Sensuality and Passion in the Year of the Snake!

The Chinese New Year officially began on February 10th bringing us the Year of the Snake. This Snake year is a Black Water Snake and it’s ushering in the opportunity for us all to get in touch with the intuitive, transmutational and sensual sides as every year brings with it a different energy. With Snake energy we’re being offered the ability to be able to read complicated situations very accurately so many of us will discover our intuition is offering us amazing insights and we’re picking up information we would have overlooked before. What we need to remember with the essence of snake energy is that while it gives us the information we need quickly, the deeper message is to wait to take action. Think about it – often a snake waits to strike! Snake energy empowers us by giving us not only the insight we need but also in knowing when to act on what we’ve learned!

Snake wisdom brings us the ability to handle change – transmutation and transformation. The Snake effortlessly sheds its skin. Many of us will receive insights that change is on the way and again, we may be amazed at how accurate these premonitions turn out to be! The message here is that change is inevitable – so why stand in its way?

For centuries snakes have symbolised wisdom – after all, it was snake to persuaded Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge – and also sensuality. In Chinese astrology the snake is seen as good, kind and intelligent. Tuning into the energy of this year we can access our creativity and also our sensuality – which are actually one and the same thing! Snake energy is female creative power and intuition and by using this energy we create and emanate passion, psychic awareness, sexuality, and sensuality in our lives. Desire is just the need to ‘tap into’ the power of your passion. In fact, discovering the power of passion truly does sum up what this year is all about.

In many native cultures Snake is seen as having the ability to create a healing on all four levels of existence – a quantum thought that emerged thousands of years before current theories on the holographic universe! By being open to the energy of this year we can become our own healers and at the same time awaken our psychic abilities in order to really own our personal and spiritual power! So – if you still think snakes are to be feared – think again and embrace the power of the Year of the Snake!


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