Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs OCTOBER 2021

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs OCTOBER 2021


Explore extreme authenticity

Love is where you are free to be you

Explore a fresh dynamic on togetherness

It’s the month of mists, mysteries, portals to the ‘other side’ and what your heart is seeking, Aries. Welcome to October.

The retrograde weather that has had us all integrating changes within and adjusting our daily lives in the outer world begins to disperse now. Hopefully with a fresh sense of purpose and soul compass direction.

The great news about Pluto direct in your 10th (6th) and then Saturn in your 11th (11th) is that any indecision or inner conflict about what to do next vanishes. You emerge from this retrograde cycle in full warrior spirit mode. Filled with surety and purpose especially when it comes to anything which impacts on your career, public or professional image, status and your future.

Take your time to think things through up to the time of the new Moon in your 7th also on the 6th. This is the point where you will really begin to feel life is moving forward for you again. Where action now follows you intention as opposed to you usual pro-active self being stuck on that cosmic treadmill!

The night before the new Moon appears, take some time out for what I would call extreme authenticity. This new Moon will fall conjunct your ruler Mars. A rare and special event which is designed to align you to your true needs and feelings when it comes to relationships.

All new Moons are about setting fresh intentions. This one is about only accepting relationships where you are free to be you. Venus is the ruler of your 7th and is on the move into your 9th the day after this new Moon appears. Quickly it opposes the North Node in your 3rd. News or opportunities arrive that allow you to step into your ultimate realness when it comes to double acts of all descriptions.

You are in a position where you welcome in a new dynamic in both working and personal partnerships. And this comes from integrating all you have learned and experienced. Especially about yourself and your own needs as retro Mercury in here backs into the Sun and ruler Mars. If changes need to be made around partnerships, you meet them fearlessly now – head on. There’s no more procrastination involved. Needless to say, wait until Mercury shifts forward again from the 18th – the same day as Jupiter in your 11th also heads direct once more, before undertaking that search for someone new if you can.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon which appears at 13 degrees of Libra, is ‘Children blowing soap bubbles’. The Sabian Symbols were channelled by the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925. There is one for each degree of the zodiac and they were designed to bring a new awareness and meaning to each degree for astrologers. So, think carefree play but also not being bothered when that bubble bursts! In other words, release and letting go form part of the cycle. So, if you come to the conclusion, this is what is needed now, allow this to happen and see it as making room for the new promise of this new Moon, rather than an ending.

The Heart is the Hunter

With the future now back in motion, embrace fresh goal setting and possibilities. And when it comes to love and your finances, it may be time to contemplate bold new directions or out of the box thinking if you are seeking fresh starts in these areas – which of course, Venus and any Venus ruled sign in your chart rules. You may find yourself looking closely at this in the lead up to the full Moon in your 1st on the 20th. Remember the full Moon rule – they reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. So, expect one relationship or person to be in the spotlight and this all revolves around how you feel about them – and what they show you about their feelings in turn.

This full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. And your heart is on a quest now. Your meditation if you need more clarity around that duo, duet, double at or even duel, is to visualise the person you need more clarity on. Are they clear when you picture them or somewhat out of focus? And are they walking towards you or away from you? Are they looking you in the eye or avoiding direct contact? Do they have anything to tell you? This meditation can provide you with deep and accurate insights or even show you the energy surrounding someone new coming in!

For those settled rams, the arrival of the Sun (23rd) and then ruler Mars (30th) in your 8th puts the focus firmly on joint financial and property dealings. This also includes your salary and benefits as this is the house of sharing and what is shared with you. If your partner has been waiting on financial news, the wait could now be over. Or you hear your loan or mortgage is approved.

Powerful shifts which you set in motion at the time of the new Moon could now manifest. Again around love, money or even that authenticity process I mentioned at the start of this forecast. This is Mars’s ancient ruling house and it can hand you the willpower for lasting change and transformation around shifts like detoxing (from negative energy and people as well as the wellness kind!) and setting yourself new goals around money or paying off debts if you have them.

There’s the promise of sexual healing if you have been neglecting this side of yourself lately or if things have been somewhat vanilla lately. No matter what your relationship status, this is about your passion – engaging in all areas of life in an authentic way IS sexy. Feel it to own it.

All Hallow’s Eve is traditionally when the portals between this world and the spiritual one swing open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

The 31st brings us a meeting between Venus and asteroid Juno in your 9th. Juno is all about commitment, marriage and promises we make that we cannot easily back out of. Venus is all about the passion, the pleasure and following this rather than being too concerned about it lasting. This all occurs in your 9th of beliefs, freedom and opportunity. What it tells you, Aries is that its time to commit to the authentic version of you and to understand that true love is the freedom to be just that. In any relationship. Don’t be afraid to express this in existing relationships. Or refuse to settle for anything less in new ones.

In a nutshell: Own it or rather you, Aries. It’s a month to explore and embrace extreme authenticity and all that means. Embrace and express this and most importantly – understand true love allows you to be who you are.


Wellness, work and lifestyle is your focus

Are you love ready?

Ditch what no longer serves

October begins with us still in major retrograde weather, Taurus. We have over half of the planets in the sky backwards but as we go through the month, many head direct removing that sticky heavy gravity feeling you’re battling.

The worst offenders right now are Mercury which is retrograde in its ruling 6th until the 18th and Uranus in your 1st which won’t move forward again until January. Mercury will feel much more up-close and personal and its ability to create mayhem is increased in a ruling house.

Uranus is one of the ‘transpersonal’ planets. Hence, its effects while lasting longer don’t seem quite so designed with the sole intent of inconveniencing you. However, its worth pointing out that changes it has on the collective have a knock-on effect. It’s all a bit butterfly and hurricane. Uranus rules awakenings – some would say rude ones. For you this could see you in a position where you have to stand by or define your value system and decide what it truly important to you.

Work it to live it up!

Health, wellbeing, fitness, your day job, habits, your routine, study, diet, pets, medicine, doctors, fitness gurus, complimentary healing, your daily environment are ruled by your 6th. You may find yourself in a big period of integration and adjustment this month when it comes to adapting to long term changes around these brought on by Covid and other factors in the outer world.

Valuing your work, your health and your body need to be at the heart of your value system now. While Mercury remains retrograde in here and at the time of the new Moon on the 6th, look to adjustments which need to be made which both support and invest in this. Any changes you initiate are likely to stick assisted by Pluto now direct in your 9th on this day.

This new Moon comes pre-packaged with fresh confidence and intention falling conjunct Mars in here. Adapt, adjust but above all, come from self-care. Take time for a lifestyle edit as this new Moon acts as a broom, sweeping away the cobwebs of what no longer serves or works for you on a daily basis. You have time to refine this, to re-prioritise and reschedule what you have to do around what you need to do to sustain yourself on a long term basis.

Yoga, the gym, walking, moving your body or anything to do with its maintenance or fuelling, or even just organising those chores, put you on course for bigger benefits down the track. Change is now very much in the air. Yes, I know you are no big fan of that word, Taurus. But this month really does ask you to look at how the status quo serves you as ruler Venus enters your 8th on the 7th.

Joint financial matters are in focus now as could be your partner’s career if you are settled. You’ll get behind their ambitions and be at your most supportive now. Who doesn’t want your loyalty and love backing them up? You’ll let them know just what long haul means giving that bit extra if needed.

Deal or no deal on love?

Single? It’s either all or nothing now as you await the movement of the Sun and then Mars into your 7th – on the 23rd and 30th respectively. You may find yourself off the boil or off that dating app preferring instead to work on feeling good about yourself before launching yourself back out there again in the lead up to this. Certainly, if anything doesn’t feel 100% right you’ll break it off or just not go there at all. If it is feeling right, you will also want to explore the intimacy of sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts as well as the other kind and may put more emphasis on this now.

Career matters are back on track this month thanks to both Jupiter and Saturn direct in your 10th. Saturn rules this house and is all about building on what you have already established. Focus on your superpower now – whatever that is, and if you are looking at going after a new position or promotion, then look at how you are conveying or promoting that. Time to take yourself seriously or convey a fresh pride in what you do and have to offer. This is an important cycle where you will receive feedback on your progress from those in positions of power, authority and influence. Doors will either open wide or remain closed no matter how hard or persistently you knock on them. Whichever way this plays out, look to your values and how you convey these and align them to where you want to get to.

This month’s full Moon in your 12th is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It will square Pluto in your 9th and oppose Mars still in your 6th. Its aligning you to that deep inner knowing and assurance when it comes to those changes you need to make. You should see all too clearly what is in your life that does you good, supports your inner needs – and what doesn’t. The opposition to Mars says once you see this you will have no hesitation in weeding out what no longer serves you.

Your insight and intuition is at its peak under this full Moon so please, don’t dismiss or ignore it. If you feel something is ‘up’ with someone, you need to follow that instinct and observe. If something comes to a peak or crisis now, if you look back you will see it has been building for some time. It won’t come as a surprise in other words. Even if you have been ignoring the signs up until now.

By the time the Sun and Mars ignite your 7th you could be feeling more engaged and alive once more. The soul depths are behind you as we are back in a period where only two planets remain retrograde – Uranus and Neptune. You’ll be feeling more connected, playful and passionate and channelling this into existing relationships or focussing on making new ones. Certainly you should be experiencing heightended energy and that lightness of being which accompanies self-care and soul decluttering.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

This day sees ruler Venus meet up with Juno in your house of death and rebirth. If you are settled this is a wonderful night for a date night. Single? Even if you don’t have a date, dress up as if you do. Take yourself on a date or spoil yourself the way you want that special person to. You’re setting the scene for what’s to come if you do. This sends a message to the universe, spirit world, multiverse or whatever you want to call it, about just how much you now value yourself. It’s all treat – no trick if you do, Taurus.

In a nutshell: The Sun in your 7th alongside Mars turns up the heat on partnerships of all descriptions, Taurus. While ruler Venus adds passion and depth. It’s a potent combination for saying ‘I do’ to some kind of double act.


Start your engines

Embrace the new

First things first – in love and everything else!

Retroactive factors dominate October for you, Gemini. We have over half of the planets in the sky backwards and this includes your ruler Mercury retrograde in your house of lovers, children, holidays and creative self-expression and play.

Hold off on looking for that love until after the 18th when Mercury heads direct once more. By then you will also have support from Venus which enters its ruling 7th in your chart on the 7th. The only exception to this is if you’re not looking and love finds you anyway or if an old lover returns. What appears to be something by chance may be the workings of destiny instead as Venus opposes the North Node in your 1st on the 9th for the final time in 19 years.

Just say ‘Yes’

There is a feeling with this of one cycle ending and a new one beginning. Pluto in its ruling 8th Is the first planet to shift back into forward gear from the 6th – the day a new Moon appears in your 5th conjunct Mars which also co-rules your 8th. Be open now to the changes love wants to bring you. Engage with these with trust and open-heartedness. Visualise yourself with your arms open wide proclaiming ‘I’m ready to receive!’. And see yourself doing this without fear, censure or second-guessing.

Between now and the full Moon in your 11th on the 20th, look at what shifts forward or begins for you. Be prepared to say yes to invites or opportunities which come your way. If something is meant to revive now, it will of its own accord as the Sun, Mars and retrofactor Mercury meet on the 9th.. If not, prepare to move forward into the new. Especially after Saturn (11th) and Jupiter (18th) turn direct in your 11th of future plans and contacts.

You do however have one retroactive planet making a major influence on you even after ruler Mercury is direct. Ceres in your 1st heads backwards on the 10th. This is about your ideas and what needs to be gardened, weeded out or nurtured. Now, there’s a lot of confusion out there about Ceres. Yes, that’s Pluto’s ma-in-law. First of all, Ceres unlike Pluto isn’t a transpersonal planet. Second – and here’s the important part, there is far too much emphasis placed on Ceres as the mother archetype in astrology. Especially the refusal to cut the apron strings mother type or the vengeful mother. Sure, many of us can relate – sadly.

The other side of Ceres aside from deal making is the fact that Ceres was a yummy mummy in mythological terms. To the point where in order to escape the unwelcome attentions of Neptune who refused to take ‘No’ for an answer, she had to transform herself into a horse to escape. Ceres retro in your 1st is therefore an ideal transit under which to restore your general yumminess – whether you’re a mummy or not, if you’ve been feeling this is missing. This is your house of your image after all. And there’s no better time to do this when Venus is also in your 7th and gives you both the desire and the direction when it opposes Ceres on the 13th.

Time to take the initiative when it comes to your social life or going after what you want at the time of the full Moon in your 11th on the 20th. Some of you who are parents may be looking at your child or children becoming increasingly independent this month. If so, this may have you looking at your own life and what you need to do to fill the empty nest gap. Even if your children are not old enough to leave home yet, this month may bring you a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Leading you to look at your own needs.

Put yourself out there and be a joiner under this full Moon. This is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It will square Pluto in your 8th and oppose Mars still in your 5th. A connection, group, contact, club, network or friendship could transform you. Or it may start as one thing but end up another. It tells you not to be a boxset hermit. But if you are on your own under this full Moon then you need to be focussing on your goals for the future. And better to fly solo than seek out company where you feel you need to be someone you’re not in order to fit in.

This full Moon is all about your individuation. And owning that. So, if you know your people – be with them. If so, celebrate who you are by envisioning ways to express just that. And know your people will find you when you do.

The Sun and then Mars in your 6th is one of the best transits for work and study. Its especially good now Mercury is direct along with all the outer planets save Neptune and Uranus, for seeking a new job or promotion. In fact, if you are looking for work at this time some of you may be surprised by more than one offer on the table.

Take a ‘first things first’ systematic approach to getting things done rather than trying to multitask. You’ll quickly discover you get more done and are far more effective. Your energy should be at a peak with Mars in here but don’t rush or overlook the details which Mars can have you doing. Above all, get moving. Mars needs an outlet. And fuel to burn so ensure you power that body properly or you will run out of steam quickly.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

This day sees Venus meet Juno in your 7th so time to celebrate love – of the till death do us part and beyond kind. Settleds – why not dress up and have a fun, sensual Halloween trick and treat all your own? Single? Time for a spooky cosmic order for that lover to wing its way to the other side. Show you intention again by dressing up, literally getting ‘in the spirit’ of things. Light those candles, pour the wine, write a love letter to your future love on gorgeous stationery then send it winging out there by burning it in fireproof container. It’s all a bit spooky and most definitely yummy.

What starts this month may even have become more cemented and serious by December be it that job, that relationship, friendship or lover. What you asked for at the time of the new Moon and again at the end of the month just may appear – by a combination of fate – and magic.

In a nutshell: There’s some spooky love magic in the air this Halloween month thanks to Venus in your 7th and ruler Mercury direct in your 5th from mid-month. Time to open to the flow of the new, Gemini. Just say ‘Yes!’ to whatever arrives.


Create your castle of dreams

Stick to the facts in business

Follow where passion leads

With a lot of activity in your 4th this month you are going to come to a deeper understanding of your needs both emotional and material, Cancer. Family connections or at least your history or background, will factor in. The stories handed down or where certain values and ideas first took root for you. You’ll be going back over these during the Mercury retrograde in here which ends on the 18th. And continue to make adjustments during the direct retroshadow which takes you on into November.

Spending money on your home, renovating, redecorating and also looking at your relationship to your home, lifestyle and yes, your cash too, brings with it not only a greater sense of satisfaction, but helps you for the future too.

For some of you, family members may be particularly helpful now and more hands-on and involved than usual. We start the month in major retrograde weather. The first break in this comes on the day of the new Moon in your 4th when Pluto heads forwards in your 7th. Joint decisions and plans now get the green light especially if these are linked to home, lifestyle and family.

This month’s new Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house. Making it especially meaningful for you. It also appears conjunct Mars in here. Now, as you know, Mars energy is totally the opposite to the domestic and nurturing vibe of your 4th. But this simply means you are handed real desire and passionate intent when it comes to seeing through changes and initiating new beginnings on the home front. Your in protective mode if you like. And doing whatever it takes to feel secure or add to that.

Pimp that castle!

Create your castle for you, your lifestyle and/or your loved ones. If you do need to think about moving however, please try to delay until after Mercury heads direct unless this cannot be helped. Conversely, if you feel you have been living too long in your family’s shadow, this new Moon marks the point where you are able to strike out on your own.

It’s not just Venus which rules your 7th. Saturn is your put a ring on it, love planet which is another planet retrograde at the start of the month. It heads forward in your 8th from the 11th. This is your house of marital assets so again, favours joint decisions and moving plans as well as anything that contributes to your feeling of security – your salary or payouts for instance. But its forward motion now has you able to think about what you want from love in the long term. Especially if you are looking to go seek it which is favoured after the 22nd.

Jupiter also in your 8th removes any further barriers when it too heads direct from the 18th – same day as Mercury. Now is a good time to apply for that loan or mortgage, or put in that offer or application.

This month’s full Moon on the 20th is known as the Hunter’s Moon. Again, Mars is implicated because as it waxes, the full Moon will oppose Mars still in your 4th. The Moon needs you to stick with the facts and compartmentalise when it comes to career and business now. You may be dealing with someone who embodies that saying ‘There is no room for emotion in business’. If so, keep yours under lock and key no matter how you feel or what buttons are pushed. Especially if you want to be taken seriously.

This can just as easily be an authority figure in another area to work – your bank manager, an officer of the law, a bureaucrat or official. What matters is how you present and stick to the facts – not feelings. Above all, in an effort to impress now if you are in any kind of interview or presentation process, don’t fudge the facts or promise more than you are able to deliver. You will be left with egg on your face and a lot of explaining to do if you do!

That being said, you are able to bring something to a successful conclusion now and impress doing so if you come across as someone in control of their destiny. So, project that.

Make passion your business

Having got that out of the way its time to lighten up. Passion and attraction take over from the business vibe as the Sun and then Mars cross into your 5th. This can also see financial pressures lift, a change of focus from spending on home and security to spending on fun and pleasure (and the means to do that), and hot, hot love – or lust, once Mars arrives in what is its ancient ruling sign (Scorpio).

Whether something long term is on offer depends on your personal chart factors (one of our astrologers can explain) as Venus is now in your 6th from the 7th and this is a house concerned with extreme self-care (wellbeing), earning money via what you love to do and having fun doing that, and showing your habits and daily routine the love as opposed to one person!

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

October 31 sees Venus meet Juno in your 6th. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we make we can’t easily back away from. Maybe this includes that better work/life balance. Working from home. Your side hustle. Promising to eat, sleep, exercise better? How can you express this? Perhaps decorate your home and make it a more beautiful, sacred space. Have a Halloween celebration. Think soul food and recycled decorations. Vintage and preloved clothing. Multicultural themes and wellness rituals.

Anything you initiate this Halloween no matter how small, that you can adopt as daily practice, is likely to stick now. With beautiful results. Home is always where your heart is and where traditions begin. You can set new ones for yourself this October, Cancer. And create something where not only increased security and belonging moves in, but attraction of the new too!

In a nutshell: Your home, nest, crib, family and support system is your focus as October begins. Get your domestic deity happening, Cancer. Every jewel needs a perfect setting to sparkle. So design yours and then get ready to radiate.


Initiate something new

Step out in search of success

Every witch-way for love this Halloween, Leo!

Moonwalking Mercury retro in its ruling 3rd may seem to be targetting you unfairly, Leo. It will head direct again from the 18th but please bear in mind you’ll still need those Retro Rules in place for another three weeks until it is clear of its retroshadow. We’d all like to think the moment it shifts forward everything is reset but that’s just not how it works. No matter what some astrologers may lead you to believe.

We do have extremely heavy retro weather occurring right now. As well as Mercury we have all the outer planets retrograde including two – Jupiter and Saturn, in your partnership sector. Again, this may have meant slow progress in love or serious work related matters. And because these are emotional areas, again this would have added to that feeling this is all strictly personal.

What’s not helped matters is that ruler the Sun also in your 3rd has you buzzing with plans and ideas which may be slow to start or simply on hold. Mars also resident in here until the 30th, fires up your intention, confidence and conviction. You feel the need to express yourself and aren’t content with simply talking. It’s cheap. You want to take action. You’ll also have little or no patience for those who waffle or fall under the category ‘Gunna do’. Your attitude is stop talking, just do it. And you’re apply this mantra to yourself.

If you have been having mixed results with initiating anything, stop instead and focus on what you have achieved so far. Revise if necessary. Reframe, revisit, realign, reinvent. One good thing about Mercury retrograde in here is that it can redeliver or have you seeing fresh potential in something you may have set aside. Something can return to you, maybe in a slightly new form or you decide to revive and relaunch.

Dates to watch for this are the 4th which hands a superb trine between Mercury and retro Jupiter in your 7th, the 5th when your ruler trine Ceres in your 11th, the 9th when the Sun and Mercury meet and then the 15th – a superb Sun/Jupiter trine which is all about you and another. A past, present or potential partnership.

You will be filled with the desire for something new now. And despite the retro flavour which does begin to break up from the 6th when Pluto heads direct in your 6th, you will begin the process of initiating or revival a new cycle just before that fully fledged Mercury green light winks on again.

The new Moon in your 3rd on the 6th nestles against Mars in here. It’s a great time for learning, study, PR, self-promotion, marketing, ideas, business, applications, design, advertising, photography, writing, anything to do with the internet, publishing, vloging, your website, podcast, screenplay, thesis or pitch. You get the idea – and that is literally what this new Moon is all about with the passion and push of Mars behind it. You should at least know what the idea or what direction you need to go in is now. Even if you are waiting for Mercury direct.

Venus moves into your 5th of all things Leo-ruled with a touch of the far far away, opportunity and expansion about it. Needless to say, this is one of the best transits of the year to go on holiday keeping that Mercury retro in mind. Try to at least take a short break if you can while Venus is in here as you should be assured of a good time!

Do what you do best – being you

Lovers, children, babies, millennials, teenagers, young people, adult children, grandchildren and relationships that have the potential to turn you into a parent or step parent are those Leo themes you know. As are opportunities to shine, stand out and be noticed when fused with those 3rd house activities. Venus simply does not play the understudy or second violin. Being the second choice because someone’s first didn’t work out? In your dreams! Time to werk what you do best – radiate and attract back in kind. Helped along now by Saturn and Jupiter direct in your 7th.

Reaching for something bigger, showing others just what you’ve got to offer than no-one else has, big plans and dreams, solutions and opportunities could make themselves known at the time of the full Moon in your 9th on the 20th. This is known as the Hunter’s Moon. And once again, Mars pushes your emotional boundaries and sets you off into new territory as this Moon opposes Mars as it is waxing.

It tells you that to fulfil those goals and reach your potential, you have to push against your own emotional barriers. You need to step into unknown territory and push the envelope a little – especially when it comes to ideas or what you desire to achieve now. It’s about trusting your own inner compass as this is an explorer’s Moon. Knowing you have what you need – knowledge, experience, talent, skills – to get you where you need to go.

As your ruler the Sun switches signs on the 22nd and heads into your 4th on the 23rd, resist any impulse to stay stuck and cling on to the past. This needs to be a time of release where you look at the difference between what sustains and supports you and what simply restricts and ties you down, preventing you from moving forward. You will be aided with this process once Mars arrives on the 30th.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

October 31 sees Venus meet Juno in your 5th. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we make we can’t easily back away from. Or even want to for that matter! Love gets dusted with long term potential for witchey wizardey every witch-way dating opportunities. But as your 5th is all about showing out, zhuzhing up and general fabulousness why not launch yourself into a full on Halloween festivale of glamour, partying and celebration – in your own way? All treat, no trick, Leo.

If you can get together with your squeeze or friends so much the better. If not – party of one is fine. The doors to the other world are open wide and if you have a request now – make it and show your intention but your fabulizing presence. All efforts will be duly noted. Express your soul as we head into November.

In a nutshell: After what may seem like months of spinning your wheels, love and life shifts forward again. Time to leave that comfort zone behind and play and experiment when it comes to going after what you want, Leo.


Money talks so join the conversation

Commit to a path or a place

Embrace abundance in all its forms

Mercury retro in your financial sector puts your focus firmly on your money, Virgo. Going over just where it goes, on what, how much and also how fluid you feel. I should not need to over-sell you on the rule to avoid expenditure right now unless something breaks beyond repair that is. That car will turn out to be a lemon, that bargain isn’t, that credit card – truly a no-no.

If dealing with your cashflow or bills has been an ordeal or simply something you’ve shoved aside along with those window envelopes, the good news is that the Sun and Mars in your 2nd are here to help. Mars’s determined and fearless approach has you fronting up to any task. Plus the intense retro weather which has all of the outer planets in the sky backwards too lends itself to some backwards yet big picture perspective.

You have Jupiter and Saturn retro in your 6th of daily tasks until mid-month which again, help you to focus and also create a system which supports you. Don’t be afraid to go back over things and see how they can be re-imagined better, more defined and refined for you. And please, we don’t ‘do’ austerity and personal denial statements here. We do empowering and proactive terms such as ‘spending plan’ and ‘food choices’ – rather than budget and diet.

We set ourselves up to focus on what we need rather than what we believe we want. And open up to flow by simply shifting this focus. Making the most of what you have, going back over untapped resources, bringing something to a climax is favoured by the revival trine between Mercury and Jupiter on the 4th.

Get a whole life budget!

The 6th offers a new beginning when it comes to how you relate to your money as we have a new Moon in your 2nd which appears alongside go getting Mars. Chances are you have a plan and a purpose now. Also, sincere self-belief in your ability to drive your financial destiny where you need it to go. This new Moon also favours at looking at your stuff and perhaps culling what simply doesn’t add value. As you do this, look at why you bought it at the time. Do the reasons still hold meaning for you? Chances are, they don’t.

Take these kinds of realisations forward with you. Often it’s not about increasing our resources per se but simply using what we have differently. The great release forward begins from the 6th when Pluto is the first planet to leave the retro party. Venus is on the move the following day – into your 4th and home, lifestyle, family and even moving matters feature. As always, try to avoid signing contracts or leases until your ruler is direct from the 18th at the earliest.

Jupiter is the ruler of your 4th and it heads direct in your on the 18th along with Mercury while Saturn also shifts forward on the 11th. Long term lifestyle changes can be implemented and once Mercury is forward, spending money on your home or home improvements is on the table – if that spending plan allows that is! Please stick to it as Venus is well known for not adhering to budgets.

Paying off debts if you are able as well as refinancing at a better rate are very much Merc retro in your 2nd tasks. Having that conversation around money with your partner, your bank manager, your accountant, your boss – the second and third weeks of the month with their serious trines and conjunctions especially the 8th when the Sun and Mars meet, could see you walking away with a much better deal.

This month’s full Moon on the 20th takes place in your 8th – yes, that ‘other’ money house in your chart. This is where your insecurities and fears around money live as does the roots of any wounds to your self-worth. This full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, and as it waxes it will oppose Mars in your 2nd. What this tells you is time for a fearless approach. Even if this is something you undertake alone. Reading about Money Scripts and your subconscious beliefs around these puts you in a new and better position to re-write not only your financial future but your self-empowerment and self-worth too. This makes all this work worth it.

Add up the facts

It’s time to put in structures but also to ask for what you want too. Try to bring negotiations or decisions around money to a conclusion now. Especially if this includes joint assets and income – the joint account, marital home, mortgage, your salary etc. This is a house where security issues can surface. Not just the obvious ones as in your financial security but your emotional security in your relationship and trust issues too. Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel what you are feeling. Please don’t suppress this. But do ask yourself whether what you feel has any actual basis in fact? No matter how strong your emotions – they are not facts. The facts are what you need to add up.

With your ruler now in forward motion again along with three of the outer planets the Sun’s move into your 3rd comes as a rush of optimism and release on the 23rd. Love has needed time and space this month for you to clarify your needs on that as well. So, the Sun’s arrival in here marks the point where you are ready to talk about that is needed. It also now sees you ready with a plan to launch or initiate anything to do with increasing your income. Especially when Mars follows on the 30th.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

October 31 sees Venus meet Juno in your 4th. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we make we can’t easily back away from. In your 4th this could be showing your commitment to where you are, your family tree, your lifestyle and showing gratitude to those in your family line whose stories, whether you know them or not, ensured you are here now, today in this form. That’s no small thing in fact.

So, why not show your appreciation in whatever way you think appropriate? Special food, décor, a bowl of candy by the door just in case? If you have children then get dressed up and go Trick or Treating. Carve that pumpkin lantern together. If you want to move or change your home, now is the time to ask for that. Invite not just money in this month but a sense of abundance which is more than money can buy. The results – priceless.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury finally heads direct again from the 18th. Time to put that whole life budget into operation. It’s about how you use what you have rather than the actual amount. The best things in life? Your priceless attitude to abundance, Virgo.


Go back to the future

Get ready for your relaunch

Make that serious promise

Sometimes we have to look back to go forward again. This birthday season has that kind of flavour for you. It’s due to the intense retrograde weather we’re experiencing. Yes, your ruler is in direct motion. But you have Mercury still retrograde in your sign until October 18. Plus we begin the month with all the outer planets backwards.

All this may make you feel you are in a holding pattern for a while. But see this as an opportunity rather than an unnecessary delay. One which allows you to be far more effective for your new cycle as you integrate lessons from the past and refine those ideas and plans for your future.

The presence of Mars in your sign right up until the end of the month hands you searing self-confidence and a sense of purpose. But with Mercury backwards it can also have you feeling that you’re spinning your wheels. The month begins with an opposition to Chiron and a trine to Ceres. While Mercury makes a trine to retrograde Jupiter on the 4th.

This occurs just prior to the new Moon on the 6th – which also falls close to Mars. As you know, no matter when your birthday falls, the new Moon in your sign marks the astrological start of your new yearly cycle. By now the retrograde weather is starting to clear as Pluto in your 4th is stationary direct on this day.

Welcome to your Relaunch

Take some time to think about what you really want to have, do and experience this coming cycle. Ensure it is aligned with your core truth of who you are. And just who is that, Libra? How do you convey this via your image, appearance, style, look, brand, profile, social media feed – anything and everything that proclaims who you are – or want to be for that matter. To be it – first believe it within then make the outer adjustments. We now know via research personality isn’t fixed any more than you hairdo is. This new Moon alongside Mars asks you to look at who you are becoming – and then be it or evolve into it. Now here is where that retro weather is working for you as it allows for this to take place before you launch yourself out there in brand new, world creating form!

This new month for you is one of rebirth, conception and creation. This may be a new you. It could be a new idea, relationship that is emerging or quite literally be a ‘conception’ as in news of a pregnancy.

Ruler Venus is on the move the very next day – into your 3rd of communication, commerce and ideas. So, think of everything you do, send out and say enhanced with that extra pinch of love, creativity, diplomacy and allure. Venus in here adds up to people wanting what you’re selling. And yes, this can be you, your ideas, your side hustle, your Instagram feed and YouTube channel.

Wait to launch something new if you can. With Mercury retrograde we have missed and mixed messages, disconnects, diversions. Sure Mars is impatient and raring to go. Keep your energy focussed on your plans otherwise you may find that it ends up spilling over into snarky, narky confrontations which you know you go out of your way usually to avoid – especially around the 9th when frustrations could spill over.

You’ll feel the energy lightening as Saturn shifts forward in your 5th on the 11th and then Jupiter follows on the same day as Mercury does the same (18th). We do have Ceres heading backwards in your 9th from the 10th. Ceres is about the compromise, the new deal, the win/win – if it can be reached. However, its no pushover. With Uranus remaining retrograde in your 8th you will be entering your new cycle with a fresh sense of determination and newly minted value system where you know for sure when and when not to compromise.

A series of fabulous aspects from the 13th lift your spirits along with the retro cycle dispersing. At this point you’re ready to roll, Libra. Partnerships, duos and equality within these are your focus now. Whether this is in an existing or emerging relationship. That balance between you and another. One connection – past, present or potential, will be coming into focus as we head towards the full Moon in your 7th on the 20th.

Again, Mars is implicated in the run up to this full Moon – appropriately called the Hunter’s Moon. The waxing Moon opposes Mars and also squares Pluto in your 4th. It’s important to be focussed, channelled and active at this time. If you feel tension building then get outdoors and work it off with exercise! Above all, have a project or task, a vision to direct that energy into.

Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. So – backatcha! Think of someone holding up a mirror to you. And all relationships are mirrors of facets of ourselves. So, no matter who this is, no matter the connection you share – even if you cannot stand them as this is your house of duels and conflicts too – this person reflects a part of you.

Choose to embrace it (and them) or if this turns out to be someone you no longer have any desire to tango on with, acknowledge they reflected a part of you that was relevant then but is no longer. Thank them for the learning opportunity. Now, move forward with a clearer picture.

Of course, this Moon and the person opposite you may be a radiating positive reflections. They like what they see – and so do you. Just understand this is a gift, a validation, a message and an opportunity to adjust and integrate if you still don’t like what you see. And FYI: If it is someone you can’t stand to be in your grille, then you need to acknowledge they reflect your own unloved aspects that you need to embrace.

Expect a month long emphasis on your money, cash, income, possessions, ability to receive and self-worth as the Sun leaves you on the 23rd and heads off into your 2nd. Confronting insecurities and fears around your earnings, not having enough, not being ‘enough’ adds an extra texture to the refinement process you are still undertaking. Relationships which are ‘assets’ to you will also feature. That boo, that boss, that bestie. As will your relationship to your inner assets of talent and skills.

Mars in here from the 30th tells you that you won’t be selling yourself short. This is also Mars’s ancient ruling sign so its able to express itself in a highly charged and positive way while in here. You will now take those plans for the coming year and push forward with them with passionate determination.

As always, forging relationships, balancing acts and equality within these is your goal. You know this begins with talking and Venus allows you to access the full toolbox. All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

The meeting between Venus and Juno in your 3rd on this day promises talks, meetings or discussions which lead to lasting agreements. Juno rules marriage of course but also commitments of all kinds. It favours any discussion where both parties state their desires and intentions and place their cards on the table and wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is a Sunday so business dealings are unlikely but if you apply or schedule them now they get dusted with the same kind of potential.

It’s a fabulous night to speak soul truths, for a date, a discussion or a diversion for that matter. Don’t be shy about what you want or are seeking. Candour goes a long way and works like magic. Dressing up and good food are optional but why not? It’s also a fabulous day under which to launch that fully formed new you and show the world what you have been becoming. Fire up that broomstick, Libra. Time to fly and get noticed.

In a nutshell: Mercury heads direct in your sign and you’re ready for your close-up. Libra. Showcase that refined version of you now. While ruler Venus meets Juno in your 3rd whispering long term spellbinding commitments and promises this Halloween.


What no longer serves must go

Believe you can to be it

Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Happy birthday, phoenix rising. Time for the season of rebirth this month when the Sun arrives in your sign on the 23rd. Hot on its heels will be your ancient ruler Mars paying its respects on the 30th. What do we say? The old rulerships still hold sway. So Mars in here puts you at your most searingly intense and magnetic.

We do begin the month in heavy retrograde weather which has thankfully dispersed by the time the Sun kicks off your new cycle. But at the beginning of October you have Mercury retrograde in your 12th plus all the outer planets – including modern-day ruler Pluto, also backwards.

This is going to make for one of the most intense soul house clearing phases you have experienced in a long time. I could use the term ‘Fire sale’ as everything must go. Or should I say everything that no longer supports or serves must. Some things may simply end of drop away now of their own volition. Please if this occurs don’t try to stop it. You will only cause yourself pain if you do.

Others may be down to your own decisions. One thing is certain, if you have had gut feelings or insights about someone or something in the past – you will get confirmation these are correct now. There’s something about people showing their true colours. The vibrant kind and the yucky kind you wish didn’t exist. Good, bad or ugly, you are looking at true shades on the Pantone palette.

Now this can simply be a home or inner truth around what you need to do and you now receive validation. Watch for this as Mercury trines retro Jupiter on the 4th and the Sun trines Ceres in your 8th on the 5th. When ruler Pluto heads forward n the 6th – its truth or dare time to coincide with the new Moon also on the 6th.

Time for a new balance

For you, the Moons this month are extra specially powerful as they both impact on your rulers. You may find during these times you feel the need to go within and focus on self-healing, self-care and creating a better balance in your life. Examining everything in your life and asking yourself whether it adds or subtracts is one example.

The new Moon on the 6th in your 12th appears aligned to Mars in here. You’ll be prepared to take action in the name of your wellbeing be this physical, mental or spiritual. You may seek out anyone from your doctor, a therapist, a psychic reader, a masseuse, chiropractor, astrologer, dietician, acupuncturist – whoever or whatever it takes in order for you to feel whole and aligned again.

Mercury retrograde in here can have you re-visiting the past. And its important to remember two rules if you do. 1: You don’t live there any more and 2: The past can be a trap which prevents us from truly living in the present. By all means, travel back to it but don’t take a tour of nostalgia or regret if you do. If someone reappears now, you need to re-examine your connection in the light of who you are now – not who you were then. How have you changed? How have they? Or haven’t they?

You are on the cusp of the new and this period is all about release. You may declutter and get rid of things. Both as a symbolic gesture and also to make room for the new to come in. Venus is on the move on the 7th – into its ruling 2nd. You need to wait a few days more to put new financial goals into effect – until Mercury and Jupiter both move forward on the 18th in fact. The same goes for spending. Hold off until Mercury is direct.

Once Venus gains traction in here, ways to boost your income and also attraction feature. There’s a feeling of being lucky around love and money and somehow these two mix and mingle. Now, I’m not saying blow your pay on scratch cards or squander the kid’s college fund on that ‘hot’ stock market tip. Just a feeling of being in the flow – right place, right time. A friend alerts you to a job opening you would not have known about. You have to go physically to the bank to pay in a deposit, get talking to that hottie in line and voila – end up with a date. You end up somewhere either on line or in person you didn’t expect to and find that item you wanted at a bargain price. That kind of thing.

Luck is actually about focus and what we may attention to. So put yourself on high alert now as if you do you will find opportunities are actually all around you. Saturn heads direct in your 4th on the 11th easing open doors to property matters, what supports and sustains and anything to do with the family. Some people may accuse you of being overly pragmatic during this transit. But in effect, you are concerned about protection and the future. You just see what needs to be done and do it – without the emotional undertow. Insurances, wills, estate planning, preparing for later life – either you or a family member could feature too once Ceres retrogrades in your 8th from the 10th.

By the 18th, aside from Ceres you know only have Uranus retrograde in your 7th and Neptune backwards in your 5th. Love isn’t off the table but it does need to align with your values and beliefs. You’re coming to realise more and more this is the secret to going the distance with someone. A shared world view, value system and interests – at least a few of the latter one at least. And Venus in your 2nd is a transit likely to deliver someone ticking these boxes for you.

At the very least now, allow yourself time to clarify all of this plus what you need for your new cycle as we approach the full Moon in your 6th on the 20th. This is known as a Hunter’s Moon and again, will hit your rulers – both this time, as it waxes. Opposing Mars and squaring Pluto. Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, your 12th, those gut feelings, what you need to reconcile or discard, wounds that need healing, what does and doesn’t support you or do you good, your higher beliefs – in the spirit world, God, the Great Attractor, the multiverse. You may go within now just for a short period to engage in one final sifting process. What goes and what stays.

Believe it to become it

The Sun’s arrival in your 1st puts the emphasis on your public and professional image, your status and path for the next 12 months. It asks who you want to be during this period and then tells you to become just that. Any self-doubt or hesitation around this should vanish once Mars follows on the 30th.

If you are seeking a new job, promotion, client or simply to get yourself noticed, both the Sun and Mars in here promise you an opportunity coming your way to impress in the next month. Be ready and please, be aware of how you are coming across at all times now. That luck factor extends to running into someone influential when or where you least expect it who has the ability to open doors for you. Be ready.

People and friends arrive bearing benefits. Not just THAT kind, Scorpio! But your birthday cycle should see you on the receiving end of help, assistance, good news as well as the usual gifts.

Of course, Halloween is a holiday designed just for you. Or you in mind. All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

So, back in black, in red, in goth mode or in costume. Brooms, pointy hats and cats optional. Time to indulge yourself and weave a magic lasting spell around an idea or someone, Scorpio. The 31st sees a meeting between Venus and Juno in your 2nd. Juno rules marriage, commitment and promises we can’t easily back out of. So, think something spellbinding now. A little trick or treating with that boo could pay big benefits. Or just do a magic ritual to draw abundance and opportunity to you. Above all, let that deep, resonant Scorpio side out to play and own it. Even if the promise you make is just to yourself, its made to be kept. Happy birthday, phoenix. Time to rise.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle sends you down a new path towards magical blessings, abundance and opportunity. It’s no coincidence this is also Halloween! Time to conjuror up fresh potential and commit to discovering new opportunities.


Find a new star to aim for

Love gets fresh intentions

Promises are meant to be kept

Ruler Jupiter heads direct once again in your 3rd on the 18th. Along with Mercury the same day in your 11th. We start the month in major retroactive weather. But this begins to bow away from the 6th starting with Pluto in your 2nd. And then the ruler of this house Saturn shifts forward from the 11th. Finances should ease and flow better from this point. Perhaps mainly because you have worked so hard during this cycle to gain a better perspective on them. Sorting out wants from needs and understanding the difference.

This month sees a focus on who you know, your connections and plans for your future while the Sun and other planets remain in your 11th. Time to have something to look forward to because without that – well, you know life gets very dull indeed, Sag. The 4th sees retro Mercury trine still retro Jupiter in what is Mercury’s ruling house. An old goal or dream could be set for a revival as you remake a past path to better fit your present plans.

Close partnerships – working ones as well as that bae, may form part of this as the Sun in your 11th trines Ceres in your 7th on the 5th. But the new Moon on the 6th sees you setting out with a new plan or intention. This new Moon is one for goal setting with getting magic attached as it falls conjunct Mars in here. Desire and determination fuse for potent intention. You’ll stay the course.

This is also the new Moon which sets the tone of your social life for some time to come. So, its especially important under it not to be a boxset hermit. Because if you do, you’ll stay that way. Lucky for you, Mars is pushing you out the door or at the very least, igniting the desire to connect and join in. With Mercury still retro in this house this is a good time to reach out and revive old connections that have been dormant for a while. We’re all still reeling from lockdown and feeling our way through this. This is a good time to punch through that isolation fatigue and call, message or text people.

Rise and shine!

You’re further aided in the desire to put yourself out there again by the arrival of Venus in your 1st on the 7th. Like an invitation to a pre-birthday party party, it’s time for a little self-promotion, to get your glamazon on or simply to dust yourself off and appreciate yourself again. Venus will oppose the North Node in its ruling 7th in your chart and with Mercury about to head direct along with your ruler, this is a fabulous time to relaunch yourself out onto the dating scene, to undertake that job search or to showcase your talents, brand or just whatever fascinating facet of you that you wish to share.

While we have a big planetary shift forward taking place, Ceres in your 7th will head backwards from the 10h. As you venture out there sharing your fabulousness in your own unique way, take some time to think about what you need from partnerships in the future. Don’t be afraid to be fearlessly honest about your needs – and communicate these. They don’t have t conform to the white picket fence. They just need to work for you – and the other party.

The 19th could provide a highlight for you with news, opportunities and invitations following the Mars trine to your now direct ruler. This could see you in a mood to party, celebrate or circulate under the full Moon in your 5th on the 20th. This is known as the Hunter’s Moon. In your 5th go seek out ways to have fun, express your creative and playful side – which we know you have in abundance, Sag; and also join with like minded souls as you do this if possible.

This full Moon is also ignited by Mars as it opposes Mars as it waxes. You image and how you see yourself is being refined by Venus now. And also how you see yourself in relationship to your friends. Who is or isn’t on your team in other words. This full Moon should be about enjoyment, letting go and pleasure. As well as attraction as it favours romance. Please remember this and whatever you do, don’t get caught up in a friend’s drama at this time. If this is a pattern for them, you will now have some serious thinking to do about your connection.

The Sun shifts into your 12th on the 23rd with Mars heading in here on the 30th. In the month leading up to your birthday it’s the time for resolution, restitution and soul clearing. This is a time of healing and to align the spirit. If you are seeking answers to questions – anything from what to do about a specific situation or what direction to set yourself for ‘22 – expect answers and renewed clarity in the next month.

Your ability to commune with the ‘other side’ and access the wisdom of the multiverse will be enhanced now. How appropriate in the lead-up to Halloween! You’ve far to go and promises to keep – perhaps to another or most importantly to yourself now.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

You may feel like doing just that whether you are out trick or treating, with friends or home alone. If you are seeking answers about the future of a relationship, are seeking one or just want to know which promises need to be kept, the 31st is a good time to ask and be totally open to the answer or sign which comes. The reason being this is the day when Venus and Juno – the astral body which rules marriage, commitments of all descriptions and promises you can’t easily renege on, meet in your sign. If you meet someone new now there may be a soul contract in progress. But this day says make a vow on some level. Be prepared to stick to it.

In a nutshell: The arrival of Venus in your sign this month kick-starts a new cycle ahead of your birthday. A pre-party party celebration almost two months early. Time to look at your image and appearance, your brand and appearance. Your calling cards, Sag.


Create that perfect work/life balance

Focus on the future

Get connecting

Good news for October is that the major retrograde weather front is finally breaking up, Capricorn. You may have felt it was exceptionally heavy going due to ruler Saturn retro in your 2nd and Pluto backwards in your 1st. Then throw in the mix Mercury creating mayhem in your career zone but with you feeling the impetus created by the Sun and Mars in here to be pushing forward with plans. All this may have created a lot of motion but of the treadmill variety rather than the forward kind.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long for this feeling to lift. Pluto takes the direct approach from the 6th with ruler Saturn following on the 11th. A pace setting new Moon also appears in your 10th on the 6th – a precursor to that Mercury forward motion which commences on the 18th – same day as Jupiter also in your 2nd takes forward flight again.

This new Moon offers you the opportunity to create the perfect home/work balance. If you are now looking at working from home or hybrid working permanently, you will now take steps to change up your environment making it more workable and user-friendly. Others may be looking at a move if needed in order to accommodate this – just wait until after Mercury goes direct to put this in motion.

This new Moon falls conjunct Mars in here giving you the ability to focus and also initiate. You’ll also give career issues the priority now. Even if you don’t engage in paid work, you may find yourself dealing with these themes via your partner’s job or else some of you could even find yourselves returning to the workplace but from your home. If you are seeking work, now is the time to be re-writing that CV, applying for jobs and researching interview tips on line.

While the Sun remains in your 10th expect these themes to dominate the month especially as the Sun and other planets in here ignite planets in your home/work and money sectors. The 4th (Mercury trine Jupiter) and 15th (Sun trine Jupiter) being especially good days for career and financial dealings of any kind.

This is a month to focus on long term plans, ambitions and creating stability in your life rather than love. The only exception to this is revival of a past love as Venus moves into your 12th from the 7th. If someone from the past returns, take it there is still a chapter to be written between you. If not, its time to release and let go. Venus in your 12th enhances your creativity and psychic abilities. Your compassion is also at a peak. But please ensure you don’t allow others to take advantage of this. I’m talking about the friend or even that lover who seems to stumble from one drama to the next but never learns from them. Please don’t get sucked in to playing the rescuer – especially if you have done this before.

Also, remember what I said about this not being the best time for love. Whatever you do, avoid sob stories and ‘fixer uppers’. This is a time to focus on your work and your own healing and wellbeing. Yes, it may on the surface sound selfish but it’s not. Fixing ourselves is the best way to help others in the long term.

Explore your idea of family

Truly focus on your own needs and your emotional journey at the time of the full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 20th. Once more, we have Mars in the mix here as the waxing Moon will oppose Mars and also square Pluto in your 1st. This can cause tension between what you are striving to do or achieve and with the demands of family or even your own need for emotional safety and support.

This moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. And its a good time to take a look at what you are really seeking. What you are working so hard for. This Moon is a combination of needing to nurture yourself and others and taking whatever action necessary to ensure that is available to you. Unplug if needed. Ask for that emotional support – or even practical support if you suddenly feel as if you’ve run out of steam after the past hectic few weeks. Don’t feel you have to keep going or be invincible. Strength is in admitting your vulnerable side under this full Moon.

Taking time out at this point, adjusting your schedule, recharging your soul batteries – you’ll be glad you did once the Sun swings into your social sector from the 23rd. Mars is not far behind arriving a week later. Expect an upswing of socialising and invitations. And you activity engaging or initiating these.

Your wider sense of belonging, your tribe or ‘family’ of souls as opposed to the traditional meaning applies now. Please be aware once again, this cycle is about your wider social circle, clubs, groups, networks, bands, parties, organisations, your LinkedIn, your contacts and who you know. It’s about shared passions with people and groups as opposed to the passion you share with one particular person. So again, its not a cycle to be seeking lasting love so why not focus on friendships instead? You will be in goal getting mood now perhaps recommitting to one or thinking of new ones.

Mars in here shows you who is in your house or who isn’t now. It’s all a bit sorting hat as we head towards Halloween. People fall into two categories – yes – trick or treat. All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween.

In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up. In your doors to perception other-worldly 12th house, Halloween is marked by a meeting between Venus and Juno. Juno is the astral body which rules marriage, commitment and long term promises of all descriptions. This includes those soul and karmic contracts when in your 12th house.

Who these have been with in the past or even new ones may be on your mind now. Time to ask your guides or ancestors – whatever you wish to call them, for insight if needed. And if you do have that special person – even a friend, to go fly that broomstick with or do something strange and spooky that only the two of you ‘get’ – then do it. Above all, look at the promises you have kept to yourself or need to reaffirm. Including those around living and working, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Family features in all its varied forms this month, Capricorn. From your relatives to your ‘soul’ family and the friends kind. Explore the many kinds of ties and support you have. Time to find your people.


Move back into free-flowing optimism

Explore your purpose

Be a firebrand – begin something new!

You’ve been one of those signs particularly affected by the heavy retrograde weather we’ve all been wading through. The reason being you’ve had two of the outer planets retrograde in your sign – Saturn and Jupiter. Plus Mercury retrograde in your 9th may have put up blocks when it comes to those ideas and just added to the vibe that forward progress feels a lot like trying to wade through glue.

However, even before the planets start to shunt forward again starting with Pluto in your 12th on the 6th, you’ll feel that break in the weather coming. Opportunity and synchronicity, luck or just being in the right place at the right time could deliver what you’ve been waiting for thanks to trines between Mercury and Jupiter (4th) and Mars (3rd) the Sun (5th) and Ceres.

The same day as Pluto turns direct (6th) we have a new Moon in your 9th which speaks of jumping in, launches, exciting new horizons or yes, that lucky break. It appears conjunct Mars in here. An extremely unusual occurrence and one filled with passion, optimism and the desire to explore.

How you set its potential in motion is to start something yourself and then watch what flows from that. Or something is offered to you which requires you to say yes and explore further. Ask yourself under this new Moon what you really want to change? Which areas have become stagnant or confining? Where does the fresh air or ideas need to circulate now?

Be a firestarter!

If one particular situation or area springs to mind, then this is where you need to focus. With all the passion, abundant fire and courage you can muster! Do what you can do to bring in new growth. Infuse this area with energy and then see where it takes you. It’s likely to take on a life of its own. Watch the 8th for firestarting moves.

Venus moves into your 11th from the 7th while Ceres heads backwards in your 5th on the 11th. Venus in this house is more about good times and benefits via friends than friends with benefits. Especially when coupled with the Ceres retro. However, once the Sun crosses into your 10th on the 23rd, you will be looking at a very different vibe. You are moving into a cycle now where the focus is on your career. Long term plans and public and professional image. Making that impression count – professionally as well as personally. So, do keep this in mind now and channel that energy directly.

The push forward out of stagnation and stasis continues with ancient ruler Saturn forward in your sign from the 11th and then Mercury in your 9th and Jupiter in your 1st from the 18th. Do however use caution still when implementing those travel plans or even launching those ideas. Until Mercury clears retroshadow they can still stall or be subject to change.

That being said, it truly is now time to escape any rut you may have been in. People may also begin to seek you out now. Before the Sun lands in your 10th, we have a full Moon in your 3rd on the 20th. This is known as the Hunter’s Moon and once more, Mars will be hit by it – this time in an opposition as the Moon is waxing as well as a square to Pluto in your 12th.

It’s asking you what you want to achieve now – and why? Don’t just look at the material take out from what you do or want to. But the emotional one too. Also we’re back to that question which surfaced at the time of the new Moon; how much do you really, REALLY want it? What has changed or appeared since then? Are you ready to take the next step on this journey?

There is something about this full Moon which foreshadows the upcoming cycle of planets moving into your 10th from the 23rd. This could see you connecting to people with the contacts, entrée, information or access you are going to need. It’s important under this full Moon to keep any contacts details. And to be ready to hand out yours. You will use them or see the other party follow through.

This could set the scene for you dealing with important people. Bosses, VIP’s, authority figures; people in positions of influence. Or who have the ability to grant favours or requests. Or simply say ‘Yes’ to what you are asking. Once the Sun lands in your 10th you will enter a month long period when your image and ability to come across as trustworthy, serious and knowledgeable in your field, counts.

When it comes to love, if you’re seeking, you will be drawn to someone with life experience. Or worldly wisdom who is successful in some way. And who knows what they want and where they are going in life. Not having a plan, path or purpose of some kind will be a turn-off now. Someone could cross your path who impresses you with that aura of achievement or dedication to what they do. Even if they initially come across as quite conservative. They are a bit of a rock star in their own way!

Just avoid getting into arguments with any kind of authority figure once Mars joins the Sun in your 10th from the 30th. You are not going to win if you do. Mars in here fires up your ambition and determination to win. Time to make that move and push forward when it comes to what you want to achieve.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this; like Trick-or-treating and dawning costumes for Halloween.

In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

Venus and Juno meet in your social and wish granting 11th house on this day. Juno is the astral body which rules marriage, commitment and long term promises of all descriptions. Perhaps simply to attaining that goal. This is a fabulous night to get together with like-minded friends for wizarding and witchy activities. Or to do a personal ritual to ask for spiritual assistance with that goal. If you are out and about, this meeting says there’s the potential for spooky, synchronisitic meetings;; which could turn into something spellbindingly long term. It could be a magical meet-cute or date night.

No matter what, a serious long term promise to seeing something through also chimes with that 10th house potential. Yes, ruler Uranus in your 4th is one of the two outer planets along with Neptune in your 2nd which remains retrograde. But elsewhere green lights tell you its time to go for it.

In a nutshell: Saturn and Jupiter direct in your sign this month along with Mercury in your 9th bring in a new sense of freedom and forward motion, Aquarius. Love could appear in the form of someone worldly and experienced.


What is your body saying?

Take control of your cash

Dress for magical success this Halloween!

Time to tune in to what your body is telling you. And continue with any self-care initiatives you may have begun in September, Pisces. Your intuition is your greatest asset and your superpower. So, do listen to what it is telling you with regards to what you need to be doing. Or cutting back on.

Your energy is at a peak now. You need to keep a watchful eye open for it heading into one of two conflicting areas. Frustration or burn-out. Mars in its ruling 8th house; along with the Sun up until the 23rd. It may have you feeling you can take on anything. And also fires up your desire for change.

But at the same time, we are still in heavy retrograde weather; which is where the frustration element comes into play. Mercury remains retrograde in your 8th until the 18th. Pluto in your 11th until the 6th. Saturn in your 12th until the 11th and Jupiter – also in your 12th, until the 18th again.

You have Ceres in your 4th joining the retroactive action from the 10th; asking you if you have taken on too much lately? Plus, even when the majority of planets shift forward again this month, you will still have ruler Neptune retrograde in your sign; and Uranus backwards in your 3rd. All this adds up to you potentially doing too much or running on empty when you try to ignite or initiate change but run into hurdles. Pace yourself.

Let your body talk

What your body is saying in terms of energy and its knock on effect; which is emotional wisdom. It shows you what you need to do or where you need to adjust. There’s also a theme of give and take across this; especially when it comes to your money, anything you share with another – especially employers or partners and yes, sex too. Any imbalances around these areas will make themselves known; via the effect they have on how your feel or your emotional energy levels. You want equality and reciprocation. Address this, if you’re not receiving it.

Best time to tackle this is at the time of the Mercury/Jupiter trine on the 4th, the Sun/Mars conjunction on the 8th and the new Moon in your 8th on the 6th. This points to a powerful transformation or rebirth occurring; as this new Moon falls conjunct Mars – in what is Mars’s ruling house.

Time for truth talking, Pisces so don’t shy away from this. You need to address imbalances, face fears and above all, ask for what you need. The direct approach is simple, best and also the most powerful tool you have in your kit right now. The more you tackle the better you feel and the more able you will be to truly balance that energy. Just be aware that sometimes extreme self-care requires us to say ‘No more’ to someone or something.

Saturn and Jupiter direct in your 12th will prove particularly freeing for you as well as showing you those insights were right all along. As your confidence increases so will your boldness and audacity. A new empowered and fiercer version of you makes itself known. Hey – that’s sexy. Venus is on the move from the 7th, into your status setting 10th house favouring making those impressions and career moves.

Money, income, assets and benefits are in focus too. Take care of any outstanding issues around money as we arrive at the full Moon in your 2nd on the 20th. Known as The Hunter’s Moon, it’s calling you to create something which supports you and also creates structure.

Again, tackle anything that creates an imbalance or impacts on your self-worth at this point too. Don’t put this off. This full Moon could bring a money, job or financial matter to a climax or conclusion. Or see you take steps to get the respect or rewards you deserve as it opposes Mars in your 8th and Pluto in your 11th as it waxes.

You’re feeling sexy, social, adventurous and wanting to try something new as the Sun alights in your 9th on the 23rd. Hopefully you listened to the messages your body/higher self was communicating; which have led to you now being ready to step into something new, exciting and bigger. Travel may feature for some but at some point during this coming month you will embark on a fresh phase.

Mars’s arrival in here on the 30th pushes you to take action. On your own behalf. It makes you a little daring, bolder and much more confident. You will make the first move now and not wait for life to happen. Luck is on your side if you take a chance so follow up and do just that.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. Does this make it one of your favourite holidays, Pisces? You should be flying away on its otherworldly vibe on your Nimbus 2000! In the United States we see the playful aspect of this with trick or treating; and getting dressed up for Halloween.

In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up. Again, our version of Halloween echos this.

This day sees Venus and Juno meet in your 10th. Venus rules your bank account and your love life. This is a career path connection. And your partner’s (or potential partner’s) status. Juno rules marriage, commitments, long term promises we can’t easily renege on – or want to for that matter. I could say this is a day for dressing for success or dressing for your future success. It’s a day for a ritual to attract what success looks like for you; in either your personal life or career. As you are stepping into this cycle of expansion as we head into November – think big around this.

Your 10th is a house which rules long term efforts and progress. So, you should stick to what you’ve decided to set in motion. It’s a day to get serious about whatever it is you want. And if you have been waiting for something to understand you need to begin to make it happen for yourself. If you are waiting on someone else – maybe its time for you to make that first move or broach that subject. The promise you make and the magic you weave could simply be a vow of no more uncertainty. You’ve a new success story to write now – spellbinding, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Time to get serious about those goals, Pisces. Whether around career, study or love. Or a combination. This Halloween hands you the ability to focus on your true path. Weave a spooky success story.

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