January 22 Weekly Written Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 22


  • Expand your horizons
  • Follow where passion leads you
  • No more limitations!

Ruler Mars arrives in your 9th house of fire, freedom and adventure, Aries. Feel that warrior spirit-stirring as you yearn to experience and explore something new. You’re filled with an ‘anything is possible’ vibe now. Set yourself a higher goal and then take action to achieve it. Mars doesn’t want you sitting on the sidelines this week. You’re destined to be a participator not a spectator now. You and only you get to decide which area of life this occurs it. If it fires up your passion then head off in hot pursuit of it.

This is a fantastic transit for travel and also business expansion and you have planets in your 10th of career and status supporting this. Mercury conjunct Pluto could see an important transformation in your work or ambitions occur. You’ve extra capacity to make changes now as Mercury also makes a highly charged angle to Jupiter in your house of change, empowerment and your salary. Mercury squares against Uranus in your 1st too asking you not to be tied to certain ways of doing things, solutions or ideas and be willing to adapt and take a radical approach if necessary. Jettison rigid thinking or being attached to certain methods and real results could fall within your reach now.

In a nutshell: You’re off on a journey and what’s more – you have a specific goal in mind. Fuelled by passion, connect to the desire for something bigger this week, Aries.


  • Change, evolve, transform
  • Take a chance
  • Freedom is the road ahead

Changes – some initiated by yourself and others which just occur out-of-the-blue, lead to soul freedom for you now, Taurus. If you’ve been following along with your forecasts recently, you will have come to recognise that change and the need for it is a recurring theme at the moment. Now, despite the fact that you can resist change, hopefully, you have taken the initiative and set these in motion yourself by now. If not, the call to change may become so irresistible this week you may now have no other choice but to plunge into the unknown and set things in motion.

There’s an air of excitement and perhaps a little bit of risk around all of this. Don’t take any undue ones however, but Mars in his ancient ruling 8th can provide you with that long-awaited impetus to set change in motion if harnessed correctly. Above all, you need to take action now as Mars in here demands empowerment and forward-motion. Mercury in your house of travel, freedom and expansion meets Pluto the Ruler of Transformation and Change on the 24th. The following day he makes a positive angle towards Jupiter in your partnership sector from Jupiter’s ruling house. News could set you free or else you see the way towards it – and take it. And please do. If we do not initiate changes on our own behalf, sooner or later the universe will bring about events that enforce them. Don’t let it come to this as Mars in your 8th can bring about endings and as Mercury squares Uranus in your 12th, the unexpected rules. Jump on the change wagon and direct it, don’t just get taken for a ride.

In a nutshell: Ready to ride the change train? Your destination is transformation. Don’t hesitate – it’s all-aboard this week, Taurus.


  • Say what you mean, mean what you say
  • Passion reignites love
  • Personal empowerment rules

What you say or communicate has a special intensity this week and you’ll be fired with a determination to get your point across. When it comes to negotiations – especially when it comes to contacts, your salary, or pay-outs of any kind, you will hold out for what you know is your due. Critical news could arrive this week especially with regards to your work or even something which impacts on your wellbeing. You always crave mental stimulation and new ideas. This week you will be actively in search of these – or the people that can provide them. You’re digging deeper into subjects and willing to investigate. As such this week favours any activity involving research as you are determined to uncover the facts whether this is related to a business or a personal venture.

Mars moves into your 7th this week and for some of you, the week may bring about people who confront you or put you in a situation where you are forced to take a stand. As well as partners this house also rules open enemies and people who push our buttons. Reach for new ways of dealing with difficult people while keeping your boundaries and your dignity intact. Mars in your 7th is at odds with the feminine energy of this house. Use this energy creatively and it can transform your world. Go head to head with someone or try to impose your ideas and will on them, and you’ll end up with arguments and confrontations. Your powers to attract a partner or reignite the passion with your present one at heightened with Mars in here. Make love or make war? This week it’s all up to you.

In a nutshell: Passion rules and emotions heighten. How will you express this, Gemini? One thing is for certain, in love and in life, you crave excitement this week!


  • Confidence is alluring
  • Walk your talk
  • Pay attention to details at work

It’s all about confidence when it comes to your relationships and your ambitions this week, Cancer. The confidence to be able to express your feelings to others – without fear of how they will react.  You’ve also the confidence now to say no to partners or people close to you – in the nicest possible way of course, if there is something you don’t want to do or are not happy about. Mercury is all about walking your talk and meets Pluto in your 7th this week pointing to game-changing communications between you and others, particularly partners but this can extend to people you work and do business with too. When it comes to love, you’ll have no hesitation in letting someone know you care. And if you’re looking for romance, as Mercury makes an angle of attraction to Jupiter in your 5th, you’ll have no hesitation in communicating your interest. Flirt? If it were an Olympic event you’d be bringing back gold!

Mars enters your work and wellbeing area this week. If you’ve been feeling less energetic of late then you should see those levels restored. You’ve got what it takes now to tackle any task but ensure that you don’t rush as otherwise mistakes can be made (unlike Mercury Mars is not good with details!), or you may risk burn-out. Pace yourself. Also, don’t be dogmatic when it comes to your ideas or methodology at work. Be flexible unless you want your ideas vetoed or to just end up butting heads with superiors. Show your smarts and adaptability and you’ll not only discover new ways that work, but impress all at the same time.

In a nutshell: Your new-found confidence brings about the change you want in your relationships. But then it comes to work – take things slow, Cancer.


  • Ideas take you further
  • Luck is on your side
  • Welcome back romance, fun and passion

Mercury is in his ruling house in your chart so he’s your main focus for most of the week, Leo. Pay close attention to the details but your work or even your everyday routine may be set to change now. You could amaze others as well as yourself with your ability to come up with ideas now and this lead to a breakthrough in your work situation. Mercury meets Pluto in here on the 24th and also makes a fantastic angle to Jupiter with the possibility of a new job or enhanced security for you. Above all, you’re being asked to focus your thoughts and understand that where your attention or intention goes, energy flows. Ask what it is you want to be feeding? And try not to focus on the negative or obsess over things. There are opportunities around you now but these may involve you changing your mindset or even taking a chance in order to bring them to fruition. Again, are you willing to take a chance on your ideas?

Mars moves into your fabulous 5th this week, taking the pressure off your work and giving you the desire to express yourself through fun, pleasure, creativity or romance. A love affair that has been slow to start could suddenly ignite with Mars in here or your increased glow and aura of confidence has those romantic prospects queuing. You won’t wait for others to make the first move as you’ll initiate it. Your desire to mate and create increases. Above all, find an outlet where you can express yourself. You could set someone’s world on fire this week, Leo – or at the very least, light up your own.

In a nutshell: Reignite the fire, Leo! Time to take a chance. If things have been lacklustre of late, this week hands you back your passion as romance and fun return.


  • You have the magic
  • Make connections for success
  • Long term plans receive a boost

Ruler Mercury is out and about in your 5th and making all kinds of aspects to other planets this week, Virgo. So, shouldn’t you follow his example and explore fun, pleasure and play? Talking, messaging, emails, writing, ideas – all these are links not just to connecting to people but to business success for you this week. You could just be inspired now and this week asks you to channel that inspiration in a way that expresses your energy. You’ve the ability to captivate an audience or illuminate a room. It’s a time to discover how far an idea can take you as Mercury opens a conversation with Jupiter planet of mass communication, the media and travel in Mercury’s ruling house. Changes are also likely with Pluto involved as well as Uranus in Pluto’s ruling house (8th). You could come into contact with someone who embodies the words ‘power’ and ‘individual’ this week. If so, they may have arrived to teach you something about how you express yours. This is powerful love magic at work as romance could be a catalyst for some.

Mars is on the move this week and sets up house in your 4th. This is not a good stay for Mars as he will stir up suppressed emotions and make everything seem very raw.  You may find yourself flying off the handle at small things which would not usually bother you. However, if you channel Mars’s energy then you can make serious headway towards long term goals while he is in here. It’s important to make sure you do find an outlet. Watch out for tension headaches and if they appear then you need exercise or a physical activity to alleviate them. Tackle anything to do with the house or your living arrangements now. DIY jobs, cleaning, decluttering or even plans to move – Mars will fire you up for the task ahead. This is also a good time to focus on your career too. But domestic bliss? Forget the hygge. The fire that’s burning this week is all about taking action – not putting on your slippers and toasting your toes in front of it. Get moving!

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury reminds you not to take things too seriously this week. Release your inner child and even work can turn into play. Love is the catalyst for change now.


  • There’s no place like home
  • Sell yourself better
  • Act in the moment but think in the long term

Decisions around home, property, where you live or even partners and/or your career are all likely this week, Libra. It’s important to think in the long term. You may be looking to move or even relocate to a new area. There’s a theme of change, of moving in, out or even moving on now as Mercury meets Pluto in your 4th and also impacts on Jupiter in your money zone and Uranus in your 7th. If money has been preventing you from quite literally ‘moving on’ with your life, this week could see its arrival. The 4th opposes your 10th – the house of career and reputation so we also have to look past your front door when transits like these occur. Obviously on a mundane level, where you live affects your status and how people see you. But this is your week to think, plan and act for the long term across so many areas. If you feel you are not in the ‘right’ place for career or even life progression, time to do something about this. Prepare for a long term situation to transform. This may also revolve around you and one other. Go or stay? An unexpected twist points the way.

Mars moves from your money zone and on into your 3rd this week. Business and professional ambitions soar as you get behind your ideas and actively push forward with them. Mars can have you taking a leadership role and also defending your ideas if necessary. Just be aware of the fine line between doing this and closing yourself off to collaboration or constructive changes. As the sign of partnerships, you are able to avoid this trap better than most as you lean towards collaboration and teamwork. Remember, nobody ever creates anything worthwhile in isolation. Job changes are possible under Mars in here as is escaping any dull or restrictive routines. Take action now to bring about positive change.

In a nutshell: Choices and decisions around where you live, who you live with or your long term future, beckon. Don’t have the answer? An unexpected twist provides it.


  • Self-worth is sexy
  • Communicate with confidence
  • News heralds changes ahead

Ideas rule right now Scorpio and so does news with one idea or piece of it having the potential to bring in big changes this week. Mercury in his ruling house in your chart not only meets your ruler Pluto in here but makes a fantastic angle to Jupiter in your 1st. Positive news could be on its way as a result – possibly around a job, project or even exam. It’s time to communicate clearly in  every area of your life but especially when it comes to work, business, written projects and anything to do with the internet. Got an idea? This week is your launch platform. Make plans, schedule meetings, learn something new and travel – even short distances if you cam. Above all, answer all messages, emails, calls etc in a timely manner. This is one of those times where if you stay in touch with the world, it will stay in touch with you.

Ancient ruler Mars is also on the move this week leaving your 1st to arrive in your confidence-giving money zone. You will take whatever action necessary to improve your financial standing now but don’t make this your only goal. This is a Venus ruled house so the sub-text is also love and passion. Mars is about to heat things up. You’re projecting an increased confidence which is oh-so-sexy now. And you’re not afraid to go after what you want. You may not have to do that however as what you want may be unable to resist and comes to you. Mercury squares Uranus this week – but again, in Mercury’s other ruling house in your chart. What this means is you can basically deal with anything unexpected that’s thrown in your path. The ideas factory? That’s you now.

In a nutshell: News or an idea has the potential to bring big changes now. Both your rulers are poised to bring you the recognition and rewards you seek. Go get what you want.


  • You’re right on the money!
  • Got good karma?
  • Who wants to bask in your aura?

Your actual worth or on a deeper level, your self-worth could be in for a radical transformation this week. Whether it takes this form or not, what occurs this week could be like money in the bank or an asset you can draw on, Sag. Chances are the past couple of years have been ‘heavy’ going thanks to Saturn in your sign. Many Sagittarians would have felt the quantum energy shift last month when he finished his transit in your 1st and headed into your 2nd. Your 2nd is most definitely in focus this week as Mercury meets with Pluto and sextiles ruler Jupiter in your 12th. Working on something behind the scenes, healing or psychic work, investigations, going ‘below’ – any of these could bring you rewards. Or if some kind of karmic pay-out is due to you, this could see it arrive.

Mars arrives in your sign this week adding that va-va-vroom restoring your energy, passion and need for self-expression. Nobody puts you in the corner now. It’s a good time to look at where your life may be out-of-balance and if so, take some steps to restore this. Where or what is lacking? Romance, passion? Mars can turn up the heat drawing others to you to bask in that warmth. Expect some surprises when Mercury squares Uranus with perhaps invitations or social arrangements getting shifted or cancelled. If so, an alternative may present itself. Sometimes things don’t work out for a reason and this just might be one of those times. Look at the alternatives this week. They could be better than what you originally thought you wanted. That’s the surprise.

In a nutshell: Good karma could be heading your way. Rewards for past efforts appear. Right now however, your increased confidence brings love and other opportunities calling.


  • Follow inspiration
  • Explore a new role
  • Intuition is your guide

You’re a channel this week, Capricorn. This may manifest in very creative ways. You could literally be inspired to undertake a creative venture. Your intuitive or psychic abilities can peak. Or you may literally feel as if you are someone else – perhaps bolder, more confident or even sexier. As if you have stepped outside your usual self. A bit like an actor stepping in to a role. Think of this as a facet of you that you are now ready to show the world as Mercury and Pluto meet in your 1st. The power of ideas can take you anywhere now and if you’ve been sitting on one, sit no more. Mercury also extends an invitation to Jupiter in your 11th on the 25th. Accept all invites especially if it means meeting people outside your usual circles. You’re in the mood to connect and also to explore.

Mars enters your 12th on the 26th bringing with him the fire and desire to investigate, to go below the surface and to seek answers. You could have a desire to explore your past and even reach out to people from it. This really is your high-speed link to universal wisdom and don’t ignore any information you psychically download. This can be a hunch, an inspired idea or just a gut ‘feeling’ about someone or a situation. As this is your house of hidden enemies pay particular attention if you feel something is ‘off’ – it most probably is. Unexpected changes especially around family or on the home front could need you to think on your feet now. But chances are you already have the answer – or it floods in.  Open a channel to a new consciousness this week.

In a nutshell: Divine inspiration? You’re a channel for insight and ideas now, Capricorn. Don’t dismiss the importance of those inspired ideas – they’re your power – and a gift.


  • Your ideas resonate with others
  • Look for alternative answers
  • Release your inner genius!

Writer, artist or creator? Release that inner genius this week as Mercury in your 12th expands your imagination as he meets Pluto in here and also makes a career-enhancing angle to Jupiter. Your own emotions come to the surface as feelings you may not know you had emerge and the best way the handle this is to channel them into a project if you can. If you do this you may strike a chord with others out there. You are able to connect to the collective unconscious this week. Explore alternative thinking – in everything from health to physics. Don’t tune out but go deeper into a subject. You can access insight and a level or investigation and research skills and come up with revelations as a result.

Mercury will also square your ruler Uranus in Mercury’s ruling house (3rd) and Mars enters your 11th on the 26th. You are asserting your ideas and your independence now. This is not a transit where you are willing to ‘go along with the crowd’, but wanting to strike out on your own path. Unexpected news or events could suddenly send you in a surprising or even challenging direction. Just don’t move too fast – Mars can have us rushing or acting in haste. You’ll prefer working independently and autonomously now and because your creativity is high, you’re in a position to impress people. Just don’t insist too much on having things your own way otherwise you could alienate the very people who are on your side. You’ll bring that inner fire to anything you do this week – coupled with a spark of genius. Get ready to impress.

In a nutshell: Release your inner genius and express those ideas. You’re forging a highly individual path this week. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.


  • Live life in the fast lane
  • Embrace the new and unusual
  • Fire up those ambitions

Friends, travel, business and communication feature this week. Life may seem to be passing at high speed with you in the fast lane this week, Pisces. You’ll probably find there’s little time for contemplation now. It’s all go-go-go and being in the moment – or I should say, being in two places at once as that is what it could feel like this week! Shifts in your social or professional circles, friends and even an unexpected windfall also feature. You crave excitement so try to steer clear of anything that requires attention to detail or mundane tasks as you’ll soon discover your attention span is lacking. You’re after new experiences and excitement instead. You could even gravitate towards new and possibly unusual interests. Highly individual and possibly electric people could form part of your experiences now. What can you learn from them?

Ambitions are ignited as Mars enters your career zone. You could be actively taking on more responsibility and your workload could increase.  You’re willing to work harder than usual to get where you need to go. Your increased drive and determination won’t go unnoticed either. Look to what works and what doesn’t for you and channel that warrior spirit accordingly. Also be seen in public in the best possible light. You’re on fire so don’t get sloppy in either your work or with your image.  Mars in here is all about finishing off projects rather than starting new ones and finding ways to work within established boundaries. You’ve the staying power and the focus now. Go the distance.

In a nutshell: You’re determined to go the distance this week. Especially when it comes to career and business goals. Fire up those ambitions and blaze a trail now, Pisces!

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