Lisa’s Karma Clinic – Am I cursed in love?

Dear Lisa

I want to find out what my love life was like in the past.  Was I in a relationship or married? As I do not have much luck in my love life, it’s like I have been cursed.

Lisa says:

Your chart is very interesting as you have a lack of planets in the first four houses and a very heavy 12th house. That means it’s likely that you need to be of service to others, especially from a loving healing perspective, to feel emotionally secure, and you’re probably highly spiritual. So much focus on the 12th house and a lack of any planet in the 1st house can mean that your need to feel at one with universe can sometimes result in you occasionally losing a sense of whom you actually are.

There was a solar eclipse in Virgo when you were still in the womb. As a result, you possibly attract people who don’t take responsibility for themselves and their actions very easily. Learning how to handle the boundaries between you and others in a way that supports them in taking responsibility for themselves will actually raise the vibration of the planet.

This in itself can be a huge learning curve!  You will probably find that pointing out peoples flaws in from a need to try to make things right won’t bring you any thanks until much later down the line – if at all!  Learning how to be tactful and speak your truth in a way that someone else is most likely to hear and act on it puts you on the right track in your intimate relationships. 

A Lunar eclipse in Aries indicates a person who has spent a previous life being very dependent on someone in a relationship (perhaps even for their own survival) or a person who has allowed others to dominate their life.  Given that this shows up in your chart, it’s important that you learn to be completely independent. You state that ‘you haven’t had much luck’ in your love life, but the Aries energy is forcing you to embrace changes –  especially regarding starting afresh. You may feel that your relationships never work out, but this is because the Universe is forcing you to trust and take risks. If you find yourself repeating a pattern whereby you are perhaps projecting unrealistic expectations on others, which leads to disappointment, it would be worth you considering that your expectations should be of yourself and not others.

Having Venus in Aquarius and in the 11th house means that you may also find yourself unconsciously drawn to towards problematic, crazy or shallow relationships as a way of masking a need to hang on to your freedom.

Chiron/Pluto aspects in your birthchart do indicate that you are likely to run into control issues within your relationships. The interesting thing with these aspects though is that you may actually also have a need to heal aspects connected to either your mother or something inherited from your mother’s side of the family. If you can, you may want to look at your family tree to see if you could be mirroring relationship aspects with someone in your family. Karmic links also occur within connections in family trees. Look for positive aspects within your own heritage that can provide you with stimulus to heal your own emotional energy. 

Learning how to take a step back from your relationships, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries and taking an honest look at your expectations of others can bring about the change in the quality of relationships that you want to have.

Good luck on your emotional journey!

Lots of hugs,

Lisa x

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