Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2021


Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2021


‘Re’ words re-write your rules

Intuition reveals a new path

Get ready for intangible, invisible benefits!

Stand by this May because cruise control isn’t something you can rely on Aries. Time to take the wheel of destiny and steer yourself in the direction you want to go.

After a period where every planet in the sky has been in forward motion, we will re-enter retroactive weather again. Mercury which arrives in its ruling 3rd on May the 4th be With You – Star Wars Day, will enter retroshadow from mid-month. The retro rules arrive early and apply double when Mercury heads backwards in a ruling house.

When it turns retro 2.0 on the 29th it does so making a station on Venus in here which also lands in your 3rd from the 9th. So, apply those retro rules to love and money too. This retrograde and station occurs at a time when you need to be operating out of maximum awareness and have a high-speed link open to your intuition at all times. I will have more to say on this shortly.

The 9th also sees Ceres planet of deal-making, new seasons and compromise land in your 2nd and we have a new Moon in here on the 11th. This is about planting seeds of abundance for your future. It’s about first however taking stock of what you value and what you need for your future to support yourself. Yes, this house rules your money and income. Your possessions and what flows your way. It also rules your self-worth and your talents, abilities and skills. What you can draw on and utilise.

So, re-evaluate all of these and look at whether the price is right or if you have been under-selling yourself in any area. Then with a fresh appreciation of all you have and have to offer, set yourself some new material and self-worth goals. Above all under this new Moon, slow down and appreciate all you have managed to gain or achieve so far – and all you do have at your disposal. And take time considering what you want to acquire next. Whether it’s that better paying job, that side hustle or even trading more cash and stress for time and relaxation. Sometimes what we want simply cannot be bought or isn’t for sale.

Being out in nature, going for a walk or meditating to think about your next move or what it is you really want to have, works in harmony with this new Moon and Ceres in here. What’s the rush, Aries? This may be challenging for you as you are a pro-active sign. But sometimes we can accomplish more by slowing down.

Get ready for big, fat angelic wisdom!

May just wants to hand you more knowing, more potential than you have had in 12 years, Aries. This is where the taking time to turn on, tune in and possibly unplug for a while comes in. And staying closely aligned to your intuition, insight and inner wisdom. Not only do we have the potential for a new cycle to be started thanks to the planets in your 3rd colliding with the cosmic North Node, this month sees Jupiter change signs as it arrives in your 12th on the 13th.

Jupiter is the ancient ruler of your 12th. So, the old school rules always apply. Big fat Jupiter in your house of angelic wisdom is happy in here. It will only spend two months in here before heading back into your 11th again. But take it this is giving you a preview of what is to come for you in 2022. Check your chart now for any Pisces factors between 0-2 degrees. Because if you have them, you are going to be able to play with the past – and quantum probabilities too for a new future.

Access to astonishing insights, enhanced intuitive facilities, higher wisdom, angels, spiritualism, mediumship as well as your core beliefs. Your religion, god, goddess, beings of light, philosophy, belief system. Having a foot in both this world and another one simultaneously. Above all, Jupiter will bring healing of your past if this is what you need. And show you once and for all that if you want to change your world, you change within first.

Good good good good vibrations!

Because of the North Node in your 3rd and the Sun in here from the 20th, expect good karma to get paid forward now. Saturn rules your karma balance sheet and it heads retrograde in your 11th from the 23rd. Look for anyone who offers assistance with no apparent desire for anything in return. That’s your karmic bank account paying you interest. This could be a brand new connection. If so, take note.

However, do keep connected to that intuition and gut feeling. Stick to those retro rules as if they are carved on stone tablets and take your time as we get to the end of the month. We have a totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 9th on the 26th. This is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart and the sign of Sagittarius. Remember, Sagittarius rules many of the same things Mercury and your 3rd rules – but bigger. So, while your 3rd rules early education, your 9th is about higher education. Mercury and your 3rd rule your commute and how you get around. Short journeys in terms of distance and duration. Jupiter and your 9th – long haul trips, airlines, foreigners etc.

Now, very few of us are going very far right now. But if you are one of those who are, have plans B thru Z in place if you do under this eclipse. Use extra caution in business and legal matters. And above all, pay close attention to what that gut is telling you. Especially if it starts to wave red flags.

News or a conversation you initiate could mark the closing of one cycle and the beginning of the next as the Sun and North Node meet in your 3rd on the final day of the month. This is the same day as your ruler Mars in your 4th trines Neptune in your 12th. This really is your sneak peak of where you will be going next year. And could also mark you consciously entering into that process of inner change in order to bring about the changes you want to experience. The spiritual force is with you this May, Aries. Use it for personal good.

In a nutshell: There’s magic in the air, Aries. And a big, fat angel on your shoulder. Jupiter’s arrival in your 12th adds up to enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities. And answers to those questions about life, the universe – and love!



Turn on, tune in – join the party, Taurus!

Embrace people power

Make a wish

A new, more vibrant and exciting social scene could be yours this May, Taurus. As barriers between you and your goals dissolve. Shared projects, causes, visions; people power, movements, groups, parties, bands, clubs and organisations – if not physically then via Meetups or Zoom, may play a role here.

It’s about you and the collective now. Your contacts, networks, LinkedIn, who you know – all matter and in new ways now. Above all and this is the most important part – be a joiner. Don’t judge or say ‘That’s not my scene’. Accept all invitations which come your way. Your key to progress is involvement and inclusivity. And the ability to see we are all connected. All thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 11th from the 13th.

You are in a position to make your best ever impression on those you meet now. Just be aware however that anyone who judges will be judged in turn during this cycle. People from many different backgrounds, belief systems or social strata will cross your path and invite you to sample their world.

If you are open, then the next two months will see your world and potentially what you are able to achieve in terms of your goals, expand in ways you may not have dreamed possible. Despite what may be going on in the world around you with Covid or other restrictions, it will seem as if there’s a huge festival happening and you are invited to your own personal Glastonbury or Coachella! In fact, this could be a preview of what is possible for you on a bigger scale in 2022.

Check your chart factors!

Check your chart for Pisces factors between 0-2 degrees. Because if so, then Jupiter will grant you extra special wish fulfilment now. Also, check for planets or other important aspects in your opposite sign of Scorpio between 0-2 degrees as this could grant that love wish for some of you or bring in a deeply resonant partnership connection.

If you have factors in Cancer between 0-2 degrees, then the internet, writing, publishing, business, communication, learning and even how you get around – your car, commute etc, will benefit.

Jupiter in your 11th always invites you to make a wish. In fact, make three and provided you make some effort, you should see at least one manifest between now and the end of 2022. However, if you remain a couch hermit or worse, take a superior, snobbish approach to whomever you meet, you will find yourself on the outside looking in. And the rope to that VIP area most definitely not lifted. Be curious and above all, open now.

Set yourself up for what you REALLY want!

The Sun remains in your sign until the 20th. The 11th brings you the start of your new astrological cycle when the new Moon appears in your sign – just two days after the arrival of Ceres in here. Ruler Venus has also moved off into its ruling 2nd on the 9th. So, what all this adds up to literally for you Taurus, is the start of a fresh cycle of self-worth defined attraction and abundance.

At the time of the new Moon, get real about what you really, truly, madly, deeply want for yourself. Your power stems from realness – not pretense, and especially not feeling you need to people please! Emotional honesty will prove to be your superpower that takes you forward in a practical yet miracle working way towards truly fulfilling those needs in the next 12 months.

Be upfront with others about this. Even if it means temporarily rocking the proverbial boat with loved ones. What this new Moon along with Ceres and the planetary action now in your 2nd wants you to embrace is that you don’t have to fake it any more. Faking it includes going along with the status quo and pretending all is fine when the status quo is no longer what you want.

Exhale and let all that stuff go now, Taurus and make a welcome return ‘home’ on a soul level to the real you. Once you have done this then moving forwards towards the things that are most important to you become child’s play. You’ll feel lighter and freer as a result. Try it and see!

This is especially important as the rest of the month contains path defining moves and choices. As the planets move through your 2nd, they will meet the North Node in here. Mercury does this first on the 10th. Venus on the 17th and the Sun on the 31st. Look back 19 years if you are old enough. Or even 19 years again. What was happening around money, income, assets and your self-worth and talents? Are you revisiting themes now? This could be an opportunity to relate to your money differently and yes, you and your money DO have karma together too!

Be aware that Mercury enters retroshade time from the 15th. And when it turns full retro on the 29th, it will do so making a station on ruler Venus. As Venus is your ruler and in your money house, take this as a major red flag around money and expenditure now. This is not the time to be taking on new financial commitments or splurging. Unexpected bills and expenses could occur. Conserve your resources and use your usual Taurus caution now.

Fire up desire

Saturn also heads retrograde in its ruling 10th from the 23rd. This is a time to leverage your achievements to date and stop and plan your next moves rather than actually making them. Werk that reputation, Taurus. And ensure you project the right image now. This is a good retrograde under which to reposition yourself especially if you feel you are being overlooked for that promotion or better job.

Eclipses conceal and total eclipses plunge us into darkness. The 26th delivers a blacked-out fill Supermoon in your 8th of change, endings, transformations and rebirth. What this tells you is if an ending occurs, it will lead to something better – but you may not be able to see that about it. Again, if you desire a change or if your heart is no longer in something, this eclipse may well push buttons around this and ask you just what you intend to do about it? What is it you fear around the change or even simply airing your desire for it? Chances are nothing but fear itself.

If change catches you unawares and is not what you initiate under this eclipse – and allow a couple of days either side of it, again, please remember you don’t see the big picture – yet. Also, change can come due to your own unanswered desire for it. Bear this in mind.

By the time the month ends, Mars in your 3rd could deliver news, an invitation or opportunity to head towards at least one of those desires you’ve been secretly nurturing as it aligns to Neptune in your 11th. Don’t hesitate now, Taurus. Time to ditch fears around having what you want and feel it and have it anyway!

In a nutshell: This month’s new Moon in your sign marks an important new beginning for you, Taurus. Time to decide what you really want. And go for it as Jupiter powers you forward towards those biggest goals now.



Destiny sends your future along a new pathway

Love is the biggest mystery of all

Happy birthday, Gemini!

May the 4th be with you as ruler Mercury lands in your sign on Star Wars Day! Venus isn’t far behind and arrives on the 9th. All ahead of the Sun on the 20th. You’re looking at a birthday cycle where your image both personal and professional, sets the scene and has a key role to play in your upcoming cycle. So – dress for success, Gemini!

This month sees intense mutable sign weather sweep in. Yes, that means change. And the change is likely to be long-lasting and positive. First, time travel if you are old enough. Back in 19-year increments. What was occurring back then? This was when the North Node was last paying your sign a visit. Look to themes around you and another especially. As this of course puts the South Node in your 7th of duos, double acts and even that opponent. This is an important sub-theme now. But what began 19 years ago could come full circle. Or you begin again now.

Dates to watch are the 10th (Mercury conjunct North Node), 17th (Venus/North Node) and 31st (Sun/North Node). What you begin or complete which involves at least one other person now, sets up your cycle for the next 19 years.

Ceres enters your 12th from the 9th and you need now to see where you can bring balance back to your personal force based on what you have learned from your past choices. A new Moon in here on the 11th asks you to be looking back and then forward again – travelling via the power of your imagination and visualization. Look back at past choices and key decisions. If you could go back in time, would you choose different? And why? And if you had – how would your life look like today?

This exercise isn’t about regret or failure. It’s about learning and exploration. Between the 11th and the 20th when the Sun lands in your 1st, take some time to unplug and spend with your journal imagining how things might have been. And now, if you have the chance to choose again, how they potentially could be? Because the Nodes can hand you that. Along with something extra special happening in your10th now!

Check your chart factors!

Big mutable weather brings you the opportunity to change up your story – for good. First check your chart factors. Do you have anything between 0-2 degrees in your own sign of Gemini? Or in any of the other Mutable signs – Virgo, your 7th of Sagittarius and status-seeking 10th – Pisces?

Jupiter is on the move two days after the new Moon. Heading temporarily out of its ruling 9th in your chart and landing in your 10th for a two-month visit. If you do have chart factors at those key points, then expect an extra large helping of Jupiter related benefits. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ Jupiter square or opposition. We may just be asked to make a little more effort that’s all.

Irrespective of whether you have factors in that tight 0-2 degree orb or not, Jupiter promises benefits and progress to those willing to make the effort now. It’s your 2022 preview. And yes, image and the desire to author your own success story plays a key role!

Ain’t no mountain high enough or goal beyond your reach. Make the most of this between now and July, Gemini. Ensure you project an image of someone who knows what they want and where they are going. Dress for success. Take yourself seriously. Reach for that promotion, better paying job, start that business (within certain criteria which I will touch on shortly), and aim higher in love if that is also what you are seeking now. The 10th rules your partner’s (or potential partner’s) status too.

Have a ‘no time wasters’ approach and only promise what you can deliver on. Work those professional credentials and past experience. If you get entrée to VIP or upper echelon circles now, know this is Jupiter telling you this is up where you belong.

Now for the small print

Of course, there always is small print. Your 10th house is all about working within accepted structure and the rules. Not your rules. The rules set by those in positions of authority and power. If we want to get on during this kind of cycle, we need to know this and abide by them. Otherwise we will be held back until we do.

The other fine print is being written by ruler Mercury in your 1st and also Saturn which rules your 10th but remains in your 9th. Mercury enters its retroshadow in your sign on the 15th and heads backwards from the 29th. It does so making a station on Venus which of course, rules both your money and your love life. So, take it these will be key areas to watch during this cycle.

Saturn retro in your 9th from the 23rd, tells you that success around big dreams comes via playing by those rules or via companies or individuals who are ‘established’. Bear this in mind now.

One more factor you need to remain aware of, especially as that Mercury retrocycle begins with a Venus station. You may be in the dark or unaware of something going on with a partner – past, present or potential.

First, let’s welcome the Sun in your 1st from the 20th. Yes, it truly is about you, you, you being centre stage in your own life production. Hopefully you have now finished examining your past and have clear intentions set for your future. But remain aware that some residue may still need sifting and your ruler retrograde allows for fine-tuning! This also extends to make-overs, changing your look, self-care, styling, your brand, message and profile – real world and on-line. You don’t need filters, Gemini. Authentic you should be enough. But it’s important the outer you reflects who you feel you are within. And how you want others to see you.

Love is the mystery

The 26th delivers a super-sized and totally eclipsed full Supermoon in your 7th. Triggering a powerful T-square with those mutable factors and Venus the following day. This is not a time to be entering into a new love affair. The other party may not be all they appear to be. Yes, love can be a mystery. Just ensure its not shrouded in secrecy. And avoid anything clandestine or anyone who tells you ‘It’s complicated’. It will be even more so than they are letting on.

There may also be unknown factors in play around you and another. This can be anyone from a business contact to a collaborator or that bestie. Or yes, even that person you cannot stand. Stay connected to your intuition. And if something has been kept from you – expect it to surface at some point. Especially if this involves someone from your past.

Watch for what you intuit or even what you discover in the two days immediately before or after the eclipse. But know this may still be the tip of the iceberg! Eclipses are neither good nor bad. What can be concealed in the shadow of this one can just as easily be an important new relationship. Someone can cross your path but you simply don’t realise the significance – yet. That’s the other side of mysteries – surprises of the very best kind.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are on course for a new cycle as the Sun meets the North Node on the final day of May. This also coincides with a simply wonderful trine between Mars in your 2nd and Neptune in your 10th. This points the way ahead towards that fresh sense of purpose and attainment, Gemini. Set your sights higher now. A higher power is working in your favour.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Gemini! The planets and North Node in your sign point to the beginning of an important, destiny driven cycle. When it comes to your ambitions – prepare to climb higher in the year ahead!



Romance and freedom could be a sign of the trines!

Luck, opportunity and solutions are heading your way

Focus on wellbeing

Even as the planets assemble in your 12th of the past and we head into retro-weather, you have a hall pass on all that, Cancer! I am not saying you are immune to the usual retro-factor mayhem. Just that you may get retro-lite instead of retro 2.0.

Time to check your chart!

Check your chart now for factors in your sign between 0-2 degrees and also anything within that orb in your fellow water signs of Scorpio (5th) and Pisces (9th). It’s been 12 years in the making and the waiting. But from the 13th of this month, Jupiter lands in its ruling 9th in your chart.

So, it makes sense that when it does, it will conjunct anything you have in Pisces at these degrees, or trine anything in your 1st or 5th. Don’t worry however if you don’t have anything. Jupiter still has plenty to give, give, give for you. And this is just a preview of what it will have in store for you in 2022.

If you are uncertain, then one of our gifted astrologers will be happy to explain your personal chart factors and tell you just what benefits Jupiter may bring you!

Jupiter will only remain in here for two months before heading back into your 8th again. But Jupiter is happiest in this house in your chart. Especially as Pisces is its ancient ruling sign too. Luck is a huge factor now. Jupiter is at its most helpful and open-handed when in a ruling sign/house. Jupiter grants you solutions, last minute rescues and opportunities.

Learning – either the formal kind via universities and colleges, or informal via self-initiated study and the internet, could feature. Jupiter in your 9th is all about broadening your horizons. Of course, this also rules travel. The long-distance kind. When Jupiter meets Neptune in here in 2022, we may see many barriers to this vanish. For now, a journey is in motion that will carry you forward well into next year – even if it is just the metaphorical kind.

If you have a yearning to relocate to another country, then Jupiter could well see some of you fulfilling that dream. Certainly, if there is somewhere you dream of visiting but cannot right now do your research and plan. Despite what is happening, Jupiter says this may be possible at some point during the next 18 months.

We are now in extremely ‘heavy’ mutable weather. Mercury and Venus will move into Gemini and your 12th on the 4th and 9th. With the Sun following on the 20th. You also have the North Node in your 12th forming a bridge between the past and your future. As the planets move through here they will collide with the North Node, triggering cycles and karmic patterns going back 19 years or more. Your past will feature. Not just in this lifetime but previous ones.

Key dates to watch for that déjà vu feeling are the 10th, 17th and 31st. If you are old enough look back 19 years or 19 before that. Ask family members what was going on back then if you were too young to remember (or not here at all!). Often cycles repeat from one generation to the next.

Give your goals and friendships fresh priority as Ceres arrives in your 11th on the 9th and a new Moon appears in here two days later. This new Moon sets your social vibe for a long time to come. So, if you are in the UK or else anywhere lockdown restrictions are easing, its time to reconnect in person and not just via Zoom.

All new Moons ask us to begin something new. As you should well know being naturally attuned to your ruler’s cycles. This one asks us to set new goals for ourselves. Something that really emotionally resonates deep within us. And to look at who can help us reach that goal. Because nobody does it alone.

The Trines the Charm

Mars still in your sign hands you the confidence to pursue whatever it is you set your mind to. Be it that goal or simply connecting. The past will feature in more ways than one as Mercury begins to slow in your 12th from the 15th and then turns full retrograde while making a station to Venus on the 29th. In the run up to your birthday cycle, you may be exploring the past or even see it turn up in person. If either occurs, please take the Buddhist perspective of being the observer. Do not judge. Do not get over-sentimental. Understand that with the Nodes now in play, you are being asked whether you want to repeat a cycle or let it go having learned from it. Jupiter in your 9th wants your freedom. The past can sometimes be a trap.

This month’s full Moon in your 6th on the 26th comes supersized and totally eclipsed. So, you are totally in the dark over something. This is your house of your day job, your routine, your habits, fitness, diet, wellbeing, exercise and pets if you have them. It’s a Mercury ruled house but falls in Sagittarius which is of course, ruled by Jupiter.

Even though Mercury has yet to head into full reverse, if you are going anywhere, allow extra time under this eclipse. Have a back-up plan. Check details as mistakes can be made. This eclipse asks you to look at what is being said to you and to probe the sub-text behind it. If you are being asked to sign important papers under this eclipse, you need to read the fine print or get expert advice. If possible, delay.

Talk to yourself with love

Look closely at what you say to yourself now. How do you talk to yourself? Are you engaged in negative self-talk without realising it? You fall off the wagon with that diet or exercise regimen. You make a mistake with something you are doing. What are you saying to you when these things happen? Would you say this to a friend? This eclipse wants you to understand the power of words and ideas. How they can take root within us and subtly erode our confidence and wellbeing.

Look to external energy drains too. Is there someone who no matter what you do always makes you feel its never quite good enough? You may be surprised what will emerge out from the shadows of this eclipse around what does or doesn’t do you any good.

If you do discover this, the good news is that all those planets now in your 12th hand you the tools to do something about it. Plus, the fabulous trine between Mars in your sign and Neptune in your 9th on the final day of May shows you an escape route. What goes around doesn’t have to come around again. By becoming more aware of the effects even small stuff has on you, you can free yourself of negativity. And step back into support, opportunity and free-flow again, Cancer. And that’s a healthy choice this May.

In a nutshell: Peak revelations and energy fuels your goal-getting power this May, Cancer. Opportunities, solutions and lucky breaks appear out of the blue thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 9th now!



Goals and destiny join forces

Big up that empowerment

Positive change fuels freedom

Your ruler the Sun begins the month in your 10th of career and status. So, stay focused on those ambitions until the 20th and showcase your seriously promotable side. You value your reputation being the sign associated with royalty. Be a class act and also be seen as someone who adds that touch to any venture. Think of yourself as an asset. And act the role.

The planets are on the move into your house of the future long before your ruler gets there. Mercury on the 4th, Venus on the 9th and then your ruler on the 20th. As they enter here they are going to intersect with the North Node. Key dates are the 10th (Mercury), 17th (Venus) and 31st (Sun). It’s about people power and how who you know influences your future in ways you may not realise at the time.

Jump back 19 years if you are old enough. Or 19 years again. Who entered your life? What did you get involved with in terms of groups, causes, movements, associations, parties, bands, organisations? Were you offered opportunities to explore beyond your usual social or professional circle? And if so, did you accept? And if you did, what happened as a result?

Get ready for reapperances

Fated friendships, people who hold doors open for you and contacts who can help you towards your goals can and will appear now. And old contacts can reappear repurposed and with fresh resonance. Watch for this as Mercury enters its retroshadow from the 15th before heading full retroactive on the 29th. Mercury will also make a station on Venus before heading backwards. You also have Saturn in your 7th time turning from the 23rd. This could see the return of a past love for some if there is still unfinished business between you.

We have a new Moon (11th) and Ceres (9th) in your 10th, points to fresh starts, a new deal on the table plus a new kind of powerhouse move. One of balance rather than merely skewed to climbing higher. It’s a success story but told in a fresh way. If you have been looking for work, then the new Moon could usher in an opportunity or see some of you taking up a new project or position.

This new Moon connects us to the people who shape our path. It is also one under which to spend some time thinking of the goals that truly fire up your soul. You may suddenly no longer want to pursue something as a result. Unless what you want aligns to your soul purpose and expression, there is no point in going after it. Because even if you do manage to attain it, you will be left with that inexplicable feeling of anti-climax if you do. You’ve changed, Leo. So have your ambitions.

Brilliant insights into what you really want and ways to get it are possible now. Just remember, it has to be true for you. Not a goal that looks good on paper or will impress others. Your individual dream is calling you now. And people power your path to it once your ruler lands in your 11th.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The biggest shift of the month is that of Jupiter from your 7th into your 8th from the 13th. This is your house of empowerment, money, sex, transformation and rebirth. And legacies. Bear in mind that these can take more than one form than just being a beneficiary in someone’s will. Jupiter enters our 8th house many times during our lifetimes. And while the traditional interpretation of a will is a bequest, we won’t be the beneficiary of one every time Jupiter pays this house a visit.

This is also your house of shared assets. When someone places what they have at our disposal. Or we merge what we have with what someone else has – as in marriage and joint assets. Jupiter can open the vault doors. To empowerment, answers and generosity. Access to more via a partner, employer or even the bank, may be on offer now. All these are legacies in their own way.

Time for a sensitive approach

You love to love. Tune in to whether or not someone close to you is going through some dark night of the soul emotionally around the time of the totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 5th. They may not be letting you know. Perhaps because they don’t want to worry you. Or even worse – because they don’t want to appear a downer. If you get a feeling that something simply isn’t right with someone, then reach out or if you don’t want to be seen as prying, at least try to spend quality time with them.

Or is it you that’s ‘Keeping up appearances’, Leo? Being the life and soul of the post-lockdown socializing rules party but simply not feeling it? If so, open up and be honest. It could be by doing so you help someone else as well.

I would also add that because this eclipse takes place in your house of romance, it truly is not a good idea to start something new now. Eclipses conceal as you know. Total eclipses – well, you are utterly in the dark. Perhaps about their intentions or their situation. The same goes for any kind of ‘proposal’ now and this includes collaborating, working together, creating something. I am not saying no, but I am saying proceed with caution.

Booking that holiday – another 5th house ruled activity, probably isn’t a good idea with Mercury about to turn retro too. Ask yourself if it can wait. Because it could be you can’t afford not to. Because this is also your house of children, take extra care under the eclipse if becoming a parent isn’t part of your grand plan right now. Especially as the Moon rules mothering, nurturing and gestation!

The final day of May has your ruler conjunct the North Node in your 11th. We’re back to those goals, the people you know, what you believe in and join. Being part of something. Your circle, sense of community (on-line and off), connections and networks. It’s time to come together in any way you can. Only particular friend or contact could power you onwards towards something you have wanted for some time. If so, this is karma asking you to party. Sure, some things remain on hold. But what’s on offer for you in May, more than compensates, Leo.

In a nutshell: Who you know opens up fresh paths to getting what you want, Leo. But it’s time to actively engage with the positive power of change as Jupiter arrives in your 8th. Share the power of transformation.



Revisit the past to future-proof it

Get ready for release

Big up that love!

Punching above your weight? No such thing now, Virgo. Whether its in love or in the career arena, get ready for something bigger this May!

This month hands you a preview now of what 2022 has in store for you. Especially around love and partnership matters. Duos and double acts of all descriptions will feature. Especially upgrades in this area if your past track record hasn’t brought you the results you hoped for.

The success force is with you as ruler Mercury arrives in your 10th on May 4. A new project, job or promotion could arrive for some of you. It’s time to leverage your achievements so far, to put the finishing touches to that pitch or even that updated CV. And above all, to take yourself seriously.

Selling Her/history

Do not underestimate the power of your past achievements, qualifications or track record either. Mercury is slowing down from the 15th and will turn full retro on the 29th, making a station to Venus as it does. You know what this always means, Virgo. But this time its telling you to repackage your whole history of work and career achievements and experience. Revisit that CV and as Saturn which rules your 10th also heads retro in your 6th from the 23rd, to change your attitude towards yourself for success.

You also have Venus enhancing your image when it lands in here. Ready for serious moves? In work or in love? Who remembers the classic 80’s movie Working Girl starring Melanie Griffiths? There’s something feel-good about 80’s movies and 80’s music too. In this totally up-beat comedy about ambition and smarts, Tess McGill (Griffiths), discovers her boss Katherine (a star turn by Sigourney Weaver), has been taking her ideas and passing them off as her own.

When Katherine breaks a leg on a ski trip, Tess decides to take matters into her own hands and casts herself as a fellow executive in order to get her ideas taken seriously. This also requires her to hi-jack Katherine’s designer wardrobe and give herself a make-over. Taking advice from Katherine that 1) Dress impeccably and they notice the woman and 2: Who makes it happen?

Aside from raiding your boss’s wardrobe which may not be the best idea, this represents an excellent playbook for you now. Get serious and make it happen by making your move. Time for a reposition and reinvention. And if love is part of that future success story you are authoring now (or re-writing), then to take that just as seriously as you do your other ambitions. Because you are being set up for something big now.

First, we have Ceres (9th) and a new Moon (11th) in your 9th of dedication to those big dreams, Virgo. See this as a new beginning and a new deal on the table. There’s an invitation on offer for you now. As the planets move through your 10th, one by one they collide with the North Node in here. Mercury (10th), Venus (17th) and finally the Sun on the 31st.

More choice, bigger choice, YOUR choice

Once the Sun enters your 10th on the 20th, you’ll see those ambitions awaken and get fired up. Just ensure that you tap into your past track record and achievements as I said, and take those serious, practical steps. Also, ruler Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th and then full retro on the 29th. Saturn rules your 10th but is in Mercury’s ruling 6th of work and those pesky details. Have a plan and a strategy and stick to it now for long term success.

We are in mutable weather now and with Jupiter that adds up to positive changes. It arrives in your 7th on the 13th. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in here playing Fat Cupid. Take it this cycle will bring at least one potential partner for singles, big up the love for settleds or offer new partnership experiences in other areas.

Check your chart factors!

Jupiter will only spend two months in here. Travelling between 0-2 degrees and then heading back into your 6th again in July. But this should give you a speed dating experience of what 2022 has in store for you in terms of you and another. Just one caveat on this: If you have been seeking love, Jupiter usually answers that call. But it’s always an invitation. You decide.

And while Jupiter offers opportunities and solutions, it cannot fix what’s gone past its use-by date. However, if you and your boo do decide to call it quits, Jupiter usually hands you the opportunity to make this as amicable as possible. Or hands you a better outcome. Jupiter does of course rule the law and all legal proceedings which include divorce. If you do separate under a Jupiter/7th house transit, Jupiter can often send us a new partner. Or a fresh partnership dynamic to allow us to heal and begin to relate to our needs again in a new way. It is the ultimate fixer-upper planet.

Check your chart factors now. Do you have anything at 0-2 degrees of Pisces or your own sign? If so, you could be looking at the start of something big and lasting. Alternatively, do you have factors at 0-2 degrees of either Sagittarius and your 4th house or Gemini and that already loaded 10th? If so, Jupiter will square these. Don’t forget there’s no such thing as a bad Jupiter square. Solutions, rewards, opportunities and expansion could be on offer around home, lifestyle, living arrangement, your security – emotional, physical and financial, and yes, your status and career.

Because you are a mutable sign, you have one more chart factor to check as we head towards the end of the month. And that is anything in your sign or the other mutable signs at 6 degrees. Especially in Sagittarius and your 4th. We have a totally eclipsed full Supermoon in here on that day. And this is the Moon’s ruling house.

Eclipses black us out. Put us in the dark. When it comes to the Moon eclipsed in its ruling house, then you may be unaware of your real needs. You may feel that one thing is the issue that is making you feel vulnerable, insecure or emotional. But in fact, it’s something else entirely. You need to look deeper.

There may be hidden undercurrents around your home, property dealings, family or those you share your space with that you are unaware of but pick up on a psychic level. Or around anything that impacts on your overall sense of security. Or maybe the real issue is you feeling confined and restricted by your circumstances or living arrangements? Feeling ‘smothered’ could be at the heart of those emotions. Stop, decompress and take your time. Spending time alone will help. As with all eclipses, the truth will emerge from the shadows.

A desire could be answered at the end of the month. Or a reward from the past could finally arrive. You not only have the Mercury station to Venus in your 10th, but a answer to something wished for as the Sun meets the North Node in your 10th and Mars in your 11th trines Neptune in your 7th on the final day of the month. Cosmic orders around love, ambition or that key contact you need, could be delivered. But chances are at some point you started this ball rolling. Who made that happen? You did, Virgo.

In a nutshell: May the success force be with you – always. Whether it’s professional accolades or love you’re seeking, Virgo, this month hands you the opportunity to make inroads to those ambitions.



Try on a larger living experience for size!

Explore the path not taken

Change your priorities to get more of what you truly want

Honey, I shrunk your world! Yes, you may have felt exactly as if this has happened, Libra. Now, after a long time spent feeling dull, restricted or locked-in with nothing but your day job or routine for company – expect release and even the everyday stuff to receive a glittering make-over that has you looking at it very differently.

At last – release, solutions and opportunities appear. This may require you to shift your perspective and change slightly what you think these may look like. When we change how we view or think about things, we change everything. Mercury rules our ideas. That head baggage if you like. It lands in your 9th of bigger things on May 4. The force for seeing what’s familiar in a new way is with you now. And you’re going to discover that changing your point of view is your superpower as May continues.

It’s now about big loves, freedom’ learning opportunities, release and luck as Venus follows on the 9th. As the planets and then the Sun from the 20th, move through your 9th, they will meet with the North Node in here. Time travel if you are old enough back to the key periods between 2002-03 and 1983-84. What happened back then? Did you travel and if so, to where and how far? What doors opened to you? What invitations were offered? Which ones did you accept and what occurred due to this?

Retake the path

Any regrets over a path not taken during these key periods? The Nodes spin round and round like a cosmic launderette. Don’t worry. It’s coming around again. And this time you are ready. Key dates for you are the 10th (Mercury/North Node), 17th (Venus/North Node) and 31st (Sun/North Node).

The biggest shift of the month is that of Jupiter from your 5th into your 6th from the 13th. Jupiter rules your 9th house. It’s about the big power of the little things, Libra. How everything adds up and one tiny shift in an area really is the pebble that causes the ripple effect. You cannot underestimate the power of the small stuff now.

Jupiter will only spend two months in here this time around. But this will give you a preview of what 2022 has in store for you. This is about your day job (paid or unpaid), your routine, health and wellbeing, your habits, diet, fitness, that body and whether or not you treat it as a temple or a fast food joint, eating better, exercise and even your pets if you have them. It’s about your daily weather report and what effects your energy. Up, down or cruising.

You cannot underestimate the power of the small stuff now. Jupiter in your 6th is about living your best life not just some of the time – but all of it. It will shift that all-important focus I spoke of earlier and get you seeing what surrounds you or what you do via a fresh perspective. And it is the shift within your head that turns it all into magic and replaces that feeling of monotony or restriction into joy and freedom again.

Get a fresh sense of priority

Your values are changing along with this and this too will have a profound effect on how you are looking at everything. Ceres’ arrival in your 8th points to a new deal around money and assets. Or how you earn it. And a fresh list of priorities. Selling your soul not being one of them. The new Moon in here on the 11th is part of the long-term re-set that is happening with this house in your chart.

Access to more areas of resources, stepping into total empowerment and long term shifts around income, money, assets etc are likely to follow. Again, this ties in with seeing what you have in the here and now, in new ways.

Merging your resources with another’s can be one result of this new Moon. Going into business with them or simply understanding that one and one often does not add up to two – but so much more instead. Look at partnerships, alliances and alignments you have or can make. This is your house of sharing. It could be you and another can achieve more together or have access to more, than the sum of your individual parts.

Mercury will enter retroshadow in your 9th from the 15th and start retro 2.0 in here from the 29th. Saturn also heads backwards in your 5th of children, lovers and romance from the 23rd. Again, this can have you going back over potentials and assets you may have missed and seeing them differently. Something could return or be re-delivered for you during this Merc retro simply because as it heads backwards it will make a station on ruler Venus. Revive the dream now.

This month hands us an eclipsed full Supermoon in what is Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 26th. I should not need to tell you not to take what you are told as written on stone tablets at this time as a result. Take extra precautions if you are going anywhere even if it is just a short-distance trip. You may experience delays, cancellations or literally end up with a wasted journey.

Eclipses conceal and a total eclipse puts us utterly in the dark. So, take it you are missing vital facts or information. Or if someone promises they will do something, they may go back on their word. Contacts and documents may have hidden clauses or T&C’s you are unaware of. Try to delay signing anything now. The Retro Rules don’t just apply under this full Moon – they are on steroids!

Look back in a good way at the end of the month. You have a path asserting trine between Mars in your success sector and Neptune in your 6th. Again, this hands you the ability to work with what you already have in new ways. The same day marks the meeting between the Sun and North Node in your 9th. And a point of release from something that has gone round-and-round for far too long.

Look back to those key dates I gave you at the start of this forecast. An opportunity that may look and feel familiar allows you to pick up a path you strayed from, Libra. Yes, the universe can deliver second chances. And you’ll be so appreciative this time around.

In a nutshell: This month could put you at a crossroads. Do you journey down a familiar route – or try the path not taken, Libra? Sometimes we get the opportunity to backtrack just to find out if we missed something. This May offers just that.



Turn on that love light!

Get lucky

Supercharge that insight

Time to check your chart! Because its all down to less than three degrees of separation between you and the good stuff. Or basically, when you can expect it to arrive, Scorpio!

Check your chart now for factors in your sign between 0-2 degrees and also anything within that orb in your fellow water signs of Pisces (5th) and Cancer (9th). Why? Because for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter will light up the love and luck factors of your fabulous 5th between May 13 and July this year. It will travel between 0-2 degrees and then head back into your 4th again in July. Returning to your 5th at the end of the year.

So, it makes sense that when it does, it will conjunct anything you have in Pisces at these degrees, or trine anything in your 1st or 9th – which Jupiter rules. Don’t worry however if you don’t have anything. Jupiter in one of its ruling signs comes pre-packaged with extra glitterball benefits. And this is just a preview of what it will have in store for you in 2022.

If you are uncertain, then one of our gifted astrologers will be happy to explain your personal chart factors and tell you just what benefits Jupiter may bring you!

Jupiter bigs things up. In your 5th this is going to include romance and love, babies, children and young people, holidays, hobbies, creative pursuits, hedonism, play, fun, pleasure and the things you simply love to do. What makes you shine and stand out – and by doing so, attract back in kind.

Luck is on your side and with Jupiter in here – no matter how brief the visit this time around, you need to know that taking a chance could pay off for you. By that I’m not talking about betting your pay cheque on the lottery. I’m talking about stretching yourself and taking a risk in order to have something you want. Adopting a ‘What have I got to lose?’ mentality. And also, just enjoying the process or journey without getting too hung up on the outcome.

Is it love you’re looking for?

Jupiter works best for us when we let go, leave our comfort zones and above all – don’t take things too seriously. Until we know for sure it is turning serious that is. Jupiter in this house is a Pharrell Williams song on repeat. Happiness is your truth and when we are happy – we let go of worrying about what others may think. The result – we often get what we want or attract it in a way that is truly effortless. Which is the way it should always be. So, if it is love you are looking for, take it that it may be looking for you. And the way it finds you is for you to find your joy and follow your bliss during this cycle.

Sure, you’re that hot air balloon heading into space. Elsewhere in the sky, the Sun remains in your 7th until the 20th, keeping the focus on duos and double acts of all descriptions. You also have a new Moon in here on the 11th and the arrival of Ceres on the 9th. Time for a new take on relationships. Beginning with how you relate. Because love always begins with us.

Ceres is about new deals and compromises. But it is also about power too. Don’t forget, in mythology, Ceres is your ruler Pluto’s mother-in-law. So, combined with the timing of this new Moon begin by looking at the power of having good boundaries. These shore up our self-respect and tell others how we expect to be treated. It’s never too late to install them either!

This new Moon favours starting afresh or on a new footing with an existing partnership. Or else, seeking a new one. This extends to business and working dynamics too. Above all, this new Moon wants to link you to the knowing that you deserve love. Just the way you are. Don’t compare yourself to others if you have been doing this in the past either. If happiness is your truth then you express this via self-love and acceptance.

In order to have what we want – changes need to occur. You may find yourself re-examining old wounds around love, rejection and again, any feelings of not being ‘good’ enough as the planets move from your 7th and on into your 8th. Starting with Mercury – the 4th is with you. You have the power to overturn old thinking around these issues now.

Venus follows perhaps taking something already on the boil from simmer to fully hot. As the planets move through here and the Sun joins them on the 20th, they will interact with the North Node in here. Key dates are the 10th, 17th and 31st. These could mark days when a change brings either healing or the ability to just transcend something that you thought was a permanent barrier between you and what you wanted.

We are now in retrograde weather due to Mercury entering retroshadow on the 15th and full retroactive phase on the 29th. Saturn also heads retrograde in your 4th from the 23rd. Property matters placed on hold or something you thought you may have missed out on could strangely revive now due to the fact that Mercury will make a station to Venus before heading into reverse. Or someone offers a new and better deal when you thought you were deadlocked.

Of course, the usual retro rules apply this season and you do have to bear them in mind. Especially when it comes to your money. The 26th packs an emotion filled Supermoon in your 2nd of your cash, assets and also yes, that self-worth. And it’s eclipsed for good measure. With Mercury just days away from full retro and about to meet the ruler of this house in your ‘other’ money house, then this is not the time for major expenditures or taking out that new loan, credit card etc.

Look to your relationship with your cash. What do you spend it on and why? Is this filling an emotional need rather than anything you require? Be honest now. What’s really in your value vault or important may surprise you. And again, you ARE enough, Scorpio. You don’t need labels to show off your true worth.

Ancient ruler Mars will trine Neptune in your 5th from your 9th on the 31st. This occurs the same day as the Sun and North Node meet in your 8th. That change you make in order to get what you want acts as pure release now. It also shows you that any changes that take place are linked to what your heart wants and needs. Look at what you’ve managed to attract effortlessly this month, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Change makes a course correction for you now. Putting you on the right path towards what you need in the longer term. Money matters need your attention. Don’t sell out over what you know is priceless to you this month!


Change your fate, change your luck, change your love

Be present

Explore the power of everyday magic

Back to your love future, Sag. May the 4th – yes, Star Wars Day, sees Mercury enter its ruling sign of Gemini and your 7th of all things partnership-centric. Take it duos and double acts of all kinds will feature. Especially when Venus lands in what is its ruling house on the 9th.

We are in big, fat mutable weather this month. One where you can literally change your fate, luck or direction. But to do this you are going to need to stay grounded and work with what you have in the moment. If we are to use a Star Wars quote which seems appropriate at this point, as Master Yoda said: All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was… what he was doing.

You are the sign that is naturally draw to looking at what the next adventure could be. A Sag friend of mine would describe how in pre-Covid days, she would already be planning her next trip even as she waited in the departure lounge to board the aircraft to take her on the current one! To make the most of what happens this month, it is important to simply be present. If you can do this, then you will see that horizon magically draw closer without you having to move. And any current frustration you feel around present restrictions, fall away.

Be in the moment

Ruler Jupiter is on the move from the 13th as it moves into your 4th of home, homeland, lifestyle, living arrangements, property matters of all descriptions and what unpins your path, Sag. Sure, you can reach for the stars. But to do that you need to first build a launch pad. And a rocket to get you there.

Check your chart!

Check your chart for Sag factors at 0-2 degrees. And also Pisces, Gemini and Virgo factors at the same degree. If you also have Scorpio factors – which many Sagittarians do have, again look to see if you have anything at 0-2 degrees. If you do, Jupiter is about to trine these. Remember for you – this is your ruler and there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ Jupiter square or opposition. However, you may have to make the effort and set opportunity in motion.

Where you feel you belong. What ‘home’ means to you and benefits via property or family should feature. Yes, I know for some, home may not be where you find yourself right now. Where you have lived in the past could feature to. During this first cycle which lasts from now until July, some of you may be drawn back to visit places you have lived in the past. Especially if this involves travel within your own country you are now allowed to take.

You may rediscover your roots and if you do travel back to places you have lived or have past connections to, you will see them in a new light. If there is somewhere you have always felt ‘drawn’ to in a way you cannot explain, visit it virtually for now but consider you may have a past life connection to it. Visiting it for real may follow in 2022, when the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in here may remove many of the barriers to travel we are seeing at the moment.

Your ability to work with what you have in the here and now gets a boost thanks to the new Moon in your pragmatic and practical 6th on the 11th. Your day job (paid or unpaid), habits, routine, diet, exercise, wellbeing and schedule can all benefit from a reboot now. And you can bring fresh focus and also a new desire to get the job done, to those things we know you love to hate, Sag. You know what they are. The mundane matters that stand between you and those big dreams. But nonetheless need to be done.

Sweep that launch pad in preparation for take-off. Make a countdown of tasks to be ticked off. And instead of seeing these as what you so don’t want to be doing, instead you can love the sense of satisfaction and increased energy doing the work and where you are and what you are doing, hands you!

Now for the love

Partners of all kinds – past, present and future, are in focus too. In the obvious form of joint property decisions, but also entering into a new partnership dynamic is highlighted or injecting fresh commitment and passion into an existing one thanks to the planets all meeting the North Node in your 7th this month.

Be aware however that the all system go one planetary direction is very much at an end this month. Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th in your 7th and will turn retro 2.0 in here from the 29th. You also have Saturn retrograde from the 23rd in what is, Mercury’s ruling house in your chart. Despite the Sun’s arrival in your 7th on the 20th, this is a time to put seeking new love on hold. Or entering any kind of new partnership dynamic for that matter. Instead see this as a period where you can get extremely clear about your needs and what you want from love.

This is further emphasised by the eclipsed full Supermoon in your 1st on the 26th. You are totally and utterly in the dark around something or someone. Again, check your chart for your Sag factors this time at 5 degrees or 5 degrees of Gemini. This will truly impact on you and another if you have them.

Entering into any new partnership of any description should be avoided now. And you need to heed messages from your gut around anything to do with existing unions. If this sounds scary – its not meant to be. Eclipses just are. They are not necessary good or bad. It’s just that we can’t see (yet) what they are covering up.

That big fat mutable weather however can bring you changes for the better as we steam into June. Mars’s trine to Neptune in your 4th on the 31st points to positive outcomes around shared resources, money or property. You also have the Sun conjunct the North Node in your 7th this week. A cycle of love could come full circle with you gaining that better understanding not just of your needs, but your partner’s. Or even the kind of person you now see you need. This could be totally different to who you thought you needed in the past.

Time travel 19 years back if you can. That’s also a Jedi trick. To make the most of the present, you need to understand your past. So, when it comes around again – you make it into something new. Right from the present moment, Sag.

In a nutshell: An important long term love cycle could begin now. One set to redefine your partnership experience. You may not realise the significance at first however. Stay present or you’ll miss out on the magic, Sag!



Breathe new life into your routine

Make a fresh start in love

Say it loud!

You glow, Cappy! The kind that we can only radiate when we have planets in our 5th house. Make the most of it because like all kinds of weather – the astrology kind changes. That’s why we call it a forecast!

Your weather report for May begins with Mercury going from your 5th and into its ruling 6th on the 4th. May the Force be with you when it comes to tackling daily tasks, habits, routines and with the aid of Venus which also lands in here on the 9th – beautifying your daily life so it is no longer a rut if that is what you have been feeling of late.

We’re back in retroactive weather this month too. Mercury will enter retroshadow from the 15th and go into Retro 2.0 on the 29th – when it makes a station to Venus in here. Now, if you recall the Retro Rules you will know that Mercury retroactive in a ruling house means an extra large serving of Mercury mayhem! Not only that, your ruler Saturn also goes backwards this month. In your 2nd of money from the 23rd.

Now, factor in Mercury stations on Venus which rules this house and what does this tell you? Extra caution around finances and money matters is needed during this cycle. Yes, some barriers around money may be lifted. But you need to take a cautious approach and avoid major purchases and expenditure unless something breaks down beyond repair. And that must-have bargain – it most probably isn’t. Be retro-aware now.

All that being said, the Sun continues to light up your fabulizing 5th until the 20th. However, two big star turns this month continue to hand you glowing, stand out vibes. Beginning with the new Moon in your 5th on the 11th.

This new Moon appears two days after Ceres also arrives in your 5th. It’s time for a fresh approach when it comes to expressing your heart’s truth and for anything that involves following it. Take some time now to close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by a golden, glowing light. Place your hands on your heart. Feel the warmth radiating from this. Now, ask it what it truly wants and needs now. Or what you can do, try or engage in to fulfil that wish? Take on board everything it tells you.

This is a wonderful new Moon under which to go looking for romance, to find an outlet for your talents, for anything to do with children, babies or young people and even for business, your social media feed, message, blog, channel, writing and especially the internet.

Broadcasting far and wide

Because the really big event in the sky this month for you is Jupiter’s arrival in your 3rd. Take a look to see if you have Capricorn factors between 0-2 degrees of your sign. Or 0-2 degrees of Pisces, your opposite sign of Cancer or your 11th of Scorpio. If you have Capricorn factors, Jupiter will sextile these. And if you have Pisces factors, it forms a conjunction. If you have Cancer or Scorpio factors within this orb, it will trine them. Jupiter may therefore turn up in person as a lover, generous or influential friend or someone who holds out an opportunity for you.

If you are unsure, one of our gifted astrologers can help you. Both your Mercury ruled houses are impacted this month – the 3rd and the 6th, so beneficial changes around work, how you get around, travel, overseas connections, business, learning, how you move around, your devices, day job and routine could also happen. Just keep those retro-factors in mind.

Watch for themes repeating themselves this month too. We all know retrogrades mean ‘re’ words. Including return to sender. As the planets move through your 6th they will meet the North Node in here. Expect routines, your work, habits and wellbeing to be impacted. What you started and continued to do years ago. Way back in 2003-04 in fact. Is this a support structure or a rut now, Cappy? And if you are feeling stuck or even trapped, the good news is that this month may finally provide you with a release from that.

Look beyond the obvious

Look deeper and don’t be fobbed off with surface explanations. Take it there are layers you have yet to even discover and depths to be explored when the full Supermoon is eclipsed in your 12th on the 26th.

As you know, eclipses always cover up. But one thing they do show us is a blind spot. Total eclipses like this one – you are utterly in the dark like a blindfolded person in a blacked-out room searching for Schrodinger’s cat which may or may not be alive. Or even in there. Being sent down blind alleys, given false information or simply blindsided – all are possible under this eclipse. This is down to it occurring in your house of secrets, subterfuge, espionage, hidden enemies and everything that exists but you don’t know about. Yet.

What can we rely on at times like these? Our sixth sense. This is also ruled by our 12th and no matter what shade gets thrown by an eclipse, your intuition sees through it. The only mistake we can make, is to ignore it. So – don’t. If you are left unsatisfied by someone’s explanation or have a feeling you cannot shake that contradicts what people are saying – hold tight to that and wait. And get ready to probe deeper.

Taking time out, unplugging and above all, holding tight to your own opinions and what your heart is telling you is your truth, is also essential to navigate this eclipse. Don’t be coerced or influenced by others’ opinions when deep down you know this simply doesn’t sit right.

Clarity may cut through the confusion quicker for you than other signs following this. This is thanks to Mars in your 7th trineing Neptune on the 31st. the day the Sun and North node make a future defining conjunction in your 6th. Being centered, tuning in to those heart-centered messages or desires you received at the time of the new Moon now proves your map and your compass. Especially if this involves the future of you and someone else. The heart doesn’t just what it wants. It knows what you need, Capricorn. Staying true to that is what always delivers your truth.

In a nutshell: Intuition could be super-charged so don’t ignore it. When it comes to what you have to say – go big or go home. It’s time to take that idea, message, brand, story further. So find a platform and shout about it, Capricorn!



Get a rich mindset and have fun trying!

Be strong enough to be vulnerable

Goals demand a reset

Money, money, money. Do you remember the ‘In and Out’ astrology rules? That when a planet switches signs or is about to, we can experience it in a big way? This month sees Jupiter leave your 1st and enter your 2nd of yes, money and self-worth on the 13th.

Stand by for something soul boosting or the sign that luck or even more of the folding stuff could be heading your way around then. Jupiter won’t be gone long so don’t worry. In July it will land back in your sign where it will remain until the end of the year. But this could hand many of you a new source of income, better paying job or windfall for the short time it has gone. If you happen to have chart factors between 0-2 degrees of Pisces and your 2nd – even better. Jupiter could see you cashed up. Or simply feeling richer in love or other resources.

The New Rich List

Tapping into abundance or understanding rich is sometimes simply a feeling rather than a sum we can count, plays a role. You can have millions in the bank but that doesn’t fix a poverty mindset. You can have not vey much at all but feel wealthy in terms of friends, love, your talents and lifestyle. Is rich therefore a perspective and a belief system? Jupiter in here says positively so!

Count your blessings and practice gratitude for what you have now and watch Jupiter send you more to add up and be grateful for. This is also a good time to take a chance on actually getting more and discovering what that feels like. Think of the experience of money rather than what it buys you. That’s the secret to making the most of Jupiter in here.

The planets are now on the move into your fabulizing 5th house. Mercury hands you the full force of flirtation, creativity and fun when it lands in here on the 4th (that’s Star Wars Day for anyone who is not a nerd!). Venus follows on the 9th and the Sun on the 20th. As the planets strut and sparkle away in here they are going to interact with the North Node in here.

Now, the last time this happened was back in 2003-04. So, if you are old enough take a look at what occurred around romance, love affairs, children, babies, teenagers, lucky breaks and creative ventures. If you remember the early ‘80’s you can jump back there too. No, shoulder pads are not making a return. But certain themes that you lived back in those times may.

Triggers or significant meetings/events can occur on the 10th (Mercury conjunct North Node), 17th (Venus/North Node) and 31st (Sun/North Node). Saturn is shifting to retrograde motion in your sign on the 23rd. This may have the effect of making you feel lighter, freer and more carefree when combined with the planets in here. Think of this more as playing with the quantum rather than being forced down a fated or pre-destined path you have no say in.

Open up to let others in

Along with this, allow yourself to feel vulnerable and open as the new Moon appears in its ruling 4th on the 11th. Saturn in our 1st can make us feel life is a serious business or ‘heavy’ going. This new Moon in here is telling you its safe to be you. To let people into your inner world. There’s a quiet strength and determination around you too. Especially when it comes to home and family matters. Or anything that touches on your physical or emotional security. And this is backed up by Ceres also in this house from the 9th.

This new Moon can bring in a new home or move for some. Family members or older women you know may be especially helpful to you now. You’ve a desire to nurture but also be nurtured and have your needs met. Best way? Again, take the risk and simply ask for what you want directly. There is no need to resort to other means to get what you want.

Supersize Me!

The Sun’s arrival in your 5th will really ignite what is one of the most powerful attraction cycles of the year for you. With Saturn Lite going on in your sign and Jupiter now in your 2nd, you’ll feel lighter, more playful and optimistic. New connections may appear and this doesn’t just include the love variety either. Think friends or even people who offer entrée to new circles. However, be aware that Mercury is slowing down from the 15th and will enter full retro from the 29th. As it does, it will make a station to Venus. This could see the return of an old love or another opportunity to revive something you love to do, create or indulge in.

Do however, bear in mind that once Mercury heads backwards, this may not be the best time to start a new love affair. Or even that new creative project! Especially when you combine this with an eclipsed full Supermoon in your 11th of friends, connections and goals on the 26th. Do you still want what you once wanted? Does that resonance still hold with you and that group? Or one particular friend?

Eclipses conceal and this is a total eclipse. So, you are completely in the dark now. Examine why you want what you want in terms of those wishes and dreams. Or have they been replaced by something different and better? Got a ‘feeling’ about someone? Hold that. Or do you feel drawn towards joining a new group, club, organization but have not done anything about it even before you had Covid as a reason? This eclipse also wants you to probe the shadows of procrastination too. Especially why you may be putting off action when it comes to making those goals a reality.

Understand eclipses are neither good nor bad. There are secrets in shadows, yes. But if we look closer we can see them for what they are. And they usually free us from what we no longer need. If we cling on to that, then we cannot move forward into something better. And that’s what the cashed-up Jupiter and other planets in your 5th want for you this May.

In a nutshell: Time to shine, to shrug off that heavy feeling and to lighten up, Aquarius. May tells you life was never meant to be taken too seriously. Flirt, have fun and create. That’s what joining the new rich list is all about.



Go big or go home!

Take your ideas to a new level

Pay attention to what happens behind the scenes

Big, bigger, biggest – there is no way to under-sell what is happening in your sign this month, Pisces. The last time your ancient ruler Jupiter paid you a visit was 12 years ago. The last time both your rulers were in your sign together – 1859. That’s right. This is a once in or actually in your case – twice in a lifetime event.

Why twice? Well, Jupiter will arrive, take a look around, hit any of your Pisces factors between 0-2 degrees. Then turn back and re-enter. So yes, the fat chance planet really does ring twice. And second time around opportunities reappear.

Now, take everything you know and love about your sign. And simply go large with it. Huge insights, enhanced intuition and sensitivity. Your favourite Pisces themes also get super-sized by the presence of the Fat Planet. (It’s not fat – it’s power incidentally. We do not body-shame planets here!).

The list is as big as the multiverse. Which falls under the rulership of both Neptune and Jupiter. Everything and anything ruled by both your sign and Sagittarius. And then mixed up together to great a bigger, more depth defining experience. Yes, as we begin this cycle many of us are still experiencing some form of restriction. But these should lift in 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune meet. So, think of where you want to get to now. And start planning!

Opportunities are all around you from now until July. And again at the end of the year. But Jupiter wants you to make the most of the ones in the here and now as it lands on the 13th.

Get ready for exposure!

During this May-July period Jupiter will expose answers, solutions and opportunities for you. There is one small exception to this rule however which I will delve deeper into later in this forecast. This can also relate to what you have missed out on, second time around changes and leaving behind a rinse-and-repeat cycle that has kept you confined for far too long.

Check your chart for factors between 0-2 degrees of Pisces or any of the other mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sag. Also, check your chart for any factors in any of the other water signs – Cancer and Scorpio. Because if you have them again at this pivotal 0-2 degree arc, stand by for even bigger benefits. Especially around love, romance, children, creativity, learning and experiences.

The big mutable weather we are in this month sees Mercury and Venus enter your 4th and fellow mutable sign of Gemini. You already have the North Node in here and what we are seeing are the planets colliding with this as they move through here. There is a big focus therefore on your home, homeland, family, living arrangements, lifestyle and path ownership. Where you feel you belong and how you want to be living.

If you are old enough, you need to be looking back in 19-year increments to see what happened around these themes.

Ceres enters Taurus and your 3rd on the 9th, two days before we have a new Moon in here. This is the time to harness your smarts, your ideas, your message, your desire to learn, make more money or discover what you want – and do something with it. Expect engagement now. A flow of WhatsApp, emails, texts, connectivity, conversations, meetings, networking and even invitations. Time to talk and also flirt if that’s what on your mind too!

Be aware that from the 15th, Mercury is slowing down in preparation for full retrograde on the 29th. This tells you to tie up property and long-term plans now and not to push forward after that date unless it cannot be helped. This especially applies due to the Saturn retrograde in your 12th from the 23rd. We’ve left the direct weather behind now. And take it you are now in the dark over something.

Check your chart again!

The Sun lands in your 4th on the 20th, heating up that mutable weather front. The forecast – cloudy with a chance of confusion and fog. Check your chart again for any factors in your own and the other mutable signs at 5 degrees. This is the degree at which we have a totally eclipsed full Supermoon in Sagittarius and your 10th house on the 26th.

So, it will square any Pisces or Virgo factors you have close to 5 degrees. Conjunct or oppose them if they are in Sag (10th) or Gemini (4th). What do we know about eclipses? That’s right. They conceal and total eclipses tell is we are utterly in the dark now. Especially when it comes to the Moon our emotional realm.

This eclipse impacts on your career, status, public image and reputation, your relationship status – as in that title married, settled, divorced etc; and how you are seen by those in positions of authority. For some, this can even include your partner’s status as this comes under your 10th house. So, best advice I can give you now is to guard your reputation, act in a practical and professional manner at all times, be mindful of your image and also the profile of those you are aligned or connected to.

When it comes to your work, there may be things that are happening ‘behind the scenes’ that you are presently unaware of. And with Mercury about to head backwards this really isn’t the time to apply for a new job unless you are presently unemployed.

The upside – because there always is one, is that the final day of May delivers a key meeting between the Sun and North Node in your 10th. Which also happens to be the same day as Mars in your 5th trines ruler Neptune. Passion and proactivity open new portals to love and opportunities to begin a fresh cycle. This may light up one certain person, action or path you can take that is a sure thing amongst any darkness or shadows, Pisces. Step out into the light again as we head into June!

In a nutshell: Ancient ruler Jupiter lands in your sign this month. Making you the one its impossible to overlook. Whatever you want to have, do or experience – get ready for those dreams to get supersized, Pisces!


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