Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 22nd 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 22nd 2021


Imagination opens up fresh pathways

It’s only out of reach if it’s out of mind, Aries

Get a heads-up on your new cycle

Head in the stars, feet on the ground this week, Aries. And as far as that head goes, keep it cool. Fortunately, that’s the ability this week hands you. The potential to make some seriously cool moves. Especially when it comes to working that work factor. Money and career issues are highlighted as is any activity that boosts your public profile. Aim as high as you can now.

The trine between ruler Mars in your self-worth and money house and Pluto in your status sector hands you determination to succeed. Don’t forget, those ambitions can be personal ones as well as professional.

Look up where you belong

This isn’t just wishful thinking. But visualizing your own success story. And then taking real world steps to convey your ability to make it just that. This week’s full Moon in your 6th is all about utilising the emotional power of cognitive thought. Honing those ideas and also how you apply those skills and a routine to support you and get you where you want to go.

As it shines back into your 12th, it is telling you not to think that all your experience and what you do each day doesn’t count for something. Is there another way you can harness all this? Such as your time or habits for instance to make more room for success?

Venus lands in your 12th from the 25th. This transit can open up conduits to creativity, insight and intuition you might not have known were yours. Your imagination is in overdrive now. But here is where the Manolos on the ground (or Churches, Doc Martins, Converse – Pisces and your 12th rules your feet!) comes in. You need to stay grounded and take practical action and use the insights you are handed now. Especially when it comes to career.

The cool head bit comes in when the Moon still in your 6th until late on the 28th, trines Pluto and also ruler Mars. Mars and Pluto have shifted ever so slightly out of their trine of the 25th. But remain close enough to activate this angle. Power moves by you but also power plays by others could see you either projecting serious credibility or else getting your buttons pushed. S/he who keeps their cool, remains in control no matter who started this. Enhanced power over your own path is the gift this week hands you, Aries.

In a nutshell: Warm heart, cool head work together, Aries. And when it comes to success, your imagination shows you just how far you can go. Follow through with practical measures this week.



Invite the future in

Find what’s missing

Love it truly, madly, deeply or leave it, Taurus

Ruler Venus arrives in your 11th. Time to show your future some love, Taurus. This is your house of goals and the more imaginative, the better. This is also your house of friends, groups, clubs, teams, parties, bands, organisations, movements and the collective in general. Time to explore new ways of sharing, connecting and joining in even under lockdown conditions.

While we can say that Venus in here is all about the love of friends, Mars in your 1st is stirring up your need for more passion and the need to express this. While Pluto in your 9th wants to hand you the freedom of change. Both planets make an electrifying charge also on the 25th. You’ll not just feel the heat but the need to seek it out if it’s missing, Taurus.

Truly, Madly, Deeply Aspects

Faking it has never been your style. Sure, you are known for wanting to make things work and sticking them out. But if it boils down to it not working and you seeing it can’t be fixed, pretending won’t work now. Especially under the full Moon in your 5th on the 27th. You either feel the rapture over something or somebody you felt as a child, or now know you have to go look for it.

If it is something that is missing, Venus in your 11th reminds you to mine your contacts first as one of them could just have the key to the door you need to walk through to get it. On the 28th, this now waning full Moon still in your 5th, angles to both Mars and Pluto before moving on into your 6th. This tells you which direction you now need to head in Taurus. It’s Destination: Passion now. Feel its full force – or forget it. You know you deserve the real thing.

In a nutshell: You can’t fake the feeling. Or hide the fact you no longer feel it, Taurus. You deserve the real deal. So, don’t settle for anything less this week.



Say goodbye to that comfort zone

Go for what it can be, not the way things were

Craft that image and project for success

Making that big move without stepping on anybody’s toes while doing so is a gift, Gemini. That is yours now Venus lands in your 10th this week. Time to look to your public and professional image. What does this say? This isn’t just about dressing for success (but includes it certainly). But also about what you convey via that Instagram feed, blog, website or even the company you keep. Take it the world is watching you now. And people in positions of influence too. Craft that message so you come across as someone to pay attention to for all the right reasons.

Upping the game on love could also play a role now. Past lovers may feature or something may end. If it is the latter then know it has been completely lived out now and to try to hang on to it will hold you back. This could also touch on your career too or even living arrangements.

Leave what you know behind

This week’s full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th makes you extra sensitive to the moods of others. Or exposes your vulnerabilities as it touches on the trine between Mars in your 12th and Pluto in its ruling 8th. You may want things to stay as they are while simultaneously realizing they cannot. Or you may be looking at an opportunity which if you take it, takes you right out of your comfort zone!

No, you are not punching above your weight when it comes to promotions, that job opportunity or even that prospect date, Gemini. This week wants you to understand that change is the force that delivers something better and more satisfying. Don’t stand in its way or halt the process.

In a nutshell: The magic isn’t the only thing that happens outside your comfort zone, Gemini. Opportunity, solutions and love live there too. Isn’t that worth leaving it for? Take a peek this week.



Love in the here and now

Air those feelings fearlessly

Let others in to your inner world

Say what needs to be said under this week’s full Moon in your 3rd, Cancer. Truth is beauty this week, remember that. And provided you say it with love, it could just turn out to be alchemy too!

But the great thing for you about this week’s Moon is that nobody can accuse you of being over-emotional under it. If you need to stick to the facts, you will. But the conversation between you and someone else could literally turn out to be a game-changer.

Venus moves into your 9th of bigger loves from the 25th. Because many of us can’t physically travel now, this is about journeys of the soul, spirit and venturing into the dreamtime of creativity, storytelling, art, music and imagination. The major line-up of planets in here is all about the love that uplifts you and heading towards that now.

Loves me . . . loves me now . . .

Which is why love may be the main topic of conversation or at the very least, a partnership matters thanks to Mars in your 11th angling to Pluto in your 7th. A relationship could take a new turn. Perhaps going from friends to something more – collaborators, business or activity partners as well as that love potential now.

Under this full Moon you’ll not only find it easy to express yourself, but you’ll be able to do it without worrying about what others may think now. All that matters to you is your truth. The 28th sees that now waning full Moon align to Mars and Pluto adding emotional fearlessness and vulnerability combined with strength. If ever there was a week to open up and let others in to your inner world – this is it, Cancer.

In a nutshell: A relationship may shift as relating is the main topic of conversation for you under this week’s full Moon, Cancer. Some straight talking about your feelings and needs opens the way for change.



Plug into empowerment

Fierceness is a force for change

Shift your thoughts, set the future on a fresh course

Feeling fierce, Leo? The line-up in your 8th should be igniting that warrior spirit this week as it includes your ruler the Sun. Venus joins in from the 25th,

The rulers of your 8th – Mars in ancient times and Pluto for the modern era; point to that fierce, confident attitude being channelled into any unresolved areas or issues. And coming up with solutions that are both empowering and strangely enough, surprisingly easy to initiate. As we head towards the full Moon in your money zone on the 27th, Mars in your 10th aligns to Pluto in your 6th.

Change your attitude, change your world

What occurs the day of the full Moon or a day after, may frankly astound you. As a situation which has been hanging around or blocking progress for far too long is effortlessly transformed. It begins with a shift in how you are seeing it. And then a ripple effect occurs.

The result could be something which could boost your worth – in monetary or just soul terms thanks to the Moon, Mars and Pluto all aligned on the 28th. You’ll see then just how powerful and permanent a shift in perspective can be.

In a nutshell: What is the most powerful force for change in the universe, Leo? Look closer before you answer. It’s your own thoughts and how you see things. Change your vision – change everything under the power of this week’s full Moon.



I see a love Moon rising!

Go for what does you good

Make sure it’s the real thing

Sure, we may have left Valentine’s back in the dust. But this week happens to be all about the love, Virgo.

In ancient Rome, they celebrated the Lupercalia in February. This was a very Virgo themed feast and general rave designed to promote health and also fertility. Yes, Valentine’s Day has its roots in all this. But the Lupercalia and the month of February, link us not just to the Virgo emphasis on wellbeing and what or who you fancy does you good, but of planting seeds to harvest later – when the Sun is in your sign for instance. Or the seeds of good habits. The benefits of which do you good in the long term.

Come and Get Your Love

It’s no coincidence either that all this took place when the Sun and other planets would be in your 7th of partnerships. After all, you need one in order to explore personal fertility whether actual or merely to see love grow. Venus lands in what is its ruling house this week and the message is: Who or what you love is Good for You. So, as the song goes: Come and get your love!

Just what is that? Well, the full Moon in your 1st on the 27th will shine a light on who or what that is. And gives you something to howl at! The other message is love transforms your world and needs passion to thrive. Mars in your 9th aligning to Pluto in your 5th may overturn your ideas around what this is. Or you may even see that you bought the knock-off Hermes Birkin version of it, rather than the real thing.

If you realise you have it, show it (or them) the love under this full Moon. Or, if you’re as hungry for passion as a Lupercalian wolf, then the Moon’s continued orb with Mars and Pluto hands you the potential to find what’s missing. Make no mistake, it’s a healthy choice, Virgo.

In a nutshell: In Roman times they had a festival that was designed with you in mind, Virgo. Sure, you may have to have your own lockdown version of it. But it’s serving up love and a whole load of good this week!



Infuse the everyday with a touch of magic

Live in the moment

Do the work to clear the way

Ruler Venus in your 6th says be in the moment as if you’re not, you’ll miss the magic. You have a big line up in what is your house of organisation, your day job (paid or unpaid), wellbeing, study and pets. Don’t wait for lockdown to end or that special occasion to glam up and feel your best. We can be so fixated on the future we miss everything that’s happening in the present. Ground yourself in the here and now and use this Venusian creativity to make it the best experience possible.

You Already Know

Celebrating the beauty of who you are and your circumstances right now, unleashes the potential that is waiting to be unleashed next month. You may already have a feeling about what this is thanks to the full Moon in your 12th this week. It sets your intuition alight and also aids you in identifying any adjustments you need to make to those habits and routine that simply make every day living more enhanced and beautiful. Yes, even the dull stuff!

Just before and after this full Moon we have a major alignment happening between Pluto the only slow-moving planet left in your 4th, and Mars in your sector of empowered change and ‘other’ money house. Getting things beautifully organised on the day to day front frees you to dream and tune in to what is about to manifest for you, Libra. The Grand Earth trine on the 28th should hand you a preview. It’s worth being fully present for this week.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon acts as a psychic preview of what’s ahead for you in March, Libra. So, harness the power of ruler Venus and clear the way for that to happen.



Who is going with you into your future?

Embody your dreams

Welcome love back in

Is the world ready for all your fierce fabulousness this week, Scorpio? Hopefully you are ready to feel it, live it and radiate it now Venus lands in your 5th on the 15th. It’s time for a few wishes and dreams to be set in motion. Or even granted.

Sign of the Trines

Both your rulers ancient and modern add that all important power of confidence and alchemical accelerant to the mix when they trine on the 25th. Ancient ruler Mars stirring up passion in your 7th and Pluto adding the power of intention in your 3rd. Keep stirring the mixture on the 27th– 28th when the full Moon appears in your 11th of friendships and future potentials. This is also your house of goals. And this week, especially those which involve at least one other person or need the assistance of others to make them happen.

Venus along with the other planets in your 5th dust you with glamour, allure and show you just what is possible for you when you allow yourself to live in the world of possibilities. Someone could just be in the mood to say ‘Yes’ to you now. Whether it’s to that project or plan, that job application or even that reach-out on that dating app. Ask away under this full Moon. It tells you wishes were made to be granted.

In a nutshell: Ask away this week if what you envision for your future involves you and at least one other person, Scorpio. Someone or something wants to say ‘Yes’ to that request now.



Eyes on the prize

You have what it takes

Game on!

You are just a few weeks away from the full force fabulizing effects of the planets entering your 5th, Sag. This is your house of romance, children, carefree fun, creativity and everything you enjoy. So, this week tells you to take care of business now to get into the more serious business of play later.

Venus in your 4th from the 25th points along with all the other planets in here, to a positive change. This can be a change around your home, a change within your family, to your relationship status or to your work. Pluto remains the only slow-moving planet in your money zone and this week it aligns to both Mars in your work zone, and gets hooked into the energy of the full Moon in your 10th on the 27th/28th.

Do the work!

The resulting Grand Earth trine is a portal of manifestation potential when it comes to getting the job done and reaping the rewards. There is little of nothing you won’t have the confidence to tackle this week. And to make a positive impression doing so with those who count. You’ve energy in abundance to tie up loose ends and complete those outstanding tasks. Show you can bring it. And in a stand-out way. Then you can sit back and bask in a sense of satisfaction. And possibly well-earned acclaim and rewards too, Sag.

In a nutshell: Bring your best game this week Sag when it comes to those long-term ambitions and your career. This week’s full Moon and alignment between Pluto and Mars tells you this is no time for half-measures. Nor underselling yourself either.



Take an up-front approach

If it feels right for you, stick to it

Enter a new cycle of experience

State your intentions and don’t then be swayed, Capricorn. Especially when what is right resonates deep inside of you. Sure, it may not be right for others. But if your gut is telling you this is right for you, that should be all the encouragement you need this week.

Venus enters your 3rd on the 25th. Adding a touch of creativity, insight and imagination to anything you say or send out there. However, please ensure you don’t read too much into what others are telling you. And ensure they are not doing the same to you in turn.

Step out of the old and into the new

Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your sign. This week’s main astro event is the trine between it and Mars in your 5th on the 25th. A flirtation could sizzle or turn serious very fast for some of you. The full Moon on the 27th is one which shines on a new direction into something bigger for you. It marks the end of one major cycle of experience and the start of another.

One word of warning: All this passion will result in something being created. A connection, a relationship, a journey or a creative venture. Just ensure if you don’t want to experience the wild ride of parenthood right now, you take extra precautions to avoid that happening! Pluto is set to transform your emotional experience as it hooks into the energy of this full Moon along with Mars across the 27th/28th. By next month you’ll know where this is taking you. Embark on a journey of soul freedom, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: News could set you on a new direction. And proves to you that old saying: As one door closes, two more open, Capricorn!



Evolve your path

Get that cashed up feeling on a soul level

Sign on the dotted line

Staying flexible and flowing is one of your tasks for the Now Age, Aquarius. And this week asks you to hang on to that knowledge and be ready to change and adapt if necessary. It also asks you to take care of unfinished business if you have any.

Venus leaves your sign this week and lands in its ruling 2nd on the 25th. Be aware than while Venus in here can open up new avenues of income and see your bank balance increase, it can just as easily get you spending it as fast as it comes in. Usually on feel-good items which it tells you that you deserve (you do, there’s no arguing with that part!). Venus wants the best for you and wants you to know you deserve the best. Just know it and even put it in your basket to see what it feels like. But don’t go checking it out just yet unless you are sure you can afford it.

It’s not over until . . .

That being said, the full Moon in your ‘other’ money house on the 27th could bring a financial matter or negotiation to a successful conclusion between now and the end of the first week of March. Just keep in mind the deal’s not done until the fat lady transfers the money into your bank account or signs the contract. Mars in your 4th links to Pluto in your 12th hinting at rewards for past efforts. And both these planets align to the full Moon in their ruling 8th house across the 27th/28th. Know you have the power to bring about the outcome you want. But remain adaptable as to the final result, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Something may come to a soul-boosting conclusion this week, Aquarius. Get that new rich list feeling by exploring what adds value to your life. Chances are – its more than money can buy!



Opportunity waits for your answer

Connections influence your future path

Open up to the new

Venus in your 1st from the 25th bumps up the birthday planets in your sign. As it rules pleasure, take it that now is when the party really gets started for you.

New people (even at a distance!) and fresh opportunities form part of your goodie basket this week, Pisces. Good news, help, solutions or other benefits from people you know or connect with show you that no matter what has been going on in the past 12 months, the upcoming year still holds magic and potential for you. Be ready to say yes to someone or something as Mars in your 3rd aligns to Pluto in your 11th.

Your move

And don’t wait for others to make the first move or offer either. Venus in your 1st is one of the transits of attraction. Plus, this week hands you a full Moon in your house of partnerships, double acts and dynamic duos of all descriptions. As it aligns to both Pluto and Mars over the 27th/28th one person or partnership – past, present or potential, could be in focus.

This has the ability to alter the course of your future in ways you can’t yet imagine, Pisces. Be open to who contacts or is connected to you in some way. This is tied into what will come into being for you later this year in May-July. The future is a gift and yours to open now.

In a nutshell: One person, connection or relationship – past, present or potential, is in the spotlight this week, Pisces. It or they are linked to your future path. Love is always the answer and the answer is: Yes.



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