September 2019 Monthly Astrology

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 2019 – Ground Goddess Ground!


  • Get ready for a bolder version of love
  • Make that body your temple
  • Be simply beautifully audacious

Being in the world and well-being in general are the main themes for everyone this month. Why? Because of the super-massive planetary activity in Virgo which is the 6th house of your chart. At least for the first two weeks of September.  Of course, this will manifest in slightly different ways for all of us. But for you in particular, as the line-up in here contains ruler Mars, the material world and how you experience it via your body and earn your way in it with your job and career, are your major themes as we kick-start September.

It all begins and ends with that body beautiful, Aries. Tall, short, fat, thin, old or young – worship it! You can’t do what you need to do or even fully enjoy the good things of life unless that avatar you’re walking around in, feels at its best. Mercury rules this house of your chart and as well as encouraging you to take action on work and career matters, it’s also nudging you towards that sense of increased wellbeing. There’s a meeting between the Sun, Mercury and ruler Mars in ere on the 3rd. This is an excellent time to commit to that diet, workout routine or even have that check-up as all three of these heavenly bodies are going to trine Saturn in your 10th as the month progresses and then Pluto promising transformation. The Sun combined with Mars hands you a new confidence in your appearance and this also extends to being confident in the changes you make to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Expect insights to arrive as to what you need to look closely at when it comes to your health too. This includes your mental and spiritual health which also play a massive role in how you look and feel. Are you doing too much for others and not enough for yourself for example? The 6th rules our daily responsibilities, our chores if we don’t engaged in paid work, and as this is one of our houses of service, what we consider to be our duty or responsibility. It’s awakening in you a need to look at your duty to yourself to ensure you support your body and also give it the down time it needs.

Tune in to what it is saying to you as your sensitivity to what you fuel it with to the environment you place it is and to the thoughts and ideas you take on board, increases now. Along with your insight into what it actually needs or is saying! Expect some Ah-ha moments to follow which may peak with the full Moon in your insightful 12th house on the 14th. But then continue throughout the month as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and also Juno oppose Neptune in its ruling domain. Open the door to channelled wisdom and  when the realisation of what you need to do hits you – follow through. Juno rules commitments of all kinds and Mars as well you know, rules determination. If you make changes you’re likely to stick to them.

Feeling at your best – again, this begins within and then extends to how we look, means you are that better positioned to fully participate in and enjoy, all the good stuff life wants to offer you. Career potential also swirls around you from the start of the month because all those planets including your ruler, will make power plays with Saturn in its ruling 10th (which also heads direct once more from the 18th), and also Pluto in here as the month unfolds. Get clear about the outcome you want and above all, define your direction. You need to be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going. This is no time for indecision or even thinking or feeling for one moment, you are not up to anything from the task at hand to that dream job or promotion. VIP’s, bosses and clients (present and potential), gatekeepers, those in positions of power or authority – take it that you are on their ‘one to watch’ list. So be prepared to bring something that really captures their attention now. To bring your best game you need to feel on top of yours.

Success soaring factors are not just limited to work, career and loving the skin you’re in, Aries. They may begin there but then they are about to extend beyond you to connect you to someone else. Let’s talk about togetherness from mid-month as Mercury and Venus arrive in Venus’s ruling 7th on the 14th – 10 days ahead of the Sun on the 24th. It’s all about your partner, ex, future flame or even that rival or opponent if you have one. With Mercury in here it’s not just about the dialogue. It’s about everyone seeing and knowing what’s going on with you. Just know that the houses of your chart where you are ‘on show’ are illuminated in a way all can see. You are eminently visible to a prospective mate, employer, business partner or even long term friend. As is the status of your current relationship to anyone else who looks. And vice versa. Is your ex dating again? Are they still single and pining like you hope? Even if you no longer care, chances are you’ll find out anyway!

But audacious if you want to win someone’s heart or simply snag their attention. Be emboldened to ask for what you want in an existing union and then to perfect the art of compromise. The 18th sees Venus oppose Chiron in your 1st telling you to try that individual approach be it for business or personal reasons. The Sun makes the same angle on the 26th while the 24th and 28th sees Venus open up to that new deal in love and freedom with both Ceres and Jupiter in your 9th. The 28th also delivers a fabulous new supermoon in your 7th promises a new phase of relating or a brand new relationship beginning. Again, you are not someone who can be missed at the moment especially now you feel your best. This means you’ll have no hesitation in putting your newly minted self ‘out there’ to help the energy along. Look and feel like the next best thing this month, Aries. Because for someone out there you are – and will be.

In a nutshell: Time to worship that body, Aries. It’s your key to all life wants to offer you this month. When it comes to loving someone else –fortune favours the audacious. Love the skin you’re in!


  • Hey, hot stuff!
  • Get ready to radiate
  • Be your own best version of love

Fit for love? For fun? For creativity and pleasure? Hot stuff, you know you can’t fully embrace the good things of life – or that one good thing, if you are not your radiant best. Best face, foot and the rest of you forward this month, Taurus thanks to sparkly, stellar-twinkling aspects in your 5th of all things pleasure-driven. This month is just like your ultimate warm scented bath. It wants to indulge you. So, get ready to jump in and then wallow in it – until your skin goes all pruney – or maybe not the pruney bit! Your 5th house is one of the houses of your chart where you are ‘on show’. Being on camera is one aspect of this house so be Insta-ready. Getting yourself noticed – for what you do or who you are, being seen with the right people in the rights places is all part of this. Looking good goes hand-in-hand with feeling good. So, there’s a more subtle message behind all of this which transcends your appearance and is all about your overall health, wellbeing and your body.

Ensure you are fit for soul purpose now. Adore that body and show it some love. The better you feel about yourself – the more you can create, radiate and attract. So, make that investment from the inside of you, out now. Reinvention is your key word at the start of the month as Mercury in your 5th trines Uranus in your 1st. Feel, think, look and act well – different. Ruler Venus loves to express and indulge itself while in your 5th and also sprinkles you with star quality while in here. It’s as if you’re broadcasting a message which says: Hey – what’s not to love here? So, you are set to make your best and most importantly, lasting impression on those you wish to influence. Be it that prospective love interest or that important client or boss as Venus opposes Neptune in your sector of networks and goals.

Five planetary bodies are adorning your 5th – the Sun, Mercury, Mars which heats up that passion, your ruler and also Juno. Juno’s all about the commitment which means romance can take a serious turn. New liaisons could be playing for keeps as could that track entitled ‘Success story’ when it comes to anything you have to offer now. As the planets move through your 5th they make big impacts not just on Neptune planet of insight and minor miracles in your 11th – indicating you could be in the right place at the right time. Or even receive assistance from friends or connections. But they will also make angles of freedom with Saturn and also Pluto in your 9th. There’s a major transformation in the offing. Now, this could well be in that relationship to your body, to your love life or to those dreams and aspirations.

Travel, holidays and good times could also play a role. Either offering you restoration, recharge and fun – again, this links to how you feel. But also finding yourself in the right company – and this includes prestigious events or even rubbing shoulders with VIP’s for some. Get ready to be seen and part of the right scene too.

While the planets are lined up in your 5th I should not need to tell you to out yourself out there. If it is love you are seeking, then join that dating site or load up that app as well as taking every opportunity to be out and about. The same goes for what you have to offer. This is your showcase month so send out that CV, show the world your talents or their end products. Don’t be afraid to publicise yourself and be noticed. Be your own influencer now. And be proud of what you have to offer. Hot days to send yourself or your message/product/venture out there are the 12th when Mercury and Venus trine Vesta in your 1st, the 13th when Mercury and Venus meet (making this a wonderful night for a date night!) and the 14th when Mars will oppose Neptune and you become determined to make your own miracles happen when it comes to those goals as this is also the night of the full Moon. Don’t hide yourself away now!

Like all parties – even the best have to come to an end eventually. The 14th also sees Mercury and Venus switch signs and head off into your 6th which of course, Mercury rules. Those subtle messages you’ve been tuning into about your body and how you feel, now get amplified and if you started a feel-good regimen, you’ll be set to continue it.  This is also your house of duty and your ‘day job’ – whether this is paid or unpaid. It rules your routine, your everyday responsibilities and also your pets if you have them (pets no larger than a dog – larger animals than this are ruled by Jupiter). Outrageous inspiration that you can utilise in your daily life could be handed to you across the 18th-19th. Go with that idea especially if it grabs the spotlight for you when it comes to your work as ruler Venus opposes Chiron in your 12th on the 18th and the Sun does the same on the 28th. The more you work it – the better it works as this is the day Saturn also heads to direct motion once more in your 9th.

Doors to new possibilities open on the 19th and they lead to increased emotional satisfaction and passion thanks to the far-reaching Grand Earth trine between the moon in your 1st, hot stuff Mars in your 5th and Pluto in your 9th. Dare to step through? You want to be seen, acknowledged and even desired and you’ll seek out the audience than can show you that appreciation. Be it an audience of one, a following, an employer who appreciates your skills or your current partner.

The Sun enters your 6th from the 23rd and a new way of working, job offer or perhaps that deal with yourself when it comes to super-wellbeing and putting yourself first. Something new is on the table as Venus negotiates on your behalf with Ceres in your shared assets and power sector and then closes the deal with Jupiter on the 28th – the same day as the new Supermoon in here promises you so much more when it comes to your relationship with your body – and with your job. Change that job description, that role or just escape that pigeon hole (or cubicle) now. The feelgood benefits could be set to last – all through September and beyond, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Hey, hot stuff! The world needs your particular brand of sizzling sexiness this month. Don’t keep it to yourself. Get out there and share it. No matter who or what you want to attract!


  • Work some mojo magic
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to where you call home
  • Lay the groundwork for love

Where do you think of as ‘home’, Gemini? Is it a place, a building, people or even a country? Your loaded 4th house at the start of September is all about where you feel you belong and your ‘family’. Whether family to you are the soul group you were born into or raised in. Or those you have surrounded yourself with. Yes, that old saying of we don’t get to choose our family still applies. But these days if we feel we were simply born into the wrong one, we do have the option of creating our own soul group.

Moving in to a very personal and soul-defined version of ‘family’ or ‘home’ could well be your priority now as ruler Mercury in your 4th trines Uranus in your spiritual 12th at the start of the month. Surprising people may cross your path or even re-emerge from the past that you feel a deep kindred connection with. You may also feel the calling of another place, location or country now. This is your house of the past and that includes your past lives. Somewhere may simply ‘draw you back’. If you feel a tug even if this is towards somewhere you have always wanted to visit, consider the fact you may have done more than just be a tourist there in the past!

However, in this lifetime this month is very much about where you live, who you live with and satisfying your emotional need for security in the long term. Right now you have five homebody planets transitting your 4th including ruler Mercury. The Sun, Venus, Mars and Juno which rules commitment. As they move through this house they will trine Saturn and Pluto in your 8th and oppose Neptune in your 10th of career as well as angling to Jupiter and Ceres in your 7th. Who you live with – partners and even flatmates, could be part of a new deal and a new living space as this line up could see many of you upgrading your residence, relocating or even for some, emigrating. Career shifts could also factor into this as a new job could be on offer in a different location or an increase in salary hands you the keys to the door of a new home – or even puts you on the property ladder.

Deals can be done and contracts, leases and even mortgage and loan agreements signed. Your best days of the month for any kind of major decision which has long term implications for you are the 5th when Mercury trines Saturn, the 9th when it trines Pluto in what is Pluto’s ruling 8th pointing to a big change or transformation around money, home or security, and the 13th when Mercury and Venus meet in your 4th. This is a true ‘homecoming’ transit where the decisions you make are all to your benefit.

Don’t allow yourself to become confused about what it is you need and want for your future. Neptune in your 10th of career, achievement and status hands you a certain professional glamour and mystique. Provided you are totally clear about what it is you need and want to achieve, Neptune in here can endow you with star quality and desirability when it comes to convincing those bosses, clients or VIP’s you are the right fit for that position. Your 10th is a house where you are in the public eye. However, if you allow yourself to become unfocussed or foggy, you’ll end up getting nowhere fast. Clarity is your friend when it comes to getting you those results this month. Get your point across and communicate clearly. If you come across as someone who knows what result they want and what they are talking about, then you’ll make the oppositions of these 4th house planets to Neptune in your 10th this month, work for you. Once more your highlighted days are  the 4th when Venus in your 4th opposes Neptune, the 7th when Mercury does the same and portals of potential around career issues and where you are living open wide, and also the 14th when Mars in your 4th asks you act on those ideas or make that move when it too opposes Neptune.

The 14th marks the day when the house party in your 4th starts to break up. By now you should be feeling centered, grounded and secure and know where you belong. Anchor yourself to that feeling as you now launch yourself out into pleasure and good times once more. This is the day both Mercury and Venus move on into your 5th – the same day as a full Moon in your 10th brings those home or career matters to what could be a highly satisfying conclusion! Now, prepare to kick back and enter your house of pleasure. Chiron in your 11th says time to rock out and be yourself. Use the opposition between it and Venus on the 18th to get yourself noticed in all the right ways. Romance or the lack of it, will be very much on your mind. Either turning yourself back into that sex goddess or god and rekindling the passion with your boo, or else morphing into one to attract someone new. Believe me, you have the mojo to do just that now so work it, baby! Children, young people or projects which involve people younger than you or what you have to give to the younger generation, may also feature. As could a lover who could turn you into a parent, step parent or god parent.

Results from those career or home efforts could be yours now even as you party, play or even vacation as Saturn heads direct in your 8th on the 18th. While a Grand Earth Trine shines on the results of your efforts to make yourself secure in the long term on the 19th.

The Sun’s entry into your 5th and a new Supermoon in here on the 28th could mark a new beginning in love or even a creative/business endeavour that allows you to shine. One of the best days of the year for attracting love, success or captivating people’s attention occurs on the 28th when Venus in your 5th makes a wonderful angle to Jupiter in your partnership sector. This could be the start of a very special love for some – perhaps for a person but also for a child or something you love to do. Or else bring a ‘lucky’ break for others professionally. Luck may play a role but you have done the groundwork, Gemini. Which all began with answering the question in your mind: Just where is home for me? It’s your basis for success this month.

In a nutshell: Click those ruby slippers together and repeat after me: There’s no place like home. And there’s no glamour like yours this month, Gemini. You can have both this September.


  • Write your own ending
  • What’s your ‘message’ you want to take to the world?
  • Get your glam on!

Ideas and the word of publishing, the internet, words, images, messages and communications continue to be your main focus as we enter September, Cancer. This is going to last until the 2nd week of the month when you will experience a shift in energy. At this point it will be much more home and security catered – in other words, all those themes close to your tender, beating heart. For now however, it’s all about your message and what you’re ‘sending’ out there. Anything from that CV to an exam paper, blog post, meeting, script, manuscript or letter. What’s your story because now is the time to refine it and tell it anew. Perhaps at that all important meeting or interview. Or via that post, book or thesis. Maybe it’s  not your story you are telling but that of your company, product or service. But it’s ALL a story whether it is you who you are selling, your idea or something else entirely. So, craft that message accordingly.

It’s a Once Upon A Time kind of month which could end in a Happily Ever After moment for you. Either in love or via success in another area. Five astral bodies talking in your 3rd simply adds up to a big conversation you can benefit from. These include Mercury which rules this house, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Juno which rules commitment and is what is adding that ‘forever’ kind of flavour to this. As these planets move through your 3rd, they meet and greet each other and also impact on Saturn and Pluto in your partnership sector, and Neptune in your house of opportunity and freedom. Glamourous good luck is available to you if you take a chance. Certainly, if it’s love you are seeking now, with Saturn about to head direct in your 7th from the 8thand fabulous  angles occurring between Mercury and Venus in here on the 13th and Mercury and Uranus in its ruling 11th, time to get yourself and your message out there. Try internet dating, be seen and accept all invitations. You’re about to be noticed.

Being noticed of course also extends to what you have to offer professionally as your 3rd is your house of commerce and business. So, apply for that job, project, promotion or raise. Submit that application or manuscript. Launch that website, product, service or blog. If you are settled, this month’s line up also enhances communication between you and your significant other. Share your feelings, secrets and yes, your desires. Good times to talk are the days when the Sun, Venus and Mercury trine Saturn and Pluto in your 7th . Venus trines Saturn on the 2nd and Pluto on the 7th so conversations could be game-changing. Mercury does the same on the 5th and 9th. The Sun on the  7th and 13th. Plus all these planets will oppose Neptune in your 9th releasing you into freedom to experience something wilder and higher when it comes to love. Want to initiate anything from a conversation to a launch? The 3rd is a red-letter day as this is when the Sun, Mercury and also Mars meet in here.

The 14th brings a shift from what you say and do in the outer world, back to matters closer to home. Mercury and Venus arrive in your 4th ahead of the Sun on the 23rd. This month’s full Moon in your 9th on this adds a touch of wild, sexy daring and stirs your desire for adventure. Some of you could literally ‘set sail’ under this full Moon as it favours travelling. Although you are the sign which rules home, family and nurturing, you are also the sign in ancient times people associated with explorers. This is because you are ruled by the Moon which controls the tides. Cancer was seen along with Sagittarius, as a ‘restless’ sign always looking to set sail and see what was beyond that horizon! Is there a part of you that is yearning for adventure? For something bigger or which you have not yet experienced? That all-encompassing love for example? This full Moon showers you will a sexy daring and boldness to venture somewhere new! So, make the most of it and go there. You may feel a tug between what’s familiar and the desire for the new due to this. Don’t worry – you can balance those needs.

As the Sun and other planets shift into your 4th, they are going to activate Chiron in your 10th. Be a leader, a teacher and an inspiration now when it comes to your career. Chiron isn’t shy. Chiron is a rockstar definitely leaning towards the Indie/punk end of the music scale. What does this tell you? That success is subject to outrageous fortune – or put simply, to taking a chance and being bolder when it comes to your message, brand and marketing yourself. That’s been the theme of this 3rd house focus all this month. You are now being given the opportunity to put into practice all you’ve learned. There’s also wonderful angles occurring between Venus and Ceres and Jupiter in your 6th of work and daily service too. This could result in a job offer that perfectly fits your need for a balanced lifestyle and rewards. Watch what may be on the table on the 28th or is in its early stages as this is the day when the Sun will oppose Chiron, Venus makes a door-opening angle to Jupiter and a new Supermoon appears in its ruling 4th. This is the start of a new lifestyle or something which enhances your joy in what you do or your everyday surroundings – possibly for the long term. Freedom for you always begins and ends with security. You of all signs know that in order to reach the stars, you need a firm base to launch from. And to know where your heart resides. You could get all that this month, Cancer.

In a nutshell: You’ve a story to tell, an idea to sell, or something to say. Write your own Happily Ever After this month, Cancer. That higher love could drop within reach this September.


  • Actions speak louder than words
  • On the money? That’s you!
  • You’re the real deal, Leo

September begins with that old Abba song at the top of your personal playlist, Leo. Money, money, money. When it comes to personal finances, it’s time to check your birthchart now. Why? Because like many Leos, chances are you were also born with planets in Virgo – your 2nd house. Last month’s money-making themes continue into the first two weeks of this one with five cash-attracting heavenly bodies in here. Your ruler the Sun will remain until the 23rd. Venus which rules this house is in residence as is Mercury (ideas, commerce, contracts), Mars (confidence, action and self-esteem) and Juno – you’ll see through what you’ve started and also any agreements reached will be lasting.

As these planets meet one another and move through this house, they will bump into any natal planets you have in here. Thus increasing your potential to improve your income, assets and financial position. So check that birthchart and be ready. These are likely to be personal planets as they do not orbit far from the Sun – in other words, Mercury or Venus. So they have to be either in your sign or the adjacent houses. If you have Venus in your 2nd you will be having your Venus return. This is an extra special time for attracting not just more money, but love, support, gifts and self-worth boosting opportunities.

Making an impression on hearts, minds and the bottom line via working your talents and inherent charisma is something you need to be focussing on this month. New avenues to success, self-worth and yes, income could set you free of limitation as well as handing you recognition from the very start of the month. Fabulous, career and status building aspects occur as those 2nd house planets work for you impacting on Uranus in your roaring reputation house of long term success and Saturn and Capricorn in your work zone. Don’t be shy about what you have to offer now. Your first success setting meeting occurs on the 3rd when ruler the Sun meets Mercury and Mars. Hold your head high and strut your smarts, baby. You’ve the confidence to tackle anything – and that includes the competition. You’re coming across as someone who knows what they want and what is more, has the experience to back up what they say they can bring to the table. The real deal? Hope you feel that way because that’s you.

More than one kind of deal may be on the table and that’s the kind that can be sealed with a kiss. Although this month favours money, work and business don’t forget what I said about those other soul-worth-boosting Venus benefits. These include love as Venus will make wonderful angles to Jupiter and also Ceres in your 5th this month. A new deal or simply a whole new world in love may be what’s on offer. You’ve a special kind of allure and dare I say it, old-fashioned Hollywood style glamour about you this month. Think of those classic, oh so stylish movies of the 1940’s. The great stars of the era whose presence and elegance has transcended time and trend. That’s what I’m talking about. You can bring that kind of timeless class into any situation now. Use it to impress present or potential bosses, clients or people in positions of influence and authority. Or craft it to create a timeless work or image which turns you or what you do into someone’s ‘must have’ investment. All down to Neptune in your 8th which all those 2nd house planets are going to oppose this September.

Of course, this all depends on you taking action to set your success story in motion –and also in knowing what it is you want. And staying true to it. But keep to that and you could get to enjoy the results – or someone’s heart, for the long term

By the 14th the planets are on the move and you’ll feel the energy change as Mercury and Venus arrive in your 3rd ahead of your ruler which follows on the 23rd. This is also the day when your confidence and focus should peak and you get to experience just how powerful you can be when it comes to those career goals. Feel the fear – and ignore it. The full Moon in your 8th coincides with Mars in your 2nd opposing Neptune. It’s asking you to dig deep into a previously undiscovered well of self-confidence and empowerment. To use as your guide all your successes of the past. What do they tell you? That yes, you can achieve whatever you set out to do. And if there is one final meeting, interview or obstacle between you and the outcome you desire – you can overcome that too.

Take your success story on with you into the rest of the month which now favours all you have to say, write and communicate – especially after your ruler arrives in your 3rd. Allow yourself to be a little bit more daring and bolder with your personal branding and those ideas. Your gift is to stand out – so use it now. Travel is highlighted for you and expect a flood of new ideas and experiences even if it is a short trip. Some of you may be stepping into a role where you bring your experience or expertise into a training, teaching or mentorship role courtesy of Chiron in your 9th. Or you may find yourself speaking to a larger audience than usual. If not in person then via the internet or what you write or communicate. If so, put your own personal spin on it so it stands out. Your own unique message or just the way you have to say it is your second secret to success as this month starts to head to a close.

Yeah baby, talk is cheap and you know actions speak louder than words. Take them and you’ll discover just how far your ideas can take you. And also have plenty to show for it. Your 3rd rules paperwork of all kinds and of course, this also includes deals and contracts. That ‘real deal’ authentic you who has something to say and backs it up with action to make it happen. You’re basking in the results from what you have to say and those ideas after the 23rd when ruler the Sun arrives in here. The new Supermoon on the 28th could be your launch date to start that new job, take that all important meeting or send that message winging out on the internet. Watch how it’s received both personally and professionally as Venus opens doors with Jupiter for you on the same day. Right on the money whichever way you look at it. That’s you this month, Leo.

In a nutshell: It’s a month to make a come-back or simply to make that move. Embrace a new kind of abundance, Leo. One that’s generated by the heart and soul this September.


  • Believe in the power of YOU
  • What do you want to attract?
  • Make some future-defining moves

No, you’re not in the grip of self-obsession now, Virgo. But wonderful glorious reinvention. Ruler Mercury plus four – yes, four – planetary signatures in your sign mean the focus is very much on you. As September begins you start the month with the Sun, Venus, Mars, Juno and your ruler in residence in your 1st.  There’s a natural focus now on your face, name, appearance, image, profile, brand and with Mercury in here, what you say and how you come across. That self-analysis isn’t just about you but involves how you come across and want to be seen by others.

It’s a time of rebranding and recreation as you step back and think about who or what you are becoming or want to be in the upcoming 12 months. And of course how others see you plays a huge part in this. Projecting the right image out there which accurately reflects how you feel inside is massively important now. And lucky for you the planets support this especially Venus in your 1st endowing you with a special kind of glamour. As you evolve, you’ll want to put yourself out there and as you do – prepare to attract, Virgo! Anything from on-line attention to professional or personal.

It’s important you give this process the time and attention you need and to see this as an investment in your future. Sometimes yes, we enter periods where it is all just about us and this is one of them! As you engage in this reinvention stand by to feel lighter, freer and more who you truly are. Ruler Mercury aligning to Uranus at the start of the month says: do not be your old self.

The 3rd could be the day where you truly embrace this new you that you are becoming and launch yourself out into the world as the Sun, Mercury and Mars all meet in your 1st handing you shining self-confidence. Now is the time to act, launch yourself or your next big idea and allow others to see this fabulous new being you have created. And it’s not just about you either.

Believing in yourself again also means believing in the future and that includes the future of love! As your ruler and those other heavenly bodies move through your sign they will make a series of engaging angle of attraction and communication with Saturn and Pluto in your sector of romance and Neptune in your house of partnerships! Taking about the future could feature for settleds  and dreamy passion could reignite especially around mid-month when Mars in your 1st stirs your desire and Neptune responds in your 7th offering that body and spirit kind of love! While the meeting between your ruler and Venus the day before is perfect for any kind of relationships discussion. And this also could be a wonderful flirtatious date night for singles. Take it from me – you shouldn’t run out of conversation which crackles with the sub- text of attraction!

Make beautiful moves or simply beautiful music with someone special the night of the full Moon in your 7th which shines on all close interpersonal relationships. You’ll feel open and unafraid to express your feelings by its light. It’s time to be two in some way under this full Moon’s light. If you are single then aim to go out or do something special with a bestie as your 7th also rules our closest friends. If there’s no one special around to appreciate your new kind of personal magic, don’t despair! All these aspects are excellent for creative projects, immersing yourself in fun activities you love to do, holidays, travel and getting yourself noticed professionally. So send Brand You winging out there in any way you can think of. And have fun while you’re doing it. You’ll attract attention and results if you do.

Your focus begins to shift on the day of the full Moon. Yes, slightly away from who you want to be and how you want to be seen, loved and appreciated, and out into who you are in the material world. No matter what house the planets are in, we always need to remember it’s all about relating. Mercury and Venus shift into your 2nd on the 14th – this is Venus’s ruling house in your chart. All that inner and outer re-imagining you’ve been doing could now pay off in tangible ways. When we relate to ourselves in a new way, our self-esteem undergoes an upgrade. Our self-worth is what determines how we are treated and what we receive from the world at large and is ruled by our 2nd.

Venus in its ruling house always wants to enhance our financial position and bring us enjoyment in the material world. While your ruler is all about commerce, business and communication. Side hustles, a better paying job, a second job, making money from your home and even gifts and invitations connect you to the good things of life. Taking a bold step – asking for that raise, applying for that dream job or launching your business – any money earning activity which sends that new you out there, is in focus as Venus in here opposes Chiron in your personal power sector on the 18th daring you to try and also succeed!

You could be fearless in answering the call to ‘go for it’ on the following day when a Grand Earth Trine forms between daring Mars in your 1st, the Moon in your 9th and Pluto in your 5th. Taking a chance could change everything! The Sun follows Mercury and Venus into your 2nd from the 23rd and it too will oppose radical rockstar Chiron on the 26th making this another day where you can reach for those dreams. This is the day when a new Supermoon appears in your 2nd which could mark a new phase of abundance and feeling more secure with your finances. Yes, this takes work. But it’s worth it. This day also sees Venus make a wonderful angle to Jupiter in your house of home, security and family. Self-worth is where you live now, Virgo. So project your new values along with that sparkly fresh image out there for the coming year.

In a nutshell: Time to showcase a whole new facet of yourself, Virgo. There’s a door to abundance and attraction opening up above you. Dare to step through it? Be a lot more bolder now.


  • Dare to come and get your love!
  • Make room for the new
  • Happy birthday, Libra

Just stick with that soul declutter for two more weeks, Libra. Yes, it’s an intense one this year, isn’t it? That’s due to five astral bodies in your 12th which include ruler Venus, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Juno which rules commitment. That commitment is about what you will and what you won’t carry forward into your new cycle with you. The 1st could have you looking very closely at one aspect of your life or one connection as Mercury in here trines Uranus in Taurus. You’ll let go of something for good which you now see all too clearly has been allowed to hold you back for far too long.

Where you want to be living and how is a big part of this picture as the planets move through this house and towards your 1st. A new home, lifestyle, living arrangement, job or relocation could be just below the horizon for some of you. Watch what begins to emerge in the first few days of the month as news or paperwork changes everything thanks to Venus trineing Saturn in your 4th and angling to Jupiter in your news and business sector while the Sun, Mercury and Mars in your 12th point to the way ahead.

Stay in tune with your body now. If you’ve been ignoring what it has been telling you, now is the time to stop, listen and rest if needed. As the planets move through your 12th, as well as bringing possible beneficial changes around your home or even career, they will oppose Neptune in your 6th. It’s all about what you need to declutter to experience what’s ahead. This can be that weight, that dull routine you’ve come to dread, those thoughts, that junk food or even that boxset addiction. What did you start to do – perhaps as a coping mechanism or to self-soothe, but which now no longer helps you but holds you back? Neptune is all about our intuition, knowledge that whispers to our subconscious that we have to silence our minds and tune in to hear. Take some time to do just that now. Neptune is also about glamour in a slightly different way than ruler Venus is. Those stars of Hollywood’s golden era of the 40’s for example – many of those had a prominent Neptune blessing them with the ability to appear ‘like stars in the sky’. Glamour should be your birthright and Neptune wants you to claim it by feeling your best. So, use Neptune’s insights to make those adjustments and feel renewed.

Ready for your close-up now? You should be by the 14th when Mercury and ruler Venus both arrive in your sign kick-starting that new cycle for you. Both these planets in your 1st are about what you say, how you look and how you come across to others. This is also the day of the full Moon in your 6th so bring that soul decluttering and mind/body/spirit upgrade to its climax now if you can. Work matters could also feature under this full Moon with some of you busy bringing projects to a close or else examining your day job or daily responsibilities under the microscope and seeing what may need to change there too. With Mercury now in your 1st, this is an ideal time to apply for a new job, project or promotion or to set something in motion for the future.

Be a little daring and outrageous if you’re seeking love or just relationship renewal for the coming year. Chiron in your 7th is all about someone or something different and the difference always begins with you. Venus in your 1st opposes it on the 18th and once the Sun arrives in your sign on the 23rd, this will make the same aspect on the 26th. This is telling you things cannot and should not be the same as they have been in the past when it comes to you and others whether you are single or settled. There has to be a new deal on the table. Discuss this if you are coupled up as Venus and Ceres in your 3rd put a new deal on the table for you on the 24th. Others could receive offers, orders or news which boosts business or sets the scene for a new way of working.

The coming year should bring a new sense of security and expansion around your home, lifestyle or living arrangements. A complete relocation may occur for some. For now, the new Supermoon in your sign on the 28th says it’s time to put your best face forward, to state those dreams as goals and to head off in pursuit of them. This is a new cycle and a new you. Don’t expect the same. Expect something different and so much better than the past, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ready for your close up? The first half of September is all about preparing yourself for the new. Shed the past, unfurl those wings and fly into the new potential of your birthday cycle, Libra!


  • A high speed link to spiritual Google? You got this
  • It’s who you know that matters this month
  • Love is where fantasy and passion get it on!

Friends are your treasure trove this month – or at the very least your social life will be your main focus up until the second week of September. Experience connectivity and the company of like minded souls thanks to five – yes, five planets in your 11th. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, ancient ruler Mars and Juno are inviting you in to the ultimate house party. And your goals, wishes and dreams form the backdrop to all of this. That treasure trove of friends, groups, networks and clubs can help you towards those dreams and perhaps even open doors to what you’re searching for now.

Time to accept all invitations and have an ‘Access All Areas’ of life mentality. Embrace people and opportunities to meet new ones especially at the start of the month when Mercury angles to Uranus which rules your 11th, in your partnership sector. Looking to couple up whether it’s romantically, professionally or collaboratively? Uranus rules the internet so that is one avenue to explore. But it also rules your friends so ask around. Forget six degrees of separation. Who you dream of meeting could be just one degree away with this kind of weather in your 11th.

Venus rules your love life and we can say that normally while in your 11th this transit is about the love of friends rather than that one big love. As Venus and all the other planets in your 11th move through this house, they will trine Saturn and ruler Pluto in your 3rd making this an excellent time for business networking and promotion. The 3rd is one of the best days of the month to be out on the meet and greet as this is when the Sun, Mercury and Mars meet. If you are usually shy about going to new places, joining in or meeting new people, this conjunction hands you a Tony Robbins super-serve of self-confidence! Get out there.

The same applies to your ideas, message, product, service, website, blog, Instagram feed. Be fearless now with what you say and communicate. There’s a bigger potential audience waiting to connect whether you realise it or not. On line and in person as this is one of those key periods of the year which can set up our social scene for the next 12 months.  While I did say that Venus in your 11th is not usually about romance – this month you just happen to be the exception to that rule, Scorpio! This is down to Neptune in your fabulous 5th who just loves the whole idea of Hollywood style glamour and hints of happy endings to follow. Because yes, as those planets move through your 11th they oppose Neptune.

Red letter days for connecting to love or that special, alluring date night are the 4th when Venus opposes Neptune, the 7th when you can explore shared ideas and spiritual truths thanks to Mercury doing the same, the 10th when the Sun and Neptune oppose showing you the nature of love and the 14th when passion and fantasy fuse thanks to Mars doing the same. It’s a potent mix! The 14th also brings us a full Moon in your 5th filled with romantic and creative possibilities. Plus you also have a love-grounding Grand Earth Trine on the 19th between the Moon in your 7th, Mars in your 11th and Pluto in your 3rd. That love talk just hotted up.

Mid-month is when you begin to prepare for your year ahead, Scorpio. It’s all about You Confidential as Mercury and Venus arrive in your 12th on the 14th. This marks the start of what I always refer to as our ‘soul decluttering’ time. The four to six week period which occurs just prior to the Sun arriving in our 1st every year. Where we look at what we have accumulated – everything from stuff to relationships, to ideas and memories, and decide what it is we are keeping and bringing into our future with us. And what needs now to be left in the past. It’s also about our dreams and the secrets we keep – perhaps even from ourselves. And the answers we are seeking to life’s big questions.

You’re in a position to get these now, Scorpio especially if they revolve around what to dump and what to take into your new cycle. 12th house transits boost our connection to our higher selves, Guardian Angel, spirit guides, universal wisdom – whatever you prefer to call it. It truly is an ‘ask and you shall be given answers’ time. Think of this as your high speed link to spiritual Google. If you truly do want to know and are open to the answer being the truth as opposed to what you want to hear, ask away. Be prepared for the fact that your answer could come to you in unexpected or unusual ways. In other words, signs, symbols, dreams or portents. A passage in a book which is totally unrelated to what you’ve asked, or a character in a film or TV show says a line or has an experience which reflects yours or who says something which directly relates to your question. It may seem as if someone opened a doorway to your world and wrote this with you in mind! Know you will receive the answers and when you do, please follow their guidance.

The Sun’s entry into your 12th allows you not only to see those answers when they arrive but also to see clearly what actions you need to take. Remember, this is the house of your past and one aspect of it is that people from your past can re-emerge now. If they do, ask yourself if they are actually good for you as the past can sometimes represent a trap. Do you want more of the same or something new? Over the next month your energy is set to peak and you are going to be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish as you tap into previously undiscovered sources of inspiration and spiritual power. If you stay in touch with your inner wisdom, you will know exactly what to do when it comes to deciding whether any aspect of your past still has a future with you.

Over the next month your energy is set to peak and you are going to be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish as you tap into previously undiscovered sources of inspiration and spiritual power. If you stay in touch with your inner wisdom, you will know exactly what to do when it comes to deciding whether any aspect of your past still has a future with you.

The new Supermoon in your 12th on the 28th, lights the way forward towards new spiritual insights. This is an excellent time to meditate, to study the Tarot, astrology, numerology or to join or even start, a psychic development group. One word of warning about your 12th. It contains the highest possible version of ourselves. But sadly not everyone can live up to that. Because your 12th also rules secrets and hidden enemies, please be careful who you share your innermost thoughts, dreams or secrets with. Are you certain they will keep these locked in the vault? This is a time when people can show their true colours – one way or the other. So, just be sure if you bare your soul to someone, they can be trusted with it.

If in doubt – choose to share with a professional instead who is bound by confidentiality. One of our trusted psychics, your doctor or a therapist for example. Likewise, if someone confides in you, keep that confidence. It’s time to reach and become your highest possible self-expression. And in doing so, prepare your full potential for the year to come, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: You’re juggling the fantasy and the passion when it comes to love this month, Scorpio. You just could create something very real from it. Questions? Answers are available on soul Google.


  • Write your own success story
  • Serious dreams ask for a serious commitment
  • Love demands you be yourself

What does success look like for you, Sag? It’s more than your job description, title on your business card or social status. Step up into the role of ‘successful human being’ to quote Zoolander which just gives you so many more areas in which to succeed. Not that the traditional definition of success doesn’t apply now too. You start September with a boardroom full of planets in your status-driven and influential 10th house. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno. All of which make you determined to succeed in your own way and on your own highly individual terms. So, let success be self-defined now.

You don’t have to be in a full time career to be looking at what defines success or your status for you. You can be a Mr. or Mrs or simply in a long term union and how you see your success is linked to that of your partner and/or your children. Which is why I was saying that success is far far more than just a job title or the salary you receive. No matter what area you operate in, expect to be examining it this month. Those five members of the board will be moving through your career zone and as they do, they will make a series of potentially beneficial angles to Saturn and Pluto in your money zone. Saturn is about to head direct in here on the 18th and if money or rather increasing your income has been extremely hard going lately, Venus which rules your 2nd is in mutual reception by house to Saturn now. Saturn rules your 10th so as these two trine on the 2nd, this could pave the way for financial improvements and a change for the better.

All these 10th house planets will trine both Saturn and powerful Pluto promising positive change if you remain seriously committed to the outcome you seek. Know there are no easy fixes or shortcuts to success. Just sustained effort but with rewards to follow. This month says: Do the work. And prepare to celebrate later. Your 10th is a very ‘public’ house where you are on show especially when it comes to bosses present and potential, yes-sayers, VIP’s and people in positions of power and authority. You could find yourself rubbing shoulders with them and if so, know you belong in the same company.

Above all, take yourself and your ambitions seriously and be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about and who has a clear outcome they want to achieve. In meetings, be direct and don’t waffle. Above all, don’t exaggerate. Tell it or your story like it is. Know no matter how daunting or competitive a situation you are entering – that job interview by panel or that pitch for instance, people want to say ‘Yes’ to you now. So don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Want to be known or ‘famous’ for something? This is all about how high you can go. You’re being singled out, Sag for whatever it is you have to offer. So, strut your stuff and act like the success story you already are.

Those 10th house planets will square ruler Jupiter in your 1st and by now you should know this is one angle where it’s hip to be square. Jupiter only wants to hand out success and benefits. But again, you have to be prepared to do the work. Door opening career aspects which you can step through with confidence occur on the 2nd when Venus and Jupiter square, the 8th (Sun square Jupiter) and the 11th (bold, confident moves thanks to Mars square Jupiter!). The universe wants to hand you a new contract, deal or experience so be prepared to compromise, negotiate and be a team player with the cosmos as Juno in your 10th impacts on Ceres in your 1st on the 9th. Yes, you may not get everything your way but you can compromise and get something so much better. Now that’s a true win! The 13th is a red letter day to have that interview, make your pitch, sell in your idea, get your message across or do that deal as Mercury and Venus meet in your 10th. The response or result could be exactly what you were hoping for and the full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 14th could see you basking in a new sense of achievement as well as the ability to plan for the future. That shooting star you let loose was aiming for home, Sag!

I did promise you that you would get to celebrate later if you remained focussed on what needed to be done. Your definition of success now includes time to spend with friends and doing the things you love to do. One particular friendship or connection may be front of house for you as the planets begin to shift on the 14th into your 11th. Venus and Mercury arrive in here delivering social events, invitation and benefits via friends. These could be liked to another measure of success for you – your goals, wishes and dreams which your 11th rules.  This is your house of the future and the future has a cast of characters which star in it alongside you. As the Sun arrives in here on the 23rd, you are setting the future in motion. Expect to add to your cast now as new friends and even professional associations can be made. Again, one of these either existing or new will become increasingly important during this time. Or this could even be a club, group or association you join.

Watch who is offering you something around the 24th when Venus gets social with Ceres again in your 1st. Someone could want to invite you into a whole new social scene or you meet someone from a very different circle to the one you normally move in. Explore this potential, Sag. Someone may offer to help you towards a goal as this is your house of reception. You receive in other words. Outrageous good luck such as being in the right place at the right time may play a key role here – another reason to accept all invites now as the Sun in your 11th opposes Chiron in your romance zone. The month ends with a new Supermoon on the 28th in your 11th which is the same day as Venus aligns to ruler Jupiter in your 1st. Someone could just be about to make a wish come true and one that’s close to your heart. How’s that for a success story this September, Sag?

In a nutshell: Goals, wishes and dreams fall within reach. Dare you stretch to go after them? Luck is on your side this month, Sag. Make a bold move and claim your prize!


  • Expand your horizons
  • Tap into all you have learned
  • You’re on show now!

Let’s say you’re not so much older but wiser now, Capricorn. While ruler Saturn has been retrograde in your 1st, it’s been a time to review what you have learned, reflect on those achievements and now take all this to head forward again once Saturn does the same on the 18th. If you now know how to use these experiences and step free of the past, this could be the start of a golden period for you, Capricorn. Because behind all of this is outrageous fortune, opportunity and freedom on offer – if you dare to reach for it!

You begin September with an entire planetary party happening in your 9th house of travel, learning and expansion. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno point to benefits via dealings with people overseas, higher education, the law, the outdoors and mass media. Think big now. Where do you want to go – either literally or figuratively? Jupiter which rules this house is in your 12th as you know. This is your house of the soul and spirit. Where does your soul yearn to be or experience? Look at those learnings you have gained since ruler Saturn arrived back in your sign and ask yourself seriously where you may have held yourself back in the past. Jupiter is going to arrive in your 1st at the end of this year bringing you opportunities the like you have not seen for 12 years! And of course, depending on your age this may be the first time you experience Jupiter’s generosity in this way. So see this as preparing the way to take full advantage of this.

Sometimes the journey we undertake with 9th house transits are of the soul and spirit as opposed to an actual one. You are a traveller this month no matter what. Something or someone is about to expand your horizons and hand you that bigger slice of life experience. With Venus in here that could just be that adventurous kind of love that’s been missing lately. Some of you could be embarking on a course of study, lecturing, teaching or delving deep into new belief systems or philosophies. You are being asked to explore something now and to venture out of the familiar and what you know or think you are capable of.

As the planets in your 9th move through it, they make powerful angles of major personal transformation with both Saturn and Pluto in your 1st as well as Neptune in your 3rd.  This is all about business, connections, meetings, ideas and what you say, write and communicate as well as how far any of these things could possibly take you. Soul traveller that you are this month – this could see you researching something on a sector of the web where you would not usually delve, heading to the airport, changing your commute or even buying a new car! An important trip, piece of news or business deal or offer could prove to be a game-changer for you. It’s time to have faith in yourself and branch out of the familiar – even if you don’t leave your neighbourhood.

Days which are simply packed with potential for you and which could involve doors opening or the start of this journey are the 1st when Mercury in your 9th aligns with Uranus in your love and pleasure sector promising surprising news you’ll enjoy. Venus aligns with Saturn on the 2nd. Is a bigger, long term love or connection what you’re after? Boldly go on the 3rd where you haven’t dared to before as this day sees the Sun, Mercury and Mars meet in your 9th. The 7th sees the Sun trine Capricorn in your 1st and this is all about how far your image and personal ambitions can take you. Taking yourself seriously and dressing the part, as well as taking those dreams seriously and pursuing them, puts you on a long term course towards them now.

The 12th is one of the best days for that big love or to chase down that dream as this is when Mercury and Venus meet in your 9th while making a fabulous angle to Vesta in your 5th. You’ll see keeping the faith is not false hope at all. Something may come tantalisingly within reach now or that sexily dangerous big love – perhaps even for something you want to pursue, dangles in front of you. Just ensure however you are not in a situation where you compete for someone’s love or attention. A little healthy competition on the business front however – you have the confidence to soar past those rivals! Bring projects, interviews, meetings, ideas, launches or any communication business venture to its conclusion to coincide with the full Moon in your 3rd on the 14th if you possibly can. News could arrive which sets the seal on something under this Moon. One stage is completed now with new beginnings to follow.

You’re bathing in the vibe of the planetary shift into your 10th which also begins on the 14th when Mercury and Venus arrive in here. By the time that now waning Moon reaches your 5th on the 19th, it will form a portal of potential with Mars in your 9th and Pluto in your 1st. Stepping into a new experience could result in your setting in motion events which have a long term impact on your future. The 23rd sees the Sun enter your 10th, and its time now to look at what new worlds you want to conquer in terms of your career or how you want others to see you. This hints at your personal star being on the rise now. A new job offer, promotion or raise could mark your ascension. You of all signs should know that your 10th house is one where you are ‘on show’ – but on a professional and more serious level than your pleasure-driven 5th. Time to craft your image and how you want to come across to others.

Above all, be aware of your reputation. Ensure you are seen as someone who keeps their word and delivers on it. It’s all very well to talk a good game, but the next month is going to ask that you also bring it. It doesn’t even matter if your ‘job’ is that of a full time parent, carer or in the home. Your word is your bond and determines how you are seen. You are on people’s radar now whether you know it or not. You’ll be dealing with bosses, influencers, authority figures, power players and people in positions to either open doors or slam them in your face.

This all links back to what I was saying at the start of this forecast. Saturn rules your 10th house and it’s all about Saturn’s rules and playing by them. In other words, using what you’ve learned. This does not mean there is no room to manoeuvre or be yourself however. There’s a call to ensure if you are in a competitive situation with regards to work you infuse what you do with your own individuality courtesy of Venus and Chiron in your4th on the 18th. Colour inside the lines but showcase who you are.

Saturn and your 10th as well you know is all about discipline, structure and core power. It can reward you like no other planet or house if you have stuck to your course – and your principles. The 28th sees the Sun now oppose Chiron in your 4th aiming at your ability to establish your own success and security – very much on your terms but again, by playing by the rules. This is the day when the new Supermoon appears in your 10th and you should see the results of sticking to your bigger vision – and that course, pay off. If not, it’s a chance to set off in a fresh direction armed with those soul learnings, and begin again. There’s no limit to how high you can climb. Don’t stop believing this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Be your own visionary when it comes to your future, Cappy. You have the tools, talent and experience to take you wherever you need to go now. Make the magic happen this September!


  • Opportunity is by invitation only (you’re on the guest list!)
  • Passion demands recognition – and an outlet
  • Love and life itself, is a transaction

Let’s talk about sex, Aquarius. Now I have your full and undivided attention, sex is not the only subject that’s on the table at the start of September. It’s all about what you share with others and what you owe, are owed or what is owning. Think transactions because whether we are talking about sharing ourselves, our resources or having access to what someone else shares with us, it’s all a transaction. Mortgages, loans, investments, credit cards, your salary, bonus, settlement, benefits, maintenance, assets, possessions, legacies, wills and that joint account. If you have any, one or some of these, then this is what I am talking about. These are going to be important issues for you –certainly for the first two weeks of the month and then possibly on into October. Expect negotiations, refinancing and renegotiations to feature. This could be with your bank, your present or future employer or that past or present partner.

The reason for the focus is five planetary bodies in your 8th one of which is Mars which is the traditional ruler of this house. The other power players are the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Juno. Juno rules marriage and commitment and this being the house of what is owned by a couple an also sex – well, you can see how for some of you, marriage or talk of marriage or moving in together may form a part of this. Some of you, may decide to move in or buy a home together. How powerful you feel when it comes to negotiating your ‘price’ may also play a role here. Especially at the start of the month when Mercury which rules contracts will trine ruler Uranus in your 4th of home, family and security. You could do a deal or sign something which offers you both freedom and long term security. For some this could literally be getting that foot on the property ladder. Others could find security via another’s generosity or in that promotion or job offer.

You’ve the confidence to set your price and make any changes necessary around the 3rd when the Sun, Mercury and Mars all meet up in here. As these planets move through your 8th, what you are going to find it that fate will have a funny knack of bringing up the themes I have touched on above. This is because the planets will angle to both Saturn (which rules Karma and time) and Pluto (which rules your 8th) in your 12th of soul journeys and the past. Don’t be surprised if some of these themes you encounter have that strange sense of déjà vu about them. If so, ask yourself what did you do the last time you were in this situation? What have your learned since then? And what can you do differently this time around?

The whole point of this loaded 8th house and those 12th house planets is to show you that you are more powerful than you can possibly know. Especially when it comes to those choices and crafting your own destiny. Oh, did I forget to add ‘smoulderingly sexy’ to that? My bad. Your 8th house carries a charge of personal magnetism like no other. Your mojo is asking that you not only claim it now – but you own it. Especially with Mars and Venus in here.  Remember however, this is your house of passion – not of long term love. So, singles are more likely to enter into a fling that has to be flung than anything lasting. However, an astrologer can advise as this will depend on other factors in your personal birthchart.

Your sexual self, your passionate core is however, demanding some recognition this month! If you are already seeing someone, this line up with turn up the heat for you. Settleds can rekindle that fire if things have been a little lukewarm of late. Others may channel that passion into anything they want to achieve. Your energy is at a peak now and this is raw, creative, elemental force from which the stars are made of. You can channel this into anything that fires up your soul be it that career, activity or project.

As the planets move through this house they will oppose Neptune in your money zone. Yes, it’s all linked. This is the house where your self-worth resides. And what you can bank on. Not just the money in your account but your talents, skills and abilities as well as the people you can rely on to have your back. Neptune can provide us with incredible inspiration. Just ensure when it comes to money making ideas you do your due diligence and have a business plan however.

There’s a link to your past happening here in another way. You could see the return of someone from your past. Just remember what I said about how fate will bring up those 8th house themes for you this month. These could include that former lover or else someone who has a history of financial difficulties. If anyone wants to borrow money from you this month think long and hard before saying yes. If they have done so in the past and have had no problem paying you back, this should not be a problem. However, anyone who flounders from one financial crisis to the next – think twice before offering help or if you do, only do so if you can afford to write the money off in the long term. Someone may have the best intentions of paying you back. But it simply may not work out that way.

Standing by your values, knowing your worth or even having to say ‘no’ – perhaps to yourself, may be something the full Moon in your 2nd brings up on the 14th. This full Moon highlights your emotional connection to the material world. How much you need to feel secure and to meet your needs. It could also trigger feelings of either not having enough or else needing more ‘stuff’ to feel satisfied. If you feel the urge to spend money under it, ask yourself what need are you trying to satisfy? This is where saying ‘no’ may come in. You may realise that you need connection and emotional validation rather than ‘stuff’. If so, ask for it. And value yourself enough not to get into debt or spend money on things you don’t need and may fall out of love with once the Moon leaves this house! Others could see a financial deal or negotiation come to fruition under this Moon. Knowing your true worth is valuable illumination.

Venus and Mercury change houses on this day charting a course towards a bigger love or learning experience. Travel is highlighted now as they arrive in your 9th. Especially after the Sun arrives in here on the 23rd. Ideas and communication feature – as does luck and taking a chance as Venus opposes Chiron on the 18th. This is the day Saturn heads direct once more in your 12th and could mark the end of a period where you may have felt progress of any sort has been difficult. New people and experiences are about to enter your life as Venus makes fabulous angles to first Ceres (24th) and then Jupiter (28th) in your 11th of all things Aquarian ruled. A new way of reaching your goals or someone unexpectedly offering you this, may feature. Again, this is all about sharing and what is shared with you.

This month’s new Moon is a Supermoon so its potential is super-sized for you on the 28th when it appears in your 9th. The same day as Venus in here angles to Jupiter in your 11th which of course, rules your 9th. This new Moon offers you an invitation to explore something you’ve yearned for that you may have felt has been out of reach until now. This new Moon indicates a new way of life, a new opportunity or a new learning experience is on offer – and in possibly a new place than the one you’re currently in. Ready to take a trip? Your 9th is all about invitations. It’s up to you whether you accept or not. But think of other times fate has played a role and brought you something. Do you have any regrets over paths not taken? Don’t leave it up to chance. Take that chance on yourself this time, Aquarius. The universe wants to share with you now.

In a nutshell: Life and love itself is energy you share, Aquarius. Take a transactional approach to everything this September. The more you put out there – the more you get back in kind!


  • Say ‘I do’ to love
  • Your heart demands honesty
  • Play it for keeps

It’s all about you and someone else as we head into September, Pisces. Your current, former or potential partner in fact. And yes, that enemy, rival or person you simply cannot stand too if there is someone like that in your life. If you are ‘keeping up appearances’ in a relationship, sorry to say you’re not fooling anyone now. Just bear this in mind if you know something has been lived out. Better to be honest with yourself and the other party because believe me – everyone knows the truth no matter how hard you may try to hide it or how successful you think you are been at concealing it. You may see the truth of this around the time of the full Moon in your 1st this month on the 14th. Either you two are the envy of all around you because you are totally the real deal. Or you’re fooling no one but yourself.

This month hands you all kinds of tools for relating more honestly, deepening that love you already have in your life, and attracting a new one if you’re single. So, make the most of each and every one of them at your disposal, Pisces. You start September with Venus in its ruling 7th. Along with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Juno which rules marriage and commitments. It’s a time to be loved up like no other and also to explore all kinds of partnership opportunities.

This includes making peace or at the very least, closing the door for good on an ex. Reconciling with someone if there has been a falling out. Rekindling desire and passion in an existing partnership. Taking a business or collaborative one to the next level. Saying ‘I do’. Attracting a new and potential long term partner if you are single. And funnily enough dealing with that person you simply can’t stand in a new way that allows you to release them once and for all!

As the planets move through your 7th they are making fabulous angles to Saturn (timing, karma, fate) and Pluto (transformation) in your 11th. Attracting powerful friends or those who can literally influence the path you take for the future is one aspect of this. As is fate taking a hand and putting you in the right place at the right time to connect. The people who cross your path now may be those with whom you share a strong soul connection. You have helped each other out in the past and are now here to do it again. They have soul wisdom to offer you at the very least and their experience and advice could prove invaluable. So if this is given, please listen to what they have to say. Their insight could be just one more tool you have at your disposal now.

One particular person may emerge who could well become a long standing fixture in your life. If you are single, they could well turn into far more than just a friend as time goes by. This will be very much your call which way the relationship develops. Just be aware if it does eventually turn into more than being ‘just good friends’, then this is not going to happen overnight. Because Saturn is the planet associated with experience and wisdom, many people including some astrologers, tend to jump to the conclusion that this means it will bring someone older into our lives. It’s simply not always so. Saturn rules as I said, is about time and karma. Age will play a role here but this can mean the person can be younger than us, yet be an old soul or else have accumulated wisdom or experiences beyond their years in this lifetime. So, keep an open mind but pay attention if you meet someone with whom there is a seven year or more age gap either way.

Ruler Neptune has a role to play in all of this which perhaps gives you an unfair advantage. Especially when it comes to attracting a new love or even transcending the past or that person who is up in your grill all the time. All relationships are a reflection of a part of ourselves. Neptune doesn’t just clothe you in glamour making you the most irresistible thing out there. It also links you to higher truths if you are open to them, around that reflection dynamic. What can’t you stand about that person who has a problem with you? Maybe you think they are loud, in-your-face, rude, pushy, selfish – the list goes on. But are these part of your shadow side you push away and simply don’t want to see? The very qualities you dislike the most about that enemy or even that ex, the truth is in there and out there too –reflecting back at you. Once you embrace, love and accept any part of yourself no matter how tiny it is that may exist within you that reminds you of them, you change the dynamic. Get some karmic good happening here which sets you both free as those 7th house planets oppose Neptune one after the other.

Loving all aspects of yourself, including those ‘no go’ areas means that all your outer relationships improve. And if you are single and seeking, you can look forward to the person opposite you offering a very different reflection than what you’ve seen in the past. The day of the full Moon in your 1st sees the energy change as Venus and Mercury move on into your 8th. This is the point where you can transcend any problem connections or you see newly started ones deepen.

This is your house of what you share and this includes yourself. And what others share with you in return. Yes, this is the house of sex, of transformation and rebirth. It’s also your house of power money and how empowered you feel handling it. Mortgages, loans and credit cards may feature. As could someone giving you access to their resources – anything from the key to the executive bathroom to their time, expertise, possessions, cash or yes, even their heart or their bedchamber!

Your salary, investments if you have them, bonuses, benefits, payments and pay-outs could give you a chance to show just how powerful you feel when navigating issues around self-worth and just what you are entitled to. Especially once the Sun arrives in here on the 23rd and the new Supermoon appears in here on the 28th. You have both Ceres which rules deals – especially the dawn of a new deal, in your career sector as well as Jupiter. The Sun and Venus are set to trigger both as the month comes to an end.

They also oppose Chiron in your money zone (which of course Venus rules). Don’t be afraid to ask for something different and possibly more, than you have had the courage to in the past. I’m not talking about expecting everything to go your own way or you making outrageous demands and expecting them to be met. But stating your worth and refusing to undersell yourself should see the world reflecting your freshly minted attitude. As the month closes, Juno in your 7th opposing Neptune says you’re playing this one for keeps – love and in just about everything else, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Your past, present or potential partner is in focus this month, Pisces. It’s time to air the truth of what your hearts knows and wants. Love needs to be the real deal now.

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