Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 19th 2020 – HOPE!

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 19 2020


Enact long overdue change

Embrace the power of those ‘re’ words

Get serious – and serious results

It’s still retro-time this week and with the Sun’s arrival in your ‘other’ money house and sector of self-empowerment on the 22nd, there is going to be a theme of going back over past promises and commitments, Aries.

This week asks: Are you serious?

Obviously with retroactive energy swirling around you, this is not the time to be taking on anything new. Unless of course, it cannot be avoided. Because yes, sometimes events and circumstances have a timing all their own. Outside of that however, this week is asking you to examine all kinds of promises and commitments you have made in the past. Or make re-commit to in the present. Or simply decide you need to invoke that exit clause.

No matter what your decision, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. And you should know you are doing this for keeps. Now, this can encompass everything from a simple fitness and well-being goal you set yourself, to your long term career decisions, relationships or even financial and business decisions as your 8th rules mortgages, your salary, joint assets, property and taxes.

Understand re-financing or re-structuring agreements now will be to your benefit thanks to fabulous, fulfilling and empowering moves by Venus in your 6th trineing Jupiter and then Pluto in your status sector on the 19th and 21st. The 19th also sees retro Mercury back up into Juno – ruler of marriages and all kinds of agreements we cannot easily exit also on the 19th. While the 21st hands us another superb trine. This time between the Sun in your 7th and new deal Ceres in your 11th. This could set you and another on a fresh course with a future-proof agreement.

But this is a serious business thanks to Venus’s final trine to Saturn on the 24th. The 22nd also saw Vesta enter your 6th asking you to look closely at what disempowers you. Or the roles you may have assumed based on the expectations of others. The Sun’s movement into any house in our charts lights it up. In your 8th this is about your power. Where those decisions have empowered you. Or taken your power away. As the Sun and retro Merc meet on the 25th – recommit or take that power back, Aries. For keeps this time round.

In a nutshell: Empowerment within leads to permanent changes you’ve been waiting for, Aries. This week tells you not to doubt yourself. And to get serious about those results.



In or out? Hot or not?

Make that choice around love

Move on into something bigger

Are you in or are you out? This is a line from The Full Monty uttered by Robert Carlyle’s character. And it’s what you are being asked this week in terms of your marriage, long term love, partnership, bff or close working relationship. Are you both in this together? Or if only one person is in it and all in, then are you out? Because it has to be balanced now. Or not at all.

Ruler Venus remains in your 5th of romance and all things of fabulization. It is performing a series of big-up freedom-making moves to Jupiter in your 9th along with Pluto and Saturn this week. We also have retro Mercury in your 7th of all those long term love interests. Just prior to the Sun’s arrival in here on the 22nd, it will bump into Juno in here.

Now, don’t forget, there will be another encounter following this when Mercury is direct again. So, between now and then you may be re-examining the T&C’s or simply the balancing act, you are performing in all your closest encounters. And as Juno rules the kinds of commitments we don’t enter into lightly – nor exit from without a great deal of soul-searching, asking yourself whether you are in or out for the long haul.

Recommitments are favoured too. But if you need to consciously uncouple yourself then your ruler will aid you in this now. Those angles with 9th house planets point to commitments to something bigger. And sometimes this can simply be freedom and the chance to shine. Or come out of soul hibernation. Which so many of us have been forced into lately.

You decide the role you will play

So, look back over those existing agreements and see if any need upgrades. Especially as Ceres which rules deals and compromises, is trined by the Sun on the 21st. Vesta’s arrival in your 5th on the 22nd could mark the point where you step out of a role you’ve been assigned and take on a new one. Perhaps within a relationship. But it’s one you self-define as opposed to one imposed on you by others. Roles you no longer want to assume or play can be overturned for an exciting alternative. In or out? How and why? You decide.

In a nutshell: Long term choices and decisions can be made this week. Especially around love or other partnerships, Taurus. You’re either all in or all out. And you won’t be able to fake it.



Show your everyday life some love

What needs an upgrade?

Commit to the long term

Nobody needs remind you we are in retro weather now, Gemini. In fact, if retrogrades were broadcast along with the weather report, you would be the presenter. And the resident expert.

Ruler Mercury is retro-active in its ruling 6th. So, you don’t need me to tell you to prepare for an extra dose of retro-factor mayhem. Back up, fact check and revise, revisit, review. It’s very much lifestyle week for you, Gemini. What you have taken on, what you do, your work – paid or unpaid, study, habits, routine or rut. How this makes you feel. And also, how this is shared and what is shared with you in turn.

Wrap this up in a big container – i.e. your home, family, partner and living arrangements which could also feature this week. And to your benefit, thanks to Venus in your 4th making a series of trines to those 8th house planets. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. It promises change and a move into something better. A better way of life, living and working. Retro Merc backing into Juno in your 6th on the 19th could see you and a partner committing to move for instance. Or you taking on a new job or course.

Love is the change you’ve been waiting for

Long term shifts around health, wellbeing or routine will be stuck to. Juno is about those promises we can’t, don’t or won’t either take on or exit from lightly. But Merc retro tells us you will be reviewing those already in place. You won’t be shy about putting a new deal on the table either as just prior to the Sun leaving your 5th, it trines Ceres in your 9th on the 21st. This could see the terms change between you and a lover. And even impact on who does the chores or takes care of the kids for settleds thanks to Vesta’s arrival in your 4th from the 22nd.

Everything is up for a review or upgrade this week. And you need to see this as a whole lifestyle makeover. If you need to renovate any area – from love to work, the Sun’s meeting with your retro-ruler on the 25th sees you make the change. And stick to it, Gemini.

In a nutshell: With your ruler Mercury retro in its ruling 6th it’s time to focus on your habits, daily work and routine. Don’t neglect the details, Gemini. Especially around what supports you and makes you feel good.



Love gets a fresh purpose

Find the joy in right now

Ask for the changes you’re seeking

Recapture that past magic and passion this week, Cancer. Because chances are it’s been absent for far too long.

Love is the topic on your soul agenda now. Be it one-to-one romantic love. Or shared love of a project, work or passion. Recommitting to a dream is possible thanks to retrograde Mercury in your romance zone. Now, I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that embarking on a new love affair is a bad idea while Mercury is backwards in here. Unless of course mixed signals and not knowing where you stand are your thing. I’m figuring not, Cancer.

Venus in your 3rd extends some ‘Let’s talk about love’ angles to Jupiter (19th), Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th) in Venus’s ruling 7th. Plus, you have retro Mercury meeting Juno in your 5th on the 19th. And the Sun entering your 5th – its ruling house, on the 22nd. With the Merc retro-factor in play especially on the 25th, there is the opportunity here for recommitment or re-birth of an old or existing love. Or a long dreamed of desire – your 5th being one of the houses of attraction. As is your 7th.

Past love gets a re-boot

Be open to how this love opportunity manifests. It could be an experience as easily as it could be a person. Children, babies, young people, grandchildren, parenting and those younger than you could also play a role. But this could reconnect you to that child within who still needs expression and to experience joy.

Finding joy in there everyday and here and now is what kick-starts the Law of Attraction so don’t forget that. Also simply being unafraid to ask for what we want. Or know we are entitled to. Vesta’s arrival in your 3rd is all about focus but also speaking up. Especially if you feel things are unfair. You’ve further assistance available this week as the Sun in your 4th trines Ceres in your power zone just prior to its arrival in your 5th. Have the courage to ask for the change you’re seeking if needed. It could just be the act that sees that love re-born this week.

In a nutshell: Re-charging the Law of Attraction and re-inviting it into your life is a simple process, Cancer. With your houses of attraction lit up this week, all you need to do is focus on the joy you have to generate more!



Get your sense of place and purpose

Commit to change

You know where and with who, you belong

When your ruler the Sun changes signs, this shows you what area of your life you can shine in right now, Leo. And for you, as the Sun lands in your 4th from the 22nd, the area where you are centre-stage is around home, your living arrangements, your homeland, family, roots and anything related to your lifestyle and long term security.

You also have Mercury retrograde in here. So, you should not need me to over-sell you on the fact that unless you absolutely cannot avoid it, you should not move or enter into property dealings – buying, selling, renting, leasing, right now. If you love where you are, then commit to staying as Mercury backs into Juno which rules commitment on the 19th.

This is the same day when Venus in its ruling 2nd, begins a series of amazing trines to that 6th house line-up of big planets. Beginning with Jupiter on the 19th, Pluto on the 21st and Saturn on the 24th. Solutions to situations which began back in 2017 could appear now. Almost as if by magic but perhaps triggered by your desire to make a permanent change.

Embrace home truths

By now you should know if you are in the right place or not. Or if your current lifestyle supports or suits you. This isn’t about the new due to the Merc retro. Instead see this as a Home Edit or Life Edit. And suggest this to lovers or anyone you live with or work for if it enhances your sense of place and security as the Sun trines Ceres in your 7th on the 21st just prior to it leaving for your 4th.

How you manage what you have will be important now. As could equality around what you earn or have access to as Vesta joins Venus in your 2nd from the 22nd. Don’t be afraid to ask for your fair share or equal treatment or pay. Or even around how those chores are allocated or who calls the shots in a partnership. Is this based on earning power or outdated gender roles? The Sun’s meeting with retro Mercury on the 25th could highlight home matters which have gone on for far too long. Luckily you’re the one with the shining solution, Leo.

In a nutshell: Ruler the Sun’s arrival in your 4th along with Mercury retro in here put home matters – and truths, into the spotlight. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Or to know for certain, you’re home free, Leo.



Does ‘Having it all’ scare you?

Accept the challenge of love

Say yes to second chances

You have Venus in your 1st boosting that attraction factor, Virgo. But you also have ruler Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd. So, what this is asking is: what do you want to attract back in? And also – how serious are you about having it all? And what buttons does that push for you?

Second chances, returns, revivals, recommitments and rebirths could feature this week thanks to your retro ruler meeting Juno (19th) and then the Sun (25th). And again, you need to look at how having what you have focused on or wished for really makes you feel. Because one of the biggest barriers to this is often the fact that what we desire the most, also scares us too.

Don’t let fear get in the way of love

Why? Because deep down our subconscious knows that having what we want involves change. It doesn’t like that. Even when the change will benefit us. So, this is when we self-sabotage or simply say ‘No’ outright. We find excuses to reject what is on offer. It’s a deep-rooted protection mechanism we may be completely unaware of. And one we don’t need.

So, this week, acknowledge it’s there, thank it, but if a second time around opportunity presents itself, tell it you are feeling the fear of change but embracing it anyway as Venus in your 1st makes a series of trines to that line up of planets in your 5th – Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

Yes, I can and yes, I deserve this see you getting out of your own way as the Sun in your 2nd trines Ceres in your 6th on the 21st and Vesta arrives in your sign on the 22nd. Act in the interest of your own wellbeing but push the envelope a little too. Embracing having what you are being asked to accept now may feel scary at first. But after comes feel-good satisfaction that’s lasting. Perhaps simply because you got out of your own way and allowed change to flow, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Feel the fear – and then get out of its way, Virgo. Having what we desire can be a scary process simply because it involves change. Accepting something better requires courage. Commit to what you know you deserve.



Toss or take? You know which!

Declutter for the Now Age

Close a chapter – for good

With Mercury retrograde in your 2nd and ruler Venus in your 12th, there’s a big emphasis on the past this week, Libra. This is your final stage of dealing with issues around home, property, family, roots and living arrangements or even something very close to your heart and soul, which began at the end of 2017.

You’re now in preparation for the Now Age of Aquarius which begins in December. It’s asking you to clean house before then. So, you will be looking at past issues and also tying up loose ends. Your money, security, home, family members, apartment, partner, roommate if you have one, council, mortgage, rent could factor in now. As could budgeting, loans, your income and debts. Commit to sorting these out – once and for all, as Mercury and Juno meet on the 19th.

If you have been restricted, have experienced severe set-backs of either the financial variety or those of the heart and soul, this week is the light at the end of the tunnel as ruler Venus trines all those big, heavy planets having that house party in your 4th. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. That’s a party that’s about to break up after a big night that’s been allowed to go on for far too long. Jupiter’s usual ability to expand or offer solutions, has been tempered by Saturn and Pluto in here. But if you’ve worked with what you’ve been given as opposed to what you wanted, these aspects could simply see those restrictions begin to lift.

Old love could feel new again

Someone or something returning from your past could be what marks the start of this change. However. Something old could feel brand new or begin on a new footing thanks to the Sun still on your 1st on the 21st, trineing Ceres in your 5th.Vesta arrives in your 12th the same day as the Sun leaves your sign for your 2nd.

If you are renegotiating or finalizing anything now, don’t be afraid to suggest a settlement or make an offer which frees you from any kind of outstanding debt. Or any emotional situation that’s been allowed to ‘hang around’ for far too long. The Sun’s meeting with retro Mercury on the 25th could bring something long standing such as restrictions, to a close. There’s a door opening through which you get a glimpse of all 2021 can and will be for you, Libra.

In a nutshell: What needs to be tossed? And what needs to be treasured – for keeps? Time for one of the deepest soul declutters you’ve been through so far, Libra. But the result is you taking what’s lasting into the future with you.



Mark the past ‘Return to sender’ – and move on

Keep the faith

Happy birthday, phoenix!

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This week sees the Sun arrive in your sign and it’s all about you and where you want to go in the future now.

But first – let’s wrap up the past, put a bow on it and send it back where it belongs. You begin your new cycle with Mercury retrograde in your 1st. Unfinished business is your theme. Dealing with it is the dream now. Think of this as simply freeing you one way or another to welcome in the fresh, new and exciting.

You have Venus in your house of friendships and the future making a series of gift-inspired angles to Jupiter, Saturn and ruler Pluto in your 3rd this week. Plus, you have retrograde Mercury encountering both Juno (19th) and the Sun (25th) in your 1st. So, the past may come calling and it’s very much up to you how you decide to deal with it. Vesta’s entry into your 11th reminds you something may need to change before you open the door and simply welcome the past back in. Or that you can simply close it for good. Closing that door could involve news which sends you off on a fresh path. You could have been waiting for this or to hear from the person for some time. If so, call this a birthday gift.

Your dreams are important!

Above all, your birthday cycle wants you to keep the promises you have made to yourself. Juno in your 1st is all about commitment. So, when weighing up what to take and what to trash, keep your word to yourself above all. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for compromise or negotiation however. Especially if this revolves around your work, income, security, home or people you live with.

Mercury retro is all about renegotiation and you will be able to manage this beautifully if needed around the 21st when the Sun in your 12th trines Ceres in your 4th. This could be just the finishing touch to ensure you not only keep your word to yourself, but others feel they get to keep theirs too. The present is a gift but it’s the past that brought us to it. So, this birthday, look at what needs closure or completion. And what simply is relevant and will stay that way as you head into the future.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Scorpio. You begin your new cycle looking back to go forward. Those past promises you made to yourself about what you want to have, see and do? Recommit now. That’s your gift.



Karma pays you forward

A cycle of restriction comes to an end

A solution releases you back into the flow

Missing pieces of the puzzle. Secrets. Synchronicities and above all, people, places, things and unfinished business from your past will all feature now the Sun arrives in your 12th. You also have retrograde Mercury in here and it will encounter Juno, object of commitment in here on the 19th.

We’re not just talking about actual agreements and promises you’ve entered into, Sag. But soul contracts too. If there is unfinished business between you and someone, a debt owing – either financial or again, on a soul level, then this week could see it fall due. This also includes that payout for good karma earned. You did the work or did someone a favour. Now it comes back to you with interest. Maybe not from them but via someone else or a revisited opportunity.

Release from restriction

Since the end of 2017, many of you have been operating under severe restrictions. Not just the more recent Covid kind. But restrictions around work and worth. And even for some of you love too. We are approaching the end of this now. And this week could see many of these lift or solutions to the issues you have been dealing with appear, as Venus in your rewards and status sector trines Jupiter on the 19th. And then moves on to trine Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th).

Some of you could be looking at a new job or promotion. Others could see improvements in other areas. But it’s for keeps and the Sun’s trine to Ceres in your 3rd on the 21st says its geared in your favour. Especially if this revolves around anything unfinished or which is revealed by the Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 12th on the 25th. Vesta’s entry into your 10th is to remind you that you no longer have to put up with anything that is unfairly biased. Or which isn’t coming from a place of authenticity and truth.

In a nutshell: Life may have felt confining, heavy, hard work or simply stagnant since the end of 2017, Sag. The good news? Release is on its way. And this week could offer a glimpse of just what that means for you.



Your commitment to the long haul pays dividends

Love offers a revival

Nothing pays off like persistence

All other signs have felt the effects of the intense and heavy planetary weather in your 1st house, Capricorn. For you however, it’s been an up close and personal experience. Yes, there’s been a rebirth happening. But you have also had to contend with restrictions, hard work and even for many of you, endings.

Progress may have been slow going. You may have felt at times it’s just you and no-one else against the world. Asking: ‘Is anyone out there?’ and not receiving an answer may also have been a common theme. Want some good news? Well, the weather is changing in your favour and beginning to break up. Also, you will never have to go through this again.

Go the Distance

This week sees Venus in your house of expansion, freedom and opportunity make angles of solution and release to all those planets in your sign. Starting with Jupiter on the 19th. Then Pluto (21st) and ruler Saturn (24th). Note this takes place from Jupiter’s ruling 9th. For those of you who have bravely gone the distance and simply put your heads down and kept on moving onwards – no matter what, this week could simply deliver the release from restriction you’ve been working towards and hoping for.

Retro Mercury in your 11th asks you to build on past achievements and also re-affirm your commitment to a certain path or direction. It meets Juno in here on the 19th asking you to look at what dreams or goals are future-proof. And what needs to be let go of. Especially if it is restricting you on any level. You may need to let others know where the boundaries are now if you have taken on too much when Vesta arrives in your 9th on the 22nd. This is the same day as the Sun also shines on your future path as it too arrives in your 11th.

Just before this, the Sun angles to Ceres in your 2nd from your 10th. If you are renegotiating anything now – from that salary to how you are treated by others, time to be sure of your self-worth Capricorn. Friends or connections from the past could be back in touch around the 25th when the Sun and retro Merc meet. This is a revival that could simply show you there’s still a resonance there. Pick up where you left off now, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re the poster child for committing to the long, winding road, Capricorn. Keeping the faith in yourself and your purpose, could pay off for you this week. The long haul turns into easy going – finally.



Do you want more of the same – or something new?

Hidden solutions are revealed

Heart centered decisions – are the correct ones

Change and negotiations feature this week, Aquarius. You’re about to go deeper in to something and commit further and for the long term. Or consciously uncouple yourself out.

Whatever your decision, it is going to have a big impact on how others see you. Either personally, professionally or even both. We are our choices after all. And not choosing is also a choice.

Keep going or change direction – that’s your choice

Above all, you need to go with your gut this week. So, check in with it. With Mercury retrograde this decision is unlikely to involve anything new – unless this cannot be helped. With the heavy line-up of planets in your 12th, this probably involves the past or things that have been going on for some time. Ahead of the Now Age which begins for you in December, you now have a choice or decision to make. Carry on or head in a new direction. The 19th sees Venus in your 8th of sharing, transformation and change make the first of three angles this week to those 12th house planets. This one to Jupiter.

Hidden or long-awaited opportunities or a solution which results in transcendence of a long term problem could appear. Venus moves on to make the same angle to Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th). It’s both an ending and a beginning at the same time. This is backed up by Mercury retrograde in your 10th which meets Juno in here on the 19th and then the newly arrived Sun on the 25th.

That choice or decision won’t be made lightly. But it’s the right one for you. Vesta’s arrival in your 8th is all about being willing to shake up the status quo for the sake of your wellbeing. Aiding you is the Sun’s angle to retro Ceres in your 1st on the 21st. There’s a compromise to be reached here. The letting go of karmic shackles or something that has been holding you back for far too long. Anything from a situation to a connection or just your own thoughts. Whatever it is, your higher self knows what you need to do. It has no place in the Now Age you’re entering. Make that choice this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve a choice to make this week, Aquarius. And that is whether to keep going or to let something go in favour of a new but perhaps unknown future. Check within and you’ll know which is right for you now.



How has love evolved with you?

Fresh starts could bring different outcomes

What reappears could have a new purpose

Venus in its ruling 7th puts the focus on love, love love. But you have Mercury retrograde in your 9th. As well as the usual Mercury retro rules, don’t rush into anything new now. The return of a big love or taking the next step in one? Very much on the agenda now.

Despite the Mercury ‘look back to go forward’ vibe, the future is coming into focus thanks to Venus’s angles to Jupiter (11th), Pluto (21st) and Saturn (24th) in your 11th. This could point to a re-connection or re-encounter. Perhaps not just with a lover but with someone who has influenced you in the past and can do again. To your benefit I might add.

This could even be an overseas connection or to a place, a subject or an activity which represents both freedom and passion for you as retro Merc meets Juno in your 9th on the 19th. And the Sun enters this house on the 22nd and encounters Mercury in here on the 25th. You may get that vibe someone is returning or something from the past is about to reappear thanks to the Sun’s angle to Ceres in your 12th on the 21st.

What’s the big difference this time around?

If you are looking at the return of anyone or anything this week, you do need to pause and ask yourself what is different this time around before recommitting. Or you may simply be dealing with a situation which impacts on your future in a big way. Again, time to pause and fact-gather. And then measure this against what your gut is telling you. Have you changed? Have your needs changed? If this is a person – how have they changed? And is the change permanent?

If it’s a deal or agreement – do those terms need to change in order to meet your needs not just now – but in the future? Vesta’s arrival in your 7th from the 22nd is telling you that just because it’s been one way in the past, doesn’t mean it has to be that way in the future. And also that you have the power to craft it – any way you want.

Also, to know if the other party doesn’t want to meet you half-way – they were never going to agree anyway. And that there’s been no change at all. This week can hand you the tools to set the future on a new course. And to take something future proof into it with you.

In a nutshell: Love needs to evolve along with us. You’ve changed, Pisces. So, if someone or something returns now, ask how old loves have also grown. The future of love doesn’t have to repeat the past.



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