Weekly Astrology Forecast August 31 2020 – Full Moon in Pisces

full moon in pisces

Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs August 31 2020


Desire fuels those ambitions

Own your worth

The slow burn goes the distance

Secret ambitions and desires could just be realised under this week’s full Moon in your 12th. Aside from handing you the equivalent of a Zoom meeting with your higher self, this is all about utilising your intuitive skills to practical effect. There’s a saying there’s no room for emotion in business. And we’ve seen what happens when business doesn’t have a heart. The new model for success is going to be all about interweaving working your smarts like a boss while harnessing your intuition. And it starts here, Aries.

Work that self-worth

Don’t sell yourself out or your true values. Liberating aspects between the Sun in your 6th and Uranus in your 2nd could lead to breakthroughs. Mercury also in its ruling 6th trines retro Saturn in its ruling 10th while Venus in your 4th on the 1st opposes it. Mercury and Venus win this one. You’ve put in the time and the effort. Now, receive emotional and even material satisfaction.

Share that passion

Mercury moves into your partnership sector on the 5th while Venus enters your romance zone on the 6th. You’re feeling playful, optimistic and looking to show the love. It’s a good week to go in search of it or bask in your achievements, Aries. Passion is about to go into a slow burn from next week. Just bear in mind what’s slow to ignite, usually burns the longest.

In a nutshell: Love which burns slowly in the end burns the brightest – and the longest, Aries. So, bear this in mind. Those long term ambitions? The same thing applies. The long haul brings rewards now.



Get ready for your close-up, Taurus!

Love arrives out of the blue

Go where freedom wants to take you

Friends, groups, clubs, communities, networks, bands, associations and shared visions are highlighted by this week’s full Moon in your 11th.

Make the most of unexpected connectivity

With the Sun and Mercury in your 5th at the start of the week, you won’t be in a mood to stay snuggled with Netflix. Uranus rules your 11th and is of course, in your 1st. The 1st sees the Sun make a wonderful trine to Uranus in your 1st, while ruler Venus in your 3rd opposes retro Saturn in your 9th. It’s pushing you out the door or at least towards connecting in socially distanced ways because right now you need your people, Taurus. Love could arrive out of the blue or in an unexpected package. Be ready – and open both in mind and heart.

Freedom sends you into the wide blue yonder

For you, who you know or meet represents both freedom and a path to your dreams. The world needs to see you again – or at least know you are still there! So look for ways to make it easy for others to find you. The current situation with Covid-19 has meant we have all had to get very creative when it comes to exploring and maintaining our connectivity. Uranus is the planet of community and also innovation. So, you have invention on your side. And Mercury’s trine to Saturn on the day of the full Moon assisting with important long term connections and moves towards freedom.

Both Mercury and ruler Venus are on the move this week. Mercury into its ruling 6th on the 5th and Venus into your 4th the next day. This is all about wellbeing and what contributes to that. Your home, family, sense of belonging, the environment you inhabit. If you are connecting to others or exploring opportunities from home, all the more reason to look to creating an environment that not only nurtures you – but inspires too. Does yours do that? It’s linked to how you feel as you are extra-sensitive to ‘vibes’ right now. If you need to move on up or alter your lifestyle to create this, then do that. A sense of place also adds up to a sense of freedom for you this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Ready for something different, Taurus? Someone or something arrives this week which represents both adventure and freedom. Be open to what this or they look like. A little blue sky thinking takes you towards your dreams.



Get serious about serious results

Know when to let go

Intuition frees you from restriction

Yes, you’ve been dealing with ‘heavy’ astro weather in your other money house – your 8th, since the end of 2017, Gemini. The good news is that you are almost at the end of this cycle.

This week offers a chance to bring a key negotiation to a close or take control of an area of your life. Time to step into soul empowerment and work that like a boss. You’ll need to stay in touch with your intuition as you do. And also, be open to heading in a fresh direction if one is offered. Sometimes victory means letting go. And the power of insight is knowing when to do this!

Send a serious message for serious results

The Sun and ruler Mercury in your 4th align to Uranus in your 12th (1st) and heavy weather Saturn (2nd). We also have a full Moon in Saturn’s ruling 10th on the 2nd. Venus in its ruling 2nd opposes Saturn in your 8th on the 1st. This is your chance, via strength and unshakeable purpose Warrior Soul, to transcend some of the restrictions you have been battling once and for all.

Your public or professional image will be important, as will your ability to convey the fact you are serious or determined to bring about a serious result or change. This full Moon highlights ambitions and what you want to achieve. It also asks you be practical and yes, work what you have like you are CEO of You.Inc.

Love wasn’t meant to be hard work

Rewards or just an easing of your current circumstances could flow as a result. Certainly, there’s a lighter feel around you as ruler Mercury enters your 5th inviting your inner child and romantic out to play again. You’re feeling freer, more carefree and also more at ease about things thanks to Venus’s arrival in Mercury’s 3rd the following day.

This is one of those Venus transits which hands you enhanced psychic abilities to bring to bear around money matters, work and business. Not to mention love. So, when it nudges you with a new idea – follow through. Take this as a little bit of extra magic healing for those heavy weather blues, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Ideas could appear out of nowhere. And if they do, this is your higher self talking, Gemini. So don’t question them. Follow through and watch how restrictions around love or abundance, begin to fall away.



Get answers to those big questions

Seek out connections which inspire

Lighten the load on love

Questions around the meaning of life or what’s out there waiting to be discovered will come to the surface for you this week, Cancer. And if you truly want answers to them and are open to what these are, you’ll receive them around the time of this week’s full Moon in your 9th on the 2nd.

Who inspires you?

The answers could also be provided by the people you know and meet now. Or they could be the embodiment of something you want to do, have, experience or achieve. Expect to connect to people that inspire. In fact, thanks to the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd – which Mercury rules, you’ll have little patience for people who focus on the negative. And in fact, will quickly see the impact their energy has on yours.

Let your love flow once more

The ‘heavy’ weather you have been living through with regards to partners, those you live or work with, or people who just seem to want to rain on your dreams, lifts this week too. Venus in your 1st opposes Saturn – cause of this feeling that love is hard work, on the 1st. While Mercury trines Saturn on the 2nd. Discussions around love or a new connection put things back on a free-flowing path again.

Both Mercury and Venus are on the move. Mercury into your home zone on the 5th, favouring anything from contracts, leases, buying, selling, decluttering, redecorating to feng shui. Venus leaves you 1st the following day and arrives in its ruling 2nd. Enhancing money making opportunities and also shifting your focus on to what you truly need and value. If love is the answer to those questions, then you’ll discover ways to make the most of the love you have or can create this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Has love been hard work lately? This week could see you back in the flow, Cancer. And if its answers to life’s big questions you seek – the solution could just surprise you. As could the source.



Change is often opportunity in disguise

Long term efforts result in rewards

A new cycle of attraction begins

Welcome in changes. Especially around work, wellbeing, career and anything you share with others this week, Leo. It’s not just the full Moon in your 8th on the 2nd empowering you to reach for something better.

It’s your entire money, work, career and secret ambition sectors alight now. Sure, you want success. But you’re not willing to sacrifice what matters most to get it. This will be apparent the day before the full Moon when your ruler the Sun trines Uranus in your status sector.

Become the beacon for what you want to attract

Venus is about to enter your sign on the 6th initiating a new cycle of attraction as it does. When it arrives, time to project that royal Leo signature style. And to understand that to activate the Law of Attraction we must project out into the outer world an accurate representation of how we feel inside for it to work.

Before its arrival in your sign, Venus opposes retro Saturn in your 6th on the 1st while Mercury (also on the move on the 5th) trines Saturn on the 2nd. This could add up to news and rewards around long term efforts. But you also not willing to sacrifice what truly matters to you to claim them.

Mercury’s arrival in its ruling 3rd on the 5th signals a period of working in harmony with others – this includes yourself, and the opportunity to sell or showcase your ideas. Writing, speaking, messages, getting around, short journeys, studying and the internet feature. Business could expand and so may your bank account. If you want to be noticed, dress to stand out, work your brand and know – you are your ideas and possibly the next big one, Leo!

In a nutshell: Venus in your sign this week dusts you with glamour and star quality, Leo. Of course, you always have those to hand. It’s just that your power to attract just got super-sized this week!



Look deep into that soul mirror

Love reflects how you see yourself

Its all about soul worth this week!

When there’s a full Moon in your 7th you know this is always about someone acting as your mirror, Virgo.

Love reflects back at you

Your present, potential or even, past partner are just three possibilities now. Someone is reflecting back at you. Not just how they see you but this is a facet of how you see yourself. Your expectations, dreams, desires. The love you have and have to share. And yes, on the odd occasion, this person is that frenemy, rival, opponent or someone we sincerely wish would explode or disappear into a parallel universe so they don’t bother us again.

The Sun in your sign wants you to break free of past perceptions around who you are and what you can have as it trines Uranus in your 9th. You’ve evolved, Virgo. Have your relationships kept up? Uranus always wants to free us. Always.

Shape up with soul worth

Venus is the planet which rules your love life and it is on the move this week after opposing Saturn in your romance zone on the 1st. Maybe what you are seeking is a more grown-up love? Ruler Mercury trines Saturn from your 1st the same day as the full Moon appears. So, serious love discussions or that lover had ‘better shape up’ to borrow a line from Grease.

Both your ruler (5th) and Venus (6th) are then moving. Mercury into Venus’s ruling 2nd and Venus into your soul secrets – and secret loves, 12th. What themes began at the start of this week now resonate deep within you as you see what people reflect back at you is an accurate picture of your soul worth. It’s what got you this far, Virgo.

So, if you need to set your stock higher, this may mean raising your values and your expectations too. And if the past comes calling now, ask whether it (or they) are aligned with your soul stock now – or what it was back then. And you’ll know whether to say yes or no to it in the here and now.

In a nutshell: What are your values and how do they differ from those you held in the past? Especially when it comes to how you value yourself. The sweet here and now shows you this week, Virgo.



If it feels good – go with it

Embrace liberating change

Is it time for a whole new you?

Dive deep into wellbeing with this week’s full Moon in your 6th. Follow intuition down to soul insights around what does you good, makes you feel good and aligns your energy.

Above all, understand it doesn’t have to make sense logically but the key is to go with what feels right for you. We also need to talk about what you need to let go of with the Sun in your 12th and Mercury also in here until the 5th, follow what your gut is telling you.

The Sun trines Uranus on the 1st offering a radical and liberating change for you. This could be around where or how you live and work. Ruler Venus in your 10th until the 6th, opposes retro Saturn in your 4th on the 1st, while Mercury trines is on the day of the full Moon. So, a new and more supportive foundation for living and working could be the result of major changes.

Create a new you

Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 5th putting the emphasis now on what you say and communicate. Is it time for a relaunch or rebranding? Work that personal message now especially on-line as the internet and your on-line profile are your playgrounds. The other house which touches on these themes is of course your 11th. This is the house of friends plus your place within the collective. Large groups of people.

Your 11th is ruled by Uranus which rules electronics and yes, the internet along with Mercury. So, put yourself out there this week. Venus’s arrival in here is more about love of friends and followers now. Being noticed and feeling connected is all part of that feel-good process this week, Libra. So, explore this in any and every way you can.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus always wants to deliver new love experiences whenever it changes signs. This week puts it in your 11th of friends and the future. Be part of a bigger, all embracing and more connected love now, Libra.



Change begins within you

Join the wellbeing revolution

Truth, freedom, beauty – and love – go find them

Joining in a wellbeing movement, diet, exercise, saving your inner environment, eating healthy and saving the planet – you could be on a mission to tackle one, some or all of these this week, Scorpio.

You’re seeking new ways to feel good now. And open to what’s out there in the collective to achieve this thanks to the Sun and Mercury in your 11th. It’s also a fabulous week to connect and explore how love and partnerships play a role in all this. Think of this as an interconnecting puzzle.

Something bigger, freer and more lasting may be at the heart of your desires. It’s also a week to seek and possibly find it if that’s your goal as the Sun in your 11th trines Uranus (ruler of your 11th) in your 7th on the 1st.

Truth, Freedom, Beauty, Love

Plus you have Venus which rules your 7th in your 9th opposing Saturn in your 3rd. Meetings, news and opportunities free you from restrictions. While the full Moon in your 5th on the 2nd, lights the way towards romance and pleasure.

This same day sees Mercury trine Saturn. Again, this could see you mining the internet or even your contacts for ways to heal and boost wellbeing. Mercury lands in your mysterious 12th from the 5th, while Venus moves into your 10th of public image and status from the 6th.

The desire to feel at your best is now fueled by opportunities to showcase yourself and your talents or be noticed by people you want to impress – either personally or professionally. Mercury in your 12th nudges you towards inspired ways to bring this about. Don’t question it. Simply go with your gut and be part of a bigger change, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: You can can can in what is a Moulin Rouge vibe of a week, Scorpio. Especially when it comes to love. Truth, beauty and freedom are also what you need now. Anything less just doesn’t support you.



Get your base in place!

Security is the new freedom

Release yourself back into the flow of abundance

Many of you could be moving this week. Certainly, there’s a deep emotional need within you to establish something or head for that safe harbour, Sag.

Find where the adventures begin – and end

As the explorer philosopher of the zodiac, you’re happy to call the world your home. But everyone needs a home port to return to. Or a launch pad from which to aim for the stars. This week’s full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th which appears on the 2nd, is all about that. What underpins or supports those dreams in other words?

You have a rare opportunity to create that this week. The Sun and Mercury in your 10th charge those ambitions plus your ability to impress influencers, bosses, VIP’s and decision makers. Shifts around work and your values align with a new set of ambitions you’ve created for yourself.

Home free

Saturn in your money house has made finances heavy going these past 2.5 years. Venus which rules this house in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th, opposes it on the 1st, linking you back to the flow of abundance. While Mercury in Saturn’s ruling house trines it on the day of the full Moon. Make decisions with an eye to the long term – for permanent improvements.

Mercury is then on the move into your 11th so watch for invitations heading your way from the 5th. Venus arrives in your 9th of all things Sag-ruled from the 6th. Firing up your passion to head off in search of someone or something. Now you’ve got your base you’re free to pursue it, Sag.

In a nutshell: The past 2.5 years should have shown you that true freedom springs from having a safe harbour. And a map to get you where you want to go. Establishing what and/or where this is, is your key to opportunity now.



If it feels good – follow it

Get talking

Get ready for heart-starting love

The key to freedom is feeling good, this week, Capricorn. And love is after all, always the best medicine.

Venus remains in its ruling 7th in your chart until the 6th. This week sees it oppose your ruler Saturn in your 1st, while Mercury in your 9th trines it on the 2nd. The 1st also sees the Sun in your 9th trine Uranus in your romance zone. Love could be found in unexpected places or come in a new and tantalizingly exciting package for singles. Settled? You need more variety and excitement this week. Think about how you could go about creating that.

Start a meaningful conversation

The full Moon in your 3rd also on the 2nd fuels conversations around this and your ideas. It’s a wonderful full Moon to talk about love, to bring a business or written project to a conclusion or to initiate conversations of any kind. Whether in person or on-line as this is the house of the internet. Looking for love? It could be a click or a swipe away.

Mercury has your back when it comes to business, your reputation and career moves as it arrives in your 10th on the 5th. But you must be prepared to back up what you say with action or stand by your word.

Venus in your ‘other’ money house from the 6th could see that love connection deepen. Or put you in a position to access financial or other resources. Someone may very well want to say ‘Yes’ to you this week, Capricorn. News or simply that connection you’ve been waiting for could arrive – out of the blue.

In a nutshell: ‘We need to talk’ should be replaced with ‘Let’s talk about love’ this week, Cappy. Conversations which come from the heart enhance those present connections. Or draw love unexpectedly closer.



No change = no butterflies

Transformation is the key to freedom

Time to be two

Change is necessary for evolution and growth. So, don’t stand in its way this week, Aquarius.

The Sun in your change sector trines ruler Uranus in your 4th at the start of the month. Shifts around your home, living arrangements, income or work are designed for freedom and your ultimate benefit. The purpose behind them could be hidden for now due to Venus in your 6th opposing Saturn in your 12th on the 1st. And Mercury in your 8th trineing it on the 2nd.

This day also brings you a full Moon in your 2nd. Telling you that this is all linked to your values. If change arrives without you initiating it, understand that it is designed for your ultimate benefit. So, don’t resist it but go with it instead. Without change there would be no butterflies. And that’s you this week.

Change up that love experience

Mercury exits your 8th and enters your 9th of big picture thinking on the 5th. This is your house of expansion and opportunity. So, you may now have an inkling of how liberating change can be. Venus arrives in its ruling 7th from the 6th.

It’s time to shine, to attract and to be part of a dynamic duo on some level. Yes, this may be your spouse, live in love, your boo – present or potential. Or it could be that bestie, that work colleague, activity or business partner. Someone close to you could embody the change in person. The change is all about the love experience. No matter what form it takes, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: No matter what change looks like this week, it’s designed for your benefit, Aquarius. And remember – going from single to in a relationship is a change too. One for the better.



Love the way you work it

Get some routine devotion

Who has the #1 position in your soul chart?

Who is #1 on your mind this week, Pisces? There is one particular person, connection or relationship in focus for you now. Is it time for a little relationship gardening? Either to nurture what you already have or to plant the seeds for a new one?

Just who is in focus?

The full Moon in your 1st on the 2nd shines its light into your opposite house – your 7th of partners. So, it will either land on someone or spotlight an empty space which needs filling. Which is it? The Sun and Mercury remain in your 7th. Unexpected news or encounters could occur on the 1st as the Sun trines Uranus in your 3rd while Venus in your 5th of romance and love affairs, opposes retrograde Saturn in your 11th. Could it be if you are looking for love there are no ‘wrong’ places to look now?

The day of the full Moon also delivers a trine between Mercury and Saturn. Time for a talk between you and someone close to you? It’s now. This alignment can also see the start of a lasting discussion or interaction. So, take the initiative and start the conversation. You never know where it could take you.

Mercury’s move into your 8th from the 5th sends the conversation in another direction entirely. This could be around what you share, your salary, assets, loans, mortgages and other resources. And yes, this is your house of sex so that texting could move to sexting!

Show your routine some everyday kind of love

Venus is also on the move. Into your 6th of work and wellbeing. Venus always wants to make things easier. Ways to enhance your everyday routine, a new approach to diet and wellness are just a few benefits Venus can hand you while in here. Enhancing your closest relationships is always a good place to begin. So open up the love discussion this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon in your sign shines on either the focus of your heart. Or a space you need to fill within it, Pisces. Whichever it is, time to show every area of your life the love.




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