, this person has the ability to influence your future path. And there could even be a strong karmic link between you.

Back to basics

Time to get grounded and show everyone you encounter that you are serious about being taken seriously. The Sun’s arrival into your 8th is always a time of intense transformation and an opportunity to get back in touch with the fundamental needs of your soul.

Don’t forget – Mars is the ancient ruler of this house in your chart. You may be dealing with people in positions of power, gatekeepers and people who guard the vaults of power so to speak. Bank managers, bosses, VIP’S, power players. If so, you will need that surety about your self-worth and abilities we’ve been talking about all along. You can deliver on what you say, keep your promises and also, know your limits and what you will and won’t accept.

Creativity and self-control need to be worked in equal measure now. Above all, if you are dealing with anyone in a power position, you need to show you are in control of yourself and your destiny. In other words, don’t lose your cool.

Magnetise your desires!

We can’t talk about this house in your chart without talking about that passion and sexiness you are also broadcasting, Pisces. Empowerment and self-worth just fuels sexiness. Because you are now a magnet for your desires, you are going to attract now. Especially potential lovers but expect opportunities in so many areas to gravitate to you as well.

Dates to watch for this in action are the 24th when Mercury opposes Mars. The 28th has Venus trine Mars from your 6th making this a wonderful day to shake up that dull routine and for attracting work and money-making ventures including that side hustle. Your confidence to showcase all you can do or offer should be at a monthly high now.

Mercury will move on into your 9th on the 27th. Explore the internet, learning opportunities and new ways to experience the world from right where you are. The 30th could hand you an unexpected money making opportunity or job offer as the Sun in your 8th opposes Chiron. Or simply see you receive validation around the price you’ve set on yourself and all you are, Pisces.

Again, it’s what you’ve drawn to you simply by upgrading how you see yourself. Ensure you set your expectations and ability to accept more, higher this month, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Think of everyone you meet as your mirror this month, Pisces. They are showing you how you value yourself. Up-grading your worth turns you into a magnet for love – and opportunity!


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