Lisa’s Karma Clinic: I Need To Reinvent Myself

Dear Lisa,

This last year has been really hard.  Husband lost job, daughter lost job, I was shifted to part time.  I am not doing what I am passionate about, but felt I needed to learn this field.  I am working for a financial advisor.  As has been my way, I am a great employee, loyal, hard working, great with people, and the boss is seldom here and I do it all.  But with the world and its financial woes (or the initiation period for the new paradigm, as I see it) business is down.  So, time for another reinvention of myself.

I want to stop working as an administrative assistant, get an aesthetician license and open a healing place.  Do you see success?

Lisa says:

First of all I am sorry for all the difficult times that you have had to face during last year. Let’s hope this year brings you much more happiness and the contentment that you are looking for.

I was looking at your chart and noticed that you have the stars Ras Althegi, Bellatrix and Algol in Lower Culmination paran with your Sun and Moon and Venus respectively. This means that at the time of life that you are currently in you are likely to want to gravitate towards seeking harmony with the natural world and the fundamental functions of how we live. This can express itself as a desire to want to pass on the power of Mother Nature to others and help with their doubts, issues and uncertainties. Therefore creating a healing centre is a perfect manifestation of this. In your full letter you listed a few quite volatile events that have happened for you over the past year, and this has probably heightened your regard for other people’s welfare.

Providing love, assistance and understanding to those in pain or in need will help you in dealing with your own grief. It’s possible that you may eventually be seen by some to be a leader in whichever field you pursue.

 Having three planets – and especially Juno – in the 10th house indicates that you can be an inspiration to others through your work, but it might be worth considering setting up a healing centre with someone else as a partnership.  Alternatively, you could look for ways that you can link up closely with another organisation to provide other key services or to refer clients to you.   Positive aspects between Saturn and Uranus to Ceres shows that you CAN create a realistic, strong, foundation for caring for others.  When you think about the centre you would like to open, it would be worth really thinking about the range of people it would be designed to help as this will feed into its success and longevity.

It would also be worth thinking about how this idea of a centre actually relates to your own journey of evolution.  You have Pluto at a critical degree in the 5th house. It is very likely that you incarnated in this life feeling that you had a distinct destiny to fulfil. You may not have been sure what this should be and may have felt very blocked as a result. This may also mean that you have brought forward an unconscious karmic pattern from being treated in past lives as if you were unique or special. Now your own growth can be accelerated dramatically by making sure that when you do give, it comes from your heart and soul and not your ego.  You do have all the elements that mean you can act as a facilitator or channel to help others achieve their own truths. See yourself as part of a collective team rather than a leader and you will not only achieve more in terms of your personal career, but in the evolution of your very self.

Good luck with your reinvention.

Keep shining!


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