Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 28th 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 28th 2020


New Year- Now Age

Make it about more than money can buy

Who you know are co-collaborators in a new kind of success story!

Many of us will be happy to farewell 2020 and welcome in the Now Age of Aquarius and 2021. How has the year shifted your value system, Aries? It’s time to look at this ahead of what you want to aim for in the New Year. The 28th sees the Sun in your status sector shine on Uranus in your money house.

It’s about more than money can buy however. The home truths around this shine out on the 30th and the full Moon in its ruling 4th. This is about what truly matters and sustains you. Because of this and not just Covid, many of you will be focused on spending New Year’s Eve with loved ones and familiar surroundings. While wanting to keep close all those special feelings and links to what is priceless to you.

Past links to what matters

Some of you could hear from people from your past or from far away this week. And if you do, the feelings this arouses in you is about more than just nostalgia. It could be a timely reminder to you about what really matters. This may even be experiences more than ‘stuff’. Or people more than worldly success. Venus in your 9th links you to the North Node in your 3rd and also Neptune in your spiritual 12th. So, the quest or the goals you’re setting yourself up to achieve in 2021 are likely to touch on these themes. You know what success and money can and can’t buy you now, Aries. Happy new and prosperous 2021.

In a nutshell: Bid farewell to 2020, Aries. 2021 puts new people and resources at your disposal. And brings goals and dreams within reach. Your values are your building blocks for success for the New Year and Now Age.



You have something to talk about

Ask the future for what you want

Share those thoughts and aims for the future

End 2020 with a real conversation, Taurus. Say what needs to be said. Now, this could take place between you and a significant other, a friend or perhaps even a dialogue with yourself via journaling or meditation.

What matters is you talk it out. One way or another. Don’t leave things unsaid as we head into 2021. The conversation could revolve around what really matters to you now. Your values and what is truly important to carry forward with you into the New Year. This may involve enacting changes so don’t shy away from tabling these. Enter the process from the 28th as the Sun in your 9th trines Uranus in your 1st. Just two days before the ‘Say it anyway’ full Moon in your 3rd asks for emotional honesty.

Speak your Truth

Ruler Venus is in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th of empowerment, sharing, joint matters and yes, sex. It will square Neptune in your 11th on the 30th and oppose the North Node in Venus’s ruling 2nd on New Year’s Eve. Ask for what you want for the future as the year ends. Either from another party or the universe via goal setting. Speak your mind this week, Taurus. And also ensure that others know you mean it. Truth is empowering. And It also sets you free for the future.

In a nutshell: Before you enter 2020 chances are there’s something you need to get off your chest, Taurus. Let go of whether you think others will like it or not. The only way forward to freedom in ’21 is to resolve to speak your truth.



Align your values

You are more than enough

Start the New Year with self-love

Venus sits in its ruling 7th in your chart and we have a full Moon appearing on the 30th in Venus’s other house – your 2nd on the 30th. This day also sees Venus make a tightly bound angle to Neptune in your 10th. There’s questions around the time of this full Moon about your status and your values.

This could relate to your job or even your relationship status due to a trine between the Sun in your 8th and Uranus in your 12th. How you see yourself and how you feel you are defined by what you have or earn, your job title, whether you are single married, divorced etc. Before 2021 starts the old year wants you to look back and understand you are so much more than any of these things.

Just the way you are

Setting a new benchmark for partnerships, love and how you see yourself is part of your process as we segue from one year to the next. New Year’ Eve brings you some love karma. Perhaps stretching back 19 years to 2002. Or sets a new cycle in motion based on your value system and how you see yourself. Venus will oppose the North Node in your 1st on this day. Which means it is conjunct the South Node. What’s the ‘price’ of love for you, Gemini? The key to 2021 is knowing you deserve all the goodies, love, adoration and success – just the way you are. Don’t change a thing except how you value yourself.

In a nutshell: As you leave 2020 behind you, do so with the realization you are so much more than you give yourself credit for, Gemini. Self-appreciation puts you in a place where you are ready to receive so much more for ’21!



Let others in to your inner world

Who is traveling into the future with you?

2021 brings a new cycle of intimacy and sharing

The full Moon in your 1st on the 30th shines a light on one particular person in your life, Cancer. Or even a blank space waiting to be filled. With the Sun in your 7th as it always is at this time of year, look at how you want to be relating to others in 2021.

Share your thoughts

One close connection could be at the heart of this. This full Moon is always an important one for you as it is asking you to share your thoughts and feelings – the real truth about you, with at least one other person. This could even be a close friend. People who have the ability to influence your future path will feature as the Sun in your 7th trines Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 28th in the lead up to this.

Venus sits in your 6th as the year winds down. Asking you to free yourself of a rut or something that ties you to the past in an unhealthy way. It squares Neptune in your 9th on the 30th. And then opposes the North Node in your 12th on the final day of the year. For some, this could take you full circle. Back in time to 2002. You may radically re-frame the past – escaping a cycle simply by seeing events in a new way. Or close off one cycle to begin a new one. Something could come full circle with the intention of completion. And you hurtle into 2021 energised and finally free, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Who is in focus as one year ends and a new one begins, Cancer? Someone may hold up a mirror. Look closely at what they reflect back at you. And get ready to experience more depth in relationships in ’21.



What’s your new recipe for success?

Connect with your past

Dream a bigger dream for ‘21

Despite Venus in your fabulizing 5th, you may be ending the year in a contemplative mood, Leo. Dive in to the realm of your imagination on the 30th when the full Moon illuminates your 12th. Now is the time to visualise what you want to do, attract and experience in 2021.

Explore Pure Imagination

Sometimes we just need to take the plunge into the realm of imagination. This Moon links you to your biggest dreams and deepest emotional needs. If tells you: If you can dream it, you can do it. Venus squares Neptune in your 8th on the same day. Neptune rules your 12th. So, this process may also involve redefining your career path and success story for the year ahead. Due to Uranus in your 10th, many of you may be thinking about just what adds up to success. Or to quote Derek Zoolander: ‘A successful human being’. Your ruler shining on Uranus from your 6th could have many of you committing to a new kind of success story for yourself in ’21.

New Year’s Eve could see you connect with others via Zoom or other means. Don’t be surprised if getting ready to welcome in the Now Age New Year includes you dressing up like you’re ready to par-tay even if you’re staying in. Venus will oppose the North Node in your 11th bringing back old friendship and contact karma and also the revival of an old goal. Look and feel like you’ve already attained what you resolve to do in 2021 as the old year ends. The dream could just get real.

In a nutshell: Look at where your dreams want to take you, Leo. Especially when it comes to love. 2021 and the Now Age offers you lasting connections. And the chance to make that dream a reality.



Keep on evolving

Explore the benefits change has brought you

What’s the hidden truth around goals?

As you prepare to say farewell to 2020, look back at the changes and shifts you have made, Virgo. How flexible and adaptable have you been? It’s a process for sure. And yes, in some instances you will be feeling this was forced on you as opposed to being voluntary. The Sun in your 5th making a trine to Uranus on the 28th should however show you that despite appearances, much of this has been to your benefit.

Resolutions for the Now Age

This week’s full Moon on the 30th occurs in Uranus’s ruling house in your chart. Time to look closely at your goals now. Have they shifted along with you? This isn’t about resolutions – which let’s face it, most of us don’t stick to anyway. It’s about something deeper and more emotionally satisfying. Reconnect and recommit under this Moon if necessary.

Venus squares Neptune in your 7th on the same day. Does this involve someone you live with? Do changes need to occur in the New Year around home, family or living arrangements? Are you putting these off or telling yourself what you want isn’t actually important?

Karma from 19 years ago could return now with regards to status, your lifestyle or ambitions. The results of the choices you have made – or not made and the path you have forged. Are you satisfied with the results? If not, you get to make a fresh choice for 2021. Stick with the evolution, Virgo.

In a nutshell: 2020 has asked you to change, adapt and keep an open mind – especially around romance and children. Stick with the cycle of change for the Now Age of ’21. This includes giving what you want a fresh priority, Virgo.



Aspects of your past return with fresh meaning

Even small successes deserve celebration

Step free of restrictions into 2021!

As 2020 ends, do you feel a sense of achievement or satisfaction around how you have met challenges? Or do you think you could have done more? Don’t underestimate yourself or dismiss what you have managed to do as the full Moon appears in your 10th on the 30th, Libra. Recognition could be due now. And sometimes we have to give this gift to ourselves.

Reflecting on a job well done sets you up for bigger achievements in 2021. You are starting this free of the heavy lifting and restrictions that have hampered you since 2018. Changes around home, family or resources can be undertaken now so look to these from the 28th when the Sun trines Uranus in your 8th.

Give your Needs Priority in 2021

Ruler Venus shifts the talk to love or what you love to do. Those intentions for the New Year could involve finally seeing the need to put yourself first as it squares Neptune in your wellbeing sector also on the 30th. New Year’s Eve brings up events, people and themes connected with long ago and far, far away as Venus opposes the North Node in your 9th. This could involve foreign people or places, the media, learning or big loves of all descriptions.

For you, 2021 is going to involve travelling back to the past – either in person or via a mental/learning journey. Fated people, places and experiences will feature. Look back to 2002. The wheel of life turns in a new way, but repeats a theme which began back then.

In a nutshell: Restrictions you have had to live with since 2017 are left behind you for good as 2021 beckons, Libra. Get ready for a fresh emphasis on love – and all those things you love to do as the New Year and Now Age begin.



What will you do for love?

Up your expectations

Launch yourself into 2021!

What do you want love to deliver for you in 2021, Scorpio? Uranus in your 7th has been asking you this question and will continue to do so next year. What will or won’t you do for love? Your needs are changing and relationship shifts may reflect this. You need the love that evolves your soul. If you are a settled phoenix, joint plans or goals for the upcoming year may be up for discussion this week as the Sun in your 3rd trines Uranus on the 28th. And also, big plans for the future under the full Moon in your 9th on the 30th. Get ready to launch.

What does love need to deliver?

Singles should be seeking the love that adds something – emotional support for instance. Ahead of the New Year think about the qualities you truly need in a partner. The revised list you could come up with may surprise you. The same goes for settleds too. You are after a heady combination of freedom, closeness, partnership and sharing. And you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that.

If you have come up short in a past relationship, Venus in its ruling 2nd square Neptune in your 5th sees you determined not to make the same mistake again. You will be looking closely at your expectations around how you are treated and rewarded, treasured and valued by others – personally and professionally, on New Year’s Eve when Venus opposes the North Node in your house of empowerment. Love adds up to more for the coming year for you. Know your value and don’t be afraid to state your worth, Scorpio so love can deliver for 2021.

In a nutshell: If you found communicating your feelings difficult this past year, you’ll end it with a new openness, Scorpio. Let others in to your emotional world. You’ll forge a better understanding and closeness for the Now Age if you do.



What comes full circle?

Every relationship is a reflection of a part of you

New Year, Now Age, New You!

Venus in your 1st is about your power to attract. Which all revolves around how you look and feel. As 2021 begins, is it time to Fab Five yourself? Or simply resolve to celebrate your gorgeousness more in the coming year? Changes to your outer environment as in your home may also need to reflect this emphasis as Venus squares Neptune in your 4th.

When it comes to transformations, you’re vibeing off the full Moon in this sector of your chart on the 30th. You also have the Sun in your 2nd trineing Uranus in your 6th. Investing more in what makes you feel good as in food and exercise could also form part of your ‘New Year, New Outlook, New Me’ mindset.

Love makes the karma go round

There’s a big link to past loves too. Venus meets the South Node in your 1st on New Year’s Eve. Which means it opposes the North in your 7th. Love karma comes full circle or begins again for others. What or who did you say ‘I do’ to back in 2001-2 for instance?

Partnerships of all descriptions – past, present and potential, will continue to have a karmic flavour for 2021. If this involves a new person the theme could be familiar. What’s changed could be how you see yourself. Or perhaps a person who saw back then the person you could become. Love sees our best possible future self. Someone or one relationship in particular reflects this. This could even be your own vision for you. Live up to it in ’21, Sag.

In a nutshell: 2021 will be about your message, ideas and how far these can take you, Sag. Refine your visual message in terms of your style, look and appearance. Love karma comes full circle now or offers release onto a new path.



Look back at the past but move forward into the future

Get a set of fresh expectations

Step into 2021 a whole lot lighter!

If we want to know what the future has in store for us, all we need do is visit the past. This applies to you especially this week, Capricorn. For one thing, you have Venus planet of love in your 12th of the past. Hearing from someone from your past before the New Year begins is one aspect of the Venus square to Neptune which rules your 12th, on the day of the full Moon in your 7th.

If you are looking back at the past this week – a common practice as one year ends and another begins, please don’t get too nostalgic about it. Or indulge in self-blame or regret now. The Sun in your 1st trines Uranus, planet of the future in your 5th on the 28th. This is about looking forward, not backwards. By all means, revisit the past so you can see how your choices created the present and may impact on your future. But don’t live in it any more.

Make an easy choice

Having gathered up any lessons and looked at how things could possibly unfold as a result, ask yourself if you want the same as before or something different this time around? It’s not just one year that is coming to an end but an entire cycle. Especially as you are now free of the heavy weather in your 1st.

New Year’s Eve offers to further lighten your future as Venus opposes the North Node in your 6th. This brings a cycle full circle for you. You can repeat it or start afresh. Look back 19 years if you are old enough to your choices then and how they made you feel above all else. Can you link them to where you are in the present? The choice is easy. If you want a fresh future, opt for something different. Dare to be unpredictable for 2021, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You are heading into the New Year free of any restrictions that have slowed you down since 2017, Cappy. Ditch the heavy lifting for the Now Age. And close the door on regrets for a lighter, brighter future.



Refine those values

Less is more for ‘21

New Year: Now Age

It’s not just the start of a New Year for you, Aquarius. But the beginning of the Now Age. There is still some life gardening to be done however. Maybe some dead wood to be cut back or weeds pulled out. This week asks you to shed everything from ideas to stuff to situations that keep you tied to the past. Especially on the 28th when the Sun in your 12th trines ruler Uranus in your 4th. Look to not just how you want to be living in the year ahead but what you actually need to take with you into it. Chances are less ends up being more.

You are aided by the full Moon in your 6th on the 30th. This is your house of habits, routines, your day job and your wellbeing. In other words, it shines on what does you good – and what you no longer need. What do you need from 2021, Aquarius? More from love! Venus in your 11th of the future and love of friendships squares Neptune in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the day of the full Moon.

Love is all you need

New Year’s Eve also sees Venus oppose the North Node in your 5th. Romance, children, lovers who could make you a parent, step-parent, aunt or uncle or glam-parent feature now. As could your creativity as this is your child of your imagination and spirit. Look back to 2002 if you are old enough for clues here. These themes around love are returning for the New Year. Make room for them to grow but ditching what stunts your growth.

In a nutshell: Put the tests of the soul and spirit you have navigated these past few years firmly behind you. 2021 has your name on it Aquarius. We’re in the Now Age. Love isn’t just the answer – it’s all you need.



Who you know has a role in your journey

You have your dreams for a reason

Get ready to expand your world

Own your dreams and your path for the future as the New Year arrives, Pisces. Just understand that every journey doesn’t actually begin with a single step. That’s actually the next one. Every journey begins with a dream.

The Sun is in your house of the future and trines Uranus which rules this in your 3rd on the 28th. You could hear news or from someone who will have a big bearing on the year ahead. But this is also an excellent transit under which to begin to turn that dream into a goal.

The full Moon of the 30th puts you in a dreamy, playful and romantic mood. And you’ll be seeking ways to express this. This is a wonderful full Moon for your own end of year celebrations with someone special. Or to immerse yourself in something you love to do.

Venus in your 10th of status and success squares your ruler Neptune in your 1st the same day. It is a reminder that when it comes to those dreams, you need to have an action plan – hence the next step. Did you imagine you would do or accomplish something in the past, start it and then only get so far? Or did you just dream it but not commit all the way?

Dream on!

Alternatively, did you succeed in what you set out to do and now need a new dream? Look back to 2002 and what you started then or wanted to. You have the opportunity to begin again as Venus opposes the North Node in your 4th. This is all about a self-directed future. Others may have a vision and take that first serious step towards it for the very first time. 2021 wants you to do more than dream. Dream first, then take the first step on the journey.

In a nutshell: Get ready as Jupiter is set to expand your horizons in 2021. For now, explore where your imagination can take you. Then use the start of the New Year to take action to make that vision real, Pisces.






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