Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Am I blocking relationships

Dear Lisa,

I would be very grateful if you could throw some light on an issue that must be from past life/lives that is holding me back from being in a relationship, even to the extent of wanting to go out to meet anyone, I know I must have a block from somewhere which I would like to clear as I am unhappy with the way I am living.

Also, I have been told several times that I will be working for Spirit.  I started to sit in a development circle about three years ago but all doors have been closed to me for the past year.  I presume it is not the right time yet and when the time is right doors will open and I will be pointed in the right direction.  Can you see if this is true and when it might possibly be?     

Lisa says,

What stands out almost immediately as I look at your chart is the karmic patterns of your Moon which is in Libra at a critical degree. That indicates this can be a challenging area and is therefore a key focus for growth and development.

This aspect indicates someone who has spent past lives in submissive feminine type roles, helping and supporting others – and always having to share. Because of this, it can create a pattern or  residue in this life that promotes submission or a need to give in to others.  At the same time, it is likely that someone with this aspect might subconsciously over compensate by having an underlying need to get their own way.  The end result can be an unconscious tendency to push relationships away.  Not wanting to go out to meet someone might be an example of this.

This energy can also sometimes create a dynamic where people then resist a mutual cooperation with you.  It’s like giving off a vibration of ‘don’t come too close!’

All of this type of energy can promote a feeling of you not being able to be YOU in relationships because subconsciously you are always feeling the need to be supportive and accommodating or occasionally at the other extreme resist and assert yourself.  Your North Node is situated in Capricorn, which indicates someone with an acute fear of rejection and a past life residue that forms attachments.  You possibly have a far greater aversion to endings than others might, and again this can results in you pushing away the situations that might bring up these emotional confrontations.

The resolution is to try to find a balance in relationships.  Growth in this key area happens when there is no longer any subconscious need to go to extremes and when someone is able to rise above the deep rooted fear within.

From a spiritual perspective, you have Pallas in the 8th house.  This indicates a good psychic ability with a particular emphasis on prediction work, or the use of Yoga and meditation to help with transformation.  Some people with this aspect actually transpose their own sexual energy into being creative or spiritual and choose celibacy.

I feel that the timing of the doors ‘opening’ to spirit is actually down to you. You have Neptune retrograde in the 10th house.  This aspect means it’s important that you stay in your power as any tendency to personalise or absorb spiritual energy can create confusion.  Your intuition is excellent and if you relax and explore your spiritual healing ability in an area that involves compassionate service, you are more likely to feel your calling. 

Start by recognising your proclivity to being a visionary – the doors will open naturally when you are ready to receive.

Good luck and lots of hugs for your soul journey,

Keep shining,

Lisa xx

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