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full moon in pisces

Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope September 10 2022

‘Just the facts, ma’am. It seems fitting to link a full Moon in watery Pisces with the classic line from the 1960s TV show Dragnet. They were coined by Detective Joe Friday whose investigative style is extremely Virgo. Where the Sun opposes the Moon in Pisces on September 10. We also have the show’s name – Dragnet. ‘A net is drawn through water to trap fish’ – with obvious Pisces links.

So, what does all this tell us about this emotionally and spiritually intense full moon that occurs the same day Mercury enters retrograde? That feelings are not facts. And we need to look for them or defer decisions based solely on how we feel – no matter how overwhelming those feelings may be. 

We need clarity and information. Yet all we may have to work with are confusion or our sensitivity – which is likely to be heightened under this full Moon. I’m not saying your feelings are ‘off’. The emotional truth may be based on our perspective rather than the facts. Which we need before we act.

This full Moon will pack a punch for Virgos, Pisces, Geminis, and Sagittarians. Especially if they have chart factors at 17 degrees of their sign. You need to stop and dig deeper before you act. No matter yours – do check your chart now. And then go looking for the facts to back up those feelings.

monthly astrology aprilARIES

Of all the signs, you’ll experience an emotional high tide that will ask you to make some kind of choice or decision, Aries. Here’s the thing – chances are you’ve had these feelings before now. This isn’t the first time but is the most intense you’ve felt so far. As I said, feelings are not facts. But in your case, they are your guide that something needs your serious attention. 

Do take that ‘Things must change and I must change them’ realization and commit to action. But defer this until the full Moon begins to wane. Become the observer or imagine you are advising a friend going through the same thing. What would you tell them to do next? Break down the actions you need to take into steps or a plan. You need to remain practical and pragmatic. Sudden inspiration can strike under this full Moon pointing you towards those facts or what you need to do next. Follow through on that. This full Moon can be a big turning point for you, especially if something has been going on behind the scenes emotionally for far too long.

taurus seasonTAURUS

Fish swim in schools or shoals. Often they appear to move as one like a watery murmuration. Who are you swimming with, Taurus? That friend, group, band, party, network, club, association, party, movement? Are you entirely in synch, moving in the same direction, or feeling a sudden disconnect? 

Issues around what it feels like to be a ‘good friend’ can surface under this full Moon. We’re told to be one, we always have to be there. But sometimes being a good friend means saying no or putting in some boundaries. We need to be our own best friend if a connection drains us or has become one-sided. Have you felt like this about the person or group before now? 

Of course, this full Moon can see you with those you get along with swimmingly. DO: Avoid people who love to create drama or have any substance or alcohol issues. This Moon will magnify these. Don’t: Listen to gossip. This Full Moon can bring speculation, misunderstandings, and disinformation. Go directly to the source. If you experience feelings of loneliness and isolation under this full Moon, do understand you are not alone in this and that there is nothing wrong with you. Focus on reconnection to people you do know and the activities you love to do. Goal setting under this full Moon brings emotional satisfaction.

mars in geminiGEMINI

Anything at 17 degrees in your chart, Gemini? If you have them in your sign, this full Moon squares them, which is why you may be vibeing at an emotionally intense level. Like a tuning fork, you hum with the energy around what you have or want to achieve or do as this full Moon appears in your house of career, public image, and status. 

Under this full Moon see yourself as CEO of your emotional board of directors. You are the boss, in other words. Stay boss no matter what happens, and control your responses. Deep feelings around your path, your success, and your abilities may arise. You could face criticism at work which leaves you wondering if you’re the right stuff for instance. You may hear about an interview or work project, and the result may impact you more deeply than at other times. You question the path you’ve taken. 

Under this full Moon, you are ‘on show’ or exposed somehow. Don’t promise more than you can deliver and guard your reputation online and off. Above all, do not compare your trajectory or achievements with others. This full Moon can have you asking necessary questions about what you are doing with your life. But it also wants you to understand that success has to have a spiritual dimension to it as well as a material. If your current path does not hand you that, you can plan to change course between now and the end of the year.

july horoscopesCANCER

What is your restless heart asking of you under this full Moon, Cancer? To go look for your spiritual home, for instance? To escape or go on a journey? Do you feel you want to run away? And if so, from what? 

This full Moon stirs up your need to follow your spiritual truth. But you need to ensure you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water to go in search of it. Hungry? Don’t resort to eating those emotions now. Chances are you are hungry for more life, not actual food. This is the path you need to explore if you feel restless under this full Moon but can’t quite put your finger on why.

This is an explorer’s moon and asks you to embark on a journey. Yes, this can be a real one as it favours travel, and if you are traveling under it, your destination will open your eyes to other possibilities. Is it a learning journey you need to take to satisfy your soul? The yearning within is very real, but you need to take time to go to the source to fill it. Running away, however is honestly not advised. As Buckaroo Banzai said: Wherever you go, there you are. Cancer, your ruler in this house, tells you that wherever you need to get to, you can get there from where you are right now. What follows is the freedom to find what fills your restless heart.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Ancient wisdom believes that in the void lies the truth. So, the darkness is nothing to fear but is the source of our power. However, we tend to avoid our shadow side and being ruled by the Sun; you are the sign most pulled towards the light. However, we can say by avoiding a deep dive into the dark, you are missing a key piece of what makes up multifaceted you and an opportunity to witness your sacred, powerful self.

This full Moon can stir up questions about your insecurities. Of being enough, being capable enough. But it can also tear down false masks you have been forced to wear to survive or hide your wounds from the world. So, don’t run from what you feel are ‘negative’ parts of you if they emerge. Instead, run towards them and embrace them. Because if you do, you’ll quickly discover that the real facts of the matter are you are more powerful, capable, sexy, and fierce than you previously believed.

Full Moons bring something to a close, stop or climax. And never more so than then the full Moon is in your 8th. You need to take a deep dive into the dark and surface with the truth because this full Moon is an ending and a new beginning. The latter you miss if you don’t embrace your power, Leo.


Ready for some love truth, Virgo? Check your chart for Virgo factors at 17 degrees. This full Moon exposes someone’s true feelings. Perhaps yours or the other party’s. The heart wants what the heart wants. Or no longer wants—time to own it. But please – don’t make long-term relationship decisions until after this Moon has passed.

Need translation under this full Moon? It’s not what someone says but what they do that tells you how they feel. We only miss the message when we ignore what is being said by their actions. Or did they tell us all along, but we chose not to hear it? This full Moon exposes the truth around a key connection. That past, present or potential partner. That duo, duet, or even duel you’re in. 

If you are meeting that potential partner under this Moon, do tune in and listen. Ask questions—especially ones you might usually avoid out of a sense of discretion. You do need the facts. If you are interviewing, do remember it’s like dating and a two-way street. They may want to hook up with you, but what you ask shows you it’s not a match from your point of view. 

Do talk to your current partner about any issues, and don’t whatever you do jump to conclusions. Above all, don’t assume just because you are close, they should automatically know what you’re thinking or what you need. This full Moon can open up a new dimension of understanding. But only if you’re as transparent as water, Virgo. 

libra mainLIBRA

You need to be practical, detail oriented, and organised under this full Moon in your 6th of work and wellbeing. How much you get done may seem to depend on how you feel. And your emotions may change direction like the tide at any given moment.

Something may surface that you have been pushing aside or ignoring for some time. Perhaps you have dismissed it as unimportant. Or pushed it aside, telling yourself you don’t have time to deal with it right now. But now it’s back again and intensified. And you see it’s bigger or has more impact on you than you thought. Certainly, ignoring it now isn’t an option. So, take practical steps to remedy it. Unless of course, you want to keep on feeding it so it grows. 

Have a system, and a schedule, and avoid distractions under this Moon. Otherwise, mistakes can be made. Make Just Do It your mantra. Also, tune in to what your body is saying. Your energy is ultra-sensitive under this full Moon, and you’ll find yourself affected by what you eat or drink, ‘atmospheres’, and negative vibes. You do need to attend to matters of the mind, body, and spirit. And do whatever you need to in order to align these. This may mean ditching certain habits, situations, or even people. There’s an emotional decluttering happening. Once purged, you just feel so much lighter Libra. 


Don’t get lost in fantasy or projection when it comes to love under this full Moon, Scorpio. Yes, it can deliver super-romantic vibes. That lover may well be like no other. But not in the right way.

That swipe who avoids meeting up. That date who either love bombs you or tells you a sob story. Perhaps ‘It’s complicated? Or maybe there’s a track record here, and you’ve been making excuses for them? This full Moon hoists those red flags so high you’ll be unable to ignore them. Or you do so at your peril.

So, take your time to ensure love is the real deal. The connection you feel needs to last. Babies, children, teenagers, and Generation Z may play a role. Spend time with your children if you have them and probe a little deeper if you have concerns. Your love and attention may shift back to a hobby or creative project. You are seeking an outlet for your emotional expression now. Just ensure, however you don’t go seeking love in all the wrong places. Inspiration infuses everything you do now. From how you dress, your social media feed, the way you stand out from the crowd to what fuels your inner passion. Unleash this to the fullest. You can be a shining light under this full Moon. Ensure you don’t allow anyone to steal your glow down the track.

sagittarius bannerSAGITTARIUS

Yes, Sag. Check your chart for factors at 17 degrees and within a 1-degree orb. The full Moon, in its ruling 4th, is going to pack an emotional wallop for you. You may feel pulled in two directions under it. Between where you are and where you feel you should be for instance. Between your own needs and those of others close to you. Others may feel an intense pullback to the past. And if you experience this, it is important you don’t get bogged down in sentimentality. Instead, allow yourself to re-experience this from your present perspective.

Home, property, where you feel you belong or fit, family matters and material and emotional security dominate. You may be the explorer of the zodiac, but all explorers need a home port to return to. Are you content with yours? Or just feeling you’re passing through?

Allow yourself to reenter your feelings’ emotional ebb and flow under this full Moon. Don’t judge or act. Just permit yourself to feel what you feel. This is the way to emotional healing, especially if old wounds surface under this full Moon. It is, however, time to look at where and how you live. Your sense of place and space. Where all your journeys currently begin and end. Is it your refuge and safe harbor? Your port in a storm? Or is it the cause of insecurity and dissatisfaction? If it’s time to move on, you’ll know to ship out after this full Moon passes. If not, make it the place that truly feels like home.

full moon in capricornCAPRICORN

What did you say?! You’re just a sign whose intentions are good. So, ensure you are not misunderstood under this full Moon. Or that you don’t misunderstand others in turn. 

Research and fact-finding are highlighted under the full Moon in your 3rd. As is beta-testing those ideas. Especially as the ruler of your 3rd Mercury is fully retrograde on this day. It’s not a time for launching or initiating. But revising, investigating, and digging deeper. Do not be afraid to repeat yourself if necessary to ensure that others fully comprehend your meaning. And also ask people to repeat or explain what they say if you feel there is any ambiguity. Seeking clarity under this full Moon is essential.

Avoid the tendency to multitask. You’re much better off batching similar tasks together if you want to avoid mistakes and keep yourself focused. Also, don’t procrastinate and do adhere to deadlines if you don’t want to feel pressured. Siblings may demand your attention or simply annoy you as could neighbours. Good fences make for easy co-existence with either. Don’t be afraid to put some up to get what you need to do done.


Pop goes the weasel! Where is the money going, Aquarius? What do you buy that fills an emotional need? Or temporarily shores up that self-worth? Do avoid the impulse buy under this full Moon. Honestly, you will wonder what on earth possessed you once it’s passed. It will be the equivalent of a cup cake sugar rush. So sweet and feel-good in the moment. And a lifetime hanging unworn in the back of your closet.

This full Moon tells you to go to the emotional source of that spending and fill it instead. Do check your chart for any Pisces factors at 17 degrees as many Aquarians have them. Actually, what you have and earn is at the heart of this. As is what you do with it all. It’s about your emotional relationship to money and your self-worth more than cash. If you buy certain things simply to compete with others or feel you need to stand out and be ‘worthy’, time to look at who or what makes you feel this way. You are enough. 

Yes, you may discover you don’t have enough under this full Moon. And if so, do seek out financial advice if needed. Do a budget so you know exactly where the money goes. Because Mercury which rules work, commerce, your ideas, and the internet, is retrograde the day of this full Moon, it’s not a time to launch that money making idea or really apply for that job unless your present position is untenable or you are unemployed. Bring your values back to you. You are worth more than anything money buys you. That’s the fact to invest in now.

venus in piscesPISCES

Many lovely Pisces people (including those Pisces risings too) come under the category of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). It’s estimated that 15-20% of the population fall into this category. So, take it you’re not alone but that your sensitivity will be magnified under the full Moon in your sign.

Hopefully, you have already checked your chart for Pisces factors at the key 17 degrees. This full Moon will make you especially sensitive and attuned to the feelings of others. Your partner, that close friend or colleague, for instance. But you also need to practice self-protection to avoid feeling drained. Also, because any HSP traits are heightened, there is a danger of misreading or misinterpreting someone’s meaning and taking this to heart. Do check you read it right.

Your experience of the world and your closest relationships are heightened under this full Moon. You can feel at one with someone or just the world in general. Your creative and psychic gifts will peak, but do follow through with fact-finding or details. Date night? You may feel you and that boo are as one. Ensure you truly are by continuing to explore this after the full Moon has passed. This full Moon represents a point where you may rid your life of something for good or complete a cycle. There’s a new beginning on a personal level to follow. Don’t be too hasty to judge what this is, Pisces. And when it comes to the actions of others – don’t take it personally. 

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