Harmony, Creativity & Connection

February 19 with its new ‘Black’ Supermoon ushers in the Chinese New Year of the Wood or Green Goat. So, what is this likely to bring for all of us, no matter what our Chinese astrological sign?

Last year saw the Year of the Fire Horse which had a highly energetic, some would say even frantic feel to it. Perhaps you thought you were galloping as fast as you could but getting nowhere? Well, this year has an energy that is far more laid-back to it. It’s going to be a time to enjoy life but that doesn’t mean we can kick back and treat 2015 like a chill-out lounge. The Wood Goat is all about working but bringing love and creativity into our work so we enjoy what we do. Many people born in the Year of the Goat are drawn to creative professions or jobs that allow them to create harmony and understanding such as counselling or psychotherapy.

Goat people usually make friends easily and that’s one of the gifts this Goat year may bring for all of us – increased social connections – people very much on our ‘wavelength’ who are easy to be around. This may in turn lead us to extremely enjoyable social events and activities with these people, so everyone should make that bit of an extra effort this year to increase their social circle. As this is a ‘Green’ or ‘Wood’ Goat then don’t be surprised if we see environmental issues specifically tied to forests, trees, growing things, food and agriculture become more prominent during the next 12 months. Permaculture may be a ‘hot’ topic as could be the ‘greening’ of our cities and urban environments.

Although the energy of this year is generally one of harmony and cooperation as Goats always strive for peace, we must never lose sight of the fact that no matter how easy-going Goats may appear to be, if they become angry or you antagonise them long enough they will literally ‘butt heads’ with you! So while this year holds the promise of increased understanding and cooperation on a collective level we have to bear in mind that stubbornness or becoming argumentative will see the Goat lower his head and prepare to charge! Perhaps this is why in Chinese Astrology Goats and Ox are not supposed to get on – you can clearly see how they could end up ‘butting heads’ together!

The message of the Year of the Wood Goat is to cooperate, make friends, work with love and above all, be honest. Goats value honesty above all things and what’s more, their keen intuition means that they know when they are being lied to! So, this year may bring many untruths to the surface in the media as those not working closely with Goat honesty and integrity, find themselves exposed.

If we go back and look at the symbolism of a Wood or Green Goat then we see that planets and trees bend with the elements – they are in harmony with their environment. And that’s exactly how the Year of the Wood Goat wants us to live – in harmony with our world – and one another.



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