January 2019 Monthly Astrology – Wow it’s Big!

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 2019


  • Write that success story
  • Craft your image
  • Get  ready for a release into something bigger

Take a deep breath at midnight – then plunge right in to 2019, Aries. This is a year where you hit the ground running! New Year’s Day welcomes Mars your ruler into your 1st putting words like ‘daring’ and ‘passion’ on the agenda. You are in a mood to ring in the changes but above all, take action. This may especially apply to your career and professional standing. Quite literally the first order of business for 2019 may be just that. That daring could translate into seeing how far you can climb in 2019 as you realise passion for what you do it as important as the romantic kind.

Powerful and potentially game-changing aspects are occurring in your status-driven 10th throughout the first three weeks of January. You have four planets in here – five when the Moon moves in. We also have a partial solar eclipse happening the day of the new Moon (6th).   New Moons mark new beginnings but this one triggers an eclipse of the Sun. Something is hidden, held-back, withheld.  Make no mistake however, despite what this eclipse may ‘cover up’ – it’s a partial one so you just have part of the bigger picture, you yourself are very much on public display now.

Guard your reputation and how you are ‘seen’ as if you had the keys to Fort Knox. Doors may be opening to career progression this January and people in positions of power, influence and authority are watching you whether you are aware of this or not. Act with gravitas, take yourself seriously, push forward with ambitions but don’t rush. Know when to compromise and when to hold out for the outcome you want. Above all, at all times be aware of how you are coming across. The 10th is the house where we are most ‘on show’ as it is at the top of our charts. It represents how far we can go and also where we can rely on the support of others already at the top to assist us with our climb – or block us.

Key dates for you to pay particular attention to all of the above are the 2nd when the Sun meets Saturn in its ruling 10th. Set your direction and charge those plans. What doors are opening and which ones remain closed as Mercury planet of commerce and communication enters here from the 5th. Craft that message now as it is incredibly important.  The days between the 11th when the Sun meets Pluto and the 13th when Mercury encounters Saturn followed by the 18th when it meets Pluto. These dates are particularly important so try to schedule those meetings, interviews and presentations for this time as you have both the determination and the ideas to impress.

If doors are remaining closed, for now beat an oh-so-professional retreat and hold your position and wait for further information. You will be given the opportunity to adjust that path or approach in the next couple of months. Uranus is heading direct in your 1st from the 6th gearing up for its complete withdrawal from your sign in March. Once it reaches your money zone, you will be able to make any changes necessary to how you make your money – and the rewards this brings you.

Opportunity or even love now flows from a completely different direction as Venus meets Jupiter in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart for the first time in 12 years on the 22nd. The planet of love enters this house in your chart from the 7th and is now officially very much out of retrograde shadow phase. Love and romance are back on the agenda. This is also your chance to experience a wider world on some level. This meeting can quite literally manifest as a being who is well-travelled or even from overseas, free-spirited, out-going and adventurous. Be especially on the look-out for who you encounter around the 18th when Venus makes an angle of enticement to ruler Mars still in your 1st. Watch who is ‘drawn’ into your orbit now. There may be something literally ‘larger than life’ about them thanks to Jupiter but also a touch of glamour courtesy of Venus. If so, they will open your eyes to bigger possibilities in love or whatever area you encounter them. Others could be looking at that big opportunity, the trip of a lifetime, doing business with people or companies overseas, even emigrating or moving to another country or embarking on a course of study. The mass media, publishing, the world wide web, the law, sports and the outdoors as well as large animals (bigger than a sheep – especially horses) could form part of this experience. Expect this to be tied in to something you love to do or desire to experience. Jupiter rules luck while Venus rules pleasure. If there was ever a time to take a chance – even down to buying a lottery ticket, this is it. Remember, this is your house of big dreams and above all, experiences.  It is via experiences we learn and see the world as a very different place. See whatever (or whoever) turns up now as just that.

The 20th marks the Sun’s arrival in your 11th and the point where you can turn your attention from serious business to letting your hair down a little. Some of you may have a victory or two to celebrate. And please remember, when you embrace success it is important to mark it in an appropriate way. We need to acknowledge how far we have come in a formal way via sharing good times with family and friends. For the next month, new and exciting people will cross your path and all this is linked to the cycle of opportunity that Jupiter is bringing you. Your 11th is your house of the future and also your house of reception. This is why it is linked to our goals – we envision something we wish to have or experience in the future and set our expectations to ‘receive’. Your 9th as I said, is your house of big dreams, so the two are intertwined.  While love is very much back on the menu thanks to Venus out of retroshadow, you may be emotionally ‘in the dark’ about someone’s feelings or intentions so continue to proceed with caution.

The 21st brings us a total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 5th. This is your house of children, of creativity and pleasure and yes, of lovers too. Mixed messages? Unsure? Someone blowing hot and then cold? Move your focus away from one person and out into your wider social circle rather than striving to uncover answers now. Mercury also enters your 11th on the 24th bringing with it invitations, new groups, organisations and connections of all descriptions. You’re being offered the chance to expand those contacts and Mars in your 1st aligns to Jupiter on the 25th, pushing you towards a beneficial experience or individual who has a role to play in helping you achieve those goals. Important news could reach you on the 30th as the Sun and Mercury meet in your 11th. This is all about your message, the medium or a messenger. Group activities, clubs, the internet, social media, blogging, your YouTube channel if you have one (or want to start one) could see that message reaching more people than you dreamed possible. This month is about a wider involvement with the world – not just one person. Share yourself and get out there, Aries.

In a nutshell:  The New Year has you hitting the ground running, Aries. Be prepared to step into a wider, wilder experience. In business – and in love.


  • Emerge into the light
  • Step into freedom
  • Love reshapes your world

Being in the dark. Not having the whole picture.  Secrets and hidden truths. The past. Remember, we may spend time in the dark or simply not knowing but when this occurs this is merely preparation – for moving forward again into the light. That’s what you are doing this January, Taurus.  Emerging. This requires energy and luck for you, you have more than that to spare. Mars in your 12th brings you the inner resources you need be it fearlessness to confront what you have not been able to see until now or just that raw creative force you need to reshape your world. And ring in the new! This is your preparation period for a radical new period which will involve everything from your appearance, image, brand, on-line presence to your values and your money. You don’t quite have all the pieces to the puzzle yet and that’s fine. You’ll get them.

Uranus moves direct again in your 12th on the 6th – preparing to leave this sector of your chart for good as it now heads inexorably towards your 1st. This is when you will really feel the stirring to create, make or even become something different. Heeding your soul’s call towards what it is you need to make this possible is part of this process. Don’t ignore the truth now as this gives you a radical new perspective, not to mention choices, when it comes to what needs to be done.

Freedom-inspiring aspects are written all across your 9th house and you are unafraid now to move towards them. Just be aware that you may see the way ahead but the final destination might not be completely clear right now.  Major break-free moves occur in this house this month leading to transformation, exploration and you stepping into something bigger than you might have allowed yourself to experience previously. Time to understand things cannot remain as they are if they are to improve. You’re on a journey now whether real or metaphorical and strangely enough, the journey itself may be the goal. Which is why if you’re not clear about where you want to get to, this may not matter.  The Sun’s meeting with Saturn on the 2nd indicates it’s time to apply what you have been learning. Travel, expansion, new experiences and opportunities approach as Mercury arrives in this sector of your chart on the 5th. The universe is sending an invitation. Are you ready to accept it? The following day sees the new Moon in here trigger a partial solar eclipse. You don’t need to know the final destination under this, Taurus. Just be able to see the first step you need to take.

Remember, eclipses conceal or hide. And with planets in your 12th you may be a little more in the dark than usual. But sometimes we have to commit an act of faith and take that leap anyway. This is what you are being asked now.  Heed the call to adventure and watch closely what opportunities arrive to steer your course towards something bigger and better from the 11th when the Sun meets Pluto in your 9th and the 13th – 18th when Mercury engages with first Saturn and then Pluto. Above all, don’t underestimate your own capability of steering your life in the direction it now needs to go.

Look for a deeper kind of love and a new validation when it comes to those values, what you put first and which is priceless (hopefully those love and soul matters!), shared resources and power money as ruler Venus enters your 8th from the 7th. And above all, get ready for a big release into something breathtakingly destiny-defining. Venus is poised to meet Jupiter in here for the first time in 12 years. This will occur on the 22nd – the day after a total lunar eclipse occurs in your 4th. More on this in a moment. This rare Venus/Jupiter meeting offers you an unparalleled opportunity when it comes to money, what you share with someone, investments, legacies, settlements, property, finance, loans. But it’s more than just about money. It’s about what really matters to you. In other words, those values I talked about. Love means letting go of fears around it now. An existing relationship could move to a deeper level or you have the self-assurance to make long needed changes. The take-out from all of this is you feeling more empowered by the knowledge you have done the right thing. Validation could come from many directions now as those in the outer world reflect your new self-assurance around your worth.

We venture once more into hidden territory on the 21st when we have a totally eclipsed Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling 4th. It’s important during this time to stay connected to your intuition and ‘gut’ feelings especially when it comes to anything that impacts on your home, lifestyle, career, income and family life. Those you live with – partners, children, flatmates or your extended family may feature. Choices and decisions may need to be taken and people may move in or out. Please remember the eclipse rules which are total eclipses leave us totally in the dark. It all boils down to your sense of security and what can and can’t shake that.

Your career, professional reputation, recognition and rewards now move into focus as the Sun arrives in your 10th the day before this eclipse occurs. Look to your professional image and how you come across to others now. If you have a message – craft this. You’ll be dealing with people in positions of influence and/or authority during the coming month. Gatekeepers and those with the ability to say yes to you – especially when it comes to hiring or business. Project a certain sense of gravitas yourself and ensure you will be taken seriously. If you find  yourself dealing with those in authority on another level – law enforcement, politicians, banking – in other words people who represent ‘the establishment’, ensure you stick to the facts.

It’s time for ownership now and this includes owning your skills and ideas and also your choices and decisions from the past. They have brought you to where you are in the present. Where is that? By now you should be seeing the bigger picture – finally especially around the 25th when Mars and Jupiter align. This should break up any remaining clouds of confusion. The past could feature in some way – especially as you look at how your decisions back then have shaped where you are today. Now you know you can literally shape your future by the ones you make in this present moment.

Mercury’s entry into your 10th from the 24th gives you the power of conviction when it comes to selling in your ideas or even yourself. Mercury meets the Sun in here on the 30th making this one of the best periods of the new year so far to get your point across and be taken seriously. You’re all business with an added touch of knowing just what people want. Chances are it’s what you are selling. You’re off to a flying start as 2019 begins, Taurus.  So,  stretch into a deeper, more powerful love – and a limitless future this month, Taurus.

In a nutshell:  Time to live an exciting new journey of deepening love and expansion, Taurus. You don’t need to know your final destination. Just your next step. Take it this January!


  • Supersize your love
  • Welcome in new people, experiences, ideas
  • Who is the best thing you’ve ever found?

When is a Moon not a Moon? A: When it’s a Supermoon! The start of 2019 brings us a totally eclipsed superbloodmoon on the 21st. There’s a lot going on that’s superzied for you in January, Gemini and this includes super-sized love. So, let’s stay with the theme bigger just has to be better this year.

Been beat up and battered ’round
Been sent up, and I’ve been shot down
You’re the best thing that I’ve ever found
Handle me with care

Maybe that’s why I’ve zeroed in on Handle with Care by supergroup Traveling Wilburys as your anthem as the year begins. For those of you too young to remember – the Traveling Wilburys consisted of band members Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.  All rock legends. Ready to get legendary? Especially with someone else? This year contains partnership potential the like you have not seen in 12 years. The best thing you’ve ever found could already be part of your life. If not, your chances of finding it or rather them, are well – supersized, as this is our theme for you this year.

Reputations changeable
Situations tolerable
Baby, you’re adorable
Handle me with care

I’m so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won’t you show me that you really care?

If you are seeking that perfect partnership – and this includes long term friendship, a business partner, a four legged partner – any combination of souls for any long term activity that involves you and at least one other – now is the time to be seeking them out. Or at the very least ensuring you stand out so they can find you.

Mars in your 11th from January 1 tells you this is your year to stand out and be confident in who you are. You have Uranus which rules this house in your chart entering its final weeks in here, heading direct from the 6th.  This is your house of the future, your house of goals and receptivity. Be open to new people, new experiences and ideas. Above all, the message Uranus has had for you these past seven years is about being yourself. Uranus in here may have brought an increased emphasis on the love of friends and group activities rather than that one special person. So, the extra special focus on one-to-one relationships says about time!

Change is in the air this month with major planetary activity focussed on this sector of your chart. Ruler Mercury forms part of this entering this house on the 5th. During the coming weeks you will be more than usually aware of time. Not just in how it is passing – sometimes it may seem it has run away with you and other times, it will appear to drag. But more than this is the growing awareness that everything has its own timing and things happen when they are meant to – or when you are ready for the experience. The first week of the New Year marks a power meeting between the Sun and Saturn on the 2nd. But if new reaches you around the 6th to do with anything you share, loans, your salary, pay outs, assets, investments etc, take it you don’t yet have all the information to hand.

The new Moon in here on this day gives us a partial solar eclipse. So, your perspective is restricted. Want to see what this feels like? If you can check out the new series Homecoming with Julia Roberts. It’s brilliantly shot in that the flashbacks are all in wide screen format but when we cut to the present day, the screen is constricted to a portrait view of what’s happening. This is exactly what a partial eclipse feels like.

If signing important documents now you need to treat this as if it were a supersized Mercury retrograde. Read the small print and get expert advice if necessary. If things are delayed or stalled – refer back to what I just said about timing and take it that there is a reason for this. Don’t attempt to push things if this is the case but maintain a holding pattern. Know when the timing is right, you or the situation will move forward. Watch the period between the 11th -13th when the Sun meets Pluto in this its ruling sector in your chart and Mercury meets Saturn and then around the 18th when Mercury meets Pluto.

Everybody’s got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine, and dream on

Rare aspects have lit up your partnership sector since Jupiter’s arrival in here back in November. Venus enters this its ruling house from the 7th and this is the first time you have experienced both these planets in here at the same time for 12 years. Jupiter and Venus will meet in here on the 22nd. This is all about your current, potential or even former partner. The person opposite you in other words. If you are single or seeking to enter any kind of duo then this is your time to find them.

Work opportunities could beckon also as a long term working relationship also falls under the rulership of this house. Please note however, that although both these planets want to bring us love, luck and good times, neither one can fix something that has gone beyond the point of no return. However, if this is the case then this meeting can make separating easier and possibly more amicable than at other times. While other transits release you into something new, exciting and see optimism in the future return.

There’s now a renewed sense of freedom, exploration and fun cascading in your direction, Gemini. Travel is now a distinct possibility now the Sun enters your 9th on the 20th with ruler Mercury hot in its heels on the 24th. Whether it’s for business or for personal reasons, expand your horizons if you get the opportunity now. Even if you cannot physically get away, the Sun combined with your ruler in this sector of your chart makes this a good time to plan that future trip as any travel plans are more likely to come to fruition in the future when undertaken during this time. Get dreaming about where in the world you want to go next. You’re feeling more confident, willing to explore possibilities and also less hung up on the outcome but more focussed on gaining experience now. This playful attitude works in your favour as you effortlessly attract in new people and circumstances.

We have yet another eclipse happening before the month ends. Yes, it is that supermassive, supersized, superbloodmoon which occurs on the 21st – the day before that meeting between Venus and Jupiter. However, it appears in your Mercury-ruled 3rd which contains all things Gemini-themed. So, partial eclipses give us part of the picture and total eclipses put us totally in the dark. Your car, your commute, your computer, your phone, that contract, your siblings, your neighbourhood, that project, website, manuscript – again, treat this like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. A deal can seem to be done, then disappear. And then reappear looking very different. Look to the small print, the hidden clause, that job description that suddenly changes and above all, read someone’s sub-text. Technology may go on the fitz and if it does and needs replacing, again, check that contract or what you are getting. Basically, I should not have to labour the point here as you of all signs know what a Mercury retro brings, so just supersize those rules and wait. Eventually the big picture will emerge.

However, when Mercury meets the Sun in your 9th on the 30th, news you receive or the way ahead should be crystal clear. This could bring you a new opportunity in business, study or travel or else that positive outcome you have been waiting for. Supersized. This January could just be the best thing you ever found.

In a nutshell: Get supersized this month, Gemini. Larger than life opportunities, experiences and love await you. Get ready to get legendary.


  • Explore the connectivity of love, money and wellbeing
  • Know what you need from love
  • Stay focused on the details

The first month of the New Year brings us eclipses and a rare and significant cosmic encounter in your 6th of work and wellbeing, Cancer. The year begins with a massive focus on your partnership sector. This is your major house of attraction don’t forget.  It is also a house of reflection as it represents who or what is ‘opposite’ us – as in that opposite number! As we radiate, we attract back in kind. That reflection may be a little blurred however when an eclipse occurs in this house – which it does at the time of the new Moon on the 6th. This brings us a partial solar eclipse – so things with a present, potential or even past partner may look a little blurry right now. There is no doubt that partnership matters of all descriptions loom large as 2019 begins due to five planets in this sector of your chart during the first week of January – Sun, ruler the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. You have two major themes happening this month – one to do with partners and the other impacting on your money, values, work and career. Look closely at where these issues intersect as this will provide you with the main clues as to how events could unfold – especially given how eclipses tend to cover-up.

Saturn is the planet that wants us to get serious. It says ‘Put a ring on it’ – or not as it also rules time as in ‘Time’s up’. Saturn rules karma – what goes around comes around as symbolised by those rings. The eternal circle and history repeating itself  – until we learn the lesson and step free of it. It’s time to bring your focus on to what you want from your closest personal ties. Whether you are in a long term romantic partnership or not. Look to your past choices around relationships and see what you have learned from this. Above all, get serious and get clear about what it is you want for your future before the eclipse. The Sun’s meeting with Saturn in here on the 2nd allows for you to do this. The advantage you now have is that you may not know exactly what someone else wants – but you know what you need. Mercury enters this house on the 5th paving the way of any kind of conversation around love or even business as this house includes long term working relationships.

Remember, you can only be certain of the contents of your own heart – not anyone else’s. Once you are however, no matter what blurs your vision around someone opposite you, you remain clear sighted. Saturn always rewards us when we do the work. This is yours at the start of the month. By doing this you pave the way to love transformation in line with your new insight. Watch for changes around relationships in the key period between the 11th and the 18th when first the Sun and then Mercury meets Pluto. Just remember the relationship which transforms can be the one with yourself and also a friendship, business or collaborative partnership or even that person you cannot stand. Often this comes about via us taking a different approach or seeing things differently. Again, this often comes about via us understanding our own hearts just that much better. So, begin the new year by laying a new foundation for love from relating to yourself so much better.

Time to explore that intersection between your personal life and your work, your emotions and your career and ultimately how all this impacts your wellbeing. Uranus heads direct in your 10th this month and just has a few more weeks to spend in here before quitting this sector of your chart for good. Hopefully during its seven year stay in here you have forged a career path that is totally and individually your own. Venus enters your 6th of your work (paid or unpaid), your daily routine and your health on the 7th. You have Jupiter already in here intent on opening doors to work progress and a new sense of wellbeing. Both these planets will meet in here on the 22nd. If you are currently seeking a new job or are employed and wanting to return to work, this alignment represents one of the best potentials for landing that role you’ve experienced in a very long time – 12 years in fact. To make the most of this you need to be organised, stay focused and pay close attention to the details. Venus hands you the ability to make an excellent impression on bosses, customers, clients and co-workers – both current and potential. You’ll come across as someone people want to work with or do business with. Jupiter hands you confidence and big picture thinking with an added lucky streak as Jupiter wants us to stretch for something – like that role,  that we consider slightly out of reach. Whatever advantages these two planets hand us, effort and focus are still required due to Venus’s desire for pleasure and inability to deal with every day mundane tasks, and Jupiter can have us so immersed in that big picture we neglect to take care of the details. But provided you avoid both pitfalls, incredible inroads can be made and success stories told this January. Key dates aside from the 22nd when Venus and Jupiter meet are the 18th when Venus trines Mars stirring the fires of ambition in your 10th giving you the perfect balance between diplomacy and the desire to succeed, and then the 25th when Mars trines Jupiter. Try to schedule interviews, meetings and presentations for these dates or as close to them as possible.

Above all, these aspects offer freedom and the ability to be rewarded or recognised for something you love to do. Improvements in both your work and your personal life result in improvements to your energy and your wellbeing. Which is where that mind/body/spirit/love/work connection comes in. Is one area impacting on others or on your wellbeing in general? If so, this month is all about correcting this. Transformation and personal power fuel realisation around what needs to be done. Plug into your internal powerhouse as the Sun enters your 8th from the 20th. What you share with others touches on partnership matters – anything from a joint account, to your bed or the home it sits in.

Negotiations may feature now whether they concern the above or even your salary or your pay. Time to know what your values are, what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for and where you know you can bring the art of compromise into play – and when sticking to your guns is the only answer. However, when it comes to money matters, proceed with caution now and certainly, don’t enter into any new loans or other arrangements unless you can possibly help it. If you are involved in negotiations, bear in mind that the other party may be withholding something or you simply don’t have all the facts. If you are worried about debt at this time, please seek out expert financial advice. The reason for this is the totally eclipsed superbloodmoon in your personal money sector on the 21st. Whatever you do, you need to avoid getting emotional about money and remain pragmatic and businesslike now. Feelings of being ‘less than’ based on how much you earn – or don’t, have no place at this time. Money is energy – see it like this. It is not a statement of your soul worth. If you remain connected to this truth, you can in fact emerge from the shadow of this major eclipse ahead as it occurs the day before Venus and Jupiter meet pointing to changes not just to your bank account but enhancements to your world across your health, lifestyle and routine. Open up to the ‘current’ of this energy rather than seeing money as just currency and something to peg your worth on.

More information that you need could emerge from this quite quickly as the month ends with a meeting between the Sun and Mercury in your 8th. You are able to get your position across with clarity, power and precision. You have the ability to sway others with your ideas and also ask those deep, probing questions in order to uncover the facts. In fact, you won’t stop until you have them. Love and money cut across partnership matters and are in fact, two sides of the same coin as both are ruled by Venus. This is your axis of self-worth and success this January, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Welcome to the crossroads where partnerships, money, work and wellbeing all meet. Time for a change in direction for 2019, Cancer. Why? Because you’re worth it!


  • Define your destiny
  • Attract, radiate, shine
  • Love rules

Get your glam on, Leo and get ready to roar into 2019! Watch how anything that has held you back just drops away now. Freedom, love, fun, learning and romance beckon. January could see you in the spotlight in some way. Are you camera ready? This goes way beyond your Instagram profile, social media presence or mere selfies. This is just fantasy? No, it’s the real life. Get ready to live it large now, Leo.

We have two major yearly cycles of attraction when it comes to love, attention and drawing to us the experiences, people and things we need in order to express ourselves. These occur when Venus enters either our 5th or our 7th houses. This year, the party lasts for 12 months thanks to the presence of Jupiter in your 5th. The planet of opportunity, expansion and adventure will be joined in here by Venus from the 7th plus you have a soul shakedown party occuring in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart and an image and destiny making eclipse occuring in your 1st later this month. All of which adds up to making this a month like no other you’ve experienced in a very long time.

The break-free experience begins on New Year’s Day when Mars enters your 9th delivering the desire for something bigger, better, wilder and more meaningful. Mars gives you the confidence to go after whatever this is. Uranus has been stirring your sense of adventure in here for the past seven years. What have you experienced or explored during this time? Your horizons should have expanded along with your mind as new people and possibilities should have entered your life which acted as catalysts for this. Some of this may have involved travelling to unusual places and/or encountering others with very different beliefs and ideas. Your worldview should have shifted and as a result, you won’t be content with what you may have settled for in the past. You now know that there is so much more out there to see, do and explore. Uranus moves forward in here from the 6th and this marks its final weeks in this house before exiting for good in March.  Uranus frees us from what chains us or holds us back. Heed the call towards something different and whatever you do – don’t settle. 

The New Year also begins with a focus on your house of work and wellbeing. Your ruler the Sun in here is partially eclipsed at the time of the new Moon on the 6th while Mercury, which rules this sector of your chart, entered here the day before. You begin the year with a massive line-up in here – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. This is all about making permanent changes to anything from your work to your routine and looking at what you can do to support yourself better – mind, body and spirit. Look at it this way – if your body is not functioning at its best, you are not in a position to make the most of the good things that are right now, queueing to come your way! Commit to a better way of working. If this means seeking new work, then Mercury in here lends itself to supporting you. Is that routine now a rut? Switch it up! What are you fueling that body with? January is always the time when we begin to count the cost of any overindulgence during the festive season. This goes beyond New Year resolutions and is more about making any changes you need to support that body. Chances are if you look around you this January you will find inspiration on ways to eat, work and feel better in your daily life. And in ways that unlike most resolutions, last all year.

Lovers, creativity, ways to be noticed, children, adoption, IVF, pregnancy, your partner’s children – or a potential partner who has children, young people or the younger generation, study and holidays. Above all, you moving in to the spotlight for a reason connected to any of these. It’s time to shine Leo. In a way that you have not been able to for 12 years. That’s how long it has been since Jupiter and Venus met in your 5th. So, for some of you, this will be your first experience of this as fully-fledged adult. Your key words are flair, originality and daring and your experience and opportunity to shine could well revolve around passing this on to someone younger or simply being someone who leads, teaches and inspires via doing what they love. The term ‘pleasure trip’ comes to mind as your 5th is the house of holidays, Jupiter rules travel and Venus is all about the pleasure. So, travel is very much a possibility and even if this were undertaken for work, expect good times and unexpected benefits to be included.

A romance which begins now could even be with a younger, somewhat larger than life person and any new connection that begins now has serious, long term implications. Your extra special boost to partnerships – both present and potential, comes as your ruler the Sun enters this sector of your chart on the 20th – two days before the cosmic encounter between Venus and Jupiter. In between these two events – we have a total lunar eclipse the day of the super full Moon –a superbloodmoon, occurring in your 1st. You and next door sign of Cancer are the signs most effected by eclipses as you are ruled by the Sun and Moon respectively. Are you covering up your true feelings or desires? Or are you wondering about someone else? Is there a ‘cover up’ occurring around something intensely personal to you? On another level, this eclipse favours withdrawing in preparation for a relaunch. Do you want people to see your differently? The shadow of this eclipse is a portal into the dreamtime  – where you can create anything from a new life – your own or another’s, to an idea which you later bring into the world. If you want a rebirth, see this as your opportunity.

This could also bring a partnership resurrection or bring a partnership matter to a close or a conclusion. Freedom and learning via love experiences or working closely with another in a joint invested venture are just some of the options available as could even be striking out on your own thanks to a path-opening potential created by Mars and Jupiter on the 25th. The 24th has Mercury arriving in your 7th facilitating all kinds of discussions around close personal and working relationships. If a relaunch was on your agenda, this could be your time to unfurl or share your ideas as your ruler and Mercury meet on the 30th. You’re moving into new territory not just when it comes to love, but in how others see you – and how you express yourself. Go shine this January, Leo.

In a nutshell: Your superstar moment arrives and it’s time to be noticed. For all the right reasons. Whether it’s for a wide audience or a special audience of one – time to shine, Leo!


  • Have a plan – then make it real
  • Changes are all for your benefit
  • Get ready to live – and love, large

Revelations lead to release as the New Year begins for you, Virgo. These insights may however trickle down and take time to appear. Or you have to mulch and integrate what you are being shown, told and intuit before you see that big picture. This may well revolve around love, your children, or even what unpins your entire sense of security. Make no mistake, this could be both foundation shaking – and creating all at the same time.

What you need to remember is that what truly supports you may wobble or feel like it is, but it cannot topple. Anything that does, was not supporting you, rather it was restricting you. And if it falls it is because it is being replaced by something better. In fact, rare and special future building and enhancing aspects light up your 4th of home, family, security and long term future this month. You are the sign where I don’t need to say ‘have a plan in place’ – as chances are you may have more than one, all perfected down to the finest detail. January says get ready to implement it – and make it real.

You’re right at the end of a major change cycle around what you share, owe and earn. Turning fears or obstacles to your advantage has also formed part of this cycle. Chances are – you simply evolved and out-grew them. That monster in the closet was revealed to be exactly what it always was – just a bunch of stuff you had outgrown. Take this knowledge with you now as you head into the final stages of this cycle and prepare to put it behind you for good. You’ve the desire and determination to do whatever still needs to be done thanks to Mars entering its ancient ruling 8th on New Year’s Day. This forms part of this revelation that could well define how the rest of the year unfolds for you. Look at that plan and now take action on it. What’s your first step? Mars gives you the confidence to pursue. Uranus is in its final weeks in this house realigning you to your values and shaking through the final stages of evolutionary change. It heads forward in here from the 6th marking its final weeks in this house in your lifetime. Keep that plan in mind but be open as to how you might attain this. Above all, let go of any conclusions around changes that occur now. No matter what they look like or you may think, everything is happening for your ultimate benefit.

Lovers, children, young people, your creative force and divinely unique self-expression have a major role to play this month. Ruler Mercury’s entry into your 5th from the 5th says talk of love or creative ideas is your topic of choice. You want to share it all from your feelings to your vision. Mercury adds a touch of playfulness and youthful optimism to what is in fact a heavy line-up in here. The Sun meets Saturn in here on the 2nd testing whether something is serious or not. Transformational aspects follow and you also need to follow through on what you say – those ideas for one thing, and mean what you say too, when Mercury too meets Saturn on the 13th. Watch for the results of this just few days later on the 18th when Mercury reaches Pluto. Say it like you mean it – and really mean it now. Transformational ideas could bring change as something new is emerging now although you may not quite be able to see it just yet. Eclipses don’t just cover up – they bring endings and powerful new beginnings. But because there is a ‘cover up’ – we can’t quite see what they contain. A partial eclipse means you have part of the picture. A total eclipse means you are completely in the dark. The partial eclipse which occurs at the time of the new Moon in your 5th contains the seeds of a fresh start even if it comes wrapped in an ending for the time being. Again, refer back to what I said about change earlier and keep that mind open. Nothing is quite as it seems as yet but the future is now in the shadows waiting to be born.

That future could arrive in the form of a house move, relocation, benefits via property or real estate, your home, family or career. Living well and living large – especially when it comes to your living space, are all hallmarks of Jupiter in your 4th. As is having the money to do this. It has been 12 years since Jupiter was in here intent upon expanding everything from your living space to your family or the income that forms your bedrock upon which your sense of belonging and security rests. Venus enters this house from the 7th and will meet Jupiter in here on the 22nd bringing you a rare opportunity to grasp the lifestyle of your dreams. Some of you may benefit directly from a family member perhaps helping you up the property ladder. Older women – not just family members but perhaps a female boss, could be instrumental in this. Even if you are renting – if you are moving during this time then you are likely to find somewhere bigger and better than you thought possible on your budget. Deciding to become an airbnb host is another way you may benefit from your home with Jupiter in here as Jupiter rules foreigners and travel. If that plan or dream has involved a major relocation or even emigration, big moves can be made or set in motion now. Others could have the wherewithal to extent their present home rather than actually move. Contracts or important papers which require your signature or tie into this feature once ruler Mercury follows the Sun into your 6th on the 24th – two days after the Venus/Jupiter meeting.

But we’ve not yet finished with the revelationary period I was talking about at the start of this forecast. You are entering uncharted territory where there are insights and truths waiting to be discovered now. These play a vital role in seeing any changes for what they are and also in understanding your needs for the future. The full Moon in your 12th on the 21st is not just a Supermoon but is totally eclipsed. So a superbloodmoon. This is your house of secrets and intuition and you need to remain firmly connected to the latter now. This eclipse links you back to the past – not just in this lifetime but in others too. Family karma may feature as cold your soul family. This is the house where we enter the deep side of life. It is known as ‘womb and tomb’ in astrology as it shows us where we have been and where we go next. So, crossings over and souls reappearing are just two possibilities emerging from this eclipse as could be seeing something very differently when the shadow of it passes. When will this happen? Sometimes this can be a matter of days, other times weeks or even months. But eventually you have that ‘A-ha! Now I see it’ moment where everything just falls into place.

No matter if you are waiting for more answers, this month offers you the opportunity to be right where you need to be. Changes are for your benefit now and you may well see this very clearly indeed as early as the 25th when Mars and Jupiter make a game-changing angle for you. Signing your name to the future – or something important seals the deal at the end of the month when Mercury and the Sun meet in Mercury’s 6th. You’re making a home run this January, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Family, children, your living space, home matters and your long term security are all in focus this January. Stand by for moving experiences – and to expand your lifestyle, Virgo.


  • Get a new sense of belonging
  • Brand new YOU
  • Welcome back from not to hot!

No more guessing games or rejection dances as 2019 brings choices, commitment and fresh partnership potential. The past seven years might have seen those Libran scales involved in a see-saw cycle of questions, on-again, off-again connections or simply you feeling that love had passed you by. Sure, you might have encountered people who have reshaped your ideas around love and who you will never forget, but the other side of this might also have been not knowing where you stood or else just left with the impression you had gone from hot – to not. This may not only have impacted on your personal relationships but your professional one too with employers just not seeming to want what you’re selling. Others may have been in the position where they have been doing the rejecting as what was on offer just wasn’t what they wanted. Sudden and unexpected changes in your relationship status could have turned your world upside down. So, let’s talk about putting the world to rights and re-balancing those scales again which is what the start of 2019 – and indeed, all of it, offers you.

The dog days are over by March when Uranus, the planet responsible for all those upheavals and the course of true love going off-kilter, exits your 7th never to return. It heads direct in here for the final time from the 6th and you also have Mars in this sector of your chart from the 1st. This time, you get to drive the direction that relationship destiny is going in, rather than just feeling you are going along for the ride. Look to what you have learned over the past seven years through all kinds of partnership opportunities. What worked and what didn’t. Because chances are no matter how things might have ended up differently to what you hoped for or even expected, you are emerging from this with your ideas around the love that’s right for you, totally re-set. The scales may have tilted but the end result has been the balance you needed. And the only way to achieve this was to have these experiences.

Chances are what you are seeking in a partner or any kind of close relationship is now totally different to when this cycle began.  Remember, we don’t have experiences just for the sake of it. We always get sent opportunities to put into action what we have learned. Prepare yourself, Libra because putting those love insights into action will be your action plan from here on in! Home and security matters are back on the agenda as the year begins as we have a new Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 5th but this brings the first of two eclipses this month. Partial solar eclipses only cover part of the Sun. So, we just have part of the picture with something still to be filled in or uncovered. This could relate to a house move or relocation and if so, wait. There is a bigger picture waiting to emerge. There are major influences happening in the house with five planets in here the day the eclipse occurs – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Look to where you feel emotionally connected to. Mercury favours commerce and contracts – signing leases, mortgage papers etc while Saturn is the planet of establishment. Pluto offers transformation. This could also have a knock-on effect with your income, business or career. An increase in one leads to the other but the planets are asking: where do you feel you belong?

Brand new you. Or brand You. Jupiter entered your 3rd back in November and now ruler Venus arrives in here from the 7th (the day after that eclipse – note!). They are gearing up for their first date in this house for 12 years which will occur on the 22nd. This also occurs after the Sun has entered your 5th on the 20th and the day after a total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 11th on the 21st. You are going to be on show in some way which is why I am advising you now to work or update your ‘brand’ and what you have to offer. Time to put yourself out there and to be very aware of what your words and image say about you. Work those ideas – whether you work for someone or yourself. Writing, speaking, publishing, teaching, blogging, study, travel, your product or skillset and the internet are all in focus and these are your platforms to success. To go back to that theme of moving or relocating and perhaps not having that big picture – your 3rd rules your neighbourhood. This may be about to change with moves or even a major relocation promised. Hold in place and wait for that big picture.

Travel opportunities are all around you and you could be heading places you will never forget – or again, decide to relocate to permanently. When it comes to what you have learned about love and relationships – time to flex those flirtation muscles for singles or enter into a lighthearted phase of those settleds. Mars still in your partnership zone angles to Jupiter on the 25th favouring bold moves and hot interactions. Others may find themselves in the spotlight in other ways – possibly via business or that self-branding exercise thanks to Mercury’s arrival in your 5th from the 24th. You’re playing with ideas – and words now. Use this talent to attract what you want – from followers to business to hooking hearts. You can sell yourself more effectively now than at any other time whether this is on a business or personal level. You and your ideas enchant. The 30th sees the Sun and Mercury meet in here and signatures could be on anything from hearts to papers. Sign your name to leaving guessing games and rejection behind you for good, Libra.

In a nutshell: Say goodbye to rejection and not knowing where you stand with relationships. And hello to love and knowing what you want. 2019 is your time of reinvention, Libra.


  • Get comfortable with your cash
  • Buy yourself a new experience
  • Love is your best asset

Work, business and money matters are set to dominate January for you, Scorpio. Unleash your inner entrepreneur. You’re in a go-getting mood and aiming for success for 2019. This month has both your rulers ancient and modern, working for you when it comes to what you do and getting those ideas across. Important papers could be signed and agreements reached and your bank account could quite literally be ringing up the changes! Ancient ruler Mars arrives in your 6th of work – paid and unpaid on the 1st and gives you the energy and confidence to begin to implement changes to that day job or routine. If you have decided you’ve gone as far as you can in your present role – or you just need to invigorate your daily routine, Mars powers you forward. You’ve also had Uranus revolutionising your attitude to work or even your entire work direction in this sector for the past seven years. It’s entering its final weeks in this house in your chart as it heads direct on the 6th. What’s your calling? Your true path? Uranus frees us, and in here this amounts to us letting go of that dead-end job, propelling us free of that routine that’s turned into a rut or sending us back out into the workforce if we have had a period of unemployment. These are your final revolutionary weeks of adjustment so make the most of them.

Your ability to sell yourself and your ideas, to do business, to reach agreements and get your point across is also enhanced now thanks to a major line-up in your 3rd. Mercury rules this house of your chart and enters here on the 5th. You have ruler Pluto in long term residence as well as Saturn making its first visit in here in 30 years. There’s a new weight and meaning behind what you say. Long term business commitments can be made now. With one caveat however: you are to treat this period like a Mercury retro – on steroids. Read everything you enter into carefully before signing, repeat yourself as many times as necessary to make sure you are understood and get it in writing – then check the small print – again. The new Moon in here wraps the Sun in a partial solar eclipse. In this house there’s a meaning that’s not clear, a miscommunication or obfuscation, a delay, a reversal or a breakdown of either technology or transportation. If you need a repair of anything from your car to your phone, more than one quote or opinion on what the problem is might be a good tactic. If you need to replace it, then ensure you know what contract you are getting into or even what you are buying. This is the first of two eclipses this month and because of the major activity in this house, major decisions especially around work, communication and commerce, could be made. If you are travelling – again, treat this like a Mercury retro and have a Plan B in place and allow for delays.

However, all the major action is really centered on your 2nd of money, values, self-worth and assets. Venus rules this house and leaves your 1st to arrive in here on the 7th. This is the day before the Sun and ruler Pluto meet in your 3rd. Talent validating news could arrive that boots the bottom line – and your self-esteem. You have Jupiter in here paying this sector of your chart a visit for the first time in 12 years. The 22nd will see Venus and Jupiter meet in here – again for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter in your 2nd can see you earning and handling larger sums of money than you have done in a very long time. Remember, with Jupiter it is all about learning and experience so if more cash is coming your way, Jupiter is sending it because the universe wants you to learn from this. If you have money to spare then spend on experiences rather than things. With Jupiter in here this may be travel, sports, adventure or even paying for that course you want to take. Venus is not just about the money. She is about pleasure, love and enjoyment, beauty and sensuality. Venus leads you towards spending on adornment – either for yourself or your home and usually high quality items. Just ensure if you are contemplating an expensive purchase it adds value to your life in some way.

The meeting between Venus and Jupiter can signal a major financial breakthrough or win of some description. When I say ‘win’, although Jupiter rules gambling and luck, I do not necessary mean you will win the lottery. This is your house of the money you make or earn so that ‘win’ is more likely to be a job offer, order or start of a business venture. Venus in its ruling house enhances your money taking talents and also makes you and your skills seem extra alluring and desirable to employers, clients and customers. People want to say ‘yes’ to you. Providing you keep an eye on your spending and keep value and experience as your main criteria for buying anything now, this month can open the door to increased prosperity for the coming year. Dates when opportunity just may come door-knocking and also when you can get the most out of those all-important interviews or business meetings are the 13th when Mercury meets Saturn in your 3rd giving weight to what you say and allowing others to take you seriously and the 18th when not only does Mercury meet Pluto in here, but Venus trines Mars in your work sector while Jupiter will do the same on the 26th. Try to schedule anything to do with money making as close to these dates as possible.

Gains can also be made in your personal life too. Your 2nd rules people who are your assets on a soul and emotional level. Those who truly support you and who you can rely on. A new ‘asset’ could well appear for some of you as a result of this Venus/Jupiter meeting. This could be someone who brings in a new feeling of prosperity and abundant living. This can be someone you work with or a potential partner. Either way, you are going to benefit from their generosity on some level. Look for someone outgoing, daring and well-travelled who while successful, doesn’t take things too seriously. Except for you that is. You they do take seriously.

Your home, foundation, security, career and sense of belonging is of course tied in to your bank account and what is happening in your personal life. The Sun in your 4th from the 20th gives you a month long focus on what you need to support and sustain you. And it all begins with where you live and who you share that space with. Look closely at those emotional needs which you have to prioritise and take as seriously as you do those career ambitions, Scorpio. If you don’t have one you can’t achieve the other. So, it all boils down to bringing it home for the final part of the month. The Moon rules your 4th house and this month we have a total eclipse of the supermoon in your 10th of career and status on the 21st – a supereclipsedbloodmoon. Full Moons stir our emotions. Supermoons supersize them. Eclipsed supermoons put us in the dark. Above all, you can only know your own feelings so please under this one, don’t even try to guess the feelings of others as chances are you will be totally wrong. You’re being asked to look closely at what you may have ignored – not just with your career but at home. Above all, guard your reputation and do nothing that might give others the wrong impression. If you get called out over a mistake now – own it, don’t make excuses or try to place the blame elsewhere. This eclipse wants to draw you in to the shadows to see the truth about your choices in some way. This may be something you might not be proud of. Or it may boil down to just neglecting your home life and personal needs in favour of work. You can emerge from this with a stronger sense of what is right and if you need to change how others see you – you can do that too.

Head towards February with not just a renewed sense of being able to give yourself what you need, but with the satisfaction that comes from seeing your future take form in front of your eyes. And all due to your own efforts. Remember, Jupiter invites but we have to accept the invitation. When it comes to money, how you make it and the experiences it can buy, accept that invitation to accept more. Abundance contains the word ‘dance’ – so dance with possibilities this January.

In a nutshell: Step into a cycle of abundance and expansion when it comes to your cash – and your self- esteem. A new relationship could turn into a real asset for you. Bank on your talents, Scorpio.


  • Big up those desires
  • Make a move on love
  • Go directly to your dream

A friend of mine once joked there were just two signs in the zodiac – Sagittarians and all the rest who wished they were Sagittarians. I will not even give you three guesses as to what sign they were. This month – well, who wouldn’t want to be you, Sag? With Venus joining Jupiter your ruler in your sign for the first time in 12 years, you are an attraction magnet. Sitting on the sidelines, overlooked, forgotten, ignored? For you this January that’s about as likely as Borat being Kazakhstan’s first man in space. But when it comes to what you desire in 2019 – the sky is literally the limit. Aim big and aim high because Jupiter wants you to remember that if your dream is not coming true it is because you need a bigger dream.

There’s the final chapter of a story around lovers, children, young people or even your creative passion and how you express yourself now. You’ve a desire to be noticed, to embrace pleasure and dare I say it – launch yourself out into the world as the New Year begins. Mars in your 5th from January 1 fills you with confidence to go after whatever it is you want for yourself. You have a need to soar and be noticed. If you have been nurturing a project or idea, this month is your launch pad as all the planets in the heavens are moving with you in forward motion. Making the first move on anything – from that show stopping idea to striking up that conversation – you’re not in the mood to wait. If you’re already in a relationship, then you’ll want to express how you feel as desire demands an outlet. Others may channel this into a creative project or plan. There’s a touch of the performer about you now so think star quality and above all, do whatever it is you to in your unique individual way.  Doing it your way is also part of this final chapter in a book that has taken seven years to write due to Uranus in this house in your chart. January sees it move forward once again, gathering speed and exiting this house for good in March. Get those answers you’ve been seeking around romance or again, children or young people. And know now you don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you  love or be yourself. Uranus’s lasting gift to you should have been not caring about what others may think any more.

Travel, that favourite of all Sag activities, is highlighted now as are big decisions around your finances. Money after all, funds those Sag dreams.  You have had the benefit of Saturn in your money zone since the end of 2017 asking you to think in the long term about your cash. Pluto also remains in here and his lesson is all about how powerful you feel when it comes to directing your financial future. The start of January sees a massive stellium in this sector of your chart plus and eclipse. The day of the eclipse (6th) we have five planets in here – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The Sun and Mercury are going to conjunct Saturn and then Pluto making the 2nd to the 18th a prime time for negotiations and contracts as well as tapping into new sources of income and increased business activity. Some of you could be starting the year with a new job. Just be aware however that the partial solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon means that there is one money matter you don’t yet have the big picture on. Partial eclipses only show us part of it. I don’t like the term ‘budget’ as it ranks right up there with ‘diet’ as a top resolution to be broken. Spending Plan is a much more positive term. Your way out of any monetary doubt is to begin with that.

Get your money working for you and then you’re free to enjoy all the other amazing things that January just wants to bring you. You’ve not had an extra-special month like this for 12 years and its almost as if your birthday season just never wants to end. Venus is now very much out of retro-shadow as it arrives in your 1st from the 7th. Love is very much back on the agenda and not just the romantic kind either. What you love to do, create, have and experience are all equal loves as far as you are concerned. The rarest of rare alignments which has the ability to open the door to you realising a dream around something you love occurs on the 22nd when Venus and Jupiter meet in your 1st. Be ready to take action when it does. Remember, Jupiter invites and Venus entices but we have to follow through. Luckily you have the desire and the confidence to move when that opportunity appears as the 18th brings another star alignment between Venus in your sign and Mars in your 5th. A romantic encounter, hot date, chance to showcase your talents or even a lucky break could be yours for the uptake. You’re not simply hot – you’re on fire now!

Where in the world do you want to go? If you are a typical Sag then you know you are usually planning your next trip even as you sit in the departure lounge waiting to board the aircraft for your current one! Jupiter in your 1st promises more stamps in that passport or even the opportunity to explore parts of your own country you have not visited before. Expect breathtaking discoveries, unforgettable experiences and Instagrammable photos from any journey you undertake.  The Sun and Mercury’s arrival in your 3rd on the 20th and 24th respectively boosts your chances for adventure. This is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and work, commerce, business, study and presentations are all favoured. Work you have been doing around your money and how you make it, could now pay off with your bank account increasing along with fresh job opportunities. When it comes to travel – especially the long distance kind, if you are setting sail at the end of this month, confirm everything before setting out and have a Plan B or even C to hand. There’s a ‘just in case’ feel to all of this thanks to a total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 9th on the 21st. Airlines, mass transportation, overseas destinations, connections, the travel industry in general, could experience outages, glitches, cancellations, strikes or technical problems. This is a totallyeclipsedsuperbloodmoon and needs to be treated a bit like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. Remember, total eclipses put us completely in the dark. The Moon rules the tides and also our emotions. Suddenly losing all sense of direction – or feeling we have, could be one effect this eclipse may have. Others could embark on a journey and not realise at the time how significant or life-changing it is.

Any feelings of not knowing where we are heading should pass for you and quickly, Sag. Again, everything in the heavens seems aligned in your favour – especially when Mars does the same to Jupiter on the 25th. Agreements can be reached, contracts signed, ventures launched, orders confirmed, jobs offered or your car, phone or computer could be in for an upgrade at the end of the month when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 3rd. If you have a message or a product – or just yourself to sell, sent it out there now.  This month gives you a green light to go for your dreams the like of which you have not experienced in over a decade. Big up that love, big up that vision – and step into a wider world of possibilities this January.

In a nutshell: You’re the sign with the mostest this January, Sag. Head in a straight path towards those biggest dreams. You’ve your best chance in 12 years of reaching them now.


  • Extend yourself into living larger
  • Achieve the perfect balance between the material and the spiritual
  • Get ready for Good Karma Time!

Those rowdy Sagittarians next-door may think this month’s planetary party is all about them but there’s more than enough happening in your sign for you to claim your share of the spotlight this month, Capricorn. In fact, if you are a Capricorn with Sag factors in your chart – and an awful lot of you are, then think of this as having access to the VIP area of that party as January promises to deliver something priceless.

The start of the New Year could have you itching to make changes around your home, living space or even in some cases, that all-important Capricorn career path. Mars enters your 4th on New Year’s Day and this combined with Uranus direct in here from the 6th adds up to ‘out with the old and in with the new’. You’re unafraid to make changes now whether it’s to your lifestyle, your space or even where you call home. This is Uranus’s final weeks in this sector of your chart before quitting this house for good in March. It’s more than just Changing Rooms but you having a Grand Design for how you want to be living – and even working in the future. Mars demands you take action so please, channel its energy in here. Literally, clear your space for the innovative and new to enter. Moves or even upheavals could occur – especially if you do not channel this energy constructively. There’s something you have outgrown which can be anything from your position in your household or family to that living space or job. Extend yourself out there. This is all about the freedom to live or work the way you want.

You have the desire, the drive and the ambition but this comes wrapped in something intangible. There’s a touch of insight, intuition and spiritual truth behind all the worldly matters that are in focus for you now. You may have to go deep and look closely to tune into this however. How far you have come and how much further you can possibly go will be on your mind at the year begins thanks to an amazing five-planet line up forming in your 1st during the first week. See, I told you the party would be coming to you. The 2nd sees the Sun meet your ruler Saturn and this is when you may very well set your intentions for the year ahead and know thanks to Saturn, that you have what it takes to not only stick to them, but to attain them. Mercury arrives in your sign on the 5th and sets in motion a cascade of power alignments set to transform a personal dream or ambition. Just what is that? Well, the fact is you may not be ready to reveal to the world just what changes you have planned yet, Capricorn.

There’s a new beginning happening for you with the new Moon in your 1st on the 6th. This marks the day when the number of planets in your sign peaks at five – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and of course, Pluto. However, the new Moon also brings a partial solar eclipse. As you know, eclipses conceal and partial eclipses mean we just have part of the picture. As this is in your 1st it may well be you doing the concealing as you may just not yet be ready to tell or show the world, what it is you are up to. Another way this eclipse can just reveal part of a bigger picture is that you get offered an opportunity but at the time don’t realise its significant or how it ties in to your larger ambitions until much later. This can also herald something unforeseen which comes out of the past and relates to something you thought over and done with. And here is where we enter into that priceless and mysterious territory I hinted at earlier.

Jupiter planet of higher learning, abundance, travel and exploration entered your 12 of the past and mysteries in November. This month sees it joined in here by Venus and the two will meet in here for the first time in 12 years on the 22nd. Powerful, deep and lasting changes could be set to occur now as a result of you experiencing a massive shift in your worldview or your idea of what ‘reality’ is. Awakening to your true purpose (which of course affects your ambition), journeying to the deep side of life and realising there is more to your existence than the earthly one are just some of the possibilities for learning something priceless now. Jupiter in here links you to universal truth and wisdom. You will see yourself and your place in the universe in a new way which again, gives you something invaluable, intangible and which can never be taken from you.

This is your house of the past and Jupiter rules travel. Journeying to somewhere you have been to before – or even in a past life, is possible now. You could find yourself someplace totally foreign and strange – but it feels like home. This is also your house of empathy, compassion and altruism. Travel in connection with volunteering or raising money for charity could be one way Jupiter manifests itself for you while in here while broadening your horizons and increasing your understanding of the world at the same time. Venus in your 12th is usually more about universal, spiritual love rather than the romantic kind. However, this is as I said, the house of your past. If you have a lost love or a past love, they could reappear now with a second chance at love on offer. This extends to loves from past lives too. If you are in need of help or assistance with any kind of issue or problem now, Jupiter in your 12th is in major Guardian Angel guise. Be on the lookout for someone who offers you something with apparently no agenda and with no expectations of anything in return.  If so, this is Jupiter visiting you in person. If someone requires your assistance and you are in a position to help, even if this is just giving your time, then do so. You will be amazed at how you will be rewarded further down the track.

Good karma, what goes around comes around and gifts and experiences that not even time can diminish, are all possibilities of what this Jupiter/Venus may deliver. This journey into the hidden realms this month may mark the end of one cycle with a powerful new one beginning. There’s a finality about the eclipse which happens on the 21st and take it that something will be wrapped up in the shadow of what is a supereclipsedbloodmoon. Although you may not see it at first, due to Jupiter and Venus in your 12tt uniting the day after this eclipse, it is designed to bring you truth and clarity around one particular situation, person or aspect of your life. This is your house of sex, death and endings, rebirth, transformation, the things you share and are shared with others in turn – anything from a bank account to a bed, your salary, legacies, payouts, power money and your fears. Buttons may get pushed now. Full Moons are always emotional. Supermoons even more so but eclipsed Supermoons? This is your house where feelings run deep. You may glimpse the truth about a person or situation or even one about yourself as the shadow of this eclipse passes. The result of this is literally as if the reset button gets pushed in a key area. You will never see things the same way again and as a result – rebirth takes place.

This may also have a direct impact on your money, values and sense of self-worth as the Sun and then Mercury enters your 2nd on the 20th and 24th respectively. The month ends with a major cash-generating encounter between these two in here.  One of the messages of the eclipse in your 8th should have been to show you that money is a creative force. It is far more than just pounds, euros, dollars, yuen or any currency. It is a current that we can tap into. Sometimes it flows more easily than others but it is always there. This month can see your values shift along with that worldview. By the end of the month the Sun/Mercury meeting could deliver what this new current flowing through your consciousness has generated. The month began with you making changes to your living space. It ends with you hopefully feeling that much more secure. Balance success and the spiritual this month, Capricorn as you can be a spiritual being and still enjoy the material world.

In a nutshell:  Intangible gifts and benefits that may be unseen but beyond price, could be yours now, Capricorn. Good karma you’ve accrued could see you very much in soul-credit. Welcome in 2019.


  • Gifts come in mysterious packages
  • Intuition reveals the truth
  • Happy birthday, Aquarius!

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge 2019 from how it initially begins, Aquarius. Take it from me that you don’t yet have the big picture when it comes to the opportunities this year wants to deliver. Up until your birthday period which begins when the Sun arrives in your sign on the 20th, and perhaps even for a little bit afterwards, there’s a need to go within and tap into your inner knowing. You need to rely on this more than anything else now. January requires you to ‘feel’ your way through it rather than intellectualise it. It’s a time of the soul and spirit and also to change your mind, ideas and viewpoint. It can be exciting and open up incredible new avenues for you – especially if you are willing to be open-minded and remain flexible. Above all, you need to remember that nothing may be as it appears at first. Opportunities may come in disguise so be prepared to wait before passing judgement.

This is a time of new discoveries above all else. And this can include new ways to attain those biggest goals, wishes, dreams and desires. Expect illumination and a blot from the blue to electrify both your vision and your future. If you are prepared to wait for your moment that is. And believe me, it will be worth it if you do!

The year begins with Mars joining your ruler Uranus in your 3rd of business, commerce, communication and ideas. This is about your message, your brand and your on-line presence as Uranus rules the World Wide Web and this is your house of publishing and writing. Uranus just has a few more weeks to spend in here before exiting this house for good. It heads direct once more in here from the 6th. Mars in here gives you courage, conviction and the ability to take action – to sell yourself and your ideas with fire and passion. This is also all about believing in something – be it yourself, the company you work for (or want to work for), the product, service or message. There’s no room for a half-hearted approach now and while both these planets offer you scope for progress and business success, if deep down you don’t believe in what you are saying, doing or selling, you won’t get the results you are after. Uranus’s journey in here has been about innovation – in your thinking, in how you communicate and get your ideas across, in taking on new ideas and in getting your message out there in new and exciting ways.  If you have something to say or launch, do it now.  If it is backed up by that passion and belief, you could just be unstoppable.

Many of you may start the year by upgrading your technology – a new phone, tablet, computer as you search for more ways to connect with even more people and get your message across. Your wider social network, your goals and the way you see your future unfolding will be major themes during this year and I will have more to say about the importance of all this later in this forecast. For now however, let’s enter the world of dreams and inner knowing. Stretch your intuition and hone those psychic abilities as the year begins, Aquarius. Above all,  no matter what is happening ask your higher self, Guardian Angel, guide, universal wisdom – whatever you wish to call it, to help you see what is really going on. If you ask for the truth, it will be revealed to you sooner or later now. Major planetary activity is occurring in your 12th during the lead up to your birthday. It’s time to keep that dream/Tarot/psychic development journal close to hand to write down the many messages, feelings, insights and synchronicities that are going to appear during the next few weeks. Above all, keep tabs on what your intuition is telling you and how many times it turns out to be spot-on.

Many of you will begin the year with a deep and powerful need to declutter. This runs a whole lot deeper than your normal New Year’s resolutions or shedding those few extra pounds which may have crept on over the holiday period. You may be looking around you and realising there is much you have simply outgrown or no longer need. Stay with this impulse and follow through. Major clearances could begin from the 2nd when the Sun meets Saturn in here. Be prepared also for insights into a situation or even personal connection that put a whole new spin on things when Mercury arrives in here from the 5th. The new Moon in here which occurs on the 6th is one which is all about our beliefs. What we believe about ourselves, our lives, others, what is possible, what is not and our wider spiritual beliefs about life, death, the hidden realms and the occult. Yes, this new Moon contains all of that but it triggers a partial solar eclipse. What this says is you don’t quite have the bigger picture – yet. And how you think things are or how you imagine them to be, may not in fact, be the truth. Hence my advising you to suspend your judgement and remain open-minded in all matters now. Ask for answers and know that eventually they WILL arrive although perhaps not quite in the way you might expect. This is also why I suggest keeping that journal to hand! Confusion-busting and clarity-creating aspects throw light on reality on the following dates: 11th (Sun conjunct Pluto), 13th (Mercury conjunct Saturn), 18th (Mercury conjunct Pluto) as messages are received and you see where transformation, change and letting go, needs to occur as a result.

That bigger picture is about to be populated with exciting new people and opportunities. If you are having a soul clear-out, take it that this is making room for the new to enter your life. Jupiter, planet of travel, expansion, opportunity and luck has been breathing new life into those biggest dreams since it entered your 11th back in November. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in here connecting you to the power of your goals and giving you access to your own personal entourage to travel towards them with you. What Jupiter in here wants you to experience is Group Power. The simple fact that nobody makes it alone. As the old Barbra Streisand song reminds us: People who need people, Are the luckiest people in the world . Your ‘luck’ or opportunities will flow from the people you know now – and those you have yet to meet.  Friends, contacts, networks, groups, bands, clubs, organisations, teams – this is where your treasure lies. Unlocking all this potential arrives this month as Venus, the planet of pleasure, also arrives in here from the 7th. Venus promises good times with people we know, new connections but please remember, Venus in here is all about the love of friends and making new ones, rather than romance. Even if a romance does begin with Venus in here – and when it aligns to Mars in your 3rd on the 18th I am not saying a flirtation or sizzling hot attraction may not occur, what you will find as time goes by is that the connection eventually settles into a friendship. But one that lasts.

Any new connection that begins  now is likely to benefit you in ways you cannot possibly imagine and again, be locked in for the long term. Jupiter wants you to explore and this includes exploring a new social scene if the invitation arises or joining in a new activity. Get out and connect in every way you can think of. Above all, shoot for your biggest, wildest goals. If you recall, when Jupiter entered this house at the end of last year, I told you to make three wishes and to prepare for at least one to come true. The day after the Sun illuminates your sign (20th), it truly is going to be all about you and you being ready to receive whatever you need to create your future. Your birthday season is about to be made truly extra-special as the following day as destiny-defining total eclipse of the Supermoon in your partnership sector occurs. Who you are connected to, who you are ‘partnered’ with, or will be, what kind of duo you need – now and in the future, Surprising emotional truths around long term relationships may surface. Perhaps not at once as eclipses conceal and total eclipses – well, put us temporarily in the dark. Again, watch for projection and letting your imagination take hold. What you believe someone is thinking or feeling may not be the case at all.

Endings and beginnings often take place under major eclipses but we may not realise the significance – especially when it comes to those new beginnings. Your 7th does not just rule a marriage partner or long term love. Your closest friends, working relationships, business partnerships and collaborators in the Grand Game of Life are ruled by this house. Hence, you could make a new connection now but not realise just how important it is going to be. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 11th the day after this eclipse occurs. Again, this is the first time this has happened in 12 years.  Due to the influence of the eclipse, encounters may be shrouded in mystery when it comes to their future potential and impact. What you need to do is to set your intention to ‘receive’. Again, accept all invites especially if they take you away from your usual group or social scene. Keep all business cards you are handed and have yours ready to give out. Take it that someone is coming and this is linked somehow to that big wish attainment. Let go of who, how, where or what. And prepare to be surprised.

News which sets you off on an exciting new path or venture could arrive from the 24th with the arrival of Mercury in your 1st. You will feel the need to initiate something or set the wheels in motion the following day when Mars and Jupiter make a highly charged angle to one another. This is a portal of potential opening up which calls for you to follow through with courage and confidence. You have to take the first step towards something or someone new. Matters already set in motion by you may come to a satisfying conclusion by the end of the month when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 1st. Again, what you may find it that it has been you following your intuition that has led you to the point of success – or in making that all-important new connection. Look back and read through your journal now so you can see clearly how if you have followed your inner guidance, you have charted yourself a course through unknown territory and out into the other side. Your birthday season has only just begun and new beginnings are still to follow. Now, get out and celebrate, Aquarius!

IN a nutshell: New beginnings, people and opportunities are waiting to enter your life. Your birthday season begins loaded with potential. Let intuition guide you towards your gifts, Aquarius.


  • Head to the top
  • Success is a journey – and a destination
  • Don’t just dream it – have a plan

Peak energy, peak performance and peak experiences kick-start 2019 for you, Pisces. The start of the year asks you how far can you climb to claim the rewards that are waiting for you? Time to be a little more daring and fearless as 2019 begins and look at where you may have been holding yourself back. Living up to someone else’s expectations – or the realisation you have been, could set you on a fresh course of freedom and attainment. Whether you realise it or not – you’re ready for success.

Mars enters your 2nd on New Year’s Day and you’re upfront about what it is you want – especially when it comes to that job, business or even that heart you intend to win! Mars favours the direct approach and gives you the confidence to make it. Uranus has occupied this sector of your chart for the past seven years and as it heads direct from the 6th, it enters its final weeks in here. This period should have given you new and innovative ways to generate cash and also seen you taking a very different approach to financial matters than you may have done in the past. Yes, there may have been financial ups and downs to cope with, but by now you should have realised this has been all about you being adaptable and innovative. It’s not been about what you have but how you use it. Hopefully you are ending this cycle ahead no matter what fluctuations Uranus may have delivered along the way. Uranus rules electricity and money is a ‘current’ – hence the term ‘currency’. Are you plugged in now? You have career defining aspects going off in other areas of your chart this month so plugging into the ‘current’ could see financial rewards flowing in your direction.

Before this happens, it’s time to focus on your future and update your goals if necessary. In order for us to reach them, we need to get very clear in our minds about what it is we actually want to achieve – and commit for the long term. 2019 begins with five planets and a partial solar eclipse occurring in your 11th. As well as your house of friends, this is also your house where you can make long term changes to yourself. It’s that old joke about how many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: the lightbulb has to want to change. We have to want to change or to make the adjustments in our lives that allow change to come in. Your ‘lightbulb’ moment is happening as the Sun meets Saturn in your 11th on the 2nd and you either re-commit with renewed intention to a goal or set a new one in motion.  Mercury in here invigorates not just your social life bringing invitations, calls, messages and emails flowing your way, but boosts professional and business activity too. This month will see changes occur to both your personal and your professional network with people coming and going. Some connections may end now as you come to realise you have moved on while new friendships get locked down for the long term. Pay attention to who you meet or even who you say goodbye to (perhaps not in person but on an inner level) around the time of the new Moon  and partial solar eclipse on the 6th.

The shift may continue throughout the first three weeks of 2019 as the Sun meets Pluto in here on the 11th and Mercury meets Pluto on the 18th. Influential and powerful friendships or business contacts could be formed now especially as Mercury meets Saturn in here on the 13th and Pluto on the 18th. Because you are entering a peak energy period remember that this often goes hand-in-hand with letting relationships go that have been lived out. If this happens, please be as universal as possible in your thinking. Even if someone’s actions make you angry, there should be no room for this. See this simply as time for you both to move on.

As well as updating those goals, look at your ability to receive them. There is no point in going after something if we end up being the one who gets in our own way when what we want manifests. Your 11th is your house of reception as opposed to your houses of attraction. Ready to have what you want? Especially when it comes to worldly success. Jupiter in your 10th of career, status and rewards since November has been telling you it’s not only time to aim high, but be ready for the recognition this will bring you. Venus also arrives in this sector of your chart this month from the 7th, enhancing your reputation and giving you the ability to impress people in positions of influence and authority. You can bring a touch of creativity and diplomacy to all business proceedings now. You’ll be seen as a desirable candidate or someone people want to work with. Occasionally Venus in here can deliver that lover who is successful in their own right with serious intentions on your heart. Again, are you ready to receive this should they appear?

Big business, doing business on a larger scale than before, stepping into a bigger role or travel and doing business with people overseas are all possible for you. It is important however to take action, to follow up on opportunities and to know what it is you want and where you are going. It will not be enough to simply dream big. You have to have a game plan and follow through. This especially applies to you this month Pisces, when Jupiter will make an inspired but also potentially confusing angle to your ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 13th. Remember, Jupiter is your ancient ruler and the old rulerships still apply even if we have a new one. So, this square contains enormous opportunities for you but unless you know what you want to achieve, you may miss out due to getting so lost in the fantasy of having what you want, you neglect to take the steps to make it real.

If you are involved in a big, success-defining project or plan, please pay close attention to the details rather than the ‘big picture’. Venus and Jupiter are set to meet in your 10th on the 22nd – the first time this has occurred for 12 years. Venus will also make a cash-attracting angle to Mars in its ruling 2nd on the 18th, boosting your ability to attract the kind of material rewards you are aiming for. Do keep your feet firmly on the ground and have the facts to hand however as the Sun enters your 12th on the 20th and the 21st brings us a total eclipse of the Supermoon in your house of work, wellbeing and routine. Eclipses cover up. Total eclipses cover up totally. Get clear not just about the facts or details now, but your own motivations behind what it is you are trying to do. You have it all going on for you now on the outer level, Pisces. But remember, it is what is on the inside that will determine the long-term outcome for you.

As the 12th sign of the zodiac, 12th house energy is yours to work with. Unlike other signs, its deep down in here you will find your superpower provided you remain focused, organised and methodical at the same time. I like to describe this as ‘Feet on the ground, head in the stars’. Have the big dream, use your powers of imagination to make it feel real to you. And then break it down to an actual plan or steps you need to take – and take them. Know the details that underpin the vision the way a quantum physicist knows about particle theory! The first part of that requires the vision and the leap of the imagination but the second is all about the details which prove the theory. Take care of these this month and you’ll quickly see tangible results – the 25th sees a highly charged success angle form between Mars and Jupiter.

The total eclipse can lead you to look closely at the things you have ignored, what gets in the way of your own success and wellbeing and has you exploring your past emotional experiences. Things that you may have thought too difficult to look at, you are now able to delve into. This isn’t about self-pity or beating yourself up if you regret choices you have made in the past, this is about ownership. This is your house of everyday life, work and responsibilities and what could well emerge from this eclipse for you is you not only seeing what barriers you may have created between you and success, but a new willingness to just do the work and get on with it. One revelation which may come is that you may have been punishing yourself for perceived past ‘mistakes’ and have been unwittingly holding yourself back from having the things you want. This is your house where self-sabotage can occur and also the house of fears we do not even know we have. We can fear success just as much as we fear failure. Time for self-forgiveness and to ditch this for good. This is how peak energy can work for you.

The months end could link you to the past as the Sun and Mercury meet in your 12th on the 30th. Rewards from past efforts could appear. Hearing from people from your past – especially those you have worked with or for in the past or even going back to childhood, is a possibility now. People you have helped in a past life may be the ones who are now helping you on that climb towards whatever it is you want. You’re heading for the top now so let nothing, not even your own hidden doubts, get in the way, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Ready to step into success? Career defining moves can be made now. Have that peak in sight, Pisces. And have a clear map in mind to take you to the top.

1 Jan 2019 MARS ENTERING ARIES (2nd)



6 Jan 2019 NEW MOON ECLIPSE OF SUN – Partial solar eclipse (11th)



11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION  PLUTO (11th )


13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE  NEPTUNE (10th to 1st)

18 Jan 2019 VENUS TRINE MARS (10th to 2nd)


20 Jan 2019 SUN ENTERING AQUARIUS (12th)




25 Jan 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (2nd to 10th)

30 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY (12th)

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