March 2018 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

Monthly Horoscope Forecast for All Signs March 2018


  • Revisit the past but don’t stay there
  • Open up to love
  • Examine something in the bold, blue light of truth

The weeks leading up to your birthday unearth secrets and mysteries. It may not just be the secret you’re keeping but what has been kept from you. It’s your time to know and to see things for how they really are. By doing this you will free yourself and open up new potential. It’s all designed to shed blockages and free you for what lies ahead in the coming year. Which believe me is going to be pretty huge. It begins with Mercury deliverer of information in your 12th acting as a catalyst to ruler Mars in your 9th. You may face hard truths about yourself and possibly another. But the result is a massive leap forward and a catalyst for change.

Expect intense emotions as March begins as after a month without a full Moon, we have the first of two ‘blue’ Moons on the 2nd. This occurs in your 6th of work and also wellbeing. This is the house opposite your 12th obviously and what you may find is that there is a delayed but powerful reaction to this that peaks emotionally for you around the 4th when the Sun meets Neptune in your 12th. This is when something hidden may well ‘come to light’ and it could affect your work or see you having to look closely at how this or your routine, impacts on your soul. This may call for a radical re-design or even a shedding of anything from a connection to a habit. But the result of this could in fact be beautiful as before Mercury and Venus enter your 1st they meet in your 12th bringing a link to your past and marking the beginning of new potential in love.

The past may play a role but it may be just that you re-frame it as it now really is the time to begin to set yourself new goals for your upcoming cycle. Think of this as when you undertake a soul business plan in very much the same way as you would an actual one if you are launching a business. And perhaps that is one of your goals for the coming year. No matter what direction you want to go in and what you wish to attain, you need a plan. It’s time to follow the direction of your passion. Have you been doing that?  Jupiter in your 8th is asking you to take stock of what you have, what you want to attain and also your ideas around your ability to achieve this as the planet of expansion and luck begins a retrograde cycle which will last until July. Part of this stock take could be looking at how powerful and proactive you are. Not just in going after your goals but in maintaining your boundaries. Ruler Mars is presently in your 9th – Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in your 8th – Scorpio, which before Pluto was discovered, was Mars’s ruling sign. Jupiter rules your 9th and Sagittarius. So, Mars and Jupiter right now are in what we call ‘mutual reception’. Even though Jupiter is retrograde, you can access inner strength, power and the ability to draw the line if needed. You also have staying power to see things through – and to follow that business plan once you have it. You’ve got access to action and innovation now but this could involve going back over things and also looking closely at where you may have to enforce boundaries  especially around anything you share with others. Or perhaps even yourself. Self-discipline is power and you can access this now.

The second week of March leading up to your birthday asks for you to look at your past but to be compassionate with yourself if you have any regrets about it. The new Moon in your 12th asks you to apply empathy, forgiveness and understanding and also allows you to access insight and healing and direct this to yourself. Understand it is good sometimes to have regrets as these tell us we have moved forward and learned from the experience. What is not good however is to beat ourselves up over the choices we made. We need to understand we made the best one with the information and skills we had at the time. Put the past into perspective with this new Moon, pour yourself a healing draught of self-love and then move on. That part is important as ruler Mars enters your 10th of career, reputation and renown today. Your ambition and desire to succeed gets ignited now. It is back to those goals and what you want and you need to be free to go after them without taking guilt from your past with you. Venus in your 1st ignites a destiny fuelled path by making a breath-taking angle to the North Node in your 5th. What is it you wish this new cycle to bring you?  A new love?  A career or business opportunity? Or just soul freedom and the ability to live an abundant, passionate life? 

The Sun arrives in your 1st from the 20th and with Mercury turning retrograde in your 1st from the 23rd, that revised plan or stocktake as I have referred to it, could have you enjoying the moment but waiting to take action while you work on it. Mercury retros are all about ‘re’ words –  revise, revisit and re-evaluate what you want before moving ahead. With Jupiter also retrograde in your 8th the ‘re’ words also include rebirth which your 8th rules. But there are other ‘re’ words that are in play due to ruler Mars, Pluto and also Lilith in your 10th. These include rewards and reputation. Just bear in mind that this is a time for conclusion and completion and rewards will come from what is already in motion. Keep working on that plan rather than initiating anything new now. Focus, don’t scatter your energy for targeted success.

The final week of the month could bring an unexpected twist when it comes to romance or what you attract into your life. The twist could be a gift or opportunity that you didn’t expect or else doesn’t look like what you thought you wanted. The surprise is it’s just what you needed. This could even come in the form of a chance to show off your ideas, talents or abilities and you are amazed at the response you get as Venus and Uranus meet in your 1st on the 29th. Be open and above all, be yourself now as this transit is all about your vibe, your frequency and how the universe (and others) respond to that.

The final day of March sees the second (‘blue’) full Moon on the month appear in your partnership sector. This is the same day as Venus who rules this house in your chart enters her other ruling house – your 2nd of money, assets and values. You want to get closer and share your feelings now with a partner or someone close to you. Above all, you are striving to remove barriers between and you others, to open up emotionally and achieve true understanding. Love is demanding an outlet now and you will be testing the waters to see whether your partner or even a friend, is open to moving towards true honestly and connection. It’s not just a one-way street. You open like a sunflower when your partner or someone else shares their emotions too. Just like a sunflower follows the sun you’ll turn towards trying to accommodate their feelings as you express your own. However, if someone is not up for this, you may now look closely at the future of your connection. Remember what I said about others responding to your vibe or frequency? If someone doesn’t chances are there are others who will. Does the sunflower follow the sun or the sun track the sunflower? Maybe a bit of both for you this month, Aries.

In a nutshell: Secrets are revealed. Mysteries cleared up. A new path to love is opening up. Are you ready to walk it, Aries?


  • Get love struck!
  • Spring clean your soul
  • Is something old new again?

March could begin with a little madness. Not the usual kind but the sort that follows when Cupid goes crazy and starts firing off those arrows in all kinds of different directions. Ruler Venus begins the month in your 11th house of friends, groups and goals. That enhanced social sparkle is yours to work but usually this alone would not point to romance. But you have far more going for you at the start of the month than that alone. Your 5th is the house of attraction and where those arrows first get fired. So, new friends who may be potential lovers could appear. After a February devoid of a full Moon, March delivers two! With the first appears in your fabulous 5th on the 2nd. Dance away by its light as this could signal the start of a romance or the deepening of an existing one. Step free of anything that has been slowing you down or holding you back from expressing your true vibrancy and creative soul. The Sun meets Neptune in your 11th the day Mercury engages with Venus in here (4th) which could see those arrows fired off in unexpected directions! What or who does your heart now beat for? The answer may surprise you.

Venus and Mercury enter your 12th on the 6th. This marks your cycle of looking at the past and seeing what you now want to take into your future. It’s your spring cleaning for the soul and it occurs every year for all of us just prior to our birthday. If you’re asking the big questions: where should I go? What is my calling? Who/what should I take forward with me or leave behind in the past? – expect answers if you open up and are prepared to hear them. Because this is the house of the spirit and psychic matters and also the house which rules where we hold ourselves back, if you are uncertain about what your inner self is saying to you, then this is also one of the best times to consult a psychic or even a psychologist if deeper issues emerge. Your dreams may contain clues and you may receive answers to your questions in the form of strange coincidences and synchronicities as you go about your daily business.

Because this is your 12th and the house of the past, don’t be surprised if it reappears in memory or in person. Did that arrow find it’s mark with an ex who now returns? Take your time before jumping back in if so. They waited this long so what’s your hurry?

Other Taureans could find friends, old colleagues or even something they thought done and dusted pop up for one last go-around or to be reshaped and reformed into something better they can take with them into the new cycle. Again, take your time here as Jupiter planet of expansion turns retrograde in your house of partnerships from the 9th. This retro lasts a long time up until the middle of July. During this time it is not a good idea to enter into any new long term ‘twosome’ arrangement unless you have already met the person and things are in motion. But with the 12th house activated and Crazy Cupid running around, again, former partners may feature. This is also a good transit to face up to partnership issues if things have not been going well. You have the opportunity to either create a new beginning or to walk away if things cannot be resolved. Again, this all relates to your 12th and what you will take with you and what you now leave behind in the past. 

As a new Moon appears in your 11th on the 17th, it’s time to look at what kind of connections you are missing in your life. Old friends perhaps or the need to make new ones? Again, it’s not the ideal time now to be seeking that long term love but how about just concentrating on adding fabulous new souls to your social scene without worrying about whether or not they come with added romantic potential? And just leave it up to destiny as to how these eventually evolve? You know, if love is your goal there is something to be said for just relaxing and putting that desire on the backburner. Who knows without all that swiping and pressure you could just end up having fun!

The day of the new Moon also sees Mars in your house of adventure, travel, learning and expansion, further fuelling your desire to get out there and experience a bigger slice of life. If love is on the menu, it had better come with depth and sensuality too as Venus squares both Pluto and the black Moon Lilith. You crave a release on some level. Are you daring enough to take it if offered? 

The month comes to a close with major past aspects triggered in your 12th. The Sun arrives in here from the 20th and Mercury heads retrograde from the 23rd. The retro rules apply now but with Jupiter retrograde in your 7th expect an increased emphasis on past partnerships, people from your past, memories and above all, secrets. These can be secrets around a current or former partner, secrets you have kept, or things that you are just plain unaware of. Ruler Venus squaring Pluto in your 9th and meeting Eris in your 12th may be about to do just that. You may not like what is revealed at first but there is a saying that the truth will set you free. Surprising revelations can result from the meeting between Venus and Uranus on the 29th.

The final day of March sees the second full ‘blue’ Moon of the month strike your 6th of work and wellness. The same day as your ruler finally arrives in your 1st. What has been revealed to you that you now see you needed to know to set you free? This could be something you need to unshackle yourself from or that is holding you back. You should now begin to see all too clearly the result this may have had on your overall wellbeing and that this has been going on for some time. Although thankfully  in this modern era this rarely applies, your 6th is the house associated with slavery. How many times have you or someone else joked perhaps that your boss ‘treats me like a slave’? Or you ‘slave away’ at something? Be aware that we can be enslaved by thoughts, ideas or even unhealthy connections. This month may point to some crazy Cupid action but it also points to the freedom that comes from clarity. You can have the fun and the freedom this March if you are willing to see things clearly.

In a nutshell: March madness? Blame Cupid who could go crazy with those arrows! Be prepared to be struck and smitten as love, not just spring is in the air, Taurus!


  • What do you need to sustain and support you?
  • Get empowered
  • Romance and fun return with added sparkle

Home, family, where you live and just you needing that extra bit of nurturing and emotional reassurance are themes that surface as March begins for you, Gemini. February was a void-full Moon month in that we did not see one. March rectifies this with not one but two, the first of which is in the Moon’s ruling house – your 4th on the 2nd (or the 1st if you are in the US). This will oppose Neptune in your career sector so it could stir up feelings about your long term security and what provides for this – in other words your career or even your partner if you do not work outside the home. Later this month sees a new Moon appear in your 10th – on the 17th to be precise. Use the time between this full Moon and the new Moon to plan and make any adjustments necessary.

Decisions may need to be made this month which affect your work and also how powerful you feel. When we feel capable and empowered, we feel secure within. We know we can take care of ourselves or meet any challenges. So, we can deal effectively with what happens in the outside world and stay in our power no matter what. So, if something ‘rattles’ you emotionally at the start of the month, instead of focussing on the outer event, look within too where you feel disconnected from your own power. Jupiter is about to turn retrograde in your 6th of work and wellbeing from the 9th until July 15. Make any adjustments to your working life, routine and also your beliefs around how capable you are to support yourself – even on an emotional level between now and then. Ruler Mercury also heads retrograde this month in your 11th from the 23rd. This is all about you, your friends, the collective and how you are perceived by others. Or want to be seen for that matter.

Mars will move from your 7th into your 8th – the house of transformation, shared resources, desire, passion, sex and boundaries on the 17th. This was Mars’s ruling house in ancient astrology so we can say he is ‘at home’ in here. He adds courage and conviction as well as stirring up deep passion – perhaps even those passions we have been repressing or not admitting to! This day also sees that new Moon appear. There’s a saying: Good fences make for good neighbours. Mars rules boundaries and when it comes to negotiating anything now – from a relationship, to your salary, a payout or something you share with someone, remember that saying. Give yourself the gift of inner strength by setting those boundaries – and sticking to them. You’ll  be amazed how empowered and secure you feel as a result.

Ruler Mercury is in your 11th of contacts, networks and also goals from the 4th and the Sun enters here on the 20th. This is an opportunity to expand your social circle or even revive it if you have become somewhat of a hermit of late. This is your house of goals and dreams too. That bucket or wishlist that may seem to others like wishful thinking but in fact, you have those dreams for a reason. Review your goals for relevance and ask yourself why you want to achieve them? Go deep here as Mercury shifts to retrograde from the 23rd. Because Jupiter has turned retrograde in one of Mercury’s ruling houses in your chart, you need to think of this retrograde as being Supersized.  You of all signs know the Retrograde Rules and you also know retrogrades serve a purpose. Jupiter rules big dreams, the far horizon and big picture thinking. Do any of your goals fall under this heading? If so, recommit to them. And understand the people who cross your path now, even ones that reappear from the past, may have a key role to play in helping you towards goal attainment.

Above all, look for the unexpected and remain open-minded as we head towards the end of the month as Venus and Uranus collide in what is Uranus’s ruling house. Uranus rules surprises and thrills. He’s the rollercoaster planet, the maverick thinker and the revolutionary who wants us to be who we are and see the world differently. Venus wants connection and love as well as inspiring us creatively. So, an opportunity could arrive that may not look like you thought it would, a new connection could be made with someone very different than you usually encounter and the key here is to not judge or let preconceptions get in the way. See where this can take you. This is a fabulous week for rekindling a friendship or reviving a past love. Old hangouts could feature and if you receive a ‘back to the future’ invite then please accept it. The second full Moon of the month – and therefore a ‘blue’ Moon waxes in your gorgeous sparkling 5th. If a romance has started but has not yet really got going, this could see it get taken to the next level. But also, if it is not for you, then you will now be released. The day of this Moon sees Venus move off into your 12th which is why the past can also play a role. Someone could possibly reappear and you both rediscover a new relevance – or that the old relationship is still there. Remember, retrogrades rule ‘re’ words: revise, review, reinvention, relevance, resonance and yes, relationship. Build yours first with yourself and watch the ones in your outer world fall into place as a result (yes, another ‘re’ word).

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury is about to head retrograde and you know what that means. New love could spring from the past as something old gets a beautiful update this March.


  • Get a little Moonstruck
  • What is reflected back at you?
  • It may be new, but does love have a past flavour?

After a month of no full Moons we have plenty of Moonstruck action for you this month, Cancer. March is going to bring us two with the first in your 3rd on the 2nd (or 1st if you are in North America). This is your opportunity to set sail in a new direction under it. News could arrive that announces it or you may just decide it is time for a change and initiate this yourself.  Your 9th house, the one opposite the 3rd of course, has a steamer trunk full of fabulous heavenly bodies wanting you to book a ticket on a horizon expanding adventure of some description. Full Moons always reflect light – so the light they reflect illuminates the house opposing the one the full Moon is in. Now you get it! So, all those emotional tides that peak each month when your ruler is full may have more to do with the sign opposite the one the Moon is in, than where it actually is. So, look beyond and opposite not just with this full Moon but with the second one – a ‘blue’ Moon which will close this month. If you are unsure of what themes each house contains and are likely to be activated by house by the Moon, you’ll find you can easily discover this on my site.

Look carefully what does come to light in the days after this first full Moon when the Sun meets Neptune in your 9th. Now, Neptune can weave mists of illusion so we can’t see things clearly. We may literally feel we are ‘foggy’. But the combination of the full Moons light and the Sun can suddenly reveal what we need or the action we need to take. You’re about to get clear about the direction you need to take so be ready for when the new Moon releases you into a new cycle of learning and opportunity from the 17th. By then you’ll be hungry for adventure, to shrug off restriction and to experience more than you have allowed yourself to do for a while now. This is preparation time. Get ready to launch!

Romance gets a retro feel to it as Jupiter the planet of expansion (who rules your 9th incidentally) turns retrograde in your 5th from the 9th. Jupiter retrograde for a long period and this one will last until your birthday cycle. As this is your house of romance, this is not a good time not to begin a new one. However, past loves could return and past themes around children, step children and past creative projects are all highlighted. You could even be in a new situation but it all seems uncannily familiar. If so, draw on what you have learned from the past and apply it to your present situation. Mars enters your house of long term partnerships, marriage and any long term tango situation that involves you and one other person. This is also your house of open enemies and those people who get up in your grill. Sure, you are usually the sweetest, nicest person out there. In fact, your usual tactic is to scuttle back into your safe space to avoid conflict. But this house position is not a great one for Mars and if there are problems between you and someone else they could come to a head now as Mars will square with the planets in your 10th which include Mercury and Venus who rules your 7th.

The upside of Mars in here? Reigniting passion if things have gone vanilla of late, you pushing ahead with business or career plans or having the confidence to effectively deal with that ‘difficult’ person once and for all.

Career matters are favoured up until the third week of the month. You began March with Mercury who rules communication and commerce, and Venus who of course rules enhanced relationships of any description and your creativity, working your 10th of reputation and rewards. Venus also enhances your image and adds a touch of diplomacy to anything you do. So, you have the ability to create exactly the right impression. The Sun’s arrival in here from the 20th puts you and your ambitions very much in the spotlight now. If you can manage it, bring projects and career matters to a conclusion now and try to schedule important meetings and interviews before the 23rd. The reason? Mercury turns retrograde in here from the 10th. Review and revise now rather than push through with new endeavours unless you cannot possibly help it. Those projects already in motion or which you may have put on the backburner can now be revisited and infused with new insight and innovation as Venus meets Uranus in here. You can design a fresh approach that dazzles with its originality now. Use this as a time of refinement for what is or has been in motion. Mercury retrograde in your 10th means it is not a good time to look for a new job unless of course you are unemployed or you are applying to someone you have contacted or worked for in the past. Instead use this as a time of adjustment and revision.

The month ends on a Moonstruck note with the second full blue Moon of the month appearing in the Moon’s ruling 4th. Those emotions, the need to nurture and be nurtured or just the desire to withdraw and enjoy your space, need to be honoured and heeded. Don’t push this. Now you know to also look to the house which is opposite that which the full Moon is in, you know to look to your 10th and above all, pay attention to what you need to do to establish something that supports and sustains you for the future. If you need to do this while having a duvet day with some cupcakes or other comfort food – do it.

This cocooning won’t last for long as Venus leaves your 10th behind and makes an entrance into your 11th this same day. Recharge and then get ready to spread the love in the form of your presence amongst friends, contacts and your network in general. Remember, retrogrades are all about those ‘re’ words – so reconnect when you remerge. Your audience is waiting.

In a nutshell: It’s retro month for you with a retro feel to it. Whether this involves past loves or just the past, this March adds a fresh sparkle to everything that’s remaining relevant for you, Cancer.


  • Don’t give up your dreams
  • Mine those inner assets
  • Make the first, bold move

Enter the quantum field of dreams this month, Leo. You may associate your 11th with goals, wishes and dreams but get ready for some fabulous, fun facts. In ancient times your 9th house was known as ‘the house of dreams’. And you’ve got some major action happening in here this March!

We’ve been an entire month without a full Moon and March will deliver us two. The 2nd sees the first of these in your 2nd of money, values and finances. The full Moon reflects – so what you feel about your money and what events take place around finances now are in fact an outer reflection of your inner self-worth and values. The Sun your ruler is in the house opposite – your 8th which rules corporate money – so your salary, assets or resources you share with others, personal power and yes, sex. Along with the Sun you have a full house in here – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and asteroid Hygeia. The Sun conjuncts Neptune in here on the same day as Mercury and Venus also meet in the same house. Two powerful meetings add up to a major transformation in either your money or your personal life as your 2nd is ruled by Venus and she rules both romance and finances.  Is this a change you have initiated or want? If it is not, you need to tap into those intangible assets of boundaries and values. Or do you have what you have desired for a very long time and instead of feeling the way you thought you would, are feeling you somehow don’t deserve it or it will be taken from you? If fear is what you feel instead of elation, then you need to look at why. It could be you are scared to go beyond what you think are ‘safe’ limits of success. Don’t you deserve more? Perhaps the answer lies in your house of dreams.

March contains the seeds of a new beginning, a powerful change or even a transcendent transformational process via another. It begins around the time of the new Moon in your 8th on the 17th. There’s an edgy sense of boldness about you now. A willingness to take a chance – perhaps on yourself as those self-doubts now fall away. You’re confident enough to claim that prize if it’s offered without question. Make the first move? Sure you can whether it’s approaching that hot prospect in bar or to close a deal. You’re now a powerhouse when it comes to your goals and blazing a trail.  Mars enters your 6th of work on this day giving you the energy to direct into any task and make it seem easy. Just don’t rush with Mars in here however. You may be operating at peak performance and that’s great. But unless you pace yourself you’ll burn out like a shooting star or else accidents or mistakes can happen. Go for the slow release. It’s like Tantra – for the work place but yes, with a new Moon in your 8th that can work in the bedroom as well as the boardroom now!

House moves of the more earthly kind or even long term career progress may halt or enter a period of refinement from the 9th when Jupiter heads retrograde in your 4th until mid-July. Unless you have already exchanged contracts or signed that lease, you are now better off to stay put, renovate or redecorate if you possibly can. You need to treat this period just as you would a Mercury retrograde – but one that is far more powerful. If you cannot help but move under this retrograde, then please pay extra attention to the usual Retrograde Rules: i.e.: read the small print, check, double-check and even TRIPLE check and get expert advice if necessary. Large domestic appliances could malfunction (Jupiter rules size). Thoughts of relocating could resurface – and if they do don’t be surprised if they involve moving back to somewhere – a neighbourhood, a town or even another country, you have lived in before. Remember – retrogrades rule ‘re’ words. Stick with the ‘re’s’ and you usually can’t go too far wrong.

From the 6th of March – it’s time to get dreaming. This is the day those free-to-dream-big aspects began to build up in your 9th. Mercury and Venus arrived in here together. Mercury has always acted as Venus’s courier. Travel, learning, adventure and also just imagining that something bigger is possible for you than you have previously experienced. You’re evolving and preparing for this while your ruler remains in your 8th and up to the time when the new Moon in here marks the start of you unveiling your changes to the world. Along with your increased confidence and fearlessness is now the incentive to dream big and to paint this picture of your future in bold, vibrant strokes. But it’s now not enough for you to just dream it – you have to experience it for yourself – or take that step towards it. And that’s an experience in itself.

The Sun arrives in here on the 20th. Remember if your dream literally does involve anything to do with long distance travel, that the ruler of this and the ruler of your 9th is retrograde! Plan if you can and delay setting off just yet if possible. If you are travelling now then the fact is this March is double retrograde jeopardy as Mercury will head retrograde in here from the 23rd in your 9th – Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. All the retrograde rules apply – and then some especially across Jupiter/Mercury rulerships. For your benefit I am going to list them as they are expanded from the usual Mercury Retro Rules. Travel – local, long distance, short or long in duration, all communications, writing, publishing, teaching, academia, the internet, communication and transport – gadgets and everything from bicycles or your car to cruise liners and jumbo jets, your commute, commerce, the mass media, horses, animals, sport, contracts, agreements and the law. Back up, get it in writing, repeat yourself more than once if necessary, try not to buy anything new that falls under these rulerships – and yes, that includes a horse, confirm all arrangements before departing, allow extra time, have a plan B and a plan C too. You may need it. Phew!

So, what has this got to do with your dreams? Well, reclaiming them for one thing – as  yes, you remember – retrogrades want us to work with ‘re’ words. Have you given up on dreams? Review, revise, re-imagine them now. Revisit what made them special and reclaim them for your future. Something you gave up on could re-appear – in a slightly different form but one that is now exactly right for where you are now. Others could recommit now to that dream and map out their plan to get to it. There’s a release happening here (another ‘re’ word!) and that is setting you free to pursue your potential. Remember, this is the house of journeys and exploration. It’s not about sitting and dreaming what might be possible, it’s about living the journey that makes it all possible.

The month draws to a close with Venus entering your house of career, rewards and reputation. Dust off that Leo pride now and also that image. Reinvent your professional one (there’s that ‘re’ word again). Re words also include reputation and reward which is also what this house rules. If you have been working towards a career goal, this week’s full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd gives you what you need to bring things to a successful conclusion. If it’s in motion now, complete it or revise if necessary. Then wait and relaunch a bigger dream to take you on into the future.

In a nutshell: What’s the dream, Leo? The one you know resonates with your soul and defines you? Recommit or enlarge it this month it’s calling to you for action.


  • Know what you want
  • What’s the one relationship that lasts a lifetime?
  • Go where desire takes you

March begins with you and your desires. What do you want for yourself? What do you need from others? February was like a deep breath for us all emotionally as it was a month without a full Moon. The start of March sees the first of two full Moons this month appear in your 1st. This full Moon brings your attention squarely down to you. Your dreams, your feelings and what it is you need not just now, but in the future. You’re examining this by the light of the Moon. Do you keep something or discard it? Does it fulfil you emotionally or not? But you are not immersed just in the wonderful ocean of your emotions. When the month begins you have a massive line-up of planets in your 7th as well. Full Moons reflect – not just the energy of the house they are in, but the house they oppose – in this case your partnership sector. You’re attuned to the feelings of those closest to you as well. Wanting to create a solution that interweaves both your needs and those closest to you.

You’re open, receptive and reflective now as this Moon will oppose Neptune in your 7th and the Sun also meets Neptune in here on the 4th. Venus who rules your 7th meets ruler Mercury in here the same day. This is the point when the energy of this Moon may peak. Neptune opens doorways to new realms and what has eluded you or what you could not see before. But as the Moon struck your 1st your most important relationship, the one that lasts a lifetime, could be the one that you can now begin relating to on a whole new level. And that’s your relationship with yourself. No matter what form it takes – whether the appearance of an entrancing new lover, the deepening of an existing relationship or just you accepting you just the way you are, it’s all in how you relate to your needs and through those, relate to others.

A powerful cycle of change fuelled by a newly created self-awareness also begins as together Mercury and Venus move into your 8th from the 6th. If you’ve recently met someone, the talk turns from romance to desire and yes, sex. It could be time to seal the deal on some level and this doesn’t just apply to your personal life but your work and business too. Sign on the dotted line or seal it with a kiss now because you are about to enter major retrograde territory – and you of all signs should know what that means. First, Jupiter will turn retrograde in your 3rd – a Mercury ruled house, from March 9 until July 15. This is your house of learning, teaching, short journeys, writing, communication, business,, contracts, siblings if you have them, and your neighbourhood. Being a Mercury-ruled sign and this being a Mercury-ruled house, you are better equipped than most other signs to cope with what may manifest as a Mercury retro on steroids. Jupiter adds well, extra big Jupiter influences over things Jupiter rules. So, take all those themes to their extreme. You understand that retrograde energy gives us the opportunity to revisit, refine, reconfigure, review, revise – if it’s a ‘re’ word it works with the retrograde. Where do you need to focus the ‘re’-vision? Look to what emerges around the 13th where you may get a signpost pointing the way.

Jupiter retrograde is all about what you have learned. And there is no point in revisiting the past if you don’t apply what it has taught you to the future. That future now shines with the first sliver of possibilities as a new Moon appears in your 7th on the 17th – the same day Mars enters your fabulous 5th of romance and fun. For singles this could turn out to be one of the best new Moons under which to find love this year. New beginnings in relationships are possible. Mars in your 5th ignites attraction and passion and adds a sexy boldness. You see something you like, you won’t wait. You’ll be the one to make the first move. Mars is in your house of creativity and children, stirring up desire. Just be aware of this if the patter of little feet isn’t on your agenda right now. Others could channel all this creative life force into a project or work they are passionate about. There’s a take it and run with it feeling to all of this. Fun and passion rule as it’s time to dance to the beat of your heart.

The Sun moves into your 8th just prior to ruler Mercury turning retrograde in here on the 23rd. It’s the start of an important cycle of transformation which could affect both your inner and outer world. Your 8th is loaded with a massive stellium right now – as you have the Sun, Venus, Eris and Uranus also in here. The Sun will square Mars in your 5th as Venus also squares Pluto in there. Deep and profound changes could occur around an intimate connection, something you share with another or your money. But ultimately it’s about you reaching down into the source of your power and coming from that. Are you ready to tap into a new strength and magnetism you’ve not accessed before?

Get ready for mayhem however as Mercury heads retrograde in here from the 23rd and will remain so until April 15. What changes did you set in motion and then failed to complete? It’s time to tap into fearlessness and tackle what you have been putting off once and for all. It’s also time for assertiveness and boundaries if you have problems in these areas. You can re-work and re-instate these is necessary. Something left in abeyance can now be re-negotiated. Think of this as a time of endings and completion rather than starting anything new. If a change occurs unexpectedly, which it may now as Venus meets Uranus in your 8th on the 29th, if you go deep chances are you’ll see the signs were there all along. You can choose how you react to this however. Think of this as the change revolution happening in your soul.

The second full Moon of the month – and therefore a ‘blue’ Moon shines out of your money zone on the final day of the month. Financial negotiations could enter their final stage now and you could also be examining your emotional connection to your money. Does this need to undergo a reformation or reconnection? Remember retrogrades are always about the ‘re’ words. The ruler of your money zone, Venus changes houses on this day and arrives in your 9th. There’s the promise ahead to have the funding for learning and exploration. By the end of the month, you could have discovered that this is what you wanted for yourself all along.

In a nutshell: Desire wants to scoop you up and carry you off. What is it you are hankering for, Virgo? Surrender to it and be brave enough to have it all this March!


  • Get ready for a bold, sexy soul upgrade
  • Escape that rut
  • What needs to move this March?

A new sense of wellbeing and way of working is just around the corner for you this March, Libra. I could say ‘About time’. You begin the month with a loaded 6th house which also has ruler Venus in residence. As well you know, not her best placement. But all transits have their upside and this one is no exception. Perhaps your job has been working you as opposed to the other way around? Or your routine just doesn’t support you? In a rut? Telling yourself what you can and cannot do due to 1) your schedule or 2) your energy or 3) both? Take a big dose of compassion and also clarity and move out into a new phase of healing which should be directed first at yourself before you help anyone else. Above all, escape that rut you’ve dug yourself in to. Those habits – you know deep down they no longer support you and are in fact a prison. Now’s your chance to leave them behind.

Just what these are could become all too clear as the first full Moon of March – yes, we have two after a February devoid of full Moon action, appears in your 12th on the 2nd. Felt foggy of late? Disconnected or distanced from what is going on? You’ve had to feel your way through some challenges of late without the sense of clear direction. This full Moon could see you wanting to withdraw but with a purpose. To explore what you need to release you back into the flow of life. Downtime could provide the breakthrough you are looking for so see this as a serious investment. You’ll therefore be ready on the 17th when the new Moon appears in your 6th. Time for what truly supports you whether it is a new job, new way of handling an existing one, or you just redesigning that routine.

After all this deep delving, your release occurs and sooner than you could possibly imagine as on the 6th, ruler Venus arrives in her ruling house in your chart. Mercury also enters the same day. Expect the focus to shift to all things loved by Librans – and yes, I am talking about love and relationships now. Venus entering here along with the Sun which arrives on the 20th always ushers in one of the best periods of the year for attracting love of the lasting, forever variety. Those of you already coupled up can look forward to increased closeness and all your ‘It takes two’ connections should flourish now. So, this includes business, activity and collaborative partnerships as well as your long-term besties.

If you are looking for that special someone focus on the love you have, not the kind you don’t. Love creates more love. Lack creates lack. It’s that simple. Venus is encouraging you to express yourself, to embrace life irrespective of whether or not you have a romantic partner. There’s a big theme emerging this month around past loves. First you have Jupiter planet of expansion and abundance, turn retrograde in Venus’s other ruling house – your 2nd. Unlike a Mercury retrograde which lasts on average roughly three weeks, due to Jupiter being a slow-moving planet, retrogrades last months with this one ending on July 15. First off, this is an opportunity to review your relationship to your money and to see it as just that. What have you learned from the past about this? Think about the times when money flowed to you and then contrast this with times when you were cash-strapped. What happened? What changed and also, and most importantly, how was your personal life at the time and how did it reflect these changes? There’s insight and parallels to be drawn now.

Mars moves out of your 3rd and into your 4th on the 17th. If you are thinking of moving then try now to wrap things up and sign the lease or contract and set a date. You should know by now Mars energy does not sit well within what is a feminine and nurturing sector of your chart. It’s great for doing things around and to the home – renovating, packing up, but less so for fostering that hygge. Family or just the people you live with can grate on you for no reason so you need to find something to channel Mars’s energy into like a project or even your career.

The reason to try to wrap things up with regards to any property dealings or a move is that Mercury turns retrograde in your 7th from the 23rd. This retrograde will bring a focus on partnership matters (more on that in a moment) but also the usual retro rules apply and these include of course not signing important contracts or agreements unless you really cannot help it – leases and purchases falling under this. As far as close connections go, Mercury retrograde in here could see issues that have been hanging around for a while between you and another now discussed and dealt with. And with Jupiter retrograde in your 2nd which rules people who are an asset to you, then past partners could also feature.  This could come as a surprise as Venus meets Uranus in here on the 29th. For the past few years you could have had a question hanging over you about a past, current or even prospective partnership? Been playing a guessing game? This is the final time Venus will meet Uranus in here and this could mark the point the guessing stops.

And if it’s not got depth and passion now, it won’t be on. The second full Moon – a Blue Moon appears in your 1st at the end of the month on the same day Venus says back in black and heads into your 8th. Your emotional attunement to others increases. As does your sex drive and boldness. When it comes to asking the difficult question or making that move, you won’t shy away from it. But chances are actions speak louder than words now. If it’s on, you’ll know it. And if it’s not, the absence of action tells you all you need to know. Either way, March tells you everything you need to know.

In a nutshell: What’s working you instead of you making it work? March lets you work it your way now. So free yourself of routines that no longer support you to make way for what really matters.


  • Is this your better road to romance?
  • Become a person to fall in love with
  • Act on insight

Journeys end in lover’s meeting. Is this where March is leading you, Scorpio? There’s another saying – one that Shakespeare did not write but which could equally apply to you which is ‘The journey is the goal’. Are you so fixed on the goal you’re missing the scenery? Or blind to perhaps a new road towards something so much better? This month is about to provide you with a new perspective on your journey – and a fresh path if you are open to it.

You could find it at the start of the month thanks to Venus and Mercury both in your zone of romance and pleasure making angles to ruler Pluto in your 3rd and Jupiter in your 1st. Have you been shunning the spotlight lately or feeling it is just not for you? After a month which contained no full Moons, March gives us two. The first is on the 2nd in your house of friends, groups and goals. So, that goal or dream matters but is there another way of getting there or perhaps a better dream for you? You could discover this via your connections or being out and about now. Opt for any invitations or being somewhere outside of your usual circles. There’s discoveries to be made – not just new people, but paths and opportunities you may be unaware exist. Why? Because you can’t see them – yet. This Moon may illuminate some new dreams.  And new pleasures that transcend your previous experiences thanks to some wonderful aspects between the Sun (which rules your 5th) and Neptune and Venus and Mercury. One result of this could be you being in the right place at the right time to make the right connection. That’s the meeting so take a new route on your journey if offered it.

If there’s a new dream is it time for a new you? Jupiter in your 1st is about to turn retrograde from the 9th and will not move forward again until July 15. This is all about you and who you are becoming. Or want to become. Want to walk a new path or start a journey? Chances are some aspect of you has to change and align with that. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting a new look, makeover or updating your image, see this period as a dress rehearsal. You can try on all kinds of looks on for size, see how they feel, what they say about you. There’s a call for change and it’s my guess you have already made big adjustments on an inner level. So, how do you want to showcase these to the world? Find a way to communicate who you now are through your outer image and don’t be afraid to experiment and try something different to what you would usually choose. You are after all, the sign of rebirth. Are you ready for yours to begin?

There’s a shift happening from the 6th as Mercury enters his ruling 6th along with Venus enhancing work prospects and also wellbeing matters. You workload could increase along with your capacity to make more money. Push though projects and plans to completion now if you can as from the 23rd, Mercury will head retrograde in here and because this is Mercury’s ruling domain, the capacity for retrograde mayhem is increased.  So, lock it down, close that deal, back up data and bring as much as you can to a conclusion now as a period of revision and also delays, snafus backtracking could be about to begin.

However, this is not before you get to make a date with fabulousness. Wrap yourself in glamour and romance. Dust yourself off with sparkle. And yes, step out and get yourself noticed. You have a gorgeous new Moon hinting at a new love, new outlet for self-expression, new creativity and an opportunity to unwrap that new you you’re working on appearing in your 5th on the 17th. This day also sees ancient ruler Mars change signs and move into your 3rd. Everything you say and communicate now gets a heady infusion of confidence plus you back it up with action. See someone you like? Smile and step towards them. That’s the new you talking – and in motion now.

Just prior to Mercury turning retrograde the Sun arrives in your 6th and it is now time to

refine that routine or initiate a new one if necessary. With Jupiter retro in your 1st and now Mercury you may be looking back to see what you have learned in order to move forward effectively once more when the Mercury retro ends next month. As we head towards the month’s end, it’s important to remember that your entire money/work/career sector remains loaded with potential. Can you be the innovator, the entrepreneur – even on a small level? Bring those new ideas if not to your actual workplace then to making your life flow so much easier. Beautiful, unexpected solutions are possible as Venus meets Uranus on the 29th.

The last day of March sees an intuitive full ‘Blue’ Moon appear in your soul searching and spiritual 12th. Chances are you are looking at an insight into a specific situation or area which tells you which way it is going to go. Take this information seriously and act on it. There’s a shift happening now as that new you you’ve created has sent out a cosmic call to the universe. Opportunity has answered and is on its (or their) way as Venus enters her ruling 7th the same day as the full Moon. Follow that future spark – second star to the right and straight on towards the new.

In a nutshell: Ready for something new, fresh and enticing? Perhaps this involves a new you, Scorpio. Enter a time of romance and reinvention and become the lover you want to attract!


  • You can dream, but the universe can dream bigger
  • Work your secret power
  • The past forms a pathway to the future

February was a full Moon free zone, but March is set to deliver double. You are usually very much a front of house person and the full Moon in your 10th of career, reputation and status would usually see you steering a career phase or project to its peak. That’s not to say you won’t be involved in something that elevates your status but with ruler Jupiter in your 12th there’s an element of working behind the scenes involved here. And that’s not usually your style. However, it may turn out to pay off in the long term. You also have powerful intuition to tap into which could see you knowing what people want – perhaps even before they do. The secret to your success could be just that – your secret power as March begins.

Mars in your 1st continues to fire up both your confidence and your energy. This month the planet of action will shift houses and head into your 2nd of money from the 17th when it’s not just the ideas you’re following but the money too. The rewards for what you start or bring to fruition at the beginning of March may therefore appear towards the end.

You are about to emerge from any backstage role and into the spotlight from the 6th when both Venus and Mercury migrate into your 5th. As well you know this is your house of romance – expect at the very least a flirtation or two or for others, the start of a new romance, fun, pleasure, children, creative ventures and your passions – in other words, what you love to do. After the serious work has gone in, it’s time to lighten up. Ruler Jupiter retrogrades rarely. But when he does the retrograde period usually lasts a long time. The 9th sees this begin and it’s set to last until July 15. Because this happens in your house of mysteries and the past tense – literally, people from the past may reappear, or situations may crop up which eerily resemble something you thought lived out or lived through. However, while Jupiter’s ability to expand is diluted now, Jupiter always wants to bring you benefits. If you have felt like you have had too many dark nights of the soul lately (the 12th can spiritually challenge us), Jupiter retrograde lightens things up and we may see Jupiter attempt to make things up to us in some way, shape or form. Jupiter as you know, always brings benefits although in your 12th, these benefits may be subtle or intangible. Done the spiritual work? If the going has been tough, Jupiter could ease the going from here on in.

The 17th is the day a new Moon appears in your 4th – the Moon’s ruling house in your chart and the same day Mars leaves your sign and heads into your 2nd.  This could have you looking at what you need to feel secure – anything from emotional reassurance to your home or your income. You’re also looking around you and assessing whether what you have meets these needs or not. Do you need ‘stuff’ to feel secure? Funny as we associate Sag with free spirits and tying their possessions in a Dick Wittington like handkerchief on the end of a stick – or at the most a rucksack. Do you need more stuff or in fact less but the right stuff? This Moon could manifest in one of two ways – more is less or less is more. Too much of the wrong stuff could actually be stopping real abundance flowing into your life. If so, try the less is more approach.

The 20th sees the Sun enter your 5th of total fabulousness. You’ve now a planetary party in here comprising of a five planet stellium – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Eris and Uranus. Over the past few years either romance, creative projects or something close to your heart, may not have panned out the way you thought they would. The good news is that this cycle is now coming to an end. From the 23rd, Mercury heads backwards in here, offering you the opportunity to reclaim your sparkle if you’ve lost it, clarify something that has been hard to pin down – like a lover for example, or bring back something you thought you had lost – anything from a work opportunity to doing something that ignited you heart and soul. And without you having to work hard to do it. As usual the Retrograde Rules apply and by now you should know these by heart. If you are travelling – something that is part and parcel of being a Sag after all, then please don’t forget that both Mercury and Jupiter rule travel and transportation. So, with both retrograde at the same time allow more than enough time to get where you are going, confirm all bookings and please, have plans from B to Z in place just in case.

Despite all this – ding ding ding – your 5th house continues to light up like a slot machine in Vegas paying out a jackpot until the month’s end when Venus leaves for your 6th. Until then, luck is on your side and if you’ve felt that was missing lately then this is one more thing that could be returning on the retrograde along with your mojo. The final day of the month sees the second full ‘Blue’ Moon of the month appear in your 11th of friends, groups , goals and networks and also ding ding ding – goals. Time to get back in the flow, ditch pursuing whatever it is you’re chasing and just see what comes to you. Sharing those dreams with those around you may show you they’re not unattainable after all. And even while you’re pursuing them, the lesson this Blue Moon has for you is that there may be things in the moment that are just as good and which you don’t want to let pass you by. That’s why it’s called the present. It’s a gift for you this March, Sag.

In a nutshell: How about not chasing that dream but letting it come to you? If you do what arrives may even be a more beautiful result that you imagined. Let go, let flow this March.


  • Have a plan – and stick to it
  • Share the dream
  • Make your move!

Full Moon-free February has come to an end and now we have Blue Moon March. The first full Moon of the month appears on the 2nd in your 9th of learning, travel, expansion, freedom and very big ideas and dreams. The 9th house used to be known as the ‘house of dreams’ in ancient astrology. Today we associate the 11th with goals, wishes and dreams. But in ancient astrology it was the 9th house that was known as the ‘house of dreams’. March begins with your 9th/3rd house axis activated as you have a departure lounge of planets in your 3rd getting ready to board the flight taking off under the light of that 9th full Moon. But to where?

Chances are other people play a role here – and yes, maybe that 11th house connection applies too. There’s a feeling of taking an idea and running with it but needing some help, assistance or input along the way. So, talk and share. You may not be boarding that flight alone. And that idea itself may be divinely inspired so don’t dismiss it as wishful thinking. Do however have a plan to turn it into reality as the Sun and Neptune meet in your 3rd. Also, don’t take everything you hear on faith. There’s also a need this month to verify the facts and get things in writing. You’ll understand why later in this forecast.

Venus and Mercury head into your 4th of home, family and those roots and foundations from the 6th. Moving or improving your home is now favoured up until the 23rd. Again, we’ll discuss why later. There could be a major decision to be made around living arrangements in March especially when Venus aspects your ruler Saturn in your 1st. There’s a need to lay your foundations or do so if you haven’t. But chances are if there is, the events leading up to it are already in motion. Try to bring property dealings, moving arrangements or refinancing to a conclusion now if you possibly can.

Friends and dreams from the past, old connections and abandoned goals could return now as the ruler of your house of dreams, Jupiter shifts to retrograde motion in from the 9th. Unlike Mercury retros, Jupiter retrogrades last for months. This one will come to an end on July 15. Old friends and colleagues can reappear or if you have been thinking of someone why not get in touch? You could discover that connect is still relevant. You will test all current friendships – mostly to see if the people you hang out with add a positive vibe. Any negativity will be weeded out. This should not involve any confrontation or formal goodbyes, just you moving in another direction and leaving them behind. Goals will be tested to see if they still reflect who you have become. Have you changed and if so, has what you want changed with this? If a goal has stood the test of time then re-commit to it during this retro period. Or you may now reclaim one abandoned by the way, realising that it forms part of your reason for being. But when it comes to goals not being realised, here’s what Jupiter wants you to understand: If your dream is not coming true, it’s because you need a bigger dream. Revisit, revise, re-envision.

Fresh ideas or news that ushers in a work or business opportunity for you could arrive at the time of the new Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. If it does, you’re ready to act on it due to the arrival of fiery Mars, the planet of fearless action, arriving in your sign on the same day. Mars in our 1st fires up our energy, increases boldness and repairs our confidence if it’s taken a dive of late. You’ll be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going now – so ensure that you do. It’s time to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go in. No more excuses. Focus your energy like a laser beam and you can make the most of Mars in here. Begin something new. And be prepared for your sex drive and also magnetism to increase. Yeah baby – you’re hot right now! It’s time to take a chance and make that move.

The Sun in your 4th from the 20th is all about looking at  home, family and your living arrangements as well as what you need to sustain you. You also have a full house in here and because of this, this would normally be the ideal time to plan on moving, But Mercury is about to head retrograde in here from the 23rd so please put any plans to buy or lease property on hold now if you possibly can for the next three weeks – or longer if you can to allow Mercury to move from retrograde shadow after heading direct once more. Yes, I am well aware that this is not always practical or possible and if so, we must meet deadlines and dates. Life does not stand still for retrogrades. If something is already in motion then the retro rules do not apply. Neither do they apply if a home you wanted but lost out on in the past now pops up again or a twist in a career tale. Renovating, redecorating and just redesigning your living arrangements or looking at long term career plans are favoured by this Mercury retro however. As does researching a new area you would like to move to. Mercury Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words which have you working with the energy rather than against it.

You could completely restructure your lifestyle (there’s a ‘re’ word again) as Sun in your 4th squares ruler Saturn in your 1st, illuminating ideas around a living space that works for you or even be drawn to a new way of living thanks to Venus and Uranus meeting in here bringing innovation and beautiful solutions you just did not see the potential in before.

The full Moon which appears on the final day of the month is a ‘Blue’ Moon. It’s in  your 10th – the opposite to your 4th, and your house of reputation and achievement as well as all things Capricorn related. You’re being called on to create structure around your career and also your home life. You’re seeing if you have this  – or not. Work and career matters could reach a climax or you reach a decision that is going to have a long term impact on your future. I am going to say you will live with it for a long time to come to choose carefully now.

If you’ve chosen right, the month’s end also opens up other possibilities as Venus moves from your 4th and into your 5th. Now you have made those big decisions it’s time for love, pleasure, desire and fun to lighten and brighten your life as you head into April.  You’re on course to attract now, Capricorn. Decide what it is – or who it is, and keep those goals at the forefront of your mind.

In a nutshell: Time for big decisions this month. Think carefully because you’ll live with the results for a long time. Hot? When it comes to attraction and love – you’re smoking!


  • Love what you do, do what you love
  • Confidence is sexy
  • Potential and possibilities vie for your attention!

March begins with the potential to make some serious power moves, Aquarius. Your professional prospects and image receive a major boost from Jupiter in your career sector and Venus in her ruling 2nd. This translates into a beautiful success story if you have done your homework. The first week of the month should see you poised to make that move and coming from a position of confidence and power. February was a month without a full Moon. March brings us one white and one blue. The first one on the 2nd – or 1st if you are in North America, in your magnetic and powerful 8th and opposing what is a loaded 2nd house for you. You’re in a prime position to close that deal, negotiate that salary or promotion or just bring something to a close now. Yes, it’s about your self-worth as well as your money. Your boundaries may be tested as may your values. But you know you have what it takes. This could result in a powerful transformation that changes the game for good.

Mercury meets Venus in Venus’s ruling house on the 4th as the Sun and Neptune also meet in your 2nd which could deliver the news you have been waiting for. But ensure you check the details and have everything in writing. Transparency is the key now. Mercury then moves into his ruling 3rd along with Venus and you’ve got the ability to win over people with your words and ideas. This could mark the beginning of a project or launch of a new job or business. Ideas are the key and also this could see you dashing from one exciting meeting to the next. These may not all be business related either as juggling work and a new romance  could put wings on your heart as well as your heels. In fact, ‘head over heels’ could relate to your schedule as well as your emotions now.

Hopefully you have set everything in motion by the 9th as this sees Jupiter turn retrograde in your status and career sector. When Jupiter retrogrades, these last for months and this once will come to an end on July 15. Think of this as your career review. Even when retrograde, Jupiter always wants to bring us opportunities and expand our horizons on some level. This is all about planning your next big move mid-year when Jupiter turns direct again. Loving what you do plays a big role in this as does who you work with. Do you love your career path? Hopefully the start of the month saw validation and material gain. If not, it’s time to look at who you are really working for – did you choose this path or did you take it because you felt it was the only one open to you? Or did you take it because it was expected you would? Make sure it is your own ambitions you are following and align with passionate purpose once more.

Keep it all real mid-month and this means seeing what’s going on below the surface or probing deeper if something just doesn’t add up. The new Moon of the 17th is laden with financial promises but this is all about you utilising your talents and skills and above all, setting new goals when it comes to your money and your relationship to it. Respect it and treat it like a person. And guess what? That relationship will improve out of sight. Mars changes houses on this day arriving in your 12th of all things hidden and secret. Got a hunch? Mars sets you on course to uncover it. Expect revelations and as Mars in here peaks your energy, a goodbye or two may result from this. If so, be philosophical about it. Chances are when you look closely it’s all been lived out.

The 20th has the Sun joining Uranus your ruler in your 3rd – along with Venus, Eris and Mercury who rules this house. The 23rd sees Mercury turn retrograde in here. His capacity for madness during this cycle which ends on April 15 is therefore increased exponentially. I should not need to remind you of the Retrograde Rules which for you this time around, whose Thou Shalt Nots should be inscribed upon stone tablets.

Before Venus exits your 3rd and heads into your 4th on the last day of the month, surprising news or developments could occur when Venus meets ruler Uranus. It’s all either already in motion or has been right under your nose all along. What you seek or need is in plain sight now and is drawn to you by you expressing your ideas, sheer sense of fun and above all, openness. Others could take a radically new approach to an old issue with amazing results.

The second full Blue Moon of the month appears in your 9th igniting your sense of adventure and attuning you to possibilities. You won’t want to think about restrictions – or negative people for that matter. Big plans could be refined or redefined. Travel is possible. If it’s time to change a direction in any area of your life, with the ruler of this house now retrograde, you can plan, wait and then initiate. Change your course in some way this March. You never know where you could end up.

In a nutshell: March could see you juggling business and romance. Bring it on! You’re juggling new possibilities too with powerful intent – and results this month.


  • Head in a new direction
  • Is there a vacancy for more love that needs filling?
  • Flirt with life and fly free!

Fabulous freeing aspects propel you into a new world of experience at the top of the month as Venus in your 1st aligns to Jupiter in his ruling house (9th). Travel is possible or just you embracing something or someone delightfully soul stretching. Chances are you want to bring someone along for the journey now. February was a month without a full Moon. March will give us two. The first of these appears on the 2nd in your 7th of partnerships and long term friendships. If you’re already in a relationship, this could signal a deepening of it or else the two of you could set new, joint goals. Want love? Make an effort to do things with at least one other person even if this is just a friend. It says you’re no longer prepared to go it alone. And if there is no-one to do things with, partner with yourself instead. Are you putting off certain activities or experiences because you want to wait until you have a partner? Ask yourself why and then whether or not the partner is necessary. Or if they are whether this has to be a romantic partner or if another kind can fit the bill.

If you do have a vacancy in your life on any level, you can fill it now. The Sun meeting ruler Neptune in your 1st signals an important new beginning for you. It’s up to you to take the first step however as otherwise the potential is just going to dissipate. Venus enters her ruling house in your chart (2nd) on the 6th along with Mercury. Money making opportunities could present themselves so be ready. This will be a time of budgeting however as while your income can increase, you need to only spend on what is necessary rather than what you want. But this house also rules people who are assets to us. So, you could fill a vacancy in terms of a new job or someone could appear who fills that vacancy in your heart

Jupiter in your 9th will turn retrograde from the 9th in his ruling house. Jupiter retrogrades for a long time –until July 15. Time to focus on all things Jupiter-ruled – with added depth and their ability to teach and transform. Travel of the long distance variety will be especially impacted and if you are travelling during this period then take extra time, reconfirm and have additional plans in place. You need to treat this like a Mercury Retro on steroids. Other Jupiter ruled areas are of course academia, the law, the outdoors, sports, the mass media and animals – especially large ones and horses. Whatever is in motion in these areas may need to be reviewed, revised or in the case of destinations – revisited.  Opportunities could return and the thing about a Jupiter retro as opposed to a Mercury one, is that while you may end up somewhere different than you originally intended under it, it could turn out to be even better.

Your special potential laden new Moon shines out of your 1st on the 17th – the same day as Mars enters your 11th giving you the energy and confidence to go for your goals and get out there when it comes to revving up your social life. No matter what date your birthday actually falls on, the new Moon in your 1st always officially marks the start of your new cycle. You have already experienced a preview of what this may contain earlier in the month when the Sun and Neptune met. Now it’s your cue to set the wheels in motion from this. It’s probably something intensely personal and close to your heart that you want to achieve or attain over the next 12 months. Begin that journey now aided with your special magical blend of Piscean insight and sparkle!

Back to your money future. The Sun arrives in your 2nd ending your birthday season on the 20th and highlighting not just what you’re worth right now but what you believe you will be worth in the future. This house is cashed-up planet-wise thanks to a stellium in here of ruling Venus, the Sun, Eris, Uranus and Mercury. That Back to Your Money Future begins as Mercury turns retrograde in here from the 23rd until April 15. It’s time to plan for your money future, to audit your expenses and re-budget if necessary. To look at where the money goes. A friend of mine once did the following exercise when Mercury was retrograde in her 2nd to see what went where. She divided her expenses into house rulerships. Not only did this make it fun for her but it also helped her track where most of the money went and to focus on priorities for her. If you have problems getting to grips with your money it just seems boring, add that astro interest and it could end up not being such a chore to bring you back in black – permanently. Now is not a good time to take out new loans or start that business – however, refinancing an existing debt works under a Mercury retro. As does revaluating your assets and what skills you have to offer. Your greatest asset is of course, you. Research that side hustle or business idea if you have one, and plan to move on it when Mercury does next month.

What is in motion or you have been waiting on, could finally come to fruition or appear right at the end of the month.  The full Moon in your 8th is about transformation and mastery. It’s a time of completion and then the start of something new. Take control and bring matters to a close, Negotiate and come from a place of power and knowing. You can discard what you have outgrown and move forward and claim what is rightfully yours. You instinctively know what this is now as Venus moves into your 3rd on this day bringing good news and the ability to move forward with confidence, diplomacy and optimism. Time to start flirting with life again and fly free, Pisces.

In a nutshell: What is calling to you from unexplored territory this March, Pisces? A new love? Travel or learning opportunity? Answer the call and set off on a spirited new path!

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