Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs January 2021 – Into the future!

mars in taurus

Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs January 2021

The Now Age of Aquarius


Hit the New Year running!

Get ready for the Now Age

The future starts here

2020 handed us a year like no other. Due to extremely rare planetary configurations we had not experienced in our lifetimes. So, what’s 2021 got in store for you, Aries?

Fire up those ambitions!

You begin the year in a ‘Can do’ mood thanks to ruler Mars now in full forward motion. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction in your career sector pushes you towards a new kind of success strategy for the coming year. You want to explore your full potential and discover exactly what you can achieve when you try. Mars in your money zone from the 6th hands you confidence and also a willingness to take a chance on pushing yourself or going further.

You’ve a desire to achieve more now. And are also willing to experiment. You won’t be afraid to stand out as January progresses. Venus rules your money house and begins the process of enhancing your public image and professional reputation as it enters your 10th from the 8th. It will trine Mars (9th) and also Uranus (14th) as it moves through here. Make those ambitious New Year career moves around these dates.

Meanwhile, those Now Age planets in your 11th will be set off by Mercury’s arrival in here also on the 8th. You want to do things differently now and be seen differently especially when it comes to carving a niche for yourself.

It’s a month to adopt a new view of you, and also to adapt to continued changes in the collective. The more flexible you are, the more you will be in a position to take advantage of this exciting new cycle.

Check Your Chart

You might also want to check your birthchart for Taurus factors. Many Aries have planets in the sign next door. As Mars and also Uranus move through here, they are going to meet any Taurus planets you have. Plus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in your 11th from the 19th, will square them. We also have big squares occurring this January between Mars and Uranus in your 2nd and all those Now Age planets.

Remember, this is your push out of the door especially as Uranus rules your 11th. It’s all about cooperation, community and connection. If you want to get ahead, you need to connect. What you are seeking is linked to who you know. Especially when it comes to earnings and income this month. So, bear this in mind.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

The Buck Stops and Starts with You

This month’s new Moon in your 10th on the 13th asks you to set new targets when it comes to those ambitions, Aries. Above all, stay closely aligned to your values. Uranus in your 2nd is all about re-setting these if needed. It flags you up on what is truly important to you. What you place beyond price in your value system. What is simply not for sale or negotiable at any price.

For many of you experiencing the radically different energy in your 10th now Saturn and Jupiter have left, this may mean a radically different version of what you thought of as ‘success’ than you held a few years ago. This new Moon marks the start of an important transformational phase due to it falling very close to Pluto in here. Harness you power and don’t allow your story or your future to be defined by others. There’s a new dynamic at play here. And you get to author it. Set your targets for 2021 by this new Moon.

The January 28th full Moon in your 5th opposes Jupiter in your 11th. This isn’t a full Moon under which to hide yourself away. Sure, actually being out and about may not be possible for some of us. But what ways can you think of to socialise, share and connect? To share yourself with others? Tap into creativity and fun to do this. This full Moon represents the peak of attraction. What you have attracted, what you want to attract for the future. Is there something you need to release to make way for something new? This full Moon sets your intentions.

And if you’ve been asking: But what about the love? Remember – your 2nd is ruled by Venus. Unexpected flirtations that turn into something more serious, like attracting like, that person who suddenly is front-and-centre for you? Dates to watch are the fabulous trines between Venus and Mars on the 9th and Venus and Uranus on the 14th.

Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury begins its retroshadow time mid-month. But won’t head backwards until the 30th. Yes, we know a Mercury retro delivers breakdowns, cancellations, confusion. But it’s also time to revise and revisit. To reconnect. Especially when it is in your Now Age 11th of friends and the future. Get in touch with old contacts. Revise your goals.

Look to your sense of belonging and community. How has 2020 affected these? Is it time to reconnect with people? Look to new ways you can forge fresh connections. Or to revisit those goals for relevance. Keep to the ‘re’ words during a Mercury retrograde and you can’t really go wrong. This includes reinvention. Just be philosophical if Mercury throws a retro spanner in the works. In your 11th it’s always important to keep that universal perspective.

The good news is that due to its retrograde, Mercury will meet Jupiter not one but three times! Triple Jupiter benefits via those you know could be heading your way this month and in February. Ruler Mars meets Uranus in your 2nd on the 20th and then squares Jupiter on the 23rd. Remember what you know – there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ Jupiter aspect – only solutions and opportunities.

Once the Sun has arrived in your 11th it meets Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). The final week of January is a time of power moves thanks to the meeting of Venus and Pluto in your 10th on the 28th. Go after what you want this month, Aries. Then, sit back and enjoy just how much you have accomplished in just the first 31 days of 2021!

In a nutshell: Ruler Mars sends you rushing into 2021 fuelled with desire for something new and better, Aries. Whether you’re seeking love or a new way of working, it all revolves around who you know or are connected to in the Now Age.



Step into a bigger or more perfect role

Be willing to take a chance

Get ready for release – and freedom!

Ready to walk your talk, Taurus? To show the world that you are capable of so much more. Those who have been underestimating you lately may be left eating their words. New Year. Now Age. And a whole new attitude coming from you.

You’re keen to embrace a more positive experience in 2021. One that is more aligned and meaningful for you. Pretences – so last year now Mars arrives in your sign from the 6th. 2020 made you stretch, grow and adapt in way you might never have thought possible. It also put you in touch with your soul values. What you can and can’t live without. Your priorities probably changed and evolved. All thanks to Uranus in your 1st. This is about your changing needs and acknowledging that what you now want is the key to your growth from here on in.

Get Ready for Recognition – and Release!

So, you’ll do what has to be done and communicate this if necessary. As Mars moves through your 1st it is going to square the Now Age planets in your 10th. The house of success, recognition and attainment. This is also your sector which governs your public and professional image. Which is pushing you now into a position where the changes you make will astound.

You also have ruler Venus in your 9th from the 8th. Despite having had Jupiter in what is its ruling house during 2020, it may not have delivered quite the number of freedom-making opportunities you would normally have expected to see. Sure, some of you may have got to travel – perhaps just before Covid really took hold. Others may have been handed learning, exploration or expansion but not seen this go as far as it could. Or progress may simply have stalled after it started.

This has been due to the presence of heavy-going Saturn in here. Now when Venus arrives this is a very different vibe in here. Pluto is the only remaining slow moving planet in here. It is going to make a fabulous trine to Mars in your 1st on the 9th and another one to Uranus on the 14th. The same day as the Sun meets Pluto in here igniting freedom-inciting changes for you.

Just be aware that opportunity might look different to what you thought it would. Understand that no matter what we can imagine for ourselves, the universe can always go one better. Be open-minded now and unafraid to take a chance. Ask yourself if saying ‘yes’ will change things for you – for the better. That is your only criteria to follow. If so, expect release from a situation that has held you back for far too long.

Check Your Chart

Check your Taurus factors now. Because you will not only have Mars igniting them this month. But as it and also Uranus moves forward again, they will square the Now Age planets in your 10th. The same applies to Mercury also in your 10th. From the 15th it begins to slow down in preparation to head backwards in here from the 30th. This means it may square your Taurus factors more than once. Again, check your chart and if you are uncertain one of our astrologers can help you.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

Stuck in a career rut? January offers you the opportunity to begin to excavate yourself out of it. In fact, you will see opportunities appear that are designed to impact on your status in positive ways. Not just simply around your career, but potentially around your relationship status or public image too. Some of you may set these in motion yourself. Just be aware that from the 15th Mercury in your 10th will be slowing down and will turn retrograde from the 30th. So, try to schedule making those moves before this happens.

The Universe Has a Plan

For others however, career, image and status factors may appear to have a life or a direction all their own. Catching you up with them and pushing you down a new path in an unexpected way. If this occurs, please understand that no matter what this looks like at first, benefits are due to flow from it.

This month’s new Moon in your 9th on the 13th comes wrapped in the promise of a new kind of freedom. It could also mark the start of a new learning journey. Travel, writing, studying, the media, publishing, teaching or even big business could form part of this. It is time to explore something bigger. Perhaps that ignored part of your potential Taurus? It could be that you don’t just astound others this month but also yourself.

This is a wonderful new Moon under which to initiate something big. Or to take that first step on that larger journey. Ruler Venus will also meet Pluto in your 9th on the 28th pointing to a beneficial transformation potentially around love or your work. This is also the day of the full Moon in your 4th – the Moon’s ruling house.

Seek out the alternatives

This is going to be a peak time emotionally for the intense fixed sign energy we are all experiencing this month. You may feel very emotionally vulnerable under this full Moon and not willing to take any risks. and you crave what’s familiar. You may not want to try anything that requires you to step outside your comfort zone for that matter. But as this full Moon is going to oppose Jupiter, that’s exactly what you need to do. Especially when it comes to promoting yourself or doing anything that while in involves changing the status quo, will result in you creating a greater sense of security and purpose for yourself and even those you live with.

Mercury will meet Saturn and then Jupiter in your 10th on the 10th and the 11th respectively. The Sun in here from the 19th sees it meet Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th. You have a challenge but also an opportunity to follow right after it. For some it may be a key presentation meeting, pitch, interview or application. Or you may be handed a new role and new responsibilities – with rewards to follow.

Mercury heads backwards on the 30th. And it set to repeat its encounter with Jupiter twice more next month. Once during its retro-active phase and then again when it heads direct once more. So, this offers status conscious Taureans a fabulous cycle under which to revise and revisit those aims and ambitions. What you begin this month may culminate in the next one. Mercury rocks it back and forth but Jupiter always sets it to rights. So, set your sights higher and prepare to achieve and astound!

In a nutshell: Time to aim higher and look to achieve more in 2021, Taurus. If you’re a square peg in a round hole, Jupiter in your 10th finds you the right fit. Career matters begun this month could lead to rewards in the next one.



Don’t just wish for change – be change

How much do you really want that goal?

Explore alternatives

Impatient, Gemini? You may begin the month wanting change or simply the chance to begin something new. Anything that provides that alive feeling and replaces the one you’ve had enough of already – going nowhere. Or just the plain boring Meh’s. Mars lands in your oh-so-mysterious 12th on the 6th. The day after ruler Mercury and Pluto meet in your house of rebirth and empowerment. This is the moment where things could well being to shift forward for you once more.

Become the Change You’re Waiting For

That ‘something’s gotta give’ feeling leaves you antsy. But also determined to do something about it. The 8th sees Mercury join the party in your Now Age 9th. The same day as Venus lands in your 8th. If the way forward to reclaim the passion what has been missing has been elusive of hidden, you now see what needs to be done. This covers anything from dealing with an on-going situation to taking action to make what you want happen.

You’re looking at situations fearlessly whereas before you might have looked away. Is there any empty space in your life which needs filling? Own your need for love if so. Or that goal or dream. The timing is also perfect for tackling anything that has been allowed to go on for far too long. You may have avoided this, but now you’ll see that procrastination is keeping you stuck right where you don’t want to be.

Check Your Chart for the Way Forward

You might also want to check your birthchart for Taurus factors. Many Gemini’s have planets in the sign next door. As Mars and also Uranus move through here, they are going to meet any Taurus planets you have. Plus, ruler Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in your 9th from the 19th, will square them. We also have big squares occurring this January between Mars and Uranus in your 12th and all those Now Age planets.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

This is a truth exposing cycle. And Uranus is always associated with freedom and revelations. So, what comes to light during this month really is designed to set you free. The only question is: are you ready for the unvarnished kind, Gemini? You’ll see the past, people and situations as they truly are as opposed to what you might have been told or want them to be. If someone is keeping something from you, expect it to come out in a surprising or unexpected way.

I would also add that nothing will stay in your own closet now. There is a difference between confidentiality and things you want to keep hidden. Hopefully there is nothing that you would be ashamed of if it came to light. When it comes to confidentiality – which your 12th rules, please keep this if someone confides in you.

And if there is something you want to remain in the vault, choose carefully who you confide in now. As I said, people will show their true colours. This can range from them raining on the dreams you confide to gossiping. If you need to share something intensely private, you may want to talk to a professional whose ethics or code of conduct ensure what you say goes no further. A doctor, priest, therapist, lawyer, counsellor or even one of our psychics depending on the issue.

Welcome in Change

Pluto rules your 8th and it’s not just ruler Mercury that gets entangled with it this month. Against the backdrop of intense fixed sign squares in your 9th to 12th, we have the Sun and Venus meeting Pluto on the 14th and 28th. These dates could mark powerful shifts along with the new Moon in your 8th on the 12th which appears very close to Pluto.

Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life. It will also make two soul satisfying trines to Mars in your 12th on the 9th and then Uranus on the 14th – same day as the Sun meets Pluto and the day after the new Moon in here. This could see you entering a new era of empowerment when it comes to your income, assets or something you share with someone. What you owe or are owed could also feature. And remember, while this is your ‘other’ money house, the assets we have access to or are offered to us may not just be of the financial kind.

Link Back To Your Purpose

Karmic debts and balances will be paid or settled now. Especially due to you having the North Node in your 1st. But this also links in to the reasons you are here too. Your dreams are part of who you are. You have them for a reason. They form part of your path and your purpose for being here. Reignite them and also be ready for radical ideas on how to achieve them thanks not only to Mars and Uranus but also to those Now Age planets.

Jupiter is in its ruling house in your chart. So think extra servings of luck. Plus you have the Sun in here from the 19th meeting Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). Sure, Saturn can throw up the odd challenge or two. But think of this as Saturn asking you how much do you really, really want it? Claiming your dreams is not for the faint-hearted. Saturn asks us to show our dedication. It can drop a speed bump or obstacle in our path to see what we do when we discover there’s no open road to get to our goals.

Do we just turn back? Or to we look for alternative routes which is where Uranus’s inventiveness and Mars’s confidence take over? Especially around the 20th when Mars and Uranus meet. Because if what we want is part of our path and our purpose, we look for new ways to get it if the first attempts don’t work for us. Remember – Saturn may throw a challenge our way but Jupiter always provides a solution.

Explore More Ways Than One!

The Sun arrives in your 9th from the 19th and meets Saturn on the 24th then Jupiter on the 29th. This month’s full Moon appears virtually opposite Jupiter in your 3rd on the 28th. The same day as Venus and Pluto meet in your 8th. Venus with Pluto is amplifying your personal charisma. You exude magnestism and irresistible sex appeal. This could see a date night – even a stay-at-home or Zoom one, sizzle and crackle. Expect the talk to go from not to hot very quickly.

This is also an excellent date to aim for if you want to bring a business, negotiation or money matter to a conclusion or have that discussion I talked about earlier. You radiate empowerment and surety under this full Moon. If you want to make a stand-out move, this is your night to do it. People are also going to take you at your word now. So one word of caution – don’t engage in flirtation unless you intend to follow through. Talk is cheap and actions need to speak as loud if not louder now.

Don’t leave anything or anyone hanging and tie up all loose ends before the month does.Ruler Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th and then turns full retro-active on the 30th. You know the drill, Gemini. You also know that Mercury retrogrades – or any retro planet for that matter, are part of the natural cycle. We just need to know what to do and what not to do when they occur. Use your ‘re’ words – revise, revisit, reassess, release, reedit, return, renew. And yes, revelations which we touched on earlier is also a ‘re’ word!

This will be your first retrograde for the Now Age. And during its cycle Mercury is going to go back and forth across Jupiter in here. In what is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. So yes, returns of opportunities and solutions come under what could be for you, a little retro-active magic. Be ready for second time around chances should they appear. Your Now Age 9th is about something bigger. So, it could be that you simply missed out on something the first time because something better was in the works.

Expect more than one path, solution or opportunity to be uncovered as Mercury goes back and then forward again. Rediscoveries are also part of this and these includes places you have visited in the past too. You may not see all the alternatives until March. But trying more than one alternative could all add to the sense of adventure that awakens you in the Now Age, Gemini.

In a nutshell: January wants to show you there may be more than one path to those big goals and dreams, Gemini. Look at the alternatives. Ruler Mercury is asking you settle unfinished business this month. It will pave your way to freedom.



2021 shows you how you are valued

Get ready for a new love dynamic

Get ready for a heart-to-heart

Love may have been hard to pin down or simply heavy going these past few years. The good news for you is that when it comes to partnerships of all kinds, January offers you new beginnings, Cancer.

Past, present and potential partnerships and duos of all descriptions will feature as 2021 begins. Remember, your 7th rules not just long-term love and live-in/marriage partnerships but every kind of double act and opposite number you can think of. All you need to know is that the right one designed to evolve your experience of togetherness will appear or enter a fresh phase now. All ushered in by the arrival of Venus in its ruling house from the 8th.

Whatever you do, don’t hang on to the status quo if deep down you know things need to change. Also, don’t be afraid to have that conversation you may have been putting off with a significant other when Mercury meets Pluto in here on the 5th. By the time Venus lands in here on the 8th, Mercury has also changed signs, landing in your Now Age house of intention, empowerment, sharing and rebirth. And yes, this is your house of sex but also what you fear too.

Cutting worries down to size or feeling that fear and talking/going for it anyway is a sign that the difficulties of the past few years are now behind you. Are you looking for something different? Say a more equal and accepting relationship dynamic? One also where you feel you can be yourself? This month hands you the tools to create exactly that, Cancer.

Check your Chart for What’s Hip!

Hip to be square? Yes, if it involves Jupiter. We are in very intense fixed sign weather now. There’s all the Now Age planets for one thing. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and then the Sun in Aquarius (8th) from the 19th. Then we have Mars and Uranus in Uranus’s ruling 11th and an up-coming full Moon in your 2nd on the 28th. The same day as Venus and Pluto meet in your 7th.

Check your chart to see if you have any Leo factors. Being the next door sign to you, many Cancerians do. At some point during the Now Age these will be opposed by the planets in your 8th. When this happens you’ll be asked to dig deep, connect to inner empowerment and stand by what you know is right. Stand up for love if you like. This includes self-love being your 2nd. So bear this in mind at the end of the month.

If you are uncertain, then one of our astrologers can walk you through your chart and the upcoming new era. Also check for other planets in the other fixed signs – Scorpio, Taurus and yes, Aquarius. As those Now Age planets plus Mars and Uranus in Taurus will impact those too. We have Mars and Uranus aspected this month especially. As they move through Uranus’s ruling 11th of friendships and the future. And as they do, square the planets in your 8th.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

What You and The World Needs Now

Newly minted love potentials or a new phase of relating are marked by the new Moon in your 7th on the 13th. This new Moon falls very close to Pluto in here – the only remaining slow moving planets left in this house. You will also know for certain this month whether something is right for you or not. As well as Venus, a new Moon and Pluto in here, you have the Sun in residence and also Mercury up until the 8th. Mercury will meet Pluto in here on the 5th and then the Sun on the 14th – the day after the new Moon appears.

While Venus will meet Pluto on the 28th – the same day as the full Moon appears in Venus’s other ruling house in your chart – your 2nd. This full Moon in your 2nd sees you needing validation from others as well as linking you to your own values. This of course, hooks right in to love and true partnerships. Because your 2nd also rules relationships which are assets to us.

Know your worth and come from there. That’s the message of the squares. And the big Mars/Uranus conjunction in your 11th on the 20th. also know what you have to bring and contribute. Your innermost qualities – intuition, sensitivity, nurturing – the world needs these now and you will be able to share them in new ways with more people. Not just that – you will receive a new sense of worth from the validation you receive from doing this.

Sign of the Trines

As Venus moves through your 7th it will trine Mars in your 11th on the 9th and then Uranus on the 14th. This makes this a fabulous period for connections of all kinds – and for making new ones. If love is your future goal now, put yourself out there in any way you can. But do this before Mercury turns retrograde in your 8th from the 30th if possible.

For settleds or for any power sharing and partnership discussion, Venus and Pluto together on the 28th make this a wonderful time to have that heart-to-heart and let your lover or someone close to you, into your emotional world. Don’t hold back on talking about how you really feel. You could come out of this closer or more in love than ever.

This is also a time to set desire in motion. Does this all sound like Tom Ellis asking you what it is you desire in Lucifer? The meeting of Venus and Pluto is a bit like that when it comes to what you desire for your future. Especially future relationships. But this potential is with you all month long. Just see the month’s end as when this all peaks.

Mercury backwards in your 8th from the 30th will see it meet Jupiter twice more in here. The second time when it is retrograde and then the trifactor when it moves direct once more. Jupiter always brings solutions and opportunities as you know. This can relate to money, investments, mortgages, loans, income, shared assets and benefits. As well as your closest, most intimate ties. Things may be negotiated and go back and forth between you for a bit. If so, expect to emerge by March with a new dynamic in power sharing or simply your own sense of self-empowerment. A new style of loving and relating begins in 2021. One that makes you feel more valued for who you are, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Get ready for a new love dynamic for the Now Age, Cancer. One where you feel appreciated for your own unique power and gifts. The world needs that sensitivity. Get ready for validation.



Show that every day you some Now Age love

It’s all about quality – not quantity

Duos of all descriptions dominate 2021

Now Age love is now top of your agenda for 2021, Leo! Past, present and potential partnerships, duos and double acts of all descriptions. Business partners, collaborators, that bestie, activity partners and even that rival or opponent. Just take it that you won’t experience the Now Age as a solo act.

As ’21 begins, make any changes you need to around work, study, diet, fitness, routine, habits and wellbeing. Mercury starts the month in its ruling 6th and meets Pluto in here on the 5th. Plus, you will have ruler the Sun also conjunct Pluto on the 14th – the day after a new Moon in here.

Venus also lands in here from the 8th. We can’t talk about your 6th house right now without talking about what is happening in the wider world. You need to bring beauty and creativity into any routine now. Venus allows you to do this. Take it you need that structure and also to stick to it. But there is no need to feel it has become dull, boring or a prison. You can make permanent betterment changes this month which will set you up not just for the rest of the year – but for far longer.

So, focus on how you can create something feel good around your daily work (paid or unpaid), studies, habits, diet, exercise or create yourself a new, more varied schedule. One that not only includes what you have to do but mixes it up so you have time for what you want to do. Variety will make you more energised and more productive now.

Time for inner and outer caring

A good time to begin this will be at the time of the new Moon in your 6th on the 13th. You may not only feel the need to make some positive changes to your everyday life, but also have a yearning to make things streamlined, simple, pristine and healthy. You could in fact be taking a less is more approach. This is an excellent new Moon for a declutter or home edit.

The Moon is linked to nurturing so think about what you eat. This may not involve a diet per se but seeing yourself as making different choices around what you put in your body. So, again this may be quality not quantity. Choosing to include more fresh ingredients for instance. Ditching take-aways, ready meals or too much sugar. But without feeling deprived. This new Moon can usher in a new sense of caring for yourself better than you have done in the past. This could be a bit of a work in progress for you. Expect to fine tune this between now and the start of March.

Check Your Chart Factors

We are now in big fixed sign weather. And yes, you are one of those fabulous individuals with a gift for creative construction of something lasting. Be prepared to be flexible and if necessary shake up the status quo during January.

As I said earlier, you can start small with your daily routine. You have help from Venus who just wants beautifying benefits and will trine Mars (9th) and Uranus (14th) in your status elevating 10th. This is an excellent time to set in motion work or career plans for the year. But also, anything that relates to your wellbeing and escaping any ruts that prevent you from radiating that signature shine.

Dive into your chart and look at where your Leo factors are. Because as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun from the 19th, move through your 7th, they will oppose these. If you are unsure, then one of our astrologers can help you with timings. If you have Aquarian factors, then obviously, the Now Age will see all these planets conjunct them for double the love, double dipping duo dynamism!

Because we have Mars and Uranus in your 10th and Taurus, these will be squaring the planets in your 7th. And depending on where your Leo Sun and planets are, these too. And if you have added Scorpio factors in your 4th, these will also be impacted. Some Leos could be moving in with their partner, or planning a move with them. Or because your 10th rules your partner’s status as well as your own, feel the effects from changes around their career or job.

Don’t forget, if Jupiter is involved, there is no such thing as a snarky transit! You just may have to make a little extra effort, that’s all. You’ll see what I mean at the time of this month’s full Moon in your 1st on the 30th which shines back at Jupiter. It will occur the day after the Sun meets it. One particular relationship will be in focus now. With opportunities, solutions or benefits attached to it.

It takes Two to Tango

Don’t forget, your 7th house is one of your houses of attraction. Think of it as where you get to enter a dance of relating with someone whenever you have major transits happening in here. Salsa? Hip hop? Tango? The two of you will have your own rhythm according to what the dance is all about.

Sometimes transits in here see us moving on to a new dance partner when we find we are no longer in step. Just be aware during this time that while Jupiter will hand you fabulous opportunities to explore a new love dimension, it can’t fix anything that is broken beyond repair. What is can do however is make consciously un-coupling easier than at any other time. And potentially usher in someone new.

Saturn also in here is all about commitment. It also asks you to get serious. If you are seeking something long term, keep to that criteria. Don’t entertain anyone who doesn’t want the same thing. Highlights of the month for you begin when ruler the Sun enters here on the 19th. Meeting Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th. The day after the full Moon in your 1st which is what makes it so important for you. If a new connection emerges now, it could be a major one. But you will certainly know if you are in the right one or not if you are settled.

Get the Good News on Retroactive Love!

Mercury has been slowing down in your 7th since the 15th. It heads backwards in here on the 30th. Put the usual retro rules in place. However, despite its backwards motion, Mercury will be meeting Jupiter in here twice more over this period. So, triple up your love chances. Especially when Venus which rules this house arrives in time for Valentine’s Day. You’ll have Venus and Jupiter meeting in here next month delivering your biggest love boost in years too.

Retroactive love could just mean a reconciliation, revival or simply love returning to your life after a long absence for singles. Again, as 2021 begins – you’ll know if you’re in the right one. Or if you are seeking it, know for certain if it has that feelgood future factor to it or not, Leo.

In a nutshell: Are you fit for love, Leo? Start the month by taking care of yourself. 2021 brings you a focus on partnerships like no other you’ve experienced before. Ger ready by showing yourself the love first.



Get a heart starter on ’21!

Create a life to fall in love with

What has held you back in 2020 is now revealed

How’s that design for living your Best Ever Life coming along, Virgo? If you’ve started the process then expect to make adjustments from now through to March. Time to start paying close attention to how what you do each day affects your energy. It’s time to Go for the Good. For keeps.

First, ruler Mercury has a close encounter with Pluto in your sector of fabulization. You have three Plutonic dates happening in your 5th this month. Mercury on the 5th, the Sun on the 14th and then Venus which arrives in this house on the 8th, meets Pluto on the 28th. Jump in when it comes to romance, your creativity and anything to do with children, babies, teenagers, millennials, your adult children or relationships that could see you parenting or stepparenting in the future.

Magnetise your Desires!

Also, on offer – well, Pluto rules sex. So, if you meet someone new during this cycle, it could heat up fast. Plus, you may open yourself to hedonism, indulgence, pleasure, hobbies and self-expression. You may feel a desire to get your glam on. Venus in here along with Pluto has you appreciating all your fascinating facets. You’ll then seek out ways to showcase these. This is one of your houses where you are ‘on show’ and Pluto and Venus together boost your personal magnetism.

This is also one of your houses of attraction. Just remember, that this house rules fun and pleasure. It tells you to let go and not to take anything too seriously. At least not at the moment. Just keep in the back of your mind that this is an open-flowing house where things should be effortless. If they are not however, if you feel you are doing all the running/work – take this as a red flag.

Jump start that heart for ’21!

Mars joins Uranus in your 9th from the 6th. See this as a heart-starter for ’21. Chances are due to this you’re going to be seeking excitement, heart-starting experiences and freedom. You won’t ‘do’ clingy or boring now. You’re feeling spontaneous, adventurous and out-going. Plus a little daring. That ‘I’ll try anything once’ attitude may also extend into initiating job changes, taking up a new hobby or making that first move. You could just be astounded at the results of undertaking anything that makes your heart beat faster.

Dates when you’ll see your confidence soar and be open to taking a chance? Venus trines Mars on the 9th and then Uranus on the 14th. And Mars and Uranus meet on the 20th. These dates could also bring you unlooked for opportunities or surprises. Again, be willing to jump in and simply go with it. The day before Venus trines Uranus we have a new Moon in your 5th. This could usher in an alchemical attraction between you and someone exciting different. Or see you embark on a daring make-over or creative project. Again, babies, children or younger people could play a role. Or is it that inner child that wants you to express yourself freely? Don’t hold back, Virgo.

Chart your course for the Now Age

As ruler Mercury lands in your Now Age 6th on the 8th and meets Saturn (10th) and Jupiter (11th) for the first time in here, it’s time for you to jump into your birthchart, Virgo.

Do you have factors in Aquarius? Or any of the other ‘fixed’ signs – Taurus, Leo or Scorpio? We are now in big fixed sign weather. Not only do we have your ruler in its ruling house with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in here from the 19th; we have Mars and Uranus in Taurus and your 9th and on the 28th, a full Moon in Leo and your 12th.

So, if you have fixed sign planets, depending on their degree, they are going to be aspected at some point by one, some or all of these factors.

This month sees Mars square Saturn (13th) and Jupiter (23rd). Mercury squares Uranus on the on the 12th. And Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th. Just bear in mind that both Jupiter and Uranus are concerned with freedom for us on some level.

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes – in your case, the kind that frees you. And these are going to revolve around creating that best ever life to live. Every day.

Squares get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless. So, freedom for you means pushing through resistance perhaps around work, habits or your routine. And replacing these with new ways of doing things.

Ruler Mercury enters retroshadow from the 15th. And will moonwalk backwards from the 30th. Remember, this takes place in its ruling 6th in your chart. So, look to the details, the minutiae and the small things that underpin your daily life. See their importance in a new way. How you feel is how you create the good life. See this retro as the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Especially as during this cycle Mercury will go back and forth across Jupiter. The first time this happens will be on the 11th. The day after Mercury meets Saturn in here. What you initiate now will have lasting effect. Create structures, schedules, ways of tackling those everyday tasks in ways that sustain and support you.

Get ready for soul revival

This could bring in a new job, an offer or simply a better way of working for many of you. Revisit those habits, that routine, your diet, exercise, wellbeing and work to unify mind, body and spirit. Give all of these fresh priority.

Next month you’ll step free of this retrograde feeling recharged, refreshed and vibrant if you do. And get ready for a hidden truth around your mind/body/spirit connection to come to light. You may not have been aware of how something you do, think or a situation, has been impacting you. But when the full Moon appears in your 12th on the 28th, it shines back into your 6th. Illuminating an important truth for you.

You’re then free to experiment when it comes to doing whatever you need to in order to free yourself of anything that is limiting, stagnant or simply just no longer good for you. Keep in mind you have a Grand Design to work to. To do whatever you need to make your life the only one you’d be living. Not just on holidays. Not someday. But now. It starts today in January 1, 2021.

In a nutshell: Time for some practical magic in 2021, Virgo. It’s going to involve creating your best life to live in an everyday way. January hands you the tools to feel amazing and fall in love with your life not someday – but every day.



Love has you seeing yourself differently

Know where to draw that line

Time to let go and trust

Babies, children, teenagers, young people. Romance. That red-hot lover. Relationships that could bring parenting, step parenting or simply younger people into your life. And even indulgences. This is a month that boosts your creativity. Self-expression will be increasingly important. As will be your ability to let go and not take things too seriously. A little light relief after the heavy going of the past few years.

It should be plain by now you’ve arrived in a very different year to those you’ve trudged through since 2017. Chances are you have dealt with heavy matters that have hit at the heart of what you care about, your money, your living arrangements, family, job or even relationships. This month you should see solutions and opportunities dissolve any left-over shadows for good.

Home matters, moving, buying, renting, selling, leasing, renovating, decorating. Ruler Venus asks you show your living arrangements some love. It’s not just improvements but enhancements to your family, lifestyle or way of living. Venus in your 4th along with Mercury and the Sun conjunct Pluto in here could see some of you upgrading your home or moving in with your significant other. If you are looking for a new flatmate or sharer, chances are Venus will send someone easy to live with. Or that gifted tradesperson who can help you create that ideal home. Or you and your partner double date with Farrow & Ball to make that home a work of art.

Unleash your creativity first around your living space. Then go for a more personal make-over. Mercury lands in your 5th from the 8th. It will meet Saturn and Jupiter in here on the 10th and 11th. Begin something important now that is close to your heart. The search for love, an outlet for your talents, a creative project or a joint shared goal with your one-and-only if you have one. This is an opportunity to start something big – and lasting. Don’t be deterred if the goal seems daunting. Chunk it down into small, fun, easy to take steps.

Now Age children, love, parenting, relationships, and creativity It’s all about attraction and you know or should do, that like attracts like. Saturn in your 5th is asking you if you believe you are entitled to enjoy the good things of life. Or do you feel you need a reason? Have you been walking around with beliefs that love should be difficult for instance? Or holding yourself back from enjoyment, pleasure or simply opening up to love?

Do you welcome in spontaneity, fun and being yourself or do you worry what others may think? Or to you hang back and end up watching others enjoy themselves while feeling separate or apart? Saturn can throw all these questions up in here. But you have Jupiter offering you the solution too. It wants us to expand. And in your 5th it offers lucky breaks and big benefits for taking that first step.

Time to Trust

Plus, the upside of Saturn in your 5th is serious playfulness or love. Second childhoods but experienced with the wisdom you’ve gained. Same goes for romance. This is a month to ditch past hurts and to open up. To trust and be more trusting. You are in an important cycle when it comes to love relationships, children and/or what makes you stand out and shine. And you are going to see yourself in a different light by engaging in one, some or all of these areas. You will redefine yourself and also bring in solutions and opportunities if you do.

Check Your Chart Factors

We are in heavy fixed sign weather now. So this is a good time to check your chart for aspects in the fixed signs. Many Librans have chart factors in next door sign of Scorpio for instance. So, check for these and make a note of the degree they are at. And also look for chart factors in the other fixed signs – Leo, the Now Age Aquarius and your 5th, and Taurus. Again, make a note of the degree any are at.

This month sees Mars land in Taurus and its ancient ruling 8th. You also have Uranus in here. This amplifies that fixed energy. You are going to be looking closely at your values now and that line where you say ‘The bucks stops here’. If you have fixed sign aspects, at some point either the planets in your 5th and/or your 8th will conjunct, oppose or square them. One of our astrologers can explain in more details and give you exact dates if you are unsure.

As Venus moves through your 4th it is going to trine Mars and then Uranus in your 8th. Joint moves, negotiations, financial matters and powerful changes could be the result. Some of you may finalise career, financial or home matters. This may result in you freeing yourself from the cycle that has persisted since the end of 2017. Especially around the time of the new Moon in its ruling 4th on the 13th.

But you may have to stand by your values and beliefs due to the series of squares between the planets in your 4th and those in your 8th. Mars however hands you certainty and confidence. Uranus offers freedom and also access to new ways of thinking. Both will be working in your favour when they meet on the 20th. With Mars squaring Jupiter three days later.

Just remember, with Jupiter involved there is no such thing as a narky square! Sure, some of these squares involve Saturn and we all know Saturn can hand us a learning challenge or obstacle to overcome. But just remember, Jupiter always hands us the solution. And as Saturn and Jupiter are close together in your 5th, this should see their speedy arrival if Saturn throws up a speed bump!

Get some love innovation

Love or what you love will be your catalyst for change or see you looking at yourself differently during the Now Age. Especially when the Sun arrives in here from the 19th. It too sets off Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). You also have a wonderful full Moon o the 28th – the same day as ruler Venus and Pluto meet in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. This sees you being very open about those emotional needs in a way you may have hesitated over before. You’re unafraid to be vulnerable now. This is an ideal time to share your feelings as well as your goals for the future with friends or someone close to you.

You will also be looking at what aspects of yourself or goals you may have relinquished in the past. Is it time to reclaim these? Mercury retrograde in your 5th from the 30th is all about the ‘re’ words. Sure, rescheduling is one of those. But reuniting, reconciling, reviving are others. During this retro cycle Mercury is going to meet Jupiter twice more. Once backwards and again when it shifts forwards.

Romance or dreams may go back and forth but by March there’s a stunning re-boot or new beginning. This could even see you rekindling that desire, hobby or commitment to that goal. Or remembering an important facet of just what makes you so loveable, Libra. Reinvention is the key. As in incorporating old loves with new for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Love and relationships are about to become the great redefining force in your life, Libra. You will change how you see yourself via romance, children or creative self-expression. It’s love for the Now Age this month!



Plan for the future

Focus on security

Get fierce!

Both your rulers ancient and modern are busy this month, Scorpio. For one thing, modern day ruler Pluto is the only slow -moving planet left in your 3rd of learning, communication, commerce and the internet. This is Mercury’s ruling house and we begin 2021 with it in here. Pluto boosts Mercury’s ability to empower your words and ideas with conviction and meaning. To get your point across and to move others with what you say. Especially on the 5th when they meet.

This is a good moment to move those business and study plans forward. To launch anything ‘out there’ from your newly crafted CV to that website. You also have Venus landing in here from the 8th. Infusing anything you say or send out with creativity, allure and passion. If you are involved in a creative business or if writing, photography or communication plays a role in what you do, you’ll enter a period of powerful flow. Hot dates for getting your point across are the 5th, the 14th (Sun conjunct Pluto) and the 28th – Venus conjunct Pluto. If you also need to reinvent your profile, brand, Instagram feed, CV, blog etc, you can create a new and impactful message.

The other date to watch is the 13th when we have a new Moon in your 3rd. There’s also a focus on what’s familiar and your neighbourhood or region here. You may now see it in new ways or make fresh discoveries about it. Opportunities could even be unearthed that are right under your nose. Especially when we combine this with the Now Age planets in your home sector. More on this shortly.

We can’t overlook the other benefit of Venus in your 3rd. Especially when combined with Pluto. These two ignite the flirt factor like no other. Especially when we combine this with your ancient ruler Mars in your 7th from the 6th. And a sizzling Venus/Mars trine on the 9th. You also have Uranus in here but Mars has a bigger than usual role to play this January. Especially at the time of the conjunction between them on the 20th.

Because the 3rd rules the internet and communication, if you are seeking love then you might want to give that dating app a try. And don’t be shy when it comes to making that first move. This is also a powerful time for pitches, presentations, launches, applications or initiating conversations. Make you case – and your point. It will be a compelling one.

If you are involved in marketing, advertising, self-promotion, you could just sell sand to the Saudi’s now. Or people will want to follow you or listen to what you say. This is no time for modesty either. Upsell all you have to offer on both a personal and professional basis. You’ve a whole package on offer now.

Do you feel the heat?

We’re in fixed sign weather for the Now Age, Scorpio. Time to check your chart. Not just for your phoenix factors in your own sign. But for any planets or asteroids in any of the other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo and of course, Now Age Aquarius. If you are uncertain, one of our astrologers can help you.

What this basically means is that Uranus and ancient ruler Mars in Taurus and your 7th will oppose your Scorpio planets at some point. They are also going to square the stellium of planets in your 4th which in turn, will square any planets in your chart in your own sign or conjunct/oppose/square any factors in other fixed sign houses. Again, one of our astrologers can provide insight and timings.

You are a sign of hidden depths. And also passion. You need that deep, alchemical connection. It’s either there or it’s not. So, which is it? What you need to remember is that there is no such thing as a bad Jupiter transit. But it does require us to be ready to act when opportunity arrives. Or even change direction if something better appears! Jupiter combined with Mars could open a door if you are bold enough to walk through it on the 23rd. What’s on the other side of the door? Passion.

Be Fierce and Fearless

Your needs around relationships may be changing. This may be reflected in sudden shifts around key connections – one way or another. Again, this is due to Mars and Uranus in your 7th. And the squares between them and those 4th house Now Age planets. Be fearless when it comes to going after those deep emotional needs. Your longing for a more intense, exciting love is something that needs answering now. Don’t ignore it.

These are also bringing in a new way of living. The Now Age could see you expand your living space. Either by extending it or moving to somewhere larger. Mercury in here from the 8th favours property dealings – buying, selling, renting, leasing. Or just making that decision to change or look for somewhere new.

If you live with someone and want to move but they don’t, you may be able to make a convincing case when Mercury squares Mars on the 9th. Mercury will meet Saturn in here on the 10th and then Jupiter on the 11th. This could literally open the door to a new home or way of living. For others this could even be linked to a work or business opportunity which leads to a move or expansion of your living space.

Saturn is handing you the ability to create a new structure or establish something. Jupiter is offering solutions and opening doors. Mercury in here hands you the power of words, ideas and communication. Mars provides action, fire and confidence while Uranus brings evolution, surprises and electrifying new factors aligned to your soul values. So think living your way and better.

The Sun moves into your 4th from the 19th. Shining on family, those you live with, material and emotional security and your long-term needs. It meets Saturn in here for the first time on the 24th and then Jupiter on the 29th. It’s asking you to step up and claim something. Your path. Your self-authorship. Or something that is going to bring in an improvement for the long term.

It’s going to involve you making a big, long term commitment, Scorpio. But take it that this is for your benefit. And also, while on one hand it may look like its tying you down or locking you into something, it actually represents freedom on another level. Because the flip side to this is security.

So, weigh things up carefully and think in the long term now. Where you want to be not just now, but in the future and how you want to be living. If you feel you have been living in someone’s shadow or up to their expectations, rather than you own, the Now Age is set to break you free of this. And leave you unafraid to live your life on your terms.

You’ll be aware of this and also any actions you need to take around this at the time of the full Moon in your status sector on the 28th. Need to let others know what you’ve decided? Don’t forget this is the day Venus and ruler Pluto meet in your 3rd, handing you the power of conviction.

Sign of the Times

Just be aware when it comes to important papers – either those you write or the ones you sign, that you need to be completing that first draft or signing on the dotted line by the 15th at best. But definitely by the 30th when Mercury turns retrograde in your 4th. It will enter retroshadow from the 15th. And it will clear retroshadow on the other side by March.

The retro rules therefore apply but especially to anything that touches on property matters, security or living arrangements. The good news however – and during this retrograde there actually is some, is that during this retrocycle, Mercury is set to meet Jupiter twice more. Once backwards and again as it shifts forwards again.

What this adds up to is the fact there is no need to rush into anything. Or feel you may ‘lose out’ if you do. Things may get delayed, cancelled or go back and forth. If something doesn’t work out, take it that it’s because a better deal or opportunity will appear. Remember, Jupiter opens doors. Wait and see just how many now, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Your words will have a powerful effect now, Scorpio. So, don’t underestimate this provided you speak with love. The Now Age also ushers in a new phase of living. Expand your space – or sense of place this January.



Show some self-appreciation

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to make that deal

Ideas travel and take you further

Time to follow up and follow through on ideas that you may have begun and then let slide. Because there could be value in them or you simply rediscover one whose time has now come. Turning ideas into reality is what the Now Age is going to be about for you.

Get Real About the Real You

It starts with valuing your ideas, talents and skills. Have you taken aspects of yourself for granted? Been guilty of thinking anyone could do what you do for instance? Or feel you’re lacking in some department? Time to be realistic. People usually focus on one aspect of ‘getting real’. And that’s one where we are taught not to punch above our weight. In any area. Well, there’s another side to being realistically ‘down to earth’. And that’s not to undersell what we’ve got going for us.

Appreciate yourself

Venus in its ruling 2nd wants us to appreciate ourselves more. It arrives on the 8th – three days after Mercury meets Pluto. You also have a new Moon in here on the 15th. One that wants you to own all you have. And have to offer. It’s telling you to value yourself and not to allow others to undermine this.

New beginnings could appear. Venus in its ruling house often brings in a potential new lover. Especially when it entangles with Pluto on the 28th. A new source of income is another possibility. As could be an easing of the restrictions you have had to contend with these past few years. This is now due to Pluto being the only slow-moving planet left in your 2nd of money, possessions, assets and self-worth. Both Saturn and ruler Jupiter having left for your Now Age 3rd.

Chances are like many Sagittarians, you may have struggled with challenges around income or soul-stretching situations that have tested your faith in yourself, your abilities and even love since the end of 2017. Even Jupiter’s arrival in here which would usually have removed these kinds of blocks, only handed you partial answers. January is the time when you truly begin to put all this behind you.

Key dates for you when you could be looking at powerful shifts are the 9th when Venus trines Mars and again on the 14th when Venus trines Uranus both in your work sector. You also have extremely powerful meetings occurring between the Sun and Pluto in your 2ndalso on the 14th, and Mars and Uranus on the 20th. Do what needs to be done now. And don’t be afraid to change direction or try some out-of-the-box thinking.

Write a Now Age Success Story

All this takes place against the backdrop of the Now Age planets in your 3rd. Mercury lands in here from the 8th. And meets Saturn and your ruler Jupiter on the 10th and 11th. This is of course, Mercury’s ruling house. Saturn rules authorship. Mercury rules communication. Jupiter as you know rules the mass media, big ideas and anything long distance. Time to send that message or idea far and wide. And to big it up while you’re at it. This is going to be how far an idea or your message can take you now.

In focus for the Now Age for you: Writing, speaking, publishing, self-publishing, the internet, new ways of communicating, on-line learning, teaching, studying, your CV, portfolio, Instagram feed. That screenplay, blog, manuscript, side hustle, website, agents and the media.

Also how you get about. Your car, bike, commute if you still do one, your neighbours, siblings, cousins, your locality. Short trips. Falling in love with where you are. Being in the here and now. Seeing the opportunities right where you are instead of a ‘grass is greener’ mentality. Know you have everything you need to get where you want to go. And where you are as the Now Age begins is exactly where you need to be to take advantage of this.

Journaling or goal setting could produce amazing results now. But when it comes to those communication projects or future plans, you will be entering a time of revision from mid-month. This is because Mercury will be slowing down from the 15th and starting its retroshadow time in what is its ruling house.

Look to insight and intuition

We are now in an intense fixed sign period. We have those Now Age planets crowding your 3rd. Plus Mars and Uranus in Taurus and your 6th. Mars will be squaring those 3rd house planets while Mercury squares Uranus on the 12th. By the 28th we have a full Moon in your 9th – another fixed sign, Leo. It’s a Moon under which to chart a new course or break out of confinement under. But this fixed sign energy is telling you that this may require an extra effort on your part. Lucky you have your ruler offering you solutions and an escape route. And one that is linked to your gut feelings and inspiration.

Check your chart for aspects in any of the fixed signs. Many Sagittarians have planets in Scorpio for instance. Make a note of the degree if so. Are they squaring those Now Age factors or opposing either Mars or Uranus? Look to any planets in any of the other fixed signs. If you are unsure one of our astrologers can help you.

We have Mars squaring Saturn on the 13th and then Jupiter on the 23rd. What you may experience here is a block – but then the solution to it. You of all signs should know there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ or narky Jupiter transit. Just opportunities which may or may not appear in disguise!

Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or cross trainer. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes – in your case, the kind that frees you. Or expands your world in some way.

Squares get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless. Ideas could come out of the blue and ask you to take a chance on them. If so, please do. Especially at the time of the full Moon. If so, this is your intuition at work. Guided by Jupiter’s helping hand.

Get Retroactive Ready!

From the 15th Mercury begins to slow down. You know the drill, Sag. Back everything up. Read the small print. Avoid major purchases. Bring projects to some kind of completed stage. Don’t launch anything. Expect delays, reschedules, cancellations and reversals.

The Sun will arrive in your 3rd from the 19th. Meeting Saturn in here on the 24th and Jupiter the day before Mercury turns full retroactive (29th). This could well mark the successful culmination of a project, application or a realised first draft or stage for many of you. Now you have got this far, revise, review progress and wait if you can.

Mercury retrograde in a ruling house can hand us a double dose of retrofactor mayhem. Think twice the chaos, confusion or misunderstanding. You may even be affected by the weather if travelling. Outages, breakdowns and delays are likely.

The good news? During its retrocycle period Mercury will meet ruler Jupiter not once but twice more. Once in retrograde and then again when it heads direct once more. Which is why you can afford to take that ‘wait and see’ approach. You have time to revise your own projects and plans. If something is delayed or does not work out, you don’t need to push. There could be a better deal to come.

The same goes for any purchases you are thinking of making. You should know by now that unless something breaks down beyond repair, you need to avoid buying anything from that phone to a car, that appliance or even a horse under a Mercury retro. That ‘bargain’ may turn out to be anything but.

If you are in the midst of a job application, interview process, submission or pitch, you may have to wait for an answer. This may not be resolved until March. Or discussions may go back and forth and the terms may not be finalised until then. Don’t worry. Jupiter has your back now, Sag. The ultimate outcome – in your favour.

In a nutshell: Even if you can’t travel now, your words and ideas have wings, Sag. And the ability to take you further than ever before. The Now Age delivers big ideas. And new ways to communicate them.



Love yourself enough to own what you want

Channel your energy

Reset your priorities and lighten up!

A new you for the Now Age? We’re still in your birthday season as we enter 2021 and it’s all about new beginnings. The Now Age is pulling you into the future like an irresistible force. So, as January unfolds think about just what this new you wants from it, Capricorn.

You’ve been forged in the fires of transformation these past few years. Ruler Saturn has set you serious soul tasks during this time which have resulted in you having a new set of priorities. Especially when combined with Uranus in your 5th (more on this in a moment!). Your needs may have changed along with your attitude. Is that self-appreciation you’re projecting? By now you should know just how much you are capable of as you met the challenges in your path head-on. So, enter this new cycle knowing nothing is beyond you.

Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your 1st and Mercury joins it on the 5th. You’ll have no problem on this day stating what it is you want. Venus also arrives in your 1st on the 8th while Mars shifts into your 5th on the 6th. Review the past year just prior to this. Chalk up your achievements. Show yourself some appreciation.

Venus in your 1st also hands you more insights into what you really want. And why you want it. That deep emotional motivation. How you go about getting this. How you shine and attract. On the 9th it makes a perfect trine to Mars. It’s time to put your energy into getting what you want. And just what is that, Capricorn? A lover? A project? A job that is a showcase for your talents and abilities? Recognition? An Oscar? Be honest because getting what we want begins with total honesty – at least with ourselves.

Venus will also trine Uranus on the 14th. The same day as the Sun meets Pluto in your 1st and the day after the New Moon in your sign. It’s time for new beginnings and also to give what you want to achieve fresh importance and priority. Above all, harness that energy into making things happen. If you don’t then you’ll suddenly wonder why you feel snarky, narky and short-tempered instead.

Do you have Aquarius Factors?

All energy has to find an outlet or expression. Especially Mars energy which always demands we do something. We have to take action with Mars. In your house of romance, lovers, children and creativity we can act with passion, confidence and have a magnetic allure. Our powers of attraction are at a peak. Powered by the actions we take.

As Mercury lands in your 2nd from the 8th, it will meet Saturn (10th) and Jupiter (11th). Mars will be squaring these Now Age planets as will Uranus. Check your chart for Aquarius factors which many Capricorns have. Are any of the Now Age planets conjunct these? Or are Mars and/or Uranus squaring them? If so, double up on your efforts. And please, be open to changing direction or something new too. Especially if its love you’re seeking.

Just be aware if something isn’t working now, both Mars and Uranus are likely to bring this to a sudden end. Especially around the 20th when they meet. For others however they could bring in an intriguing new alternative. Love may not look like you thought it would. Neither could opportunity for that matter. Another reason to be open. So embrace something (or someone) different.

New ways of making your bread may also be on offer with Mercury in your 2nd. Just be aware that from the 15th, Mercury will slow down in preparation for full fat retrograde on the 30th. So, as the Sun arrives in here from the 19th and meets ruler Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th, ensure you have got that application in or can bring any current plans to the stage where you can enter a review or revision period.

Just prior to the retrograde, and on the same day as Venus and Pluto empower those personal goals and your image, a full Moon appears on the 28th in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. Just be aware if you are negotiating anything or waiting to hear back about a job, client, loan, mortgage or any agreement or outcome, if you have not sealed the deal by this time, then be prepared for things to remain in limbo for a while.

Take a Turn for the Better

People may change their minds, move the goal-posts, change the T&C’s, delay, engage in power plays or make additional demands. I should not need to tell you to check the fine print of anything you sign under a Mercury retrograde. Especially if this relates to your money. You may want to consult a financial adviser or other professional if you are unsure. If you can, delay matters until Mercury turns direct again and clears retroshadow in March.

However, this retrograde does come with a hidden advantage. Because during its retrograde phase Mercury is set to meet Jupiter two more times. Once as it is retrograde and then again when it heads direct once more. Some may see an offer back on the table again you thought had gone for good. Others may see the other party make a U-turn or concession when you thought nothing would shift. A job you wanted but lost out on is re-advertised. When someone said no, another person says yes. That’s the kind of benefits and solutions Jupiter can deliver as we head on into February.

In a nutshell: That feeling of dragging a heavy load with you? Gone for good as 2021 begins, Capricorn. Look forward to a sense of life lightening up again. And in being able to go after those truly personal wishes and dreams.



Own yourself

What’s the message you’re broadcasting?

Happy birthday to all Now Agers!

It’s the age with your name on it, Aquarius. Especially when the Sun lands in your sign from the 19th. First, time has a bigger role to play than usual this month. As in right timing or even ‘Time’s up’. Saturn rules time and also karma. Jupiter rules luck and ‘right time, right place, right connection’. So, a decision or outcome will be followed with an opportunity. Be ready.

Put the finishing touches to outstanding projects and plans. Tie up loose ends. Don’t leave unfinished business behind or anything unsaid. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto in your 12th is all about completion so a new phase can begin. Now is the time.

If it’s time for a reconciliation between you and someone else, Venus’s presence in your 12th from the 8th could bring this about. Ruler Uranus heads direct once more in your 4th from the 14th. Unexpectedly hearing from that blast from your past or a situation abruptly doing a 180 in your favour could catch you by surprise. All due to Venus making a trine to Uranus and the Sun and Pluto conjunct in your 12th on the same day. Read on about what I have to say about anything from your past which remains part of your soul journey.

Forward into the Future

You also have a pivotal meeting between Venus and Pluto in your 12th on the 28th. Again, this could trigger a rebirth or a revival of a connection. But understand that if something does not return during this time and that of Mercury retrograde in your 1st from the 30th, then it is time to let it go. The Now Age is asking you look forward, not back.

You’re the sign of ideas and original thinking. You embrace innovation and also turning things on their head and seeing them from a fresh perspective. Diving deep into the heart of something, unearthing the truth or simply re-framing it are the gifts handed to you by the new Moon in your 12th on the 13th. Same day as Mars in your 4th will square Saturn in your 1st.

This could relate to family matters or someone close to you. But what it means is you won’t hesitate when going after the facts. Any interests in research, astrology, Tarot, clairvoyance, spirituality, your ancestry or even quantum physics could be awakened under this new Moon. You’re venture into any areas which have previously been ‘No go’ or which you have shied away from in the past. All in search of answers. This could result in you uncovering information which releases you or closes a chapter for good.

If you need to tune in to the energy of this transit then meditate on the card of the 8 of Cups in the tarot. If you look at the figure walking away from the cups you’ll see they are not looking back, but looking ahead instead. Anything that still evolves your soul will be coming with you as part of the progression. Once you understand this, you’ll see how the past simply has no purpose for you.

Chart Your Way to Now Age Living

Some of you may be looking at home or lifestyle changes now Mars in full throttle, hits your 4th. You will be actively wanting to create a new way of living or a fresh lifestyle approach during the coming year. One that reflects who you are and the lifestyle you need as opposed to what works for others. So, think alternative lifestyles or simply a living situation that is unique to you. Friends will also be the new family for the Now Age. A sense of community will become more important for you. And if you don’t have that already you’ll seek to make adjustments to get it or find it now. Radical ones if necessary, especially once ruler Uranus heads direct once more in your 4th from the 14th.

Unexpectedly hearing from that blast from your past or a situation abruptly doing a 180 in your favour could catch you by surprise. All due to Venus making a trine to Uranus and the Sun and Pluto conjunct in your 12th on the same day.

As Mars and Uranus move through your 4th, they will square your natal Aquarian chart factors. As well as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and then the Sun in here. It’s a powerful time of self-determination, goal setting and yes, rocking your look, brand, appearance, style, message and even those out of this world Aquarian ideas! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Or to stand out for that matter.

Above all, as the Sun reaches your 1st on the 19th – ditch some part of the ‘old’ you and replace it with a new statement. It doesn’t have to be a major one – even a small change will do. Or you can indulge yourself fully in a Fab Five makeover. Whatever way your budget or your inner desire for reinvention take you. This isn’t just your Game Face but Game On You!

Because you are so important this cycle, self-care and appearance is very important. You are your own best calling card. You will actually have a moment of spiritual revelation around this during the upcoming cycle. Or maybe more than one. When you realise self-care is in fact a spiritual exercise and nothing to do with vanity at all! See how this all connects to your soul journey.

You Time

This will begin at the start of the month – way before the Sun arrives in your sign. Mercury lands in your 1st on the 8th. Time to look at how you communicate not just verbally but visually too. It’s all about message now. Owning it means getting serious about what it is you are conveying. As Mercury meets Saturn in here for the first time on the 10th then it’s time to do just that. These two together are saying: If you don’t take yourself and your dreams seriously, then how do you expect others to?

Chances are you’ll immediately see results from any shift you make around this. Mercury meets Jupiter the following day handing you potential opportunities or solutions to what has held you back since 2018! Now is the time for confident self-promotion, Aquarius. And to rock yourself out in any area that touches on those goals and ambitions.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the Now Ager of them all?

The Sun lands in your 1st from the 19th, delivering a birthday cycle like no other you have experienced in this lifetime. It’s time to realise your potential. You should not need validation now. You should know for sure how fierce and unique you are. And so – own it. But guess what? Validation and positive strokes could be on their way anyway!

Between the Sun’s meeting with Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th) we have a full Moon occurring in your 7th on the 28th. Think of this as someone holding up a mirror for you so you can see yourself through their eyes. This should be a very good reflection indeed, Aquarius. This full Moon favours date night, bringing job or career matters to a culmination or just enjoying the company of someone who has a big role in you wanting to be the best version of you that you can be.

Mercury has been slowing down in your 1st since the 15th. It will turn retrograde from the 30th. The good news about this retrograde – yes, there is actually two parts to it, is that it will re-encounter Jupiter not just once but twice more. Things may swing back and forth for a while and the usual rescheduling and snafus can still happen. But this gives you a chance to fine tune that work-in-progress that is you, your dreams and goals, Aquarius. Be the poster child for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Time to own it, Aquarius. As in you and all you have to offer. It’s your first birthday for the age that has your name on it. Know who you are and be proud. The world needs your uniqueness. So gift it on your birthday!



Don’t limit your imagination!

Try a little practical magic

Unpack a new reality for 2021

If there is one thing you should not restrict now, Pisces, it’s your imaginative abilities. All the big planetary happenings in your Now Age 12th want to take you on a journey. Towards invention and amazing possibilities. It could just be that your beliefs and ability to visualise and invent, open up well – a truth more amazing than fiction.

This cycle wants you to understand that if you can dream it, then you can experience it in some way, shape or form. We’re in big fixed sign weather for January. What is good about fixed sign energy is that it fixes our purpose and intention. It hands us the ability to get real about how we do things. So, with all this 12th house activity, see this as practical magic for the Now Age.

With Venus in your 11th from the 8th along with the Sun, look to how you can join with others with similar interests and beliefs. Read more about this at the end of this forecast. You have the ability to form important new connections of be part of something at this time. Yes, even at a social distance. Zoom, Meetup and all alternatives and variations. Especially when it comes to your creativity, the Tarot, psychic abilities, astrology, mediumship, spirituality, learning or simply a cause or movement which resonates for you.

Just remember, Venus in your 11th is usually about the love of friends rather than romantic love. This could be a time for making friendships which impact on your future path, enjoying help or other benefits which flow from who you know, of even connecting with influential and/or powerful friends thanks to conjunctions between Mercury and Pluto (5th), the Sun and Pluto (14th) and Venus and Pluto (28th).

We have ignition!

The new Moon in here on the 13th is also one that sets the tone of your social life and also your goal-getting abilities for the coming year. So, ahead of the Mercury retro-factor which starts from the 15th when Mercury begins its retroshadow, focus on moving business and any plans to do with studying, writing, the internet and business forward.

You are helped by Mars now in your 3rd along with Uranus which rules your 11th. As Venus moves through your 11th it will trine Mars on the 9th and then Uranus on the 14th. You have the ability to go after your dreams, connect with confidence or move others with the power of your ideas on the 20th when Mars and Uranus meet, igniting those plans. Try to schedule meetings, presentations or sending anything out there for around this date.

Check your chart for Now Age factors

Along with your imaginative ideas, the power of your conviction and your self-belief will be your major selling points this month. Your authenticity is the key to progress. Stay connected to your soul values. And now, check your chart too for factors in Aquarius. Many Pisces have these. As Mars and also Uranus moves through your 3rd, they are going to square any planets you have in your 12th. If you are unsure about this, one of our astrologers can help you.

Also, this month hands us squares with the newly arrived Now Age planets and also conjunctions between Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. As well as conjunctions between the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter when it arrives in here from the 19th.

Don’t necessarily think of squares as something negative. Squares give us energy to push against. See them as an astral gym or spiritual cross trainer – especially when they involve planets in your 12th. There’s a resistance sure, but we need that resistance in order to build muscle and get fit! Once you see squares this way, you can really use their energy to propel you to make changes for the better. They get us problem solving and thinking in new ways. Especially when we have Aquarius/Uranus factors involved. And we also get to take out the added bonus of discovering just how much we can achieve when we make the effort. That’s priceless.

For you, this can open doors to new ways of seeing the world, reframing your past but also act as a portal to something bigger if you are open to exploring this. Again, I’m talking about your ideas and imaginative/psychic abilities. You can make incredible leaps now which because of the fixed energy, bring you real-world results. Unusual friendships or connections could bring you someone that acts as a guide. You may explore what may seem unreal but which nonetheless exists. As in the multiverse, quantum physics, theoretical math, science fiction, past lives or even future life visualisation, healing, therapy, mediumship, clairvoyance. There are no limits to where this can take you.

If you are involved in a creative field already, this month can hand you inspiration which results in work that touches others on a deeply resonant level. So, look at new ways to share what you create and see yourself as a guide on other people’s journeys if so.

Attune yourself

Your sensitivity to vibes, other people’s feelings and ‘atmospheres’ will be heightened by the full Moon in your 6th on the 28th. This is also the day when Venus and Pluto meet in your 11th. Spending some time reflecting over what you want to achieve in the next 12 months is a good use of this full Moon.

Also, if you don’t feel like going somewhere or doing something, then please heed this on top of any social distancing rules. It’s all about paying attention to what you are tuning into or picking up. As opposed to what is obvious or being said. Just take it your impressions are correct now. This is a mind/body/spirit aligning point for you. So, use this full Moon to focus on that. Also, if you need help, ask for it under this Moon. That attunement I mentioned may also extend to you getting the vibe someone you know may also be in need of contact or support. If you feel this then please get in touch with them – even if it’s just via Facetime.

Mercury will turn retrograde in your 12th from the 30th. This will be an impactful and important Mercury retrograde. For one thing, it’s the first one for the Now Age of Aquarius. And takes place in this sign. It is going to go backwards and forwards over Jupiter in here during its retrocycle. This is your house of beliefs, spirituality, psychic abilities, inspiration and also your house of the past too. You may have more than your usual share of past themes recurring under this retrograde than at any other time.

But in here, this is all about shared beliefs and a shared past. This is all about what binds you to others. Shared karmic or soul groups and experiences. Look to who returns or who you reconnect with under this retrograde. There’s another chapter to be written between you. Just as there could be another chapter you get to write when it comes to living what you can imagine for real, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Whatever you do in 2021, don’t put fences around your imagination, Pisces. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to where your ideas can take you. Especially when you bring them down-to-earth by sharing them.











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