Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs March 1st 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs March 1st 2021

By our astrologer Elena


Old goals make way for new ones

Make a promise to your future

Get ready for solutions – and opportunities

Promises and commitments may come full circle this week, Aries. Making good, letting go or making new ones. Someone may remind you of one you have made – or you may feel a deep sense of commitment towards someone or something thanks to Venus and Neptune in your 12th, and Juno in your 9th making a soul contract to Neptune on the 2nd. The 3rd has Venus

Someone may offer an opportunity or solution with no apparent agenda in mind this week. And if so, this is karma in Pay It Forward mode. But if a relationship has been too much take and not enough give – that will be addressed now too as ruler Mars powers into your 3rd on the 4th.

Opportunity Always Rings Three Times

Mars puts the heat behind everything you do and say. And this week, this is all to your benefit. What you say or send out is infused with passion and confidence. Which makes this one of the best weeks for pitches, applications, presentations, ideas and above all, anything you do or communicate linked to your goals.

Mercury rules your 3rd, and on the 5th makes its final pass to Jupiter in your 11th. Plans and goals get a green light. Or someone you are connected to loves that vision you’ve painted so much they cannot help but go all in. Getting to goal just got a whole lot easier this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: You’ve just weeks before a new cycle begins, Aries. Time to set the future in motion. And to declutter or sort out what simply isn’t relevant any more. When it comes to opportunity – it’s calling for the third time.



Leverage all you have to offer

Three times a charm!

The long game pays off now, Taurus

You of all signs knows that slow and steady spells success in the long run, Taurus. Let those other signs do the sprinting. You’ll arrive not only not out of breath but looking amazing at the same time! That total package and real deal kind of success could be yours this week. A reward for your long game as Mercury and Jupiter have their third and final encounter in your 10th. Recognition, rewards or that next step up that ladder could boost your public or even personal reputation.

Werk that Cred!

You’re bang on the money in more ways than one as Mars leaves you sign and enters your 2nd the day before the conjunction occurs. This could literally drive you to pursue material and self-worth enhancing benefits. Let’s not forget ruler Venus in your house of connections and the future either, Taurus. What occurs has those who know you sitting up and taking notice as Venus angles to Uranus in your 1st on the 3rd. Changes are designed to raise your desireability level in all areas. And for keeps. Keep on working that long game, Taurus. You should see this week just how worth it you (and it) are.

In a nutshell: Success and status defining strategies that you have been pursuing pay off now, Taurus. Shifts around your status, home, career or income have others looking at you with awe. And you powering forward into a fresh cycle!



Luck is a mindset

Time for action

You’ve got a ticket to ride!

In a pre-Covid world I would have been telling you to pack your bags and prepare to travel, Gemini. Ruler Mercury’s third and final meeting with Jupiter in its ruling 9th does however mark the start of a journey or a release into something bigger. A new cycle of experience begins now. One which broadens your horizons in some way and expands your world. Be ready to embark upon it.

Make that Major Mojo Move

Especially as Mars arrives in your sign this week. It puts you in sizzling, confident, go-getting mood and raises your personal hotness level to lava. Mars says do it, do it now and no more procrastination. It’s about your personal mojo and your courage, Gemini. Taking a chance as in a calculated risk is favoured and this week shows you that lucky or opportunities are the result of a mind-set.

Venus, Neptune and the Sun remain in your status-setting 10th house. Partnerships are also a feature this week and with all this mutable weather expect shifts around love, living and working ones. So, that opportunity or new experience could involve you and another, Gemini. There’s more than one way to travel. And if the physical option is off the table for now, you could just find a travelling partner for a whole other kind of adventure this week.

In a nutshell: Barriers to progress or even love, vanish or are simply no longer an issue. Get ready to enter into something exciting for the long term. And ditch that so-so status quo, Gemini.



True colours stand out

Change allows you to fly free

Leave that comfort zone for something bigger

Hey there butterfly. If things do not change they cannot improve. So, look to who or what is resisting change in your world this week. Is it you for instance? The final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 8th is designed to solve an issue that holds you back. Or simply remove barriers to progress. Sometimes this arrives as a wake-up call where we see we simply need to get out of our own way.

Ditching that comfort zone or familiar choice could form part of this. And if you haven’t been able to see exactly who or what is holding you back you will now Mars lands in your 12th from the 4th. People will show their true colours so be prepared.

Colour your world

As will you as butterflies unfurl their wings to let their colours show. You have a big line up of planets now in your 9th (which incidentally Jupiter rules). Soul freedom or simply the freedom to pursue what you want is promised. If you need more assistance or time to do this, you’ll adjust or ask for it especially around the 4th when the Sun in your 9th opposes Vesta in your 3rd.

Venus aligns to Uranus on the 3rd while playing-for-keeps Juno in your 6th of wellbeing and Neptune tells you its time to embrace reality and breakout or break-through barriers once and for all. Don’t hold on to the status quo this week, Cancer. Holding yourself back simply isn’t the way to let those true colours come shining through.

In a nutshell: It’s not so much you need to get out of the way of letting change occur, Cancer. But more about seeing it as a wind that allows you to soar up, up and away. Take that leap this week.



Duos, double acts of all descriptions deliver love in many forms

Don’t go it alone

Explore the Power of Two

Now Age love is all about double the benefits and triple the factors, Leo. In other words, you and a significant other of some description. And three times the charm when it comes to that loved-up opportunity. This could just as easily be a professional relationship or a close friendship as it could be that bae (past, present or potential). So, keep this in mind as Mercury and Jupiter have their third and final date on the 5th.

Love gets locked in for the long haul

You also have Juno which rules big commitments or those promises that are hard to back out of in your 5th squaring Neptune in your 8th. As well as ruler the Sun also in your 8th opposing Vesta in your 2nd. Venus which rules both your 2nd and 7th houses also in your 8th, aligns to Uranus in your status sector. As well as your career, this rules your relationship status and also your partner’s status too. So, take it something is on offer this week that has the potential to transform your personal and/or professional standing.

Mars arrives in your 11th of friendships and the future also on the 4th. Put it this way – nothing stands between you and your goals. But it has to spark that passion. Expect a shift as a result. Same goes for friendships. You need those shared passions. But the future is yours to claim when it comes to wishes and dreams now.

In a nutshell: Destiny or your future path is linked to at least one other person, Leo. So, don’t go it alone now. As to who this is – their presence in your life has a significant impact. As well as being a significant other in all kinds of ways!



Your best life – your way

What’s good for you also sets you free

Stand by your priorities

Opportunities around work and wellbeing are on offer (again) this week, Virgo. All thanks to ruler Mercury now very much direct once more encountering Jupiter in your 6th for the third and final time on the 5th. Three times the charm when it comes to your day job, studies, habits, routine or simply creating your best life to live every day of the year!

This could well involve you and a partner, close working relationship or other double act thanks to Venus in its ruling 7th along with the Sun and Neptune. The Sun opposes Vesta in your 1st on the 4th – the same day as Mars lands in your career and status sector. What do you want? Equality. Balance. Sharing. Fairness.

Get a daily dose of love

Venus angles to Uranus in your 9th on the 3rd and this is all about the kind of love or relationship that frees you. Juno which rules marriage and long-term commitments and promises in your 4th squares Neptune on the 2nd. If a relationship or arrangement is biased unfairly, you may be able to renegotiate something better. Or an opportunity arrives which releases you into just that. For some this could involve a permanent and radical re-think of how they live and work or a shift in priorities around that work/life balance. Get a grand design on the every day stuff now, Virgo. And that includes your daily dose of love.

In a nutshell: Hopefully your priorities include your wellbeing and living your best life. Not someday but right now. Today, Virgo. So, ensure the deal on the table this week hands you exactly that.



Shine on!

Get ready to step into something bigger

Enter the Glamazone

Lucky you, Libra. Lucky breaks, love, fun, pleasure, indulgence, creativity, where you shine, glamour and even babies, children or young people feature this week. News or events around one, some or any of these propel you direct into good times, happiness, romance or the virtual red carpet. All thanks to the final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 5th.

You can’t help but be the talking point or centre of attention this week, Libra. And even if you’ve nowhere to go but your lounge – why not dress for the occasion you’d like to attend instead? Feel like a star and radiate no matter your circumstances and anticipate an answer from the universe via who or what you attract.

Ruler Venus in your 6th is intent on sexing up that everyday routine, your wellbeing or day job and its freedom inciting angle to Uranus in your 8th could once and for all propel you from that rut. Or simply hand you your mojo back. Juno rules marriage, long term commitments and promises and is in your 3rd of contracts and communication. Look closely at what you have agreed to as it angles Neptune. And if getting into anything new – please read the fine print or get a clear idea of what is expected of you.

Mars in your 9th could have you looking to escape something this week. Now, maybe it is just that lockdown fatigue or it just may be something that has been hanging around longer than Covid. The Sun in your 6th strikes Vesta in your 12th and you may suddenly see that an arrangement has become skewed in favour of one party. If so, this week hands you the ability to do something about it. Escape to the glamazone of your future this week, Libra. It’s whatever you feel it can be.

In a nutshell: So, just what is the Glamazone, Libra? It’s where you get to be your best self. To shine, to attract and be unrepeatably and utterly gorgeous. And you have an access all-areas pass to it thanks to Jupiter this week.



Get a true sense of permanence and place

Unlock the door to opportunity

Play and know it’s for keeps

Positive outcomes around home, career, money or your living arrangements and general sense of security are on offer this week. If anything around these areas has been going backwards and forwards since the end of January, expect a stunning and brilliant conclusion around the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet in your house of home, property, family and all things which sustain you on the 5th.

Discover solutions hiding in plain sight

You also have a loaded 5th house right now with the Sun, Venus and Neptune all present. Children, lucky breaks or even romance could add to that sense of ‘all is right with my world’. This is your house of attraction after all. Juno in your money zone is playing for keeps when it comes to your income or something you can quite literally ‘bank on’ – as in your talents or a particular relationship or connection.

Your ancient ruler Mars is on the move this week too. Into your 8th from the 4th. It delivers the power of change and allows you to grasp that you are able to change things even if up to this point, you may have felt powerless to do so. Sometimes the way forward is right under our nose but we simply cannot see it. You’re on the path towards just that this week, Scorpio. So, get ready for opportunity, solutions and a discovery which releases you into a better, bigger, brighter direction.

In a nutshell: Someone could hand you the key to a door. Perhaps a literal one in the form of a new home. Others could see portals of potential open wide. All you have to do is step through this week, Scorpio.



News opens a new path

Ideas break you free

The heat is back on when it comes to love

The news, opportunity or solution is too big to miss this week, Sag. It is also about releasing you from something which is no longer working and may not have been for quite some time now. The 5th sees Mercury meet ruler Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 3rd.

This is the third and final meeting between these two in here. Under normal pre-Covid circumstances, the most likely scenario of this would have been you heading to the airport, waving your passport. Because this option is likely to be prohibitive for many Sagi’s right now, does not mean you are not embarking on a new journey however. This could involve writing, publishing, that business idea, photography, studying, a ‘yes’ answer on news you have been waiting on, the internet or even the outdoors, the law, sports and horses.

Get a whole-life upgrade!

If a long-term agreement is no longer working for you, you may exit it now thanks to the angle between Juno in your sign and Neptune in your 4th. Upgrading your home or job is promised by Venus in your 4th angling to Uranus in your 6th and the Sun also in your 4th making a role re-defining opposition to Vesta in your 10th.

Mars lands in your 7th of partnerships from the 4th. You need passion, heat, joint visions and an intellectual turn on in relationships. If this is missing, you’ll do something about it. One way or another. This week breaks you free of that feeling of simply spinning your wheels on some level, Sag. It’s about time after all.

In a nutshell: Worried about missing out? Don’t. The news is too big to miss. All thanks to ruler Jupiter’s final encounter with Mercury in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Passion sees you power ahead with love and other ideas.



Invest in your future by investing in yourself

Pace yourself to win the race

Self-worth? Like money in the bank!

Changes and renegotiations feature this week, Capricorn. As well as something you should be able to ‘bank on’ for your future. This week’s make-it-big aspect is the third and final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 2nd. Something that you may have been waiting on since January could be finalized now. That job offer, deal, project, loan or even something more personal. Whatever form it takes, it boosts your self-worth and sends your stock soaring.

Deal or No Deal?

It’s a week of acquisitions, mergers and to do deals. Of a financial, professional or even personal nature. If something is no longer working for you however or if you cannot come to an agreement, this week will finalise that too by giving you your own personal Brexit. Juno in your 12th gives you a reality check with Neptune in your 3rd on the 2nd. So, take it if so, Jupiter and Mercury will deliver something better. The Sun and Venus also remain in your 3rd and the 3rd and 4th brings important decisions around partnerships – past, present, potential and freedom.

Get ready for rush hour from the 4th when Mars enters your 6th. But please, pace yourself. In your house of day job and every day routine, Mars has you able to get those annoying tasks out of the way. You’ll feel energized and wanting to take on the world. To the point where if you don’t pause to smell the roses once in a while, you’ll end up with burn-out.

This transit is excellent for following through on those ideas and work plans, for starting a new exercise or fitness regimen (and sticking to it), a having the determination to escape that rut. It’s less good for butting heads with your boss however or becoming dogmatic. Use it to block energy drains once and for all. And focus your energy – don’t scatter it. Success demands you keep plenty in reserve in order to be able to celebrate later!

In a nutshell: Your best investment this week is in your talents, ideas and self-worth. In fact, if you’ve made regular deposits in this area, this is the week they could pay off with interest, Capricorn.



Go big or go home

Actions speak louder than words

Know what you want to get it

Go big or go home this week, Aquarius. There is simply no middle ground. This is the ultimate maxi-challenge where you can hear RuPaul telling you: And don’t #&*! It up! Actually, you can’t this week. Not with the third and final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 1st on the 5th and Venus in its ruling 2nd angling to ruler Uranus on the 3rd.

Brand, appearance, what you project and image has a bigger role than usual to play. Yes, we’re all born naked and the rest is drag. So, look and feel the part when it comes to what you want, Aquarius. And the rest will follow.

Know What Your Outcome is

Also, knowing what outcome you want and being clear about that will help you get it. When we don’t know we settle for whatever is on offer. Only to discover that’s not what we wanted. Make any decisions with an eye on the long term impact of them. And also with the other eye on how well they fit your vision for that future as Juno in your 11th forms a make-it-real-or-just-forget-about-it angle to Neptune on the 2nd. Yes, someone may promise but can they deliver? And if they do, is it to your ultimate benefit to agree to it?

Chances are you’ll not only know what it is you want but get it now. Or if you don’t – you have the confidence to say ‘No thanks’ and head off towards a better option now Mars arrives in your 5th from the 4th. Lava love, passionate intentions and hot ideas dominate now. Why settle for anything less? This week says you no longer have to.

In a nutshell: This week demands no apologies, no half measures and certainly no underselling yourself, Aquarius. When it comes to what others promise – is it just talk or are they backing it up?



Hidden benefits last the longest

There’s no fate but the one we make

Karma could pay it forward now

There’s nothing better than a transit of the heart and soul that involves Jupiter, Pisces. Your ancient ruler in your 12th is all about delivering something linked to your past, good karma or which is timeless and cannot ever be taken from you. This includes taking it on into your next lifetime. Sure, it can be intangible like a belief, hidden truth or knowledge, a personal quality or again, a karmic contract there for you which is clocking up the interest. Take note of who or what appears on the 5th when Jupiter and Mercury make their third and final meeting in here.

Cosmic connections could play a role this week as Venus in your 1st aligns to Uranus in your 3rd. Unexpected news or a surprise development again designed to benefit you, could form part of the Jupiter offering. Juno in your 10th wants you to say whether you are in or out on something linked to your status on the 2nd when it asks ruler Neptune the same question. Time to do the deal. Or walk away.

Let destiny drive you

Of course, this could be you asking someone else if they are really serious – or not. The Sun in your 1st opposes Vesta in your partnership sector. Just what are the terms – spoken or unspoken, in a particular relationship? This could be your bae, your boss, your bestie, your business partner or even that roomie if you have one. You need to ensure that one party is not more equal than the other. Mars’s arrival in your 4th on the 4th really does tell you that the time for talking is over. Actions speak louder than words. Is someone all promises but doesn’t deliver? They could simply get left behind now as you get propelled down a fresh path towards what really matters to you the most.

In a nutshell: A legacy-making meeting occurs between Jupiter and Mercury in your psychic and secretive 12th. Chances you already know intuitively what it is serving, Pisces. Something lasting and future defining awaits you.




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