Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 28 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 28 2020


Explore the impossible outcome

Don’t be afraid to ask

In or out? But it’s for keeps this week

You and others are affected by the retro weather especially if you share something with that person, aries. We have ruler Mars retro in your sign plus Mercury slowing down to head backwards as it enters your sharing sector.

Past promises, deals and agreements may feature too. As could who keeps or goes back on their word. Don’t be afraid to ask for a new deal this week. One you may have hesitated over during the past. Venus in your 5th trines Mars on the 28th – the day after new deal Ceres re-enters your 11th of days of future past and Mercury meets Juno in your 8th on the 29th. It’s about promises made and promises to keep.

The love is in the details

What you have considered totally unlikely or impossible to attain simply confounds you with its ability to prove you wrong. Love could get resurrected or you find that you and another can in fact, see eye to eye. You’ll see who this may be as the full Moon in your 1st on the 1st puts one connection in the spotlight. This occurs the day after the Sun in your partnership zone opposes outrageous Chiron in your 1st. Venus in your 6th from the 2nd is all about the beauty of small things, details and devotion to those daily tasks. Show this area the same kind of love you shower on the big stuff. Or that one person or grand passion this week. As I’ve said before – when it comes to any heart-centered agreement – the love is in the details this week.

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In a nutshell: Is it time for a new deal between you and someone else, Aries? This week’s full Moon puts one particular relationship in the spotlight. Don’t be afraid to ask for fresh terms. But know it’s for keeps now.



Strike a new deal on self-love and soul freedom

How have your choices evolved your soul?

Exploring the impact past promises and commitments have had on your path could send you into a deep dive into soul truths this week, Taurus.

You have Mercury entering your 7th from the 27th. It’s slowing before heading retro in October. It will meet Juno which rules marriage and commitments we cannot easily go back on two days later. Plus you have retro Ceres re-entering your 10th of status and reputation on the 27th while ruler Venus trines retro Mars in your 12th on the 28th.

What this all adds up to is you looking at where or what those commitments you have made have brought you to. Hopefully a happy place. Remember, promises and partnerships are intended to enhance our lives. And give us the incentive to be the best possible version of ourselves. So, as the full Moon appears in your 12th, expect to be looking at how your promises have evolved you to where you are today.

Choose love – and self-love

Is it time to talk new terms? The Sun in your 6th opposes Chiron in your 12th on the 30th. How have those commitments enhanced how you feel over time? Don’t be afraid to change the terms of your agreements now. Even ones you have made with yourself. The full Moon could see you consult the Tarot, astrology, talk with a counsellor, meditate or seek answers deep within. It’s about your deep emotional core beliefs and what rings true and what doesn’t.

Ruler Venus’s arrival in your 5th the next day could remind you that love and passion are as essential to your wellbeing as air and water. If you’ve been denying yourself these – perhaps out of a sense of duty and responsibility, time to restore the balance. It’s a new day – and a new deal dawning. And one you have a conscious role in creating.

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In a nutshell: It’s all about where those past promises you made have brought you to. Hopefully a new understanding of love, Taurus. When it comes to your future needs, don’t be afraid to change the T&C’s. Or strike a new deal entirely.



Promises deliver wellbeing

Explore the wide world from right where you are

The future flows – right to your front door

Ruler Mercury enters its ruling 6th this week so the focus is firmly on choices which impact your overall wellbeing. I’m talking mind, body, soul now.

Committing to long term changes around where you work, what or who you surround yourself with and how you nourish and support your body will be in focus. You may experiment on this for a while as Mercury is slowing in preparation for full retrograde in October. But know anything you truly commit to now around these areas will be lasting thanks to a meeting between Mercury and Juno on the 28th.

This week also wants you to re-enter the flow of life on some level. Chances are you may be feeling restrictions around you more than usual in the lead up to the full Moon in your social sector on the 1st. Is it time to explore new ways of connecting or simply experiencing the world? How about interacting with others over your ideas in new ways? What you have to share will be all important and how and who you share it with could shape your future in new and exciting ways. Go back over what you may have started around groups, friends, writing, publishing, connecting with others far and wide and the internet this week.

Prepare for a surprising RSVP

Retro Ceres re-enters your 9th while Venus in your 3rd trines retro Mars in your 11th. You may reach out to old friends or connection or they reach back to you. Someone you never thought to hear from again could be in touch when the Sun in your 5th opposes Chiron in your 11th the day before the full Moon. Or you reviving a past association or project satisfies that desire in your soul for something more connected and bigger.

Chances are you may be able to experience this right from the comfort of your home. Venus’s arrival in your 4th from the 2nd has you content to focus on what you have and where you live in the here and now. Of course, that also includes that body. Show your lifestyle some extra special nurturing and love this week, Gemini. And know that freedom flows from loving where you are right now. You are as connected as you want to be. Send your love flowing out there via Zoom, Skype, messages, texts and ideas and the world will RSVP. The future is flowing right to your front door, Gemini.

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In a nutshell: Wherever you go – there you are. And wherever you are this week you need to know that if you reach out – the world will be in touch with you. Perhaps in ways you would neve imagine. Share yourself this week. If only from the comfort of your couch, Gemini!



Solutions turn work into play

Romance and fun deserve your serious commitment!

You are enough – just the way you are

This week’s full Moon in your 10th could have you looking hard at what you have achieved – and also what you haven’t.

This is a challenging house for the Moon to be in. And it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. You may feel people are hyper-critical now and that nothing you are doing is good enough. If so, ask yourself this: Good enough for who? Again, look at whether you are the one setting yourself standards impossible to live up to. And remember, like all full Moons, no matter how intense the feelings – they are fleeting.

Stay cool and professional at work. And if something in your life has become literally ‘hard work’ then this week could provide you with a welcome release from all that. Retro Ceres backing up into your change sector from the 27th hints at a powerful transformation taking place. While the 28th has Venus in its ruling 2nd trine retro Mars also in your 10th. The 30th – the day before that full Moon, has the Sun oppose Chiron – again in your 10th. A change or surprising offer or solution could literally propel you upwards and onwards away from restrictions. Especially around home, work or money.

Just the way you are

Good news could follow thanks to Venus’s arrival in your 3rd. This is also an excellent transit for creativity, flirtation, love or simply to rock your message, brand, social media presence, business or ideas. Mercury which rules your 3rd, arrives in your 5th from the 27th. It’s slowing down to perform a full retro during October. Before that happens however it’s going to meet Juno, asteroid of marriage, commitments and promises.

Is it time to ditch that desire for unattainable perfection and re-commit to love, pleasure and fun? And why shouldn’t that be taken just as seriously? Love or re-starting love could come wrapped in future promise now. This could mean ditching that inner critic or ignoring outer ones. This week wants you to know you’re good enough for love and success – just the way you are right now, Cancer.

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In a nutshell: Sometimes all we need to succeed is knowing we are enough – just the way we are. Ditch impossible standards and celebrate your successes this week, Cancer. The full Moon tells you love isn’t meant to be hard work!



Leapfrog restrictions

Try a new approach

Expand your horizons from where you are

You want to explore new beliefs and the realms of imagination. This week’s full Moon in your 9th is part of your Sheroes or Heroes journey, Leo. It’s a full Moon of awakenings. And a call to adventure and expansion.

In the pre-Covid world, many of you might have been travelling overseas under this full Moon. It’s one of journeys. But remember – there are many kinds of journeys you can undertake which can expand your worldview. And your experience. So be open to what form the adventure could take. It could be an old path you never thought to re-treat or experience but thanks to Chiron also in your 9th, you discover a new way to have, do or experience it thanks to ruler the Sun opposing Chiron on the 30th.

Explore the road not taken

Retro Mars in here says the journey is often the goal, if we slow down and allow ourselves to enjoy the scenery. Venus still in your 1st trines it on the 29th. Mars is all about courage and confidence. It propels us out of our comfort zones. It also rules our passion which is the key to us getting what we want. So, unless you feel it in a big way – don’t settle for half measures or ‘safe’. That road leaves safe in your rear-view mirror.

Retrograde Mars in our 9th wants us to understand we’re not stuck or restricted. But a direct approach isn’t favoured. Try instead an alternative. This is all about the road not taken. Whether in love, learning, that big dream or that subject matter. Second chances or alternative routes could emerge as Ceres backs into your 7th.

Any journey real or metaphorical requires a home port or firm ground to launch from. Mercury’s arrival in your 4th this week favours real estate, long term decisions and security. Mercury rules commerce and contracts and meets Juno in here on the 29th. Joint decisions, property matters and long-term plans get locked in. Agreements you make now are binding so remember that. Venus leaves your sign and enters its ruling 2nd on the 2nd. Venus in here is about new beginnings. Around money or love. Bankrolling that adventure could just be one part of the journey. Venus in your 2nd is all about dreams coming true if you have the passion to pursue them. Fire it up, Leo.

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In a nutshell: You need to feel the heat to commit to something for the long term, Leo. So, don’t settle for lukewarm or half-measures. A road not taken could re-open for you this week. Passion is your destination – and fuels the journey.



S/he who dares – usually gets

Take the direct approach

Get ready for your Whole Love Edit!

Time to focus on what you love. And don’t for one moment forget this includes YOU, Virgo. Or should. You are the sign in the spotlight pointing the rest of us towards a way to live more mindfully in this changing world. How? By creating order, structure and loving the tiny details that make up the bigger picture in our lives. By understanding that by committing on a daily basis to the smallest change, we can bring about the most massive shifts in our own lives – and the world.

If you’re a fan of The Home Edit then think of this as your Whole Love Edit. One where you get to showcase your true colours, brand and style once Venus arrives in your sign on the 2nd. This is one of your major transits of attraction for the year. And by now you should know the simple rule: what you radiate you attract back in kind. Knowing what you want in the first place is a big part of this so have that outcome in mind based on those love needs on the 28th when Venus opposes Mars.

Edit every room in your life

Ahead of this ruler Mercury lands in its ruling 3rd on the 27th while retro Ceres returning to Mercury’s other house – your 6th. With the other main focus of the week on your 8th house of transformation and re-birth, you could be set for a relaunch or simply a new appreciation of all you have to offer. Seek out new ways to express this.

Mars retrograde in here is showing you the importance of passion in your life. And also, to ask for what you want and need. Especially around the time of the full Moon in here on the 1st. Mars says take the direct approach, speak up and understand if you don’t get the answer you want, it was never going to be ‘Yes’ anyway. But that Whole Love Edit hands you the ability to not only attract but conjure positive change or hand you surprising outcomes. The Sun in your 2nd opposing Chiron also in your 8th says s/he who dares to ask, wins on some level. This occurs just prior to that full Moon and Venus’s arrival in your 1st.

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In a nutshell: Are you ready for the ultimate soul make-over, Virgo? One that enhances every area of your life? Get coordinating with that eye for detail and devotion. Your Whole Love Edit begins here!



Open the vault on those beliefs

The world mirrors your outlook

Love favours the bold

Mercury leaves your sign this week and heads on into your 2nd while ruler Venus arrives in your 12th. This is about money and values. And most of all the messages or beliefs you have had about these in the past.

Mercury is slowing down to go into retro full fat later in October. Venus rules your 2nd of course and is in the house of your past and also secrets. What we believe and think about money and our self-worth is often locked deep in a vault. So deep in fact even we may be unaware of what is actually in there. This is your opportunity to out it. And perhaps re-set those values to reflect what you are truly worth.

With Mars also retrograde in your 7th, there’s a distinct chance people from your past or past issues with present partners will reappear or re-surface now. If so, take your time to measure them against that self-value system. Daring to ask for more, making a stand-out and bold move could bring amazing results now. Retrograde Ceres re-enters your 5th on the 27th pointing to a new deal on love or you simply refusing to be overlooked or confined to the background now. Love simply favours the bold move now.

Once in a Blue Moon

Long term commitments can be made around finances or a key relationship as Mercury and Juno meet on the 29th. Your all-important 7th house is where the main action takes place this week. The Sun opposes Chiron also in here on the 30th while the following day brings a full Moon in here. This is the first of two full Moons we will see in October so yes, the term ‘once in a blue moon’ applies.

Both these full Moons are linked to your values. How you are seen and valued by others and also how you believe you should be treated and valued in turn. So, someone will be showing you this very clearly now. Knowing you, you probably have it right, Libra. This week says know your worth. And expect nothing less in return.

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season wants you to upgrade those beliefs around what you feel you deserve, Libra. Someone could just act as a mirror for your beliefs this week. And it’s no time to be shy when it comes to asking for what you want.



Dig deep and recover your optimism, confidence and faith in the future

Own your path

Commit to that inner vision

Take time for that pre-birthday reinvention and re-set process now, Scorpio. You are going to be going back to head forward again.

Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 27th while retrograde Ceres backs into your 4th on the same day. Mercury is slowing down despite still moving forward so is in fact in retroshadow. Ceres is revisiting your house of home, security, family and roots. But this is also your house of owning your path. Of adulting if you like. So, this is about making a commitment to yourself and your future. It’s about knowing what you want, owning it and then making a promise to yourself to see it through when Mercury and Juno meet in your sign on the 29th.

Part of this process may involve you looking back at past decisions and choices. Looking at where you may have compromised too much. Perhaps to people please or out of fear of what others may think. The new cycle that’s emerging wants you to have the confidence in YOU and your vision. And to understand that this is your life to live your way. That’s what your ancient ruler Mars – presently retrograde in your 6th, wants you to understand.

Do the right thing – by you

You have Venus in your 10th until the 2nd. Enhancing your public image and reputation. Along with Chiron keeping that Mars company in your 6th. You’ll be aware of how not living your truth makes you feel this week. It’s time for bold moves as a result. Speaking up, standing by your ideas, putting yourself forward for something, daring to try. Especially if an opportunity re-presents itself when Venus trines Mars on the 28th and the Sun in your 12th opposes Chiron on the 30th.

The full Moon in your 6th on the 1st – the first of what will be two full Moons this October, links you to a deep emotional truth around following your heart or doing what you know to be the right thing for you. You will see all too clearly the effect this has on your energy level. You’re either energised and elevated because you are opting for what supports you mind, body and soul. Or feelings drained and mired in the mehs. So, if something needs to be re-aligned, this full Moon will show you.

Venus’s arrival in your 11th is about the love and support of friends and also the future. Especially those goals. Time to set some new ones or recommit to one you now see should never have been let go of. Optimism and your faith in yourself could be reawakened this week, Scorpio. This is all part of that soul re-boot you’re undertaking ahead of a fabulous relaunch!

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: Owning your path, following your soul truth – it sounds simple but we can so easily lose our way or doubt ourselves. Lucky for you, this week offers a course correction. Recommitting to what you know is right for you is simply the first step, Scorpio.



Past, present and future commitments feature

Ready to sign that soul contract, Sag?

Get beautifully serious about love

We’ve got the South Node swinging back through your sign and the North in Gemini and your 7th. With Mercury in your 12th meeting Juno in here this week, this is about past promises and soul contracts. Perhaps karmic ones. And those made not just in this lifetime, but others.

Decisions you made in the past or promises or contracts you entered into, come full circle now. You may also enter into new ones. Or in some cases, consciously uncouple yourself from a present one. Debts can be cleared and settled as there is a need for the books to balance on some level now. Alternatively, Ceres re-arrival in your 3rd of contracts from the 27th, says existing agreements can be re-negotiated, compromises reached and new deals can be on the table. Don’t be afraid to suggest one.

Past, present and potential partners

Past, present and potential partners may play a role in this thanks to Venus in your 9th making a trine to retro Mars in your 5th on the 28th. Babies, children, your adult children could also feature now. As could any relationship with the potential to turn you into a parent or step parent! If actual children are not a feature, then your inner child is clamouring to be heard this week. You’ve a deep, emotional need to express yourself thanks to Chiron also in here being ignited by the Sun on the 30th. Just one say before the full Moon appears in here.

This is the first of two full Moons we will experience this October. It’s a Blue Moon month so take this as a sign to be daring and take a chance on some level. You may be feeling even more outgoing and spontaneous than usual. Above all, you’ll be craving a way to express this. As far as those soul contracts go – if anything ends now because it has run its course, you will know that this has been a long time coming. Chances are, you’ll be open to new beginnings as a result.

Venus’s arrival in your 10th from the 2nd has you aiming higher. What is that next step you feel you have to take? Is that also part of your purpose or soul journey? Venus in your 10th is about getting beautifully serious about something. That includes your path, purpose and yes, those promises.

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: Promises and contracts you’ve entered into in the past have brought you to where you are today. Is it time for a new deal, Sag? You’re ready to get serious and whether you’re in or out, you’re playing for keeps.



Try a little emotional honesty

Give warmth, understanding and compassion house room

Live love large

This week could see you making big and lasting decisions around home, family, living arrangements or career matters, Cappy. For one thing, you still have the Sun in your 10th of all things ambitious and Capricorn-flavoured.

But you also have an ‘I did it my way’ line up of aspects in your 4th. Hopefully this is not ‘My way or the highway’. Retro Mars for one and Chiron for another. Retro Mars may be making you narky and irritable. If you are dissatisfied with your current living arrangements, then this is likely to be a source of frustration now. Some of you may take radical steps to resolve this. Either by embarking upon DIY projects to improve matters, or by making the decision to move. Either way, this adds up to action and Mars approves.

Give compassion house room

If loved ones and their usually endearing ‘quirks’ are the source of your angst, then lucky for you that you have Mercury in your 11th from the 27th, pushing you to get involved in activities or connections outside the home. In a socially distanced way of course. But bear in mind that even if your buttons are being pushed, those you live with need compassion and empathy.

You may be able to reach for this under the full Moon. It asks for emotional honesty expressed with understanding. Don’t ignore an issue or hope it will go away. But don’t blame or blow things out of proportion either. Or shy away from suggesting a new way of doing things. The Venus/Mars trine of the 28th points to agreements and solutions. As does retro Ceres re-entering Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 27th.

Broaden your horizons

Others could be looking at a positive change around money or career. Long term plans or arrangements can be locked-in for the future thanks to the meeting between Mercury and Juno on the 29th. The result – solutions and freedom. Venus in your 9th from the 2nd offers you an opportunity to broaden your horizons when it comes to love. Or simply living larger. Venus in here often invites us out of our usual comfort zone. So, take care of matters close to home, Capricorn. And set yourself free afterwards to enjoy something bigger, wilder and freer. Your way without having to tell others it’s the highway either. Now that’s a true win/win.

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: The focus this week is on home, family and living arrangements. Time for understanding and honesty when it comes to your feelings around where you live – and those you live with. And set those long term plans in motion.



Reach for that joint solution

Don’t think change – think ‘upgrade’ instead!

Could it be you and someone else both want the same thing?

What needs to change, be re-balanced or re-negotiated, Aquarius? We are in retrograde or retroshadow weather and ‘re’ words rule now. Especially as retrograde Ceres returns to your sign this week.

Ceres rules the art of the deal. Compromises. New eras and new beginnings. There’s also a link to crops, planting and harvest. Seasons. This is likely to mark a change of season when it comes to your career, your status, public and/or professional image and even your partnership status or that of your partner’s.

Mercury which rules contracts and business dealings of all descriptions enters your status-defining 10th from the 27th. But it is now in retroshadow. So, taking care of existing business and tying up loose ends will feature. It will meet Juno in here on the 29th while Venus in its ruling 7th until the 2nd, trines retro Mars in Mercury’s 3rd on the 28th.

Decisions and long-term agreements can be entered into which involve you and another person. Juno rules marriage and all lasting commitments. The kind we cannot easily back out of. So, some of you may be redefining an existing relationship to be fairer, deeper or more equal. Or be looking at entering into a new one – anything from a working relationship to a love affair. Or even ending one as this too is decision we often cannot do a U-turn on.

You and another – on the same page

This week asks that anything long term be a win/win. Ceres hands you the power to craft this while the Sun in your 9th opposing Chiron also in your 3rd promises a breakthrough if you dare to take a new approach. Bring things to fruition under the light of the full Moon on the 1st. It’s perfect for agreements or doing that deal.

Venus is moving on into your 8th the following day. This is your ‘other’ money house as well as your house of sex and intimacy. A love affair could intensify, others may benefit from someone else’s generosity or be awestruck the result of being open to seeking that win/win outcome. Without change you don’t get butterflies. So, suggest that change if you need to this week, Aquarius.

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: If change bothers you then think ‘evolution’, ‘transformation’ or ‘upgrade’. But could it be you and another want the same thing? You’ll never know until you lay your cards on the table, Aquarius.



It’s how you see your experiences that matters

Define your worth in brand new ways

Open up to love and abundance

Love and abundance are your main themes this week, Pisces. It’s not about what you have right now that counts. So much as what you feel you are worth or what you believe you deserve.

Mercury in your 9th wants you to see everything you have right now as simply an experience. Often this transit brings in opportunities to travel. But for most of us this is not possible right now. So, coupled with major action in your 2nd house, Mercury in here wants you to experience what you do have with a new mindset. Become the observer not the judge as retro Ceres leaves your sign and re-enters your 12th of inner wisdom and psychic insight from the 27th.

It’s all how you value your experiences

Retro Mars in your 2nd is trined by Venus in your 6th on the 28th. Venus rules your 2nd of course. Now some of you could be looking at financial wins from long term efforts. Or even that side-hustle. But what this is really about is those beliefs around money and love. So, if you are juggling your finances right now you are not ‘broke’ or worse ‘useless’ at budgeting. You have having a valuable experience around how you relate to abundance. Notice how one mindset judges and limits you. While the other simply opens you up to new ways of thinking, being and yes, attracting.

Experience = Priceless

Commit to this now as Mercury meets Juno on the 29th. For some, this may even bring in a long term solution, opportunity or improvement. Especially, as you have the Sun in your change sector opposing Chiron in your 2nd the next day. Take that new perspective with you into October. The full Moon in your 2nd on the 1st wants you to know that you are enough. And that you are more than your income, possessions, job title or relationship status. So, broke or cashed up – this is an experience but not who you are. Neither does it define your worth. You do that.

All this is preparing you to let in the flow of love into your life as Venus arrives in its ruling 7th the following day. You should not need me to tell you this is one of the best transits of the year for relationships and attraction. And you attract based on your beliefs. Ready now for a new kind of love experience, Pisces? October has you ready to receive so much more.

Want more? Take a deep dive into your chart with a reading with one of our gifted astrologers. And get your planets working for you.

In a nutshell: Take judgement off the table this week Pisces and see everything as an experience. This especially applies to any area where you judge yourself and compare yourself to others. Just how rich in experience are you? Priceless.




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