August 2022 Monthly Astrology Horoscope – Life changing times

monthly michele knight

Hello Beautiful Soul

We are in life-changing times! The mighty North Node, Uranus, and Mars conjunction is shaking us all up and chucking us into a different vibration. The North Node is the key to the evolution of our spirit, our destiny, and our growth. Not only that, the North Node releases us from the past and is a dream maker (well, we make the dreams if we follow the truth of our heart), And that is just the beginning of this month’s astrology! All the outer planets go retrograde this month, leading us to dig that treasure from the past. It’s time to open up to our full potential, even if that means curling up and taking time out for self-care. The key is being true to our authentic selves and fearlessly going for it.

Big love to you


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