Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 27 2020 – Dive Deep

weekly astrology dive deep

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 27 2020

By our astrologer and psychic Elena


Learn from history but don’t repeat it

Second time around chances need new T&C’s

Speak up for inner love!

All the slow-moving outer planets are retrograde right now. Aside from Uranus which remains direct but which will also join the retro-active movement later in August. So, this week sees Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all wanting us to turn back time to move ahead again.

You are a product of your past – tap into its wisdom

For you Aries, this is going to involve taking action on anything that returns or knocks twice, in a new way. Based on what the past has taught you about what works – and most importantly, what doesn’t. It all rests on your confidence in yourself. Especially if this involves challenging a status quo that might have been going on for far too long.

Play that retro disco number but add a new tune

You may find yourself singing that old Donna Summer tune ‘Enough is enough’ on the 27th when Vesta in your 4th opposes retro Pluto in your 10th. But in a new and inspired way. This could even be linked to old patterns around love, partnerships or what you have been led to believe your role is as retro-Jupiter (10th) and Venus (4th) align to Neptune. There’s a higher power, a higher path and above all, something better on offer if you are willing to choose different – or state your terms.

You should have no problem doing just that. Or for that matter finding the right words. The 30th sees Mercury (direct!) oppose Jupiter and trine Neptune. Again, this could bring an opportunity back or free you to choose something new as the 1st offers an opportunity to stand out thanks to the Sun’s trine to Chiron in your sign. In this moment, try the one thing you’ve not tried before. The Mercury/Pluto opposition promises a game-changer around home, status, career on the 1st.

Show the world what self-love can create

Base this on your values and above all, how you value yourself as the Sun in Leo throws Uranus in your money zone into the spotlight on the 2nd. Where and how have you undersold yourself in the past? Either in terms of what you earn, your talents and skills, the value you bring to any relationship and above all, with what you have given to others. Time to look at your history around this, Aries. And refuse to settle for less than you’re worth this week.

In a nutshell: Big retro outer planet action could just re-deliver something from your past. But this time around you can get a new outcome. Take a different approach and come from a place of self-love, Aries.



Don’t just dream it – dare it!

Jump into the river of change

What’s happening right under your nose needs your focus

All the big outer planets are retro this week. Aside from Uranus, planet of surprises, challenges and thrills. It along with the Sun in your 4th is asking you to bring awareness to what’s going on around you this week. Especially when it comes to friends, groups, contacts, followers etc. Or even issues close to home.

Change is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

You’re also being asked to be proactive when it comes to change. Don’t sit there or cling to the status quo. Because if you do you could miss out on an opportunity that could release you into something new, captivating and freeing.

Sitting on the couch in your PJ’s and binge watching isn’t the way to keep up with the direction life wants to take you in now. Above all, you can’t afford to spend your time daydreaming or just wrapping yourself in a comfy blanket of reality check-out. Especially when it comes to your friendships. Even if you have had to socially distance from people, they still need to feel that connection. Zoom, Skype, Facetime, chat, text or even call. It’s up to you how you show friends you still value and need them. But please don’t ignore soul prompts to get in touch this week.

Follow through on soul prompts

Follow through if you find someone (non-romantic) is on your mind. This can even extend to business connections as you have a busy 3rd house with ruler Venus, Vesta and Mercury which rules this house all active this week. Someone or something could revive as a result of your reach-out. However, if you don’t follow through you could miss either an important opportunity or see the departure of a connection which may not be what you want.

It’s also a fabulous week to write, showcase any creative talents, apply for things and get your ideas across. Again, this is down to those 3rd house aspects and alignments with retro Jupiter in its ruling 9th, Pluto and Neptune.

Be proactive – don’t procrastinate

If there was ever a week which came stamped ‘Don’t just dream it – do it!’ this just might be it, Taurus. It hands you the chance to steer your future in the direction you want it to go. But to remain open and adaptable around how you may get there. The 1st sees the Sun in your 4th trine Chiron in your 12th. Possibly showing you a new way to get what you want or how you want to live.

Live it for real

Do go with this as on the 2nd, the Sun also shakes you out of your complacency as it angles to Uranus in your 1st. Uranus of course, rules your 11th. This tells you that you’ll never know what you’ll get until you go with it. And that keeping things as they are is no longer an option, Taurus. Wake up and shake up your future. You can choose different – even from the comfort of your couch, Taurus!

In a nutshell: This week says: don’t wait for life to happen. Make the first move, Taurus. And be open and adaptable as to how this can happen. Don’t just dream about it. Live it for real now.



Everything you undertake adds up

Prepare to deliver

Make it count!

Your buzzword for this week: Accountability, Gemini. Get creative and think about how many areas of your life you can apply this to.

Everything adds up

Both your money houses are impacted this week. We have a big line up in your 2nd – including your ruler Mercury as well as Venus which rules this house. Along with Vesta who rules equality and gender issues. Equal pay and the equal sharing of tasks could feature. As could who calls the shots around money in your life.

Another way this could manifest is via one person feeling they are entitled to get things their own way simply because they earn more. Making unilateral decisions often goes hand-in-hand with this kind of thinking. Or they may simply feel they are entitled to do this based purely on the gender they identify with. This week could call any issues around this into account as you say: The buck stops here.

Stand and deliver!

Then there’s the other kind of accountability which has nothing to do with money or balancing the books. It’s the most important kind and that is personal accountability. Your accountability to yourself in other words. If you want the world or others to keep their promises to you, this begins with keeping your word to yourself. Especially if this involves your image, reputation or public persona.

Keeping an accountability journal is a good tactic this week. It will also keep you on course and focused. Jupiter in your ‘other’ money house your 8th aligns to Neptune in your career house on the 27th. The same day as Venus trines Neptune from its ruling 2nd. So, stay focused on that outcome and ensure you do whatever it necessary to deliver.

Ruler Mercury opposes both Jupiter and Pluto in Pluto’s ruling 8th this week as well as trineing Neptune on the 30th. Again, keep track of what you need to do and say you’ll do. That accountability journal for instance. Keep yourself on track and on course because whether you know it or not, people are paying attention to what you deliver on now.

Make it Count together!

An accountability buddy is another option and could lead to even more progress. Have an idea about who you could ask to join you? The Sun in your 3rd angles to Chiron in your 11th on the 1st. this could mark the start of a new friendship or just you suggesting a goal getting buddy-up with an existing one. An unusual or exciting opportunity could open doors to long term plans. Be accountable but dare to do it different!

Add value

Seismic shifts, surprising news or the return of something from your past could have you looking at how others are also doing in the accountability stakes. If someone or something does return now, you need to look at the accountability track record.

And also at another kind of accountability. Whether they or it are aligned to your soul values. You could be shaken and stirred this week, but keep those values as your bedrock, Gemini. And experience the pure satisfaction of adding up how staying accountable to yourself results in a new kind of success.

In a nutshell: This week wants you to add things up in a new way. And account for those actions. Or non-action. Accountability and ownership are feel good tools for creating long term success this week.



Hold out for the real thing

You need action – not talk now

Lost in love – or did you just find exactly what you were looking for?

Give me your love, make it real – or just forget about it. That’s a quote from the Carlos Santana hit Smooth. You’ve had all the benefits of Jupiter in your partnership zone since last year. Saturn is paying this sector one last visit. And you’ve had sexy Pluto transforming what long term love is for you.

Throw into the mix now Venus which rules this house currently in your 1st and then Neptune, planet of higher love vibes, spiritual connections and good, old fashioned escapism, in your 9th.

Keep your feet on the ground if your hearts on your sleeve

What does this all add up to? Either the ultimate love trip or you marooned on the Love Island equivalent of LOST. Bear in mind that Saturn in your 7th has all been about getting serious. Be in around committing to find the right one, putting a ring on it or consciously uncoupling. Soon both Saturn and Jupiter will exit this house. And with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus making angles to Neptune in Jupiter’s 9th this week, you need to ensure love stays real and all that clarity you’ve achieved around partnership matters doesn’t just vanish.

You also have Vesta in your 1st opposing Pluto this week so its important you don’t ignore any pitfalls around existing or potential partnerships. Venus rules all kinds of love set-ups. That includes the ‘It’s complicated’ kind. While Neptune rules trips away from reality. Sure, we all need that loved-up feeling. But if we are using love as a drug to escape, then we are setting ourselves up for a big disappointment later.

Love talk is cheap. Love needs to deliver

Putting our partner on a pedestal, ignoring our intuition, falling fast for someone we don’t know much about, who is already in a relationship, or lives on the other side of the country/world, are classic Neptune love scenarios.

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

If you are using a dating website or app, remember even in these socially-distanced times, their job is to get you a date. Not a long-term texting, messaging, sexting, chatting conversation. And if this is all it is, you are not in a relationship no matter what it feels like or how long it has gone on for. No matter what connection you are feeling, if the other party is not moving it forward after a reasonable period of time, then it is time for you to move on.

Reality check

Ensure this week love keeps its word. You need the real deal not the fantasy. Mercury should show you which is which on both the 30th and then the 1st when it opposes first Jupiter and then Pluto.

This doesn’t mean that divine, entwined union isn’t possible. Being aware that things need to get real in fact increases your chance of getting just that. Or at the very least prevents you from wasting your time and limping away to stick that heart back together again, Cancer.

You’re the real deal – so work it!

Soul boosting experiences that you can bank on could also occur around career, money matters and people you can count on. Time to showout those talents, be daring and also look to unexpected shifts or changes of direction as blessings, not curses. The Sun in your money zone highlights the possibility of a new path to recognition via something you are good at as it trines Chiron in your 10th on the 1st.

The Sun also makes a tight angle to Uranus in its ruling 11th in your chart on the 2nd. This may provide you with an unexpected reality check. Especially if you have been lost in love dreams lately.

But if you find yourself leaving Fantasy Island or something doesn’t work out the way you thought, take it that you are now back on course towards something better. But so long as you keep it real, don’t underestimate the love potential around you.

In a nutshell: Time to bring love down to earth this week, Cancer. You need the real deal – not the fantasy. Make certain love measures up and delivers on its promise. The reality might just be better than the dream!



Try a new dynamic with what you do

Unwrap a gift that keeps on giving

What you ‘get’ you get to keep!

Hey, birthday sign! The daily stuff doesn’t stop needing to be done simply because it’s time to party. But here’s a new way to make a present of the present. And we all know how much you love gifts, Leo!

This week could see you gifting yourself a radical new approach to those daily duties and your routine. And your ‘present’ perspective could free you from dull draining must-dos. And turn that daily grind into diamond polishing instead! How about seeing that work, those chores or responsibilities to yourself and your wellness as things you GET to do instead of have to? How would that impact your energy? Your enthusiasm? Your vitality?

One word can change your world

How about ‘After work today I get to exercise’? ‘I get to finish my project today’. ‘I get to tidy up and really enjoy the clean energy in my home’. ‘I get to make some really delicious choices with my new menu today’ Doesn’t that sound different to ‘I have to do the vacuuming’. ‘I can’t, I have to diet’.

For one thing, you’re coming from choice and empowerment. Just a change of words feeds your soul energy! Tell yourself you ‘have’ to do something and feel how your body feels as a result. Now, tell yourself you’ll get to do it. Feel the difference! You are at the very least looking forward to getting it done! The fab line up in your inspiring 12th is like having access to the ultimate, universal self-help library. So, load up on your soul Kindle and read on.

A new spin leads to soul revival

Vesta, Venus and Mercury are all sitting in here. Mercury brings messages and ideas. It rules communication and very often how we say something makes all the difference! Vesta doesn’t just rule gender issues. But the roles we impose on ourselves. Venus – well, Venus simply wants everything to harmonise and lend beauty. It also rules creativity. Getting creative about how we see things goes hand in satin glove with this.

The ruler of your 12th is of course, Neptune. Mercury and Venus angle to this in your change sector on the 27th and 30th. Allowing doors to change to open.

You’ve also got Jupiter in your house of your day job, routine and wellbeing angling to Neptune also on the 27th. This is Mercury’s ruling hose and it too opposes Jupiter on the 30th and Pluto on the 1st, indicating an opportunity to change what you do and how you feel on a daily basis.

Fire up the feelgood factor

Ruler the Sun trines Chiron in your freedom sector on the 1st and then throws Uranus in your 10th into the spotlight on the 2nd. For some, your birthday gift could be moving on up in terms of your career. Others could just discover that one idea or changing up their routine gives them the energy and freedom that’s been missing. One idea can truly change your world this week, Leo. And you get to have the gift that just keeps on giving!

In a nutshell: Want to discover what a difference a word makes? This week changing words could literally change your world. Or how you feel about it. Unwrap a present that gives back in the present – all year long, Leo.



What returns may look different

Don’t wait for love – go look for it

Get yourself noticed

When it comes to lovers, what you love to do, scene stealing opportunities and babies, children and young people, just remember this week that the planets which are handing you the best aim with Cupid’s arrow for years, won’t be around forever.

Backwards is the new forwards

We’ve heavy retrograde planetary weather too. Love could return, come in a new but familiar form or something you missed out on be offered again. This is also all linked to who you know. People, groups, networks, associations, bands, clubs, organisations. These could hold the key to your future.

Three planets sit in your 11th of friends and the future. This includes ruler Mercury, Venus and Vesta. Mercury is very much direct. It is the slow-moving outer planets which are all retrograde. Aside from Uranus that is. But that will also head backwards later in August. For this week, we have a series of oppositions between Mercury and Vesta and Jupiter and Pluto (both retrograde) in your 5th.

What is coming around again?

Jupiter also aligns with Neptune in your 7th of long- term love and dynamic duos of all descriptions. This also includes partnerships and friendships of all denominations and descriptions. This is Venus’s ruling house of course. And the planet of love sits in your 11th where it too trines Neptune on the 7th.

Now, normally Venus in your 11th is all about the love of friends. Not this time and not for you, Virgo. Because of the planets in your 5th and Neptune in your 7th this could just add up to a week where enchanted and cosmically-charged matches could end up being made.

It’s Yes time!

Just bear in mind however, that you have to put yourself out there in any way you can, to get yourself noticed! And when you do get noticed, be ready to say ‘Yes’.

The potential for something or someone from your past to return is magnified thanks to the Sun in Neptune’s ruling 12th making an angle to surprising resurrection to Chiron in your 8th of rebirth and transformation on the 1st. This comes a day after ruler Mercury trines Neptune. Surprise encounters or hearing from someone you never ever thought to again could occur. Nothing is impossible now. Especially when it comes to love in some way, shape or form.

Don’t forget this extends to things you love to do, recognition, acclaim and success. If you have had to give up something you loved due to circumstances beyond your control, this week could hand you an opportunity to begin again.

The unexpected evolves your soul

The 2nd sees the Sun make an angle of freedom to Uranus in your 9th. Uranus always wants us to evolve. How do we do that? Often by leaving our comfort zones. Sometimes the only way the universe can get us to do that is by handing us something unexpected. We are then forced to head in a new direction or try something different. So, if you’re searching for love try looking somewhere new and ditch ideas around your ‘type’ if you have one.

And if opportunity returns but doesn’t look like it did the first time around, don’t dream up excuses to say no. The universe wants you to fall in love with your life. And to do that all you have to do is say ‘Yes’!

In a nutshell: You’re in a unique cycle where love, attraction and opportunities rule, Virgo. But it won’t last forever. This week wants you to understand this is your time of saying ‘Yes’. So get ready to say it.



Small steps add up to huge successes

Do the work to make it real

Sometimes love doesn’t look like you thought it would!

Ruler Venus tells you The Only Way is Up this week. When it comes to success, you need to stay organised and focussed. Embrace the power of the little stuff. And no matter how big or daunting it appears at first – it’s all little stuff.

Do the work

Doing the work this week gets those pesky must-do’s out of the way. It will free you up for later. You have Venus, Mercury and Vesta all campaigning on your behalf now in your 10th of public image, reputation and status. You can be seen and known for what you do. And also how you handle things on a daily basis. Calm, balanced and confident as befits your sign? Or simply letting go, allowing things to drift or putting off what you know now needs to be done?

Success needs a strategy and a plan to follow. In any area. From that business idea or career move to snagging the attention of that potential lover to decluttering that closet. Time for lists, schedules and a bit like Leos with whom you have a lot in common, a bit of self-accountability. You’ll find this goes a long way towards you getting what you want this week.

Keep moving on up

The planetary houseguests in your 10th are impacting on those in your 4th of home, security, family and living arrangements this week. Not just that, retro Jupiter in your 4th sextiles Neptune in your 6th on the 27th. While ruler Venus in your 10th trines it. You can draw on inspiration and also see clearly what you need to do to create a more supportive, successful, soul nurturing life for yourself. Or you can just put your feet up and Netflix? Which is it to be?

Don’t let this drift away from you. Set goals, keep to that schedule and stay accountable to your dreams. When we do what we need to we then turn that dream into reality.

This shining success story – even on a daily basis, won’t be with you forever. So, harness that potential and don’t put off what you know needs to be done this week, Libra.

Love could catch you unawares

Where’s the love this week? Possibly in the last place you’d expect to find it. Or whatever you think it impossible around it, proves you oh-so-wrong as the Sun in your 11th trines radically improbable Chiron in your 7th on the 1st. Another reason to do what needs to be done and ensure your schedule is clear.

Change could catch you unawares and sweep you up and along in a fresh direction as the Sun also strikes Uranus in your 8th on the 2nd – and from Uranus’s ruling house in your chart. Chance meetings, synchronicities or even something you thought was a ‘sure thing’ turning out to be anything but, are signs fate is at work. In fact, if something doesn’t work out now, it’s simply because you are being steered towards something better. Ensure your schedule is free for when it (or they) do turn up now, Libra.

In a nutshell: You’ll work that day job – be it paid or unpaid, like a boss now Libra. Make a ‘To do’ list and don’t stop until you cross everything off. Why? Because you’re clearing the way for success now.



What you say gets your noticed

Talk opens doors

Good conversations need good listening

You won’t hesitate to state your opinion if you believe something is unfair of out of sync this week, phoenix. Just like cream, phoenixes always rise to the top. Remember that.

We need to talk about talking

Make certain you not only say what needs to be said, but don’t put off conversations either. Ruler Pluto in your 3rd along with Jupiter and Saturn promises the ability to start a discussion which could simply allow you to transcend restrictions or something which has been holding you back for far too long.

Vesta in your 9th is all about gender politics and also having to abide by rules you had no part in making. Or which may not even make any sense any more. You’re also benefitting from both Mercury which rules crafting communications and Venus which rules diplomacy in here. So, work that ways with words.

The 27th sees Vesta oppose ruler Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. While Mercury itself will oppose Jupiter in here on the 30th. With Mercury in Jupiter’s house and Jupiter in Mercury’s this is an especially good day for discussions of all kinds – be they business, personal, on Zoom or face to face with masks optional.

Say it anyway you can

One conversation in particular could be a game changer on the 1st which is when Mercury will oppose Pluto. Just don’t procrastinate on discussions however. Jupiter and Venus will sextile and trine Neptune in your 5th also on the 27th. While Mercury will do the same on the 30th. At its best this can bring about a fresh understanding and have you and someone else realising you are so on the same page!

Say it like you mean it

The potential down-side is that you put off saying what needs to be said due to not wanting to ‘spoil the moment’. You may worry about the other person’s reactions. Or fear you are wrong or exaggerating. The other down-side of a Neptune based communication period is that you or the other party hear what you want to hear – not what is actually being said. Seeing as Neptune is in your 5th of romance, one way this could manifest is that lover tells you that they are not looking for anything serious. But you edit this out or are so caught up with the feeling you are on the same page that you tell yourself they will change their minds if they are feeling this way too.

Please take others at their word. And also ensure they are taking you at yours. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself if necessary or to ask if they understand. In business situations, you may want to follow up important meetings or convos with an email outlining what was said. And please, if you are uncertain, ask for clarification. Don’t simply assume.

Follow through

People who deliver on what they say are equally important now. So again, please be one of them. Also, know that nobody knows everything. Pluto always wants us to use its energy in a ‘clean’ way. Think fallout if we don’t. This especially applies when Pluto is our ruler! So, if you don’t know something – admit it. Otherwise instead of door opening opportunities, that discussion could leave you with a mess to clean up!

News around business, work, your career, the internet, that side hustle or even your social media feed could put you in the public or professional eye this week. Didn’t I say you were set to soar? The Sun shines in your status-setting 10th. This is a ‘public’ house and the highest point in your chart. It shows how high you can fly, Scorpio. And also rules people in positions of influence, authority, VIP’s, bosses and anyone who we think of as part of the ‘establishment’.

You could be making them sit up and take notice as the Sun trines Chiron in your work sector on the 1st. The 2nd has the Sun make a laser-like probe to Uranus in your partnership sector. This could be a working relationship but remember, your 10th also rules your partner’s status in life too. Don’t be afraid to stand out in all the right ways and give people something to talk about! Time to start talking this week. About love – and success stories.

In a nutshell: Start a conversation this week, Scorpio. It could be on-line, around business or even love. Whatever you do however, don’t put off what needs to be said. And listen to the response. Get talking.



Love what you have and have more to love

Embrace something or someone different

Is it time to redefine what rich means to you?

It’s going to be impossible not to talk about money this week, Sag. You still have a loaded 2nd money zone with ruler Jupiter (retroactive) in here. Along with retrofitted Pluto and yes, Saturn too. So, going back over those finances and even being handed another opportunity to balance your books or put yourself on a better financial footing could feature.

Now that’s rich!

Your ‘other’ money house is your 8th and this rules what is shared with you. So, think your salary, your mortgage – this is shared with you by your bank or financial institution and/or you, your partner and the bank, credit cards and loans – again, same principle. Inheritances, benefits, maintenance – again, all shared money. Money may not exactly make the world go round, but it buys you freedom. Which we know is what you prize above all, Sag.

Time to put your financial house in order. Especially when it comes to matters close to home. Your foundations need to be secure and these include your financial ones. Above all, don’t drift around in a bubble or say you don’t care about money. It’s energy and we should care where we send it and what we do with it.

Time for an appreciation audit

Venus is the ruler of your 2nd but is presently in your 8th along with Mercury and gal pal Vesta. We have Vesta opposing retro Pluto on the 27th and Mercury opposing Jupiter on the 30th. Also the 27th sees Jupiter angle to Neptune in your 4th while Venus trines it. Put simply, this could see you in a position to make yourself far more secure in terms of your finances or where you live, than you have felt for a long time. But this requires you take care of business and in a business-like way.

Your ruler always wants to hand you opportunity. You also have the Sun right now in Jupiter’s ruling 9th of expansion, luck and big dreams. Time to go for it on some level even if your usual must-have of travel is temporarily off the table. Get ready for unexpected love, luck or other benefits to come your way on the 1st and the Sun trines Chiron in your 5th of romance, creativity and children.

And now for something completely different

The 2nd asks you take a chance on something different. It may look a little Monty Python but then opportunity doesn’t always look exactly how you thought it would. That’s the trick to decoding transits that involve Uranus. Being open minded about what occurs under them. Uranus loves to challenge our perceptions. It wants to give us heart-starting experiences. Hey – isn’t that what you want to?

So, here’s a tip as the Sun in your 9th squares Uranus in your 6th on the 2nd. If it propels you out and away from the status quo or any rut you may have inadvertently dug for yourself, go with it. Time for excitement again, Sag. Like angels, freedom often arrives in disguise.

In a nutshell: You’re right on the money this week when it comes to relating to your financial future, Sag. Opportunity could look different this time around. But that doesn’t mean you should say no to it!



Get talking

Words weave a new fate between you and another

Make promises you keep

This week is all about you and another. Or you and one particular relationship be it past, present or potential. The planets are congregating in your own sign and your opposite sign of Cancer. Your ruler Saturn is also back for a final visit. While Jupiter and Pluto are also retro in your 1st. Perhaps offering you a second chance to begin again.

Let’s talk about love

With so much planetary energy on your side right now, this isn’t a time where you should be going it alone. Or putting up with ‘It’ll do’ kind of love. Venus which rules your 7th is in her ruling crib. Plus you have Vesta also in here keeping things on an equal footing and Mercury mediating any kind of togetherness talk. Of course, the opposite of all this is consciously uncoupling. But if that is what is needed, see this as freeing you and the other person for the next stage in your love evolution.

If you are single and want to change that, think of Cupid and his arrows. Mercury in your 7th gives that message wings. Explore all the many ways your arrows could hit that target.

Neptune, planet of inspiration, intuition and soul contracts, is in your 3rd. You may know what someone is going to say it before they do as a result. Just ensure however that you are clear with your intentions in any situation which involves you and someone else. And that works both ways as communication is a two-way street don’t forget!

Love is fuelled by action

Jupiter in your 1st sextiles Neptune in the 27th. The same day sees Venus in its ruling 7th trine it. The 30th is a time to make soul agreements as Mercury trines it. Divine meetings, feeling you are totally on the same page with someone and new understanding in existing relationships can come in now. However, you do need to be prepared to deliver on what you promise. So, don’t promise what you have no intention of delivering on. And follow through on your agreements –in love or in business.

Keep your promise to a lifelong partnership

No matter the kind of relationship this is, and no matter how feel-good it gets, do look at whether or not the other party is delivering on what they say too. Especially if this has been going on for some time. This can involve anything from that raise or promotion in a working alliance to that lover saying they will leave their current partner or change. Ruler Saturn rules time don’t forget. This week says you don’t have any to waste. So, if all you have to show is a long running series of empty promises, the planets in your 7th are telling those in your 1st that the most important partnership to honour now is the one with yourself.

State your terms and then take action on the 1st. This day sees Mercury oppose Pluto in your 1st and the Sun in Pluto’s ruling 8th trine Chiron in your sector of home and emotional security. Dare to ask for something you would have shied away from before. Perhaps yes, this involves putting someone on the spot and asking they now deliver on what they have promised.

Follow through brings success

Or you tell someone what you are going to deliver yourself – and then astound them when you not only do – but do it incredibly well. With knock ’em dead results. Dare to push those boundaries a little bit and you could amaze yourself with what love – or self-love delivers. The Sun makes another daring angle to Uranus in your house of children, creativity and love on the 2nd. It says you will never know until you try, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: If you’ve ever doubt words are magic spells, this week shows you the power of them, Capricorn. Follow up on what you say. And don’t say it unless you mean it. The result: magic.



If dealing with the past was an Olympic events you got gold!

The Now Age is all about living in the moment

Re-shape the past but don’t return to it

If there is any sign that deserves a medal for dealing with the past, it’s you, Aquarius. In fact, if past participation and spiritual growth were Olympic events, all I can say is you would do your country proud.

Get ready for the Now Age

Blame of course, the heavy duty and now retrograde line-up in your 12th. You’ve not got too much longer for this to continue. Sure, Pluto remains in here until 2024. But Saturn and Jupiter will soon arrive in your 1st – marking the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. That’s you!

For now, however, this could be a week where something returns for one final go-around. You need to look at what reappears from a bigger perspective. Heart and mind need to work with intuition on this one to determine how you move forward now.

The Way We Were vs. The Way Forward

It is very important not to get stuck in sentimentality but come from a realistic perspective. How does this make you feel energetically for instance? What is your ‘gut’ telling you? We have those retrograde planets aligning to others in your 6th of wellbeing. There’s a Vesta/Pluto opposition on the 27th. Are there hidden undercurrents at play to do with power, domination or control in a relationship for instance?

Mercury in its ruling 6th opposes Jupiter on the 30th and then Pluto on the 1st. For some, this could see a long-awaited work opportunity appear. But we also have Jupiter sextile Neptune in your house of money and values while Venus trines it on the 27th. Mercury performs another trine to Neptune on the 30th. You could hear from someone from your past and you need to think carefully before starting a new cycle with them.

If this is a romantic situation, you might want to insist that you go right back to the beginning. In other words, they have to court you again as if you had just met. That way you get to see whether it can really work this time around.

Back to the Future

You have the Sun shining on all partnership matters in your 7th right now. Again, the potential to hear from a blast from the past or for an opportunity to make an 180 degree turn and head back your way is high. Suspend disbelief as the Sun trines Chiron in your 3rd of news, messages and communication on the 1st.

Ruler Uranus in the only outer planet not retrograde right now. Although it will head backwards later this month. The 2nd sees the Sun square up to it in your 4th of home, security and family. Something may take an unexpected turn. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. You of all signs know to keep an open mind where your ruler is concerned. Take it this is part of the unexpected vibe of this week. It’s just designed to move you into a better place for the future.

In a nutshell: The past could reappear this week. In fact, the more unlikely you thought it was to hear from someone, the more possible this becomes. Put history in its place. But don’t necessarily repeat it.



Who’s on your team?

Work the power of attraction

If you stay in touch with the world it keeps in contact with you

All friends should be equal but are some in your circle more equal than others? Old friends could be in touch now. Lockdown restrictions have seen many of us think about good times we have shared with people in the past. Hence, a lot of people are making that reach-out and also showing they care by checking on others. Even if they haven’t been in touch for a while.

Reach out, check in, connect

Ruler Neptune asks you if anyone is on your mind lately? If so, why not make the first move? We all lead busy lives. We may have the best intentions around calling but often – life just gets in the way. And we all get that. So, with beautiful aspects happening between Neptune in your 1st and Jupiter in your 11th and Venus in your 5th on the 27th, why not be the one to make that first move?

Mercury which rules communication, phones, texting and the internet also aligns with Neptune on the 30th. This could even see someone getting in touch with you. But back to the question about equals.

Work the power of attraction

Vesta in your 5th opposes Pluto in your 11th on the 27th. Is there someone you know who wants things their own way all the time or the friendship is run on their terms? Maybe they are only in touch when they need something. Or when you do see them you always end up doing what they want. Or they points score all the time. If so, you may want to review that connection now and ask yourself if this is truly a friendship or simply a one-sided arrangement?

Your house of attraction and love, is lit up right now with Venus and Mercury in here. So, it would be as shame to waste that energy on people who don’t appreciate it or reciprocate in kind. The Venus and Mercury trines to your ruler are conduits of attraction where you can draw to you what you desire. So, please don’t waste that by attracting who or what you don’t need more of!

Get a little group resonance

Your energy with regards to friends and also the future is at a peak right now thanks to the Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto oppositions. This may mean changes to your social scene. But it can also bring you new and exciting connections too who open doors to new experiences. Or the revival of old ones you now realise you have missed!

Work opportunities are also around you. Or at the very least the potential to shake up that full routine and replace it with one which energises you and allows you to power thought those daily tasks without feeling depleted. The Sun in your 6th could highlight an unexpected way to achieve this as it trines Chiron in your 2nd on the 1st.

Friend or frenemy?

The next day, the Sun throws Uranus which rules your 11th, into a harsh light. It’s putting your people planet on the spot if you like. You’ll now see which friendships support you and are worth keeping. And which are one sided, Pisces. You know what to do with this insight. Have no doubt about that.

In a nutshell: Your social circle, friends, group, club, band or connections feature. Old ones could be back in tough this week. Look to which have resonance and who you feel are your team. The rest – you know what to do.


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