Written Weekly Astrology 12th June 2017

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Double check your grand plans
Don’t get lost in woo woo
Relationships leap forward

Aries, you’ve got to be an energy ninja to make the most of this week. On the 13th, you bring peace to personal relationships as well as experience a significant emotional shift. Mercury is in your communication house, trine Jupiter, the soul expander, in your relationship zone. A conversation on the 13th opens the door to a different kind of relationship. A current relationship might evolve, or you could talk to someone and suddenly see your connection differently. The more you grow and develop, the greater Jupiter’s reward will be.

The primary challenge of this week is when the Sun, and then Mercury, oppose slow coach Saturn. Saturn is stern, struck and expects absolute respect for all rules and regulations. This does not always jive well with your fiery and spontaneous nature.

Saturn is the Lord of responsibility. Have you been thinking about studying or moving abroad? Have you had an idea recently that you want to follow through? Saturn is asking you to do a reality check. If any part of your plan is unrealistic, Saturn will block you. Although this might feel irritating at the time, it’s probably a blessing in disguise. Double check your facts so when you do move ahead, you know you got this.

Tony Robbins sums up what Saturn wants you to do in this quote ‘How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?’.

Neptune’s energy is firmly in your spiritual and secrecy zone. He is here for years and years and expanding your psychic and intuitive ability. Neptune is revealing hidden information and making you compassionate. The shadow side of Neptune here is a desire for escapism. You know the drill, sex and drugs and rock and roll, well, anything that takes you away from reality.

With Neptune going retrograde on the 16th until 22nd November, it’s important to be as realistic as possible and make sure you aren’t being hoodwinked or charmed. On top of that, control your inner rascal! Make sure that your fabulous new friend is for real and not as genuine as a character from Westworld. Look into the ways you lose yourself and bring in some balance so that you can take advantage of the positive side of Neptune’s magic.

With the Sun sextile Uranus on the 18th, one of your dazzling ideas could become a reality. Uranus in your sign brings unexpected and random experiences to be prepared and dance with the opportunity.



Time to get serious
Sensual experiences with food and love
Put that brilliant plan into action

Make the most of the positive energy of the 13th, as Mercury trine Jupiter is allowing you to see and proceed with your potential. Having said that, it’s important you’re realistic about how you go about securing your desires. This week, the Sun and Mercury are opposing dogmatic and disciplinarian Saturn, and to complicate things further, Saturn is retrograde. You are being forced to look at the consequences of past actions regarding money and power.

Although this might feel like a pain in the bum, it is actually for your benefit. Have you felt powerless or insecure? And if so, where does it stem from?

Talking of retrogrades, Neptune the spiritual and nebulous one is going retrograde on the 16th, until November. Your eyes open to the impact groups or friends, collaborators, the internet, Facebook, and beliefs have played a part in carving your life and identity. You may come to see that one of those areas was not healthy for you or held you back and you now have the capacity to find your true soul group. Ditch Twitter and fling yourself into a new social life.

And Neptune who is retrograde until 2nd November backs this up. Time to ween yourself off social media and get yourself a new squad. There’s likely to be a cosmic revelation on the subject of money and security around the 18th when the Sun is sextile Uranus. When Uranus is involved, there is always an element of surprise. On this occasion, there should be a soul-affirming message for you. On the same day, Mercury opposes Saturn, so be very careful what or who you commit to as it could have unexpected results.



Creative Wonder Woman
Get rid of hangers on
A career revelation

Oooh, sharpen up your creative skills as the 13th offers you a day of extraordinary chances. Mercury, you ruler, is doing the rumba with Jupiter, the Planet of good luck in your cheery, creative house. Jupiter wants you to learn to expand your idea of your creativity and to show you how to evolve, grow and transform through the things you enjoy. Sounds like a good lesson to me!

On the 13th, you can create an opportunity to excel in any area you love. If you write blogs, create Youtube videos or deal with any communication that you want to get out there, then today is the day. Your thoughts and actions are viral as a torrent of original ideas giving you a shove forwards.

It’s not all Moonbeams and puppy dogs tails though as authoritarian Saturn is opposing the radiant Sun, creating conflict and reflection in your relationships. The Sun is in your sign, giving you added confidence, but Saturn is asking you if you’re checking in with your loved ones before you storm ahead with your radical plans. Or perhaps you feel a lover isn’t cheering you on but instead trying to control you and hold you back? You want to know who is there for you and won’t have time for flaky or selfish friends.

This goes on all week as Mercury, your ruler, is also opposing Saturn on the 18th, making you bite back and try to find a way to freedom. Having said that, it’s important to listen to what Saturn is trying to tell you. All personal relationships and soul connections come with a commitment of sorts, so make sure the boundaries are clear. As Saturn is retrograde at the moment, you might have some old responsibilities to deal with connected to ex-lovers. Whatever it is, look it in the face and sort it out.

Neptune is also going retrograde and giving you the gift of being realistic about your dreams and desires. If you have been chasing squirrels up the wrong career tree, all will be made crystal clear. Revisit or create a new vision boards and finely tune your wish map. You also have a calling to work in areas that feed your soul.



Ditch the naughty habits
Get cosy with the fam
Plan an awfully big adventure

Make the most of the 13th Crabby, to cosy up with your fam and feel the soul love. Someone wants to reveal a secret that has been bothering them for some time, and is in need of you loving arms. Whatever is declared, it’s probably for your greater good, although it might take awhile for all the details to emerge of exactly what happened. Don’t take everything at face value until you have the full HD picture.

This week the Sun and Mercury are opposing killjoy Saturn. You might have been sauntering around in a magical haze indulging in all sorts of taboo’s and desires to your heart’s content. Have you been finding it hard to knock addictions and extremes on the head? Perhaps you haven’t wanted to? Saturn is giving you a wake-up call and asking you to be grounded and take care of your beautiful self.

Often you are selfless and spend your time running around after other’s needs. Do you turn to a bottle of wine to ‘treat’ yourself to unwind? Nothing wrong with that, but it might have become out of balance. Chocolate, porn, extreme food fads or anything at all that is escapism is coming to ahead. Meditate, chill out and put yourself first. Saturn does not mess about, he’s not asking but demanding that you deal with your stuff. As Saturn is retrograde, look back to the past when you were at your most balanced and try to bring in whatever healthy habits you had then.

Neptune is also going retrograde and reminding you of times when you were more adventurous. You want to stretch and expand your potential and are now prepared to not only fantasise about exploring the world around you but come up with a plan of action.



Unexpected swashbuckling
Put your power into making it happen
Keep going

Gear yourself up to storm into the week, joining forces with like-minded team players. Mercury is trine Jupiter, the lucky one, and brings you inspiration and the ability to share your vision. It’s all about teamwork. Social media is particularly powerful, as what you share strikes a common cord. Don’t hold back, put it out there on the 13th and dazzle.

The Sun, your ruler, has a tough tangle with Saturn, the lord of responsibility. The Sun is giving you brilliant connections, but Saturn is saying you’ve got to work very hard. All of your creative vision needs to be followed up with practicality. Talking and dreaming don’t cut it now.

You have the inspiration so put it into action. Pay attention to feedback and be flexible in your approach. What I love about Saturn is that he always rewards for good work, so it’s well worth the effort. If you feel restricted or confined, don’t focus on it, concentrate instead on the solution. A conversation will bring more clarity on the 18th about what exactly you need to do as Mercury opposes Saturn.

Neptune turns retro and spins you back to a time where you lost your power. Funnily enough, there might be a time in your past where you gave your power away or felt wounded, vulnerable or betrayed but you didn’t know the full story, so made assumptions. Neptune is giving you a different way of seeing things now. It’s time to heal and reclaim that power.



Drive your dream
Family hoo-ha
Relationships enter a new realm

Mercury, your ruler, is giving you a break on the 13th, but do make the most of it as he’s tussling with Saturn later in the week. The 13th is a stunning day to push your career agenda. Jupiter, the Planet of luck and expansion, is singing your praises and giving you the confidence to open up and be bold. For the next four months, you have the chance to secure a financial shift and start building a solid future, but it’s essential to get on with it. The Sun is making you assertive and believable.

On the 15th, the Sun opposes Saturn, the serious father figure who is old fashioned and demands right action. He is asking you to take responsibility for family stuff and be practical around your home.

With Mercury, your ruler, also clashing with Saturn on the 18th, you might find yourself caught in an argument about living arrangements. These conflicts can stem from the simple stuff like – are you or they putting out the rubbish enough or emptying Mr Sniggles’ kitty litter? To divides around control and power struggles. You want to be free to focus on your work so that you can make your home secure, but someone in the family might not be getting that.

Whichever way this plays out, it’s essential that you take responsibility for your part in it. Lecture over! Saturn is all about giving us a good talking to! As Saturn is retrograde, some of these issues may stem from your past.

Neptune is going retrograde in your relationships zone on the 16th. If you’ve been starry eyed and had a lover or love interest on a pedestal, you will now find out the reality of who they are. Of course, we are all complex beings of shadow and light, so this could be a fantastic indication you are ready to go to the next level of intimacy. Neptune retro gives you a chance to have real and robust relationships, and no doubt there will be deep soul connections as well.



You are an intrepid soul
Brave new frontier
Jog on

The 13th has the potential to be a huge day for you. Mercury is making you courageous (if a little blunt). Mercury is in your soul expansion zone and twerking with Jupiter in your sign (twerking is not a technical term Ha ha!). When these big boys party, it always involves a rush of energy forward. As Jupiter is in your sign, you start to have conversations about growing and stretching your reality. There may even be an opportunity to travel or mix with someone quirky who influences your mind set. Jupiter loves to broaden your thoughts as well as take you on a literal journey.

The rest of the week has important challenges as conservative Saturn wants to make sure you are prepared for the next level of life exploration. It may be that you feel someone or something is restricting you from evolving in the way you want? Either way, Saturn tells us to play by the rules.

The Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn are bringing in difficult discussions on what you are going to do on a practical level to make your wild wanderings happen. This week is all about your growth, and these irritating questions have to be answered. If you feel too restricted or hemmed in by someone, you might decide to let go.

With Neptune retrograde in your health and well-being sector until November, you get the chance to prepare your body as well as your mind for the excitement to come. Perhaps you’ve let those scales slip too far in one direction or another? Ditch any extreme diets, over clean eating, or drunken shenanigans and go back to a time in your past you were at your best. Incorporate habits that served you well, and most importantly, deal with your inner voice.

Are you self-critical or horrible to yourself? Read my article on self-sabotage here. It’s time to build a solid and beautiful friendship with yourself. You are your biggest support and when you honour your spirit, others follow suit. Be a cheerleader, and loving mother to yourself and Neptune not only helps you sort out your body but opens up your spirituality and intuition.



Communicate with your heart
Express integrity in all things
Temptation and naughtiness comes knocking

You’re on the top of your psychic and intuitive game and are quite the sorceress when it comes to issues of power, money and magic. The good news is that on the 13th, you could have a breakthrough and mix with powerful people who are drawn to your deep, quiet, charismatic charm. You know how to use your skills now to draw people in and make things turn your way.

Avoid lying or manipulating though, as on the 15th, Saturn is giving you a severe talking too. Your soul has an important message for you about your future, so listen up. A chance meeting could provide you with a bridge to success. How you behave on the 13th is important.

Saturn is opposing the Sun and Mercury, the Sun on the 15th and Mercury on the 18th. All the talks turn to money and investments. Money, like everything else, is energy. How do you spend your money? How do you view people with money? Do you see wealth as evil or desirable? It’s time to decide how to balance your desire for fabulous things with seeing cash as power. I bet that even reading this might press a button? Focus on your body, how do these words feel?

A conversation with someone about how you handle your finances could piss you off, but do they have a point? Create a couple of vision boards (this is very simple to do on PINTEREST). One vision/Pinterest board filled with images that show what you would do if you had all the money in the world. On the next board, illustrate what having all the happiness and love you desire would look like and then compare notes.

Neptune is retrograde from the 16th until early November. Neptune has a lack of boundaries and often casts us off into delightful illusion. Neptune is brilliant at revealing secrets and opening our psychic senses. When Neptune goes retrograde, you are grounded enough to look at things from a different angle. OK, there may be temptations in whichever energy he is in, but you have an inner knowing about what is right and what is wrong for you. Neptune is in your pleasure and creativity zone. You may well be tempted by the low-hanging fruit of hedonism and escapism, sex and indulgences of all kinds (aren’t we all!). Or you could use this energy to travel back in time and think about when you were at your most content and bring in some of the practices and types of people who made your soul soar.



A Social frenzy
Ditch the control freak
Family healing

Get your social self out and about and strut your magnificent stuff! Mercury is trine fabulous expansive Jupiter on the 13th, giving you a porthole of opportunity to bump into all the right people. Teamwork and collaborations zip into a new stratosphere as cosmic forces help you bump into exactly the right people. Make the most of it though, as serious Saturn in your love zone is doing a pincer move and pinning you down to look at your role in all of your relationships. Jupiter, your ruler, wants to show you off though, so keep shmoozing and showing social media what you’re made of. Write that blog and collaborate as much as you can.

On the 15th, the Sun in your love and harmony zone is crossing swords with Jupiter, leaving you sighing with frustration. You can turn this energy around, but only if you do the work. Sit down and listen patiently and carefully to others’ grumbles, count to ten! There is a way to find compromise and union.

The key to Saturn’s transit is taking responsibility for your part in any relationship woes. Are you struggling with a difficult controlling friend or partner? Might it be time to cut loose?

Neptune is going retro and spinning you back to a time where family issues were messy. Neptune is revealing your soul contracts with people and places and urging you to be realistic. What has your family and homes taught you? Is there a pattern? Soul healing is taking place, but you might feel a little vulnerable. Look after your sensitive self and support your soul through it. All forms of magic and meditation help as long as you’re grounded.



Dress to impress in whatever you feel most authentic in
A shady character is leaving
Trust your instincts

You are naturally a hard worker, after all, you have goat in your blood! No mountain is too high when you put your determination boots on. Shovel all that gutsy stamina on the 13th and focus on your career. Something is going on, and the energy is stirring. Pay careful attention to the details and be vigilant to all opportunities. You might sense that you are being observed. You could be right, and they are probably a powerful soul who sees your potential, so give it your best shot, put your cliff climbing helmet on and dig in.

On the 15th, it’s a whole different story as the Sun is opposing your ruler Saturn. Saturn is not feeling himself and is asking you to commit to your gut instincts and intuition. You might not be entirely comfortable with this, but he is assuring, indeed commanding you to listen to your instincts as well as common sense. With Mercury also opposing Saturn on the 18th, the message is the same. Just make sure you are not losing yourself in fantasy.

Can you trust what someone is saying? Are you feeling like breaking a commitment? Yes, you might feel a little bit more vulnerable and sensitive, and dare I say, fearful, but Saturn will eventually reveal that the shadows you worry about now are probably an illusion and many of your fears will never come true. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable though, in fact, the gift Saturn is bestowing is showing you that your vulnerability is your strength! Own it, express it and learn from it.

Neptune is going retro and revealing people who are all smoke and mirrors. Pay attention to charmers and snake oil salesmen. A veil is being removed, and it turns out you were right about them all along. Why is this happening? To spring clean your life and to eventually surround you with the diamond souls you deserve. An old soul connection could get in touch and you re-bond.



Time to think and reflect on a group commitment
A peak joyful experience
A soul revelation brings you a deeper sense of security

You are open to a radical change this week and drawn to charity, a different lifestyle and expressing your wild creative heart. Maverick is your middle name, and you manage to even shock yourself with your own out of the box thinking. On the 13th, Jupiter is chanting support as he urges you to explore uncharted territory and take a risk. Jupiter’s lucky break is all well and good. You might have a soul awakening and see where you must venture, BUT Saturn is soon going to step in with some rules and regulations.

Now, let’s face it, you are not one to be constrained. You are the original hippy soul and forward thinker. Saturn is first opposing the Sun, and then Mercury, so expect clashes, especially in groups. If you have leapt enthusiastically into a tribe or collaboration, you might come down to earth with a clunk. You’re an original, and right now, a creative genius.

You may be ahead of the game, but others are less convinced. Rather than freak out and run for the hills with a kaftan and mismatching flip flops, take a moment to see if you can take small steps towards your goal. Are you being fair? To be a great leader, it’s important to be flexible and also listen to others’ fears. There’s still a good idea in here somewhere.

Neptune is going retro on the 16th and giving you a chance to check out your finances. Each of us has soul lessons around key areas like love, money, security, and Neptune is revealing your financial karma and how to sort it. How do you feel about money? How secure have you been? Have you been daydreaming about an illusion of security? Neptune will help you see the light. Trust your intuitions when it comes to money, but be as practical as possible in implementing your future desires.

On a positive note, the Sun is sextile your ruler on the 18th and bringing you a fun, sensual, creative and interesting times. Expect laughter and a flirtatious conversation.



Use your magic to create your future
Balance home and work
Play by the rules but still trust your inner Goddess!

On the 13th, you have a big opportunity to shift a family dynamic and feel more empowered. A conversation goes your way and you feel much more stable about things. Your instincts are also razor sharp, so focus on visualising how you want your future to be, especially around where you live. You are the sorceress of the zodiac and a very magical creature. Believe in your mysterious powers and get spell casting. If a love interest comes into your home, they are likely to be bewitched!

Conversely, when Saturn sticks his nose in on the 15th, he is giving you a lecture about work and your work ethic. His message is especially strong if you work from home or are self-employed. He is telling you to get some boundaries and push on. Turn off Netflix and set a schedule.

If you don’t work from home, make sure you are balancing your nurturing time and family life with your work commitments. Mercury and the Sun both oppose bossy old Saturn. It is best not to resist Saturn’s rules. Saturn is paternal, and is guiding you for your greater good. Make sure you are doing all you can do when it comes to your career, and eventually he will reward you big time.

Neptune, your ruler, is going retrograde. Initially, this may disconcert you as it reminds you of days gone by when you were more vulnerable and less in touch with your natural magic. Neptune only shifts signs every 165 years, so you were born to be here now. It is an extraordinary time, and no doubt you have had all sorts of fantastical experiences. It is your time to start again and KNOW that you can conjure up more or less any future you like. Neptune is checking in to make sure you back up your dreams, hopes and plans with a healthy dose of reality.



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