Chinese Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit

Having just ushered in 2011, we are rapidly approaching the start of the Chinese Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit which begins on February 3rd 2011.

Those of you who feel as though you have been clinging on by your fingertips through the fiery white-knuckle ride the Metal Tiger took us on will be hugely relieved to hear that this year heralds a far more peaceful time for all with the focus on harmony and matters close to home and heart. 

Rabbits are gentle and sensitive and like everyone to feel comfortable and happy, especially close friends and family.  Rabbits also have a good head when it comes to business, however, and handle matters related to work with a surprisingly shrewd and sure touch.  They are perfectly happy to work industriously behind the scenes and much prefer to be part of a team than stepping out into the position of leader.  In their personal lives, this expresses itself as sometimes appearing aloof as Rabbits can be slightly cool characters until they accept you into their coveted inner circle and open up.

The more fiery signs may see Rabbit’s preference for staying close to home as a lack of an adventurous spirit, but this isn’t the case.  Rabbits are very clear about what’s important to them and as long as those they love are content and close and there is enough for all to share, Rabbit is perfectly happy and doesn’t feel the need to push themselves into taking madcap risks.  Rabbits are very protective, however, and will always go the extra mile for those they love.

All in all, the energy of the year will be very much about taking stock of what’s important, restoring harmony to any areas that have fallen out of balance one way or another and lavishing loved ones with affection and attention.   If you want to see how the overall energy of the year affects you according to your individual Chinese astrological sign, find out here!

Loads of love,

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