Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 15th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 15th 2021


Be extra

The truth upturns past thinking

Happy birthday, Aries!

Brand new beginnings beckon as the Sun (20th) and then Venus (21st) ignite your 1st house. Of course, our birthday cycle is all about us. But this one sees you more in a mood to express yourself than usual. Yes, you’re just that bit extra now, Aries. And if not now, then when?

As you head into a brand-new cycle, you’re not willing to continue to go along with anything that’s unclarified, up in the air or simply nebulous. You know what you want and what you’re all about now – so you’ll be seeking the same from those around you. In fact, this birthday season, the greatest gift anyone can give you is letting you know exactly where they are coming from.

Speaking your truth, asking for the truth or you being determined to get to it, could just turn something that has been accepted, on its head now. Watch for this from the 15th when Mercury ignites your curiosity as it enters your 12th. You want the change the truth can bring you as the Sun and then Venus angle to Pluto before they arrive in your sign.

This is also a great time to see what you can achieve by asking. The Moon’s meeting with Uranus (17th) and then ruler Mars (19th) sets new standards for truth-telling. And this could even be around business or the internet. Sell in that extra factor this birthday, Aries!

In a nutshell: Feeling just that bit extra this week, Aries? As your new cycle starts, you’re entitled to express yourself. Just as you’re entitled to say what’s on your mind – and get those answers you need.



No more baggage

Recommit to your future

Ditch anything between you and your truth

Unpack that soul suitcase this week, Taurus. Just what are you carrying around in there? Yep, I’m talking baggage here. The start of the week should see you future focused and also connecting in whatever way you can now Mercury lands in your 11th. Goals take on new meaning and recommitment. Or fresh ones get set.

Now, if you are lugging that metaphorical suitcase around while trying to do this, that is the equivalent of running for the finish line dragging a dead weight. So, as the Moon meets Uranus in your sign on the 17th, there is no better day to unzip that bag and take a good look at what is in there. We all have baggage. It’s what we do about it that counts.

Lighten up!

Lighten the load and above all, understand it’s time to permanently check this in to the left luggage office when it comes to what no longer serves you, has become a burden or prevents you from living your truth. No matter what you have packed away in there and tried to forget about, the fact is, it’s become a dead weight whether memories, thoughts, pain, denial or simply being afraid to go after what you want.

The next month has you totally immersed in this process as the Sun (20th) and then ruler Venus (21st) in your 12th ask you to undertake your yearly soul audit. If it no longer serves, if it doesn’t add spiritual truth and beauty – you’ll know what to do from this week on, Taurus.

In a nutshell: The universe this week invites you to lighten the load. To examine what you carry around with you subconsciously. And to ditch what no longer serves. Ditch that baggage, Taurus!



Don’t just dream/talk about it – initiate!

Jump out of your mind and into your body

Make that move or start that conversation

No more thinking. Start talking and also acting this week, Gemini. Sure, it’s often a good thing to watch and wait for more insight to emerge. You will have plenty of opportunity for just that. But what this week wants you to know is that spending too much time in your head can work against you. You’ve arrived at the point this week where you need to be backing up those thoughts with words and actions.

Money, career and power moves are highlighted and a conversation, talk or meeting could see a transformation take place around this. Or even a key relationship thanks to the Sun and Venus in your 10th angling to Pluto. You also have ruler Mercury in your 10th from the 15th. This favours discussions around anything that boosts your cred or status.

Time for action-based talk

The Moon’s meeting with Uranus in your 12th on the 17th could have you considering a different approach. Come across confident when that Moon powers on into your 1st and meets Mars on the 19th. Getting the job done, selling in yourself or your ideas and above all, initiating conversations rather than waiting gets you the results you want. Then – congratulate yourself and shift that focus.

Friends, contacts, groups, goals all feature as the Sun and then Venus arrive in your 11th from the 20th onwards. Friends and connections bring benefits and wishes could get granted. But chances are because you started talking and backed that up with action, Gemini.

In a nutshell: You can spend too much time in your head, Gemini. Going over ideas and plans. Or formulating that classic come-back. This week says no more thinking – time to get out of your head and into action!



Success is a mindset -project it

Make your move

You’re the show so get on with it!

Mercury, Venus and the Sun in your 9th at the start of the week may have you dreaming of escaping on some level, Cancer. Maybe travelling to far off places. Or that love island fantasy. The one that whisks you away from the everyday boring stuff like lockdown blues, your day job, the chores and bills.

All things serve a purpose but just remember this week – dreams are meant to fuel our reality. To give us something to aim for or food for creativity. If something has become restrictive, do something constructive about it. Or use the extra special inspiration you are handed this week to channel into a project, your psychic development, goals or even a course of study.

You won’t be able to ignore the facts around the 19th when ruler the Moon meets Mars in your 12th. Nor doing something about it either. Expect revelations. The Sun and Venus arrive in your career sector from the 20th and 21st respectively. Shining on your ‘public’ image, status, career and personal success story. Dress for the part you want to play for your future now. Yes, even if you are working from home for most of the time.

Ready for some serious attention?

Project the right image and know you are your best calling card. People in positions of influence, authority, VIP’s and basically anyone who is in charge of that rope between you and the VIP area, is likely to look favourably on you now. This is a good time to be pursing that long term agenda. Singles could just snag the attention of a Ms. or Mr. Darcy. That someone who is a catch. And is looking for something serious. Ensure you come across as a serious contender this week.

In a nutshell: This week wants you to get real. So no matter how alluring escapism is – don’t over-indulge. Your public image is ‘on show’ so time to show you mean business. The same goes for love, Cancer.



Time for something (or someone) big

Who makes it happen? You do!

Change is the great electrifier

Change things up to charge up. And don’t shy away from doing whatever needs to be done now to make this happen. Your intuition should be broadcasting loud and clear what this is, Leo. Thanks to the Sun in your 8th until the 20th. It’s joined by Mercury in here from the 15th. Plus the Sun and then Venus also in your 8th, make angles of positive transformation to Pluto which rules your 8th, on the 16th and 18th.

Money, shared assets, payments, benefits, your salary, loans, mortgages or the way forward towards empowerment could feature. Don’t shy away from negotiating or setting change in motion. Who makes this happen? You do.

You could arrive at a sense of self-satisfaction and see your personal stock go higher especially if you are willing to try a new approach. All this occurs ahead of the Sun’s arrival in your 9th on the 20th, and Venus’s on the 21st. What this adds up to is a release into something bigger. Or which gets you noticed in a big way.

This could end up not just boosting your self-worth and cred, but also see you having more resources or choices available to you as a result. The upshot is more to play with. Maybe even that big love, Leo. It’s a new chapter in your success story. Write it and roar!

In a nutshell: Initiating change energises us. It hands us empowerment and confidence. So, don’t shy away from initiating it. And in doing so, you’ll light the way forward into something better – and bigger, Leo.



Werk your worth

Protect your best asset (that’s you!)

Love is the topic of conversation

Initiating conversations that bring you closer to someone should be easy as ruler Mercury says ‘Let’s talk about love’ when it lands in your 7th on the 15th. It’s joining the Sun, Venus (which rules this house) and Neptune in here.

Past loves, present loves and definitely potential loves are all up for discussion. Especially as the Sun and then Venus angle back to Pluto in your 5th on the 16th and 18th. That talk could just hot up. Not just this week either. Once started that conversation could keep going right on into April thanks to the Sun’s arrival in your 8th on the 20th. Venus follows on the 21st.

A flirtation could turn from nice to naughty quite quickly. You yourself will be broadcasting a sexy magnetism now. So, werk that whatever way you can, Virgo. Your 8th is your house of relationships where sex is important. And also money too. This is your ‘other’ money house of joint accounts, shared property, mortgages, benefits and salary. So, discussion could just as easily revolve around these now as well as those assets of a more personal nature like your heart.

Protect your best assets

The important thing about assets is we don’t want to waste them. Bear this in mind now. Before you throw that heart in the ring, take your time to ensure the recipient is worthy of it. This week also says don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Whether this is around your expectations of what you want or to be treated in a relationship. Or your share of something or how much you expect to receive.

Your 8th is your house of fears but also personal power. So, tap into that this week, Virgo. It could be your take out now is simply knowing that you are worth far more than what you have previously settled for. Werk that.

In a nutshell: If love is the question, then what’s the answer? Love talk provides most of these this week. But the key to the puzzle is YOU, Virgo. So, don’t forget to factor what you want into the conversation. The result (and you) are worth it.



Get some heat in your beat!

Free yourself up for love

Stand by for a heart-starter

Ruler Venus is on the move into its ruling 7th this week. It arrives a day after the Sun lands in here on the 20th. So, all kinds of twosomes and double acts may feature. With a potential important new beginning around one relationship just around the corner.

Before that happens Mercury lands in its ruling 6th on the 15th. Up until the 20th you have a big line up in here – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. If things have been a little fuzzy around your day job, routine, work, wellbeing or those habits, this is your opportunity to make some realistic changes and stick to them. This could also have a knock-on affect around home, family, lifestyle or living arrangements thanks to the Sun (16th) and then Venus (18th) looking to Pluto in your 4th for changing rooms/lives tips. Make these now.

Feel the beat again

Taking care of the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff as you know), frees you up for what inspires that creative and passionate Libran heart. And also, what makes it beat faster. In fact, if you have thought recently that nothing or no one would ever see your pulse racing again, this week could finally provide that heart-starter. That partnership potential or next step for some could include the appearance of that flirty, fiery, confident, free-spirit who has lots to say for themselves. Whether it’s love, fun, work or collaboration, they could represent what’s been missing. Feel the beat again, Libra.

In a nutshell: Partnerships past, present and potential and dynamic duos and double acts of all kinds feature with the Sun and ruler Venus in your 7th. Time to free yourself up for a new kind of love experience.



Make your bed – and all that small stuff for big results

Dial up that allure

Feel the fear and say yes anyway

Attraction and allure. To attract you have to be alluring. Setting your energy and intention to the ‘frequency’ of what you want to draw to you. Also, and here’s the important bit so many astrologers miss out, you have to be ready to receive whatever (or whomever) it is you are wanting to attract.

We are such deep, complex souls that we can put ourselves into a double-bind on this. Because the very thing we want the most can be what scares us the most too. Or, when we ‘put it out there’ and get an answer, we then tell ourselves it can’t be THAT easy and therefore there must be something wrong. These are the common traps and ones you need to be aware of to avoid this week.

Both your rulers are busy in different areas of your chart this week. And both have a say in all of this. The ultimate say and power to attract is yours however. Mercury along with the Sun, Venus and Neptune in your 5th should be telling you attracting is effortless and child’s play now. So, if love, fun, gifts or even accolades come your way now, don’t second guess them or your process.

Have the confidence to say yes

Above all, don’t self-sabotage. You could see surprises, welcome news or positive, unexpected twists take place as the Sun and Venus align to ruler Pluto in your 3rd delivering news and the Moon meets Uranus in your 7th pointing to soul freedom on the 17th. The 19th sees the Moon bump into ancient ruler Mars in its ruling 8th. This could be about your money but also intensify your power to attract. Again, don’t run away from what or who responds.

The everyday business of living and living well or better will be your next go-to task as the Sun (20th) and Venus (21st) arrive in your 6th. Look to your day job (paid or unpaid), your studies, your daily habits and wellbeing now. Knowing that the small stuff works and it’s all small stuff. A good place to start is Admiral William McRaven’s speech on YouTube and book ‘Make Your Bed’. Do that and all the other small stuff and you will be stronger, more confident and unlikely to question or reject the good stuff when it arrives. Get busy now.

In a nutshell: Did you know that having what we want takes courage? Saying no is easy, Scorpio. This week dials up that allure, confidence and ability to accept. Don’t second guess the process. Just say Yes.



Home and lifestyle edits put you back in the spotlight

Ground control to Sag – come back down to earth

Clear the way for fun, playfulness and yes – love!

Boundaries around home matters, living arrangements, family, what you need to do may have been fuzzy or simply absent, Sag. Blame Neptune in your 4th if so. The antidote to Neptune’s drift is always Mercury. Powering in with Home Edit type organizational skills from the 15th.

This may return you to the here and now with a bump. Venus in here may have also caused you to drift. Maybe imagining a dream lifestyle but doing nothing to get it? Or you may have ignored those chores or even that family member or someone you share with crossing the line. So much easier to just tell yourself you’re deal with that tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts today

Tomorrow now arrives. If you need to tackle someone, sort out the bills or the clutter, have that talk or simply initiate new and better habits, you’ll do this now. This is also a fabulous week for anything to do with moving or doing things to the home thanks to alignments between the Sun and Venus in your 4th and Pluto in your money zone. Shaking yourself free of bad habits or that rut is also possible thanks to the meeting between the Moon and Uranus in your 6th on the 17th.

The 19th has the Moon meet Mars in your 7th. Use this day to talk to partners about what needs to occur now on a daily basis around love or what you both need to do. All this housekeeping – which is what this is, gets the dull stuff dusted and puts you in fun factor readiness for when the Sun (20th) and Venus (21st) touchdown in your 5th.

Welcome back playfulness, the ability to attract, fun, pleasure, what makes you shine and stand out and yes – romance now. Time to brush away those cobwebs, ditch the fog of forgetfulness and remind the world how brightly you can shine, Sag. Others are waiting for just that reminder.

In a nutshell: Fun, good times and even love could come door knocking this week. In order to let them in, you have to make room. Tackle those home matters or everyday tasks you’ve been ignoring now.



News could turn something on its head

Feed your soul

Create your space

News could see something literally turn ‘upside down’ for you this week, Capricorn. And don’t jump to the conclusion this could be a bad thing.

First, Mercury lands in its ruling 3rd from the 15th. Think commerce, studies, business, getting around, your communication devices, writing, speaking and the internet. What you say and what is said back in turn. You have a big line up in here until the 20th. Not only Mercury but the Sun, Venus and Neptune too. Both the Sun and Venus will angle back to Pluto in your 1st. So, the news that surprises or upends your worldview impacts on you, your path and how you see yourself. Or even another as the Moon bumps into Uranus in your 5th on the 17th. News around a job or course could also feature. And if you’ve been feeling stagnant or in a rut recently, the good news is that the Moon’s conjunction to Mars in your 6th on the 19th sees you taking back control and doing something about it.

Bring it on home, baby!

The 20th and 21st bring a change of houses for both the Sun and Venus. As they arrive in your 4th of home, living space, lifestyle, family and living arrangements. Fabulizing your living space could be one result. As could be moving to a better home or neighbourhood. Others could see benefits flow their way from females. Especially female family members but this also includes that roomie if you have one, a neighbour or even a woman you work with.

If you have been spending more time at home recently, and are now looking at a long term shift towards more flexible working, then the Sun and Venus in here will highlight the need to make your surroundings as comfortable and beautiful as possible. You need somewhere to feed your soul. Redecorating, buying new items for your home and renovating are other options. While others may simply decide where they are is lived out. That news I mentioned could just lead to you living better, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: News or a key piece of insight could see you looking at things in a new light. When it comes to daily living however, you need a space which supports you. Get creating that now.



If something doesn’t ‘add up’ – recalculate

Re-write your worth

Commit to better living

What or who is ‘worthy’ and aligns with your core values this week, Aquarius? Expect revelations and insights around this. And you taking action on this information accordingly.

Worthy or your heart for instance? Now, that’s a big one! As is being paid or treated in alignment with what you are worth. Mercury leaves you 1st this week and joins the Sun, Venus and Neptune in your money zone. Venus rules this house. It’s about more than just money but how we are treated. Is something or someone not ‘adding up’, Aquarius?

You could be looking at a track record here or even messages you received about what you did and didn’t deserve growing up as Venus and the Sun look back at Pluto in your house of the past (and all things hidden including hidden assets). While the Moon in its ruling 4th meets your ruler Uranus on the 17th.

Get soul-worthy values

This could extend to how you are praised and rewarded for your talents and abilities – or the gratitude you receive for just being there. As well as how you are treated by lovers and loved ones. Is it time to set and broadcast new standards? The Moon/Mars meeting in your 5th on the 19th is about doing just that. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is old or emerging – you can let people know your values and how you value yourself has changed at any time.

Home, property, family, lifestyle and also owning your path all come under the 4th house. The Sun and Venus land in here this week. This favours living arrangements, moving and property matters of all descriptions. That Airbnb, your roomie or lodger, your landlord or that place you call home. Commit to this, send those roots down further and make it the best you can. Or else commit to changing it. Above all, live in a way that establishes your worth and which reflects this. All yours to work with whatever way you want.

In a nutshell: Time to commit to living those values, Aquarius. If you’ve had the feeling something doesn’t ‘add up’ for a while – take an audit. Get a grand design that reflects your worth now.



Get ready – the after-party starts here!

Set dreams in motion

Know what you can bank on (or who)

The birthday party breaks up this week, Pisces. Despite the arrival of Mercury in your 1st from the 15th. The Sun (20th) and Venus (21st) will move on into your 2nd. So, let’s get that after-party started!

What plans or goals did you set yourself for the coming year? Because this is the week to initiate them. We are still in that rare and special phase where every single planet in the sky is direct. And you have the Sun and Venus angle back to powerful Pluto in your 11th this week. Goals and dreams for the future feature. But this is about more than dreaming or talking. It is now about setting them in motion. Especially on the 17th when the Moon meets Uranus in your house of ideas, business and the internet.

Looking at that work/life balance could be a key factor just before the Sun and Venus land in your 2nd thanks to the Moon/Mars meeting in your 4th on the 19th. You’ll be unafraid to make changes which hand you that.

What can you bank on?

Your 2nd isn’t just about money. Although your bank account falls into this house. When Venus in particular lands in here, we usually discover a new potential for getting our hands on more of the folding stuff. It also rules gifts – late birthday surprises included, possessions, our talents and skills, relationships that we can ‘bank’ on and our self-worth which is what governs all of this. Seeing yourself as someone able to reach their goals and knowing you are the ‘right stuff’ is your starting point now.

From there, look to what resources you already have to get where you want to go in the upcoming 12 months. The theme of that after-party could just be Dreams Come True. Working with what you have and who will work with you is the step you can take now.

In a nutshell: Have a goal setting after-party and set something for your future in motion this week, Pisces. Look to all you have at your disposal – including your talents and people. It’s all about banking on your future this week.




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