Weekly Astrology Forecast For all Signs March 8th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast For all Signs March 8th 2021

By our astrologer and psychic Elena


Magic up a new path

Time to believe

Turn on, tune in, create

Look forward and contemplate something new this week, Aries. Mercury in your 11th exits its retroshadow and all the planets in the sky are direct.

This occurs on the 13th. The same day as Ceres and Chiron meet in your 1st and the day of the new Moon in your 12th. This week isn’t just about daring to dream up something for your future. It’s about actually daring to believe in it to the point you go for it.

Let the Magic Happen

By all means use he energy this week to look back and contemplate the path not taken. But don’t get stuck in blame, regret or self-recrimination. Your past or people from it may even turn up in person. If so and you are contemplating giving them a second chance, ask what has changed between then and now.

Your psychic abilities, imagination, insight and any creative gifts will be at their peak this week thanks to the Sun and Venus meeting Neptune. Dreams may take on a lucid quality or offer hidden depth and meaning. The hidden undercurrents behind connections, other people’s motivations could also appear. The world could just take on a numinous, magical quality. Stick with this. What it needs now is the power of the imaginative dreamer.

In nutshell: Sometimes its okay to drop out from reality for a bit. Use the energy of this week’s new Moon to dream, explore and create. Your imagination could show you alternatives to what your future could hold, Aries.



A leap of the imagination puts a goal within reach

Assemble your Dream Team

Rule your future from your couch!

Whatever you do under the influence of this week’s new Moon on the 13th – don’t stay home alone, Taurus. Now, by that I mean don’t be a hermit even if restrictions are keeping you from others at a social distance. This is a new Moon of the future and that future is linked to people. Who you know or will know. Your Dream Team in other words.

Sure, depending on where we are in the world, we may be under lockdown rules. But luckily for us in this day and age, this doesn’t stop us from reaching out from our couch and inviting others to join us virtually. Use any means at your disposal to reach out to your circle, revive old contacts and start new ones.

Revise your ideas of what is out of reach

This is also a Dreamer’s Moon which favours setting some out-of-this-world goals and understanding they may not be as out of reach as you previously thought. This new Moon falls very close to ruler Venus and Neptune also in the house. They enhance your creativity and your imagination which may show you there is more than one way to get what you want. Or maybe that is more than one person who can help you?

Especially as a daring aspect between Ceres and Chiron in your intuitive 12th could show you alternatives which could fuse a compromise with a frankly outrageous move or request. Go on, try it! This week also shows you who is on your team and who isn’t. Or perhaps just who rains on your parade. Take note if so.

The week also sees every single planet in the sky direct once Mercury dumps the drab and clears retroshadow. This also occurs on the 13th. Take time out for goal setting and connecting this week. You’re ruling your future from your couch now.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon receives a creative boost from ruler Venus and Neptune. It’s time to dream up new goals and visions for your future. And to imagine who is part of this, Taurus.



Get ready for success your way

Make those changes

Shake up and shape up your future

Dream up a new kind of success story as you’re destined for bigger things now, Gemini. It’s no coincidence that this week’s success cycle new Moon occurs on the same day as your ruler Mercury sheds its retroshadow garb in your 9th, and all planets in the sky are direct.

You’ll also be in the mood to make changes. Sweeping ones if necessary. Venus in your 10th highlights any disparity in roles around home or work when it opposes Vesta in your 4th at the start of the week. You’ll be willing to up-end the status quo if necessary to make more time for the things you want to achieve. And you won’t shy away from tackling this head-on as Ceres and Chiron meet in your 11th the same day as the new Moon.

Dreams need a strategy

Above all, project self-assurance and someone who knows what they want to achieve. Don’t be vague about it. Dream big by all means but take serious and practical measures when it comes to making them real. And communicate your intentions clearly. You are dusted with professional allure this week. And if there is someone on your radar who has snagged your interests personally, they should see you as a serious contender too. Harness your intuitive and creative abilities when it comes to career matters. I call it Practical Magic. Others may just call it uncanny when you show you’re one step ahead and mean business this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: If ever there was a week to aim high, it’s this one, Gemini. So, don’t be afraid to be the one to move your own goal posts. You’re capable of achieving so much more. And set the rules as you do so.



Reclaim your passion

Plug that energy drain

Escape that rut and radiate again!

Break free and break out of any dead routines or ruts you may have fallen into this week, Cancer. That includes you and your boo too! It’s all to easy to let routine – especially under lockdown, restrict romance and our sparkle. This week represents reclaiming that. And also dreams of the future when it comes to where you want to go or what you want to experience.

Venus in your 9th opposing Vesta in your 3rd on the 8th could see you addressing any rut-creating restrictions. This week’s goal for you is freedom and often we can’t experience this unless we initiate some changes. Especially if things have headed down a path we didn’t think they would. Or we feel we are being restricted by our circumstances.

Ditch the Mehs for good

Tap into your inner wisdom when it comes to break-free from boredom or passionless repartition this week, Cancer. You’ve the tools and the skills on the 11th (Sun/Neptune conjunct) and the chutzpah (Ceres/Chiron conjunct in your 10th) plus the inspiration (Venus/Neptune conjunct).

The fact Mercury exits it role reversal retroshadow the day of the new Moon in your 9th, points to a fresh new cycle of expansion on some level. And one that is only limited by your own beliefs around that is achievable. So, think big and give your instincts permission to guide you. Time to escape into a wider, wilder experience.

In a nutshell: You know you deserve sizzle, Cancer. So, why settle for lukewarm or even tepid? Fabulous freedom making planets and a new Moon in your 9th this week offer solutions and freedom from the Mehs.



Get a new relationship to what you’re worth

Maverick moves pay off

Take a fresh look at love

So, what’s that move you’ve been contemplating making but haven’t quite had the courage to try, Leo? This week tells you nothing ventured, nothing gained. And hands you the confidence and empowerment to try an unorthodox approach if necessary thanks to the meeting between Ceres and Chiron in your 9th.

Elsewhere in the sky in your Now Age 7th, Mercury sheds its dull retrocycle garb giving love and partnership matters a green light. Just combine this with every planet now direct and you won’t be able to resist that fresh approach.

Work your Worth

Especially when it comes to money matter or anything that impacts on your self-worth. March brings the winds of change around this area of your chart Leo. Venus is the ruler of your money zone but is presently in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. Along with your ruler the Sun of course, the new Moon on the 13th and Neptune. This new Moon is particularly potent when it comes to your income, salary, loans, mortgages, assets and joint financial matters as it falls close to the stellium now in here.

It’s important to get a grip on any insecurities or feelings of not being in control of your financial destiny now, Leo. Especially if someone else has been calling the shots or takes the view that the person who earns more has more say. Yes, it sounds boring to say look at your budget, where the money goes and what on, and also to have a life audit. But this week marks a new beginning for you with regards to the resources at your disposal.

Feeling in control of this is your starting point. Get professional advice if necessary. That unorthodox approach could just be the one you can bank on so long as it is grounded in reality. Work with what you have this week.

In a nutshell: Use those inspired relating tactics to show your relationship to your money some love this week, Leo. Especially when it comes to joint assets. The universe is in a sharing mood this week. Share the love.



Togetherness rules

Get ready for a magic double act

Harmony and empowerment? Double threat sign!

Ruler Mercury clearing retroshadow is always your cue to rev it up and push forward with those plans, Virgo. Especially as now every single planet in the sky is direct. These periods are rare so be ready to initiate and make the most of them.

The main focus this week has to be on partnerships however. Past, present or potential across every kind of double act or dynamic duo combo you can think of. New beginnings are promised by the new Moon in this sector on the 13th. It falls very close to the big line up of planets in here – Neptune and Venus which rules this house.

So, one particular person will be ‘front and centre’ – or one emerging relationship be it friendship, a working one or the loved-up kind. But is most likely to involve someone with whom you are deeply intertwined with.

This week also has you looking at balance and equality in your unions. Thanks to Venus opposing Vesta in your 1st. Don’t be afraid to change the dynamic here if you arrive at the conclusion that things need to change. Time to challenge the status quo if in fact it results in an imbalance. That new beginning wants harmony, equality and empowerment.

The Ceres/Chiron conjunction which also occurs the same day in your house of transformation and shared resources says the time of unilateralism or one person calling all the shots is over. Don’t be afraid to make some demands of your own. Oh, and empowerment is sexy, Virgo!

In a nutshell: New love, present love and even love revivals. This week’s special line-up in your partnership zone tells you to welcome in a new kind of togetherness cycle. Whos’ that opposite number, Virgo?



Restore yourself mind. Body and soul

Make the way for new and better love

Elevate your daily rituals

Deep healing is taking place this week, Libra. In your house of mind, body and soul. You are shedding the skin of the past in order to move fresh, svelte and unencumbered into the future. Especially when it comes to partnerships of all kinds.

You will have a clear idea of what or who does you good and the reverse on the 8th when ruler Venus in your 6th opposes Vesta in your 12th. Past patterns and unhealthy dynamics will be revealed. They need to come to the surface now for you to shed and discard. With the meeting of Ceres and Chiron in your 7th you’ll know how necessary this is.

Live it on a new level

Both the Sun (11th) and then Venus (14th) meet Neptune in here facilitating the process. And in between all of this we have a new Moon which falls close to all the planets in here. This is also Mercury’s ruling house. Mercury itself clears its retroshadow the day of the new Moon but in your Now Age 5th. Performing a figurative act if you like of your process, and shedding what no longer serves you or detracts from your overall wellness. All planets in the sky are now direct. An extremely rare event.

This new Moon wants you to create better daily habits, ditch energy drains be they routines, people or even situations, and put your wellbeing first. This house also rules your day job – paid or unpaid, your studies and your pets. So, it’s a good time to apply for that new job, start a side hustle or course or get a pet. Just remember – a pet is for life – not just lockdown. But then anything you start this week including that diet or exercise regimen – you’re likely to stick to, Libra.

In a nutshell: Take time out for deep, soul healing, Libra. And emerge restored. A new routine, better habits and ditching what no longer supports you sets you up for revival and renewal – in all areas.



What do you want to create?

What you can imagine you can attract

Love rules!

Romance rules this week, Scorpio. Love is definitely the drug for you and this includes what you love to create, immerse yourself in and do. So, pastimes, hobbies, creative ventures and what makes you stand out in other words!

Venus conjunct Neptune is one of the most loved-up transits we can experience. And you get to experience it in your house of romance, indulgence, pleasure and children. This includes your inner child in all of this too!

Believe in the Inconceivable!

We have a new Moon of conception in here on the 13th and it falls close to the stellium of planets in here just two days after the meeting between the Sun and Neptune. Also another love-in transit. If you work in a creative profession, this week will be especially good for imagination, inspiration and channelling work of tremendous resonance and depth.

Those new beginnings could include the appearance of that dream lover for singles. But ensure you find out what the inner person is truly all about before handing over your heart. Just remember, your 5th is your house of love affairs – not marriage or long-term partnerships. That is your 7th. This all says don’t take things too seriously until you know the person is exactly that. And that their values are the same as yours when it comes to how you are seen and treated in the relationship.

Because this is your house of children, they may feature. As could that person who could turn you into a parent, step-parent etc. But if that’s not your plan right now, don’t be swept away. Take extra steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. Mercury also pulls back the retroshadow curtains from the 13th letting in the light on home, property, living arrangements and your security. Every single planet in the sky is now direct. That’s a rare thing, Scorpio. So, conceive of something new this week.

In a nutshell: Love at first sight, second chance – it doesn’t matter how or when. But new beginnings appear around romance, children or your creativity now. Fall in love with love, Scorpio.



Go your own way

Get a design for soul living

Walk it, werk it – own it, Sag!

Owning your path, setting a new one for yourself, home, lifestyle and those dream foundations are your focus this week, Sag. We are in big mutable weather still with the major line up in Pisces and the North Node in your 7th.

Plus, this week also sees Venus in your 4th oppose Vesta in your 10th. This may alert you to issues around gender bias, the patriarchy or inequality. Especially if you have been made to feel powerless when it comes to making your own way or even having a say in choices and decisions which impact on your living arrangements, status, earning power or even the role you are expected to play.

Get Your Mid-Year Preview here!

The good news is that if any of this touches on you, this week sees a major shift occur which will be a preview of the May-July period when ruler Jupiter makes an Airbnb type visit to this house. The new Moon of the 13th is in its ruling house and falls close to the other planets in here. The week also sees one of the most magical conjunctions we can experience – between Venus and Neptune. This is about the spiritual quality of your life. The one which allows you the freedom of expression so close to your soul. And the chance to create just that.

Moves or even that take-charge moment could occur now Mercury drops the retroshadow cloak in its ruling 3rd also on the 13th. Every planet in the sky is now direct. You’ll be unafraid to take a chance and do whatever needs to be done to claim either that lifestyle which allows you the freedom you need or to go in search of it as Ceres and Chiron meet in your 5th. For others – chutzpah could just get you what you want. Front up because you’ve got nothing to lose but that status quo which is oh-so-restricting, Sag.

In a nutshell: Got a grand design for living with spiritual freedom and soul resonance? I’m talking that lifestyle which makes daily living an experience. This week’s aspects say: Welcome home, Sag.



Say it any way you can – but with love

Inspiration comes straight from the source

Ready to launch?

Let’s talk love at the highest possible wavelength, Capricorn. And ideas which are fuelled by compassion, empathy, truth, beauty, inspiration and deep spiritual growth. Everything you say, send out, write or create could just be like weaving a magic spell now. All thanks to the muse-like line up in your 3rd.

Many of you could choose to plunge deeper into subjects such as psychic development, the Tarot, astrology or mediumship as this house is also your house of study and learning. Your 3rd is ruled by Mercury of course and this changes from shadow to quicksilver on the 13th as it clears its retroshadow drab. All planets in the sky are direct from this point. A rare window to go for what we want.

But what this tells you is that this is the week for anything you want to say, send out, apply for, launch, create, share, pitch. Especially at the time of the new Moon also on the 13th. Business, commerce, that side hustle, website or your social media feed may have a key role to play in all of this too. As could the devices you use or how you get around.

Messages of Love

Saying ‘I love you’, or it being said back to you, yes answers or just using words that heal both you and others are a key part of this magic act. Sometimes it is a message from the universe or spirit which appears on a Venus/Neptune conjunction like we have on the 14th.

Those ideas may be inspiring or appear channelled from something or somewhere higher. Use them not just for your benefit but look at how they can raise someone else’s vibration too. The Ceres/Chiron conjunction wants you to take a chance on something which has long term potential. Sharing those feelings and ideas with love is a good place to start.

In a nutshell: You’re the sign ready to launch this week, Capricorn. Ideas, writing, the internet or studying feature. As could what you say or the means that you say it. Make your message love now.



Yes, you are worth it!

Just ask

Clear the path to what you want – but know what that is

Take it that this week anything is possible, Aquarius. Provided of course you know what it is you want in the first place.

Mercury dumps the retroshadow drab in your 1st on the 13th. And at that point we enter a rare cycle when every single planet in the sky is direct. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, this is our signal to stop talking/dreaming/procrastinating or coming up with excuses – and as the slogan says: Just do it.

What or who is in your way should be easy to identify on the 8th when Venus in its ruling 2nd opposes Vesta in your ‘other’ money house. Look to any feelings around not being ‘worthy’. Or anyone who sends you that message for that matter.

Know what you want

The Sun and Venus will meet Neptune in your 2nd this week. And along with the new Moon in here also on the 13th, this could mark a time of new beginnings when it comes to money, cash, possessions or even self-esteem. Again, you gotta know what you want to get it.

Daring to ask for it is another factor. Because s/he who does not only usually gets it but if they don’t they see this not as a no but an escape from something which was never going to pay off anyway. And which frees them to go off in search of the yes. So, when Ceres and Chiron meet in your 3rd also on the 13th, dare to ask for whatever this is be it personal or professional. The answer is to your advantage, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: No more excuses – just do it this week. Work with spiritual self-assurance when it comes to your goals. In order to get what you want you have to know what ‘it’ is. That way – you simply don’t settle, Capricorn.



Uncork the magic

Say ‘Hello, future me!’

Love lifts you higher

This week’s new Moon in your sign is Magic in a Bottle, Pisces. You don’t always get Venus in your 1st as part of your birthday cycle. Or see it not just close to the new Moon but to your ruler Neptune too.

In fact, Venus will meet Neptune the day after the new Moon appears on the 13th. And the Sun meets Neptune just before on the 11th. This is all part of the ingredients of that magic potion that is putting you on course towards a personal dream or new beginning now. This may even be reflected in your outer image, look or appearance as you take extra special measures to ensure the outer you is projecting that enchantment too.

Wave goodbye to the past

When we have major factors happening in our 1st – and honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a Venus/Neptune alignment, this amps up our attraction factor. Love is lifting you higher like a Jackie Wilson track. Just know what that dream looks like in reality. There is no need to fall for every Prince or Princess Charming that crosses your path. Just ensure they are exactly that and live up to your vision to magic up the right one.

Unexpected upturns around money, new deals and agreements could sweeten the mix as Ceres and Chiron meet in your 2nd. Or is this you discovering exactly what it is you want and daring to ask for it, Pisces?

Mercury ends its retroshadow in your 12th also on the day of the new Moon. Each and every planet in the sky is now direct. This is a rare occurrence and when this happens, a signal for us to go after our dreams. For you, this is a signal to leave the past well and truly behind you. This may especially apply if it comes calling again. That dream shouldn’t include more of the same. Real magic is always something better, Pisces.

In a nutshell: This week is all about brand new beginnings. So, don’t look back at the past, Pisces. What happens this week is like magic in a bottle. And like a champagne cork – it’s ready to pop!



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