Weekly Astrology Forecast December 21st 2020 – Life Transforming! 🪐

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 21st 2020


Welcome in the Now Age of Aquarius

Embrace inclusion and positivity

Set goals with meaning

Take no notice of the fact we are still in December– the New Year starts here. The 21st sees two areas of your chart highlighted. And one in a way you’ve never experienced before. First we have the Solstice on Dec 21. This is the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the summer in the Southern. The shortest or the longest day in other words. The day the Sun enters Capricorn and your 10th house.

Capricorn rules authority, structure and those at the top of the heap. Historically, these have dominated by males of a certain race and social standing. The Man in the High Castle in other words. In your chart, this is the house of career, reputation and public image. It shows how high you can climb. And these past years, that climb may have been fraught with obstacles, difficulties, hard work for little gain and even complete reversals.

Get ready for the Great Conjunction of the Now Age

When the Sun arrives this time however, there’s a very different vibe to this house. That is because Saturn and Jupiter have left this sign and on the same day, meet in Aquarius for the first time in centuries. So, we have gone from the focus on one person at the top to people power.

What does this mean for you, Aries? Well, the blocks to progress with regards to your long-term ambitions – be they personal or professional, are gone. The difficulties you may have faced since the end of 2017 are at an end. Replacing these – new, more meaningful goals for your future. Friendships, groups and being part of something bigger. Who you know and who you are will matter. Not the school you or your father went to. It’s time for inclusive and universal thinking and acceptance. Where differences and minorities are embraced. One world thinking that nonetheless, celebrates our individuality.

Your people are now your greatest asset. Put the problems of the past few years behind you. The future starts this week. Out with the old and on with the new, Aries!

In a nutshell: Challenges around your career, reputation and status can be put behind you this week, Aries. Expect a transformation and a fresh sense of optimism. You’re entering the Now Age. The future starts here.



Take your reputation seriously

Who you know matters more than what

Scale new heights for the Now Age

You may have been dealing with restrictions around travel, studies, legal matters, overseas connections, far away places, the media or just feeling confined by your circumstances, since late 2017, Taurus. So, I am talking about a cycle that has been in place for you long before Covid locked you down.

This has been due to the heavy, long term planetary transits in your 9th. Chances are you still felt restricted or that forward progress was blocked or hampered, even when Jupiter which rules this house, arrived late 2019. This week however puts an end to this cycle for good. As in you will never experience it again in your lifetime. The Sun enters your 9th on Solstice Day – the 21st. But Pluto is now the only outer planet left in here. The heavy weather has lifted.

Instead, the 21st hands us the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and your 10th house. Doors that have remained closed no matter how hard you knocked, will begin to open now. Or you simply see another, better door swing wide to let you through.

Join the party!

Who you know, how you are perceived by others and especially people in positions of influence and authority, matters like never before. Its time to rock who you are and be proud of it. Your unique skillset, experience and all you have to offer. Own it in a way you may have been too shy or self-effacing to do before. The Now Age will be an era where our individuality is our calling card. This is about YOUR success story – told your way. Don’t let others define that now.

Opportunities to set new long-term goals, carve yourself a niche or to claim rewards for your long- term efforts will appear over the coming year. Above all, be a joiner. Life is a collaborative effort. And nobody succeeds at it alone. Connect and network like you never have before, Taurus. This is no time to hide yourself away.

In a nutshell: Whatever goals you set for yourself for the Now Age which begins this week, understand that nobody does it alone, Taurus. Your connections form part of your success story now. It’s all about who you know – not what.



Embrace the luck factor

Expand your horizons

Explore the Now Age

Something bigger is calling you now, Gemini. First however, bid farewell for keeps to challenges around money, finances, property or even your most intimate relationships. If these have pushed your buttons more than once over the past few years, then this week puts them behind you for good. It’s all been down to that intense planetary focus in your 8th house. Pluto rules this house in your chart. But as of last week, was the only slow-moving planet left in here when Jupiter and Saturn departed.

So, when the Sun lands in here on the 21st, the vibe is very different for the first time in several years. Jupiter and Saturn meanwhile meet in Aquarius and Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the same day. This is the first time that these two have met in here for hundreds of years. It’s known as a Great Conjunction. And this promises a big, bright new beginning.

Get lucky

Think Structured Freedom. So, have a map, compass and a plan. A clear goal or purpose. Your opportunities and luck in 2021 are going to revolve around who you know or meet during this time. Expand your social circle in any way you can. And if you receive invitations to step outside your usual one, please accept them. Because if you do, you will benefit in ways you may not be able to grasp right now. Luck revolves around being in the right place at the right time to meet it.

Jupiter in its ruling house is about travel. Far away places, mind expanding ideas, the universal neighbourhood – all themes now. You’ll be learning and experiencing the world in new ways during this cycle. If you are not physically travelling then the experience will revolve around mental or philosophical travel. Prepare to explore, Gemini.

In a nutshell: It’s the start of the Now Age as Jupiter meets Saturn in its ruling 9th in your chart. Prepare for a fresh sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore something big. Perhaps even that new social scene, Gemini.



Say goodbye to love restrictions

Reclaim your confidence

Step into Now Age empowerment

Love may have been less like a bed of roses and more bed of thorns since the end of 2017. Whether this has revolved around a past, present or potential partner. Love may have been hard work, difficult to ground or simply utterly elusive. Yes, Saturn and Jupiter in here may well have cemented a union for some. But other Cancerians may have lost someone they thought would be a permanent fixture.

December 21 and the Solstice always sees the Sun enter your 7th, shining a love light just in time for the holidays. This year is no exception. What is the exception however is that this Solstice is an event like none we have ever seen before. This is also the day when Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 8th house of the Now Age.

Plug into the Power of the Now Age

You can now look forward to a distinct feeling of release and relief when it comes to any kind of partnership matter as the only slow-moving planet remaining in your 7th is Pluto. Instead, it’s time to explore empowerment and see the resources you have to work with expand. In focus are long term finances, property, your salary, joint especially marital, assets, legacies, pay outs and benefits and anything you share or is shared with you in return. Expect gains and a new sense of authority.

That take charge attitude you’re now plugged in to sees you relating to the material world in a new way, Cancer. It’s not just about the money though. It never is. This is your house of sex and intimacy. Your deepest desires and also your fears. You’ve a new self-confidence when it comes to any areas you may have shied away from in the past. And you’re also unafraid to show others where the boundaries are. The Now Age sees you replace uncertainty with surety and confidence, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Uncertainty is replaced with empowerment as the Now Age dawns, Cancer. For you, this also means saying goodbye to challenges around love and relationships. Don’t forget – confidence is sexy!



Get Serious About Real Love

Ditch the Dull – For Good

It Takes Two for the Now Age, Leo

Ready for some serious love, Leo? And are you also ready to ditch that drudge that has been hanging around since the end of 2017? I’m talking about the ‘Another day, another dollar’ cycle that left you feeling you were a hamster on a wheel whether you are engaged in paid or unpaid work or even your studies. You may have also had to deal with flagging energy levels, problems with bosses or co-workers, your wellbeing or even issues around pets.

What’s hot and what’s not

Say goodbye to that ‘All work and no play makes for a very dull Leo’ cycle for keeps on Solstice Day. Yes, ruler the Sun arrives in your 6th where all the heavy planetary weather has been focussed these past few years. So not. This time however, it is free of the heavy going feeling as Saturn and Jupiter have left here and only Pluto remains.

So, expect a Solstice like no other as Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 7th also on the 21st. This is called a Great Conjunction and it ushers in love for the Now Age for you. Saturn behaves very differently in Aquarius than it does in its ruling earth sign of Capricorn. So, what’s hot is serious love. Big love. Either entering a double up situation that expands your ideas of what love can be, taking an existing one to the next level or simply making that future-determining decision around where love need to take you. You won’t entertain anyone or any form of partnership now that doesn’t meet your criteria. Only the most serious love will win that heart from here on in, Leo.

In a nutshell: What’s hot? Love for the Now Age, Leo. What’s not? Dullness and routine. You’re going to replace the latter with the former as the Now Age dawns in your house of lasting love and partnerships.



Small adjustments bring big benefits

Change up your routine for the Now Age

Live your best life – not one day but every day

Solstice Day never sees you in Grinch mode, Virgo. Santa’s Little Helper – yes. That is because the 21st always chimes with the Sun’s arrival in your 5th. Rediscovering the joy you used to feel at this time of year when you were younger could see you in ho-ho-ho playful frame of mind no matter your circumstances. You could be the poster child for the Christmas spirit now.

This is helped along by the fact that party pooper Saturn has now left the building. Feel not just a lift in your spirits now, but a release from the heavy-lifting around romance, children, babies, young people or even your own creativity. Saturn along with Jupiter is now in your Now Age 6th. Of all things Virgo themed and ruled. This is the start of the Now Age. And you should experience the difference on a daily basis.

Every day and every way

The solstice sees a momentous meeting between Jupiter and Saturn in what is known as a Great Conjunction. This has not occurred for hundreds of years. Expect it to bring in a new approach when it comes to your day job whether this is paid or unpaid. Your wellbeing, your studies, your habits or even your pets if you have them. If that routine has turned into a rut, this hands you an escape plan for 2021. Innovate that schedule, your job, your routine so it is anything but that. Explore alternatives and new, better habits. You are very comfortable with the energy of this house. For more, see your Jupiter 2021 forecast for your sign.

Jupiter likes to big things up. Saturn hands you the discipline to go the distance. This is your house of living your best life every day. Design yourself a grand plan. You’ll find it’s the gift that keeps on giving long after the festive season is over.

In a nutshell: One small step leads to giant leaps for you as the Now Age begins this week. It’s about creating your best life which you live every day. Not one day, or someday, Virgo. But Now.



Say goodbye to restrictions

Time for optimism, celebration and playfulness

Welcome in the love for the Now Age

Close the door on one of the most challenging chapters around home, family, living arrangements, property, town, region or even country. Anything that has impacted on your sense of belonging and security in other words.

Chances are you may have been dealing with one dilemma after another since 2017. Perhaps you have wanted to move, but encountered blockages at every turn. Others may have had to downsize when this was not the kind of move they wanted. Or you may have been dealing with insecurities around where you were living or even your income. It has probably hit home – pardon the pun, on an extremely deep emotional level. Shaking your foundations to the core.

Put this all behind you now. The Sun arrives in your 4th on Solstice Day. And instead of a crowded house filled with slow moving planets in here, Pluto remains the only house guest left. Saturn which has been responsible for all the barriers and restrictions, has now moved off into your 5th. As has Jupiter which may have handed you some solutions during its 12-month stay. But not as many as you may have liked – or needed.

Joy to the Now Age

The good news is that Saturn behaves very differently in your Now Age 5th than it does in your 4th. The 21st sees it meet Jupiter in your 5th for the first time in hundreds of years. Love and lighter living move on in now. There’s going to be a revival of romance, fun and creativity. Parenting, step parenting, children and young people may feature. As could a new relationship which puts you in touch with one, some or all of these themes. Above all, you’ll feel a release which reawakens your inner child. Welcome in playfulness and joy as your new houseguests, Libra.

In a nutshell: The solstice sees the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and your 5th. And the start of the Now Age. For you Libra, this is all about reawakening romance and joy. And letting your inner child out to play.



Say goodbye to misunderstandings and miscommunication

Get ready for home truths

Open the door to Now Age living

Ruler Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your 3rd, Capricorn. So, you’ll find this Solstice feels a lot different when the Sun lands in this house on the 21st. Your ability to make yourself understood, sell yourself when it comes to work or business, get your ideas across to others or even get around may have been blocked by one obstacle after another since 2017.

You could have encountered challenges in any area from your relationships with siblings and neighbours, to your studies, job prospects, your devices, on line presence or that commute. The good news is that you don’t have to repeat this cycle. Ever.

Bring it on home, baby!

Solstice Day sees the official launch of the Now Age as Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 4th. And while Saturn has been responsible for any obstacles you may have encountered since 2017, it behaves very differently in your 4th than it does in your 3rd. Jupiter and Saturn together are about to hand you the keys to something new. This can be as obvious as a new home. And many of you may move during this cycle or upgrade your present home.

There is a sense of ownership around this. So, understand that this also extends to owning your path and your future. Living your life on your terms and not anyone else’s expectations could bring you both freedom and release into something bigger. Expect your lifestyle to improve during this cycle. This also goes hand in hand with material and also emotional support to make that happen. You’ve both a new sense of belonging and a sense of purpose now. That’s the home truth, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Expand your space or your lifestyle to accommodate the Now Age, Scorpio. The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th hands you the key to living life on a larger sacle.



Explore ideas for the Now Age

Everything familiar looks new

The future is yours to prospect – stake your claim

The Sun leaves your sign on the 21st – the shortest or the longest day of the year depending on which hemisphere you reside in. As it does, prepare to say farewell to ‘making do’. Because chances are the past few years have handed you more than your fair share of dents to your bank account or even your self-worth. All down to the once in a lifetime heavy focus in your 2nd.

Even the arrival of ruler Jupiter in here late last year may not have handed you the solutions you hoped for. You may have had to manage with less for instance. Or work much harder simply to stay afloat. The Sun landing in your 2nd shines on a new dawn and direction when it comes to money, property and even how your see and value yourself.

How far can an idea take you?

It does so on the same day that ruler Jupiter and Saturn meet in your 3rd of the Now Age. This has not occurred in this sector of your chart for hundreds of years. Think writing, speaking, promoting, big ideas, studying, the internet and above all – prospects. The prospect of setting – and reaching, your goals. The future is yours to be mined, Sag. Above all, don’t just talk a good game now. Bring it. Take action.

Travel that all important Sag passion, could be back on the agenda for you. You may however not go as far as you would like. This is your ‘local’ house. Exploring your own country, seeing familiar places with new eyes or discovering what’s right on your doorstep could be your new style of adventure. However, expect the world to come calling in some way even if you don’t leave home during this cycle. Especially if you follow through and share those messages, ideas and big, broad visions, Sag. It’s all about how far an idea can take you.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter meets Saturn on Solstice Day forming a Great Conjunction. It’s the start of the Now Age. Time to act on those ideas. They could take you further than you ever dreamed possible, Sag.



Happy birthday, Capricorn

The Solstice brings a brand Now era!

Unwrap the gift of the Grand Conjunction

Happy birthday, Capricorn. And welcome to a Solstice event like no other. The Sun in your 1st on the 21st doesn’t just like up your birthday season. It illuminates a 1st house almost free of the heavy weight planetary weather you’ve had to contend with the past few years.

Yes, Pluto is still in residence. But your ruler Saturn along with Jupiter left last week. Since the end of 2017 it’s not just been about your image, profile, appearance and reputation. It’s also been about how others see you and how you see yourself. Naturally, this may have had a knock-on effect with your relationships. Feeling disconnected or even alone could have been the result of all of this. As could have been the question: Who do you think you are?

Star of Wonder, Birthday Bright!

By now you should have that answer. And knowing this leads automatically to knowing what it is you want. The good news is you never have to go through anything like this again. So, enjoy the spotlight shining on the freshly minted new you. As well as the meeting between ruler Saturn and Jupiter in your Now Age 2nd on Solstice Day.

It’s also been hundreds of years since these two formed what is known as a Great Conjunction in this house of your chart. In fact, some astrologers believe that the Star of Bethlehem was in fact, a Great Conjunction. With both planets so close they would have appeared like one big bright one to the naked eye.

Just because we now know different, doesn’t make this any less amazing. Your birthday gift from the Star of Wonder, will be upgrades around your self-worth, money, home and relationships you can bank on, Cappy. Many happy returns.

In a nutshell: The solstice ushers in more than your birthday season, Capricorn. It’s also the day ruler Saturn and Jupiter meet in your 2nd. The Great Conjunction brings in the Now Age of Aquarius. And a new sense of your true value.



Ensure the outer ‘you’ reflects your inner soul

Intuition whispers a new beginning

The Now Age has your name on it!

Intuition always whispers, Aquarius. Tune in now the Sun arrives in your 12th on the 21st. This is Solstice Day. And a solstice like no other we have experienced in our lifetimes. Your intuition is whispering about a new beginning or direction. One that releases you from a period of introspection, soul tests and being dragged down to the deep side of life.

Tests of the soul and spirit always impact on the mind, body and our physical and emotional resources. The meeting between Jupiter and Saturn, known as a Great Conjunction, in your 1st on the day of the solstice, marks the official start of the Now Age of Aquarius. This has not occurred in your sign for hundreds of years.

Style Yourself for the Now Age

For you, this is highly individual and personal. It could mark the point of a lasting and important transformation, rebrand, relaunch or makeover. After all the deep work you’ve done, you need to ensure the outer you reflects this. What’s the message you want to project simply by showing up? How do you want to be seen and perceived by others? What or who do you want to attract? It’s not vanity or self-obsession. Just you readying yourself to join in whatever this new age means for you.

See this as a great unfolding. If you were born under your sign, then you incarnated here to experience this. It’s part of your path and your purpose. And your participation in what’s to come. Dressing for success in an age that has your name on it in other words! A new and important chapter begins this week, Aquarius. Change up your look to show you’re ready for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: This week sees Jupiter and Saturn meet in your sign for the first time in hundreds of years. It’s the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. Ensure you project an image of someone who owns it, Aquarius!



You have a map of the mysteries

New friends and goals replace old ones

Insight rules the Now Age

You may have seen many people come and go in your social circle since the end of 2017, Pisces. During what has been a difficult cycle with friends, groups, networks or associations of all descriptions, people have shown you whether or not you were on the same page – or not.

Even pre-Covid, you may have seen your social life shrink. Or some connections replaced by others with new resonance. Yes, many of you will have benefitted from new and different friends. Others may have seen their goals change and shift.

When the Sun arrives in your 11th the day of the Solstice, it marks the end of difficulties or restrictions around your social life. And your future. Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in here. Both Saturn and Jupiter are now in your 12th of mysteries, secrets, hidden truths, the past, the soul and spirit, astrology, psychics and sheer, divine inspiration. They will meet in here for the first time in hundreds of years on the 21st. Forming what is known as a Great Conjunction and marking the start of the Now Age of Aquarius.

Explore the mysteries

You are comfortable with this energy as Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac. Also, Saturn behaves very differently in this house than it does in Capricorn and your 11th. People from your past or even past lives could appear as Saturn rules time and also karma. Jupiter wants to expand and for us to learn. Many of you may begin a course of study now. Especially astrology, psychology, comparative religion, psychic abilities, healing or even theoretical physics. Anything that puts you in touch with any subject that requires a leap of the imagination or grasp the unknowable. You have the map to navigate these.

You’ll also discover that during this time you have a high-speed link to universal wisdom, intuition, God, your angels, guides or whatever you choose to call it. When it speaks, listen. What defies logic is now your gift. And all too real, Pisces.

In a nutshell: The Now Age of Aquarius is set to take you on a journey into the mysterious side of life, Pisces. Your intuition is your guide. What seems unreal is all too real for you. Play with magic, imagination and take a leap of faith into your future!





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