Elvis, Uranus and Me

This is Elvis our new cock who, although small, is strutting around making merry hell with the chickens. Elvis reminds me of the cosmic energy occurring at the moment. Uranus, planet of unpredictability and genius, is strutting his stuff in fiery Aries. Uranus in Aries is an ‘ah ha’ moment for us all. It allows us to open up to our true genius but it also can tip up the apple cart.  It is obvious, loud and can change your life in the blink of an eye.

Uranus in Aries puts the focus firmly on you and asks you are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready to expand your soul and evolve to the next level? Is there something you are ignoring about yourself? Are you in denial about something? Uranus is going to come squawking in and demand to be listened to. Just like Elvis, he is loud and obvious and cannot be ignored.

On the 8th June Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, bringing us all a revelation. You are called upon to be emotionally honest and through your intuition or a hunch something magnificent could come. Prepare for the unexpected with these turbulent planets shaking you up, but remember it is for your own good. Uranus in Aries also asks you to think about you and have faith in your genius. It will provide the unexpected to uplift you and evolve your soul and is part of a deeper Universal awakening.

I had a health scare last week where I was told I could drop dead at any minute (fortunately it turned out not to be so extreme) and I was suddenly forced to look at all elements of my lifestyle, weight and stress levels. Sometimes we get so familiar with a problem (like my weight for instance) that we comfortably ignore it. Uranus is like a big kick up the Uranus and forces you to look at reality and how you can improve your life now, no more excuses, no more tomorrows.

Uranus is a planet of liberation, of freedom and of transformation. Embrace the new and know that even if it feels terrifying these sudden changes are for our greater good. Look out for new love, new opportunity and most of all a new authentic and passionate relationship to yourself. We are all waking from a deep sleep and this is just the beginning. Uranus in Aries awakens your hero within and gives you the courage to live your truth.

Mind you I’m not sure my neighbours are quite as keen on this awakening as I am!

Michele Knight

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