Astrology for All Signs October 2020

october monthly horoscope

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 2020

by our fabulous astrologer Elena


Showcase that soft side

Ask for what you want or need

The start of October could see you feeling more emotional in terms of feeling vulnerable, than usual, Aries. Ruler Mars remains retrograde in your 1st and you have a full Moon in your sign on the 1st. Someone may just be pushing your buttons or making you feel ‘exposed’ in some way. If that’s the case – try not to fly off the handle. A little self-nurturing goes a long way.

The Goddess of Self-love is in the house!

Venus enters your 6th the following day putting the emphasis on how you feel within. Be the goddess when it comes to taking care of yourself. Again, this should make that ‘me’ time easy. But don’t forget, this isn’t just about pampering – although that will help. It’s about exercise, activity and being active too. If you don’t find that outlet – this is when those feelings start to overwhelm. Keep the balance now.

Pluto shifts to direct motion in your career sector on the 5th while Mercury slows in Pluto’s ruling 8th. It will enter into full retrograde on the 14th. How confident and powerful you feel around your money, negotiations and what you share with others will be highlighted on this day as the Sun in your 7th opposes retro-Mars in your sign. Mars retro could be making you less decisive than usual. Or showing you the need to put in some boundaries.

I should not need to tell any of you that with your ruler and now Mercury backwards – incidentally in Mars’s ancient ruling house, this is not the time to enter into anything new when it comes to loans, credit agreements, mortgages etc. unless you cannot possibly help it. The same incidentally goes for that lover. It may simply fizzle out. Sorry. It is a good time to renegotiate or refinance however. That includes renegotiating with your live-in boo who does the chores or looks after the kids. How powerful do you feel around asking for what you want now, Aries?

Love gets a new direction

Supermoon season began last month with a new supermoon in your 6th. This month delivers a new Supermoon in your 7th on the 16th. And just as last month’s new Supermoon made an important angle to Saturn in your 10th – this one makes another one to Pluto in there. But this time an emotionally triggering square.

Again, bear in mind this is your house of career and status. If we are in a long-term relationship, this conveys a certain status. So, this new Moon describes a change in a partnership status for you. Or to the terms of it. Use caution and don’t rush into anything new – bear in mind your ruler heading backwards. Take your time and if possible, wait until your ruler is direct until crossing the bedroom threshold. Remember – there’s nothing like a slow burn!

Others could enter into a new phase in an existing partnership – perhaps down to those negotiations I mentioned. This includes working relationships too. Agreements you enter into this month could very well be for the long term thanks to a series of fabulous angles between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune between the 18th – 21st. What you are being asked Aries is to be up-front about your desires. Don’t be shy when telling others what outcome you are seeking.

This applies to that date or that job interview or simply asking for that better deal. If you are looking for something serious, let the other party know. And ask what they are seeking in return. Tell yourself your time is too precious to waste – and incidentally, so are you. Ask for that job at the end of the interview or business if it is a pitch. Tell your employer what kind of raise you are seeking – and why you should have it. Or that live in love, the kind of support or help you need from them. This isn’t neediness. It’s strength.

And if the answer is no, know it was never going to be yes anyway. Now you know and can go find the person, company or client who wants to give you the answer you’re seeking. Now that’s you in full retro-active power, Aries. Which is what is going to be triggered once the Sun arrives in your 8th on the 22nd.

The Sun conjunct retro Mercury on the 25th may feel like going over old ground. But it’s necessary. Bear in mind that this may not be the final chapter in terms of reaching an agreement. Discussions may go back and forth for a while until you both reach an agreement. Have a clear idea what you will and won’t compromise on – and come from there.

Venus enters its ruling 7th from the 28th making agreements a whole lot easier. Remember – Venus in here is about togetherness, partnerships, money and attraction. Not necessarily sex. So again, don’t be in a hurry to go there just yet if you have just started seeing someone. Enjoy the anticipation and focus on getting to know them. There’s more to bonding with someone than the bedroom.

Back to the future kind of love

The 28th also sees Mercury back up into Libra and your 7th. I should not need to tell any of you that this is a transit that can bring a past flame back into your life. If so, please keep your Mars retro rules in mind as well as the Mercury ones. You need to make certain they are serious or have changed before jumping back in again. And don’t shy away from talking about what drove you apart in the first place. Take your time and begin anew and on a new footing. Unless repeat performances are your thing that is.

This Halloween asks you stand by those values we were talking about. The Sun in your 8th opposes Uranus in your 2nd. There’s a soul call here and a full Moon which also falls conjunct Uranus. It may trigger in your deep emotional tides. These may flow around fears of not being worthy, around getting nothing at all if you stand your ground and ask for what you want or need, or simply being scared to ask for fear of hearing the answer.

But the spooky magic of this full Moon is the power to fly and discover that actually, the answer isn’t scary at all. It’s empowering because one way or another, it releases you from uncertainty. And it could just show you that s/he who dares to ask usually gets what they want, Aries.

In a nutshell: Summoning up your signature confidence and courage may be more difficult than usual this month, Aries. But take it from me – it’s still there if you dig deep enough. That includes that sexiness too. Time for self-belief when it comes to asking for – and getting what you want.



Be a Warrior for Truth

Find what’s missing – and how to get it

What you feel lifts you higher

Get ready to step up and be a Warrior for Truth this October, Taurus. This is your truth, your values, your beliefs and what you refuse to simply ‘sell out’ over. Make no mistake, this takes courage and commitment. And the ability to be fearless and stand your ground.

Work that soul knowledge

Your beliefs, your dreams and what you know on a soul level to be right is going to be tested this month. And perhaps by circumstances or by the people you’d least expect to engage in this. You may not be able to anticipate what direction this comes from – or even where it takes you. But understand necessary freedom to evolve your soul is what any challenges are all about.

Uncovering those deeply buried dreams, desires and needs as well as whether or not they are being met, is going to go hand-in-hand with Mars retrograde in your 12th right now. What’s more you have a full Moon in your 12th on the 1st – which highlights for you the impact of you denying what it is you truly want and need. Combine this with ruler Venus arriving in your 5th on the 2nd – and this could just show you what’s missing.

Don’t worry however. If there’s an empty space or something that’s missing, this month offers you the opportunity to if not exactly fill it, release you from restrictions so you are free to pursue it once more! The 7th – 11th could open doors to freedom when it comes to goals and dreams. Especially around romance, partnerships, your creativity, children or simply the freedom to pursue what you love to do.

This comes about by you having a solid understanding of your wants and needs. And being unafraid to stand by those truths. To know when to compromise. But also when to know that some things are too precious to ‘sell out’ over. Just because they may be intangible – like a goal, desire or dream – doesn’t make them any less real. Or it could be your time, your relationships, what you believe is your purpose.

Mercury in your 7th is slowing to retrograde from the 14th. And opposes Uranus in your 1st on the 7th. Don’t be surprised if standing by your truth comes up in conversation now between you, your partner if you have one, your employer, a bff or someone with whom you enjoy a long term connection.

Ruler Venus will trine Uranus on the 11th promising solutions which release you, attraction or a ‘lucky’ break or opportunity. If you are involved in discussions with someone you are in any kind of ‘partnership’ or working relationship with, please try to reach an agreement before Mercury goes into full reverse from the 14th – the same day as the Sun in your 6th opposes retrograde Mars in your 12th. Otherwise you may find nothing is decided and things just keep simmering in the background. With the potential to boil over.

Friends, studying, socially distanced group activities, feeling part of something bigger may offer you an outlet if one-to-one relationships feel too confining now. Get out and get active. Even if it’s just walking along or riding a bike. Wellbeing, health, routines, the effects ‘atmospheres’ have on you, your energy levels, your diet, habits, schedules and what supports you mind, body and soul will be in focus as a new Supermoon appears in your 6th on the 16th.

Last month’s Supermoon was in your 5th and should have highlighted your need to have fun, shine and enjoy the good things of life like romance, indulgence and seen you playing with the force of attraction. How did you do? This month’s is all about what lifts you up – or drags you down. It’s about restoring balance in your life if any area is simply out of alignment. It’s about listening to what your body and your mood is saying to you. About how your energy levels shift according to what you do, where you are or even who you are with. And to regard this as important information to be utilized.

Last month’s new Supermoon made a fabulous trine to Saturn which was all about taking your need for a creative outlet, pleasure and yes, love – seriously. This month’s new Supermoon makes a tense angle to newly direct Pluto in your 9th. It’s asking you to break free of something which has become a rut for the sake of your wellbeing. And in doing so, restore balance. Only you can say what this is, Taurus. But it’s linked to that Soul Truth.

Say yes to your truth

You’ve been thinking about a decision for some time and you’re now either in or you’re out around the 19th – 21st. Retro Mercury bumps into Juno – object of marriage, contracts and commitments in your 7th on this date. Two days later, Venus trines Pluto. Perhaps that decision is simply to commit to following that truth.

The Sun’s entry into your 7th on the 22nd puts the focus on past, present or potential partnerships. With Mercury retrograde in your 7th and about to meet the Sun in here on the 25th, and Mars backwards in your house of the past, you should not need me to tell you that the reappearance of that past flame is a distinct possibility now.

New love affairs should be approached with caution. Take your time. In fact, it may be better to wait to go looking for someone new until the third week of November when not only will Mars be direct once more, but ruler Venus will be in her ruling house in your chart. If you are looking at the return of someone from your past, take it slow as anyone should right now.

If there are still issues to be sorted out with a current partner, again, you may have to wait until next month to reach an agreement. However, this does not mean you should avoid talking about things in the here and now. Don’t avoid doing this especially at the end of the month. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Make that uplifting choice

The 28th sees ruler Mercury back up into its ruling 6th and your ruler Venus enter it. So, we have both planets at opposite sides of the house. We will be back to what you feel you have to do vs. what you want to do. How this all impacts on you and also, because this house rules schedules and systems, routines, tasks, daily devotions, how you work your time around this. Just understand that energy/soul drains need to be inspected and possibly blocked now.

You need to gravitate to what uplifts. Sure, even billionaires have to do boring stuff now and then. Nobody escapes this. I’m talking about what is dragging you down over the longer term and keeps you further from living your truth.

The end of the month and Halloween is asking you talk your emotional truth – not hide from it. Or keep it from others. You have a full Moon in your 1st conjunct Uranus. This is really stirring up those soul truths now but also asking that you share them. Perhaps you are hesitating due to fearing how someone will react? Scared of looking vulnerable, childish or needy? Push through those fears because in denying how you feel, you deny your right to have the life and the love you desire, Taurus.

Also, be aware that if you suppress your truth now, with Mars retro in your 12th, it is likely to burst out in other ways. You get narky over something totally unrelated for instance and leave others and possibly even yourself, wondering what that was all about? Also you can over-react completely out of proportion to what is happening at the time. So, this Halloween, fly with the truth and where it wants to take you. Up by the light of a magical full Moon and towards a better understanding. Of yourself and others. That’s a special kind of magic, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Love is what lifts you higher, Taurus. We all know that. But speaking or following your truth are higher love in action. So, don’t be afraid to share this – and follow through on its wisdom this October!



Revisiting the past brings future benefits

Big up the small stuff

If it comes back – it’s yours

We’re in major retrograde weather this October, Gemini. Not only are you dealing with Mars backwards in your house of friends, goals and the future, but your ruler Mercury retrogrades in its ruling 6th in your chart from the 14th.

As you know, if Mercury heads backwards in a ruling house or sign, its ability to wreak havoc is retrosized. So, no singing important documents, back those important files up, check and double check everything you send out for errors and above all – don’t rush.

We cannot talk about your 6th without talking about the current state of health of the planet. And as part of the collective, your need to maintain your own wellbeing. So, go back over diet, exercise, wellness goals and update where necessary. Above all, do what nurtures and supports you.

The month begins with a full Moon in your 11th. Yes, the same house Mars is backwards in. Past contacts and past goals could be highlighted now. This Moon will also show you who or what is still relevant as it shines its light into your 5th – your house of romance, good times, parties, hobbies and attraction. You may pick up a friendship from the past. Or see that a goal is still very much alive and possibly achievable. Or else decide to let something go and move on into the new.

Love – we have re-ignition!

The Sun remains in your 5th until the 22nd. Watch what returns or re-ignites when it opposes that retrograde Mars on the 14th – the day Mercury turns backwards. New beginnings in love or a fresh cycle of attraction is just around the corner as a new Supermoon appears in your 5th on the 16th initiating as it does, an important change.

If something is in the process of being let go of, this new Moon shows that it is merely to make way for something new. Babies, children, young people, parenting, your adult children or relationships that could turn you into a parent, step-parent or grandparent may be part of this. You are one of the few signs right now that actually has a green light to go for love. Mostly due to the influence of this new Moon.

Set your thoughts to what you want to attract now. But be aware this must be general and universal as it cannot interfere with anyone’s free will or be around what someone else has. That is unless you are merely using this as an example as in ‘Like so-and-so enjoys’. Under the influence of this Supermoon your thoughts are alchemy bringing about the attractive force of positive change. Provided you keep them neutral and for the good of all.

A series of success setting transits occur mid month across your work/career/’other’ money sector. The most important being Venus’s trine to Jupiter in your 8th on the 19th and retro-active Mercury bumping into Juno in your 6th the same day. Solutions or an opportunity appear which could propel you out of a rut or offer a chance to move on up on more ways than one. Empowerment and a sense of satisfaction are just two take-outs you could get from this. If you have been waiting on an answer – this could be when it finally arrives.

Small acts of devotion bring big benefits

Maintain your focus on the day-to-day, small stuff and taking care of the business of being the best version of you possible as the Sun arrives in your 6th on the 22nd. Again, we’re back to wellbeing. What works for you and what no longer does. This may be all too apparent on the 25th when the Sun and retro Mercury meet.

If you see something needs to change, then please, don’t put off doing this. Yes, you need to remain aware of those retro rules. One example of this would be the unavoidable truth that your job no longer works for you. We all know Mercury retro means you should not be applying for something new just yet. Unless of course, you are unemployed already or your present situation is simply intolerable. With those two exceptions, bear in mind what you can do however is to update your CV and perhaps re-approach companies or recruiters you have contacted in the past if you need to be pro-active now.

The 28th sees Mercury re-enter your 5th and the same day has Venus enter it from the other side. Second chance opportunities may be triggered now because of this. And you know that anything that ‘returns’ on a retrograde has your name on it! Again, if you see a job you wanted before re-advertised, don’t hesitate. Love may come knocking for a second time or something be re-offered to you. This is also a rare chance to begin again with something you love to do or never had the opportunity to do in the first place.

Trick or treat?

There’s an air of the unexpected taking flight and whisking you off in a totally new direction this Halloween. It’s a bit like Monty Python telling us that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Or maybe more to the point on this mystical night – nobody expects real magic. Real magic is unpredictable. It may look and feel very different to what we thought it would for instance. It’s powerful stuff – real magic. But what we always have to bear in mind is that it has our ultimate wellbeing in mind.

Halloween sees a powerful, mysterious and magical full Moon take flight in your spookily mysterious 12th house. Secrets and truths could be revealed under it. Perhaps those you are keeping or someone else is! The past could reappear without warning. Or something unexpected sends you off on a brand new, unexplored pathway due to the full Moon falling conjunct Uranus in here. Uranus always wants to free us in order to evolve our souls. So, expect just that. It may initially look like a trick but take it from me – after the retro weather has passed you’ll come to see it’s all treat after all!

In a nutshell: Nobody expects real magic. But this Halloween month could see it appear in the form of unexpected new pathways, unusual opportunities or the past re-appearing in some way. You might not expect it – but embrace it anyway, Gemini!



Get ready for a Blue Moon moondance!

Be in the now

Own your love, Cancer!

It’s a Blue Moon month, Cancer. That’s a month where we have not one, but two Full Moons. So, get ready to two peak experiences this month. In two different areas.

Best face forward!

The first occurs on the 1st in your 10th of career, status, public image and reputation. Be aware you have Mars retrograde in here and there is a need to keep your cool now. No matter what is going on around you or how people may be pressing your buttons.

Please do not retreat or get over-emotional now. If this concerns a work situation or a person in a position of influence or authority, you need to remain collected and professional and keep your game face on. It doesn’t matter what you are feeling within. Just ensure that the ‘outer’ you projects calm and being in control.

True power comes from being able to control our emotional responses while understanding we cannot control those of others. The person in charge of their emotions is the one in control. So, stay connected to that. Be the calm in the eye of any storm and you will emerge with at the very least, your reputation and status intact. You can retreat home to your blanket fort and cupcakes when its all over. And no-one will be any the wiser.

On a positive note, this full Moon is excellent for bringing career matters or a project to competition. It’s a fabulous time to impress in all the right way and tie up loose ends. So, be prepared to sell yourself and your ideas in to the best possible effect.

Venus’s arrival in your 3rd on the 2nd enhances everything you write, say and share with allure, seduction and enchantment. Again, this is a wonderful transit for business, being creative, your social media feed, website, blog, YouTube channel or on-line dating profile. You may be craving more out of love or any connection in fact, so be prepared for new, stimulating and exciting people to cross your path now.

Just be aware that Mercury which rules your 3rd is about to head retrograde in your 5th of lovers, romance, creativity and children from the 14th. It’s a great transit to spend more time with your children if you have them, share what you have to offer or have learned with others younger than you, or to reawaken your inner child. Re-take up a hobby or pastime you used to love for instance. Re-commit to bringing pleasure back to an existing relationship. Is it time for date night?

Mars rules passion and with Mercury now joining the retrograde dance in here, mid-month really marks the time where old loves should be in focus rather than new. A past lover returning is exempt from this.

You may now be focused on all things close to that tender Cancerian heart in any case. Mid month also brings us a powerful new Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling 4th. Clever Cancerians will have taken note that with Mars retrograde in their 10th, Pluto direct in their 10th as well as Jupiter and Saturn in here, and the Sun, new Supermoon and shortly retro Mercury returning to their 4th – as well as Venus arriving on the 28th, we are in heavy Cardinal weather.

So, what’s missing from this Cardinal picture, Cancer? I’ll give you a clue. It’s you, sweet you! What the world now needs in fact is your gift for nurturing, caring and positive female energy. And incidentally, the energy is gender-neutral. Nurturing is a human quality as is caring. However, women may feature in your life more than usual now. And if you do identify with this, your soul task is to empower and support others. Remember – mummy bird nurtures but she also encourages babies to leave the nest!

If you need to nurture yourself more – do so. Especially if you have been facing challenges in other areas. You need safety, security and a strong sense of belonging now. Home and family matters, your base, roots, country – all will take on a new significance. As could someone you live with as this new Moon makes a powerful angle to Pluto in your 7th.

Existing relationships could be locked down or opportunities to create that lifestyle or sense of place and purpose for the two of you appear shortly afterwards. The 18th -21st could have you looking at plans for your future or joint opportunities to move on to something more relatable or even bigger. And for the long term. Have a clear vision in mind as Venus opposes Neptune in your 9th on the 18th. You need a plan, path or map – escapism or dreaming isn’t enough.

One of the best transits of the year for togetherness and individual opportunity occurs a da later when Venus trines Jupiter in your 7th, while retro Mercury meets Juno, ruler of promises, contracts and commitments in your 5th this very same day. You’re playing for keeps now, Cancer. Venus will move on to trine Pluto on the 21st bringing changes to your job, relationship or status. While the Sun’s angle to Ceres in your 8th promises a new deal or a new dawn.

Gratitude is like gravity. A force of attraction

Happiness comes from enjoying what we have right now, as opposed to what we may still be yearning for. That’s the message when the Sun arrives in your 5th on the 22nd. When we love an appreciate what we have, we attract more to love and appreciate. And this is your house of attraction! So, radiate gratitude and make that your focus now. Something important could just reappear as a result on the 25th when the Sun and retro Mercury fuse in here. This could show you the power of positivity alive and well in your life.

The 28th sees both Venus and Mercury enter your 4th from opposite sides of the house. Venus in the front door and Mercury through the back so to speak. It’s asking you where you need more house room. What have you been putting off doing around the home? Is it time to make room in other words if you are feeling squeezed? It could be time for a declutter, deep clean (on a real or soul level), or to think about moving if you realise you have literally outgrown where you are.

With Mercury still retrograde, put off acting for now. But you can plan and research however. Halloween brings its own strange enchantment with the Blue Moon. This falls conjunct Uranus in its ruling 11th house in your chart. Revolution, innovation, surprises, thrills, freedom to fly that broomstick where you will, Cancer. That’s what this Halloween is all about for you.

Be authentically you

You may be asking if your lifestyle allows you to be well, truly you. This Halloween has you looking at that. Can you be yourself at home? Within your family? Your relationship? Uranus rules our individuality and our confidence to be exactly who we are. If you have been bending yourself out of shape to people please, unbend yourself and fly!

This full Moon wants you to own your own path. If you are afraid people won’t love you if they see who you really are, then this Halloween and the message from spirit, your ancestors or witchy wisdom -whatever you want to call it, tells you that’s not real love anyway. In a strange way we’re back to where we started at the first full Moon. The person in control of their emotions OWNS their power. So, be whoever you want to be this Halloween, Cancer. The only person you actually have to please is you.

In a nutshell: You glow, Cancer. Or should be in the light of this month’s Blue Moon. It wants you to be authentically you and own your power. And your dreams. So, get ready to fly where they want to take you!



Experience, expand, explore your world

You’ve got to have a dream so dream a big one!

What you want could be hiding in plain sight

That restless feeling you’re experiencing at the start of the month is down to two things. 1: A full Moon in your 9th of expansion and freedom on the 1st. Combined with 2: Mars retrograde in here. You need a dream, Leo. A project, a plan, a star to steer by.

Sure, the state of the world means none of us are going very far right now. And this full Moon is in your house of long-distance travel, foreign affairs of all kinds and exploration. The trick to using this energy – especially with Mars generating a lot of steam but no forward motion, is to discover ways to experience, expand or explore your world within present confines. Easier said than done.

Aim higher!

This often requires us to look for opportunities that are right under our nose, or else set ourselves a new and bigger goal to aim for. So, think big even if your world has contracted. This Moon appears in your house of higher learning – maybe an on-line course? Sports and outdoors – Mars loves physical activity; mass media – how about that website, screenplay, book idea? And yes, travel. You can research where and what you want to see, do and experience. And start that fund to get there. Update that bucket list. Aim for the stars.

The day after this emotionally stretching full Moon, Venus exits your sign and enters its ruling 2nd. This is all about a healthy relationship with your money and your self-worth, Leo. So, put your finances through a health-check now. Above all, take care of what you have and value it. Along with valuing yourself. This is a time where we all need to know our worth and hang fast to our value system. It’s not just asset defining but soul defining. And planet defining too.

Work what you have for all you’re worth

It’s not about more but less is more. Quality over quantity. Needs over wants. The opposition between slowing down Mercury in your 4th and Uranus in your success sector on the 7th, and then Venus’s trine to Uranus on the 11th, will show you where your priorities lie now. And if you come from those soul values, you could be in a position to reap unexpected rewards. Yes, these could be business related or financial. But they are just as likely to add value to that self-esteem or talents.

Others may find themselves working in a very different way or exploring (there’s that word again) new ways to make their bread. That side hustle for instance. Take time with anything to do with this and also property matters, your home, flat, lifestyle, Airbnb, sharers, landlords, buying, selling, renting, leasing and yes, working or studying from home. Mercury heads to full retro-active motion from the 14th. Unless you absolutely, positively have to move now, please try to put this on hold until Mercury is direct once more next month. The usual retro rules also apply.

This is a good time for any ‘re’ words connected to your home or lifestyle. So, think redecorate, renovate but not relocate unless it is back to somewhere you have lived before. Marie Kondo type activities as in tidying up or de-cluttering are also favoured. Researching that kitchen table top talent idea – yes. Launching it? Wait until November.

Seeing that way forward with that idea. Creating your own opportunities. Finding that map to the stars and that new goal. Fantabulization is activated thanks to the new Supermoon in your 3rd This is a new Moon that allows us to shift our perspective. And see what we have to work with in the here and now – but in new ways. We can get more creative with it. Make new discoveries. Begin new projects and plans. Or even for some a new job or course of study. Your 3rd rules your immediate surroundings, your suburb, neighbours, neighbourhood, siblings if you have them.

It also rules your mind, your intellect and with this Supermoon’s angle to Pluto in your 6th, transforms how you see what you see and do everyday! Your 3rd rules short trips in terms of distance or duration. Bear in mind however, that this is Mercury’s ruling house and it is retrograde. So, allow extra time if you are going places. Especially when Mercury re-arrives back in here on the 28th.

Looking at what surrounds you with fresh eyes, working with that you have in new ways – including those ideas, brings you the expansion you’ve been yearning from. Right from the comfort and familiarity of your own front door!

Love is a perpetual motion engine!

The new appreciation you are feeling for the resources you already have access to – both material and emotional, could see beneficial changes ripple through your entire money/worth/work/lifestyle sectors just after this new Moon. Love what you have and simply have more to love. That’s what is at the heart of Venus in your 2nd. Venus works through a series of transits from the 18th to 21st – designed to hand you opportunities and change empowerment.

Above all – know what needs to be done and what you want to achieve from this. And don’t be afraid to state your terms and also know when a better deal is on the table. This could well involve someone else – someone you live with, work for or with or share something with. Agreements can be reached which are lasting – despite Mercury and Mars retrograde. All thanks to retro Mercury conjunct Juno, the ruler of promises and commitments on the 19th. And a new dawn approach to sealing a deal – perhaps even with a kiss, between ruler the Sun and Ceres in your 7th on the 21st.

But at the heart of this needs to be your certainty about what you are willing to compromise on – and what you won’t. especially when Vesta leaves you sign on the 22nd and enters your 2nd.This day also sees ruler the Sun move into your 4th for a months staycation. It’s all about answering those deep, emotional needs for security in all forms now. Take time out now and spend time with your feelings. What makes you feel balanced, secure, at peace?

These areas need to be your priority. And you need to understand you don’t need anyone’s permission – or criticism for that matter, to feel what you feel.

The Sun in your 4th has a strange power. In that it can open up a new path for you if you are ready. It’s about ownership of it however. Call it a homecoming to your true self. This is one of your houses where despite the fact you may spend time cocooning, it is also about adulting too. As in simply being grown-up enough to own what you want and what you need. No apologies. And no living in anyone’s shadow or feeling you have to live up to their expectation either.

Once you claim it all – yes, even that shaky side that wants a duvet day and cupcakes, you will be amazed at how quickly not only your outer circumstances change, but you feel so much more empowered. Reclaiming your path? The 25th sees that retro Merc meet your ruler. This is a great day for telling others ‘This is my life’.

Venus’s arrival in your 3rd enhances that on-line profile with allure and you may also hear news you have been waiting for. The 28th sees Venus and Mercury enter Mercury’s ruling house but from opposite ends. Venus is of course, forwards, Mercury backwards. With all kinds of possibilities in between. Including hearing from someone from your past.

In case you had not realized, this Halloween brings us a Blue Halloween full Moon. A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full Moons in any one month. This one puts you ‘on show’ in some way so make sure that broomstick is sparkling. It takes place in your 10th of career, reputation and public persona. What kind of witch or wizard you are or want to be seen as in other words.

So, there’s a link to that ownership and adulting theme I talked about at the time of the new Moon. But now you get to strut your stuff. Make your witchy-word your bond, be proud and fly high now. Time to be upfront about those ambitions or simply who you are and what you want.

This full Moon falls conjunct Uranus – planet of surprises and individuality. So, again, it’s all about rocking who you are. And what you want for your future. Sure, there’s some going back over the past this September, due to the retro weather. But this process shows you it’s time to set your future in motion. Yours and yours alone. So, fire up that Nimbus 2000, Leo and blaze a trail across the sky. September says whose permission do you need? No-ones!

In a nutshell: It’s a Blue Moon month, Leo. And what it wants you to understand is that seeing you have more to love than you imagined – hands you more to love. Or simply more love. It’s closer than you think this October.



Does an old idea need reviving?

Weave a little self-love magic

Fire up that broomstick and fly to freedom!

Yes, we are still in ‘heavy’ mutable weather this month, Virgo. You are still very much the sign with the mostest. And the one who is going to show us what (self) love is. We have the North Node in Gemini, the South in Sag and of course, Neptune in Pisces. All fellow mutable signs.

Mutable of course adds up to change. And without change there is nothing better for us. You know this even as you make up yet another schedule or list. Plans may be subject to change. So, bear this in mind especially as ruler Mercury turns retrograde this month in its ruling 3rd from the 14th. Uh-oh. You know that its capacity for mayhem is increased in a ruling house or sign. So, back up all important files, increase on-line security and check and re-check everything before you send it out.

Add this to Mars retrograde in its ancient ruling 8th and a full Moon in your 8th on the 1st, and you’ll appreciate that one particular change is inevitable now. So, embrace it and don’t stand in its way. This could be around your salary, income, benefits, loans, mortgage, assets, joint accounts or even a relationship. It may push a few emotional buttons. Or you may bring discussions around business, power money or other negotiations to a conclusion under this full Moon. Try to reach an agreement and move on to the next stage now. And if something needs to be let go of in order to be re-born or re-form – let it.

It’s the season of the Self-Love Witchyness!

Something new, fresh and soul reviving awaits if you do. The next day Venus arrives in your 1st. It’s all about allure, attraction and how you feel which affects this. Your image, brand, message. You need to feel your best to look your best. And magnetise what you want to attract in kind. This mutable weather I am talking about wants you to know that you also cannot nurture or care for others -or even those projects and plans on your ‘To Do’ list, if you’re not nurturing yourself first. So, make this your priority now.

Surprising developments perhaps flowing directly from events around the full Moon at the start of the month could release you into something bigger and better just prior to your ruler going retro-active. The 5th sees Pluto head direct once more in your house of romance and creativity.

The 7th -11th sees Mercury oppose Uranus in your house of freedom and Venus trine it. You will now see how those changes were set to release you into something bigger, more heart-starting. Uranus is all about evolving our souls. And prising us free of something which no longer does that. So, see those shifts as doing just that.

By the time we reach mid-month, you are so ready for something freer, more expansive and perhaps with a touch of togetherness, Virgo? We have a new Supermoon in your 2nd on the 16th which is all about the power of transformation. And working that. Coming from a new sense of self-worth and values. Upping your expectations.

You ARE enough!

Especially around money, what the world has o offer you and your relationships. This Supermoon square Pluto and may trigger insecurities around not having enough, being ‘good’ enough or has you looking at where you have ‘settled’ for second best in the past out of fear of not getting anything at all. Time to look at what you believe you deserve and how this has been reflected in what you have. And how you are treated. Is it time for a new set of self-beliefs?

Love is in the air

The 18th could draw to you the perfect answer to those prayers, a fresh understanding between you and someone else, or even mark the start of a connection where you and another are totally on the same page. If you’ve kept the faith in yourself or a higher power – then the Venus/Neptune opposition on the 18th could deliver a glimpse of how right you’ve been.

Love – the soul connecting, mystical, magical kind is in the air now. As are lucky breaks and opportunities as Venus trines Jupiter in your 5th the following day and then Pluto on the 21st. The same day as your retro ruler meets Juno, ruler of marriage and commitments in Mercury’s 3rd. Agreements could just be for keeps. Or come with that potential. This goes for business as well as love now.

Making a deal on an inner level around what you know you deserve and are worth, could see a better one appear in the outer world. Treating yourself better should be your priority. And this goes for your health and your working life. Some of you could be looking at a new and better deal around work on the 21st when the Sun in your 2nd trines Ceres in your 6th.

The 22nd sees the Sun switch into your 3rd while Vesta enters your 1st the same day. Gender politics, sexual stereotypes around roles both at home and at work, will be important now. As will looking at whether or not you are impacted by these in any way. That worth and confidence you’ve been cultivating gives you the ability to challenge these and change them if so. And to understand that we can be cast in a role like this without even being aware of it!

Conversations take on added depth with the Sun in here. You won’t shy away from any subject. Just be aware that with your ruler retroactive and the Sun in here, you’ll have less time than usual for waffling and superficial conversations. No go areas? There’s no such thing for you now. No subject will be off limits.

The 24th – 25th is especially good for tackling anything that might have been allowed to go on for far too long. You’re in the mood not just to talk but for total honesty, Virgo. Above all, you need to be taken seriously (and will be) as Venus trines Saturn on the 24th and the Sun meets retro Merc on the 25th. What’s more, you want and need to know the truth around what others feel. Such as are they serious too? So, don’t shy away from finding out. By now you should know your resources are precious. And they include your love and your time.

Venus entering your 2nd on the 28th really does ask you which price you put on these. This is the day when both Venus and Mercury enter Venus’s ruling house but from opposite sides of it. So, think of you as in the middle. You’re being squeezed if you like to come up with a new price or set of values around your time, skills, talents and simply what you expect from others in turn. Funny how money or how we expect to be treated can be a bigger taboo subject than sex. Lucky for you that you’re in the mood for open discussions and to state your terms.

Fly high to spellbinding freedom!

The true test of this is going to come on Halloween. A ‘blue’ full Moon lights up All Hallows Eve. Perfect for flying that broomstick and in your 9th where it appears, for casting spells of freedom and opportunity. It falls conjunct Uranus also in your 9th. So, remember what I said earlier about Uranus having our evolution in mind and working to set us free. A solution to something that has held you back for some time could be revealed under this magical full Moon.

It also asks you to remember that words are spells. As in ‘spelling’. Conversations lead to change. Asking for what we want either gets us it or else the answer frees us to go find it elsewhere. So, when it comes to discussions and spelling this Halloween, state your desires and intentions. Freedom to fly that broomstick could just be your outcome this October.

In a nutshell: Weave a magic spell. The words ‘ask’ may appear within it. You could just embrace the special power of stating what you want or desire from others this October, Virgo. What it gets us is the freedom of answers – especially in love.



That name at the front of your mind? Keep your focus there

Heal the past to step whole-heartedly into your future

Time to evolve in the name of love!

Stay connected to your intuition now, Libra. Especially when it comes to partnerships and duos of all descriptions. Not only is Mars retrograde in your 7th but we have a full Moon in here at the start of the month. Plus, ruler Venus enters your 12th of inspiration and creative psychic ability the next day. Because when it comes to what’s going on with you and someone else, or something you need to pay attention to, your intuition is telling you where or towards who, your attention needs to be directed.

If you are reading this ahead of time then pay attention to the name that has just popped into your head. That’s the way this works! We’re heading into retrograde weather this month. Not just that Mars but Mercury will retrograde in your 2nd from the 14th. And will then return to your 1st from the 28th. So, aside from following those retroactive rules, you may be re-visiting the past this month and looking backwards to go forwards once more.

Show appreciation for all you have

With Mercury backwards in your money zone, I shouldn’t need to remind you that this is not the time to be entering into new financial commitments. But rather looking at budgeting and managing your resources (and this includes your time and your talents as well as your cash!), better. There’s a feeling of consolidation around all this. Discovering ways to utilise what you have in new ways. Feeling resource rich even if you are not exactly cashed-up. Some of you may even be finishing up changes around the home, moving, refinancing or again, simply focussing more on what sustains you over the long term.

That name which popped into your head or the one your insight is telling you to focus on – you’ll know that gut instinct is right- or not when the Sun in your 1st opposes that retro Mars on the 14th. We’re now building towards fresh starts and new beginnings for you. So, revisit the past, but understand you don’t live there anymore. Gather up what still has relevance – and again, your intuition is your guide here. It’s preparation time as a new Supermoon appears in your sign on the 16th.

Get ready for deep healing

Above all, if there are still aspects of your past which need healing, this new Moon is telling you to focus on what inspires, engages and enlightens you in the here and now. What you love, aspire to have, do or achieve. By focussing on these areas, you will automatically heal the past. That’s why it’s known as the ‘present’. It’s a gift.

Time to believe in yourself and your future. To think about what it is you want to do in the next 12 months. And then to take a step every day towards it. Even a tiny one. New beginnings may take a while to gain momentum. But every little step adds to getting there! This new Moon promises the beginning of a key transformation process – possibly around home, your living arrangements or what provides your foundation for the future. It squares Pluto in your 4th asking you to open up to changes. This is no time to stay stuck – or still, Libra.

The Sun moves on into your 2nd on the 22nd. It’s now time to focus on your self-belief and with Mercury retro in your 2nd, stick to looking at how you can make more out of what you already have. This is not the time to launch that new business venture or side-hustle. But it is a good time to look to how you can update an existing one. Or market what you have to offer more effectively.

Good dates for inspired moves or even for some, to reap rewards for past efforts are the 24-25th when ruler Venus trines Saturn in your 4th (24th). While the meeting between retro Merc and the Sun on the 25th could resurrect an idea or deliver news you have been waiting on.

The 28th is a day where you may make a decision between the past and the future. Ruler Venus arrives in your 1st while retrograde Mercury enters it from the other side. You’re on the spot in other words and looking at what needs to go or alternatively, what needs to stay.

A choice could be held out which requires you to compromise in some way. But this is actually a win/win situation. The only compromise may be that what’s on offer may look a little different to what you thought it would. But you quickly see different is actually better. Or better for you in the long term.

Enter the Big Blue

This Halloween brings us a Blue Moon. A blue Moon as you know is the second full Moon to appear in a given month. It’s a revolutionary Moon for you as it falls conjunct Uranus in your transformation sector. Your 8th as you know is your ‘other’ money house. It rules your salary, mortgages, loans, credit cards, joint accounts and assets – especially those shared with a spouse or long term partner, pay outs, benefits, taxes, inheritances and what is shared with you and by you.

And yes, this may well involve that person who you were thinking about under the first full Moon at the start of the month! Or it just could involve you seeing how that inner value system you’ve been so hard at work crafting, has handed you a new sense of empowerment when it comes to negotiating or going after what you want. Either way, the evolution is here, Libra. And this All Hallows Eve carries you, designer broomstick and all, on into the future you are creating for yourself.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus arrives in your sign this month. So, the focus is on launches and new beginnings. When it comes to relationships, the name that’s at the front of your mind is the one to focus on. Expect healing when it comes to the past, Libra. Because the future – it’s closer and bluer than you think.



Navigate the possibilities that exist between the past and the future

Love surprises with its potential

Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Happy birthday, Scorpio! You’re poised this month between the past and the future. With one foot in this world and the other – in the realm of possibilities. It’s a quantum mechanical kind of month. That wants you to understand that your focus is what creates your future. So, think of yourself as a superhero. One whose secret superpower is that of being able to perform magical acts of manifestation. Simply by directing your thoughts. It’s laser vision time when it comes to your future.

Focus on the small stuff

It’s also Blue Moon month. In other words, we get not one but two full Moons this October. The first one occurs on the 1st and in your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing. You need to take care of the business of being you in a more mindful way under this full Moon. And in your 6th house, pay attention to the details. This includes social distancing. This full Moon tells you ‘Little things matter’ and also – that those details mean a lot.

Mercury is the planet which rules both your 6th and your 3rd houses. It is slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde. Which it will do in your 1st from the 14th. You also have one of your rulers retrograde in Mercury’s ruling 6th – and that’s Mars. While modern day ruler Pluto shifts into high gear again in Mercury’s other house – your 3rd on the 5th. It’s about the fine print, schedules, routines, tasks, that Excel spreadsheet, proof-reading, backing up and above all, not rushing. Because that’s when mistakes get made.

If you have been feeling – well, besieged lately by all you have to do or needs doing, Venus’s entry into your 11th offers some R&R. Just be mindful that this is your house of the love of friends, rather than lovers. However, old loves may reappear or you could run into them somewhere you’d least expect to with Mercury retrograde in your 1st. Venus wants you to take time out to socialise, connect and to think about your future. But that doesn’t mean that future doesn’t include elements of your past – if they still serve your evolution.

Watch the period from the 7th – 16th for who or what returns. Mercury in your 1st opposes Uranus in your partnership sector on the 7th while Venus trines Uranus on the 11th. The 14th is the day Mercury is in full retroactive phase. But it also sees the Sun in your 12th of the past oppose Mars in your 6th. Resurrections, reappearances and surprises may feature.

The new Supermoon in your 12th on the 16th could be the trigger for this as it squares contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Something or someone could literally be ‘back from the dead’. New possibilities come alive again and remember – this is not your most important new Moon of the year. That’s next month in your sign!

This one however comes loaded with revival potential. Or alternatively, with energy you can use to forge a fresh future which you can set in motion next month at the time of the new Moon in your 1st. This new Moon along with Pluto wants you to understand the power of your mind, your thoughts and ideas. And how they shape your future. What you focus on, you attract. And also, if you are seeking answers on how to move forward – look no further than your inner wisdom, Scorpio.

Happy New YOU

The Sun’s arrival in our 1st house is when our New Year really begins. Not the start of a new calendar year – unless you are a Capricorn of course! All this reinvention, relaunch and revival magic that’s around extends to you now too, Scorpio. The 22nd sees the Sun kick-start the process and it’s time to focus on the wonderful world of YOU. And some ‘new year’ resolutions which began at the time of the new Moon on the 16th.

Re-invent your look or image. Or get ready to re-embrace an important factor from your past – anything from a person to a goal, as the Sun and retro Mercury meet on the 25th. Mercury is about to back into your 12th – which it does on the 28th. The same day also sees Venus enter this house but from the other side. So, the future is coming one way – forwards, and the past heading backwards. Which way do you want to be taken along with it? Again, this is all about your focus and where you want it to be. On the past – what’s known, or the future which isn’t?

You’re different so it’s important to understand your future is too. So, if the past does return it’s likely it doesn’t repeat in quite the same way this time around.

If this is around a lover, bff, partner, working duo, spouse or even that fremeny or opponent, this may be a very good thing. Expect well, the unexpected at the time of the Blue Moon on Halloween. That perfect witchy or wizarding dynamic could be in focus and ready to launch broomsticks now.

This full Moon brings you the second of two peak experiences this month. This one around someone important. Or who potentially could be or will be again. The Blue Moon conjuncts electric blue Uranus – planet of ‘out of the blue’ occurrences. That electricity could crackle again. Or someone could just surprise you with their response. It could simply be all treat and no trick around love now. Relationships are just one possibility for you to explore this birthday, Scorpio. Cast a new future spell.

In a nutshell: Happy spooky birthday, Scorpio. You’re entering a ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ cycle. One that electrifies your future. Especially when it comes to partnerships – past, present and potential!



What’s changed?

Fate hands you a map to where you are heading next

Prioritize those dreams

It’s preparation time, Sag. Yes, the future is calling. However, when it does, it may do this via subtle and mysterious ways. It can come back in the form of something (or someone) from your past. To see how you and/or they have changed and grown.

It can show you where you are heading or need to via a film, book, quote, spooky coincidence, someone you meet, TV show, website, article which inspires or just ‘speaks’ to you on a deep level. This is your touchstone now. Your inspiration and your map for the upcoming cycle.

First, lovers, babies, children, young people and what fires you up will be in focus at the start of the month when the full Moon sails across your 5th. You may crave love, indulgence or merely a way to express yourself. This is a wonderful night for date night whether you are single or settled.

Venus rules money, attraction and your love life. It arrives in your 10th from the 2nd and with Mercury about to turn retrograde in your 12th, it’s time to also look at what you have achieved so far and what’s next for you.

The usual Merc retro rules apply and you should know these by heart now. Just know in your 12th, Merc retro can deliver news and people from your past. Add to the mix the North Node in your opposite sign of Gemini. Which puts the South in your 1st. So, a little time travelling may be involved now. With the years 2001-2003 especially significant. Watch for what, who or which themes return. Want to know more? One of our astrologers can explain.

But ultimately, you are looking at who is coming into the future with you. Nobody goes it alone, Sag. That future needs you to be part of something bigger. You’re a sign that’s always seeking the bigger experience. And this is linked to friends, people power, groups, networks, associations, clubs, bands, parties and movements. Moving you into the future, the means at your disposal to do that, resources both people powered and financial – all are in focus with the new Supermoon in your 11th on the 16th.

Despite Jupiter’s presence in your money zone, many of you will have been facing challenging times when it comes to the folding stuff. You may have had to work harder for less for instance. Or had to work at making what you have go further. This has been down to Saturn in your 2nd along with Jupiter and also Pluto. Lucky for you this energy is breaking up now. Rewards are on their way and should arrive between now and the end of the year. So, look back now and add up all the creative ways you have handled your resources and what you have learned from this. It’s experience you can bank on now.

Bankrolling those goals – especially if you are looking forward to when Covid-related restrictions are lifted with travel (usually your #1 goal after all!), could be in focus too under this new Supermoon as it squares Pluto in your 2nd. You don’t have too much longer until both Jupiter and Saturn exit your 2nd leaving just Pluto in there. At this point, it will be time to execute those ideas you are having now to finance those dreams. For now, explore, focus and plan.

Venus which rules your 2nd continues to elevate your professional image right through the entire 18th – 24th window. Opportunities to scoop up rewards or transform your role, job or current circumstances are on offer especially on the 19th when Venus trines Jupiter in possibly one of the best days of what’s left of 2020 for you. It will also move on to perform the same angle to Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th). Project serious intentions now and commit to that dream and those doors may just magically open to the wherewithal to progression.

The Sun in your 12th from the 22nd is the start of your real preparation time for the year ahead. So, use this time to re-align your soul, dive deep and decide what really matters to you. And from these priorities, then decide what comes with you and what now needs to be let go of. Watch for this kind of decision making around the 25th when the Sun meets retro Mercury in here.

That balance between the old and new, what still holds true for you and what now needs to be left behind, may be obvious on the 28th. Venus arrives in your 11th and its ruling sign of Libra. This especially revolves around friends and those goals. This same day has retro Merc backing into this house from the opposite side of it. So, you have the future and the past impacting on you. With all the potential of your choices inbetween! Choose anew or again, Sag. But this may involve groups, friendships which support you and that bucket list!

Once in a Blue Moon

This month is one that occurs once in a Blue Moon as that is what we have this Halloween. It occurs in your 6th of routine, work and wellbeing. Not only that, it falls conjunct Uranus in here. It’s asking you to look at what energises you (Uranus rules electricity). To shake yourself out of a routine that has now become a rut.

And above all, to look at what drains you physically, emotionally and on a soul level. New priorities may emerge for you under this Blue moon. Which of course, go hand-in-broomstick with that deep dive into what you want to bring into the future with you. You only have so much energy to give out, Sag. Do you need to divert it into an area which simply has more importance for you? And which you now see is a key to your future?

We all need something to look forward to. Without a vision for our future we don’t have that. So, focus on where that energy goes. And have it take you forward towards those goals now.

In a nutshell: You of all signs need a vision, a star to navigate by or a dream to aim for. If you’ve been feeling this is permanently out of reach, October should show you a new way to get there, Sag!



Embrace new ideas around how to bring success closer

Get ready to get noticed – for all the right moves and reasons!

Don’t hide yourself away

A little self-nurturing puts you on track for success if you take the time out for it at the start of the month, Capricorn. Call this getting snuggly for success. What soothes you? What recharges you? Makes you feel nurtured? Complete? At one with the world? Go to there at the start of the month and the full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th. Take time out if necessary. Unplug, Cocoon. Mediate. Chill.

Me time is a serious career move

Run a bath. Light a scented candle. Enjoy home comforts. This isn’t indulgence. It’s ensuring you recharge to be at your best later this month. Because new beginnings lie ahead. Home and what this means to you will be important. What and who supports you. And what frees and liberates you too. What you adore to do, experience or even dream of. And yes, this is important work. Because YOU are important.

Give in to all these indulgences and more. And you’ll experience an immediate soul charge. Especially if ‘me’ time is what you’ve been lacking lately. Venus enters your 9th of luck, opportunity and expansion on the day after the full Moon. And this is one of the main reasons why you need that soul re-boot. To prepare for something bigger.

Personal plans for empowered change also get a green light again as Pluto moves forwards in your sign from the 5th. How about that big love which is a game-changer? Or bringing about that in an existing relationship? Or simply understanding that what you want to achieve is part of who you are? Own it, embrace it and then don’t let it go as you move forward.

Some of you may be aware we have big mutable energy around but also cardinal energy too. We have Mars retrograde in Aries, the Sun in Libra and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in your sign. What’s missing here? Yes, Cancerian energy. Which is why it is so important to be doing all those nurturing, caring things that the sign of Cancer embodies. Especially as this is your partnership sector. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself to preface RuPaul. So, whether you are settled or wanting to get there way – it begins with caring for you.

Because the future is where you need to be focussed now, Capricorn. The second week of October sees Mercury preparing to retro in your 11th – friends and the future in other words. Plus you have Mercury opposing Uranus in your 5th which rules your 11th. And Venus in your 9th trineing it on the 11th – just days before Mercury heads backwards.

Shifts around babies, children, parenting, lovers, romance, what you shine at or love to do, or a relationship that could turn you into a parent, step-parent could take you by surprise. Remember – Uranus always wants to evolve us and set us free. When we stop doing this, it will take steps to ensure we do. This evolutionary process is going to continue all month long at peak at Halloween. I’ll have more to say on this at the end of this forecast.

First, we have a new Supermoon appearing in your 10th on the 16th. And one which squares Pluto in your 1st. You may be looking at ‘me vs. we’ issues around success, what you want to achieve vs. what you need on an emotional basis. You’re being invited to look at these things closely and perhaps to re-define your priorities now. Especially with Mercury and Mars retrograde.

This could revolve around that work/life balance. Your ambitions for the future both personal and professional. If you are single and don’t want to remain that way – are you giving your search for that partner the kind of serious attention you give to your career for instance? Are you allocating time to do this? Or are you just too socked in to your work and telling yourself you will ‘Get round to it’ at some point?

If you are settled, again – how’s that work/love balance coming along for you? There are a few ways this can have played out. One – you aren’t spending enough time with your partner and even if you are at home, you’re never unplugged and are constantly checking your email. Or you are in a relationship and have let you own ambitions go to support your partner’s instead.

The far end of the scale on this one is of course, making unilateral decisions without consulting them around career, home or lifestyle. Or your partner is the one doing that. This new Moon allows worldly and emotional ambitions to align. Or be re-booted if necessary.

If you’ve got it right, then this new Moon could see some of you begin a fresh cycle when it comes to work or achievement. Needless to say, with Mercury retro it’s not the best time to apply for that new job unless you are unemployed or it involves backtracking in some way. However, this is a wonderful new Moon under which to plan a fresh start or head in an entirely new direction.

Venus in your 9th will be making a series of opportunity creating angles to all the planets in your 1st between the 19th and 24th. Solutions to both personal and professional issues could appear now. Especially if you are now focussed on bringing balance back to your own personal aspect of the Force! Stay in touch with inspiration on the 18th as Venus opposes Neptune in your 3rd. Also, this is one of those days when you could hear from someone from your past.

The 19th sees Venus trine Jupiter in your 1st. And remember, this is from Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. So, Jupiter’s open-handed generosity and your ability to activate the power of luck in your life is magnified. Venus will move trine Pluto on the 21st and then ruler Saturn on the 24th. Look to these days for release and also rewards for long term efforts and lessons learned!

The Sun moves into your house of the future (11th) on the 22nd. This is your house of people power, friend, groups, bands, clubs, movements, associations, organisations and the collective. It’s where you are in relationship to others and also the times we are living in. Where and with who do you fit in, Capricorn?

Make them sit up and take notice!

The focus has now shifted slightly from you and your one-to-one connections to you and your wider circle. If you’ve been in hermit/lockdown mode lately, this is your call to circulate and connect. Or re-connect to people you may not have had contact with for a while. When it comes to those goals – especially any around career or your public or professional image. In other words, how you want the world to see you. Because nobody does this alone, Capricorn.

The 28th shows you that no matter what it is you want to achieve now, it’s a team effort. Plus whether you know it or not, you are in the spotlight and being judged by your past achievements as well as what you have to offer today. Venus arrives in your 10th on this day, while retroactive Mercury re-enters this house from the opposite end. Leverage that history for success in the present. Especially when it comes to that balancing act we’ve been talking about Capricorn.

And don’t forget your wider network either. If you need to now, reconnect with people you have worked with or for in the past. Or let your partner or your friends in on those plans. They could just form an integral part of what you want to achieve. Plus, they are all part of that balance that’s the key to all this in this cardinal weather report.

Fly as only you can, Capricorn!

So, what about fun, pleasure and romance? This Halloween offers a special treat. A ‘Blue’ full Moon in your 5th of all things fabulizing and soul-boosting. This is a full Moon of magical attraction. Plus, it falls conjunct Uranus in here giving it an exciting and unexpected element. I promised you we would be returning to Uranus and here we are. Uranus rules thrills and surprises. It wakes us up if we have been half asleep at the wheel of our lives.

This Moon is in your ‘other’ public house. Your 10th is the house of reputation. Your 5th puts you in the spotlight in a different way. It’s around getting noticed for what you love to do or for who you are on a soul level. And all you have to offer. It may be one special person’s attention you snag now or several. But it comes about by being unashamedly you. You’ll feel a deep need to express yourself in some way under this blue Moon. And you won’t take kindly to anyone or anything which tries to restrict you or stop you doing just that.

In many ways, this is a month where you have been experimenting with all the various ways you can make people sit up and take notice. Halloween could see you simply abandoning yourself to enjoying this now. It’s no longer a job but pure self-expression. And self-love too. Find the balance in all of this and you’ll discover the balance in love and all your relationships this October, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Preparing for success may begin with taking some time-out, Capricorn. This month puts you on show in some way. Get ready to astound. Either with your smarts or by daring to follow that bliss this October!



Repeat as often as necessary

Prepare to electrify hearts and minds

Try a little big, blue sky thinking this Halloween

Get your point across and repeat yourself if necessary, as October begins, Aquarius. If you are working on anything to do with writing, publishing, speaking, presenting, applying for jobs or the internet, then please try to bring things to some kind of fruition at the time of the full Moon in your 3rd on the 1st.

This is of course, Mercury’s ruling house. And Mercury itself which is presently in your 10th of work career and reputation, is slowing down to full retrograde from the 14th. Hence the need to try to bring those projects, plans and communications to some kind of conclusion prior to this.

Is it time to unplug?

This full Moon can however result in information overload. You may simply feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of messages or information heading your way. Or else have so much to do you have no idea where to start to get it done in time. If so, chunk it all down to small bite-sized pieces and focus on one of these at a time rather than being swamped by the big picture.

The other side to this is feeling you are not being listened to or understood. Which is why I am advising you to repeat yourself if necessary. People may ignore what you are saying. Or you feel they are not taking you seriously. This is also down to Mars now retroactive in your 3rd. Mars rules boundaries and also your confidence. So, you may tell someone something and they simply ignore it. So, if you do end up repeating yourself please also follow up with appropriate action if you feel someone is deliberately stepping over the line.

There could be a change in the air around someone close to you or around money or something you share. Venus enters your 8th from the 2nd. This is your ‘other’ money house and Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life. Pluto heads direct once more in your 12th from the 5th. Are you putting off that ‘difficult’ conversation with someone? Either about sex or money? The full Moon should show you if you need to say it anyway.

The Sun remains in your house of big messages, higher learning, luck, the mass media, foreign affairs of all kinds and those big dreams until the 22nd. It opposes that retro Mars in your 3rd on the 14th. The very same day as Mercury heads backwards in your 10th of status and career. Your 10th is your house of authority. Not just where you deal with people in positions of authority. But as in ‘self-authorship’. The authority you exercise in your own life in other words. Again, this is telling you not to procrastinate over taking action or saying what needs to be said.

Certainly, if you have continued to put off that talk or conversation, the 16th is your call to action as a new Moon appears in your 9th which squares Pluto in your 12th. This is your moment when you step into your full emotional power. When you say to yourself: Things must change and I must change them. Perhaps simply by changing that conversation. Or initiating it.

This new Moon wants you to look back before moving forward into a new cycle of freedom. Look back over the past two years. Make a list of how things have changed for the better and your role in bringing this about. Not only will this connect you to your deep sense of self-certainty and authorship, but this focus is what sets in motion further opportunities for expansion, solutions and freedom.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Even without the Mercury retro which would put an amber alert on travel which your 9th rules, we have Covid-related restrictions to deal with. Which makes long distance travel a impossibility for most of us right now. However, this new Moon is an excellent one for planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip for when the world opens back up again. Especially if this involves travelling somewhere where you feel inexplicably drawn to or have visited in the past. Any steps taken under this new Moon to plan or save for this at some future date, are dusted with the potential to do it for real later. Dream on!

This applies to almost any area where you have a big dream that links you to expanding your world view or learning.

Work it like a boss

The 22nd has the Sun enter your 10th of career, public reputation and status. This is of course, the house where that self-authorship resides. This is not a time to undersell yourself, your abilities or track record to date. Hopefully that list of achievements you made at the time of the new Moon included a few career milestones. Refer back to that now if necessary. The saying ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ may not apply to you now.

News you have been waiting on around your work or an opportunity to create a lasting and better impression on bosses, influencers and VIP’s could be yours on the 25th when the Sun and retro Merc meet in here. Walk your talk. And above all, back up what you say with action. It’s time to be seen as someone who says what they mean, and works those words like a boss. So, follow through.

The lasting effect of this could well be a breakthrough or a release into that bigger experience. The 28th sees Venus arrive in your 9th and Mercury re-enter this house from the other side. You actively want something bigger. Especially when it comes to those dreams of that big message, experience or yes, big love. New love could arrive in the form of someone well-travelled, casually yet wildly sexy, outgoing, generous and with a distinct wild side you want to get exploring. Or they bring out yours.

Don’t fence me in

This month’s full Blue Moon is in the Moon’s ruling 4th this Halloween. Now, normally the Moon in here has us retreating inward, spending time at home, cocooning and doing things that nurture and support our souls. A Blue Moon is rare. And one falling on Halloween rarer still. So, take it that this full Moon will have a very different impact to what you would usually expect.

This is due to it falling conjunct your ruler Uranus in here. So, we have a classic push/pull like a tide happening under it. You may crave both security but also something unknown and bigger. The home port and the unexplored territory. This can be emotional, personal or even physical as in the space or environment in which you live. Are you craving something bigger? Are you feeling confined?

This could awaken a desire within you to literally relocate and move into a bigger place or extend your present home. Just be aware if you feel the need to move to wait until Mercury heads direct again next month before setting anything in motion or more importantly, signing something.

You need space to fly. You won’t react well to anyone being too needy or clingy under this Moon. Flying that broomstick your way? Sure, you’ll welcome fellow flying companions provided they recognise your need for something bigger. Small minds or small worlds – just not your thing as you head into November, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: You need to experience or explore something bigger this October, Aquarius. Ruler Uranus may have a few ideas when it comes to liberating you from everyday matters to do just that. Opportunity? It knocks but could look so very different this Halloween. That’s the trick – and the treat!



Intention is what fuels desire

If you believe you can – you will

That love/self-love riddle? You so know the answer, Pisces!

While other signs are getting their astral heads around the whole self-love/real world love dynamic – you nailed it Pisces! Lucky you benefits from both a full Moon and Mars retro in your 2nd at the start of the month.

Love is never just a ‘me’ word

This is all about those values and yes, valuing yourself first of all. Your 2nd is ruled by Venus which moves in to its other ruling sign – your 7th the day after what is the first of two full Moon this month. So, this is a once in a Blue Moon opportunity to grasp just how this dynamic translates. How self-love isn’t selfish. And how showing yourself even a small amount of it results in better relationships with others.

Venus’s arrival in its ruling house gives you almost a month long focus on dynamic duos of all descriptions. And maintaining, enhancing or getting healthy ones. You may be taking a radical new approach to how to do this. Or if you are looking for love now, bold and uninhibited steps to finding it.

You’re feeling playful, carefree and above all, open. That vibe you’re radiating attracts back in kind. In surprising ways. Dates to see what a difference your vibe makes when self-love is where you come from are the 7th when Mercury in your 9th opposes Uranus in your 3rd. And the 11th when Venus trines Uranus. Are you ready to attract and most importantly, say ‘Yes’ to something or someone different which reflects this?

Mercury turns retro in your 9th from the 14th. Under usual circumstances I would be cautioning you to use extra caution if heading overseas. Delays, breakdowns, snafus, missed connections, strikes, outages and even the weather could impact your journey. However, with Covid few of us are venturing far. However, if you are going anywhere – short trips in terms of distance and duration, please keep these rules in mind. And allow extra time to get wherever it is you are going.

Your 9th rules horses – don’t buy one now as it may turn out to be an ass in more ways than one. Same goes for that car (horsepower) unless this truly cannot be helped. Also, the law, academia and the mass media. So, go over anything and everything with a fine tooth comb before sending it out as mistakes are likely to be big ones (how did you not see it?!) or costly. Agreements and discussions may go back and forth for a bit. Be prepared that nothing may be final until November.

Set your intentions – and state them too!

Changes and new beginnings are in the air mid-month however. It’s time to hone your focus based on that self-love onto what results you want to achieve now. And possibly within a specific area. You need to be fully aligned and focussed on what it is you want to achieve or bring in to being when the new Supermoon arrives in your 8th of self-empowered intention and transformation on the 16th.

This new Supermoon is one of empowered change. It squares Pluto from its down ruling house in your 11th of the future. So, set your future in motion by beginning something new which is fuelled by that self-love, Pisces. Hone that focus like a laser beam on to what this is or needs to be. And don’t doubt your ability to bring it about.

This is your house of insecurities and fears. So, your task may be to push through these. Especially if you would normally worry about what others might think or their reactions. Self-love is understanding your needs are as important as anyone else’s. So, give them equal priority.

After the self-love, the other kind is literally all around you as Venus aligns with ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 16th. Venus will then move on to make a series of beautiful alignments to Jupiter (19th), Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th) in your 11th. If you are seeking love then doing whatever you need to do to ensure it can find you, could draw a serious contender your way. This is also your house of goals, wishes and dreams. Again, giving these the importance they deserve could put one within reach. Or send someone your way with the ability to help you do just that.

Again, put yourself out there. Who makes it happen? Luck but you initiate that by making the first move.

The Sun’s arrival in your 9th on the 22nd has you looking at ways to broaden your horizons – even if you are confined to home territory right now. Again, we’re looking at 9th house issues. Your beliefs, philosophies, what you know and your worldview. You want to broaden this now. What is it you dream of doing? The Sun in here triggers a cycle where you broaden your ideas around what you believe is possible for you. Again, this is fuelled by that fresh sense of self-love.

So, initiate and instigate what you need to do in order to pursue this now. And be prepared to consider alternative ways to get there. Your 9th is all about having an open mind, don’t forget. Surprising developments could occur if you do.

Step into the blue spotlight

This month is the Blue Moon month. And the ‘blue’ or second full Moon of the month appears in your 3rd on Halloween. It’s not just that Blue moons are highly unusual. Or that this one occurs on Halloween making it even more spookily special. What gives it its electric quality is that it falls conjunct Uranus. Planet of surprises, innovation and individuality. If you have hesitated in the past at rocking your unique witchyness or wizarding side, Uranus is giving you permission to do just that now.

This full Moon wants you to let go of worries around what others will think. And go with your original approach. Your ideas may play a role here so get creative. And don’t censor them. Ask yourself what have you got to lose? Critics are everywhere. And here’s the thing about them. They will always find something to criticise. You’ll be on the receiving end of negativity from them no matter if you do – or don’t. Also, critics don’t actually try or do themselves. They usually just sit around criticising those who do.

The lesson? Self love means knowing you have no one to please but yourself. True love comes from the people who support you in doing what makes you shine. Know who you need to please now, Pisces. It begins with #1 and that self-love attitude.

In a nutshell: Your desires are fuelled by your intention. If you believe you can – you will. Understand that self-confidence is your key to having, experiencing or doing what you dream of. This month could hand you a once-in-a-Blue-Moon moment to show yourself just what you are capable of, Pisces!


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