Mars in Gemini Horoscopes – Cha Cha Changes

mars in gemini

Mars in Gemini Horoscopes – Cha Cha Changes

Say it Anyway – Mars in Gemini

Fierce and feisty, Mars is the fire in our warrior souls. Mars provides passion and purpose in our lives. It’s the booster to our rockets, what drives us crazy and where we also draw the line (Mars rules boundaries). Without Mars, we’d never have made it as a species. We’d have been eaten by sabre-tooth tigers or simply sat around doing nothing (and no one) until we died out. So, let’s hear it for Mars who so often gets a bad rap in astrology.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and the ancient ruler of Scorpio. Mars is the yin to our yang, if you like. Mars brings the heat. If your partner’s natal Mars is conjunct to your natal Venus, then except the bedroom floor to be lava. Yes, Mars rules conflict, but sometimes we have to gather our courage and stand our ground. The conflict however can lead to resolution and better outcomes. It’s all down to how we handle Mars.

On August 20, 2022, Mars moves into Gemini, where it’s set not just for an extra-long stay due to an upcoming retrograde, but also to talk up a storm in the sign of communication. A war of words or a passion-fuelled conversation? That’s up to us. Here’s what Mars has in store for your sign as it remains in Gemini until March 2023.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Bye bye boredom with Mars in your 3rd. Your mind and soul are hungry. For new ideas, places, people, food, conversations. You’re on the hunt for what feeds your mind. You crave the stimulation of the senses, but most of all, the mind is your biggest turn-on. When you speak about something that ‘fires you up’ now, others find you oh-so-captivatingly-alluring. You won’t do boring, however nor will you have any patience with people who don’t cut to the chase or don’t stand by what they say. Conversations clear the way to progress, whether these are business-related or in your personal life.

That’s the thing now, Aries. If you say you’re going to do something, you do it with Mars putting the push behind what you say. You launch that project, and apply for that job. The term ‘winning idea’ applies as Mars in competitive. Have an idea to pitch, a product to sell or an audience to win over? You got this. The power of conviction is yours. If you have been dreading having a conversation with someone, there’s no more procrastination. You take the direct approach and don’t sugarcoat it. Just bear in mind, that words can hurt as well as heal. Avoid sarcasm, especially with partners. Sure, you need to say what you mean and mean what you say. Choose your words wisely.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Money, money, money. Mars in your 2nd can send you off in hot pursuit of more of the folding stuff. Usually with something specific in mind for it. And this could be linked to your status, how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. Yes, that bright red Ferrari/drum/crystal necklace is a very Mars in your money house purchase. You will spend on things that draw the attention of others. Think status symbols. With a touch of red. That house you buy has a red front door. That red accessory turns out to be your lucky charm at that interview. Wearing red on that date really turns up the heat. Red for you means success so look to how you can incorporate it even if this is a colour you usually avoid. It could be your money/love magnet. And yes, you should make more of both now.

If you find yourself in a position where you are enjoying a period of plenty, avoid becoming one of those bores who success brag, show off or talk about nothing but how much they made on their investments/manifestation workshops this year. If you fall into this trap, you’ll end up with no-one to share with. That’s the key to Mars in here. Generosity if you have enough to be generous. But be discerning about who you bestow this upon. Mars in your 2nd can bring up lurking issues around sexual frustration. Unless attended to these can burst out into other areas with blow-back you won’t like. The book title ‘There’s More to Life than Sex and Money’ doesn’t apply to you now. Attend to both areas but not at the expense of selling out on your real needs, Taurus.


The biggest turn-on for you now is someone’s mind. In fact, it doesn’t matter how hot someone is physically. If the smarts aren’t present it’s thanks, but no thanks. Just watch for endless chatting and flirting which is all heat but no actual action. All energy needs an outlet and Mars in your 1st energy is all a bit extra. If it can’t be expressed in a healthy way it finds another. In other words, you can end up making war instead of love. 

You crave variety now and want people to open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. Just remember however that you are not your beliefs and ideas and neither are they. Your point of view does not need you to defend it because it is not you. It’s that simple. Mars in your 1st hands you scorching self-confidence and renewed belief in yourself. You leap where angels fear to tread and make bold, breathtaking moves. Expect to up your image on-line and off. There’s nothing shy about you now. 

But – do know when to shut up, Gemini. You have the passion and the commitment, yes. But banging on and on about one subject? Especially if that’s you? Watch how fast others lose interest if you fall into this trap. Blurting can be both endearing but also annoying. Did you really just say that? Mars in your sign can have your mouth in gear while your brain idles in neutral. You’ll see right through other people’s mind games now. Just ensure you don’t play any of your own. Sure, sell yourself. But ensure you give others equal time to tell their story too.

july horoscopesCANCER

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Mars, please don’t let me be misunderstood. Mars in your 12th wants to reconnect you to your lost power. Where have you given this away? Are you stuck in a ‘poor me’, helpless and in need of a rescue mode? Or conversely, is someone playing this role with you? You rush in and save the day – again. Be your own knight in shining armour with Mars in here. It’s a power position strangely enough. Mars awakens us to our greatness in our 12th. It tells us we are more capable, fierce and powerful than we have given ourselves credit for. It also tells us that so are others. Enabling, rescuing and co-dependency themes will be exposed – and crushed. Mars simply says: This is the line.

Mars slows down in your 12th. Instead of rushing in you take your time. And aren’t afraid to put on the brakes. If a lover appears, you’ll take things slowly to ensure they are all they appear to be. Mars tells you that you need to make sure someone is worthy of your deep sensitivity and love. Mars in here uncovers secrets, hidden truths, true intentions and sees you unafraid to probe deeper until you get the answers you seek. It unleashes your creativity, healing and psychic abilities. You go for wholeness and know the truth – even if it turns out to be unpalatable, sets you free. Mars in here is in a position of Becoming. You are growing into a new role for yourself. Lover, artist, magician. Be fuelled by the best possible intentions. Repeat yourself if you feel you are being misunderstood. Whoever you see yourself becoming – by the time Mars reaches your sign next year, you can be that.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Above all avoid the unavailable with Mars in your 11th, Leo. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about either. That air of injured innocence won’t play with Mars. ‘It’s complicated’, the lover who is married or simply emotionally unavailable. Mars wants you to up your game and do yourself the ultimate favour and say no if tempted by any of the above. You don’t do fools. It’s as simple as that. Especially if there is a his/herstory around this. As for history, you might not want to repeat it if that old flame tries to reignite the fire. Chances are it’s going to fizzle out again like it did before. 

Trust in your hot zone vibe to draw someone right to you. And honestly, it radiates out from you like a gravitational force. Friends and your wider circle should expand with Mars in here. It’s about getting involved with like-minded people and seeing who you know as your biggest asset now when it comes to getting what you want or where you want to go. There’s also a touch of the rebel about you. You’ve a desire to take a walk on the wild side. And again, no that doesn’t mean that Off Limits lover. 

It does however mean you can bring fresh focus and determination when it comes to your goals. Don’t scatter your energy however, Focus on no more than three really important ones and simply overwhelm them. Talking of overwhelming – you are the life and soul of the party. Even more fun to be around that usual. People feel good being around you. Mars in here turns you into the ultimate warrior for good if you let it. Joining a cause or group to make the world a better place not only does that but may also bring you goal satisfaction in a way you could not have predicated. Make your contribution and join the party, Leo.

weekly astrologyVIRGO

Time to make your move, Virgo. Mars in your 10th wants you to know you are the MVP. Even if you don’t normally feel you are. Time to step up into a bigger and more prominent role. This may be about ‘faking it till you make it’ on one level. But ultimately, Mars in here says all you are doing is tapping into a new set of beliefs about yourself. So, you’re not faking it. Just unleashing that dormant greatness and seeing where it can take you.

Up is the answer. Provided you are willing to play by the accepted rules. Your public image is precious and all important now. So look at how you project yourself and how you come across. Especially to people in positions of influence and authority. The people who can say ‘Yes’ and open doors for you. Project an air of confidence even if you are shaking in your shoes. Please don’t get into conflicts with bosses or anyone in a power position, however. If you do, you might not come off well and may in fact, set yourself back. Which would be a shame as you are in a position to climb high now.

Know what you want from any situation and this includes love. Mars in here fuels your intention. And your sexual power. You may attract a partner who is very successful or even one where there is a big age gap. But if the heat is on, why worry about a number? Mars in here can bring you lasting success in love or your professional goals. You bring the intention, Mars delivers the outcome.

mercury retrogradeLIBRA

You don’t do small or insignificant now, Libra. Mars in your 9th is like a Santana track on steroids: Give me your love, make it real – or else forget about it. Discovering that potential boo is a snob or doesn’t root for the underdog? Or rains on your dreams? The biggest deal breaker of all time. Same goes for business partners or co-workers.

You can’t fake feelings with Mars in your 9th. You’re either ignited and fully on fire or else seeking who or what does. Big goals feature as does living big in a more wild and freer way. That lover/friend/ pet lama had better not cramp your style. But be up for the adventure too. What’s on your bucket list, Libra? This is your house of travel and the world is calling. Look to your top destination. What’s stopping you? If you have hesitated due to fears around travelling solo you’ll banish these. 

Animals love you with Mars in here. They may play a big role in your life. Dogs and horses in particular. This is also your house of study, philosophy, publishing and mass media. Taking a step into something bigger may mean literally exploring new ideas or broadcasting them. Needless to say, this is also your house of law and legal matters. A right room for an argument to use legal parlance. Know when to settle however if you are involved in litigation with Mars in your 9th. 

Your SOH and untamed wildness are your best calling cards. Your easy-come, easy-go attitude actually magnetizes people and situations. Expect a self-generated lucky break. You’re on a journey between now and 2023 which opens up your world. But you’re only going down the path that lights up your soul.


Ancient ruler Mars in your 8th simply seems well – right. Let’s talk choice with your ruler in its ruling house. You are chased now and while you are certainly not chaste – you are very choosy. So, just because others are drawn to you like moths to that eternal flame, doesn’t mean you reciprocate. You are seeking that someone with that added dimension of depth. You want a union where you are shaken and forged in the fires of sexual transformation. It’s love alchemy or its simply not on. Not interested in sensuality right now? Hobbies, projects and all sorts of passion transform too.

If someone ticks those boxes you morph into your most generous and devoted version. This is your house of sexual healing. If you have been wounded in the past have you sacrificed your standards and gone looking not just in the wrong places but for the wrong type of love? Mars can unearth the source of wounds and why you love who you shouldn’t. It doesn’t need to hurt. Unless in a 50 Shades way.

This is also your ‘other’ money house. And nobody does it better than you now when it comes to making it or managing it. Dig deep into your hidden assets and look to how you can better utilise them. Your talents, your experience, your love and time. It’s not what you have it’s how you use it from the bedroom to the boardroom under this Mars. Avoid too much time analysing your past. By all means, take lessons from it and rip off the Band-Aid from those soul wounds. But then move forward renewed. Don’t hang on to the past or for a need for revenge. Just let go if someone has wounded you and let karma do its thing. By March 2023 you should have seen a key area of your life or your thinking release you or transform.

venus in sagSAGITTARIUS

You are charm itself. If you want to be that is. You’ll have no time for the charmless that’s for sure. Your heart is on your sleeve and you’ve no time for game playing with Mars in your partnership zone.

Yes, this is not the best placement for Mars. But it does have the effect of stopping time wasting on unions that have no future. You come across as the ultimate lover/entrepreneur/healer because you take the time to ask a zillion questions of that opposite number and they bask in your attention. The same tactic works for working relationships too. You enter interviews or presentations armed with 120 quirky and relevant questions. People can’t help but be attracted to your approach. 

Then there’s that casually effortless magnetic appeal. That free spirited, thrown-together look you’re pulling off. Of course combined with those probing questions it makes you irresistible. But don’t allow insecurities in your current relationship to rule. These questions might crop up –Who is in charge and how much do you love me? If someone has to keep proving the latter to you, this may be more about you than them. Or if they are doing the asking this may be your cue to review your situation. Lucky for you, Mars hands you the way to do this. You don’t have time for games. Or to waste.


Picky picky. And you’re entitled to be with Mars in here. Funny how someone’s appeal will be a turn-on or a turn-off now. It’s either Gak! Or totally ga-ga and you can’t get enough. It’s like you can inhale passion and someone bottled it. 

Mars in here ups your standards when it comes to love and also to work. There’s no task you can’t tackle. And as you’ll crave stimulation, if your current role isn’t giving you that, you’ll take steps to find one that does. Just check for Mercury retro times before embarking on your campaign.

Just don’t demand such perfection from a mate or even from yourself that no-one could ever realistically meet them. And monitor yourself for any tendency to nit-pick or nag. Honestly, it’s counterproductive and a turn-off. This is your house of health and wellbeing. Your body needs the proper fuel so ensure it gets it. Exercise and being outdoors ups your energy and release any pent-up. Mars wants you to get moving in more ways than one. Do pace yourself, however and also warm up properly. Mars can bring you strains, inflammation, and headaches if you are not paying attention. Don’t rush as that is when accidents can occur.

If you need to change your routine or habits, Mars has you quitting procrastination. Whatever you get done now is probably overdue. But ditch that inner critic and just do it, Cappy.


It’s not showing off. It’s creative self-expression, Aquarius! Welcome to the hot zone with Mars in your romance zone. Do a little dance, make a little love and get down now. Above all, stand out and look at how you do this. This is one of your houses of attraction. And Mars in here can turn you into the hottest thing out there.

If the heat lately has been the Love/passion for life Sahara kind you don’t want, Mars breaks the drought. Just where were all these lovers/opportunities hiding? Expect to make or receive attention and even grand romantic gestures. Passion takes over. Be prepared, especially as this is your house of babies and children if this isn’t something you want right now. Mars can have you throwing caution to the winds.

You may express yourself through art, communicating, performing, imagery. Via your social media profile or even in person. Moving to a front of house position at work is Mars pushing you into the spotlight. Don’t get too competitive with people however. Especially lovers or those you care about. Mars can push you into ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’ mode. And a little competition just sees you bringing your best game. But ensure you allow others their time to shine along with you.

Mars in here can see you taking chances and as a result, they pay off for you. So, you make everything look easy. The down-side of this sadly is that you can attract  the attentions of people who aren’t in the flow. Sure, you can ignore it up to a point. But past that? If they keep digging, you’ll bring a shock-and-awe campaign that sends an unforgettable message. Unforgettable is what you are. One way or another.

venus in piscesPISCES

Don’t try too hard with Mars in your 4th. Above all, don’t sulk, pout or go all passive/aggressive. Just be direct. Don’t chase either. That comes under trying too hard. If you have to chase it’s a sign this may not be right for you. And also, it’s a huge turn-off. Be available but not too accessible, no people pleasing now Pisces. Cultivate a little mystery,  mystery is what your soul is made of, and you’ll capture that heart. 

You’ll discover the power of distancing, the right time to share, and the right time to keep your thoughts to yourself with Mars. This is  an interesting placement for Mars as this is a receiving, emotional, feeling house, and Mars doesn’t do that. It does favour your subtlety and sideways strategy for dealing with any issues, however. You just need to pick your moment.

Mars in your 4th favours anything to do with your home and real estate. Moving. Decorating. Renovating. Gardening, Decluttering. It has you focussed on what you do and don’t need. It also has your owning your path and lifestyle choices. And fearlessly going after what really supports you rather than being content to continue people pleasing. Especially if you have felt pressured to make choices in the past by your family. No matter how well intentioned. Expect to live and work more authentically. And to say what you really mean. Be direct when it comes to expressing your needs or going after what you want. Pleasing others may be second nature to you. Just ensure you don’t sacrifice pleasing yourself.

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