October 2018 Horoscope, Love Changes

Horoscopes October 2018


  • Don’t underestimate yourself
  • Passion reawakens
  • Have a love revival

It’s the month of mists, mysteries and yes – Halloween! So, it’s probably fitting to talk about what could possibly ‘come alive’ again for you this October. The ghosts of lovers past, resurrection, rebirth, something you thought had ended coming alive again and second chances. Is this Night of the Living Zombies?! No. It’s Venus retrograde in your 8th house.

Unlike Mercury which we all know retrogrades regularly three times a year, Venus only heads backwards every 20 months.  So, when this happens we often don’t know quite what to expect. Venus will appear to backtrack across your 8th from the 5th. This is your house of intimacy, of things you share – especially Venus-ruled things like money or love. This house rules your sense of power and of powerlessness, and of course, relationships where sex is important. Venus backwards in here can be all about revival or having to finally admit something is over and probably should not be brought back to life. You may think a particular chapter is closed but then find there is still one more to be written. Except this time you may have more control over how the story ends. This is your house of passion so don’t be surprised if this is reawakened too just when you thought those feelings had gone dormant.

Venus rules both our 2nd (money and values) and our 7th houses (partnerships, marriage and long term connections). Your ruler Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th with Pluto being the modern one. You have a new Moon in Venus’s 7th which occurs on the 9th. Watch closely now as new beginnings have their roots very firmly planted in your past. Both the new and the full Moons this month could mark significant periods where your present situation can be traced back to your past – or when people from your past reappear. The new Moon in your 7th is always about a new cycle of relating and attraction. But because Venus is retrograde you could find yourself looking back at what you’ve failed to attract or feel you missed out on. There’s a saying: Nature abhors a vacuum. What happens is the Law of attraction will respond to fill the void. Be ready, especially when Venus will re-enter its ruling 7th on the 31st. This is the day that what you thought dead or over with, literally does live again!

With Venus moonwalking, please bear in mind that this period has similar rules to a Mercury retrograde but they apply to Venus-ruled areas of our life. So, if you are seeking a long term love, the ruler of this house going backwards is not the time to begin a new relationship. As Venus rules our money, this is also not a good time for major purchases and you need to avoid impulse buys or put off major purchases as chances are you will regret them by the time Venus heads direct again. Our 8th house is the house of our salary and Other People’s Money as well as money we are owed in turn. Venus retrograde in here is excellent for renegotiating loans, your pay, maintenance or asking someone for the return of that money if you are the one who is owed. Again, avoid taking on any new major financial commitments, new loans, credit cards etc.

Venus retrograde is about re-balancing the books and re—evaluating your assets (monetary and intangible) and transforming your relationship to your money. But on a soul level it’s about your values and what you believe you are worth. And how the people, circumstances and situations in your life reflect this. Uranus is in Venus’s other ruling house in your chart (2nd). The time of that full Moon in this house (24th), will see the Sun now in your 8th fall conjunct Venus and oppose Uranus for the first time ever in your adult lifetime! This full Moon in her brings up what you put first, what price you put on yourself, your skills, your time. What you will ‘sell out’ for and what you won’t for any price. In other words, your value system. Any negotiations you are involved in could peak now or enter a final stage. Again, this is your house of relationships which are ‘assets’ to you so watch for themes around this or that person returning. People may surprise you and possibly in the best possible way now.

The Sun’s entry into your 8th just prior to the full Moon on the 23rd asks you to dig deep into your soul power and passion. Look closely at where passion has been absent in your life and I am not just talking about sexual desire for someone but living a life of passion. This month can be your ‘come back’ cycle where if others have counted you out, you prove to them you are not to be underestimated. And what transpires now may also show you where you have been underestimating yourself.

You’ve just a few weeks left of Jupiter in your 8th and pivotal news around finances, a settlement, payout, business or work could reach you on the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter meet in this house for the final time in 12 years. Mercury will move into your expansion and big business sector from the 31st when you get to see just how far an idea can take you. Travel is also now very much on the agenda. Venus re-enters its ruling 7th on All Hallows Eve so watch out for the return of love on some level. Remember, this house doesn’t just rule romantic partnerships but close working or collaborative ones, your BFF’s and also whatever or whoever is your ‘opposite’.  As I said at the start of this forecast, this is your house of attraction and what you have failed to attract is every bit as important as what you have. This month gives you the empowerment to fill that hole if there is one, Aries. Get ready for a love reawakening.

In a nutshell: Halloween month could just see the return of an old love. Something new could just be reborn from something old. As you awaken to a passion and power revival, Aries!


  • Evolve your love
  • Get a new relationship to what you have – and what you want
  • Get ready for a turning point

This month sees ruler Venus make an oh-so-rare retrograde which begins in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades three times a year, Venus only retrogrades once every 20 months. Just as Mercury has its own Retrograde Rules, so does Venus. And when a planet moves backwards in its ruling house in our chart, the retrograde effects are likely to be magnified as a result. Being a Venus-ruled sign, you should be extremely familiar with Venus’s rulerships. These include our love life, marriage, partners and our money. Creative ventures also fall in Venus’s domain. So, what does this tell you about a Venus retrograde? That this is not a good time to begin a new relationship, take on new financial commitments or major expenditures or begin or launch a new creative venture.

What Venus retrograde lends itself to, especially in your 7th, is reconnecting to love and relating to yourself and to those you love in a new way. If you have been avoiding dealing with partnership issues, or if work or other responsibilities have seen love parked on the backburner, Venus retrograde offers the chance to rectify that. Revise, refine and revive creative projects but please, wait to launch them until Venus heads direct again next month. Above all, review your relationship to your money and the material world. Venus always asks for balance and this includes balancing the books. See yourself as in a relationship with your money, your work – in fact with all areas that are influenced by Venus and look at how that relationship can be improved.

Whether you realise it or not, your love or your needs are evolving now, Taurus. Venus retrograde can bring up a love from the past. Sometimes they may reappear in person wanting a second chance. Or a financial or business opportunity you missed represents itself. Or you realise you let go of something you loved – that thing you loved to do or that venture you poured your soul into. You may discover they are still relevant and this is still what your heart wants. Alternatively, you may realise your needs have changed. Welcome to your Love Evolution, Taurus which is going to take your heart in a totally new direction over the next seven years.

It’s all about being true to yourself. What the heart wants, the heart wants. Have you given yourself permission to love your way, or denied yourself? Are you living with love restrictions or is there something or more likely someone, your heart wants but you have ignored the call? Uranus in your 1st for the first time in your lifetime will have you reviewing your priorities. Pay close attention around the time of the full Moon in your 1st on the 24th. This may mark a time when you realise you can’t ignore the calling of your heart any more.

Before this takes place, changes may also need to take place connected to your work or wellbeing. Of course, following the urgings of your heart (or not as the case may be), has a decided impact on these areas – especially our wellbeing. The new Moon in your 6th on the 9th contains the potential for you to identify where transformations need to occur which may have eluded you until now. There’s a feeling of release that comes with this – either a release from something that has turned into ‘hard work’ for little reward or you letting go on a soul level of a routine or issue that was holding you back. Take a deep breath and feel the energy flow again. That’s what wellness and  freedom feel like and chances are you may have forgotten just how good that can be lately.

This month’s new Moon marks an important turning point as you are now six months from your birthday so halfway through your yearly cycle. This is a good time to stop and ask where you are going and what you want. Not just in the remaining six months until your new cycle begins, but in the long term. Again, it’s time to look at where you may be ignoring the promptings of your heart and following your soul path. Ask yourself if not now – then when?

Talk about love and the way you want to live that as Mercury sweeps into your 7th and opposes Uranus in your 1st on the 10th. This opens the door to partnership discussions of all descriptions. You’ll be more candid than usual when it comes to sharing your true feelings. Because you’re now seeing the only way forward in any relationship is being authentic. Bring this to bear in any work or business dealings especially when it comes to your ideas or what you are looking to achieve for the future. The Sun in your 7th from the 23rd boosts your power of attraction so look closely now at what you are drawing to you. Not just people but opportunities, money and possessions. The 26th – 28th sees the Sun encounter retrograde Venus while aspecting Saturn. As well as the possibility of the past returning in some way, shape or form this may also bring unresolved issues to the surface with partners. If so, don’t put off tackling them once and for you as this is your golden opportunity for release – for both you and another especially when Mercury meets Jupiter in here for the final time in 12 years on the 29th. Perhaps marking the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one.

Halloween sees Venus re-enter your 6th and Mercury move on into your 8th. Venus is not happiest in your 6th so please don’t undo all your good work earlier this month around work and wellbeing. Stay connected to your routine, don’t neglect the details and please don’t allow yourself to tip into overindulgence when it comes to eating and drinking! Mercury in your 8th has you delving into mysteries and realm of the spiritual. Watch as ideas take flight on the night the dead can dance! Spooky news may be on its way and if so, you’ll delve into the subtext as you’ll intuit it has a deeper meaning. Above all, look at what can be resurrected now and what you need to drag from that vault and let it see the light of day – especially when it comes to those feelings. Don’t put a lid on love this October, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus makes a rare retrograde and asks you if you are being true to your heart? Time to follow where it leads, Taurus. The Love Evolution begins here.


  • Past loves and passions feature
  • Get creative with that routine
  • Revisit, reconcile, reapply

Being a Mercury-ruled sign, you know more about retrogrades than most. And how to handle them. This month sees Venus make a rare backwards move across the sky. Unlike your ruler which retrogrades three times a year, Venus only does so every 20 months. Yes, just like Mercury retrogrades, there are Retrograde Rules to be observed during this period which will last until mid-November. Venus rules our love life, partners, creativity and our bank accounts. So, during a Venus retro cycle, it’s not a good idea to embark on a new love affair, start a new creative venture or spend money on impulse buys or major purchases. Between now and the time it heads direct again, Venus will move backwards through your house of work, routine and wellness and finally head forward again in your house of romance, children and creativity.

While Venus is retro in your 6th, please avoid gossip or mixing business with pleasure. Look to ways to enhance your working relationships, routine and diet/exercise regimen. You have help here as ruler Mercury will arrive in this, its ruling house from the 10th. It’s time during this cycle to get clear about what you want – be it in your working life/career or your personal one.

Venus retro can re-deliver a lover from the past or even a job or money making opportunity. Do you get the feeling there is ‘unfinished business’ around any of these? The new Moon in your 5th on the 9th opens up a conduit between your past and your future. This is a new Moon which always wants us to re-kindle love, fun and pleasure. The energy of this new Moon sits well within a Venus retrograde vibe. Look back at anything you missed doing and re-try. If it’s a missed opportunity around your career – reapply. Resubmit that project. Reconnect with that person as reconciliations are favoured now. Take a chance on your future under this new Moon but remember, with Venus retro it’s a future that springs from your past.

Surprise revelations could be in store courtesy of Uranus in your 12th. Watch for unexpected news as Mercury enters its ruling 6th in your chart on the 10th. Hearing from that individual from your past or that opportunity representing itself could arrive seemingly out of nowhere. You may see a way to reach back, grab something you let go of previously, and bring it forward – updating it as you go with fresh relevance. Don’t be afraid to initiate that reconnection now.

The Sun joins Mercury, retrograde Venus and Jupiter in your 6th from the 23rd making this a four planet stellium. Time for some ‘me’ time and to focus on the body beautiful. Because what the Sun in here is all about is showing you that your body is more than the temple of your soul. It’s your avatar through which you experience this mortal realm. And the quality of your experience depends on how well that body is functioning. Fuel it up well. This isn’t about diet or deprivation  but supporting that body. This is the perfect time to have a check-up, a massage, begin a new exercise routine, explore complimentary therapies and look to ways to make your body feel good and function just that little bit better. This line from the Nia Vardalos retake on the classic ‘Some Like It Hot’ – Connie and Carla sums this up: Big or small, thin or fat, worship that body, it’s the only one you’ve got.

If your pursuit of wellbeing results in the awareness that it is time to look for a new job, then expect a surge of confidence when it comes to what you have to offer. You’re able to sell yourself and your talents more effectively and also achieve that prefect balance between healthy self-interest and your actual marketability. Career adjusting aspects help you make the right decision over your current or even future work direction.

You’ve a highly psychic and intuitive full Mon in your 12th on the 24th which occurs at the same time as the sun meets retrograde Venus. This Moon could be about to expose something for you. Halloween is just a week away and the spiritual dimension could be making itself known. Open up to other realms of reality as hidden truths come to light and when they do, act as an observer. This is tied to your spiritual growth. It’s all part of a bigger plan that is designed to set you free. Ruler Mercury will meet Jupiter, planet of expansion in here for the final time for 12 years on the 29th. Study, travel for work or knowledge, a lucky break or work opportunity could result. What’s more, if you do embark on a new job or course of study, it will bring you a sense of real meaning which adds to that feel good factor, Gemini.

The month ends with Venus re-entering your 5th while Mercury enters your 7th. This Halloween could see you truly, madly, deeply getting into the spirit of past loves. From who you have loved, to new potential which springs from what you love to do, this is one retro cycle that could see you happy to go back in order to move forward again.

In a nutshell: If you want more love – or even success, time for some self-love, Gemini. Upgrade self-care and deservedness. And get ready to embrace a past love this month.


  • Can you feel the love?
  • Unearth long dormant passion
  • New work opportunities are just below the horizon

How do you feel about love, Cancer? It’s not about the love and romance you have (or don’t) in your life. It all boils down to how you’re feeling about love in general. The start of October sees Venus in your house of all-that-glitters – your 5th, turn retrograde. Unlike Mercury which moonwalks fairly frequently, Venus dancing in high heels backwards, performs the Ginger Rogers move once every 20 months. When it does, it’s time to reassess love – and money as Venus rules this too. As the retrograde occurs in your 5th which is your house of romance, how you’re feeling – lacklustre or loved-up, has a major influence.

This is one of the houses in our chart which rules attraction and shows us where we are in our ability to attract. The 5th is the house of fun and pleasure, good things and good times. It’s our house of creativity and where we get to shine. So, you can see how our internal emotional state, how we are feeling about love in general, influences our ability to attract. It’s all based on our expectations. Do you expect more of the same? Something better? Or nothing at all? Maybe it’s time to examine those expectations. Venus in this house in our charts wants to deliver wonderful experiences, romance, new friends, an opportunity to shine, extra income and beautiful things. So, what happens when Venus is retro in here? Are all these off the menu until it moves forward again? No, but it’s likely they will be sprinkled with a distinct past flavour. Reawakening romance, creativity and passion within yourself is all part of this process. Venus retro asks: Are you feelin’ it? Or do you still have feelings for someone or something you loved in the past? Venus retro offers resolution here one way or another. Venus makes a bold angle to passionate, fiery Mars in its intense co-ruled 8th in your chart on the 11th. No more fakin’ it or ambivalence. An old intensity could burst into flames once more or you realise it’s fizzled out for good.

You’ll also want more variety, more freedom of self-expression in all your connections. It’s not just Venus retro that’s contributing to this but also Mercury which joins Venus in your 5th from the 10th. Mercury will oppose the liberating and revolutionary Uranus in its ruling 11th as it does. And this is the first time you will have experienced this transit in your lifetime. This is your house of friends, contacts, networks and associations. It’s also your house of goals. Don’t be surprised (Uranus rules surprises) if you’re about the discover that life without a particular goal lacks excitement and passion. Also, if you social life has been another lacklustre area lately, this can mark a revival. Old friends or acquaintances could get in touch. Accept any and all invitations that come your way, especially if they involve people from your past or take you back to past places. Revive those good times now.

This month’s new Moon on the 9th is in the Moon’s ruling 4th.  So, this is one energy you are all too familiar with. What’s your personal desire or vision for your lifestyle, Cancer? Chances are there is something you want to plant or initiate now and it’s deeply tied to your desire for belonging and security. It’s also time to see how your family or even the outside world, has affected your sense of value and worth. Because true belonging and security comes from within and from valuing yourself. Chances are any changes you set in motion with your living arrangements or even your career, are your unconscious attempt to find increased value in your life. And if they happen anyway, take it that this is the universe providing you with an opportunity to do just that!

The Sun also arrives in your 5th on the 23rd. Watch how love comes rushing back in now, Cancer! Even if you have no-one special to call your own, you’re feeling ‘at one’ with the universe again. Channel that energy into resurrecting a creative project, restarting that hobby or passion that gave you so much joy, or just enjoying yourself. Because Venus rules our bank accounts, this is a wonderful time to get your finances in shape and to love what you have as opposed to yearning for what you don’t. A word of warning as this is your house of indulgences – Venus retro in here can have you splurging on sensual, beautiful, expensive things you later regret buying. Please love yourself enough not to get into debt! You’ve just a few more weeks of Jupiter in this house of your chart, and this is the final time you will have both Jupiter and Venus (retro or not), in here together for another 12 years. With the Sun and Mercury now in residence you have the benefit of an incredible four planet stellium. This may just impel the arrival of something you may have wanted for a very long time.

Get ready for unusual, exciting and peak experiences again with their roots anchored firmly in your past, at the time of the full Moon on the 24th. In your 11th house, this could mark the end of an evolutionary phase with you poised on the brink of the next. The people around you now could have a pivotal role to play and it’s time to look to the future. This is your house of reception. What does this Moon want you to receive? Could this be heightened intuition and wisdom? People to share your journey with? Freedom from constraint? The return of passion? Time to throw your arms open wide and receive!

The month’s end sees Mercury swing into its ruling 6th. Time to experiment with that daily routine, get adventurous when it comes to your ideas and enjoy increased confidence in your skills and ability to do your job. You’ll be seeking more meaning to your work whether this is paid or unpaid now. If you’re looking for work or to change jobs, that offer could now just be below the horizon.

Venus re-enters your 4th on the same day continuing that focus on your lifestyle which began with the new Moon earlier in the month. Get those values in order and delve back to your roots if necessary to find them. Dig deep, unearth long dormant passions and rediscover what you need to truly sustain you in the long term this October.

In a nutshell: Are you feeling the love this month, Cancer? It’s how you feel inside which determines what you attract. Revive those passions and step back into the flow of romance and pleasure now.


  • Where can you live out your destiny?
  • Create your House of Love
  • Take the direct approach

Everybody in the House of Love! Get ready to take up residence, this October, Leo. This month will see a stellium of four planets form in your 4th of home, family, roots and long-term security. You’re not going to experience a line—up like this for another 12 years. One of these planetary houseguests, Venus, will turn retrograde in here from the 5th. Unlike Mercury, Venus retrograde rarely. Once every 20 months to be precise. Venus rules or love life and also our relationship to the material world. Just like with a Mercury retro, there are Retrograde Rules to follow with a Venus one. Call them the Retro Love Rules. Venus retro is not the time to start a new love affair, splurge, take on new financial commitments or begin a fresh creative venture. Keep these in mind.

Before we see the incredible four planet line-up occur, a new Moon in your 3rd on the 9th points to news relating to study, business, publishing, the internet and communication. It’s also time to examine that routine. Your daily routine forms part of your overall security  as it underpins everything you do – and need to do. But don’t allow this to become a rut you fall into. This is one of those new Moons under which you can set in motion plans for the future. Especially as mercury which rules this house is direct. People will be paying close attention to what you say now. So, ensure you come across as knowing what you’re talking about and don’t waffle! If you don’t know the answer, admit this or else say nothing at all! You’ll be able to craft your ideas and thoughts and get straight to the point. In fact, this October favours the direct approach in all your dealings. You also won’t have any patience with those who don’t get to the point or say what they mean. Sub text? That’s not your way this month.

Remember with this new Moon energy, this lasts for the whole lunar month not just at the time the new Moon appears. The energy is ours to utilise throughout this period. New Moons are always about new beginnings and starting a new emotional journey. Between this one and the next in November, this new Moon hands you the ability to seriously go after what you want from life. Especially if it relates to work, study, the internet or communication. Focus your energy on your ideas and share these with as many people as possible. Make small adjustments to your routine as it is from these that larger changes will spring. Most important of all – have an end result in mind as this sets your intention and clarifies your will to make it happen.

The 10th sees Mercury arrives in your 4th which adds up to three planets now in here. For the first time in your adult life, Mercury in here will oppose Uranus in your career-centered 10th. Time to take the initiative when it comes to making home or career changes that truly align with those House of Love values. Above all, set these in motion as you are just at the start of this cycle which will take you through a career-defining seven year cycle. See your life as a masterpiece to be worked on. Don’t wait for the universe to step in and make decisions for you later on. Unexpected opportunities could open up so be flexible, open and adaptable. Especially when it comes to what you think an opportunity is supposed to look like.

Ruler the Sun tops off the planetary total to four when it enters your 4th on the 23rd.  You have the benefit of Jupiter in here for just a few more weeks so this is your final opportunity to maximise its potential and create something long term and sustaining for yourself when it comes to your home, living arrangements and lifestyle. Concentrate on what gives you a feeling of connection, security and belonging. This is about having roots and a solid foundation in your life. The full Moon in your 10th on the 24th will highlight just what you have built during this cycle. Or where you need to continue the groundwork on something you have started. The full Moon sets off powerful aspects between the Sun and Venus and Uranus as well as the North Node in your 1st. Where do you feel you are supposed to be? Where is home for you?  Where can you best live out your destiny? This may be where you are right now, but if it isn’t, this full Moon can illuminate just where this is. If anything unexpected occurs around living arrangements, take it this this is designed to ultimately give you that space or foundation you need. Don’t resist change. Surrender to it. Pivotal news which touches on this could arrive on the 29th when Mercury and Jupiter meet in here for the last time for 12 years. This could be your foundation stone on which to build for the long term.

Mercury moves off and enters your 5th on the 31st, kick-starting a cycle of fabulousness that is going to carry you all the way into 2019. Yes, this is your house of romance, but please stick to the Venus Retro Rules for a little while longer until it heads direct mid-November. Venus continues its backwards motion arriving back in your 3rd on Halloween. You’re now being reconnected to ideas that incite passion, creativity and enthusiasm. What’s more you’ve a secret superpower right now in that you will find your gut instincts infallible. If you have something to sell, launch or promote – this includes yourself of course, then follow those wild, new thoughts wherever they take you. Now is the time of revive that idea or project you abandoned. Someone from your past could be in touch now. Something will come alive again this October. So put the welcome mat out the front of your House of Love and create the space to nurture it when it returns, Leo.

In a nutshell: Move into your House of Love this month, Leo. That’s the love that gives you a sense of home, belonging and security. For love that sustains – lay your foundations this October.


  • Share the love
  • Try some inspired re-invention and re-involvement
  • Go with that last minute plan for amazing results

Time to leap into inspiration and intuition, to let others into your inner world – your thoughts, ideas and share your feelings in a more open, loving way. Go deeper into creative self-expression. And explore opportunities and potential you may have missed. Allow your ideas to carry you forward, and please, revisit any that keep popping into your thoughts that you have set aside or abandoned. There’s hidden treasure to be mined this October.

If you’re already thinking all this has a distinct retrograde feel to it – you’d be right. However, it’s not Mercury your ruler that’s making backwards mayhem in the sky. This month sees Venus, ruler of our love life and bank account, take a rare moonwalk backwards across the heavens. Unlike Mercury, Venus rarely retrogrades. We only experience this once approximately every 20 months. So, Venus retrogrades can feel a little unfamiliar. Just like a Mercury retro however, Venus retrogrades have their own set of rules. Generally, this is not a good time to begin a new love affair or any kind of long term relationship. Neither is it the best time to take out new financial commitments such as credit cards or loans. Venus can lead us into extravagance and over-indulgence depending on the house it is transitting or the aspects it makes even when direct. When retrograde – even more so. And unfortunately, we can not only regret the amount we have spent, but also once Venus heads direct again, the purchase itself. Venus retrogrades are notorious for luring us with temptation. Consider yourself forewarned!

Venus retrogrades in a Mercury-ruled house in your chart – your 3rd. Because of this you may find the energy easier to deal with than most other signs. So, having looked at the downside, just what is Venus retrograde good for? In your 3rd it’s about infusing those ideas with fresh creativity, reaching back to past connections and updating them. It can also mark the return of business ventures and opportunities that boost your sense of self-worth and your bank account. Follow up on anything that has lapsed now – be it that client or that inner voice telling you to get back in contact with someone. This is your house of taking a chance and having faith in your ideas. Receive a boost as Mercury arrives in this, its ruling house on the 10th, enhancing your communication skills and handing you the ability to capture the imagination of others with what you say.

This month’s new Moon appears in your Venus-ruled 2nd on the 9th. It’s time to look at your values as well as your finances. Both are intrinsically linked. This new Moon can often bring in a new job or source of income. With Venus retrograde this could well spring from the past. Reconnect to that value system as this is your gold standard. Also, ensure you value yourself more and communicate this to others. People reflect back at us what they pick up about our beliefs around our ‘worth’ In other words – if you undervalue yourself, so will others. Examine your relationships – both professional and personal and take note of how you are being treated. The new Moon in here combined with the Venus retrograde allows you to realign your sense of self-worth if necessary. Hearing from a long term connection you have not spoken to for a while is also likely now as Mercury trines Neptune. This could even be a past lover or close friend. If so, there could be a new chapter ahead for you. Watch what returns as it resonates to your values.

Many of you could be looking at packing your suitcase or at least an overnight bag thanks to Mercury opposing Uranus in your 9th. It could be all a bit lastminutedotcom or unexpected so be ready and be spontaneous. You’ve some major restriction-busting aspects happening now. Break free of what holds you back including self-imposed limitations. Watch your thoughts for a ‘lack’ attitude as opposed to a gratitude one. If you focus too much on what you don’t have, rather than what you do, this is all you will continue to attract.

The Sun enters your 3rd on the 23rd and you now have an incredible line up of four planets in here – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. We are coming to the end of Jupiter’s time in here so you will not experience a line-up in here like this for another 12 years. It’s time to initiate, create and launch as many ideas, contacts and projects as you can now. Make expansion your mantra. Make travel plans, launch and pitch for that business or sign up for that course of study.

This month’s full Moon appears in Jupiter’s ruling 9th and makes freedom-inciting aspects especially to Uranus in here. This is your full Moon of release, of setting sail. Chart a course or look to what falls away at this time and allows you to break free of what holds you back. A big opportunity could be just around the corner – again, arising from the past as the Sun and Venus meet on the 26th and Mercury and Jupiter on the 29th. Cultivate your own personal message now, say it big, say it loud and walk your ‘brand’. Others want what you’re selling.

Halloween sees your ruler enters your 4th while Venus moves backwards into your 3rd. Venus in here gives you additional time to re-work those ideas or renegotiate deals if necessary. Mercury in your 4th asks you to take a little longer than usual when it comes to decisions that can impact on your home, living arrangements, career or long-term future. While Venus remains retrograde it’s all about taking your time for beautiful solutions. And take the time to let others know how you feel. Make October your sharing month, Virgo. Whether it’s your love, your feelings or those ideas.

In a nutshell: Time to share the love, ideas and feelings with others, Virgo. Make October a month of communication and sharing. The more you open up  – the more others do is return.


  • Find your niche
  • Love gets a new heartbeat
  • Kick start those changes

Turn back to love this month, Libra. Love returns with fresh relevance as ruler Venus retrogrades in its ruling 2nd. As you are a Venus-ruled sign, with your ruler retrograde in a ruling house, this cycle can make you feel that all bets are off when it comes to both your love life and your money. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades three times a year, your ruler only does this once every 20 months. So the energy can seem strange and unfamiliar. You will be more susceptible than other signs to the pitfalls we associate with Venus retro. These include over spending, impulse buys and expensive purchases or rushing into a new love affair. All of which you can later regret. But you can find temptation hard to resist with Venus backwards in your money zone. And once Venus heads direct again you find it was just a momentary infatuation rather than the real thing.

The new Moon in your 1st is always the marker of a fresh start or new beginning. It sets your new cycle for the year. With Venus retrograde starting a new love affair or new financial obligations isn’t a good idea. Turning back to love however can include reviving a past love, creative project or opportunity. It’s ‘everything old is new again’. Second chances at anything from a love affair to a new life plan. A business resurgence could follow as could money you are owed.

This new Moon is good for an image update or relaunch. And despite Venus retrograde it’s a good time to launch that project you’ve been working on. If you are focussing on launching a new you, just bear in mind what I said about extravagance under a Venus retro. This is your preparation time for a major new cycle which begins next month. Think of it as a dress rehearsal. Sow some seeds for the future. Combined with the positive aspects of the Venus retro it’s time to think about what’s unique about you and you alone. Your ‘niche’ if you like. What you have to offer and then work on that. This may involve reclaiming lost parts of yourself or interests, talents, abilities and ideas you have set aside. How can you use these? Be your own influencer now or launch yourself as one as once you have tapped into this you will be in a position to inspire others.

Mercury joins Venus in your 2nd on the 10th and will oppose Uranus in your 8th as it does. This is all about your values now and clearly defining these. Once you know what these stand for, you’ll be in a better position to work with your brand. The meeting between Mercury and Venus in here on the 15th could bring you long delayed news around a job or a financial matter. You’ve just one more month remaining of Jupiter’s presence in this sector of your chart. So it really is time to work whatever you have set in motion over the past year to your advantage. Follow up and follow through.

When the Sun enters your 2nd on the 23rd, you will have a total of four planets in here. Is there a question still remaining around a past, present or potential lover? Chances are for many of you, the past seven years have involved an elaborate guessing game around love and relationships. You may have been left feeling you didn’t quite know what was going on or trying to decipher mixed messages. People may have blown hot and cold. There may have been flirtations that looked positive – but then led nowhere. Rejection, disappointment or unexpected developments may have meant that the path to true love has not only been bumpy but led to a dead end instead. The good news is that in early 2019 you’ll be out of this see-saw cycle for good.

This month’s full Moon in your 8th brings much needed exposure around this. This is a full Moon to hand you back your power. ‘Things must change and I must change them’ is your declaration to the universe under it. This realisation spurs you on into action and sees you initiating changes and taking charge. This Moon can have you seeing clearly which connections hold meaning and which need to be let go of. It triggers aspects between the Sun and your ruler as well as Uranus and the North Node in your 11th. That reawakened sense of empowerment could come from a destiny determining decision around work or finances. This puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to the direction your life heads in next.  Especially when it comes to relationship questions.

The Sun meets Venus on the 26th and Mercury and Jupiter meet on the 29th. This could see you in a better position with your money with an added feel-good factor that has been absent in your life for a while now. It’s about time, Libra! Work, communications and business takes an upswing as Mercury moves into its ruling 3rd on the 31st – with your bank account set to benefit. On the same day Venus arrives back in your 1st. It’s Halloween so let’s talk about what we can raise from the past in terms of your image and beliefs around what you can attract. You’ll begin to see those love and romance questions in a different light and realise that while it may have seemed very personal – it’s actually not. And what is more you may now be deciding you want something very different from the future than you did previously. Reset your intentions but also be on the lookout for someone or something you had given up on, returning just for you to decide whether you truly do want them or not. Looking back is sometimes necessary in order to go forward again. That’s what you’re doing now, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus turns backwards and love takes on a distinct retro-feel. It’s not about what’s new, it’s about reviving what still has potential from your past, Libra.


  • Happy birthday, Scorpio!
  • Actions over the past 12 month determine the coming year
  • Set your intentions around love

Cut yourself one large slice of birthday cake this October, Scorpio. As you have a new cycle beginning that is like no other you have experienced for a very long time. Your past has a huge part to play when it comes to how the next year – or longer, will unfold. As we head towards your birthday season which begins on the 23rd, you’ll be engaged in some serious self-discovery and exploration. One thing is certain, if you have learned from your past, you’ll be in a position to make big gains in 2019. So, for the first three weeks of this month, be prepared to journey back in time and above all, use your insight and intuitive abilities to guide you.

The month begins with Venus, planet of love, attraction, creativity and abundance, heading backwards in your 1st. Unlike Mercury whose retrograde madness we are all too familiar with, Venus only retrogrades once every 20 months. So, the energy can feel strange and unfamiliar. When it comes to love and money – all bets tend to be off now. It’s not a good time to begin a new love affair, borrow money or spend it for that matter. Venus can lure us into making impulse or expensive buys which we quickly regret when it heads direct again. So, stay away from everything from the shops to Net-a-Porter as you may not get the long term satisfaction from that must-have item you think you will.

With Venus retro in your 1st this is about your image (again, avoid expensive makeovers or new looks) and your beliefs around your ability to attract. Venus heads backwards from the 5th and you have a new Moon in your 12th on the 9th which will square ruler Pluto and make an angle to Neptune in your romance and pleasure sector. This could see an old lover get back in touch or something revive. Especially as Mercury arrives in your 1st the following day. Here’s the thing: you could get something you always wanted – only now to find you no longer want it after all. Or else be hit by the powerful revelation that you have been operating under limited perceptions. In that what you have attracted (or not as the case may be), has been determined by your beliefs around what you deserve. You may have blamed outside forces and someone or something may in the past have brought this about. But now you see you have the ability to set yourself free of these perceptions. This could literally be game-changing for you. Free your thoughts – free your future.

This especially applies to partnerships and even working relationships. Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 10th and will oppose Uranus in your 7th for the first time in your lifetime. You’ve the ability now to make different choices and think about different outcomes too when it comes to close relationships. Your needs or what you are looking for in a partner or any long term connection will be evolving now. Hence my saying you may get what you thought you wanted only to discover that now you don’t any more. Again, with Venus retro in your 1st this is not the time to begin anything new but you may now be looking at all the alternatives that are available to you. And see those past choices as a result of what you thought was available to you – as opposed to what was.

Your 12th is your house of psychic ability, the past, intuition and also hidden truths. The Sun remains in here until it arrives in your 1st on the 23rd. Powerful angles between this and ruler Pluto in your 3rd put a spin on a situation you just could not see before around the 12th. This can also be an angle of revival. Pluto rules rebirth after all. And while you may decide you don’t want something after all, the flip side of this is that you realise you still do. Mercury and Venus meet in your 1st on the 15th after which Mercury will move on to align with the ruler of your 12th, Neptune (in your 5th) on the 19th and ruler Pluto on the 22nd. What do you now see differently? What revives or returns? What remains relevant for you as you now stand on the beginning of your brand new yearly cycle?

All this is designed to give you spiritual surety and clarity about what you will take forward with you and also what you truly DO now want as opposed to what you have outgrown or lived out. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on this and to let the process continue just for a few weeks longer if necessary as the Sun arrives in your 1st from the 23rd. This cycle of release to make way for new beginnings is actually going to last through to November when Venus heads direct once more. During this period you can expect all your relationships to be examined especially under the light of the full Moon in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart on the 24th. This full Moon can be the catalyst for changes around love and partnership matters as it triggers aspects between the Sun and Venus in your 1st, Uranus in your 7th and the North Node in your 10th. Destiny and relationships that add (or subtract) from your mojo play a role here. Remember, this includes working and business relationships as well as friendships as well as romantic partnerships. All of these contribute to your sense of being loved and play a major role in your soul path. So see, every close connection as being a thread of your destiny for you to weave or pull from the tapestry of your future now.

Once the Sun enters your 7th you will have an incredible four planet stellium in your 1st. This of course includes Jupiter who just has a few more weeks remaining in here and this is the final time you will have both Venus and Jupiter in your 1st for 12 years. If ever there was a time to push forward with your personal goals (excluding those new love or money ones of course!), this it is. It’s time to set some big intentions now and while taking on new financial responsibilities may be on hold until next month, now it the time to be adopting an abundance mindset in preparation not only for Venus heading direct again but Jupiter moving out of your sign and arriving in your money zone in November. For more information on what this cycle can bring you please see your lucky Jupiter horoscope. Preview night of this may just occur when Mercury and Jupiter meet on the 29th bringing for some of you big news and the beginning of a new phase of expansion especially when it comes to business, communication or travel.

Mercury moves on into your 2nd on the 31st and it’s time to make your resources work harder for you and have an audit on your finances. Like I said, you should see a big improvement in money matters ahead of you in 2019. Venus meanwhile moves back into your 12th and it’s time to suspend judgement and above all, not rush into acting until Venus heads direct again. Stay connected to what it is you want now and for your future and please, if the past reappears, don’t get lost in nostalgia about ‘the way we were’. Love or even past love may not be what it seems and this transit is all about reshaping that past for you. Take your time before jumping back in to ensure that you don’t find what you thought you wanted isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Retro Venus in here says above all, listen to your higher self. If you do, the start of this birthday season could sow the seeds for lasting success, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season begins filled with as yet unmined potential. Something you have set in motion in the past year proves your investment was worth it. Happy birthday, Scorpio.


  • Get a soul shakedown for freedom
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Reach back to old friends

You’ve just a few weeks remaining of that extended tour of the deep side of life you’ve been undertaking lately, Sag. 12th house transits are never easy even when they involve Jupiter your ruler. Jupiter always wants to expand our knowledge and experience but the 12th is the house of the soul and spirit. So, we may find ourselves confronting testing times, setbacks, loss and disappointment. The 12th house in our chart is one of the most complex in astrology. Jupiter is in fact the ancient ruler of this house and was until Neptune was discovered in 1846. This is because this house rules higher spiritual wisdom and Jupiter rules higher learning. So, Jupiter in here gives us a broader perspective, increased knowledge into the more mysterious side of life, provides us with opportunities for spiritual learning and higher connections and to place our lives and experiences into a wider context. You should be coming out of this cycle with a new awareness of your place and importance in the universe.

Soul searching is a good metaphor for this November as you seek out a deeper meaning behind recent events. If you need help during this cycle, please don’t allow your independent spirit to get in the way of asking for it. This is an excellent time to seek out a psychic, astrologer, counsellor or therapist to empower you to bring healing and a fresh perspective to your past. Yes, this is the house of the past and past lives. The past is likely to loom large this November, either in your thoughts or else via people from your past returning. Venus, planet of love, romance, creativity and money turns retrograde in here from the 5th. Venus retrogrades rarely. So, Venus retrograde energy seems unfamiliar. And in your 12th house what this means is nothing is as it appears to be when it comes to your love life or your money. I’ll have more to say on this shortly.

This month’s new Moon takes place in your 11th of your social life and goals. Time to mix it up Sag especially when it comes to people on your wavelength. This is a new Moon of connection and also reception as your 11th is your house where you receive. Make that extra effort to socialise and get out and about this month. Because Venus is retrograde in your house of the past, you may hear from old friends or even initiate the contact yourself. This new Moon always triggers thoughts about what we really want from our life as this is the house of the future. With Mercury entering your 12th the following day, you’ll find yourself examining past goals and seeing if they remain relevant. Don’t forget, as we evolve, so should what we want from our life. Yet, some long term goals continue to remain relevant. This is your house of innovation so look closely at any which you have yet to attain but still want to, and ask yourself if there is a new, better or different way of achieving this?  Above all, keep your focus on what you truly want and what resonates with your soul. Not what may look good or impress others. This is counterproductive as then you are working against yourself because your higher self knows intuitively you don’t really want this – or want it for all the wrong reasons. Once you have your thoughts in harmony with your true desires and direct your imagination towards them, you will quickly discover that the results you want unfold sooner rather than later. Remember, new Moon energy lasts a full lunar month. In other words, between this new Moon and the next in your 12th in November. So you’ve a full four weeks to use this power. Don’t waste it!

Venus retrograde is not a good time to begin a new love affair or take on new financial commitments such as loans or credit cards. And in your 12th house please don’t lend or spend money if you cannot afford it. Nothing is as it seems now with Venus retrograde in here. Venus retro can deliver a love from the past and again, please bear these words in mind if they reappear. Nothing is as it seems now. I am not saying do not consider getting re-involved especially if you discover the feelings are still there. But take your time in getting to know the person all over again rather than jumping straight back in. You’ve changed. Have they? You need to know for sure if a different outcome is what you want.

Our 12th house is our house of self-inflicted limitations. Again, very often we don’t see this instead blaming other people or circumstances when things don’t go the way we want. Now, let me be very clear here. What I am talking about is not some new age pop one-size fits all self-help psychobabble of ‘you create your reality’. Because clearly nobody creates a reality where they suffer horribly or endure illness, loss or grief. That’s just nonsense. Also, that presupposes we are the only person here. Our circumstances and reality are shaped not only by our thoughts but our interactions and relationships to the outside world and others. Reality is a collaborative venture. So, now we’re clear on that – just what am I talking about? Well, a big secret of your 12th house and Jupiter in here means just that – big secrets. This is the house of your subconscious mind and it works in vey mysterious ways. When the Sun enters here on the 23rd, you will have an incredible four planet stellium in here – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. You will not see this line-up happen for another 12 years. No matter what your circumstances are right now, you are about to have the veil lifted between you, your subconscious mind and any limitations you are currently experiencing. And what you see will rock your soul as you realise that while you are powerless over events that occur in your outer world, it is how you have been processing them in your inner one that has the bigger impact.

The subconscious mind is the silent judge within. It can be harsh and impartial and also operate completely in the dark without us knowing. It judges us in a way we would never do with others, and then can set us up to expect and accept limited or painful circumstances through which we punish ourselves for our misconceived mistakes. Don’t be at all surprised if you suddenly realise this is what has been going on for you.

This is powerful stuff and the full Moon in your 6th of wellbeing, on the 24th could reflect back whether or not you have allowed the silent judge within to hand out harsh sentences which limit you without your knowledge. If so, you’ll find reading about self-forgiveness will release you from this as this full Moon promises to break you free of any thoughts from the past which are holding you back.

This is preparation for one of the biggest and most optimistic cycles of freedom and expansion you will have experienced in 12 years when next month Jupiter arrives in your 1st. Mercury rushes in ahead of this and also the Sun next month when it arrives in your 1st on Halloween and also angles to the North Node in your 9th, opening up a new direction. Meanwhile, Venus heads back into your 11th continuing the theme of old friends, places and goals which can now hold new relevance for you. You’re ready to receive again, Sagittarius. Don’t judge a book by its cover this month and most of all – don’t judge yourself.

In a nutshell: Soul shaking revelations reveal just how you have been holding yourself back this month, Sag. It’s all designed to free you for your biggest cycle in 12 years. Get ready this October.


  • Are you ready to receive?
  • Set your intentions
  • Give play the same priority as work

Set your intentions this October, Capricorn. There’s a renewed focus on your social life and also your goals. Especially those long term professional ones. Achievement and attainment are two words that will be forefront of your mind now. After all, you are the sign of status, success and climbing to the top. Whether it’s that peak or the penthouse, you’re always in search of a fresh challenge. But this month offers you a rare opportunity to stop and enjoy the view from where you are right now. We can get so focussed on where we want to get to we neglect to see where we are and enjoy the moment as Venus in your 11th of goals and friends, stops and then moves backwards from the 5th.

Unlike Mercury whose retrograde mayhem happens three times a year, Venus does this rarely. Once every 20 months in fact. Love stops and goes into suspension. So, I should not need to tell you that when the ruler of your love life heads backwards this is not the time to embark on that new romance or even sign up on that dating site. This in addition to the fact that Venus in our 11th is all about the love of friends, rather than that one special someone. In fact, even when Venus is direct in here, what can happen is that even if a romance begins, it ends up as just a friendship. I say ‘just a friendship’ because hey – it’s all love. But if you have been so focussed on other matters such as your career of late, then Venus retrograde in here offers you a time out. Get in touch with old friends while others may get in touch with you. Focus on reunions, heading back to old haunts you used to enjoy and reviving any group activities you enjoy taking part in. Enjoy a social revival and make the effort to balance work and play.

This is also your house of goals and goals often don’t happen without the assistance of others on some level. Mercury enters this house from the 10th and opposes Uranus in your 5th of fun and pleasure. Despite the Venus retrograde, new and exciting friendships can be forged now. You also have Jupiter, planet of expansion, adventure and abundance in your 11th for just a few more weeks. If you read your forecasts regularly, you will probably remember when it entered here last year I told you to make a wish – or three. And to look forward to at least one of them coming true during the 12 months Jupiter would be in here. How have you done? What has manifested and what is still on that To Do list? This month will see the planets peak in here giving you one last incredible opportunity for goal-getting success, Capricorn before Jupiter moves off into your 12th in November. Again, you probably need people to reach that dream. The old Streisand song tells us that people who need people are ‘the luckiest people in the world’. This contains a truism. Studies into ‘luck’ have shown us that one major determining factor in so-called ‘lucky’ people’s success is their connections and their willingness to mine their network. Venus retrograde and a total of four planets in here once the Sun enters on the 23rd are set to teach you that life is a collaborative venture. If you want something, tell people and ask for help. Your recipe for success is really that simple this month.

While you may be taking the time out you deserve to recharge and reclaim that social life if necessary, October also contains the promise of further success to come. This month’s new Moon on the 9th takes place in your career sector and angles to Pluto in your 1st and Neptune in your 3rd. It’s about results and rewards. Are you getting the recognition you deserve? Also, are you promoting yourself as effectively as you can? This new Moon marks a four week cycle where you are in a position to influence and impress. Especially people in positions of power and authority. It really doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is out of date (and please with Venus retrograde don’t go out and splurge on new items because you will regret them once Venus heads direct again), or you don’t have two pennies to rub together (Venus rules our bank accounts). It’s not what you have but your attitude that counts. Time to act as if you have everything (you have your smarts), even if you have nothing at all but these. It’s what you know, how you come across and how seriously you take yourself which is going to determine what opportunities are offered to you this month. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve – what peak or heights you want to scale next – then go for it. If you are not happy with what you are doing or where you are going, know that you have the resources to do something about it – whether this is via your connections and/or your experience, talents and skills. Mid-month could just deliver an opportunity to prove this to yourself and others as Mercury in your 11th makes a superb alignment to ruler Saturn in your 1st. Use what you have already established and build on this.

The full Moon in your 5th on the 24th emphasis the important of that wider social circle and puts you in a position too grab the spotlight in some way. If you’re a settled seagoat, this is a wonderful night for date night as it could take you back to the time when you first met. Why not plan for something that takes you back to a place you used to love to go or something you used to enjoy doing together? Others could find themselves enjoying past company or run into old friends in unexpected places. If you’re seeking that ‘lucky’ connection – someone who knows someone or something, this full Moon could just place them in your path. Again, talk about those dreams and then if the opportunity appears, follow through. Above all, be open and flexible especially for last minute invitations or to changing plans. Fate is at work now and the more adaptable and unattached you remain when it comes to your plans around your social life, the more you’ll plug yourself directly into the flow of synchronicities and ‘luck’ that wants to head your way.

The month’s end sees Mercury head into your psychic and intuitive 12th house. You are on the cusp now of a deep learning curve where the metaphysical meets the physical and the secrets of the multiverse will be yours to explore. Your gut feeling, intuition, inner guidance or sixth sense – whatever you want to call it, will prove to be your best guide over the next 12 months. Venus also moves – still retrograde and re-enters your 10th. If you have come to the conclusion that changes need to take place in terms of your career path then resurrecting past skills and repositioning them for new relevance or approaching past employers, companies you have worked for or contacted before and past clients could turn out to provide you with the new opportunity you’re seeking. Something bears fruit from past efforts now but remember – no matter what you still have to achieve this month – act like you’re already a success.

In a nutshell: Make one final wish and then set your intentions to ‘receive’, Capricorn. Who you know as opposed to what you know, has a role to play in it being granted. Get connected.


  • Love the path to continue to walk it
  • Be bolder
  • Mine your past for opportunity

Venus retrogrades rarely. Once every 20 months to be precise. Because this is an unusual event we may feel unprepared when love gets put on hold. But Venus retrogrades like any other serve a purpose. And that’s to get us looking at the love we give and the love we get back in a key area. This may or may not involve romantic love as Venus rules ‘relating’ of all descriptions. As well as our bank accounts as Venus rules money. This Venus retrograde is going to ask you whether you feel you are worth more than what you are getting, Aquarius. It will have you looking at your values, what you stand for, the price you put on your services and skills and also whether you’re feeling the love around your career. Are you still in love with that job or the path you have chosen? Or is this the end of the affair?

Just like Mercury has retrograde rules we need to be aware of, so does Venus. With the planet of love heading backwards this is not the time to begin a new relationship or any association that could fall under a partnership – not if you want something lasting anyway. Venus rules our money so extra vigilance is required from us with regards to our spending. Venus retro can have us making impulse buys or lure us into expensive purchases we quickly regret – usually when Venus moves direct again. It’s also not a good time to apply for loans or credit cards. Venus retrograde lends itself to a better relationship with our money and reviving a past love – be this with a person or something we love to do. It can also bring back a missed opportunity. As Venus rules creativity, art, music and performing, this is not a good transit under which to launch that creative project. It is a good one under which to revise it or get it ready to send out to the world however.

You’re going to experience an incredible build-up of four planets this month in your career sector. This includes Jupiter, planet of learning, luck and expansion which will only remain in here for a few more weeks. Plus the 24th delivers a full Moon in your 4th of home, roots and security and ruler Uranus also has a big part to play in this. This is a month in which to bring career matters to a climax in order to then be free to enjoy the rewards. And with Venus retrograde you will discover your success comes from what you have already built or set in motion. Work that reputation and experience for all it is worth.

The 9th bring a new Moon and new Moons are always about new beginnings. But before you go forward bring your attention on to what you have experienced and learned in the past 12 months. It’s time to look at this and then set some new intentions. This new Moon offers experiences which will enrich your knowledge base and broaden your mind. Travel is a distinct possibility under this new Moon as is dealing with people or companies from overseas. This is your house where life gets lived large. In fact, larger than life people may cross your path in the time between this new Moon and the next. You’re feeling bolder under this new Moon and looking closely at where life may have become restricting or confining. There’s also a call happening in your soul which is: Is there anyone out there? And by that I mean anyone on the same wavelength as you. If you are single please remember what I said about romance under a Venus retrograde. What you may be seeking now are travelling companions on life’s journey and collaborators for fun and adventure. If so, mine your present or even your past networks.

Mercury which rules business and communication enters your 10th from the 10th favouring business and work transactions of all kinds. As it does for the first time in your adult life, it will oppose Uranus your ruler in your 4th house. You could be handed an opportunity to head out in a new career direction, create a lifestyle which works for you or make a move of some kind (either home or business) which may look slightly different than what you imagined, but which nonetheless works for you. Being flexible, adaptable and above all, open-minded about the direction your career path is taking you, could result in you ending up with the perfect work/life balance now. If you have been wanting to change direction – and this leads directly back to the question I asked about your work or career at the start of this forecast. Are you in love with the path you are on? Reinvention is being offered to you now if you are not while if you are happy with the direction you have chosen, you can make significant inroads now.

Consider re-approaching that past company, client or contact mid-month as Mercury meets that retrograde Venus as there is the possibility of reviving something or a missed opportunity coming alive again. This time may get you a very different answer. Above all, this is the time to try to bring as much career related stuff to some kind of conclusion. So, if you have been waiting to hear back from someone for answers, get in touch. Just ensure you keep an eye on your money at this point as Mercury makes a trine to Neptune in your money zone. Know where your cash is going, get all financial deals in writing, read the small print and please, try to steer clear of unnecessary expenditure. You’ll feel the allure of expensive and beautiful things now. There’s something to be said for saying ‘I’ll think about it’ and walking away and doing just that. If it’s meant to be yours it will still be waiting when Venus heads direct again.

The Sun arrives in your 10th from the 23rd and the next day sees that full Moon appear in its ruling house. This full Moon shines across to the Sun/Venus conjunction in your 10th while falling on ruler Uranus and all of this will make a highly charged angle to the North Node, that spinning part of fate, in your partnership sector. This not only relates to your career but also how you feel about your partnership status. Do you measure your worth by how much you earn, your job title, what you have (or don’t) or whether you are in a relationship or not? I said at the start of this forecast you will be looking at your values and this is when these may appear. The outcome here rests on your own worth and what you believe about this. Settled or single, employed or not, in the black or in the red, renting or a home owner, none of these things should affect our worth as a person. Yet, we often peg our value on them. This full Moon says know your worth and once you do, you could be looking at an outcome which brings you the rewards and recognition you seek.

Mercury and Jupiter will meet for the final time for 12 years in your 10th on the 29th which could bring you the results you have been working towards all month. Mercury moves into your sector of friends, social life and goals on the 31st while Venus moves back into your 9th on the same day. Reconnect to those big dreams and your spirit of adventure now. Do you have a dream but have done nothing to make it come true? Remember, Jupiter which rules your 9th will change signs in November arriving in your house of goals and wishes. Venus retrograde in Jupiter’s own house says look at the dream again, break it down into small steps you can take to make it happen, and take the first one. This is your preparation time for having it come true – if you truly want it to. Love your path and love what you’re worth this October and you’ll set yourself up to receive the rewards and recognition you deserve.

In a nutshell: Focus on career matters this month especially when it comes to what you have already set in motion. Do this and you’ll be free to play later. Rewards are waiting, Aquarius.


  • Transform your thoughts – transform an issue
  • Make a leap of faith
  • Tap into the power of the past

You’re almost at the end of an exciting cycle of learning and expansion, Pisces. During the past year you should have seen your horizons broaden and you embracing a new freedom. Possibilities and potentials you were not aware even existed for you, should have presented themselves. Hopefully you also got to travel and experience the wider world. Big dreams, higher learning, the mass media, the law, the great outdoors, foreigners and far flung places, sports, animals (especially big ones) and people with larger than life personalities may have featured during this period. It reaches a final peak this month before coming to an end so it’s important to retain a ‘No limits’ mindset and look to where you can still continue to make the most of the opportunities which surround you now.

In fact, second chances and opportunities you may feel you lost out on may represent themselves this October. Venus makes a rare retrograde move in this house from the 5th which will last until mid- November. Venus retrograde rarely. Once every 20 months in fact. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades three times a year and Neptune your ruler which spends almost half the year retrograde. So, the energy of a Venus retrograde can seem unfamiliar. The first effect we may notice is that love goes ‘on hold’. If you’ve recently met someone they may vanish or things may simply not progress any further for the time being despite it looking promising. If this happens please don’t take it personally as it’s nothing to do with you! And because of this it’s also not a good time to begin a new romance. It’s also not good for taking out loans or credit cards or lending people money either. Venus rules our bank accounts too don’t forget. We need to watch our spending under a Venus retro as we can find ourselves splurging on expensive purchases we later regret – usually in just a few weeks’ time when Venus heads direct again. It’s also not a good time to launch a creative project.

Venus in our 9th is about rekindling our belief in a big vision and the return of long lost loves or opportunities. It’s the glimmer of hope on the horizon. It’s Venus as the morning star not the evening one. This all takes place on a sky filled with the possibility of transformational change for you. This month’s new Moon on the 9th appears in your 8th house and makes some change initiating aspects to Pluto (which rules your 8th) and ruler Neptune. There’s also a past flavour to this new Moon even as it brings through a change that creates a fresh future for you. It asks you to look back to a period where something was worrying you. What happened back then? Chances are you didn’t solve the issue – you outgrew it or transformed your thoughts around it. If you are dealing with any problems in the present, now you know what to do. It’s funny as very often when we encounter problems we never actually ‘solve’ them – we outgrow them and they simply fall away as a result. During the time between this new Moon and the next in November, watch as you  transform a particular situation by doing just this. In fact, keep a journal if you can and record just what happens day to day as your perspective, thoughts and attitude shifts – and so do the results. Once you see this you will have an unshakeable sense of power and realise you can tackle anything! This is deep soul alchemy. Try it – it works.

Mercury enters your 9th from the 10th and for the first time ever will oppose Uranus in your 3rd. This could bring surprising and unexpected news which could in fact involve that long lost dream, love or opportunity. Mercury will meet retrograde Venus in here on the 15th and then make a magical angle to Neptune in your 1st on the 19th. There’s a strong link to the past and also a long held personal goal. The two could be tied together. Your imagination is set free now and this can also be a highly creative period if you want to channel this energy and revive an old idea you have set aside. Inspiration is yours so follow this. You may also feel the call to travel. Is there a part of the world that is calling you? Even if you do not have the time or the means to actually go there now, why not research it and set your plans in motion? The coming year should deliver you the actual material means to make it happen. Dream big now.

The Sun enters your 9th on the 23rd and you now have four planets in this sector of your chart. This is the final time this will happen for another 12 years. Jupiter is one of those planets which invites us to take up an opportunity. It is always up to us whether we accept the invitation or not. The final weeks of Jupiter remaining in here could see the planet of good fortune extend you one final invitation to be a part of something bigger. This may involve you leaving your comfort zone and taking a chance on some level. Will you or won’t you? Look to what is on offer for you at the time of the full Moon on the 24th. Does it makes you feel nervous yet excited at the same time? If so, accept it. This is a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ moment. Opt for the different, the untried and the unexpected as this full Moon impacts on Uranus in your 3rd and the North Node in your house of wellbeing and work. It contains an opportunity and a dare. Dare you be bigger and discover more about yourself? It dares you to succeed. Take it up.

Mercury leaves for your aspirational and career focussed 10th on the 31st which begins to set you up for the next year which will open professional doors for you. Venus meanwhile re-enters your 8th on the same day bringing the promise of a resurrection around a past relationship or money making opportunity. That transformed thinking results in a new game plan – and fresh opportunities which spring from old this October, Pisces.

In a nutshell: An opportunity could represent itself. What’s  your answer this time around, Pisces? This month asks you to take a chance. Don’t leave any regrets or stone unturned now.

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  1. Thank you, You are spot on with all you have written. I have been restless for quite some time and I’m feeling I need a change.. More education, change of career or upping my game in the career I already have. As for love/relationships, again your spot on. After your reading I feel encouraged and even more positive. Thank you :)

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