Monthly Astrology Forecast November 2020 – Liberation

Monthly Astrology Forecast November 2020


Start me up!

Bold moves leave others in the dust

Dare to be outstanding

Fire back up that signature boldness, Aries. Ruler Mars direct in your sign from the 14th hands you back that fierceness. The moment you’ve been waiting for to act could arrive. Especially when it comes to fixing something that has held you back over the long term. And I’m talking since the end of 2017 here! When it does appear – don’t hesitate.

Passion is back on the agenda. As is daring when it comes to anything to do with love or what you love to do, Aries. You’ve Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart. It’s all about the love you feel, have, want and above all – generate. Attraction of the Law of Attraction, is love in action. It propels you onward and outward and yes, gets you noticed as a bonus.

Step on Up!

Ready to stand out? Or simply be outstanding? It’s your Ariana Grande moment when you tell the world ‘What you need, hey, is a number one’ – and that number 1 just happens to be you. Of course, it’s all in the self-belief. Mars retro in your 1st has been all about restoring that. Recovering that lost mojo if that’s what’s happened.

Venus in your 7th opposing Chiron in your 1st on the 1st is asking what wouldn’t you do in the name of love? Or simply to reclaim that purpose, passion and desire? The start of the month sees you unable to sit spinning your wheels any longer. Time to start your engines and shift back into high gear as Mercury heads direct also in your 7th from the 4th. Sure, it’s still in retroshadow, but this is your out of the shadows and back into the light cue – especially when it comes to love or anything that involves you and at least one other person.

How you feel, look and the image you project – that vibe you’re sending out there, your ruler retro should have seen you making adjustments to everything from your style to your on-line profile. You’re no longer content to fade into the background or be overlooked. Claiming this and your confidence is the ultimate act of love for you now. And if it’s love you’re seeking, this is your kick-starter.

Make opportunity a work of art

What fuels your desire for action, to stand out from the crowd and your desire for something bigger, bolder and game-changing is the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and your 10th on the 12th. This conjunction is in orb from the 7th – you should feel the energy begin to build from that point onwards. But peaks on the 12th. This won’t happen again in your 10th in your lifetime. If you’ve been feeling that doors have stayed closed no matter how loud or frequently you’ve been knocking – this could see them open effortlessly.

There’s certainly a transition involved. One that either solves a long standing issue which may have confined you since 2017. Or which sends you professional and/or personal stock soaring. Again, it gets you noticed.

What defines you?

Hang on to those core values too this month as you are going to be asked to stand by them. This is due to Mercury and then Venus in your 8th opposing Uranus in your 2nd. Your 8th is your ‘other’ money house and Venus is the ruler of your 2nd. This occurs on the 17th (Mercury) and then the 27th (Venus).

Don’t ‘sell out’ when you know something runs against those beliefs. And don’t be afraid to take a stand or even ask for something you may have not had the courage to before. This day also sees the Sun arrive in your 9th – highlighting opportunities for expansion and freedom. And no matter what is on the table or being discussed between you and another, Uranus’s goal is also always liberation. At the end of the day, we are our beliefs and our value system is literally what attracts back in kind. The Sun’s trine to Chiron in your 1st on the 27th opens the way for a simply outrageous and impossible outcome. Provided you keep the faith in those beliefs, Aries.

The end of the month really does require all of us to say ‘I know this much is true – for me’. You have Neptune direct in its ruling 12th from the 29th. Neptune inspires but also obscures. So, one way to navigate Neptune’s nebulous cycles is to be very clear about what we know to be just that. And to hang on to this during any periods of confusion. So, as an eclipsed full Moon hits your 3rd on the 30th, you need to hang on to those truths and values and place them above anything you hear or are told now.

This is Mercury’s house of messages, contracts, news, the internet and commerce. And also short journeys – either in distance or duration. This transcends Covid and if you are planning on going anywhere under this eclipse, ask: Is my journey really necessary? Fact check and above all, have the confidence not to feel pressured to react.

Something you are told, read or hear may push those emotional buttons but these are feelings, not facts. Follow through with gathering the latter and refuse to react solely on the former. Eclipses always conceal. But the truth has a way of making itself known. And if it doesn’t ring true with those values we’ve been discussing, this should be a clear indication that for you, this isn’t aligned with your truth.

This month is all about what sets you apart, Aries. It’s not just your ruler direct revving up that confidence again. Once re-started, you won’t stop. 2021 is fast approaching. This month sees you game ready.

In a nutshell: Start your engines, Aries. November could offer freedom from restrictions which have held you back for too long. Time to stand out, get noticed and fire up those dreams again. They’ll take you all the way to 2021!


Start something in the name of love

Change is another term for freedom

Move it on up this Movember!

No more sitting around thinking about what action you should take, Taurus. Weighing up the options is over for you this Movember. If you’ve been spending too much time in your head of late – that’s over too. Time to start something in the name of love.

Ruler Venus starts the month in your 6th of daily duty, routine and that state of health. That’s not just your physical health but your soul health too. Mars retrograde in your 12th which has put you in deep, contemplative mode these past few months, has had you looking at the long-term effects of inaction over something that needs to change. But when Venus opposes first Chiron (1st) and then Mars (9th) in your 12th, this could see a lightbulb moment. And one that ignites the desire to change it all on up. Why? Because you want wellbeing – on every level and in love.

And yes, I do know how reluctant you can be to embrace that ‘c’ word, Taurus. Will it disrupt meal-times? Or that oh-so-comfortable routine you’ve created? The fact is, the presence of Uranus in your 1st is telling you change is not only inevitable, but necessary. So, your choices this Movember– as in ‘Move on up’ are to initiate action. Or abandon yourself to the fresh direction change wants you to go in. Because yes, you can stay in your comfort zone, but being tipped out of it sooner or later is now inevitable.

You can’t fight the feeling

Mercury is direct in its ruling 6th from the 3rd and arrives back in your 7th from the 10th, while Mars is direct once more from the 14th. The intense new Supermoon in your 7th on the 15th, angles to both Pluto and Jupiter sitting in its ruling 9th. It’s about breaking you free into a new bigger and satisfying cycle of relating. But it’s also asking you to act to set it in motion. How? That’s going to be highly personal and individual, Taurus. Based on your deepest desires, goals and needs. Especially around relationships and how these impact on how you feel.

If love is absent, commit to now finding it. And don’t make up excuses for not doing this either. You need to first lose 10lbs. Or you’ll look when lockdown is eased. Or the boss is off your back. When the kids have left home. The list can be endless and there will always be more to be added until you understand that now is the time for love and that you are worthy of having it just the way you are. Right now. So, no more excuses.

Change is just another name for freedom

Venus will arrive in its ruling 7th from the 21st – the same day the Sun shines on your change sector. If you are settled, now is the time to talk to your other half about what you have been thinking. And also, ditch any fears you may be holding on to around what change may bring. Change is merely another term we use for freedom. This month’s final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto which takes place on the 7th – the day before the Sun and Juno meet in your 7th is all about an opportunity for solutions and to transcend long term blocks – for good. And committing to that – one way or another.

This is the last time in your lifetime that Jupiter and Pluto will entangle in this house in your chart. If you’ve been restricted or felt limited due to circumstances beyond your control, between now and the Venus/Uranus opposition on the 27th, you should find yourself released or simply able to leave behind what has confined you for far too long. It could be anything from people, situations or even that resistance within you to shaking up the status quo. Or stopping change from happening.

Start in the name of love

You may surprise yourself and certainly confound those who may have thought they could predict your every move when the day of the Venus/Uranus opposition also sees the Sun in your 8th trine Chiron in your 12th. If you are still hesitating over saying or doing what you deep down known needs to be tackled, this is your moment to simply go for it.

Remember, acting or starting in the name of love for you includes anything and everything from applying for that job, having that talk, showing yourself some self-love or making any kind of long-overdue change. It’s about claiming or even re-claiming, that love direction. Be it for a pathway, a person or just something you want to do. You already own the spiritual truth of this. All that Movember asks of you is that you take the action to back it up.

Hang on to your truth and your commitment to now see change through as we have an eclipsed full Moon in your 2nd on final day of the month. Yes, stand by those values and also know what take-out you want from any negotiation. Eclipsed full Moons show things in a different light. So, be open to others’ points of view. Information gather.

Ask questions especially of your opposite number or that person across the table. Be this a significant other or an institution like your bank. It’s time to sift through the information and sit with it rather than act. To incorporate the other party’s terms or needs. And above all, to listen deep within it you feel something is being held back.

We’ve another eclipse next month. This one a total one and in your house of shared money, assets and resources and relationships where sex features. Between now and then you may only have part of the picture. What you do have however is your own infallible insight and your newly minted commitment to initiating the love change you know you need. Be aware that full Moons especially eclipsed Moons, represent culminations of a cycle. But without this, there will be no new beginning to follow. And that is what November promises, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Get moving this Movember, Taurus. Ruler Venus enters its ruling 7th and it’s all about long term love. Stop thinking and start loving. It’s action that sets that new beginning in motion.


Lighten the load

Love is letting go of what is no longer needed

Get ready for release!

You’ve an eclipsed full Moon in your sign this month, Gemini. While next month will bring a total eclipse in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and your 7th of partnerships. Ruler Mercury is direct in your 5th from the 3rd while Mars heads direct once again on the 14th in its ruling sign of Aries and your 11th house of the future. What this is telling you is that the future of love for you requires you letting go of something. But what that is may not be immediately obvious.

So, before we arrive at the eclipse which occurs on the 30th – and certainly way before we get to the one which occurs on Dec 14, time to look at what needs to be released around love. What this is – may surprise you. But letting it go lets in more love – that’s both the paradox and the promise, Gemini!

Since the end of 2017, many of you may have felt stuck or under the thumb of fate! Perhaps dealing with changes that have felt outside of your control. Or else you have wanted to make changes, but no matter how hard you have tried, you have been unable to get the results you wanted. In other words – trapped in a negative cycle or a lot of effort for no return. The good news about November is that it should free you of this, Gemini. And you don’t have to wait for the eclipse for this to happen.

Nothing around love is impossible

First, ruler Mercury is back in direct motion in your 5th of romance and pleasure from the 3rd. Plus you have Mars back in full force confident mode in your 11th from the 14th. Venus in your 5th will oppose Chiron and Mars in your 11th on the 1st and 9th. It’s telling you that when it comes to the future – and love, all things are possible now.

The real beginning of what is a cycle of release for you this month occurs from the 7th to peak on the 12th. This marks the final encounter between Jupiter and Pluto in your power house 8th. Your house of transformation, ‘other’ money, sex and what is shared by and with you in this lifetime. This is a very big deal in other words.

This is Pluto’s ruling house. Pluto can make us feel we are being dragged into the ‘underworld’. After all, in mythology that’s where Pluto ruled. Send there by his brother Jupiter. So, in astrology we say Jupiter’s the boss of Pluto. Pluto has to do what Jupiter says. This despite the fact this conjunction happens in Pluto’s ruling sector. So, if you have been confined by circumstances, thought at times ‘This is hell!’ or even felt controlled, manipulated or restricted by your situation or even a person, this final meeting between these two in this house for your lifetime should free you or lend a solution your way. Perhaps one you never thought would appear.

Lighten up

If you want to be ‘let off’ something or for the terms of it to change, Jupiter can offer a ‘Get out of jail free’ card or hand you a remedy. Of course, you have to explore all possibilities yourself. And perhaps have the audacity to make a counter-offer or compromise which is what the Venus/Chiron opposition and also the Sun/Chiron trine of the 27th promises.

This month’s new Supermoon in your 6th on the 15th also sextiles Jupiter and Pluto. That release and surrender could literally be something that has felt like a weight on you for a while Gemini. And the shedding could begin at the time of this new Moon.

Two days after the new Moon ruler Mercury will oppose Uranus in your 12th. Venus which arrives in your 6th on the 21st, also opposes Uranus on the 27th. Uranus always wants to evolve our souls via freeing us. Again, this points to you letting go of something in the way of love. Worries, debts, concerns, issues, problems, circumstances which restrict. One minute you could feel you will never be free. The next – you wonder why you put up with it for as long as you did when the solution was so simple. But it can often be something we can’t see – it’s that obvious but it’s hidden in plain sight.

And something obvious but hidden is what an eclipse can conceal too. A lunar eclipse in your 1st is all about shedding something. Often an attachment to the way things are or how we want to maintain them. This can often revolve around relationships. We may feel someone is slipping away and becoming distant. And we worry about not only losing them but the way they make us feel. We then do anything to prevent this happening. Usually this results in the very outcome we were trying so desperately to avoid.

So, before we arrive at the eclipse which occurs on the 30th – and certainly way before we get to the one which occurs on Dec 14, time to look at what needs to be released around love. What this is – may surprise you. But letting it go lets in more love – that’s both the paradox and the bonus, Gemini!

Because this eclipse is asking you tune in and become extra-specially- warrior-for-love sensitive to what others may be thinking and feeling. But also, not to jump to conclusions over it. Ask instead. And also share your own feelings in return. Above all, do not hang on or try to prevent change from occurring. That is inevitable this November thanks to that historic and final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Pluto’s ruling 8th.

What needs to be let go of that’s in the way of love for you, Gemini? What do you need to shed? This may not be obvious. But also if something (or someone) has immediately jumped to mind when reading this – hold that thought. Sure, it could be an aspect of your current relationship. But it could just as easily be an aspect of the way YOU love, Gemini. Letting go of attracting a certain ‘type’ for instance. Or that deep down feeling you just don’t deserve the love you want. Or have to change or be someone you’re not to get it.

Get ready to ditch the soul drain

Ready to ditch this? Or whatever is getting in the way of love? Having love, experiencing love, being love? If this involves you and someone close to you, then the Sun in your 7th from the 21st, could highlight this. It’s now about your past, present or potential partner from now and the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st which is also when the Now Age of Aquarius begins in your 9th house.

So, be prepared to go deep within at the time of the eclipse on the last day of the month. And look at what is getting in the way of you having that bigger, freeing and more expansive love experience. Either in the past or continuing into the present. And vow it ends here. It has no place in your future, Gemini. This month is all about a deep cleanse of anything that holds you back and restricts you. Time for an escape plan to free you for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: There’s something getting between you and the love you seek, Gemini. Maybe negative thinking. Or a situation or circumstances. Whatever it is, time to unshackle yourself and experience real love potential.


Time for some life gardening

Don’t just dare to dream – dare to live it!

Taking care of the small stuff releases you into something bigger

Ready for something a little more daring? You start the month taking care of outstanding business. Whether this is close to home or showcasing those superpowers professionally. There’s a lot of Cardinal Energy swirling around at the start of November. You have Venus and retrograde Mercury in your 4th of Libra. Then the final Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and your 7th; and in your 10th (Aries) – Mars direct from the 14th along with Chiron in here.

Chiron allows you to release that daring, outrageous side. Or simply bring those superpowers to bear on an area of life you may be overlooking. For simply unexpected results. Because you are going to use a secret ingredient. What is that? Read on and mix it in, Cancer.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle

Did you spot what’s missing in all this? That secret ingredient is your signature Cancerian gift of caring and nurturing. You are the only Cardinal sign with planets missing. So, as you focus on home and professional matters at the start of the month, see even those career goals and ambitions as benefitting and deserving of that Cancerian gift of devotional love.

Bring the Tarot to life

This is the energy embodied in the card of the 7 of Pentacles in the Tarot. You might want to meditate on this card for the first half of November. Up until the point the new Supermoon appears in your 5th which I will come to in a moment. You’re probably familiar with this card and no matter what deck you use, this is one of those cards whose imagery and interpretation remains consistent.

It shows a figure watching over a plant with seven pentacles on it. The first and most obvious interpretation is waiting for something to ripen or come to fruition. But the figure is also keeping watch and attending to his or her crop. Watering, pruning, tilling the soil around it to ensure it ripens and grows so they can reap the harvest. That vigilance and nurturing is pure Cancerian energy. So, the start of November is asking you to bring this kind of nurturing focus to your home, family or living situation (which should be easy for you!), your work and career, or your relationship. You’re both the missing piece of the puzzle – and the growth factor, Cancer.

All this says yes, you do matter. Because without you, nothing grows. Or blossoms. So, don’t undersell yourself at this time or dismiss what you do as unimportant. The time and love you put into things are valuable which is another message of this card. So, don’t ignore that.

Solutions to love problems appear

The 10th sees Mercury re-enter your fabulising 5th while the Sun in here makes a beautiful trine to Neptune in your 9th. Romance, pleasure, date night, creative projects, children, play, much needed breaks from reality or serious business are back on the agenda. Again, look to where you have invested your time and love. Are you being properly appreciated? Or feel you are?

The final Jupiter/Pluto meeting in your 7th begins on the 7th and peaks on the 12th. Many Cancerians may have felt love was ‘hard work’ or ‘heavy’ going due to the once-in-a-lifetime line up of planets in here. This meeting between Jupiter and Pluto will never occur again in here in this lifetime. Both Saturn (restriction) and Jupiter will exit this house next month leaving only Pluto remaining.

Some of you may have discovered the love of your life during this period. While others may have found themselves consciously or simply un-coupled from someone they thought would be a big part of their lives. Love could have been elusive or hard to pin down. Or solid but working through challenges. Expect solutions and new beginnings to show you all that vigilance and hard work has been worth it. Jupiter ALWAYS wins in a Jupiter/Pluto stand-off. It tells us the only way is now up.

Daring, dating and relating

The new Supermoon of the 17th is when that daring phase finally kicks in. You’ve taken care of business. Now it’s time to lighten up as it aligns with that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. This could restore the romance to a present partnership or bring singles who are seeking a new love opportunity especially when Venus arrives in this house six days later. Social distancing guidelines aside, it’s time to connect and circulate if you can as on the 17th Mercury in your 5th opposes Uranus in its ruling 11th. and Venus will do the same on the 27th. Accept all invitations within guidelines now and be open to the unexpected.

If you are seeking love then be open not just to experimenting with how and where you may find it, but be open to what love may look like. Possibly different than you thought. This is also your time to express yourself either via your creativity or what you enjoy doing. So, showcase this in any way you can. Online and via social media or your own website. This is not a time to be shy no matter who or what you are seeking to attract in.

The Sun in your 6th from the 21st is all about focussing the energy that 7 of Pentacles card contains. On your daily routine, the details and what nourishes you and supports you. Diet, wellbeing, exercise and also the details will matter. Just like the roots of that plant – it’s all connected. And the small stuff matters. This is your time for life gardening and especially what you need for your growth and to feel alive. What drains or stunts that growth? Weed it out now.

Cast a new spell under a different light

You are the sign which feels full Moon eclipses the most. The Moon’s light looks different during one. So, you literally see things in a different light. Now, any kind of eclipse hides things. A total eclipse like the one we have on December 14 (in your 6th incidentally), means you are totally in the dark.

A total eclipse at the time of the full Moon can hide the emotional truth. We may even doubt our own feelings. Or be uncertain about someone else’s. But the eclipse of the 30th in your 12th isn’t total. So, you have a glimpse of emotional truth as you see an aspect of the past in a very different light.

This may run completely contrary to how you have been told things were or are. Or what you have believed to be true. Because this is your house of the past, you may hear from someone from that who provides the information that allows you to see things this way. However, do hold this up to your intuition and also fact check it if possible. But if it resonates – no matter how outrageous and unbelievable, then take it as the truth.

You may read, watch or hear something – a book, TV show or even a random conversation, which while it may not be related directly to you, nevertheless seems to be a message with you in mind. You may delve deeper into this as a result.

One word of caution however. If someone from your past reappears wanting a second chance or another go around under this eclipse, please use caution. Take your time before jumping back in. If this happens go back to the 7 of Pentacles card. That figure watches and waits. The truth is like a plant. It can take time for flowers to appear and bloom. You are re-framing the past under this eclipse. Not repeating it. Being a little bit daring this November may even involve daring to say no, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Your capacity for patience and nurturing pays off this month, Cancer. Show every area that long- term love. And when it comes to partnership matters – expect opportunities and solutions this November!


It’s a roaring unofficial birthday season!

Radiate to attract

That feelgood solution is here to stay

Ruler the Sun gets the party season started early when it lands in your 5th on the 21st. In the spotlight – well, you are and your ability to attract Leo. By now you should know that along with your birthday cycle, the arrival of the Sun in fellow fire element Sagittarius is like your unofficial birthday season. After all, the Queen has an ‘official’ birthday. So, as the sign of royalty why shouldn’t you get an extra celebratory cycle too?

First however, we have retro reversals. Mercury heads direct in its ruling 3rd on the 1st, crossing back into your 4th on the 10th. The 14th sees Mars finally head forwards in your sector of expansion. It’s reinjecting you with the confidence to put yourself ‘out there’ again. To go after something. You need to reignite that big goal or dream now, Leo. And you have the resources at hand to go for it.

How do you feel?

First, ensure your house is in order. Decisions can be made around property, home, your flat or apartment, your flatmate if you have one, lifestyle and living arrangements. Wellbeing will also be your big concern as could be your day job, course or routine. Many of you may have been juggling issues around home, moving, your landlord, council, mortgage or something which impacts on your overall wellbeing and security. Especially if you like many Leos have Cancer factors in your chart. (You might want to check these!).

The good news because there is plenty this November, is that solutions are to hand. Escaping ruts be they work or routine related – or perhaps both. Solving that sticky work/life conundrum. Feeling on the top of your game and ditching the energy drains. Time to be as organised as you can be in order to make the most of the Jupiter/Pluto alignment in your 6th which opens the door to opportunities and solutions around this from the 7th.

This energy peaks on the 12th just ahead of the new Supermoon of the 14th which will also align to this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. This is the final time in your lifetime this meeting will take place in this sector of your chart. Jupiter ALWAYS trumps Pluto. So, we are talking a release and a permanent, feelgood solution around any of the above themes. Put it this way, something has had you tied down or stuck for far too long. Between now and the 21st December – prepare to step free of it. And boy, will it feel so good!

Step into the spotlight

You should be feeling renewed and re-aligned as the Sun in your 5th from the 21st, turns up the warmth again. Look to what gives you that glow, Leo. And it can come in oh so many forms now. Showcase and share. What have you got to be proud of? Possibly just how well you have come through some tough times. It’s time to strut. To showcase and share. Your romantic life (or lack thereof), your past, present or potential partner is also highlighted. Especially ahead of the Now Age of Aquarius happening in your 7th next month!

Venus is also on the move. It arrives in your 4th also on the 21st. Again, this may simply offer the final easing off of restrictions and that feeling of hard work you’ve been burdened with since 2017. Venus in here favours any kind of real estate dealing and if you do end up moving under a Venus transit in your 4th, you are likely to unpack for some time to come.

The month’s end delivers an eclipsed full Moon in your sector of friendships and the future. Does one particular friend or contact jump to mind? You are one of the signs which has learned to work eclipses like a boss along with the next door sign of Cancer. That is because your ruler is always involved whether it is a solar or a lunar eclipse. Next month will bring a powerful and total solar eclipse in your 5th. So, you know you will be totally in the dark about some aspect involving your children, lover, young people or even a creative venture.

For now, the final day of November brings what is known as a Penumbral eclipse. This is when the Earth only blocks some of the Sun’s light from hitting the surface of the Moon. However, like all lunar eclipses, we say emotionally we are seeing something in a ‘different’ light. You may suddenly see a friendship or even a group connection very differently. As the Earth and Moon are imperfectly aligned, this may mean you no longer feel the same resonance. Or you may realise you are no longer invested in a goal the way you used to be.

Eclipsed full Moons always mark culminations of something. And we need to see them as a completion (or one to be shortly revealed) so we can move on to something new. You complete a goal and then set a new one. Realise a connection has run its course and open up to new ones. So, avoid labelling anything as an ‘ending’. You of all signs know eclipses take a while to reveal the truth behind them. And this one is no different. Besides, it’s your un-official birthday season. New beginnings are part of that gift. As are solutions, Leo.

In a nutshell: In true royal fashion you get an unofficial birthday season each year. It’s when the Sun lands in your 5th, Leo. November offers the gift of solutions to long term blocks. And lasting freedom.


Have a little faith – in yourself

Work that mojo

Your secret superpower? Intuition!

Ruler Mercury lifts the communication barrier once more as it heads direct in your 2nd from the 3rd. You’re back in business in more ways than one, Virgo. When it comes to deals, negotiations, outcomes and your cash – don’t be shy about proposing a settlement, compromise or simply laying your cards on the table. Sure, it may take more front than Brighton. But the result may simply astound and turn into something you can bank on thanks to Venus opposing first Chiron (1st) and then Mars (9th) in your ‘other’ money house.

Mars is also on the move from the 14th. And this should restore that all important feeling of empowerment. And dare I say it – sexiness? They are usually both intertwined. Yes, your mojo is back, Virgo! So, let’s also talk about lovers, children, parenting, creative projects (the ‘children’ of your imagination and talents) and how confident you’ve been feeling around these lately.

Chances are you will have been grappling with some sticky issues around one, some or even all these areas since 2017. This may have left you exhausted, drained and filled with self-doubt about what you are doing. The conclusion you may have (wrongly) jumped to is that everything you have been doing is just plain WRONG.

Solutions hand you self-belief

And some Virgos may have had the double dilemma of having to deal with someone in their life who has contributed to them feeling this way. Anyone from that ‘managing’ in-law, the hyper-critical boss or partner, to that so called ‘expert’ or Instagram influencer. Did you know that of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the one most likely to contribute to self-esteem issues and depression? With ruler Mercury entering your 3rd from the 10th, right at the time the all-important Jupiter/Pluto alignment takes place in your 5th, look at what external influence – that person to that social media feed, may be contributing to you doubting yourself.

Time to put that behind you. This is the final meeting in your lifetime of Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th. Jupiter always has the upper hand over Pluto. So, think ‘beneficial transformation’. Jupiter offers solutions and opportunities. This is also the house where you get to shine. So, along with that Mars direct, this meeting restores your belief in yourself. From the 7th onwards you’ll see solutions appear and doors open. The alignment is exact on the 12th.

Believe in yourself again

You are also going to benefit from the beautiful Sun/Neptune trine on the 10th as well as Ceres re-entering your 7th on the same day. And you find yourself and your partner back on the same page. You find a new way to communicate with that teenager. And you attract a new lover who is totally on your wavelength. You discover the confidence to tell that micro-managing parent or in-law that you are doing it your way, thank-you. Your renewed faith in your skills sees you applying for a new job so you can tell your boss where they can park their job and their criticism.

Whatever form this takes, it’s all about freedom of the permanent kind from something that has felt like hard work or heavy going for far too long. This month’s new Supermoon in your 3rd also points to emotional release and satisfaction as it too sextiles the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which is still in orb on the 15th. The 15th-17th marks a two- day period of important conversations related to the above, surprising news or when agreements are reached, connections made or free-flowing pleasure or dates take place! Get ready for the unexpected now.

The Sun’s arrival in your 4th on the 21st could mark the time of satisfaction with what you have managed to achieve so far. But don’t think this will necessarily see you staying home and binge-watching The Home Edit. Venus’s arrival in your 3rd on the same day is all about expressing yourself, enhancing what you say and boosting work, business and love connections. Focus on sharing your feelings. Expressing your thoughts rather that repressing them.

Insight paves the way to success

Above all, as we approach the eclipsed full Moon in your 10th on the final day of the month, go with your gut instincts. Yes, there is a saying there is no room for emotion in business and this is your house of your career, reputation, status and public image. But there is always room for intuition. Which should not be ignored now.

Eclipsed full Moons cast things in a different light. We see shadows and various shades we were unaware of before. Absorb these and along with those gut instincts, act accordingly. Above all, guard your public image and what you say and put out there. Also – don’t take anything you hear or are told at face value now. This month is all about restoring your confidence in yourself. So, hold on to that now if anything is unclear, Virgo. And know that feeling you’re having is the correct one.

In a nutshell: Feeling you’ve lost your mojo lately? Confounded by self-doubt? Watch how your confidence comes rushing back this November. Along with solutions to long term dilemmas, Virgo.


Play with the power of impossibilities

Solutions set you free

It’s ALL small stuff after all!

Nothing is impossible when it comes to love this month, Libra. This applies to that past, present or potential partner. Take it that all bets are off and just play with improbabilities. The more outrageous the better.

Ruler Venus opposes Chiron in your 7th at the start of November and will also oppose retro Mars on the 9th. You also have a stunning Sun/Chiron trine heading your way on the 27th after the Sun enters your 3rd. With Mercury also direct in your 1st from the 3rd and Mars finally turning the heat back up from the 14th when it too finally shifts to direct motion once more on the 14th, what this tells you is that anything can and possibly will happen when it comes to partnership probabilities.

Taking a chance, opting for something or someone outrageous and untried – you may astound yourself with what you will attempt in the name of love. Or something you love.

2021 is now ringing your doorbell and asking to be let in. You’re now just over a month away until the Now Age of Aquarius begins. Before this does, solutions around home, living arrangements, family, that flatmate, Airbnb, or even that issue with your locality, council, homeland could be at hand. There’s a feeling of release from restriction. Of doors opening when they have been continuously slammed in your face since the end of 2017.

It’s all small stuff after all

First – and I cannot emphasise this enough, take care of the small stuff and by doing so you’ll quickly discover – it’s all small stuff after all. That huge, on-going issue that’s been like a dead-weight? A systematic, strategic and practical approach is what works, Libra. Don’t get emotional about it. It’s not who you are. You are more than this. If you are judging yourself for having got yourself into a particular situation, then understand you are the only one doing so.

So, let go of any emotional sting around money, career, home or property matters. Draw up an action plan. Put it in motion and if it involves anyone or anything else, take the same approach and don’t be afraid to make an offer or compromise. The 7th -11th sees the final alignment of Jupiter and Pluto in here. This is exact on the 11th but you will feel the energy of this from the 7th. Solutions to long term restrictions and problems can and will appear now.

This is the final time these two will meet in this sector of your chart in your lifetime. Jupiter always beats Pluto. And what this adds up to for you is a lasting release or solution to all that heavy going you’ve had to put up with since 2017!

This month’s freshly minted Supermoon points to a new cycle when it comes to your finances, abundance in all its many splendoured forms, and your self-worth. That new beginning, opportunity or release I’ve been talking about could in fact be triggered by it. It sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto which are still in orb in what is after all, the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. Again, use a laser-honed mindset when it comes to your money. What you will discover from doing this in any problem area as the month progresses, is that you not only start to make real progress, but that the area you focus on shows improvements as a result. Try it and see.

The Sun lands in your 3rd on the 21st – the same day as Venus moves into its ruling 2nd. You’re now going to be exploring the link between your cash and communication. And also communicating your values. The 17th will see Mercury in your 2nd oppose Uranus in your 8th. And Venus will make the same angle to Uranus on the 27th. This day also sees the Sun in your 3rd trine Chiron in your 7th. If this is around your pay, salary, something you share, a loan, mortgage or any financial undertaking, come from a place of value and don’t be afraid to state your terms. This could just see you walking away with all (or at the very least most) of your conditions being met.

The month closes with an eclipsed full Moon in your 9th. Due to Covid, most of us aren’t travelling right now. This is your house of long-distance travel. If you are going anywhere under this full Moon – even a short trip, please check everything from your route to your actual reason for going before setting out. Eclipses conceal so asking if this journey is really necessary could be a good idea.

Also, delve deep into anything you hear or are told. If you feel you are not getting all the facts, wait. Check everything you send out now. This is your house of study and academia, the law and the mass media. Something far away could feel very close under this full Moon. People overseas may feature but again, you may not have the big picture.

Seeing something in a different light is common under a lunar eclipse. It represents both a culmination and a new beginning at the same time. The ending of restrictions and a fresh direction is both your end and a fresh start this month.

In a nutshell: Love could take an astounding turn. Plus seeing something in a different light sends you towards an exciting beginning. Stuck? Solutions appear at last. 2021 is calling you, Libra.


Say it and mean it

What seems unreal sends you into a new reality

24 carat hallmarked relationships are what you deserve!

Time to say ‘I do’ – if only to a re-envisioned version of your future this month, Scorpio. You could recommit or something returns – but this time it’s future-proofed.

Chances are if something or someone is headed back your way, you’ll pick up the vibe of its approach before it appears due to Mercury and Venus in your 12th. Mercury and also your ancient ruler Mars both move to direct motion this month. Mercury on the 3rd and Mars on the 14th. Stay connected to those hunches and feelings. Because chances are they are right on the money.

Say yes to freedom

Your contemporary ruler Pluto is involved in the biggest event of the month from the 7th – 12th. This is the final meeting between it and Jupiter in your 3rd. You’ll feel the energy build around the 7th to peak on the 12th. This is the final meeting between these two in this house in your chart in your lifetime.

This is of course, Mercury’s ruling house and it will re-enter your 1st on the 10th – just in time for the main event. You also have the Sun and Juno conjunct on the 8th and the Sun making one of the best angles of attraction of the year to Neptune in your 5th on the 10th. So, what does this all add up to? News that brings a bit commitment or decision with it but which also frees and liberates you all at the same time. In other words – a game changer.

It’s putting to an end a feeling of going round in circles or getting nowhere fast. A never-ending conversation which never concludes with a decision. The Internet, publishing, study, writing or business may have been the topic. You may have felt it was beyond your control at times. But now you’re sending it in the direction you want it to go. Whether this is a Yes or No decision – the result is the same. You’re out of that cycle. For keeps.

The 15th is your time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Not just any new Moon but a new Supermoon will appear in your 1st and align with that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which will still be in orb. This is your opportunity to re-boot a key area or at the very least, take back control and send your future in the direction you’ve been waiting to head in. Perhaps since 2017. It’s a re-birth, baby. And should feel just like that.

Unlike other signs (I could say ‘those with less depth’), you are comfortable with Pluto energy. You know its sacred. That black is the colour of the void from which all things emerge. Including potentials. We can’t talk about what’s happening in your 1st house without touching on your opposite one – Taurus and your 7th. Love or any kind of partnership situation – including past ones but also future loves too, are part of the newness that’s flowing your way. As is knowing what needs to be released back into that void to be re-made now.

The Mercury/Uranus opposition of the 17th is followed by the Venus/Uranus opposition of the 27th. Venus will arrive in your 1st from the 21st – the same day the Sun moves on into Venus’s ruling 2nd. This is the love which reflects your worth. The love you can bank on. 24 carat, Fort Knox love. Or any kind of relationship where you know that person has your back.

Real or unreal?

This can be a past, present or emerging partnership. But remember – Uranus always wants to free us so we can evolve. It is the planet which rules surprises and electrifying truths. It opens our eyes to the way things are – as opposed to how we may want them to be. There’s no escaping the truth once Uranus strikes. It’s linked to the card of The Tower in the Tarot. Yes, I know most people don’t like that card. But it represents Uranus’s ability to shock as opposed to a disaster. The figures falling from the tower have been turfed out of an ivory one. It wasn’t real to begin with.

So, whatever revelation Uranus has in store for you, the reality bites one way or another. You need to be hanging on to this at the month’s end when we have an eclipsed full Moon in your sector of ‘other’ money, shared and marital assets and yes, those relationships where sex is important. This is the house again where you are comfortable with the energy. An eclipsed full Moon throws a different light on a situation. Or a relationship. The emotional truth behind something calls you to transform it. So the situation or even you, can be re-born. Say ‘I do’ to the new this November.

In a nutshell: Time to make big decisions and commit – one way or another this month, Scorpio. You get a glimpse of a fresh reality. Or the way things could be around love. Accept nothing but the real deal now.


Solutions propel you out of status quo

Karma makes time for love

Happy birthday, Sag!

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Even before the Sun arrives in your sign on the 21st, you may have that heads-up that positive change is about to occur. Your ruler Jupiter is at work now. Paving the way for the Now Age of 2021. It’s about to deliver solutions and opportunities. You of all signs knows that Jupiter always invites. We have to RSVP. RSVP-ing to your future direction is the form this month is about to take. Are you ready to say ‘Yes’?

We are in Mutable Weather now. Which means rolling with the changes but staying organised while you do. Why? That’s because the ‘missing’ mutable sign is Virgo. Sign of details, devotion and wellbeing. So, you need to be flexible but at the same time have a plan, schedule or system you can rely on. And to take care of the business of being #1 as in scheduling time for wellness and supporting that body. You can’t capitalise on what the Now Age has in store for you if you are feeling sub-par, Sag.

Unexpected encounters or people emerging from your past could colour the first week of the month. Venus in your 11th opposes Chiron in your 5th and Mars on the 9th. You may find yourself suddenly in demand – especially when Mars finally goes direct from the 14th. Either personally or for your talents. Or maybe both.

Mercury shifts direct once again in your 11th from the 3rd and crosses back into your 12th on the 10th. You also have the Sun and Juno in here. Recommitting or saying yes to a past aspect is likely now. As are big decisions around living arrangements, your home, family and security thanks to the wonderful Sun/Neptune trine and Ceres in your 4th again on the 10th. Think and plan in the long term.

Right on the money

The biggest event of the month aside from the Sun’s arrival in your 1st on the 21st, is the final meeting between your ruler Jupiter and Pluto in your money zone. This is the final time these two will meet in this sector of your chart in your lifetime. So, yes, it’s a big deal. The transit begins on the 7th and peaks on the 12th when both are exact. So, you will feel the energy from the 7th.

Since late 2017 many of you will have been struggling with money, abundance or even self-esteem issues. Or perhaps a combination of all three. You may have had to work twice as hard for less than you’re worth for instance. Or had to learn to make do with limited resources while still keeping those dreams alive. You’ve had to get creative with what you have had to work with. And some of you have faced downright losses and restrictions.

The problem has been Saturn also in this house which has tempered Jupiter’s ability to give you more. The good news is that this cycle is over. The better news is that this final Jupiter/Pluto meeting could well provide you with the solution to fixing all the problems you’ve been dealing with these past few years.

As usual, Jupiter helps those who help themselves. And we have to say yes to the opportunity when it appears. But something tells me you’ve been waiting for this moment, Sag. So – don’t hesitate when it arrives.

Exactly mid-month on the 15th we have a new Supermoon in your house of past mysteries and hidden potentials. It will align to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which will still be in orb. Again, this could see you back in demand for something you have done or made a name for yourself over in the past. Someone or an opportunity returning from it or your insight into what was coming well and truly confirmed.

Your intuition has an even bigger role to play as we head towards December. This time when it comes to your partnerships – both the love kind, professional and working relationships, your bestie, past, present or potential loves, soul contracts, karma or even that person you simply cannot stand.

Love has a timing all its own

That mutable weather I mentioned at the start of this forecast is propelled in large part by the presence of the North Node in your 7th. Karma is at work here going back to the year 2002. If you are old enough look back at what themes around duos, double acts and partners-in-crime that were happening back then. If you married or entered into any long-term partnership back then, this brings the karma of that relationship full circle. Likewise, if you enter into a long-term union with the North Node in your 7th, 19 years into the future the karma you have created with that person will return.

Some of you may hear from someone from your past unexpectedly or a new love interest could appear around the 27th when the Sun in your 1st trines Chiron in your 5th. The final day of the month brings us a total lunar eclipse in your 7th house. Now, we all know eclipses are concealing something. Your true feelings? Those of the other party? So, don’t be in too much of a rush to throw your heart into the ring if you are starting something new. No matter how hot or intriguing you find that potential boo.

Full Moon eclipses cast things in a different light. It’s a little bit mysterious but also murky. We’re waiting for clarity in other words. Your intuition may give you a heads-up about an existing relationship for instance. So, use this energy to check in and ask your partner what they are really feeling. Or share yours. Don’t assume they automatically know. We’re back to the missing mutable energy of the details. That includes the details of those feelings, Sag.

The Now Age is less than a month away when Saturn and then Jupiter will cross into your 3rd and meet in there. The internet, writing, publishing, short haul trips, business, commerce and study are going to be your playgrounds in this coming cycle. As will be a larger circle to engage with. For now, take care of matters of the heart. And say yes to opportunity when it arrives.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sag! Ruler Jupiter is ready to offer you solutions to limitations and lack. Time to escape into that freedom you’ve been missing. 2021 is just ahead. And your birthday hands you a preview!


Rebranding + rebirth = results

Embrace transformation

Align how others see you with how you see yourself

It may not be your birthday season – yet. But this month is all about you, you, YOU, Cappy. Especially your image, profile, brand, rep, cred, appearance, style, look and personal message. And how this is viewed and perceived by others. Ready for the ultimate make-over or brand boost? November offers the planetary eye on this.

Get Insta-tastic!

How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Is there a gap here? If so, you’ll close it this month. You’re not so much on a stairway to success as a fast elevator, Capricorn. It’s time to align how you feel inside with what you project out there to get the results you want. And chances are you want to be taken seriously. Whether your audience is that of one, some or many. Your partner, employer or the world in general.

So, make any changes to that image or public persona, that social media feed, your CV, your website or even the language you use as we begin the month with Venus in your success sector opposing Chiron on the 1st and then Mars on the 9th. You also have Mercury in here which heads direct from the 3rd. And Mars forging ahead in your 4th again from the 14th. Not just handing you a green light to push ahead with work and career matters again, but to instigate any changes you feel you need to make to how you go down or are perceived. By those whose influence matters.

Above all, project an image that says you are to be taken seriously. Whether it is by your boss, your partner or others you encounter now. You are no lightweight, Capricorn. There is nothing superficial about you. Plus, you don’t waste anyone’s time. So, don’t put up with anyone or anything that wastes yours. Because you have too much going on and also so much potential to play with.

Committing seriously to a goal could form part of this. You have the Sun and Juno meeting in your 11th on the 7th, Mercury doing the same on the 26th, plus Sun and Juno trines to Neptune in your 3rd. It points to you saying yes to a goal or a dream that is simply more than wishful thinking. Getting serious about it makes it real.

Be ready for your close up

The point of change comes from the 7th – 12th however. This is your time of relaunch. Especially when it comes to partnerships – past, present and potential. And how you are going to be seen and perceived by others from here on in. Make sure how you look and come across tells everyone what you want to say about yourself, Capricorn. And within, any adjustment to your inner attitudes will bring you powerful results in the outer world as Jupiter and Pluto align for the final time in your 1st.

This won’t happen again in your lifetime. You’ve been working with intense and very ‘heavy’ energy these past few years. All down to having Pluto and then ruler Saturn in here. Jupiter only joined the discussion last year. But its ability to open doors and bring about positive transformation and opportunities for you and in your key relationships, has been confined by the presence of the other two planets in here. Changes may have been slow, difficult or instead of new beginnings, you have had to deal with endings instead.

This final meeting between these two marks the end of this cycle. And your re-birth, Capricorn. Ruler Saturn and then Jupiter will move out of your sign next month, leaving just Pluto in here. By the time both of them return to your chart – Jupiter in 12 years’ time and Saturn in approximately 29 years’, Pluto will be long gone. Which is why you will never have to go through this again. For now however, the 12th should hand you that opportunity or solution to escape from being seen a certain way or remove those barriers to progress that have confined you for far too long.

Take action from the 7th. The conjunction will be exact on the 12th but because both planets move quite slowly, they remain in orb giving you a big window of opportunity. This includes the time of the new Supermoon of the 15th. This appears in your house of the future – your 11th. And it will sextile both Jupiter and Pluto on this day. Above all, make a concentrated effort to project yourself out there now. Do not be a hermit! New, exciting and even influential connections can be made. Re-boot everything from your CV to that Twitter feed. Show the world who you have become – and who you are determined to be.

Love is the engine of re-invention

Venus is on the move into this house on the 21st. Just remember, this is usually your house of friends. So, Venus in here is more about the love of like-minded people as opposed to romance. However, that new you needs to bear in mind that in your case, love is the engine of re-invention. A re-imagined you could end up snagging the attention of a lover like no other due to 11th house planets and Venus opposing Uranus in your 5th on the 27th. At the very least, friendships which begin now are likely to be lasting thanks to Juno in here.

The Sun enters your house of the past – your 12th, from the 21st. You are now exactly one month away from the Now Age which really begins for all of us at the start of your birthday season – on Solstice Day. If you are still needing answers to those big, deep issues around those changes you should make or what this will bring for you, rest assured you will receive them one way or another during the next month.

The truth resonates

The answers may come in mysterious ways. Via dreams, symbols, something you read or hear or a chance ‘coincidence’ which is no coincidence at all. Just be open to its meaning. Even if it is not what you want to hear you will recognise its truth. This especially applies around the time of the eclipsed full Moon in your 6th on the final day of November. This is about your day job (paid or unpaid), your routine, habits, diet, exercise or anything that impacts on your wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.

How you feel is linked to how you look and project yourself. Eclipsed full Moons allow us to see something in a different light. You may for instance suddenly make a connection between what you are doing or who you hang out with to how this affects your energy. Or even how you feel or perform in the long term. Once you see it, between now and the start of the Now Age, do what needs to be done to fix it. One way or another. How you feel says everything about who you are. And how others see you. Don’t waste any more time on what doesn’t realign your soul, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: It’s time for a re-launch, Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st meet for the final time this month. It’s the ultimate opportunity to fabulize yourself. And change how other people see you. For the better.


Play it for keeps

Get adulting for success

A promise made within brings the changes you want to see in your world

The changes that will impact on next door sign of Capricorn are likely to be obvious and visible, Aquarius. The ones which impact on you this month may be on a deep, hidden level. But that does not mean they will not be even more profound.

This month may see you making big decisions around career, your relationship status, your home or anything that has a long-term impact. Doors to opportunity may suddenly open wide. Part of this is due to Venus in your 9th opposing Chiron in your 3rd and also Mars on the 1st and 9th. Plus we have Mercury heading forward in your 9th (3rd) and Mars direct from the 14th in Mercury’s ruling house.

Supersize that potential

All the planets in your 10th – the Sun and then Mercury’s re-arrival from the 10th, are going to impact Juno, ruler of marriages and commitments of all descriptions. Your 10th is not only about what you make of yourself but also rules your relationship status and the status of your partner. If someone new appears now, take it they have serious potential. Others could put an existing relationship on a more serious footing – making the decision to get engaged or move in together. The same goes for a professional union. You accept a new job or promotion or sign that contract. You are now in this for the long haul.

A promise made within brings outer changes

Juno is all about the promises we make we cannot easily extricate ourselves from. We have to think long and hard before going in. And if we want a break clause, this usually also involves a lot of reflection and often legal intervention in order to consciously un-couple ourselves. So, we don’t go into things lightly. Or we shouldn’t. So, to make the right decision for us, we need to refer to our past and past experiences. And that is where the big shift is happening for you this month. Below the surface. Hidden from plain sight. There’s huge potential around it. But you may take your time to follow through. Or what is actually going on may not be obvious to others at first.

As well as the Sun and Mercury and at the end of the month (27th) Venus opposing your ruler Uranus in your 4th – which is all about long term decisions and security vs. freedom, the biggest event in the sky for all of us is the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto. This takes place in your 12th between the 7th– 12th.

This is the final time these two will meet in here as next month both Jupiter and Saturn arrive in your 1st at the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. Yes, it has your name on it! And this month’s aspects are all about being Now Age ready. So, that big decision and internal transformation is going to revolve around what you take in with you – because it will be there for the long haul now. And what might need to be consigned to your past.

Release yourself from what holds you back

Take all the time you feel you need on this one, Aquarius. You will make the correct choice, you can be certain of that. Look to what you have learned from your past and what you know will stay relevant for your future. Your decision along with ruler Uranus, is set to free you. And remember, this can be psychic/karmic freedom. You could literally choose to commit to releasing a long term cycle that has trapped you or held you back.

If you do find yourself filled with regrets as part of this process, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead see it as a learning opportunity and now move on. The Jupiter/Pluto alignment will peak on the 12th but stays in orb a few days either side of it. So, it is still in effect at the time of the new Supermoon in your 10th on the 15th. This is a time where you can set your direction for the future. It is also your house of adulting. Of owning your path. So, make the grown-up choice now, Aquarius. Especially if part of this process has allowed you to see others have been unable to be there for you in a grown-up way. You may need to parent that inner child now.

Don’t doubt that this will bring you rewards if you step up and stand by your decision. Venus’s entry into here on the 21st enhances your public or professional image. Expect a reputation boost or to attract the attention of all the right people. Dress to impress as you’re going to be ‘on show’ in some way over the next month.

The 21st also sees the Sun enter your house of all things Aquarian-ruled – friendships and the future. Committing to that goal or just re-investing in your social circle – even at a social distance, could be your focus. The same say as Venus opposes ruler Uranus in your 4th also sees the Sun in your 11th trine Chiron in your 3rd. Exciting news, an invitation or even a new friendship could open up a fresh path for you. It may come spinning your way unexpectedly. Be ready to say ‘Yes!’.

The month ends on a cosmic note. We have an eclipsed full Moon in your 5th. This is your house of parenting (what did I say about parenting yourself if needed?), children, the younger generation, your creativity, fun, pleasure, holidays (remember those before the Rona?!), and of course – lovers. Eclipses always conceal. Lunar eclipses also put things in a very different light. Again, this could result in your making an internal decision but one which you are not yet ready to reveal.

Take things slowly if you are starting to date under this eclipse. That lover may not be what they appear to be. Or you could end up being uncertain of their feelings or where you stand with them. If you are uncertain of yours however, this is merely a sign to slow down and check with the wisdom within. This doesn’t just apply to something new now but can just as easily involve a past or present partner. Take note of the sub-text in any conversation especially with young people or your children. It will tell you everything about what you are not being told.

Profound changes within us always precede major changes in our outer world. Just take it any inner shifts will bring about just that this month, Aquarius. Even if you have to wait until the beginning of the Now Age next month to see them.

In a nutshell: You’re on the cusp of the Now Age which begins next month, Aquarius. It’s time to make decisions about who or what comes with you into it. Make that inner promise and see the effects manifest in your outer world.


If you build the dream, others will help you

Discover the strength in those needs

Get ready for something bigger

Holy engines of change, Pisces! You are completing one important phase this month and then stepping into a new future promise. And one that sets you on a new and exciting learning journey.

Your resources, money, what you share with someone else, your salary, side-hustle, possessions all factor into this bigger picture. Some of you could solve a sticky cash-flow issue. A new source of income or way to make more dough could appear now. You have Venus in your ‘other’ money house opposing both Chiron (1st) and Mars (9th) in here. Plus, you have Mercury heading direct from the 3rd. Mars which hands you confidence and also the desire to take action, heads direct in your 2nd from the 14th. All this adds up to you taking action to get, earn and have more. In order to have or experience something bigger of course, Pisces!

Go the distance

Ruler Neptune is also heading direct again at the end of the month. We’ve the Sun and also Juno in your 9th making simply beautiful, freedom enhancing angles to Neptune on the 10th and 13th. This is about the types of commitments that actually result in our freedom. Perhaps freedom from worry. Or commitment to a dream. This may involve delayed gratification. In other words, you give up something short term and hold out or save for something better and more meaningful. This could even involve letting something go in order to make room for that. A relationship you know deep down won’t deliver what you want in the long term for instance. Time to get real about what potential something truly has. And whether or not you can live without those dreams. Or experiencing the real deal. This tells you its worth the long haul, Pisces.

Field of Dreams

Ceres re-enters your sign on the 10th. So, making that compromise or giving something up in order to have something better should come easier than usual for you now. The month’s biggest event in the sky however is the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th. If you remember my forecast for you at the end of last year when Jupiter first arrived in this house, you may recall I told you to make not one but three wishes. And to expect at least one of those goals to manifest during Jupiter’s stay in here.

This may have been slow going. Or you may still be waiting going ‘What the love?!’ and wondering why Jupiter failed to deliver for you. It is your ancient ruler after all. The reason if the magic has been slow to make its appearance, has been largely due to Saturn in here. Saturn slows things down. This is the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in this house in your lifetime. It begins on the 7th, peaks on the 12th and stays in orb up to the time of the new Supermoon in your 9th on the 15th. The house of course which Jupiter rules.

Jupiter is all about last minute rescues, opportunities and solutions. In your 11th it works through the people you know, the collective or the people you meet. It says you’re not in this alone. If you build it, they will come. That’s a line from Field of Dreams in case you haven’t seen it. And I’m talking about your dream here. Jupiter always has the upper had with Pluto. So, it can deliver that friend, person or contact who can make that dream happen. If you watch the film, which I suggest you do, you’ll see the Kevin Costner character did not realise the dream on his own. He had help. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us – and what we are dreaming of.

More assistance towards that big love could be on its way once Venus lands in your 9th on the 21st. This day also has the Sun appear in your 10th. We are in heavy ‘mutable’ weather now and you are a mutable sign. I am asking all mutable signs to be very organised and know what it is they want to achieve now. And to be very clear on this and how they intend to go about it. Especially if they are serious about success. Or simply having that dream come true.

So, for the next month, project an aura of someone who knows what they want and where they are going. And how they intend to get to their goals. Dealing with important and influential people who may be in a position to open doors for you is all part of this. Hence your image and intention is everything. Unexpected assistance or a reputation boosting opportunity may call you to be a little bold and put yourself out there on the 27th when the Sun trines Chiron in your 2nd and Venus opposes Uranus in your 3rd. It’s all in the presentation and the message. If you have to – fake it to make it, Pisces.

Strong warriors feel the need!

The month draws to a climax with an eclipsed full Moon in your 4th. This is the Moon’s ruling house so its likely to stir up hidden insecurities and deep emotions. Understand you are allowed to be vulnerable. This does not mean you are also not strong. This eclipsed full Moon wants you to understand that strong people ask others directly for the emotional support they need. They don’t need to be manipulative.

Also, they don’t assume that the other party automatically knows what they are feeling and then get hurt when they don’t respond the way they hoped they would. They are open about their needs. Being open around this isn’t being needy either. We only get needy when we don’t acknowledge the need. That’s when it festers and grows. And they also understand that if someone doesn’t or can’t respond the way they wanted, this doesn’t mean the next person they ask won’t.

You will also be extremely sensitive to the moods of others under this eclipsed Moon. Remember, eclipses conceal but also lunar eclipses allow you to see things differently. And to fine tune your reactions accordingly. Don’t jump to conclusions either. If someone is distant, let them know you are there – but don’t automatically assume if something is wrong it’s about you.

This month should see you handed the way to make a dream reality. Sure, there may still be work to be done before you get there. But the path is now open. This includes the path to inner truth and what you really need and want, Pisces. That’s what the Now Age has in store for you.

In a nutshell: That big dream, goal or experience could come within reach this month, Pisces. You may have given up on your future. But the future is about to show you it hasn’t given up on you.

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