Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 6 2020 – Mercury Direct!

Mercury direct

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 6 2020 – Mercury Direct!


Move ahead with home matters

Get some self-love healing

Impossible outcomes just may be possible

Mercury heads direct this week. Giving you that go signal to progress with anything to do with home, property, family or any area that touches on living arrangements and security. Just bear in mind that Mercury will not clear retroshadow until the 26th. Basically, this means things can still stall or even reverse.

What is calling you?

There’s more than one way to feel ‘at home’ than just bricks and mortar. A place or even an idea or belief can call to you now. Some of you may even think about ‘returning’ to something, somewhere or – dare I say it, someone? Who, what or where you belong may feature as the 12th sees the Sun also in your 4th make a truth bearing angle to Neptune in your 12th. There’s something important happening here you should not dismiss. What or who you are being ‘drawn’ to. This could even be the truth. If it’s around love – pay attention now.

Get some healing love

Before this happens Venus in your 3rd flirts with Chiron in your 1st on the 10th. There has been a lot of confusion out there about Chiron. What it is and what it rules topping that list. For more on this see your monthly forecast. For now take it that news you never thought to hear could be arrive or a simply improbable opportunity around love present itself. Chiron has long been associated with healing and this still applies on a deep level. But with it in your 1st this could be self-healing. Knowing what you want, seeing the truth of what you need – these fall under that too. Get the healing love happening this week, Aries. In frankly improbably impossible ways.

In a nutshell: Sometimes to get the love we desire, we need to do a little self-love healing first. This begins with seeing the truth behind our needs. So, go directly to those, Aries. The outcome could astound you.



Don’t be afraid to make waves

Dare it in the name of love!

Ready to rock, Taurus?

Chiron is the rockstar of the zodiac. For one thing, in mythology Chiron was a musician as well as a teacher and healer. When Chiron was discovered in 1977, this coincided with the emergence of punk rock. Chart top that off with the fact that Chiron defies definition. Or did. It’s actually a comet. So, it is also associated with the confronting, improbable and outrageous. You can read more about it in your monthly forecast.

What dare you do for love?

In your 12th, Chiron asks you how do you feel about being on show or do you prefer to stay backstage? What do you think you can dare to do or ‘get away’ with? Tired of playing it safe? The 10th sees ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd of money and self-worth, angle back to Chiron. What dare you do for love for instance? Or to go after what you love? This all rests on your self-esteem. Are you held back because you are worried about making waves or what others will think? Chiron’s secret in your 12th is to let you know not to care about anyone’s waves but surfing you own. Especially if catching that wave means you get the perfect break for getting what you want.

Friends shine a spotlight on your future

Mercury exits retroactive phase in its ruling 3rd on the 12th. Just keep in mind that it will not clear retroshadow until the 26th. However, the Sun also in here shines on those connections now. Wanting friendships with soul resonance? Or to discover new ways of getting to those goals? Just take it you have a green light to launch, explore and go for it as the Sun trines Neptune in your house of friends and your future also on the 12th. Accept all opportunities to move from backstage to centre now. That includes at a social distance if need be. All you have to do is refuse to let your dreams go. Or not hesitate to make waves if you need to this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: What are you stopping yourself from having, doing or experiencing? Afraid of making waves, Taurus? Ruler Venus along with Chiron says don’t just make them – surf them for success this week!



Up-size deservedness for success

Break out, break free!

The love lockdown is over

Ruler Mercury knows you are fed-up with spinning your wheels. The good news now July is with us is that we are out of the major retro weather. It’s been worse for you than other signs. This is not just down to your ruler having been retro. But the fact that you have had Venus retro in your 1st. Putting a big ‘Closed until further notice’ sign on love, money and even that self-expression.

Get yourself out of hiding!

You may have felt as if you have been in hiding. But this week is your big reveal as Venus now very much direct in your 1st links to outrageous Chiron in your 11th. Lockdown ends on love. It’s time to show off. This is your house of friends and also your future. Do you dare send fate in a new direction? Chiron wants you to explore something new and more edgy. This could be an entrée into a new social scene. Or people who can send you down a new path.

Diamonds in the sky

Chiron is all about not judging a book by its cover. That is because when it was found it was slapped with incorrect labels. Dwarf planet. Asteroid. When it was a big chunk of ice diamond – a comet. So, it’s telling you that you need to look past first impressions this week. And to look closely at any one you know who wants to put baby in the corner. Or file you under some heading. Defy any attempts to do so now, Gemini. Time to shine bright like a diamond.

Know what you deserve – and how to get it

With Merc now direct in your 2nd, you need to get very clear about what those money goals are now. Otherwise you could see them simply drift out of reach. Which would be a pity as the Sun also in your 2nd makes an anchoring angle to Neptune in your 10th. It’s asking you to imagine what you are capable of achieving and could attract. You are being asked to tap into those just out of reach dreams. But know to make them real you have to take action. And most importantly – know you deserve to have them come true. Up size that for success, Gemini. And leap forward.

In a nutshell: Bust a love move now, Gemini. Not only is ruler Mercury direct this week. But Venus in your 1st and Chiron tell you that you were never meant to be a wallflower. Get yourself noticed!



Dreams lead to freedom

Who do you want to be?

Time for a radical shift!

Personal plans get the go ahead this week as Mercury heads direct in your sign from the 12th, Cancer. Just keep in the back of your mind that it won’t fully clear retroshadow until the 26th. Time to align how you feel inside to how you look or present yourself. Is there a disconnect here? How do you want to be seen and perceived during the next 12 months? Who have you become or are in the process of becoming?

Showcase your evolution, butterfly! This is all about your personal messaging and yes, it extends to your look, brand, appearance and as Mercury rules the internet, that Instagram feed and social media too. So, give yourself the present of updating yourself not just for the present – but your future too.

Be who you want to be

There’s a fabulous feeling of freedom to be felt if you go down this path. The Sun’s angle to Neptune in your 9th also on the 12th is telling you if you can dream it, you can do it. Or it can happen. Neptune can send us off on flights of pure fantasy. Or in your 9th, dreams of escapism. However, with the Sun involved during your birthday cycle, this could see you follow your spiritual truth towards making a dream a reality.

Get ready for a radical shift

Venus in your area of the past and higher purpose aligns to Chiron in your sector of ambition on the 10th. This is all about your status, public image and what you may have considered impossible. Until now. Chiron is the joker in the pack. The wild card. How much do you dare when it comes to your career? It’s down to your self-belief. But with Chiron in your 12th, something or someone from you past could return. Especially if you considered this an impossibility. Re-frame what you think is possible now. For you and for your future, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Time to get radical! You’ve changed, Cancer so unveil the new ‘you’ now. What you considered an impossibility in the past could get all too real in the present. Give yourself the gift of the future.



What do you need to let go of?

Take a leap of self-faith

Friends offer entrée into new experiences

Change catches up with you this week, Leo. But there’s no need to fear it. It’s all part of your fabulous process to prepare you for your new cycle. Mercury direct in your 12th nudges you to stop dreaming and start doing! Your ruler the Sun, also in your 12th, trines Neptune in your sector of changes.

Don’t ignore those soul prompts

Look closely at the areas in your life that you are simply not satisfied with, Leo. The Sun in your 12th should have highlighted these for you. For good reason. You know, it’s a funny thing about dissatisfaction. The soul truth behind it usually lies with us clinging to something that no longer serves us. So, what are you still refusing to let go of? Mercury and the Sun say ditch it baby! The Sun’s trine to Neptune (which rules your 12th) lets you step free of regret.

Show yourself a little tenderness

It opens up the path which allows you to see you were doing the best you could with what you had. But it’s now time to step free. This can involve anything from thoughts, old relationships or self-soothing crutches you automatically reach for. Your strength shines through. And you see you no longer need these. So, shower yourself with self-love and move forward and embrace the changes that appear now.

Friendships and freedom

The fabulizing truth about July- even before we reach your birthday, is that once Mercury is direct, we have stepped free of the worst of that retroactive gloop we’ve all been wading through lately. Take off the astro-wellies and grab the Louboutins instead. Venus now very much direct brings you friends offering benefits. As in the good time to shine kind. Chiron in your 9th brings you unlooked for opportunities to explore and move into something bigger. Foreigners, far away places, the mass media, studying, the law, the outdoors and plain all-bets-are-off astounding luck could feature. If you just step out of your usual comfort zone that is.

This week asks what do you dare to do that you have held back on before? Such as let go of that safety net or security blanket you’ve held on to. You don’t need that magic feather to fly anymore, Leo. Soar away this week.

In a nutshell: Those antsy feelings or desire for something bigger and better alert you to what needs to be let go of, Leo. Don’t be afraid to ditch anything that’s been lived out. You no longer need a safety net to soar!



Get specific with love

No such thing as punching above your weight

Know what you want – and stick to that

Here’s the thing about Neptune in your 7th. If you are seeking love at this particular time – and Neptune takes a long time to move through a sign, please get very clear about every little detail you are seeking in a partner. Now, you are the sign of details so this should come easy for you. Especially this week as ruler Mercury shifts into forward gear again in your 11th of connections and the future.

Mercury won’t clear its retroshadow until later in the month. Plus, you have the Sun also in your 11th making a soul trine to Neptune on the same day Mercury moves forward (12th). But here’s why you need to be very clear about what you are seeking. Neptune can deliver partners with whom we feel a deep, empathic soul connection. I can hear you saying: So? Where’s the catch? Well, the catch is that unless you get down with those details, you can share that idealised soul love with your catch of the day – but not much else.

Get jiggy with cosmic ordering

If getting jiggy with it is an important part of that love connection, then ensure you are clear about that when you send out that cosmic order! Especially during the period between now and Mercury clearing retroshadow. Time to look at what you may be leaving out with those love goals. And ignoring with existing relationships. This is not a time to gloss over what’s missing. Especially if this includes romance, enchantment and yes, chemistry! Make a little sweet love, Virgo. Or else look for the person who fits that description.

Because whether you know it or not, the future is in motion in surprising ways. This is no time to simply ‘settle’ or have an ‘it’ll do’ mentality. Venus in your 10th is all about making your very best impression on those who count. Yes, this is your house of career and public image. It’s also the house that rules the status of your partner. Venus angles to game-changer Chiron on the 10th, which is in your sexy power sector.

Push the boundaries of the possible

Who or what have you considered ‘punching above your weight’ in the past? This can be that promotion or job you have not applied for or yes, that prospective date. Confidence is sexy and that includes the confidence to know what you want. The result may just be a knock-out love or career move. Claim your title this week, Virgo!

In a nutshell: Ensure you tap into your talent for details this week, Virgo. Especially when it comes to that love and/or success checklist. Don’t leave out those all important details – like passion and chemistry!



Take care of the small stuff

Re-imagine how love could possibly look

Something at a distance moves within reach

Mercury is the ruler of both your 3rd and 6th houses. This week sees it shift out of retro-active phase in your 10th. Your house of status, recognition and reputation. The Sun’s in here too and angles to Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Success or how you are seen lies in paying attention to the details. Being organised and practical. Neptune rules amongst other things, viruses and things that exist but cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Bring your best game

This week could show you the importance of heath and wellbeing routines. And how they support you in other areas in your life. So, pay attention, Libra. Especially if your long-term goal is impressing people who count. You need to bring your best game. And to do that you need to feel your best.

Being a Venus ruled sign, any transits involving Venus and/or the 7th or even 2nd houses which Venus rules resonate on you, your desires and who you really are. Chiron sits in Venus’s ruling 7th. and on the 10th, Venus in your 9th aligns to Chiron. So, Chiron rules out of the blue outcomes, opportunities and anything we basically think is frankly is unimaginable. Chiron says: Imagine this. And then delivers it.

The beautifully odd couple

As Chiron is in your 7th, one improbability could be the love you thought impossible. Reconciling with that past pash for example. With Venus in your 9th love could arrive from far far away or an unexpected direction. This also rules working partnerships, places and what you love to do. Did you think you would never go back? New love could look very different. Or you could dream the impossible dream and dare to try to make it real.

No more ‘type’

If your ‘type’ has not worked for you in the past – go against type now. Designers and printers talk about ‘type setting’ and ‘type faces’. They play with different fonts, You can do that with dreams and also prospective lovers now. Sure, sometimes love might not look like it should. But to preface Mellencamp: It feels so good. So, if it feels good – go with it no matter how different it looks, Libra.

In a nutshell: Sometimes love don’t look like it should, Libra. Or how you think it should. Why not let go of preconceptions this week? A different choice may just add up to the perfect match – for you.



Get ready for a resurrection

Love is the best medicine

Mountains turn back into molehills

Venus isn’t into work and routine. It’s about indulgence, beauty, romance and in your 8th – well, flings to be flung. Being the 8th sign of the zodiac, you know this is the ‘other’ money house in your chart. What you share and what is shared with you in return.

Feel your best to feel the love

Venus angles to Chiron in your 6th on the 10th. Chiron in this house has you focussed on heath, daily routines, your work responsibilities (paid or unpaid), what you fuel that body with and wellbeing. Chiron has you turning these priorities on their head. Or being willing to try something radical and different. Especially to free yourself from a rut. Or just in order to ensure you feel your best. In order to take advantage of what’s on offer.

Your 8th as well you know, rules rebirth. Very often this only happens when we take better care of yourself. This is also your house of fears and insecurities. Chiron says these have no place in your universe now. Chiron says something you thought over and done with could be resurrected. A love affair, a job or source of income. Or something you felt insurmountable just magically falls away or ceases to be an issue. Again, you need to feel your best to embrace it.

Time for a re-birth

Phoenix time starts here. Mercury’s shift to forward motion in your 9th from the 12th points to progress. The Sun’s angle to Neptune in your 5th also on the 12th is wonderful for creativity. If you are a writer, artist, actor or in a creative profession; inspiration allows you to open up new worlds of imagination. Romance could feature now. As well as babies, children or young people. Or even relationships that could bring these into your life. The list of reasons to feel great is endless this week, Scorpio. Have a little wellness re-birth.

In a nutshell: If you want to enjoy what love and life has to share with you, you need to feel your best. Pour your energy into that this week, Scorpio. Love is after all, the best medicine.



Love gets predictably unpredictable

Escape the negative go-around

Intuition points the way to opportunity

Venus in its ruling 7th angles to Chiron in your romance zone this week. Chiron is the ruler of impossible, improbable, unbelievable and the incredible. This could involve your children or even a past, present or potential partner. Especially one who has or could make you a parent.

Love is ready to astound you

Chiron is the object that defies being categorised. So, what you don’t think is possible around love, your children – and this includes adult children or grandchildren, or even a working partnership, could frankly astound you now.

Mercury heads direct once more from the 12th in your ‘other’ money house. That of joint assets, mortgages, loans, salary, benefits, payments and anything you share with someone else from chores to a horse. This is ‘power’ or big money. Think credit, shared assets, property etc. Now that Mercury is direct (but remains in retroshadow until the 26th), negotiations can move forward once more.

Upgrade that asking confidence

The Sun also in this house is asking you how powerful you feel when asking for what you want? And to be direct about this. Especially if this involves people you live with, family members etc. This week hands you and you alone of all signs, the ability to shake off negative patterns from your past. Or even family karma as the Sun in your 8th trines Neptune in your 4th on the 12th.

Cupid hands you a crystal ball

A strange, charming but often ignored aspect of this kind of angle between the Sun and Neptune is that it can make you more aware of romantic opportunities around you. Or even what your boo is currently thinking. You are able to anticipate what they want. Or get that spooky feeling that you know what is going to happen before it does. Such as having that ‘gut’ feeling that love or opportunity is about to knock. You could be on to a sure thing this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: Love could be the surprise this week. But strangely enough, you may know what is going to happen before it does. Bet on your intuition every time, Sag. You’re on a winning streak.



Mercury heads direct once more in your 7th and the Sun stays in here until the 22nd. The good news is that this finally clears away the retro residue left over from the Venus retro last month.

Set a new tradition

Venus itself remains in your 6th this week and angles to Chiron in your 4th. Time to look at those ideas you have been handed down. Chiron may turn them on their head now. Your job, routine, work (paid or unpaid) or even ideas around gender or your role in the family could get turned on its head now. Especially if deep down you have felt that while it may have worked for others, it simply did not work for you. Is it time to create your own traditions by breaking with the past?

Get a real homecoming happening

Chiron is the astral object which defies definition. So, it is asking you to look at how you define home, family, tradition and where you feel you need to put down roots. And this may be very different for you than it was for your family or where and how you were brought up. For more on this see your monthly forecast.

Say it with love

Mercury’s direct motion in your 7th adds up to Cupid’s arrows in flirtatious flight. There’s a link here with the 8 of Wands card in the Tarot. This depicts movement, travel towards a positive outcome and yes, love and passion. Throw into the mix Neptune’s glamour and imagination into what you say, write and communicate. You have the ability to enchant as the Sun also in your 7th trines Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. This extends to applying for that job and making that pitch. As well as flirting.

However, you do need to mean it, Capricorn. And to say it with spiritual truth. Some astrologers dismiss Neptune in your 3rd as waffling and baffling. You are neither in real life anyway Capricorn. Just see this as giving you the imaginative edge this week. Especially if you say it with love.

In a nutshell: Time for new traditions if old ones no longer work, Capricorn. When it comes to love and partnership matters, you have the imaginative edge. It’s not about saying what others want to hear – but speaking your truth.



Any way you say it, rock that message

Get that everyday soul support happening

Believe in the power of dreams again

As the sign of rocking your unique individualism, you should appreciate Chiron’s refusal to be confined, defined or contained more than most. This week see Chiron as your very own personal channel. The YouTube of the cosmos but with more chutzpah and charisma. In your 3rd house it is all about the internet, messaging, what you say, write, post, publish and speak. What you have to say or the way you say it may have unexpected results.

Say it anyway – your way

Sure, you may know what you want to say. But Chiron asks if you dare you say it your way? Uncensored and unplugged? Provided you believe in your message that is. Get creative with what you say and how you send it winging out there. Unexpected consequences you’ll love – such as attention and romance, could result. Thanks to Chiron’s alignment to Venus in your 5th on the 10th.

Mercury rules your 3rd as well as your 6th house. It ends its 6th house retro-time on the 12th. Work and wellbeing matters – as well as your routine which of course includes any Rona rules, are there to support you now. You also have the Sun in this house which angles to Neptune in your 2nd on the same day.

Feel the truth of your dreams

You need to be sure of what you say now as this supports your sense of wellbeing. And self-worth. Neptune in here can sometimes have you questioning this. But then you are sure of your message – self-doubts vanish like so much sea-mist (which Neptune rules). The angle between the Sun and Neptune should dispel any lingering issues.

Your past dreams may feature this week. If you have regrets, please be gentle with yourself about them. You can create new dreams now with the power of your words and self-belief. This week is all about infusing what you say with confidence – and love. In the way that only you can say it.

In a nutshell: Rock that message. Get it out there any way you can, Aquarius. This is no time to censor yourself. Chiron charisma promises if you believe in what you say – others will too this week!



Love finds you in the right place

Begin anew

Stretch into new possibilities

Venus rules your 2nd house of money, assets, possessions, property, giving and receiving and self-worth. Right now, it is in your 4th of home, roots, family and security. But on the 10th angles back to Chiron in its ruling 2nd.

Unexpected opportunities which have a positive impact on your income or where you live could be the result. But understand to make the most of this, you may have to dare or try something new and a little soul-stretching. Chiron always wants us to see what result we can get for ourselves when we step away from how we have been told things should be done. And try it a new way instead. For more on this see your monthly forecast.

Get some self-directed love

If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, as this is a Venus ruled house, you may wrap yourself in a whole lot of fierce boldness and venture out into fresh romance territory too. This week sees Mercury shift forward in your house of romance. If the ‘pause’ button got pressed on that flirtation – perhaps more to do with the retrograde than the Rona, you’re in no mood to keep playing the waiting game now. You’ll take matters into your own hands.

Project to attract

The Sun also remains in this house until the 22nd. This is one of your houses of attraction in your chart. To attract, you must radiate. What you attract back reflects the energy you put out there. This begins with Chiron asking you to imagine a whole lot more than you may have allowed yourself previously.

Once you have done that, you have a trine between the Sun and your ruler Neptune in your sign also on the 12th. Mercury rules our inner child and the playful part of us. The Sun in its ruling 5th simply wants us to shine and be noticed. Now throw into the mix your ruler telling you its time to put aside self-doubts or ideas that what or who you are seeking is impossible. Chiron has already told you that’s simply not so.

Step into the brand new

This week offers you a rare opportunity to re-boot your life and begin a key area again. It’s a fresh start. And it could begin with you looking for love in all the right places. And to be sure it’s looking to find you too, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Step into one of the best weeks of 2020 to re-boot your life in a key area, Pisces. Don’t write off 2020 just yet. It could be about to deliver a surprise that offers a fresh start.


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