Monthly Astrology Forecast for all Signs July 2020 – Easier Times

July astrology

Monthly Astrology Forecast for all Signs July 2020


Join the ‘A’ List

Aim high

Be the unexpected element

The ‘A’ in Type A should stand for Aries! But hold off on that desire to take action until after the 12th if you can. Yes, that’s the day Mercury heads direct again in your 4th. Before that occurs, we have heavy-duty Saturn backing into its ruling 10th on the 1st. And then an eclipse in here on the 5th on the day of the full Moon. That ‘A’ also stands for action. But there’s so much cosmic confusion if you take it now, you’ll end up heading in the wrong direction.

Smart Type Aries knows to watch and wait now for that space dust to settle. Easier said than done when you have your ruler Mars in your sign. It won’t be helped by the fact this eclipse could stir up insecurities. Perhaps around your job, career, living arrangements, home or status. Changes in the outer world could impact on your industry, your work and even your family.

Opportunity is the change you’ve been waiting for

Just remember, while eclipses hide something from us, they are neither good nor bad. Combined with the re-appearance of Saturn in this house, this could bring about a long-awaited move on up. Avoid jumping to conclusions. But if someone shows their true colours – that’s who they really are. Take note and you have permission to act accordingly on that information, Aries!

The day Mercury ends Retro 2.0 (12th) gives you much needed clarity. This sees the Sun in your 4th trine Neptune in its ruling 12th. It’s a searchlight beaming into your soul and seeking out answers. And also showing you not just the truth around what’s going on, but opportunities too! Now you’re ready to take charge and embrace positive change.

You’re bringing sexy back!

The 14th is one of the best days of the month for you to reclaim that Type A confidence. And to take Type A for Aries based action. Watch how hesitation gets replaced by your signature sizzle. You’re in your Rockstar element on this day. Don’t even try hiding. Those stand out moves get you results and attention. And that assertiveness is so-so sexy. Chiron isn’t about being shy. It’s about daring to try! And make it something new, showcasing and different as it ignites your confidence to experiment when it meets ruler Mars.

Connect to your gift of taking that direct approach now, Aries. But look back and be honest about what has worked in the past – and what hasn’t. Your capacity to be totally up-front with yourself about this will turn out to be your superpower this July. Jupiter offers solutions, opportunities and in your 10th, opens doors. Pluto is all about embracing your power to initiate positive change. And in your 10th this is all about ownership. Of those mistakes as well as your successes.

Try a daringly different approach

So, when it comes to anything to do with your career, impressing VIP’s and people of power and influence, your status, public and professional image, security and living arrangements, be open to trying something different. Especially if you now see what you have done in the past simply didn’t work out for you. Chiron is ruling the show this month. But the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are the spotlight, stage and your audience.

Chiron is a comet with a two-million-kilometre-long tail. Chiron was first thought to be an asteroid or even a small planet. It got a lot of attention. ‘New planet discovered!’. Astrologers jumped up and down and got all excited. People watched what happened with Chiron aspected planets in their chart. It was all pretty ‘out there’. Inconvenient. Outrageous. Freeing. Unexpected. Radical. And then – shocker. Turns out Chiron wasn’t a planet after all. If people had known that they would have ignored it. Dismissed it as unimportant. Not taken it seriously.

Any way you rock it!

Chiron says anyway you want to rock it. It’s success your way and your style. And that’s what July wants you to understand. If you feel you have been overlooked, ignored, passed over and not taken seriously. Chiron along with the Sun opposing Jupiter on the 14th and then Pluto on the 15th, tells you that changes are all for the better.

The result is that it’s all about YOU. Daring to be seen, heard, celebrated. And taking action on ways to do this. Go after what you want to achieve in your own way. Become the change or embrace it. Go big or go home!

Begin Again

The new Moon in your 4th on the 20th is a fresh start milestone. Are you ready to let go, let flow and go in that new direction that life wants to take you? This is also your new Moon of belonging. Your house, apartment, home, homeland and family are themes tied in with this new Moon. The fresh direction that is opening up is designed to bring you a fresh sense of security. And connect you to a place, people or a purpose.

This Moon wants you to live your life on your terms and in a new way. So, what are you waiting to begin? Or are you waiting for ‘permission’ to start something? The only permission you need is on a soul level. Don’t live in the past but use it as your foundation for a new beginning now.

Join the A List

Chiron and Mars have set you up for major attention. This is all setting you up to showcase that ‘A’ list style from the 22nd when the Sun enters its ruling 5th in your chart. Sure, this is your house of children, babies, young people and yes, lovers! It’s also where you get to shine. And have fun doing just that. It’s a house of attraction and if you radiate stardom you’ll automatically draw people, experiences and opportunities to you. You don’t need to chase now. Remember that especially when it comes to romance. It should be effortless, not hard work.

Fabulizing fun

How? By fabulizing yourself and simply having fun. You’re going to be noticed now – both on a personal level and possibly for what you can and love to do too. A little indulgence may be in order to go along with this. Feeling the part often means looking the part. Your 5th rules those indulgent luxury items that make us feel special.

And you’re ending July with Mercury out of its retroshadow from the 26th. Home, property dealings, moving and career matters get the green light again. There’s news or a launch date you simply won’t want to miss on the 30th when Mercury opposes Jupiter. That new message, brand or simply that attitude you’ve been perfecting all month long is ready to roll. This could signal the start of A Team success or even love – your way. A is definitely for Aries this month!

In a nutshell: The impression you make this July creates opportunities. Simply by working your unique mojo, Aries. Put the ‘A’ in ‘A’ list!



Take the path towards where the magic is

Follow those hunches

Don’t stop until you reach the truth

This month sees Saturn return to its ruling sign – Capricorn, for the final time in almost 30 years. You have once-in-a-lifetime aspects in here this month. Since the beginning of 2020 you’ve been asked to answer a call to freedom. To expand your horizons on some level. All of course backed by liberating Uranus in your 1st.

Take that road less travelled

Unexpected pathways to achieve just this could open up. And I’ll have more to say about that shortly. There’s a new kind of success story unfolding for you this July. It may not yet be fully formed. But it is there if you look for it. The line-up in your 9th includes Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and an eclipse! Throw in Chiron and Mars in your 12th and you could be in for an unlikely but extremely positive outcome now.

Heads up on insight!

Let’s talk about what your intuition keeps nudging you back to. It could be a thought or feeling that you simply can’t let go of. You may try to shrug it off. And you might just succeed for a while. But then – just when you think this is all your imagination or there is nothing to this – it pops back up again. No matter how many times you dismiss it, it simply keeps niggling.

If this happens then all I can say is: Hold that thought! There is more going on than meets the eye right now. And there is a very good reason why you can’t let it go. That niggle is important on some level. You are meant to go deeper, look closer and unearth the truth.

Go boldly in search of the truth

It’s all down to Chiron in your mysterious and intuitive 12th. Chiron is not a dwarf planet. Neither it is an asteroid. It’s a comet. With a tail that is two million kilometres long. It took a while for us to find out exactly what Chiron was. Which is why Chiron is associated with the unexpected, outrageous and impossible.

So, when Chiron was first discovered there was a shout-out to all astrologers. They were asked to report what happened when Chiron hit a personal planet in their charts. This was so we could determine what influence this new object in the sky would have on us. This went on for a while. Then a Chiron moment occurred. In 1990 astronomers got a good look at it. And discovered it was not a planet, not an asteroid but a ‘dirty snowball’ – which is astro-speak for a comet.

Don’t let others define your uniqueness!

Chiron defied definition or being ‘put in a box’. If astrologers had known from the start it was a comet, they would not have bothered about it. Yet, Chiron made sure they did. Why? Because they needed to let go of old ideas about what did and didn’t influence us. Chiron made sure it was impossible for them to underestimate its importance. Just as those inner whispers make something impossible for you to ignore now!

The 14th sees Mars which rules Aries which is your 12th, meet with Chiron. Those inner nudges now turn into a call to action you can’t ignore. Or deliver something you never thought would happen. Such as hearing from someone from your past for instance. This occurs just two days after Mercury has headed direct once more in its ruling 3rd. Even though it is still in retroshadow, this allows you to get to the truth if you’ve had that feeling there’s more going on than meets the eye. Especially following the eclipse in your 9th which occurs at the top of the month on the 5th.

Deep dive to the heart of the ocean

Time for a deep dive. You know something either 1) needs to change or 2) requires you to get to the heart of the matter. And by doing this, you will liberate yourself from something that has held you back for far too long. So, don’t ignore those gut feelings, Taurus. Especially if they relate to anything you may have dismissed, overlooked or told yourself is unlikely!

Before the Sun cosies up in your cocooning 4th, we have a new Moon in your 3rd on the 20th. Just days before Mercury exits its retroshadow on the 26th. We’re talking messages with this new Moon. What’s it saying to you? Time for a new game plan, Taurus! Ask what you really want – and have a plan to get it. Be playful, flexible and adaptable in your approach. Because that old, tatty playbook you’ve been working from needs an update! If so, this new Moon nudges you towards that fresh game plan.

Does that routine need a makeover? Don’t pretend you’re not aware of it, Taurus. If so it’s time for some inspired strategies. Especially on the domestic front. Initiate, instigate and get ready to launch.

Let the magic happen

The new Moon wants you to head in a fresh direction so please – don’t block this. Allow it to link you to a deeper level of intuition. And for it to take you or show you what it wants you to see, experience or know. It’s like unlocking a gift box of possibilities and ones you did not imagine existed. So, don’t stop the magic from happening by second guessing it or telling yourself it’s not what you want.

The Sun’s arrival in your 3rd from the 22nd along with Mercury which rules this house clearing retroshadow on the 30th, gives you a green light when it comes to ideas, writing, publishing, business or anything to do with the internet. And oh yes, contracts, paperwork and purchases are now safe to enter into.

With Mercury opposing Jupiter in your 9th on the 30th, this could deliver an opportunity which allows you to step into something bigger. But then you’ve been preparing for this moment all month long, Taurus. Get ready to launch yourself on into August. And prepare for the incredible this July.

In a nutshell: Incredible? Outrageous? Impossible? There’s no such words in your dictionary this July Taurus when it comes to freeing yourself and stepping into something bigger. Embrace a different kind of opportunity this July.



Get ready for adventure

Cash in that karma

Love has a green light again

Unusual, striking, exciting and unexpected people, encounters or even an opportunity to grasp that goal could be yours this month, Gemini. It all rests on your ability to go where change wants to take you. If you are ready and willing to let go and trust however, what comes to you or where you end up could just astound and amaze.

Money Talks

Ruler Mercury is direct once more from the 12th in your money house. Don’t forget, it will remain in retroshadow phase for another three weeks. But what’s that statement you need to make about your worth now? It’s about more than just your cash – although you can expect your moolah to feature. But it also links to deservedness and how you expect to be treated. In other words -your values.

Uranus sitting in your 12th has its own part to play in all of this. During its time in here expect what you consider to be truly valuable to undergo reassessment. This includes the value you put in yourself! Funny how we can carry issues around this from lifetime to lifetime. This month could see you consigning any ideas around ‘I’m not worthy’ as you demand your fair share. And okay, maybe dare to ask for a little bit more in true Oliver Twist fashion!

Cash in those karmic credits!

Your ‘other’ money house is of course, your 8th. Which is the house where you ring up the karmic balance sheet. And those changes you need to ring in. Once more you’ll going to have a heavy line up in here. You’ve Jupiter, the opportunity maker, Pluto which rules your 8th offering a powerful re-birth around something which is an ‘asset’ to you. This especially applies to when the Sun in your 2nd opposes first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th).

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn which is of course your 8th house. It re-arrives in here for its final visit for almost 30 years on the 1st. Saturn rules karma plus checks and balances. Now throw into this highly unusual mix a full Moon eclipse on the 5th. You know by now eclipses conceal. And this is an emotional concealment. Who or what is stopping you from having what you want or getting where you need to go?

Feel the fear – and show it some love!

The answer if you are willing to peer into the shadows, may surprise you! Often the thing we want the most is also the thing we are most afraid of having. That fabulous job, that relationship, that pot of gold at the end of that eclipsed moonbeam! Or alternatively, we may realise that we are being held back by the fears of others. They may not be doing this consciously. Or even out of meanness. It could be they fear us leaving them behind if we’re successful.

Look at all the angles now especially when it comes to money, something you share with another – anything from a bed to a bank account; and themes around generosity and freedom vs. Scrooge-like mean-spiritedness. Then take it one step further if needed.

Because you’re worth it

Are you trying to prove yourself ‘good enough’ to someone? Facing constant criticism either on a professional or personal level? Which leaves you feeling that nothing you do is ever praiseworthy and you simply will never measure up? We have now come full-circle back to the themes of self-worth and values. It’s about knowing you are good enough and do have value. And if these themes surface it is time to step back and ask yourself: Just why are you trying so hard to impress this person? Are they really worth it?

Those of you who worry about making the wrong choice, impostor syndrome or falling flat on your face into something brown that isn’t chocolate to cries of ‘Told you s/he would fail!’ – need to feel the fear and do it anyway. Pluto hands you power. Jupiter luck and the ability to leap.

Mission: Impossibly Possible

Let go of what you think may be impossible for you. Ways to reach out and grasp those long term, out-of-reach goals could present themselves. As could people who may be able to help you with this. Let’s talk about Chiron for a moment. Presently sitting in your 11th of friends and the future. Who or what is Chiron? Is it a planet? Is it an asteroid? It’s neither. It’s a comet with a two million kilometre long tail.

But then Chiron was first discovered it got mistaken. It took a while for astronomers to get a good look at it and work out exactly what it was. And in the intervening time, astrologers had been gathering plenty of information of the effect this new astral body had when it hit points in our charts. Which they never would have done if they had known from the start that Chiron was a ’dirty snowball’ – which is how astronomers refer to comets.

Chiron is the impossible polymath. Musician, centaur, healer, teacher. It defies definition and makes its own rules. What we know about Chiron is that it dares us to try something new or to break a few rules. In your 11th its about daring to dream as this house rules your goals. And then daring to try as it bumps into Mars in here on the 14th. Mars is all about action.

This can also deliver people who want to hear your story. And share your journey. Or even be a part of your success. Unexpected paths to your goals could open up. You’ve heard the saying about entertaining angels unawares? In other words, they come in disguise. Pro tip: so do fairy godmothers/fathers. Especially with Chiron in here. Want an invitation to the ball? Chiron could just deliver. Or you fire up the chutzpah to ask for it anyway. And yes, you get to come just as you are. And people will love that about you.

Go in the direction of desire

Venus in your 1st also enchants Chiron this month perhaps connecting you with someone highly unusual but in a position to point you in the direction of your desires. Dare you take a new route. Or explore a different social circle. Chiron could turn up in person. Assertive, outrageous, difficult to define but oh so sexy too. Maybe it’s that caring streak you’ll get a glimpse of. Don’t judge a book by its cover now.

Money can’t buy you values

Bring those values home at the time of the new Moon in your 2nd on the 20th, Gemini. Because one of the things money can’t buy you aside from love, is a value system. Yet your values are so connected to your feelings about the folding stuff. This new Moon is all about building a new relationship to your cash. And also what you truly value. But this has little or nothing to do with how much money you have right now.

Know your worth

The Moon rules our emotions. New Moons bring in a new emotional experience in a key area. In this case your cash. Or that ‘worth’ I was talking about earlier. Relate to what you have as if it were a person. Protect, nurture and above all, value it. And at the same time re-evaluate your own self-worth, skills, talents, abilities and what you have achieved. This investment could just open up a new flow of abundance into your life. And again, be aware that abundance takes many forms – not just the financial kind!

Perhaps it’s time to let go of past ideas of what is possible for you between you and the material world as part of your Mission: Impossibly Possible from this point on.

Your way and the information superhighway

The Sun in your 3rd from the 22nd shines a light on news, ideas, communications and the internet. And just four days later ruler Mercury finally clears retroshadow in your 2nd. Your ruler on the move means you are too. Mercury and Jupiter are the planets which rule movement. Mercury rules details, Jupiter the big picture. Got a message, idea or story? Or even that updated CV? Put it out there. The internet is your playground. And to work your way.

Jupiter opens the doors to opportunity that Mercury’s ideas launch. Watch what doors taking action on your ideas opens for you as Mercury opposes Jupiter on the 30th. Karma and daring to try something different – your secret to success this July, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Get ready to explore new ways to get to those desires, Gemini. Above all, don’t judge a book by its cover. Fairy godmothers don’t always have their wands (or wings) on show!


What (or where) is love hiding?

Triple T, K, A!

Dare to shine

Sensitivities gets more stirred up than usual this month, Cancer. When they do – especially if they involve you and another, it’s time for the 2019 mix of Here Comes the Sun on either Spotify or YouTube. Why? Well, eventually the Sun always shines again even if clouds – or an eclipse, covers the usual brightness.

Triple T, K, A

Heavy duty love aspects continue to pile up in your 7th. It’s put a ring on it or time’s up one way or another. Of course, this could equally apply to that work or business relationship, that bff or yes, that person who is teaching you so much about yourself simply because you cannot stand them! First rule if it is the latter as Saturn backs-up into your 7th on the 1st: Thank your enemies. They are your greatest teachers. Then triple T, K, A (Time to totally kick ass!)

This will be Saturn’s final visit in here for almost 30 years. You have Jupiter also in here offering solutions to those big love problems. And Pluto – that naughty knee-knocking power player. It could be teasing you this month as you come to realise what you’re missing in a key relationship. Especially when we throw in the full Moon eclipse on the 5th in here.

What’s the hidden truth around love?

Take it someone is hiding something or there is some kind of cover up happening now. Or you have just not been willing to look at the truth when it comes to a key relationship. Take extra caution if someone appears out of your past too. Venus is now direct again in your 12th. If they want a second chance, just like Melania Trump re-negotiated her prenup when she entered the White House, you might want to consider a fresh set of terms too. And if they don’t agree or meet you halfway, it may be time to question their intentions.

When your ruler is eclipsed – as opposed to the other way around when the Moon triggers a solar eclipse, you need to navigate by intuition. In your 7th this can often mean someone may have a hidden agenda or simply be withholding the facts. So, the first piece of advice this July is not to get involved with anyone new around eclipse time.

Don’t take it that love has passed you by however. You’re simply waiting to turn that love light on again! You won’t have to wait long.

Sun, sun, sun – here it comes!

This does not mean that this eclipse is the ultimate birthday party-pooper when it comes to love and relationships however. Because the Sun could be about to illuminate the pathway towards a bigger kind of relationship opportunity. Jupiter always wants hand us solutions and opportunities. That big build up in your 7th may be heavy – but it could just bring about a river deep, mountain high kind of experience. Or offer the way towards getting just that.

The Sun will oppose first Jupiter (14th) then Pluto (15th). Love has its own timing. And it’s time for new beginnings in relationships. This could revolve around a present, potential or even past partnership. Again, don’t limit this to love. It could be busines or work-related. But then when two people come together it’s all love at the end of the day. It’s not just about timing (which incidentally, Saturn rules) but also making time for love. Not just for others either. What about a side order of self-love to go with that?

Get ready to launch

Mercury shifts to direct motion in your 1st on the 12th which could mark the launch of the new you for the next 12 months. Are you ready to show the world what you’ve been perfecting? No more sitting on those plans and ideas. Time to put them in motion.

In new and surprising ways that make everyone sit up and take notice. It’s not just your 1st house that is all about you. Sure, your 1st is your image, profile and impression you create. But then there’s your 10th which is all about your public reputation and where you are ‘on show’. It’s about the impression you make on people who matter. Who can open doors wide or slam them shut. It’s how seriously you get taken. How you are ‘seen’.

Feel the heat

The heat is on in your 10th house as desire and ambition vie with a new confidence to be seen as uniquely you. It’s all about showcasing that. Being unafraid to put yourself out there. Seriously confident moves can be made now as you are willing to take a radical approach when it comes to success.

Chiron and Mars in your 10th on the 14th tell you to dare to put yourself forward. For that job, that promotion, project, position or simply to allow others to see all you have to offer. Chiron is the ruler of daring and outrageous fortune. This conjunction occurs on the same day as the Sun in your 1st opposes Jupiter in the 7th. And the following day opposes Pluto.

So, this could involve you and a significant other. This could be your partner – or prospective one. Or that boss – again, present or prospective. It’s your chance to forever redefine how others (or one significant one) sees you. Bring that best game now. And dare to ask for whatever it is you want.

Don’t forget what you love to do

You will be aware of the fact that it is time for a new beginning on an emotional level. Especially when your extra-special new Moon appears in your sign on the 20th. The changes you initiate, what you begin and yes, that relaunch if you undertake it now, will set you on an exciting long-term path.

The 22nd sees the Sun shining on your money, possessions, assets and self-worth. Don’t be surprised if those outrageous aspects at the middle of the month now see you cashing in on a new source of income. Or even validation from the outside world. Your 2nd is also one of your houses of attraction where what you attract reflects how you feel about yourself and your expectations. Pursuing something you love doing but which makes you feel good (and could possibly result in more folding stuff coming your way) falls under this house too.

Start your engines

Take flight and launch from the 26th when Mercury ends its retroshadow in your sign. You’ve one more late birthday gift on the 30th when Mercury will oppose Jupiter. This is all about freedom. Freedom to dare, to dream but above all, to be you. And loved and appreciated for just that, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Dare you be the real you, Cancer? Time to let the sunshine in. By discovering all the many ways you are destined to shine this July!



Do you as only you can

Enter the Now Age of Love

Happy birthday, Leo!

You are in deep preparation time for most of July, Leo. Yes, the 22nd marks the arrival of your ruler the Sun in your 1st. And your birthday cycle of shining new possibilities to explore. First there’s a release to be done. And chances are you are feeling the need to do just that as July begins.

Lighten your load

Retrograde Saturn is paying its final visit to your 6th from the 1st. Once it heads direct again it won’t be back in here for almost 30 years. Time now to look at the small stuff – that routine included and understand the small stuff is actually big stuff. Everything you do matters in fact.

Inner work, keeping spiritually cross-fit, working behind the scenes, random acts of kindness, anything you have been uncredited for but have committed to, selflessness – call all these karmic credits. Who balances the books? Saturn of course.

Your ability to keep those soul promises, those times you have paid it forward without expecting anything back, working invisibly behind the scenes (so not you but we all have to pay our dues, Leo!) – take it all of this has been noted. And every little thing has been added up. Saturn rewards like no other planet if we learn to work within its boundaries. So, make every little thing you do magic – or if you have, prepare to be rewarded now with gits to take with you into your new cycle.

Time for release

Radical improbabilities are your other magic essence you have to play with in the run up to your birthday. First however, you have an eclipsed full Moon in your 6th on the 5th. What is this telling you? You know the secrets of eclipses as well as any sign, Leo. If not better.

You have no place in a rut. Or habits that no longer support you. And we can fall into these so easily without realising it. This eclipse is hiding something that is no longer good for you. But on a daily basis. That way of working, that diet, the choices you make and the order you make them in – the list is endless. As you know, eclipses conceal. But with a lunar eclipse, we have emotional insight into what the eclipse is hiding.

So, stop and listen. Especially to what your body is telling you. How it is reacting is everything you need to know. And then you need to act accordingly. Remember, this can even be linked to a place, a person or something that works for others – but may not be for you. This is about you understanding what you need – or your body needs, in order to fuel yourself for what’s to come.

Baby, you’re a firework!

Take it from me you’ll be happy to ditch any mental, physical and spiritual soul drains you discover. You don’t need to wait for the Sun to arrive in your 1st to enter into your new cycle. Your present is – the present. And any early B-day gifts are a result of those little but consistent efforts you have been making, Leo. They have added up. Even if you have been unaware of this. Or certainly, not done the work with any kind of reward in mind.

So, what triggers your payday from the universe? It’s all happening mid-July just before your ruler knock knock knocks on the heavenly door to your sign on the 22nd. First we have Mercury direct in your 12th on the same day. This marks the start of you leaving the past behind. And readying yourself for your new cycle. The 14th sees your ruler oppose Jupiter in your 6th, and then Pluto on the 15th. That surprise package concealed by that eclipse could now be revealed with a ta-da! Work opportunities, a chance to escape that rut or set yourself free of what’s been draining you.

Ain’t love a surprise

Right when you have those freeing aspects happening between your ruler in your 12th and Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th, and you’re looking at greater empowerment and work freedom, you get an extra special boost. Mars and Chiron meeting in your 9th provide the wind beneath those wings, Leo. Unexpected and frankly improbable ways to break free and expand present themselves.

Chiron is not a planet. It’s not an asteroid either. It’s a comet. What astronomers call a ‘dirty snowball’. Chiron defies any attempts to pigeon hole it. Chiron is the maverick, the daring and the unexpected. So, the way the universe may choose to reward you now may come in a very unexpected way. Surprise!

Get a diploma in good karma

Knock knock knocking on your door – the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 22nd officially starting your new cycle. Just two days before this you have a new Moon in your spiritual 12th. This appears opposition Saturn in your 6th. Saturn rules karma and timing. Also deferred gratification and a willingness to do the soul work.

This adds up to you being released from past patterns and set free. Graduate from karma school. Well – we never really do, but see this as getting your high school diploma at the very least. It’s also time to set some goals for the upcoming cycle. And to have a serious plan to pursue them. This is how you will grow – and then graduate karma university.

Do you like nobody else can

Your month of superstardom has finally arrived. During the next 12 months be prepared to enter into the Now Age of Love when Jupiter arrives in your 7th and Saturn sets up its jewellery store for the next 2.5 years. In other words – put a ring on it. Or not. This is set to be a defining time for partnership matters of all descriptions. Where existing loves can get taken to the next level and fate-charged new ones come packaged with long term promise.

You attract effortlessly – and that includes that perfect partner whether it’s for love, business or just to share roaring good times with, when you are being yourself. So, time to do you. As only you can. So, get your glam on and see this birthday season as your chance to perfect the perfect you prior to this cycle starting. The perfect double act may begin with going solo – but it won’t stay that way!

Karma links you and another

Wind down July with yet one more spiritual freedom busting move from now direct Mercury in your 12th opposing Jupiter on the 30th. Although you may not be able to see it yet, this already involves you and another person. Someone may offer you an opportunity or this ties in with a past, present or potential partner.

You are about to head out on a new journey. But then birthdays are all about new beginnings on some level, Leo. With this one you’ll gain a fresh sense of self-control, determination and freedom. Party like only you can.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Leo! Your gifts include the confidence and empowerment to direct your future where you want it to go. The best gift however – you won’t be going there alone!



Love has its own timing

Change is just the upgrade you need

The future gets a green light again

Romance, lovers, creativity, children. Your 5th house is the focus of major astro influences for the first three weeks of July. Is it time for love? Time for parenting? Is it time for pleasure, fun and creativity? Time to shine and be noticed? Or time to lighten the load in some way Virgo? These are the questions July has for you.

Time for love

Love and young people and even lovers where there is an age gap of seven or more years between you may feature. If you are seeking love during this cycle destiny and timing could have a role to play here. Love is often all about timing and transcends age differences. So, feel the chemistry, not the calendar. And if there is a gap between you – if it doesn’t bother them, why should it bother you?

Children, parenting, step children, babies or even – gasp, empty nest syndrome is the flip side to this coin. Saturn returns to your 5th for its final visit for almost 30 years on the 1st. This could mark the beginning or even the end of a cycle which links you to being a parent or becoming one. Or else an important cycle of love.

Let go – don’t resist

The full Moon also in your 5th on the 5th, comes pre-packaged with an eclipse. Love has a direction all its own now. In fact, you may feel powerless to influence it. My advice is – don’t even go there! Do go with any gut instincts around partners – past, present, potential and your children if you have them. Eclipses always conceal something. Lunar eclipses do this on a deep emotional level. But because the Moon is linked to our intuition – that is still broadcasting. Pay attention now especially around how key relationships or simply not following your heart, makes you feel. This is especially important as you have Neptune retrograde in your partnership sector now.

Never say never again

If you are close to facing empty nest syndrome, this is also now time to come up with your own game plan. To link back to those dreams. Above all, for all of you Virgos, this month wants you to know it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Or go after that dream. Especially if it is around love or something you love or dream of doing.

That eclipse wants you to know that when it comes to lovers you need a fellow dreamer to dream and then pursue, that dream with. This eclipse could link you to deep reservoirs of love and creativity. If you have no lover or one is not on the horizon, you could pour this into a creative project, hobby, your children or young people.

If you do have a partner, you’ll need them to understand what you want to seek and express. And if they don’t – well, we’re back to Saturn and timing once more.

Make it happen

As the Sun moves through your 11th it makes marvellous mid-month angles to Neptune in your 7th again, highlighting those shared dreams. And also Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th. The 12th which is the day the Sun trines Neptune, also sees ruler Mercury direct once more in your 11th. Get green lights to directing the future of friendships and of love. And if it is love you’re seeking – take steps to find it now.

The people you meet, share something with or encounter could send your life down an amazing new direction. All the more reason for that reach out no matter what connection you are seeking. Remember, your 5th is also about pleasure, parties and fun too! Shared experiences adds up to sharing love. Your house of sharing and ah-hem – sex, is your 8th. As well as being your ‘other’ money house, your 8th is all about change, transformation and re-birth.

Get ready to share

Sometimes this process means letting something go in order to make room for something better. Something we cannot imagine having for instance. Which is why if changes or new people sweep you up like a tornado this month, you need to hang on to the knowledge that you’re going to end up over the rainbow!

Keep an open mind and understand that opportunities like angels often arrive in disguise. Especially when Chiron is involved. Let’s talk about this extraordinary object. And just what it means in our charts.

Chiron ensured we paid attention to it. Arriving in disguise if you like. So, if changes arrive keep an open mind. Very often we resist them or see them as something negative. But later we realise if they had not happened we would not have what we do now. Which is usually something so much better.

Opportunity could come in the form of acknowledgement, increased passion or release from something which may have worked in the past but now traps you.

Get ready for an excellent adventure

Be a bit Bill & Ted and jump back in time to 1977 if you are old enough. Whoa! It was a time of punk rock, Queen released ‘We are the champions’ and Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Silver Jubilee. In the UK, the Piccadilly tube line was extended to link Heathrow airport to central London for the first time. Freddy Laker introduced the first budget airline offering flights to New York for £59.

Fibre optic cables were introduced. The space shuttle Enterprise made its first successful launch from the back of a 747 aircraft. Further afield, astronomers discovered Uranus has rings. Plus, they found something new. Is it a planet? Is it an asteroid? It took them another three years to get a good look at it and discover Chiron was in fact, neither. It was a comet.

Get punked!

In the meantime, astrologers had spent those three years documenting the effects Chiron had when it punked natal planets in someone’s chart. Which they never would have done it they had known from the start it was nothing but a ‘dirty snowball’ – which is who astronomers refer to comets.

Astrology is nothing but history. And Chiron’s history teaches us that we can’t put it in a box and to well, expect the unexpected, radical and unique every time it gets involved. Chiron ensured we paid attention to it. Arriving in disguise if you like. So, if changes arrive keep an open mind. Very often we resist them or see them as something negative. But later we realise if they had not happened, we would not have what we do now. Which is usually something so much better.

Opportunity could come in the form of acknowledgement, increased passion or release from something which may have worked in the past but now traps you. The 14th sees the Sun in your 11th oppose Jupiter opening doors to love, indulgence, glamour or even a new success story. This coincides with Mars which is the ancient ruler of your 8th meeting Chiron in here. Whether you cannot now resist the desire to put changes in motion yourself, or they happen anyway, expect them to send you in an unexpected direction or have a new outcome. And a better one.

Become the change you desire

If you want to bring about something radically new into your life, why not time those actions of coincide with the future setting new Moon in your 11th on the 20th? It’s one under which to set dreams in motion. And to connect with those who share similar ones. This new Moon marks the start of an important long-term cycle. Please do not underestimate it. Your 11th is the house not just of friends and goals but of the bigger picture and being a part of that. Sure you may not see it yet. But there’s a bigger story going on here.

The 22nd could put you now in a bit of an introspective mood. This is when the Sun enters your soul-searching 12th. Asking yourself what you want from the next 12 months – or even longer, is a natural part of this process. Again, you’ll want to surround yourself with people who understand your quest for depth and meaning. Or that need for me time to figure this out.

Toss or treasure?

Decluttering to make room for the new usually accompanies this kind of process. Toss or treasure? You’re the sign most able to shed and get to the heart of what matters. Less is often more. This includes creating that capsule wardrobe to old routines, thoughts or even worn-out connections. Be the Goddess (or God!) of Shedding. What you’re left with will be what you truly value. And clear the way for more of the same to enter.

Ruler Mercury finally clears retroshadow on the 26th and the 30th sees it oppose Jupiter in your 5th. This could bring you a new solution to a long-term problem, news of that unexpected opportunity or someone or something that takes your life in a fresh direction. Again, keep an open mind, Virgo. You’re being prepped to explore a whole new cycle of relating this month!

In a nutshell: Keep an open mind about change. Without change we wouldn’t have butterflies! If things shift it’s a sign of something better to come. And love could just be behind this, Virgo.



Blaze a trail

There’s no such thing as ‘impossible’ now

Love finds a target

What do you consider to be impossible around love or partnerships matters, Libra? This is a subject close to your heart. This month brings a pivotal not to mention, totally unexpected development between you and someone else. And the more improbable – the more likely it is to happen!

Cupid has four legs and many arrows

If you never thought you and someone else would kiss and make-up. Or that love happened to others – but not you. Or that just reaching an agreement with someone whether on a professional or a personal level was as likely as Donald Trump appearing on RuPaul’s Celebrity Drag Race – well, think again. When it comes to you and another – whether this is a past, present or potential connection – all bets are off this July!

Get some emotional bedrock

First let’s get the emotional rock and rollercoaster out of the way. You need that bedrock this month. Issues around your home, family, security, lodgers, living arrangements and emotional safety could make you feel extra specially vulnerable. Look to your foundations and what supports you both on an inner and outer level.

Saturn in your 4th has been all about creating this. It backs up into this house at the start of the month reminding you of the need to create something sustaining. You also have an eclipsed full Moon in here on the 5th. And this is the Moon’s ruling house. Eclipses conceal and this one could send you into emotional depths where you discover what you truly need to give you that feeling of belonging. And this may not be what you thought. Somewhere could literally ‘call you home’. Once you know what this is, answer that call!

Go for the long burn

Ruler Venus is now forward again in hot pursuit of big loves in your 9th. The unexpected, outrageous, surprising and heart-racing love elements could begin to appear as early as the 10th. Stand by for some outrageous love possibilities as Venus sextiles Chiron in Venus’s ruling 7th that day.

But this is simply the start of what could be a long burn for you and a fire that won’t be put out, Libra! What do you burn for? Or who? This could be about a person, a place, a passion for doing something – your calling or desire to experience something bigger. The 12th sees ambitions get the green light once more as Mercury heads direct in your status seeking 10th. Just keep in mind that until it clears retroshadow on the 26th.

The 14th (Bastille Day!) could show you how all previous bets are off when it comes to love possibilities. It’s also asking you how bold you feel when it comes to taking advantage of an opportunity to have or pursue something you love. The 14th sees the Sun in your 10th oppose generous Jupiter in your 4th and then Pluto on the 15th. There’s an opportunity here which could answer those needs around security and those ambitions!

The improbable gets possible

The real kicker is the Mars/Chiron conjunction which also takes place on the 14th on your house of partnerships. This could involve a past, present or potential partnership. It’s unexpected, edgy, transformative, unusual and all bets are off love magic due to Chiron.

Chiron in mythology was a centaur. Hence my earlier comment about Cupid having four legs. And aiming his arrows in all directions. Chiron defies definition. Chiron is not a dwarf planet. Neither it is an asteroid. It’s a comet. With a tail that is two million kilometres long. It took a while for us to find out exactly what Chiron was. Which is why Chiron is associated with the unexpected, outrageous and impossible.

So, when Chiron was first discovered there was a shout-out to all astrologers. They were asked to report what happened when Chiron hit a personal planet in their charts. This was so we could determine what influence this new object in the sky would have on us. This went on for a while. Then a Chiron moment occurred. In 1990 astronomers got a good look at it. And discovered it was not a planet, not an asteroid but a ‘dirty snowball’ – which is astro-speak for a comet.

Chiron wanted us to pay attention to it. It was not about to be dismissed. The message is love or that perfect double act may look very different to what you thought it would. Mars rules confidence, heat, passion and crossing lines. What dare you do in the name of love or the pursuit of it? And what are you prepared to accept (or should that be who?!).

What the love?!

Heart-storming action and the willingness to take a risk to get what you want see you taking a chance you might have shied away from before. Or a simply game-changing and outrageous event shows you the power of the unpredictable. What you cannot imagine could get oh-so-real. Steer clear of ‘I’ll never’ or ‘They’ll never . . .’ Embrace the untried and impossible for a simply incredible outcome between you and someone else now.

Know what you need – and how to get it

A status setting new Moon in your 10th on the 20th opposes Saturn in your 4th. Many of you astro-seekers will have instantly seen this is ‘mutual reception’ and these two are in serious discussion. This new Moon can see you on a new path which has long term implications. The soul testing eclipse earlier this month prepared you for this. Its purpose was to get you to see what you really need and want. Having become clear on this, this is your signal to now head towards it. Heart and mind in alignment.

Get ready to get noticed

Whether those ambitions are now re-awakened or not, you’re ready to explore something new and possibly with new people as the Sun arrives in your 11th on the 22nd. This is your house of the future as it rules those goals and dreams. It’s time to stand out from the crowd, work your mojo and be unafraid to be noticed. Also, don’t be shy about sharing your visions for that future with others either. New friends can be made, good times shared and enjoyed but most of all, you can connect with those who can set your future on a new and exciting path. Either directly or via other people they in turn know.

This transit is also about finding your own ‘In’ crowd. The people or circle with whom you feel you can be yourself. You’ll know if you have it or not. And lucky for you, the Sun in here shows you where they can be found if you are looking for friends who accept you for the way you shine.

Make your move

Career igniting opportunities or news that heralds a big, bold move could arrive in the final days of July when Mercury now clear of the retroactive shadow, opposes Jupiter on the 30th. If you’ve had an eye on your future path plus been willing to resort to different tactics during this month, you’re now set to say ‘Yes’ to what appears. It could send you blazing a trial in a brand new direction. And if you want a different result to what you’ve achieved before, time to opt for something radically different. Especially when it comes to love solutions, Libra.

In a nutshell: Start in the name of love this July, Libra! Because that perfect twosome or double act may take you by surprise. Cupid is a comet this month. And its name just happens to be Chiron.



Live and work smarter

Small adjustments send you change-surfing towards big improvements

Clear that schedule for love

July hands you the ability to live and work differently. Simply by making small but significant decisions in the moment. Do it different is your message this July. With the smallest ripple of change having the potential to trigger tsunamis of freedom for you.

Harness the ripple effect

Don’t underestimate the sheer magic of small adjustments now. Especially if these revolve around your work (paid or unpaid), your routine, health, wellbeing, exercise, diet, study or pets if you have them. Your superpower lies in the everyday details.

This does not mean mundane however. First, July 5 hands you an eclipsed full Moon in your 3rd. You know eclipses conceal. So, you either don’t have the facts or there is the capacity for misunderstandings and miscommunications. Especially with the ruler of this house – Mercury, retrograde in your 9th until the 12th. This is your house of news, communication, business, getting around, writing, publishing and the internet. Those crossed wires could involve something you say or put ‘out there’ just as easily as it being around what someone else says.

This is like putting the Merc Retro on steroids! So, try to avoid signing any important documents around this eclipse. And also until after Mercury clears retroshadow if you possibly can. And please be aware that the internet is forever. Apply that inner editor before posting. Sure your meaning may be completely innocent. But unlike face to face interactions, on-line we don’t have nuance or the ability to clarify what someone really means. You don’t want to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Just the facts, ma’am

Stick with what your gut is telling you about sub-text when it comes to what you hear or are told now. The facts are set to emerge and possibly quicker than is usual under an eclipse. And when it comes to what you have to say – your words have the power of transformation change this month. So, choose them carefully. It’s called ‘spelling’ for a reason. Words are magic spells.

As far as what you want to say – stick to the facts and be aware of the power of your words. Choose communication that empowers and uplifts. And avoid criticism or blame. Just the facts especially now you have Saturn back in your 3rd from the 1st.

Not just Saturn but ruler Pluto and Jupiter. The Sun in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart will oppose first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th). With Mercury direct from the 16th and retroshadow clear from the 26th, it’s time for confident decision making and to craft that message. Spelling for success by focussing on the details and using the small stuff in new and radically exciting ways.

Get wellness working for you

Ancient ruler Mars in your 6th is one of those transits where you may feel you can take on anything. Your energy is at a peak. But you need to channel this to get the most out of it. And please – don’t rush. Not only will you make mistakes – especially while Mercury remains backwards or it retroshadow phase, you can open yourself up to burn-out as well as bumps and accidents. All via your desire to get things done.

Now, chances are if you are getting that charge out of crossing those items off that ‘To do’ list, you are going to get the most out of the Mars/Chiron conjunction in here on the 14th by looking at just what you are attempting to free up that time to do.

Explore the real agenda

Sure, we all have to do the work. Yes, even if you are a celebrity. In fact, sit down with most of them and you’ll quickly discover that job or lifestyle isn’t quite as glam as it appears. Yes, it has its moments. But this is contrasted with those routine, daily tasks none of us can escape. The routine may be different, but that does not mean it does not escape being 1) necessary or 2) mundane.

Think of it this way: if you are a celebrity, your daily routine probably consists of hours of preparation and exercise to look camera-ready every time you step outside your front door. Or take a selfie in your kitchen. You are ‘on show’ because that is your job. Now, chances are after a while, you live to get this out of the way, do what you need to and then kick off those Louboutin’s and relax.

Have vs. Want

Chiron hands you unexpectedly out-of-the-box ways to get what you need to do done. And also has you looking closely at what you really want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Yes, the obvious goal is to get things done. But the real goal is to get them done so you can do what you really want to. You will get very clear on your real motivation for doing this. And also how your routine affects your energy and wellbeing. You may end up asking why you are doing this in the first place? Is it purely out of habit? Do you really need to?

Need is one thing. We all need to take care of ourselves and ensure we have money to do that. Unexpected new ways of working, a fresh job opportunity, a new road to wellbeing – ruler Mars along with Chiron could push you down this. Work not just smarter, but live better too now.

Don’t just dream it – experience it

Beautiful freedom enhancing aspects add to this. Handing you more time for what you want to do (or who!) as the Sun in your 9th makes a love-inducing angle to Neptune in your romance zone on the 12th. This isn’t a flight of fantasy. But a real desire to experience something real. Chances are that ‘magic spell’ message you’ve been working on revolves around conjuring up just that. If not in the form of a new romance then in experiencing something you love to do. And having the means and the time in which to do just that.

The new Moon in your 9th on the 20th is always one that opens a new door to opportunity for you. But you need to understand that this is an invitation, not an order! It is your choice whether you accept it – or not. Learning, religion, philosophy, overseas connections, foreigners, the mass media, the law, the outdoors, mass transportation, airlines, animals, taking a chance and lucky breaks may play a role in this. Could this be what you’ve been preparing for by freeing yourself from that routine?

Work those words for all they are worth

If life is a road to be travelled then as the month draws to a close, if you are driving along it all you should see between you and the horizon are green lights. The 30th sees Mercury in your 9th and very much direct, oppose Jupiter in your 3rd. This puts them in one another’s ruling houses in your chart. This is called ‘Mutual reception by house’. So, both planets are working together now. Those words -the spells you have been weaving, could see your ideas take you further than you dreamed possible or open up new doors to experience. Do the work this month, Scorpio. And let words do the rest.

In a nutshell: Reinvent that routine in order to give yourself more freedom. Love isn’t a flight of fantasy this month. But the real deal. Clear that schedule in order to have time for what really matters.



Keep those purse strings tied at the start of this month, Sag. Deferring the urge to splurge pays big dividends. As does looking closely at that value system you’ve been defining for yourself over the past two years or so. What really matters to you on a deep emotional level. It’s about more than simply what money can buy you. It’s about what is priceless. And only you can say what that is, Sag.

Cash up that money karma

Saturn is paying one final visit to your money zone from the start of July. We all have a different story when it comes to our money. What Saturn has been trying to teach you during its transit in here is what really matters. And that is what supports you, sustains you and is lasting. As the eclipsed full Moon also appears in this house on the 2nd, it is time to look at who or what you can truly bank on. No matter whether your actual financial situation is in the red or the black!

The Moon rules our emotions. A full Moon can highlight intense feelings in a specific area. With Mercury still retrograde in its ruling 6th until the 12th, financial dealings need to be approached with caution. Try to avoid entering into new financial agreements or major purchases. If you feel the need to spend – ask yourself what emotional need you think your purchase will fill? Then fill that need. Go direct to that need and do not pass Go, spend $200 – or any other amount. Filling the need re-frames those wants.

Care for everything you love

You could be looking at an opportunity to reap rewards for financial lessons learned. Or for the universe to send you interest on investment you’ve made in your value system. This may not be around money but could be around love, something you love to do, your child or children and your ability to attract. Venus rules your money as well as your love life. The 2nd and 7th houses of your chart. When you know what you value, and truly value what you have, you enter into a state of gratitude which in turn magnetises your ability to attract more which reflects your values.

Sound simple? Well, it’s meant to be like all universal truths. If it doubt, stick to those values. Especially when it comes to love. Venus remains in its ruling 7th this month. While Mars is turning up the heat in your 5th of romance, children and sheer abandoned creative self-expression. Plus you have Chiron also in your 5th, asking you to reach for more sexy self-confidence when it comes to going for what you want.

Just ask

Step into daring fused with a little diplomatic chutzpah as Venus angles to Chiron on the 10th. You’re being a little bold but if you’re asking for something, you’re so irresistible people won’t be able to refuse. That could include that prospective lover, boss or client. That favour, introduction you need or simply someone’s time or expertise. Make the first move. S/he who asks nicely usually gets. If the answer is ‘No’ they don’t take it personally. They know it was never going to be yes and move on to the person who will say that.

Ruler Jupiter always wants to say ‘yes’. And along with Pluto in Capricorn and your 2nd, this includes people in high places. Those in positions of authority, influence and who can open doors for you. This can lead to credit-soaring answers in the affirmative as on the 14th, the Sun in your ‘other’ money house (8th) opposes Jupiter and then Pluto on the 15th.

So, ask for that promotion, job, piece of business, loan, favour or yes, that coffee date. Project confidence as you aim high. An attitude which says you belong at the top too. This is no time for self-doubt. But to think and act big.

Passion packs twice the love-punch!

Your 5th is where love and your playful side resides. Add a dash of confidence and daring now thanks to Mars in here. This is your house of luck after all. We’re back to ‘Just ask’ – or just dare. And yes, that confidence is sexy as I said. The 14th which is when the Sun opposes your ruler, also sees Mars and Chiron on a date in your 5th.

Chiron is a centaur. Yes, just like you. However, it is one like no other. Saddle up for surprises whenever Chiron is active in your chart! Chiron is the ultimate astro-fluid object. It’s edgy, ironic and above all, refuses to play by rules it had no part in writing. If Chiron was a drag queen it would be Yvie Oddly. And If Chiron was a song (and Chiron was a musician in mythology), it would be Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. If Chiron was a look it would frock up in Vivienne Westwood with mis-matching shoes just to see the reaction it got. And that reaction would probably be a standing ovation or a modelling contract. Because with Chiron the results are always unexpected.

Push the button on the possible

Chiron and Mars together say you can go after whatever you want. Chiron is also about the impossible result. Simply because it is the impossible object. As one centaur to another, making the impossible possible for you isn’t about astro-influences. Call it professional courtesy. One centaur to another.

Let’s look at Chiron for a moment. And why it represents what we think we can’t have or get away with. But can in fact if we dare to.

Chiron is not a planet but a comet. One with a two-million-kilometre-long tail. Chiron was first thought to be an asteroid or even a small planet. It got a lot of attention. ‘New planet discovered!’. Astrologers jumped up and down and got all excited. People watched what happened with Chiron aspected planets in their chart. It was all pretty ‘out there’. Inconvenient. Outrageous. Freeing. Unexpected. Radical. And then – shocker. Turns out Chiron wasn’t a planet after all. If people had known that they would have ignored it. Dismissed it as unimportant. Not taken it seriously.

Chiron was having none of that. It ensured we noticed it. And gave it the attention it deserved. That’s the message it has. And you would so get this vibe with you ‘don’t fence me in’ approach. Which is why when it entangles with another planet in our charts, or aspects a natal one, we know whatever we thought impossible moves into the realm of probabilities. And what we thought we would never try – we now dare to do.

Get the boom boom boom!

Parenting, children, babies, adult children and pregnancy could feature. Mars generates the boom boom boom after all! As could that outcome in love you figured was a lost cause. Creative projects get infused with the stuff of life giving passion. You get noticed for all you can do or bring to the table. Never thought a lover would appear? Now they do.

Plus you are now plugged into your power to transform a key area of your life. Especially around money or lovers as a new Moon appears in your powerhouse 8th on the 20th. Being a mutable sign you are more than willing to set changes in motion. In fact, on an inner level you may have been wanting this for some time.

Be fearless

Set change in motion with this Moon. You have a choice with it. To embrace your empowerment or to give in to insecurities around what you have led to believe you are capable of. Initiate. Chances are you know there is a key area in your life you usually shy away from tackling. This Moon wants you to tap into the fearless explorer that is your true nature. And to say there are no No Go Areas. Especially if this involves you, another, your money or anything you share.

All this has been preparing you to begin something new as the Sun enters its ruling 5th on the 22nd. It’s time to work in harmony with the energy around you. Whether you are old enough to remember the 90’s or not, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince had your vibe nailed back then in ‘Summertime’. The laid-back, dancing in the street, barbequing, smooth R&B mix that lays out the good times.

Get effortless

Whatever you’re seeking, set your intention and then relax and let it go. Your 5th is about not taking things too seriously. Just your ability to shine. The day before the month ends has Mercury now very much direct once more in your 8th opposing Jupiter in your 2nd. The good times and celebrations are set to roll now Sag. And you know the freedom to enjoy these are more than money can buy you!



The more you share with others, the more is shared with you

Set those intentions higher

Get ready for impossible moves

Ruler Saturn re-enters your sign at the start of the month. And as July begins, you need to ask what you are keeping to yourself? Is this something others need to know? Secrets could have the habit of tumbling out of the closet later in the month if so. Why not be upfront and get it off your chest?

Put a ring on serious ambitions

This is Saturn’s final visit in your sign. Once it leaves it will not be back for almost 30 years. It is back to ask you what you need to take more seriously. Including anything you want to say but feel you can’t. Or even those ambitions.

You have an eclipsed full Moon in your 1st on the 5th. And with the Sun still in your 7th along with Mercury retro until the 12th, this may involve you and someone else. Now this may not be a lover – although it could be. But balancing ‘me’ against ‘we’ even in a working relationship, may be what you are being asked to look at this July.

Don’t hide those feelings

And sometimes this begins with sharing what’s on your mind. Hidden truths often begin within. And this includes the ones we pick up around others via our intuition. Pay attention to any insights now.

This month will see the Sun oppose Jupiter and then Pluto in your 1st. This is marking an important new beginning for you. Your ideas, what you say and communicate, and even how you look are tied in with this. It’s time to trust in your dreams. And in your ability to go after them.

Past, present, potential partners

When you look back at this month, you will see how it marked the start of a new learning journey. When it comes to relationships – the person who may be in your thoughts or the spotlight now, is exactly what you need in order to grow. And they could turn out to be either your travelling companion or the catalyst for the new cycle you’re embarking on.

This month also hands you a new Moon in your 7th on the 20th. This new Moon offers you a new phase to explore in love, partnerships and relating. Plus, it falls opposite your ruler Saturn indicating this new beginning could be set for the long haul. You’re open now to discovering either a new love or a new stage of it. And also truly want to know what makes the other person tick. Remember, this applies to work relationships too.

Get moving!

Changes around your home, apartment, flat, living arrangements, lodgers, your landlord, family, country or security may surprise you. Goals linked to this may suddenly come within reach. Or the means to move (if that’s been your desire) present themselves. Once you have an opening, you’ll do whatever needs to be done. It could be as simple as redecorating. Or as complex as relocating countries. Or planning to.

Mars in your 4th needs an outlet. It doesn’t do cocooning and binge watching. It needs anything from a DIY job to kick-starting that kitchen table top business or building that she-shed. On the 14th, fire and ice are in da house as Mars and Chiron meet to pimp up if not your crib, then your lifestyle.

Live a lot more

Chiron isn’t a planet. It’s a comet. Or a ‘dirty snowball’ as astronomers like to refer to comets. When Chiron was first discovered it was thought it was either a dwarf planet or an asteroid. It took another three years to get a good look at it. During which time astrologers watched what happened when Chiron got involved with other planets. And quickly came to realise that Chiron was well, a real ice breaker when it came to prediction. Which they would never have discovered if they had known it was a comet from the start.

Because of this, Chiron is linked to impossibly improbably outcomes. Taking a chance. Daring to see what you can get away with. No, that does not include eating your flatmate’s tub of Ben & Jerry’s and trying to blame it on the cat! But it can include reaching for a better way of living. Such as making an offer on that new home for instance.

Fiery Mars gets you off the couch and taking action. Chiron delivers the reason to do so. It could just hand you the key to a door you didn’t think you’d get to unlock. Just understand that while changes are in motion, you need to keep any ‘Instant gratification takes too long’ feelings under control. Mars can make us impatient. And also narky with those we live with. Pro tip: Just breathe!

Get sharing

You won’t have long to wait to see changes begin to manifest as the Sun enters your 8th on the 22nd. This is your house of what you share – and what is shared with you in return. It’s your ‘other’ money house. And your house of partnership assets, your salary and yes, sex. It’s also the centre of transformation in our charts. And where our power resides. How powerful we feel often determines how much we share. Are you unafraid to show that vulnerable side? This isn’t just the house of sex but the house of deep intimacy too. On a soul level. And if that’s our goal, we need to be open to let others see that side of us.

Changes around home, assets and resources could bring about a new soul sharing economy with someone else. Mercury gives the green light to partnership agreements and even crafting that dating profile as it clears retroshadow on the 26th. You and another person could seal a deal on the 30th when Mercury opposes Jupiter in your 1st. Take it that anything you agree to, are offered or enter into with another person is set to benefit both parties now.

In a nutshell: Soul dynamics bring in new partnership opportunities. You’re relating to others in new and exciting ways this July, Capricorn. The more you share – the more love you create now.



Explore that high speed link to intuition

No regrets, no limits

Say yes to that impossible dream

You may feel restrictions lift this July as heavyweight Saturn backs out of your sign and returns to your 12th. There’s a lot happening on your 12th/6th house axis this month however. Expect your relationship to god, Gaia, spirit, the all-that-is, angels, the Great Attractor and above all, your own inner guide to feature. And above all, when it comes to opportunity, be ready for new paths to open up for you.

Listen closely to inner whispers

That first ‘heads up’ of the month comes on the 5th when you have an eclipsed full Moon in your 12th. You know eclipses ‘cover up’ something. In your highly secretive 12th, you are being kept in the dark or simply are avoiding looking in the shadows for the truth.

However, your 12th is also your house of psychic ability and intuition. That is broadcasting loud and clear right now. This may be a niggling feeling that something is ‘off’. Or it may be that you feel compelled to look into something or go in a direction for no apparent reason. Take it that there is one even if you are not aware of it yet. Often an eclipse in this house brings back in someone from our past. Or even sets us on a course to reconnect with people from a past life. Take it your insight is both the compass and the map now.

Life and love in the time of the Rona virus

The Sun remains in your 6th of everyday work, duty, wellbeing, health, pets and routine until the 22nd. Even without the current pandemic, wellness would be a big focus for you right now. Use the Sun’s cleansing energy to look at those areas of your life which simply don’t support you any longer. Not just on a physical level but on a soul level too. Feeding yourself a diet of negative thoughts is every bit as harmful to you as one of junk food.

As is continuing with habits, routines or even connections that drain you instead of energising you. If you don’t care for yourself then how do you expect others and the world, to reflect this? Again, your intuition will be providing you with information on what you need to look at, change or adjust. From the 22nd the Sun will be in your 7th of glowing partnership opportunities. Isn’t that worth feeling your best for?

Act on those ideas!

Mercury finally heads direct once more in its ruling 6th from the 12th. So put into practice any insights into what you need to change from that day. If you time it with this, you have your best chance of sticking to them for the long term. You do have time to ‘fine tune’ this process however as Mercury won’t fully clear its retroshadow until the 26th.

You also have a powerful new Moon in your 6th on the 20th. Again, this is linked to matters of health, wellbeing, study, work, responsibility and even your pets if you have them. This is an important new Moon for you. Why? Because it marks the fresh start that we are all handed six months after the new Moon appears in our 1st.

It asks you to set a new direction in your life. As well as a routine and structure which supports this. Especially with Saturn in your 12th. Make order your priority now. If you do, you will see all the areas of your life magically fall into place.

Opportunity knocks!

Act on those thoughts and ideas. Especially if you have been sitting on them for a while. Yet your intuition keeps nudging you back to them.

Also, something you set in motion in the past could now come back full-circle for you. Revive and live again. Perhaps in a new form but one that is better or more relevant for who you are now. The Sun shines on both Jupiter (14th) and Pluto (15th) bringing something or someone back into your life. Don’t say no a second time around.

No regrets. No limits

Plus, the less likely you thought this would be, the most probable it will become now. And you won’t be able to ignore the call to take action either. Especially if you regret letting go of opportunities in the past. Call this the Chiron effect.

Chiron defies outcomes and challenges what we think is impossible for us. It dares us to push the envelope in some way and explore the outer limits of probability. When it was first discovered, Chiron was thought to be an asteroid or a dwarf planet. It turned out to be neither. It’s a comet. With a two-million-kilometre-long tail. Chiron’s message to us all was: Don’t label me! But astrologers quickly saw the impact Chiron could have. Delivering outrageous fortune and outcomes we only dared imagine.

The 14th – the day when the Sun opposes Jupiter in your 12th, hands you that perfect opportunity to see just what you can get away with. This is the day when Chiron and Mars meet in your 3rd. Outrageous outcomes could result from acting on your ideas, what you write, present, speak or send out there. This is your house of writing, business and communication. It also rules the internet. You could receive news you have wanted or hoped for, but never really hoped to hear.

This is Mercury’s other ruling house in your chart. If you are waiting to launch, especially that innovative or untried approach, now is your moment.

You’ll be glad of any wellbeing adjustments you made in the first three weeks of the month as the Sun highlights partnerships of all descriptions when it arrives in your 7th on the 22nd. If love or any kind of double act is what you seek, now is the time to make your move to attract it.

Work it like you own it!

New beginnings are promised in existing relationships too. This is one of your houses of attraction. Not just love but experiences, friendships and even gifts and opportunities. One relationship in particular may be more important than others now. But if you’ve no one special to call your own – and would like that, work that Mars confidence and Chiron chutzpah to get yourself noticed like you own it (you do!).

The 30th has Mercury oppose Jupiter and if you thought the Chiron effect wasn’t happening for you, this could be the day it delivers. If a door you never thought would open again for you does, don’t hesitate in walking through it. This month says no regrets, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Get ready to change course, Aquarius. This July hands you the promise of getting rid of regrets – for good. Second time around chances may appear. Opportunity could ring twice around love.



It’s not what you know but who

Try a new approach to love

Expand your social and shine in it!

New deals on friendships and love could be forged this month, Pisces. Romance gets a green light again. What’s more, soul boosting outcomes can and will occur if you are willing to take a chance on yourself!

Be part of a circle of influence

The start of July sees Saturn return to your 11th. This is its final visit in here. When it heads forward again and lands back in your Now Age 12th it won’t be back for almost 30 years. Influential or even power friendships may feature. Think about Saturn and its rings. This symbolises the circles you move in. Who you are connected to both personally and professionally.

Your 11th also rules groups, parties, organisations, movements, unions, bands and clubs. Is the company or even cause you are keeping the right one for you? That is what the eclipsed full Moon in your 11th on the 5th is asking you. Eclipses conceal as well you know. So, what’s being left out of all this? Hopefully that’s not you. But if that’s how you have been made to feel lately, it could be time to look at this. And maybe change the circles you’re moving in.

Commit to the future

Your 11th is also your house of goals and how you form your future. You may suddenly realise that what you once wanted, you no longer do. As we evolve, our goals do along with us. And if you have worked hard to get somewhere, only to find out it is not where you wanted to be after all, that’s fine too. You’re taking away the experience. When you make the journey your destination, any goal you aim for enriches you. You’ve major aspects happening in your 11th and your 5th this month. A wish could be granted. Remember that reaching one milestone is simply our cue to focus on the next one. So, setting yourself a new star to aim for could form part of your July tasks.

The friendships you do have will be locked down for the long term or else released to make way for new and more resonant ones. You may effortlessly attract new people who seem to have no agenda in mind besides wanting to help you.

Knocking on love’s door

The same goes for love! Is that the wish you’re wanting to come true, Pisces? Up until the 22nd, you have the Sun moving through your 5th of fabulizing opportunities, attraction and romance. You are in one of your most magnetic cycles of the year now. So, please don’t write off 2020 just yet!

Jupiter your ancient ruler always brings opportunities in. Pluto adds the power of magnetic change. The 14th – 15th sees the Sun in your 5th oppose both in your 11th. You also now have Mercury direct again in your 5th. This gives you the go to pursue love, what you love to do and also to attract what you need.

Be a scene stealer

Take outrageous steps if necessary to go after what you want and get yourself noticed. Mars and Chiron in your 2nd of money and self-worth are telling you this is no time to be shy about it. You need to be upfront about what you want. And try a different approach if necessary. The 14th which is the same day as the Sun opposes Jupiter, sees Mars and Chiron meet in your 2nd.

Mars is about confidence, heat, passion and action right NOW! In short, Mars does not dream it, Mars does it. Chiron is all about being willing to take a risk and try something daring. Especially if this has not been your style in the past. Because of the aspects in your friendship house, please accept any invitations that come your way – even for socially distanced connecting. Don’t think this may not be your scene or that you have not got anything in common with this person. Chiron wants you to take a walk on the wild side. If you do, scene stealing moments could occur as you attract people, opportunities and even gifts, you would never have thought possible.

Ready to get wild?

Chiron is what we call the wild card of the cosmos. Hence its link to original and unexpected outcomes. First astronomers thought Chiron was either an asteroid or a dwarf planet. Then three years after its discovery, they got a good look at it. To find it was in fact neither but a comet. With a two million kilometre trail.

You could blaze one now by tapping into your reservoir of self-esteem and acting on that. Especially with Chiron and Mars conjunct in your 2nd as this favours anything connected to either love or money. Take the wild, unexplored route instead of your usual conventional one. Especially if you would usually not ask for what you want directly or make the first move.

Get a taste for love

The new Moon of the 20th in your 5th also shines on babies, children, parenting, step-parenting or younger people. Also if you have been doing too much ‘adulting’ recently, it will let you inner child out to play. The new Moon in here restores your sparkle if you’ve been feeling lacklustre of late. And as this is your house of attraction, draws to you something exciting and new – especially with Chiron and Mars so active. This is all saying look who or what appears. And you’ll never know whether you like it or not unless you taste it!

The 22nd marks the Sun’s arrival in your 6th. Time to focus on your physical body and wellbeing. After all, it is your gateway to experiencing those good times to the full! Don’t over-indulge now even if those good times continue to roll you forward into August.

Mercury is the ruler of your 6th. But it remains in your 5th and clears its retroshadow in here on the 26th. It will oppose Jupiter on the 30th perhaps delivering news from someone from your past or an opportunity to reconnect to that goal, place or group of people you now know you should never have let go. Make a wish this July, Pisces. Then be prepared to try something outrageous to make it come true!

In a nutshell: It’s not so much about what you know – but who this month, Pisces. You’ve entrée into exciting new social circles. As well improbable ways to make goals real. Be ready to try something new this July!


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