January 2018 Monthly Astrology (Written)


· Take action

· Try a little tenderness

· Restore the balance when it comes to fun, creativity and love!

Your reputation as the sign of action precedes you, Aries. Everyone associates you with feisty confidence, go-getting zeal and fiery sexiness. Yes, you’re the real deal and the whole package. But this is just the surface you. What you show to the world. This month takes us – or rather you, below the surface. To where so many more facets of you are hidden. The ones you don’t always let others see unless you truly trust them. Yes, that tender Aries heart. Okay, it’s our secret – which I can keep being an Aries. However, the red beating Aries heart is very much on display this month when it comes to your emotional life. The warrior princess or prince may just take off the armour and show their vulnerable side as 2018 begins. There’s a saying: in your weakness lies your strength. As a full Moon appears in your 4th on the 2nd it angles at ruler Mars in your 8th and Neptune in your 12th. Yes, it’s a Grand Water Trine. But for you, this brings an emotional watershed moment. Note that the planets are not just in their ruling houses in your chart but are in their ruling signs too (remember, you shared ruler Mars with Scorpio before Pluto was discovered!). Feeling vulnerable may vie with passion and then give way to compassion or empathy. You’re a soul-diver going deep and the depths of what you feel may surprise you as well as others. Don’t even try to hide it. Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel and express it. Funny thing is nobody is going to see you as being weaker but marvel at your emotional strength and depth.

There’s power in all this passion you’re expressing and it can be channelled and seen as a resource if you want it to be. It has the ability to transform – both how you express and see yourself and your intimate relationships. The planet of ‘all change’ – Uranus moves direct once again in your 1st at the start of the month, aiding you with personal revolution. Reach for alternative ways of expressing yourself and also alternative and varied explanations as to why you feel the way you do. How many can you come up with and what resonates? You can then try this with other people in your life. What alternatives are available or what is another way of looking at the situation? The results can be life-and-relationship changing and radical to say the least. Oh, what a feeling!

With Saturn now firmly entrenched in his ruling house in your chart (10th), you are set to be an early beneficiary Yes, he is in here for the next 2.5 years but you can now get a head start on career path transformation for 2018. As Mercury enters your 10th on the 11th he is now very much out of retrograde shadow. His meeting with Saturn could signify career-elevating news or you now pushing forward with those moves for 2018. Venus meets Pluto in here perhaps getting those in authority to see you in an entire new light or your career path undergoing a beneficial transformation. Especially when we combine this with stellar aspects happening between your 10th house planets and ruler Mars and also Jupiter in your 8th which rules your salary and personal power. You have the power and the passion to bring to bear on forging your path and elevating your status in some way. Focus this for amazing results and watch for new beginnings at the time of the new Moon in here on the 17th. Venus enters Aquarius ahead of the Sun but now these two are in there it’s all about what you and you alone bring to any party – and this includes your professional sphere as well as your social sector. As Mars shifts in to your 9th on the 26th you’ve both the desire and the ability to expand your horizons. You may bring this to bear on your social life as well as your goals, pushing forward with a surety now that shows the world the confident Aries they know and love!

Since August last year all of us have been under the influence of the last eclipse. This tends to hang around until another eclipse brings the cycle to a close and then starts a new one. The total lunar eclipse on the 31st takes place in your 5th once more. It is unusual as this is a ‘blue’ Moon – meaning the second full Moon in a month but also a red ‘blood’ Moon due to it being eclipsed. To add to the impact here this eclipse also falls exactly conjunct Ceres in here. Romance, children, pleasure, adulation, seduction, recognition and creativity all come under the rulership of your 5th house. The focus is now firmly on passion. But with Ceres now in the mix there’s an element of compromise, having to give something up or restoring the balance of power. Sometimes this means letting something go – maybe something as simple as our ego. Ceres represents a change and a restoration to follow as a result of this. Perhaps your inner child needs to come out to play more – especially if you have been focussed on your career. Whatever happens, whether the passion manifests as something intensifying or something ending, this should be no surprise as when you look at it, you should see it’s been a long time coming. With Mercury entering Aquarius on this day this is not a day to withdraw processing emotions as with the full Moon at the start of the month. Instead reach out and get out and about if you can and feel the restorative process begin.

In a nutshell: Power and passion fuel you forward into the New Year! Get a heart-starter on career moves. And what makes your heart beat faster!



· Experience more freedom in love

· Ask for what you want

· An exciting new journey begins

Intimacy and connection. Do you feel you have that Taurus? The start of 2018 has you peering below the surface at your emotional foundation thanks to a full Moon in your 3rd house which triggers a Grand Water Trine between Mars in your 8th (ruling house) and Neptune in your 11th. Are you communicating your needs and if so, are they being listened to and received? The response you get back could very well form the basis of your decisions for the rest of the month.

You’re seeing things more clearly now. Yes, this could be your theme song for January as Uranus moves direct again in your 12th. You not only see things clearly, you clearly see what needs to be done. Especially when it comes to partnerships. Mars may not be his happiest in your 7th house but he adds passion and impulsion and his meeting with Jupiter in here on the 7th is deeply significant for the future of relationships – and perhaps one in particular. You feel the stirrings of freedom in your soul and the desire for more. Perhaps a deeper more profound connection and you’ll seek to create this – or alternatively, look for it if it is lacking in your life.

Ruler Venus also beams a love-expanding angle to Jupiter from Jupiter’s ruling house (9th). In fact, until the third week of January, the astro-action is all concentrated on your 9th of exploration, luck, learning, travel, opportunity, big business and expansion. Like it or not, seeing clearly means broadening your horizons in some way and charting a course towards something bigger than what you have just ‘settled’ for of late. With Saturn now in this house of your chart for the first time in 29 years, this all has a ‘now or never’ feel to it. The question the universe is asking you is: what are you waiting for? Of course, it could just be the new Moon in here on the 17th which either marks a green light or the first phase of this journey you are embarking on. It could be literal as this is an excellent time to plan for travel – especially the long distance variety. Or it may be an opportunity to learn, study or an experience that you crave. Give in to it and pursue it. Don’t settle for less than a big dream now.

Where do you want to go from here? Especially when it comes to your career. Venus enters your 10th two days ahead of the Sun’s arrival in here on the 18th enhancing your professional image and reputation. The 26th also sees Mars change signs moving out of your 7th and into your empowered 8th which also rules your salary, negotiations and yes, sex life. You’ve the power now – how will you use it? A word about Mars in here. He ignites passion but also frustration. Your libido can soar and your partner may not be able to keep up. If you have no-one to call your own now, even if you have embarked on the search, you can channel all

this energy into your career and see some spectacular results. Just remember, energy needs an outlet. Find one.

Since August 2017 we’ve all been experiencing the ‘shadow’ of the eclipse. The final day of January sees this cycle come to a close with a new one opening up as we have a total eclipse of the Moon in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. Expect events and emotions to unfold around home, family, your career, stability and long term decisions. This is the second full Moon in a month so it is a ‘blue’ Moon but also a red blood Moon due to the eclipse! This is very rare. What makes it rarer still is that it falls conjunct Ceres. See this as a precursor to big changes in your home, living situation and how you earn your money in 2018. You may even get an indication of how this will play out as Mercury arrives in your 10th on this very day. Something may have to be changed, given up or re-negotiated for this to be achieved. But whatever it is, you end up with something so much better. The way ahead is clear for you now, Taurus. Can you see it?

In a nutshell: Are you getting the intimacy and love connection you crave? If not, 2018 sends you off in search of it. Don’t settle for anything less, Taurus.


· What’s your true worth?

· Come from a place of knowing

· Your confidence can take you anywhere now

Money, resources, your salary, income from other areas, benefits, pay-outs, property and even charity are in focus this January. What you have and how you utilise it may be more important than how much you have. How much do you need or feel you do? Is there a gap between what you have and what you need? Get ready for changes and adjustments in these areas from the beginning of the month as a full Moon in your money sector triggers a deluge across your entire work and money sectors. You may find yourself exploring your emotional connection to money and therefore your self-worth now. Mars the planet of action is in your work zone while Neptune is in your area of long-term career and status. Are you receiving what you are worth? This goes back to looking at any gaps between what you have and what you need. If there is one does your self-worth need to increase to fill the breach?

Your sector of personal empowerment, your salary, shared resources, benefits, pay-outs and deep, personal intimate issues is currently being shored-up by Saturn in here – his first visit for 29 years. Time to establish a power base that has nothing to do with throwing your weight around, entitlement or grandiosity, and everything to do with coming from a place of surety and strength. You’re being asked where the boundaries lie. What is and isn’t acceptable to you. And most importantly where you have ‘sold out’ or given away your power. This house is alight at the moment with so many transformational planetary influences giving you the impetus to make a shift if one is needed. Mars and Jupiter are meeting in your work zone indicating a break through or new job for some while Venus and the Sun meet Pluto in your 8th and all these planets continue to impact on Mars. You’re ready to take the initiative when it comes to making changes to your work and income. What is more, your confidence soars. You may tackle tasks you have been putting off and also reach for something you may have thought beyond your grasp until now. Such as that promotion or better job. You won’t sell yourself short either. You’re ready to make a statement – about what you do and what you’re worth.

Results may come quickly thanks to Mercury’s entrance in here from the 11th. Your powers of persuasion will also increase now and Mercury is finally out of retrograde shadow. So, this is an excellent time to schedule those important meetings, interviews and presentations. A milestone agreement could even be reached when Mercury meets Saturn on the 13th with a new beginning to follow around the time of the new Moon on the 17th. You can then have the satisfaction of knowing you are the catalyst for the changes you seek, adding to that store of self-worth. Priceless.

There’s a shift happening from the 18th as you step into a bigger world or more expansive experience as first Venus enters your 9th followed by the Sun two days later. Before ruler Mercury also arrives in here at the end of the month he will meet Pluto in your 8th perhaps bringing news around your salary, earnings or other resources. Mars is also on the move as he lands in your partnership sector from the 26th. His energy is not all together compatible with this house in your chart, but this all depends on how you harness it. If you are single, he can give you that push out of the door to go searching for potential partners. If you’re coupled up he favours activities you can do together or joint plans. Passion, action and getting to the point rather than relating are Mars’s forte so bear this in mind. If things have not been going too well lately, unless you make a concentrated effort to sort things out, Mars in here will bring about confrontations and even endings in some circumstances. So, don’t allow this to tip into making war rather than love.

Many of us are still affected by the influence from last August’s total solar eclipse. The energy remains until the next eclipse closes the cycle with a new one to follow. January closes with the second full Moon of the month (and therefore a blue Moon) which is also a total lunar eclipse – so a red or blood Moon. An event made all the more rare as the eclipse falls conjunct Ceres in your 3rd. There’s something a little bit dramatic about this eclipse.

Something comes in to the spotlight for you. Perhaps even an emerging romance. F so you will discover your repartee armoury is full when it comes to flirtation. Communications could take on an almost theatrical intensity. Or you may get an opportunity to showcase your ideas or skills. All the world’s a stage for you under this eclipse. With Ceres in the mix however, it’s important to strike the right balance. You may have to tap into your negotiating skills. Giving something up could result in gaining something much more. Mercury entering your 9th this day points to travel, a lucky break or a journey. Anything started under this eclipse has the capacity to take you a very long way indeed.

In a nutshell: Restrictions lift and change knocks on your door demanding you open it. Are you ready for a shift in 2018? All the world’s your stage now, Gemini.


· Life’s a game – let’s play!

· It takes two for 2018

· Time for a new and better deal

The transits we see in January only happen once in a blue Moon. Literally. The full Moon in your 1st at the start of the month brings something to a head or else has you determining what your priorities are going to be. As you are ruled by the Moon, then you of all signs know that full Moons are about culmination and completion, followed by a resting period with a new beginning to follow with the new Moon. Another way of looking at a full Moon is getting ready to launch a project and timing it so you ‘set sail’ as the Moon waxes full and then crossing the ocean to arrive at your destination at the new Moon. There is a reason why in ancient times it was not just the sign of Sagittarius that was associated with explorers and distant lands. The Moon’s association with the sea and tides meant your sign was also the sign of the adventurer. When you start to think of Moon cycles as mini-journeys you’ll see the connection and also be able to chart your emotional course through them. This month is all about bringing one particular emotional journey to a close with a new one waiting to begin. This full Moon could see your destination come within reach – or you realise you have in fact been heading in the wrong direction. Which is it? You’ve got the ability to adjust your course so use this.

Does the adventure that’s calling you involve partnerships, passion, creativity or romance? Rare amounts of activity in both houses which govern love including the lasting kind, pleasure and attraction take you in to 2018 and puts you in a posi

ripple through your 7th and impact on your 5th house. Remember, your 7th doesn’t just rule romantic partnerships but business, collaborations, close friends and anything where it takes more than one. Venus is in here and this is her ruling house, plus you now have Saturn ‘putting a ring on it’ in this house for the first time in 29 years! This month could see the arrival of a new lover with long term potential or you being pushed into the spotlight and attracting attention – for what you do or simply who you are. Rewards, accolades and even ‘lucky’ breaks are possible. This month is very much a time of power and passion for all of us. But for your sign in particular, you have the ability to use this energy in a way that doesn’t just light up your world, but lights up everyone you meet. There’s a star quality to you now. You ooze a fun sexiness and also bring enthusiasm and passion to any task you undertake. You’re living the saying ‘All the world loves a lover’ because your vibe is infectious. And this works for you in more ways than one. People want to be around you and you make exactly the right impression whether it’s in a personal or a professional capacity. You’re daring, bolder and willing to take a chance. Fall in love with this gorgeous, freer version of you and watch how everyone else does too! Saturn in the background keeps you grounded and this serves you well. Because you’ve your eye on your final destination and have serious intentions of reaching it.

The 17th sees the new Moon in your 7th open up a new phase of relating on some level and a new journey begin. This can mark the start of a better understanding in an existing union, a new project or goal you embark on with someone close to you, or the beginning of a significant new connection. A new journey or stage of one now begins. Venus now deepens your intimacy with someone as she exits her ruling 7th and arrives in your 8th from the 18th. The Sun follows on the 20th and Mercury at the end of the month. Mars enters your work sector from the 26th and you need to take your time and also ensure that you prioritise your wellbeing. Above all, take care not to enter into conflicts with superiors at work or to rush or insist on getting your own way. There is no ‘I’ in team. Any attempt to cut corners or save time could result in mistakes, accidents or just you ending up running on empty. Pace yourself.

As well as a desire for intimacy and something deeper in your relationships, you’ll feel a shift towards your money, resources, property, salary, benefits, pay outs or anything you share with another. A time of negotiation begins. This can be anything from a loan, to a joint account, your salary or even the time you put in to something you share with someone else. It will all revolve around your self-worth, values and the price you ultimately put on whatever it is however. The second full Moon of the month (and therefore a blue Moon) occurs on the 31st and it is also eclipsed so it is a red or blood Moon as well as blue. This is extremely rare but it gets rarer still. The eclipse falls conjunct Ceres in your money zone. This may bring to a head any of those negotiations I mentioned and you may have to look to where you are prepared to compromise and where you are not. It may be that making a concession actually puts you in a better position or at the very least, shows you are the stronger party. If you find yourself deadlocked on something, ask yourself if it is worth the

cost of the deal or even your soul? Look at what it actually in the balance and adjust if necessary. Above all, if this involves any kind of powerplay or manipulation, stick to your values. This is the heart of negotiation so approach it in a whole-hearted way. No matter what, keep connected to your capacity for play which allowed you to treat everything as a game at the start of the month. Make your own rules now.

In a nutshell: Are you ready for a journey that involves love or being part of a two-some? Ring in the changes for 2018, Cancer. Especially when it comes to relationships.



· Change is an irresistible force

· Lay the foundation for your dreams

· Reclaim your power and roar!

Something is uncovered at the start of the month that demands action or change, Leo. Are you ready to see this for what it is? The full Moon in your 12th attunes you to the deeper dimensions of life. Your intuition proves to be your best guide so pay attention to what it is telling you. This full Moon triggers a Grand Water Trine to Neptune in your 8th and Mars in your 4th. You could end up feeling unsettled by someone’s actions or else astounded that you missed something. Digging deep, probing what is going on below the surface or even withdrawing for a while would be natural under this full Moon. But Mars in the mix says you have to take action in some way. Don’t procrastinate on this. Mars also says your first reaction is the correct one. So, don’t second-guess yourself. Do what feels right.

It’s your time to Work It, Leo. To determine your base, your home, your routine in a way that totally supports you. You now have Saturn very much in residence in your 6th of work and wellbeing. This month also sees angles made by the planets in this house (ruler the Sun until the 20th, Venus until the 18th and Mercury until the 31st), to Jupiter and Mars in your 4th. Plus 6th house planets will impact on Uranus now direct once again in your 9th and Neptune in your 8th. Changes lie ahead and some of you could be looking at starting a new job in 2018 or moving to a new home. People you live with – be they family, partners or even roommates may be involved in this. You may see changing faces as well as changing rooms or changing offices. Do you feel supported and sustained? If not, what needs to happen in order for you to feel this? Often this can simply boil down to us making minor changes but which have a big impact on us overall. As your 6th rules health and wellbeing, you also need to look at your diet. Does it support your body? There is more than one kind of nourishment of course. Exploring the mind/body/spirit connection is another area you may be drawn in to now. If you don’t feel your best, how can you enjoy the good things life has to offer?

The new Moon in your 6th on the 17th marks a release on some level and the start of a new beginning. You want to commit, get serious about something, prove yourself. You’re bringing your focus on to getting the job done – whatever that entails. If you have no job or want to change jobs, then this is the time to look around. As Mary J Blige would say: Work

what you got. Look to your talents and skills and see where you can utilise them or even market yourself better.

As the Sun and other planets head into your house of relating, you’ll feel a shift in energy from these in more ways than one. Venus is the first to arrive on the 18th and she rules this house in your chart. It’s now not just about work but about you and at least one other. Your significant one, someone you work with or a close friend. No one significant to call your own? Mars exits your 4th and enters your 5th from the 26th, heating up your interactions, adding spice to that flirtation and infusing you with a carefree, confident sexiness. Now you have even more to work with.

Since August last year, Leo’s especially have been under the shadow of the eclipse that took place then. Although it has been over for many months, what tends to happen it that the energy remains and continues to impact on us. Solar eclipses cover up and what we tend to see happen in between one eclipse and the next, is things coming to light. Look at what has been revealed to you. Think of an eclipse like a bracket in a sentence. You open the bracket and then close it again. The eclipse that follows is the closing bracket, bringing that eclipse cycle to an end. The final day of the month sees the closing bracket from the August eclipse appear. This is a total Lunar eclipse in your 1st house. This eclipse occurs on a blue Moon – the second full Moon in a month. And being a total eclipse it is a red or blood Moon. What makes this rarer still is the fact the eclipse occurs conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres. We’ve only recently embraced the importance of Ceres in astrology and the fact she is entangled in this eclipse, closing the bracket for you in your 1st, is highly charged and significant. Ceres often indicates giving something up or compromising. In this instance, when it comes to what was ‘covered up’ and then revealed in the last eclipse, this eclipse may see you reclaiming something from this event. You could be walking away with something you have gained or reaped. Or else something is restored. Even if it turns out to be your Leo pride and ability to roar once more.

In a nutshell: Reclaim the shine, your ability to roar, your passion and your dance with life. That’s what 2018 offers you. Prepare your Launchpad and aim for the stars.


· Ready for a starring role?

· Connect to your tribe

· Set the bar higher when it comes to love

With ruler Mercury out of retrograde shadow by the 10th of this month, your mojo returns, Virgo. Got a vision you want to share? The start of the month opens doors to a fresh social

scene and perhaps one where others share your ideas and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to step away from your usual circle and join a new one. There could be more to be discovered there than you imagine as the full Moon in your 11th is going to trigger a ripple effect between Neptune in your 7th and Mars in your 3rd. Spiritual and intellectual ideas can be explored and even a soul connection made where you least expect to find one. Open your mind and widen your circle and you never know who may step inside. There’s a little bit of connective magic under this full Moon.

All this takes place against a diamond faceted 5th house. It’s being crafted as if by a master jeweller in a way it hasn’t been for 29 years. All courtesy of Saturn’s presence in here. So what has Saturn got in common with your house of romance, pleasure, fun, passion and all things creative and glowing? Isn’t be about all things restrictive, boring and lacklustre? Is this a mis-fit? And won’t he take the glow off your mojo? It all depends on what your plan is. And what you are willing to accept. Your 5th house is about play. Or making what you do seem like play. Saturn is in his ruling sign and he’s all about work without shortcuts. In other words, playing by the rules. You can set your own, but you must abide by them. This may mean setting the bar higher in all kinds of areas – and this includes lovers. Sure, this may mean there are less candidates for your heart. But it may also mean that they are the ones with the most potential. Time to think in terms of quality not quantity when it comes to anything in fact. What is your one true love? The thing that ignites your passion and gives pleasure (and I am not necessarily talking about a lover here). That is where you get serious. Make a serious commitment to it and your glowing mojo will simple draw more of the good stuff to you. This is not about lack. This is about being selective. The 17th sees the sliver of a new Moon appear in your 5th which could mark the start the start of what I will call your new cycle of discernment. This ability come naturally to you, Virgo. So, refine it now.

The month comes to an end with ruler Mercury heading on into your 6th which of course he rules and which contains a very Virgoan vibe. You also receive the added ability to be able to charge your ideas with electric blue sky thinking and amaze people with your talent for coming up with innovative solutions. Add to this an innovative approach on just how to reach those work goals. Since August last year the energy released by the eclipse has remained in effect and for you, this took place in your oh-so-mysterious 12th house. The month’s end sees another eclipse in here – this one a total eclipse of the Moon. With two full Moons in a month, this makes thee second full Moon a blue Moon and an eclipsed blue Moon (which is a red or blood Moon due to the eclipse) is extremely rare. What makes this even more unusual is that the eclipse falls exact conjunct Ceres in your 12th. Think back to the time of the solar eclipse in August. Eclipses cover up but then what they have concealed is later revealed. Your 12th house rules things that are hidden. Has anything come to light between the last eclipse and this one? Or have you been ignoring something that your intuition has been trying to alert you to? Ceres now says to you that you may pay the price for not paying attention. Or else you now see that action has to be taken. Keeping things

hidden is not an option now. Time to drag it in to the light and use that talent for innovation to give you a solution that deals with the issue once and for all.

In a nutshell: It’s time to take what you love or love to do seriously, Virgo. Romance, creativity and fun demand serious commitment. Showcase yourself now.



· Create, love, have fun

· What do you need to establish?

· Do you know what form you want love to take?

Start the year with the spotlight on your career ambitions as well as your home, family, security or ‘base’. The full Moon in your 10th casts a ripple effect across your entire work, money and career sectors. In fact, anything and everything that concerns your job, income, home, possessions, talents and even what you have to give to others as in charitable contributions. In other words, your ‘base’ and your assets. You’ve been tussling with these areas for a while now and the start of 2018 could see you having to make a big decision or just commit to a course of action once and for all. Things must change. You must change them. You’re faced with the truth of this now. Nobody can make it happen but you. And putting it off serves no purpose. Once you know what action needs to be taken, please don’t procrastinate.

Look back over the past few years and see what has worked and what hasn’t. Especially when it comes to where you live or how you earn your income. It’s time to look at all this objectively and to apply what you have learned to continue to build for the future. You could see a big decision looming around where you live or even your career. Expect a big and lasting transformation to occur at some point in the next year. The question lying over this may be: where or what is home for you? If you need to move or even begin to create this, the new Moon in your 4th and the Moon’s ruling house on the 17th, could mark the opportunity to do this.

Ruler Venus is in your 4th up until the 18th when she leaves for your fabulous 5th – more on this in a moment. Before she gets there she continues to make significant cash and self-worth generating angles to Jupiter in your money house (and her ruling one) as well as Neptune in your work sector and all the planets currently amassed in your 4th –aside from

Saturn who she met at the end of last year and who remains at a very early degree of your 4th. Mars and Jupiter also meet in your money zone, inciting you to take whatever steps you can to improve your financial standing. This can be anything from a new job, side hustle, pitching for new business or actively asking for a raise or promotion. Stay focussed and by the time Mars exits your 2nd and arrives in your 3rd on the 25th, you could be looking at tangible results from your efforts.

This is a time to act with confidence especially when it comes to work and your earning ability. With the Sun joining Venus in your 5th house from the 20th, you should have no problem showcasing what you have to offer – whether this is on a personal or professional level. Venus adds that extra sparkle and allure and the Sun is now in its ruling house in your chart. With Venus also in here this is one of the best periods for romance, to make that lasting impression, to have fun, to create and to scintillate and shine doing what you love. Tap into playfulness, optimism and passion. It’s an intoxicating mix – not just for you but also those who come into contact with you. They can’t help but be drawn closer! See who or what enters your orbit now. You have Mercury poised to enter here on the 31st – a significant day as we have a blue Moon in your 11th house on this day (and your 11th opposes your 5th house in your chart of course).

This is no ordinary blue Moon as it is not only eclipsed but falls conjunct Ceres in here. So, the eclipse means the blue Moon is also a red or blood Moon. Many of us have also been dealing events that began around the time of the total Solar eclipse in August last year. Solar eclipses ‘cover up’ or conceal. But then whatever they have concealed, is slowly revealed to us. This energy remains in effect until we get the next eclipse. On the 5th/11th house axis which is what we are dealing with here, you could find yourself dealing with lovers, children, creative and business ventures, your goals, groups or friends.

Ceres thrown into the mix here means anything that comes to light or has come to light, will be incredibly intense. By that I mean more intense than we would normally associate with a full Moon or a lunar eclipse. Some of you may be dealing with compromising or even loss around these issues. Or to have one thing you may have to give another up. There’s an element of ‘reaping what you sow’ with Ceres. Ceres is incredibly powerful so she can also have us looking at our power to attract what we want or where we have given our power away. The message of this eclipse is this: if you don’t like what has been revealed you have the power to change it. That is why a base is so useful and why you are being prompted by the universe to create one. It is where your power resides and the place from which all change, and all blessings, flow.

In a nutshell: Past, present or future loves feature. You’re being asked to put down roots and make a commitment. Who, where and what will you choose, Libra?


· Explore new possibilities and potential

· Change the way you see yourself

· Keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground!

Matters of the soul, spirit and the realms of your imagination demand your attention and lure you with the promise of adventure as 2018 begins, Scorpio. There’s a full Moon in your 9th of far-away places, beliefs, higher learning and expansion linking you to inspiration and intuitive insight with Neptune in your 5th, while fiery Mars your ancient ruler in your 1st is saying: Don’t just dream it – do it. This is a full Moon of the Dreamtime but ensure you are not using it as escapism. You need a compass and a map and to have a destination in mind. Fortunately, Mars is all about action. This could be a wonderful full Moon under which to embark upon a new romance or travel. If it is the former however, ensure the moonlight doesn’t make you attribute qualities to your lover that they simply don’t have. Otherwise you may be in for a disappointment in the cold light of day.

There is a flirtatious vibe in the air tinged with spiritual connection thanks to the Sun and Venus making some wonderful aspects to Neptune. Weave magic spells and words of love now. In business as well as your personal life. You’ve an allure and a good old-fashioned glamour. Game-changing news or important documents could be signed now. This could see you heading down a new path perhaps in business or with your career as Mercury enters your 3rd (his ruling house) on the 11th and meets Saturn in here on the 13th. Agreements could be reached and contracts concluded in your favour. You’ve also received the impulsion to push ahead towards those goals thanks to Venus and the Sun making wonderful aspects to Mars in your 1st between the 9th and the 10th. Whatever it is you want, you are going for it and allowing nothing to deter you from reaching your goal. You confidence and all-round magnetism will be turned up to maximum allure now.

Jupiter also in your 1st is getting you to focus on the wonderful world of you. You could be looking at transforming not just how the world sees you but also how you see yourself during this stay in here. The 16th sees Jupiter and your contemporary ruler Pluto also in your 3rd make a rare alignment. This occurs the day before the New Moon in this house on the 17th. This indicates a decision you are about to make – again, this could be as a result of news you receive. Go with the one that lifts your energy and ignites excitement. This is one of those decisions where you immediate gut response is probably the correct one!

The day after the new Moon a shift into your 4th of all things home, family and living related occurs with Venus moving in here on the 18th and the Sun follows two days later. Your living arrangements and lifestyle will feature over the next month as will your long term security and what you need to sustain you. People you share your space with – anyone from family members to flatmates, will impact on you and may even be part of any decisions you make about how or where you are going to live or lifestyle changes. This is an excellent time for

any kind of property dealings as Venus in here is all about enhancing your home or where you live. Mars is now on the move, leaving your sign and heading into your money zone from the 26th. If you are after money or even other resources in order to move or just bring about a change in your lifestyle or environment, Mars sets you off on a pursuit course. And gives you the confidence in yourself to get it.

We have a blue Moon this month which is a second full Moon in a calendar month. This full Moon falls on the 31st in your 10th of career and status, and is also eclipsed – which makes it a red or blood Moon. This is a rare occurrence but what makes it even more special is that it falls conjunct Ceres in this sector of your chart. If you have planets in Leo close to this or a Leo ascendant you are likely to be affected the most. All of you will feel this however especially if you have been dealing with issues around your career which began around the time of the last eclipse in August 2017. The energy of one eclipse tends to hang around until the next one. Eclipses first cover up and conceal, then something is revealed. This is especially true with solar eclipses. What has subsequently come to light following the last eclipse? This eclipsed blue/red Moon along with Ceres brings things to a head. You may be required to negotiate, compromise, give something up or work with what you have as opposed to what you would like. If you are on the right path, you could now receive an amazing outcome. Or you realise you have to begin again and plant a new crop for harvest later. Your sign is all about power and Ceres and Pluto your ruler, are intertwined in a strange fated way. What this is saying is that no matter what, you have a store of power to tap into and use to bring about change – no matter what is happening around you right now. This Moon marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of something new. Sow those seeds for the future.

In a nutshell: Tap into an almost limitless store of power this month, Scorpio. Flirtation and enticement is in the air. These are your tools from which to create change as 2018 begins.


· Apply your willpower

· What holds you back is revealed

· What does your outer world say about your inner one?

Something has to change now, Sag. What is it? This may not be something external (although this is likely) but the full Moon in your 8th could indicate an internal belief or thought needs to change. Take a look around you. How does your external life reflect what is going on inside of you – and vice versa. If we want changes in our outer world, we must begin by changing our inner world. This is especially important for us to hold on to during challenging times. Now, I am not for one moment suggesting that January may be one of those. But should it be for some of you, and you wonder how you will bring about changes due to say, limited resources, then begin by an internal adjustment.

In fact, the past two and a half years have all been about your willpower and how you apply it. Do you stick to what you say you will do? Conversely, can you adapt and adjust and even

take advice where necessary? Look back over this period and see what results you have got when you have brought willpower to bear or applied some self-control. Chances are you were happy with the results. Time to continue the good work this month and apply all this knowledge and experience to your finances. If you are facing restrictions, if you tap into what you have learned, at the end of the month you should see yourself break free of them. January can be a month where you determine how the rest of the year will unfold for you.

How have you held yourself back or is someone doing the holding back without you realising it? Mars and ruler Jupiter meeting in your 12th on the 7th, clear up any confusion and also allow you to take action over anything that is ‘tripping’ you up. Here’s where you can make that internal adjustment if necessary or deal with anyone who you now realise may not have your best interests at heart. You won’t shy away from confrontation if one is needed but neither will you go out of your way to look for one. If a change or even a goodbye is necessary, you’re prepared to go through with it now.

Bring that willpower to bear on your finances now. Saturn now in your 2nd says the only way to save money is to spend less of it. This is also our house of values. We talk about ‘core values’ and ‘core beliefs’ Saturn rules our core. This is our house of self-esteem and self-worth so time to shore up both. Venus rules this house in your chart and she, the Sun and Mercury make some cash-attracting aspects to Pluto also in here. Jupiter also impacts upon Pluto the day before a new Moon appears in this house. A new source of income – anything from a job offer to a side hustle, could be on its way. Above all, this is about being mindful of your money and the value you attach to it. Treat it as a resource to be conserved rather than squandered. This is an excellent new Moon under which to come up with a streamlined spending plan (I hate the word ‘budget’ as it smacks of austerity and denial) or to consult an accountant or financial advisor. You are re-framing your emotional relationship with money. So, ask yourself how you want that relationship to unfold.

From the 18th the planets begin to exit your 2nd – beginning with Venus who moves into your 3rd and the Sun follows two days later. Mercury rules this sector of your chart and he will enter here on the 31st. The day a restriction-busting or news breaking total lunar eclipse appears in your 9th. This is no ordinary eclipse. For one thing it is the second full Moon in a month which makes it a blue Moon. Of course, the eclipse turns it red. For a blue Moon to be eclipsed is very rare. But rarer still is a red eclipsed blue Moon to fall conjunct Ceres in your 9th. This is a Moon which promises a new cycle of exploration and growth. Due to the eclipse and Ceres, this could involve you breaking free of restrictions that have dogged you since August last year. Yes, that was the time of that last total solar eclipse in this house of your chart. The energy from one eclipse lasts until the next one. Solar eclipses in particular cover up and in their ‘shadow’ – i.e., the energy that remains in their wake and lasts until the next eclipse, something is revealed. If something was cut back or lost for you, you could now see new growth appear. A long drawn out situation now comes to an end with you feeling you have let go of a huge weight you have been carrying around. Whatever it is, restrictions are lifted and that Sag boundless optimism returns as you see the way ahead clear once more.

In a nutshell: The New Year invites you to make long-overdue changes. You of all signs knows that for things to improve, they have to change. So – what are you waiting for?


· A year like no other

· Depth and determination power your intentions

· Embrace changes around love

The presence of ruler Saturn in your 1st should already tell you that 2018 is going to be a year like no other. It’s all about getting real this year, Capricorn. Yes, the real ‘you’ is emerging. And she or he is a force to be reckoned with. If anyone underestimates you or the determination and depth of intent you bring to your goals and ambitions – they are in for a very rude awakening. Whether you’re looking to scale the heights like the mountain goat, or go deeper like the sea goat, know there is no goal you can’t realistically reach now.

2018 begins with a full Moon in your partnership sector. You’ve got Venus in your 1st as well as the Sun, Pluto and Saturn. Mercury will arrive in your 1st from the 11th and you have a new Moon – your very own Capricorn Moon on the 17th. So has your birthday cycle and the New Year plus all these major planetary influences, ignited a desire for some kind of change in your personal life or in the way you relate? If so, this full Moon says what are you waiting for? If you are single then the first week of January could just prove to be a heart-starter when it comes to meeting someone or having that person you’ve had your eye on make their move (or you make yours!). If you have a partner, this full Moon makes you want to open up, share and be closer. You want more intimacy and to know what your partner’s inner world and feelings. You’re attuned and receptive now. Business partner? A project you’ve been working out could enter a critical stage with rewards for you both to enjoy. Or have things not been going well for a long time? Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is to admit it’s over. If this is the case, this full Moon allows you to see it’s not working and brings closure.

What are your wishes? What are your desires? And what are your fears? Jupiter in your 11th isn’t just about expanding your social and professional circles. He’s about your goals, wishes and dreams. Of course, if you don’t do anything to reach them, they are unlikely to manifest. Jupiter is not some combination of Santa Claus and your fairy godmother. But take whatever steps you can and Jupiter will come to your aid putting people and situations in your path to help you on your way. Fabulous aspects from your 1st involving the Sun, Venus and Mercury trigger the Jupiter connection while all of them encounter Pluto in your 1st. If you’re willing to accept that to have a dream or goal realised, change is necessary, then you could now experience the catalyst that propels you towards it. The reason I mention fears is because very often the very thing we want the most is also what we fear the most. Sounds bizarre right? The thing is, very often we don’t realise this. We can be afraid of moving out of our comfort zone – even if our comfort zone actually isn’t that comfortable. Or we can be so afraid that we will somehow mess things up that we either sabotage ourselves or just don’t go there and risk it. Having a dream come true takes courage. But then so does climbing every mountain. And you’ve the ability to do that now.

Our 8th house is where our personal power and our fears reside. It’s hardly surprising as we are talking about what may be between you and your dreams, that the 8th and your 2nd house axis now comes into play from the 18th. Venus enters here on this day and this is the house in your chart she rules. The Sun follows two days later then Mercury at the end of the month. Change around money or a shift in the balance of power in a key relationship could be what the eclipsed blue Moon on the 31st brings you. Of course, as this is a total eclipse it is not just a blue Moon but a red Moon. This is incredibly rare but the fact the eclipse falls conjunct Ceres says it is time for a transformation. Emotionally, you can tap into a deep well of personal power to get this done and push through any fears – either around having what you want or fear of other’s reactions. This is you at your potentially most powerful and 2018 has only just begun. Use it or lose it this month.

In a nutshell: It takes two and it also takes you, baby! 2018 rings in the changes with partnerships and also your relationship with yourself. Take yourself and success seriously.


· Small changes yield big results

· Get ready for a shift around partnerships and love

· What do you need to know?

The full Moon at the start of 2018 could see you in full New Year Resolution mode. Are you vowing to get fitter? Diet? The Moon is in your 6th of wellbeing and work, so don’t be surprised if a healthier you is at the top of that to-do list. I needn’t tell you the high percentage of resolutions that fall by the wayside by the end of January. So, before you pay out for that gym membership, try small but significant lifestyle changes first. If you’re still going by February, that is the time to put down your money if you still feel the need to. The same goes for wanting to make changes with your work. Now, I am not saying that changes may not need to be made. Just that before you tell your boss where to stick your job, you have a workable solution in place. Literally. This full Moon heightens your emotions around job frustrations if you have any and could cause you to make a hasty decision you later regret. On a positive side however, the Moon gives you the energy to finish off work projects. Don’t forget this includes your personal work and possibly unpaid projects or your side hustle ones. Channel that energy.

Doing work behind the scenes. Giving your time to charity or to help others. Working on something secretly that you are not ready to share with the world. Studying psychic work – mediumship, the Tarot, numerology, the Kabbalah. Building something to launch in the

future. Studying or researching something ‘far out’ there – quantum physics, theoretical maths, alternative healing – some of you may be drawn into these areas. You’re able to get your head around abstract concepts or else to channel your energy into something where for now you may be unacknowledged but which will pay off for you in the future, are all possibilities for you thanks to Saturn now in your 12th for the next 2.5 years. Until the 18th you have a slew of other planets in here – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto plus a new Moon on the 17th. Deep transformations are taking place and your connection to universal wisdom is heightened. You may journey to the deep side of life – life, death and what comes after it may preoccupy you. If you need answers at this time to big questions, you can get them. Above all, this is all about seeing what it hidden and some illuminating aspects occur this month that allow you to see things in a new light. This can be anything from that question about the meaning of life, to why you behave in a certain way. People will show you their true colours this month. You may love what you see or you may be shocked to your core. You’ll discover who is on your side and who isn’t. Be prepared for endings if masks come off.

The energy shifts as Venus arrives in your 1st from the 18th and the Sun arrives two days later. This birthday season is a highly significant one thanks to an eclipsed blue Moon in your partnership sector on the 31st. Not only is this very unusual but this eclipse also falls conjunct Ceres in here. Ceres is all about the balance of power and here we see her in your relationship zone. For some of you, this can bring in a new balance and greater sharing and equality in an existing relationship. Singles could see the arrival of someone who promises that or gives you an opportunity to work through these issues. Ceres is very much about reaping what we sow. You’ll see where you may have contributed to any imbalance or given away your power – perhaps unwittingly. Remember, this house in our charts rules business, activity and collaborative partners, close personal friends and open enemies. Or perhaps hidden enemies who are now revealed for what they truly are. Don’t be afraid to tackle any issue that surfaces now regarding who holds the balance of power in your life and take back yours if needed. This too is a transformation. Ceres wields a scythe and is of course associated with the harvest. Sometimes we have to cut something back to experience new growth. Plant some seeds for the future now.

In a nutshell: 2018 offers more than resolutions you don’t keep. But the opportunity for lasting and beneficial change. Take this first step in a bigger transformational journey.


· You can’t hurry love – or even friendship

· Make a change that breaks you free

· Prepare for new people and new experiences

You’re starting 2018 on a high, Pisces. Fun, pleasure, love and romance are all highlighted by the full Moon in your 5th on the 2nd. With the Sun on this day making an extraordinary aspect from your friendship zone to ruler Neptune as well as this Moon, you could find yourself in the very best company. Perhaps that New Year celebration just hasn’t stopped for you yet! You’re eager for new experiences. The people you are with resonate with you – heart, mind and soul.

Friendships are being locked in for the long term with Saturn in your social sector and a slew of planetary activity in here this month could see you making at least one potentially transformative connection especially around the time of the new Moon in here on the 17th. This person could play a pivotal role in your future so put yourself out there! Just take your time to get to know people really well however. If someone is rushing you – either glomming on too fast as a friend or rushing you as a lover, step back and ask yourself what the hurry is? You are open at the moment and this is good. That all-embracing quality is what is attracting new people and experiences to you. However, it’s good to remember that everyone is on their best behaviour when we first meet someone, but it takes a while for the real person to emerge. Why not wait and do that? By the end of the month you will see your initial impression of someone is either right – or horribly wrong. So don’t set yourself up for a disappointment and keep the good times rolling instead!

Venus is also in your 11th but bear in mind that you need other transits influencing planets in your birthchart to turn a connection into a lasting romantic interest. I am not saying this is not possible, but unless you have those additional indicators, even if a romantic interest appears, it may devolve into ‘just good friends’ as this house is more concerned with friends rather than romance. One of our astrologers can advise you. Your 11th is also your house of goals, wishes and dreams. Saturn loves structure so ensure you have a plan for achieving these. People you meet can be instrumental in helping you along the path towards goal attainment. But it all rests on how serious you are about getting there. Commitment to anything sets unseen forces to work for you. And never more so than when Saturn is in here. Serious goals demand serious effort. This is far more than just some affirmations and visualisation. It’s about understanding that nobody ever achieved anything entirely on their own. Even that solo around the world yachtsperson needed a boat. Be prepared to talk to people about whatever it is you want to achieve and to present yourself as serious, dedicated and well-informed. Then welcome in new members of your dream team.

From the 18th the planets begin to shift out of your 11th and on into your 12th. Venus is the first followed by the Sun two days later. Mercury also arrives in here on the 31st. This is the day the second full Moon of the month appears in your 6th. Being the second full Moon of the month, this makes it a blue Moon. But it is also eclipsed. This is an extremely rare event. So, it is a red blue Moon. To add to the rarity, it also falls conjunct Ceres in here. Look forward to a powerful transformation which breaks you free now. This can be anything from a bad habit, a period where you have felt depleted and drained or a job that is in fact, a

dead-end. Ceres shifts us into personal empowerment mode. We see clearly what we have ‘sown’ and whether it has rewarded us or not. As a result of this eclipse, you will move forward confidently unafraid to take action now. It’s clear what you have to do and also what is not working for you. Cast a look back to the last eclipse in here which occurred last August. That was the total eclipse of the Sun. Has something emerged between then and now you have come to realise needs pruning or cutting back in order for you to experience new growth? Chances are you know what it is and that a change is overdue. Step into change with confidence and know you have more support around you than ever before to make things happen, Pisces.

In a nutshell: The party may not have stopped for you but continues on into January. New friends and contacts can be made. These could shape your future so connect this month.

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