May 2017 Written Monthly Astrology

Aries May 2017

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
Love-love-love, I want your love (Love-love-love, I want your love)Lady Ga Ga (Lady Ga Ga is an Aries with a Scorpio Moon!)

YAY! Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 3rd bringing magnificence to your conversations and positive responses to your ideas and cunning plans. All is forgiven as mutual understanding replaces conflict. You have 13 days to make the most of this Mercurial gift before you concentrate on digging in and making a strong commitment to the next chapter.

The savvy Sun is Trine game changer Pluto giving you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating in financial and career situations. You have a window of opportunity and exceptional power but wield it wisely as you’re likely to be able to have power over someone. This is your chance to prove what a fair and magnanimous ruler you can be. Don’t go Diva or the tables could turn later on. Even if you’re dealing with a real bad ass know that charm and knowledge can win the day.

The Full Moon is in Scorpio on the 10th churns up intense feelings which can go either way. It’s emotionally intense but also offers up some answers to past questions, if you listen carefully you can find the answers to how you got to where you are now. Why things are the way they are and how you can change them. Worst case scenario curl up in bed with a boxset of ‘This is Us’ which is very Moon in Scorpio. You might find you are caught up in a steamy liaison that is raw and intense. Whatever happens make space for the unpredictable as Mercury hooks up with Uranus in your sign. Half way through episode 4 there could be an exciting text or conversation that shifts things.

With Mercury Conjunct Uranus in your sign you also have a thousand thoughts and concepts rushing through you, some genius, some crazy. This electrifying time has you buzzing with ideas but hold back a little or you could offend someone with your bluntness, you become that 3 year old on the bus that doesn’t hold back. Words are spells remember so caste yours wisely.

Mars Trine Jupiter on the 12th is a fantastic transit that gives you the ability, focus and pinch of good luck to go after your dreams. Your drive to succeed to super fuelled and benefits not only your thoughts but your relationships. If you have the intention of seducing a love interest you go for it in an unconventional and exciting way.

Many of your ideas are backed up by structure as Saturn Trines Uranus in your sign on the 19th. This is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. It brings about a personal revolution, one that is life changing and thought out. You have genius in you and Saturn wants to turn it into something substantial. You personal revolution might be around travel, changing your philosophy or life manifesto. We are going to see this in the external world. Saturn and Uranus are strange bedfellows, this is Tom Cruise dating Cher (yes,apparently this did happen) actually more Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux. Unlikely alliances can have fireworks and two very different side bring about a shift for both of them.

There’s a lot of fire kicked up in your love zone as Venus opposes Jupiter making you super excited to try new things. You might be flaky about commitment or change your mind a lot. Venus is also square Pluto on the 25th so you are torn between work commitments and love possibilities or commitments. Yet Mars trine Jupiter on the on the 12th can make you recklessly passionate! It’s up to you to decide how you want to expand your love life but avoid messing people around until you’re sure. If you feel someone is playing you, don’t panic as life has something more for you.

The New Moon has you developing genius new ideas and seeing life with a different lense. As Anais Nin famously said “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.


Taurus May 2017

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch, and it’s bringing me out the dark
Finally, I can see you crystal clearAdele (Taurus!)

Hooray! Mercury kicks this month off on a positive note as he goes direct. You may have been feeling uneasy but not quite sure why? Perhaps a secret was revealed about an ex lover, or something you had hidden came out? Either way you are back on your spiritual quest and feel guided by the cosmos.

With the Sun in your sign trine Pluto on the 8th, you feel a call to power. There’s a revelation coming to you which is giving you the courage to make big changes. The fact is, you probably had the power all along but doubted yourself or didn’t want to rock the boat. You may meet someone who has a big influence on you who is foreign or very quirky. You’re eager to step into the unknown, which is quite unusual for you. You realise what Ghandi said – ‘you must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ It’s going to be fabulous and a real soul journey.

The Full Moon is shaking your love shack. You have a deeper insight into what it is you need from relationships, and have huge empathy for those you love. You’re more comfortable with change this month than you have been for years. You ‘re healing the past and eager to step into a brand spanking new future. With Mercury conjunct Uranus also on the 10th, you’ll find yourself not only speaking your inner truth but coming up with a solution your didn’t even know you needed! Strange and spooky coincidences deliver answers. Spicy conversations lift your spirits.

Mercurial Mercury is entering your sign on the 16th, giving you a way with words. Your thoughts are razor sharp and your mind buzzing. You are preparing for a personal revolution on the 19th, when a very important Saturn trine Uranus occurs. Saturn and Uranus are strange bedfellows, this is Tom Cruise dating Cher (yes, apparently this did happen) actually more Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux. Unlikely alliances can have fireworks and two very different energies come together. Your two energies are deeper than deep, with your psychic ability, spiritual connections and idealism merging with your primal self. This could go down in many ways as it’s a very personal journey but I can tell you this, it will be profound.

With your Ruler Venus opposite Jupiter the Planet of expansion, you might be wrestling with a decision. On the one hand you want to do exactly as you please; you’re drawn to indulge, have an affair, merge with a new or ex lover without giving two hoots about the consequences, but on the other hand you want to be perfect and good and extreme in your pathway to get fit or change personal habits. You might find yourself vacillating between these two extremes, these high jinks will probably be fun but also confusing for all concerned.

On the other hand, the New Moon in Gemini is making you focus on your finances. You’re letting go of an idea to make money, yet discovering a new one. You might panic about financial issues but also come up with a radical solution. This is a brand new cycle for you, you are laying seeds for future abundance.

On the 31st you are feeling intense and broody, you have extraordinary power at this time and should be given very clear direction from the Universe about how to change your life. This is your time to shift your vibration and move forwards in the direction of your dreams.


Gemini May 2017

The mistakes I’ve made
Have given me the strength
To really believe
That no matter how I take it
There’s no way I’m gonna fake it
‘Cause it’s gotta be real
I’ve got nothing left to hide
No reason left to fight
‘Cause the truth’s given me
A new freedom inside
Getting rid of my desire
Do you like what you see?Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue (Gemini)

You have been having a tricky old time of it recently. When your Ruler goes backwards, you always feel a bit freaked out. You’ll find May a welcome relief to all the chaos of the past few weeks. Crowds and groups are more inclined to listen to you as you’re quite the influencer this month. Fantastic thoughts and ideas come to you so run with those balls.

The 9th brings an extraordinary energy, so pay close attention to what’s going on today. The Sun Trine Pluto brings out a mesmerising authority plus a charismatic, mystical aura. Sounds good? Use that magic while it lasts!

The Sun is in your 12th house of higher wisdom, romance and secrets while Pluto is in your 8th house of primal emotions, power and charisma. When you look at people, you sense what their true motivation is and you’re also spiritually guided. Your psychic abilities are finely tuned, and the right things happen at the right time. Trust and listen to the signs.

On top of that, the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th is sharpening your focus when it comes to working and changing your routines. Your soul is urging you to sort some stuff out, ditch those negative patterns. Listen to your inner voice, and there could be a big easy change when it comes to career but only if you tweak your attitude. What’s going on with you? Are you holding yourself back?

On the 10th, you have genius ideas and find yourself enthusiastic about the possibilities around you while also finding a new direction. Your soul is trying to guide you this month.  Avoid getting paranoid on the 11th, however; when Mars squares Neptune, you might find yourself feeling guilty about past actions or becoming paranoid about someone’s thoughts and intentions at work – chill out! This energy will pass, and part of it might be about you finally wanting to go after your dreams.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th, giving your speech super powers. Mercury makes you psychic and able to dig out others’ secrets. Move from your mind to your intuition.

We head into Gemini season on the 20th, super boosting your confidence and kickstarting your mojo. Everything looks peachy and possible. The New Moon in your sign is one of the highlights of the year on the 25th as you can dump past baggage, let go of the past and leap into a brand new cycle. This is the beginning of your own personal New Year so embrace a fresh start. Cheesy as it sounds,  make a wish, light a candle and throw your desires out to the Universe. Trust that this cycle will evolve, embrace and nurture you.

Finally on the 31st, more fairytale shenanigans as the Sun is trine Pluto the great transformer. A conversation could change everything today, and you are in your power.


Cancer May 2017

You sitting in your office dreaming of a different life
you say you wanna make me smile and see my wild sideLana Del Rey (Cancer)

Wow! Relief at last! Mercury goes direct, and things should get so much easier for you especially around work. Have you been feeling dissatisfied? Having squabbles or power struggles with people you’re working with? All of that should become a distant memory this month. In fact, when the Sun trines Pluto on the 9th you’re compelling and electric at engaging others.

If that wasn’t enough, the Full Moon in randy, charismatic Scorpio on the 10th is filling you with sexy, intense thoughts. You crave passion. and perhaps even a desire to have children (if not be extra careful with this Moon!) Your creative juices are flowing, and you might have a psychic revelation or dream which brings inspiration. A new name for a blog? The final twist in a novel you want to write? Anything is possible with this Moon, including a wild affair!

Your ideas at work hit a peak on the 10th, but avoid getting paranoid and thinking someone at work is stepping on your toes or doesn’t like you. You’re super sensitive on the 11th as Mars tangles with Neptune the Lord of Illusion, so keep it real. Having said that, Mercury is Trine Saturn also on that day so if you keep yourself grounded and fight your fears and insecurities, you can make great strides forward.

On the 19th Saturn Trines Uranus – this is an unlikely couple, think Tom Cruise dating Cher (yes, this did happen apparently!) or more likely Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux. Unlikely alliances can have fireworks and two very different energies bring about a shift for both of them and enhance each other. You are likely to have a genius idea around your career, and even though it might be off the wall, you find a way to make it a reality.

Venus opposes Jupiter on the 19th, which makes you want to go a little wild. You want to push the boundaries at work and at home. You veer between being insecure and over confident. On top of that, you might find yourself pushing the boundaries with someone at work and then blushing every time you think about it!

The New Moon and Sun are both in your spiritual, soulful and psychic zone. This is a new chapter for you and a deeper awakening to your soul’s calling. Secrets that liberate you may come to the surface, you have profound dreams and synchronicities. Pay attention to your hunches, things are shifting and you value the people and places that ground you.


Leo May 2017

If we took a holiday yeah
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be
It would be so nice
Everybody spread the word
We’re gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nationMadonna (Leo)

Let the swashbuckling begin! Mercury has been messing with your mojo. Have you had peeps thinking you were talking out of line or making you feel eccentric or different? Happy days, your quirkiness and originality are about to be embraced as Mercury heads direct.

Plucky and fearless, you don’t care what others think as you dazzle by dancing to your own tune. It’s your difference that is persuasive this month so don’t hold back. You also embrace the difference in others and find yourself inspired by different souls.

Your Ruler the Sun is trine shady and powerful Pluto, giving you the ability to shift the dynamics in your career. Avoid being too critical on yourself or others though, give loving guidance.

The Full Moon turns your attention to your home and family. There’s a need for security and to make things right and peaceful. It’s a great day to get cosy and have some private time with those close to you. A Sextile with Pluto encourages you to Ebay all the stuff you’ve been hoarding but no longer need. Are you ever going to wear those flares again? What about the green knee high boots? Get rid and make some cash on the way or donate to your fave charity. A burden feels lifted when you have a good old clear out.

Saturn Trine Uranus is a fascinating and profound transit, these strange bedfellows confirm that opposites can attract and, if they listen to each other, both gain from the experience. Serious Saturn wants you to ground your creativity and believe in your happiness, while wild and free spirited Uranus demands that you think outside the box – learn, expand and stretch yourself. Think Tom Cruise dating Cher (yes, apparently this did happen) but more Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux. Unlikely alliances can have fireworks as two very different energies come together but a new Universe can be born for you if you handle it right.

Venus opposing Jupiter on the 19th might be a tad confusing for you. You can be quite outlandish and insecure, you seek reassurance but also want freedom. Be careful what you say today.

Venus opposes Jupiter on the 19th, which makes you want to go a little wild. You might travel on impulse or make foolish promises, eat too much or indulge in something very naughty. There’s frustration if you feel too contained in your love life. Your mind might wander to fantasies and temptations (nothing wrong with that haha!) Think carefully before you plot your escape from reality.

With the Sun entering your Social zone and a New Moon in the same position, there are all sorts of new groups of people, friends and team players coming in.  You might start hanging with a new soul tribe and feel mentally stimulated by awe inspiring conversations. If you’ve outgrown a bunch of friends or become bored of a group you’ve been attending, it’s time to say sayonara (an interesting word which means ‘if it be thus’, who knows you may come back to them one day?)

With Mercury Trine Pluto on the 31st, you make an important decision about your career, and you do it with confidence and panache.


Virgo May 2017

There’s A Love That
Cannot Lie
Love Is Strong
It Only Cares For
Joyful Giving
If We Try
We Shall See
In This Bliss
We Cannot Feel
Fear Or Dread
We Stop Existing And
Start LivingMichael Jackson (Virgo)

The heaviness is lifting as you unleash your power after the 3rd, when your Ruler turns around and finally goes direct. You’ve had a very hard time of it lately. You’ve probably been swamped with issues to do with life, death and rebirth, jealousy and primal emotions.

Perhaps you felt someone’s words were disempowering you? Uncomfortable feelings and shadows kept rising to the surface, and you have had to do a lot of hard work to remain afloat. However, those days will soon be a distant memory as you delve into mysteries and passions that fascinate and entrance you.

The Sun Trine Pluto on the 9th also bestows you with charisma and power. You’re meeting unusual people, and if you’re travelling, should have a fabulous and sensual time.

The Full Moon in sizzling Scorpio is in your 3rd House of communication, which brings a swell of communications, emails and texts. Chats get profound and meaningful, and mysteries are revealed as you’re plugged into dark instincts and revelations. The Moon is also Sextile Pluto in your relationship zone, passionate affairs, taboo desires and intense desire could all be on the menu. If your lust mojo has been blocked, you will find out why as your sexuality is given a reboot.

Mercury, your Ruler, is also conjunct Uranus on this day, which allows you to be a bit of a genius. Unexpected news delivers you a potent message. Uranus is eccentric and electric and they are both in your 8th house of power, sex, life, death and rebirth, but on this occasion, whatever message is revealed or discussed is in your favour.

From the 16th, you’re stepping into a new phase where you plan to branch out and feast on new experiences. Travel, adventure, other cultures and eccentric people all fascinate you. The Sun starts to shine in your career zone on the 20th, boosting your confidence and making you pro-active in work. The New Moon on the 25th is also in your career zone, allowing you to start again. The seeds you’ve put out there are starting to sprout, and thanks to a lovely trine with Jupiter, you could start to make some serious cash.

Mercury Trine Pluto on the 31st allows you to come across as talented and powerful. You’re daring enough to experience something exhilarating and delightful. This month helps you regain your sense of self belief. Make sure you love bomb yourself and give yourself a positive talking to, the past has now gone.


Libra May 2017

Moonshine, take us to the stars tonight
Take us to that special place
That place we went the last time, the last time, oh

Moonshine, your love it makes me come alive
Take us to that special place
That place we went the last time, the last time – Bruno Mars (Libra)

Happy days are here again as Mercury goes direct in your relationship zone. Have you had dodgy, perplexing arguments with a loved one? Did you feel confused about exactly what’s going on in your love life? Mercury is switching his discombobulated vibes for silver-tongued charm. Suddenly love seems clear. You’re a genius at helping others feel better too, and the theatrics die down. With The Sun Trine Pluto on the 9th, you’re also able to solve a family problem.

The Full Moon awakens your desire to increase abundance in your life. There could be a climax of energy that draws some extra cash to you. You might also think about investing in property or making positive changes to your home. Mercury is also conjunct Uranus on this day, so a surprise love note, text or call catches you off guard, but in a good way.

With Mars, the passionate, Trine Jupiter, the lucky, in your sign on the 12th, you are barrelling ahead and knocking down obstacles. Courageous and intent on questing towards new experiences, you rock towards opportunity. The unusual brings you good fortune today, and someone from a different culture or news from overseas could bring you a gift.

Venus, your Ruler, is opposing Jupiter on the 19th, which is giving you an itchy feel when it comes to love. Freedom is important to you, and you have an all-consuming desire to do something exciting or forbidden. Right now you value your independence. Although, interestingly, a quirky Uranus Saturn Trine has you discussing commitment. Freedom and security can go hand in hand as long as you’re clear about what you want.

The New Moon is also feeling your desire to explore, learn and feast on new experiences. This is a new cycle where you grow and expand.

With Venus, your Ruler, Squaring up to shady Pluto on the 25th, there may be some argy-bargy between family and lovers. Avoid throwing dangerous truth bombs or behaving clingy or jealous with a partner, or it will be a real turn off.


Scorpio May 2017

No more second guessing
No, there’s no more questioning
I’ll be the one defining who I’m gonna be
No concealing feelings, or changing seasonally
I’m gonna love myself, the way I want you to love meKaty Perry (Scorpio)

It’s all dumbbells and ballet this May as you’re determined to get fit and look after your body and mind. Pesky Mercury Retro goes forward on the 3rd, which cheers you up and gives you a boost. You might have felt someone was critical of you or perhaps you’ve been too self-critical? Instead of thinking negative thoughts, you’re drawn to Mindfulness and meditation, yoga turns you on and you have animated conversations about self-care.

The Sun is Trine your illustrious Ruler Pluto on the 9th, giving you confidence and bringing positive conversations, restoring harmony. You are looking mighty fine as your energy is finely tuned. Beauty comes from within, and you have shed loads of charisma which the Sun shines out.

Drum roll please – A Full Moon in your sign brings life to a crescendo. The Moon is awakening your natural instincts and you should sense happiness coming. If that wasn’t enough, the Moon is Sextile Pluto in your communication zone. You’re ready for change, you’re ready to be adored, and you’re ready to ramp up your sensual experiences.

Everything is sexy and carnal (just how you like it), but there’s also a creative and playful twist to your relationships. Mars your old Ruler tangles with Neptune on the 12th, which can be delicious BUT it’s important you don’t second guess or doubt yourself. Keep the faith, don’t get lost in dark thoughts, in the words of Florence ‘The Dog days are over’ so hold your nerve. Mars Trine Jupiter on the 12th, shifts your vibe and makes you excitable, throbbing with power and determined to explore new realms.

The New Moon prods the psychic detective in you and brings a new cycle of power to you. You’ve been healing shadows and wounds from the past. You are very sharp and savvy when meeting people and sense who is good and who is dodgy. Follow through and trust those instincts as they are one of your Super Powers.

On the 31st, Mercury dances with Pluto, your Ruler, making you convincing and charming. Make the most of the month to believe in you and move onto a fabulous new reality.


Sagittarius May 2017

I’m free to be the greatest, I’m alive

I’m free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest
The greatest, the greatest alive
The greatest, the greatest alive – Sia (Sagittarius)

Get your dancing shoes on Sagittarius, as this is a month of pleasure and excitement. Dastardly Mercury retrograde is over on the 3rd, so you get to party up a storm. Mercury is in your creativity, playfulness and soulmates zone (also sensual delights!), so you’re great at flirting, writing and creating. It’s also about kids, so if you’ve been having any problems with children, this should get turned around too.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th brings a touch of enchantment and makes you seriously in touch with your intuition. She’s glowing in your spiritual, empathy, psychic and secrets zone. All sorts of messages are rising to the surface for you. Expect some news re your financial security too.

Mercury is joining forces with electric, genius Uranus on the same day in your house of pleasure. A message out of the blue shocks you with delight. Keep that phone charged and get ready to act quickly as Uranus doesn’t wait around.

Mars Square Neptune may give you a confidence knock on the 11th as Mars tangles with Neptune the Lord of illusions. You’re over sensitive in relationships, so try to keep things in perspective. If you’re having a great time with a lover, it gets all tantric and connected as long as you don’t fall into paranoia!

Happy days on the 12th as Mars, the passionate, Trines your Ruler, Jupiter, giving you a confidence boost and reenergising you. You are quite the adventurer and plan to explore new horizons.

Saturn Trine Uranus on the 19th brings you a gift, as long as you’re prepared to work for it. Saturn is in your sign and eccentric Uranus informs you that you can have more than you thought possible if you follow your bliss. What you enjoy could attract abundance and opportunity. If you’re creative in any way, you might finally commit to doing something with it. OK, Venus is opposing your Ruler Jupiter also on that day, so whatever changes you are going through may involve negotiating with a partner. You need much more freedom than normal at the moment.

Luckily the New Moon on the 25th gives you a brand new relationship cycle. If something isn’t right for you, it might come to an abrupt end, BUT what is right for you is heading your way. Love is given a fresh start and as it’s Trine your Ruler, Jupiter, you are going on a journey of connection, not just with a lover but with a new tribe/squad/group as well.


Capricorn May 2017

Never found a four leaf clover to bring good luck to me
No rabbit’s foot no lucky star no magic wishing tree
But I got lucky, yes I got lucky Elvis (Capricorn)

Capricorn, you’re in for a treat this month as you finally sort out some challenging issues around home and family. Mercury, the Planet of communication, goes direct and you start to see things from a different angle. Any squabbles are resolved, and you can move on.

The Full Moon on the 10th is making you feel very social and connected to a group. If you’ve been involved in teamwork or have plans to go out with your mates, you could have a peak experience that has a touch of awesome about it.

The Moon is Sextile Pluto in your sign, so there should be a deep and unusual conversation or experience with someone. You have no interest in the superficial and want to dive deep. You’re drawn to the paranormal and are extremely psychic when it comes to tuning into the zeitgeist and knowing what people want. If you’re single, you could meet someone who knocks your socks off while you socialise, so drag yourself out and strut your moves.

With Mercury conjunct Uranus on the same day, expect a surprising conversation or text. You aren’t one for surprises, but this one has treasure attached.

Look out for a massive opportunity on the 19th as Saturn, your Ruler, Trines wacky Uranus. These two are odd bedfellows but when they join forces, extraordinary things can happen. There are big changes when it comes to your home, and you might make a commitment involving property. Your soul is also going through a profound healing and you’re set free from the past. An old secret is put to bed.

With the Sun entering your health and well-being zone on the 20th, you’re determined to get yourself in shape and look after yourself. You also have the Va Va Voom to do it. The New Moon which is all about letting go and moving to the next level, is also in this zone. Get out and about, join that boxing class, learn to Tango, walk the dog more and don’t get me started on Tantric Yoga. Do anything that gets you active and you feel fantastic.

The main thing to watch out for is when opposes your Ruler, Saturn, when you’re struggling with changing your lifestyle and going on a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure. There could also be a power struggle that you have to handle carefully. Keep your anger in check and exert your energy in positive ways instead.

Having said that, you’re back in your power with a BOOM on the 31st and also seriously sexy as Mercury Trines Pluto in your sign. You are seductive, funny and irresistible!


Aquarius May 2017

I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain / ‘Cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain –Ed Sheeran (Aquarius)
Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, making life so much easier for you, yeah baby! No more pesky arguments or communication meltdown. Try to count to ten before you say anything controversial before the 3rd. After the 3rd, your mind is a super highway of fabulous ideas, you’re inventive, talkative and excited by messages and texts.

The Full Moon on the 10th could bring you a peak experience in your career as she’s giving you a missing piece of some sort. She’s also helping you think and twiddle with your work reputation. If you felt embarrassed about something you posted on social media or mixed business with pleasure and had one too many tequilas shots, you’re starting to feel more positive. If you pay attention to your hunches, you come up with a plan to make some extra cash.

Mercury also hooks up with your Ruler, Uranus on the 10th, so this magical day hurls you into an opportunity. On the 11th, Mars and Neptune get entangled, causing you a blast of doubt or illusion. Avoid being paranoid about a lover or flirtation, you might be questioning everything about your connection or give your power away, chill out, it passes.

A big day for you is when your Ruler and your old Ruler trine each other. Saturn is in your tribe/social/media zone and Uranus is in your communication zone. You have something important to say and you meet the right people to push you forwards.

The Sun changes signs bringing you into one of your most cheerful times of year on the 20th. The New Moon quickly follows, bringing you a new cycle of sensuality, creativity, children, soulmates. You’re radiant and glowing as you become more daring and enthusiastic in one or all of those areas. Let go of sadness, the chains are falling away and you’re free to be you.


Pisces May 2017

Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy. – Rhianna (Pisces)

Hello Gorgeous! Yippee, you’re sailing towards your destiny. When Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, you feel free and determined to carve a future and draw abundance to you. The cosmos has taught you so much over the past few years. Hopefully, you’re now so much more secure and grounded. May offers you the chance to dig in and start building. People are taking your proposals seriously, and you have a beautiful balance between creativity and structure.

The Full Moon on the 10th pumps up your desire for adventure and expansion. Look out for a magical message, synchronicity or intuitive hunch on exactly how to expand your world. The May Moon is especially fabulous for you as it is Trine your Ruler Neptune. Use your psychic ability to guide you, think about what your ideal adventure would be and put it out there. Impossible dreams can become possible. La Luna is helping you create change and encourages you to follow your entrepreneur streak and think outside the box. Mercury is also conjunct genius and impulsive Uranus, so expect a stunning missing piece to pop into your mind. Plunge in while you’re enthusiastic and go for it.
Mars, the feisty, is Square your dreamy Ruler Neptune on the 11th, so things could get a little tricky today. On the one hand, this is fantastic for sexual adventures; you could lose yourself in love and lust and have a sensual soul experience, but it could also be laced with illusion. Avoid excess, that second bottle of wine or third dessert could tip the balance in the wrong direction. Today’s energy is best experienced at home where you feel safe and snug. Avoid arguing with anyone about decorating or chores in the home. If you feel that you’re losing your confidence, don’t agree to anything until this passes.

With the Sun shifting signs, you become everyone’s goes to advice magnet, has the Universe renamed you Google? Pace yourself and only take on as many conversations as you can manage. You have confidence and gravitas, so make the space to work on your own stuff. You’re downloading wisdom from the Cosmos. Don’t take your dazzling mind for granted but jot things down to go back to when the energy calms down. Expect a ton of emails, texts and Snapchats.

Saturn Trine Uranus on the 11th allows you to build your dream and make it a reality. Career inspiration turns into something concrete as you take it very seriously.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th gives you a chance to dump some old family baggage and move on. It’s a new cycle. If you’ve wanted to move, everything becomes smoother.

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