Full Moon in Leo – January 30 2010

The New Moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 15th may have seemed to have pulled the rug from beneath you in terms of security. You might have felt cast away to the seven seas and unsure about who or what was your safety. One of the powerful messages and gifts of the Capricorn eclipse was to show you what was truly secure in your life and how to find security in yourself.

The full Moon in Leo on January 30 slips into this very well and is a natural progression as Leo is very self confident and self aware. On a deeper level, we also have Sun and Venus in Aquarius, which also encourage us to personal freedom and to express our unique soul. Mars also in Leo but retrograde (going backwards) could take us back to a time in the past where we lost part of ourselves or our power.

If you lost your sense of self, this is the perfect time to reclaim it! This is the time to remember who you are, who you want to be and to love and value you. The energy of this full Moon also reflects individualism with community as Aquarius asks us to think about humanitarian issues – not only our individual self, but our connection to the whole.

As everyone is experiencing this you might find some power struggles in relationships as people vie to express their needs. By accepting everyone’s right to be who they are without controlling them, we learn to let go or to unconditionally love. Make time for you this weekend and you can return to your source, recharging and fully aware of who you truly are – a unique free spirit who has the power to choose your own journey!

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