May 2019 Astrology Forecast, It’s SPICY

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Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2019 – It’s SPICY!


  • Know you are enough
  • Don’t settle for anything less than a ‘Just the way you are’ love
  • A new deal is on the table which reflects a new you

Feel the power of love this May, Aries. And there’s no ‘maybe’ about it, You begin the month with a powerful meetings between Venus and Vesta in your sign. You’re being asked to own your right to be loved, appreciated and acknowledged.  Not just on a personal level , but also on a worldly and professional one. This means not being made to feel you have to be anything other than who you are to get the love or validation you’re seeking. Vesta’s power comes from first and foremost belonging to ourselves.

In  Roman times, the Vestal Virgins occupied a unique position in society. They spent 30 years in the temple (a full Saturn cycle) tending the sacred flame. After which they were set free and answered to no one – unique in a society where women were the property of their fathers or husbands. The girls were handpicked by the Pontifix Maximus and under his control during their time of service. So, you can see the connection between Saturn, father figures, controlling men and the ‘establishment’. Or situations where women are made to feel they must compete with other women for that lover, attention or even recognition. If they allowed the sacred flame to go out, they were beaten. So, another way Vesta can manifest in this day and age, is being made to feel there are consequences for stepping ‘out of line’ – or refusing to play by the rules that are made up by someone else! Look carefully at situations where you are being made to feel you are not quite ‘good enough’ as you are. Or where someone else is setting those rules.

You have a powerful new Moon of increased emotional self-worth in your 2nd on the 4th. This connections you to a wellspring of abundance and an inner knowing when it comes to setting your price.  Both for your skills and how you expect to be treated by others. The power of love expands now to the confidence to say what needs to be said (perhaps overdue) and break free of any situation that controls or confines you. Ruler Mars in your 3rd opposes retro Jupiter in its ruling 9th on the 7th, while Venus in your 1st trines it on the 10th. Suddenly you see you’re entitled to a bigger slice of love – or even life than you’ve dared to ask for. You can now claim something that’s yours and yours alone. You are in the words of Swing Out Sister going to: find a way, say what you want to say – and break out.

The chance to do just that, to grab an opportunity and head in a freewheelin’ direction, could just present itself during the key 12- 14th period. Renegotiate love on your terms or else step into full Power of Love mode and claim freedom thanks to a Grand Fire Trine between Venus in your 1st, the Moon in your 5th of romance which allows you to shine, and that Jupiter. This isn’t just some grand dream either. This aspect ignites Jupiter’s generosity and door-opening capabilities. Especially if you are ready for a bigger kind of love or learning experience. Just two days later on the 14th, opportunity gets very real and down-to-earth thanks to a grounding and possibly game-changing Grand Earth Trine. The Sun in your money and self-worth zone illuminates a Moon now in your work sector and Pluto in your house of success. Not only that, Venus angles to ruler Mars in your 3rd on this day, handing you confidence, creativity and conviction in any you say or communicate. This is one of the best periods of the month for you to schedule important interviews, meetings, presentations or just tackle anything you have been putting off and you want to ensure you give yourself the maximum chance at achieving your desired outcome.

Planets are on the move from the 15th with Venus entering its ruling 2nd and Mars your 4th on the 16th. Mars in your 4th is not a happy houseguest. Channel its energy into doing things to the home – redecorating, DIIY jobs, moving if this is your desire, or establishing something long term. Your 2nd house now contains massive future making potential with electrifying choices available to you unlike any you have encountered before. Uranus left your sign and entered here in March, offering you freedom when it comes to your money, how you make it, bank it, use it, invest it, borrow it. This is why the work you did at the start of the month around valuing yourself and not needing to be anyone other than who you are, is so important. This is your house of values and you now need to come from a place of knowing you are enough. This surety ensures success in any dealings you undertake now. The full Moon of the 18th in your 8th is one that shines on your emotional worth and will test this if it is still lacking. You may be put in a position where you have to stand up and state your worth and belief in yourself. Expect peak experiences and something to come to a climax under this Moon. Know your worth.

The 21st sees the Sun and Mercury enter your 3rd – Mercury’s ruling house. Both are about to make powerful oppositions to both Ceres and Jupiter in your 9th. Fast moving, quick-silver Mercury reaches Ceres on the 25th, the Sun on the 29th, while Mercury will oppose Jupiter on the 30th. There’s a new deal on  the table reflecting the new you. Ceres is all about compromise. But in this case and astonishing and generous outcome is yours to negotiate and to enjoy. Get an outcome which reflects your new appreciation of all you have to offer. New opportunities in love and romance also reflect your ‘wishlist’ mindset. Venus still in its ruling 2nd beams to Saturn in its ruling 10th. For some with may represent moving up professionally with the added ability now of not being made to play by someone else’s rules. For others – a lover who embodies your ‘I am enough’ knowing. Be enough just as you are to get so much more this May, Aries.

In a nutshell: Just the way you are, Aries? Say farewell to being made to feel you have to be someone you’re not to get what you deserve. The game of love – and life, can be played by your rules now.


  • Hidden relationship dynamics are revealed
  • Dare to be differently yourself
  • Love is worth the investment

Get ready for revelations which illuminate more than one important area of life for you this May, Taurus. Ruler Venus in your 12th shows you a hidden relationship dynamic on the 1st when it encounters Vesta in here. Now you see it, you’ll wonder why you were blind to it before. You also have Mercury in here until the 6th and Venus remains in residence until the 15th, when the planet of love and beauty, restores your soul, dusts you with glamour and asks if you believe in lie after love, when it arrives in your 1st.

Until then, others won’t be able to predict your reactions. Themes around revolution and freedom are daring all of us to think, do, believe and behave differently now. But of all the signs, you are the one who is the poster child for the soul revolution thanks to Uranus in your 1st. The new Moon in your sign on the 4th is your most important of the year as it is your new Moon of awakenings. This new Moon is going to allow you to tap in to the all-bets-are-off emotional potential Uranus in your sign is set to deliver. This is the first time in your lifetime you have had access to new, exciting and above all, vastly different ways of relating. You’re unafraid to express what you are really feeling. Others who may have pigeon-holed you, taken you for granted and else thought they could safely predict your every move, may now be confounded and shocked. You simply no longer fit that box they’ve tried to confine you to any more. As for you, that ‘free to be me’ attitude is both liberating and sexy, Taurus! You’re actively wanting to explore that road where you experiences count. You also need more depth in your connections. You’ll be holding up relationships to the searchlight of your soul, examining them and now be fearless when it comes to choosing those that can give this to you. Jupiter in your 8th opposes Mars in your money and self-worth sector on the 7th. This is the day after Mercury enters your 1st and the day before it meets Uranus in here for the first time. You’#ll make choices around work and relationships from a place of total honesty and integrity. Yes, some people may feel you’ve changed as these may run contrary to how they see you – or what they feel they have come to expect from you. But it’s not so much that you’ve changed – you are simply becoming more authentically you. And as a result you’re only interested in connections or even situations, that allow you to be just that.

Watch for proof of this around the time of the 10th -14th when Venus, still in your 12th, trines Jupiter. This could bring up something from your past but which comes with the promise of a dramatically different outcome. Why the difference? The difference is simply you. The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th puts the Sun  in your 1st in alignment with the Moon in your 5th and Pluto in your 9th. You are now living those changes in ways that evolve, transform and free you. This may also go hand-in-hand with permanent changes around how others perceive you. But these are now how you want to be perceived. As you.

This takes place a day before ruler Venus arrives in your 1st. This reinforces the themes begun at the time of that new Moon on the 4th. What has begun to manifest for you> A radically different pat or choice opens up now. Perhaps more aligned to how you see yourself. Exciting new beginnings, a radical move in a different direction or you attracting in someone or something which represents this new dynamic presents itself as Venus and Uranus meet in your 1st on the 18th. This could be the love that freed you up to be who you are or a liberating opportunity which changes your current circumstances. Be open, flexible and above all, ready. This is highly likely to involve a situation with you and at least one other personal as this occurs the same day as the full Moon in your 7th – Venus’s ruling house. Your emotional needs come to the surface as do questions around the quality of your relationship(s). Focus on how those needs are answered.

Who or what adds value to your life and what you do? What is the value you yourself bring to any situation – whether personal or professional? Is this a like-for-like arrangement? Expect an upswing in work or business with opportunities to increase your net worth as the Sun and Mercury arrive in your 2nd on the 21st. When it comes to value – what you invest you will take out and perhaps with interest now. Negotiations, settlements and also compromises feature when Mercury opposes Ceres in your 8th on the 25th and the Sun makes the same angle on the 29th. It’s a brand new world and a brand new deal for you. See any business contract, financial dealings as a win/win for both sides, but geared in your favour as Mercury goes on to oppose Jupiter on the 30th. Just however be aware that is something is truly lived out and no longer adds that value, it will be let go of now. Ruler Venus and Saturn usually do not have a lot in common. Except of course, when we take into consideration Saturn’s rings. As in ‘put a ring on it’ as Saturn rules commitment. Whether it’s a renewed commitment to your authentic self, to a relationship or to sealing that deal, Venus’s angle to Saturn on the 31st says its aligned in your favour. Freedom or the outcome may have taken time, love, tenderness  or just patience and hard work to arrive at. But as we head into June, it will prove to have been worth waiting for or working towards. And worth being who you are to attain, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Just who do you think you are, Taurus? Others may be confounded as you step out of the mould they have confined you to.  But you and who really matters loves someone like you now.


  • Welcome to the Lost & Found office of the universe
  • Let the right one in
  • Happy birthday, Gemini!

We’re headed towards your fresh-start cycle which begins on the 21st when both the Sun and ruler Mercury announce your birthday greetings when they arrive in your sign, Gemini.  But May begins with a close look at friends, groups, bands, networks and all those wider connections. Venus and Vesta meet in your 11th on the 1st. You’ll be examining your friendships closely and asking whether they are supportive – or something else entirely. Do you feel you have to ‘keep up’ with certain friends? By that I mean maintain a faced. Peer group pressure can be subtle and it also cuts across all age and social groups.  You may be about to see one or even some of these in a very different light. Secrets, hidden agendas, motives, clandestine goings on, gossip, listening, espionage, intuition, mediumship and even links to places of confinement or addiction could be revealed.

Listen to sub-text but also be mindful that actions speak louder than words now. Is something telling you one thing but their actions speak of something else entirely? Be aware of this kind of contradiction. There’s a saying that ‘the truth will set you free’. You are going to see this particular truism play out in your life time and time again over the next seven years now Uranus is in your 12th. Just before your birthday and also immediately following the Sun’s entry into your sign will bring out these themes in unimaginable ways during this cycle. So be alert as this May will be the first time you will have experienced the electric shock of the steel hard unadulterated truth which unshackles you from your illusions. This may begin with one particular connection but then the ripples spread into other areas. Along with the new Moon in here on the 12th, ruler Mercury – always the cosmic courier, provides you with a ‘heads-up’ when it enters here from the 6th.

There’s a call to follow through on intuitive insights. Your ruler and this new Moon bring you the intuitive wisdom of time, space and the cosmos within reach. And allows you to draw this ‘down to earth’ and connect to it in ways which allow you to put it to practical use. Profound changes are likely to occur following this as you take whatever steps are necessary when you realise the truth behind these insights!

Clear the decks for action. Out with the old (this includes your ideas and thoughts as well as that clutter) and make room so the new can enter. Starting mid-month when you are able to clearly identify which aspects of your past are relevant and what now needs to be let go of. The past may re-enter your life – possibly in unexpected ways. You’re able to see the Law of Probabilities in action. Mind changes – yours or another’s, could be behind this. What you may have thought impossible now comes to pass. That person you never thought to see or hear from again, returns. Uranus in your 12th puts you in the Lost & Found office of the universe. In here you’ll find those missing pieces. The things you need but had no idea you were missing. What you need to know or understand. And resurrected aspects of your past which become relevant again. If you remain open-minded, let go of what you think is or isn’t possible and above all, hang on to the knowledge that absolutely everything that happens has a reason or a purpose behind it, then you will find exactly what you need – or it will find you. This includes those answers.

Venus enters this house on the 15th and for the first time in your lifetime, will meet with Uranus in here on the 18th. The 16th sets you up with the confidence and desire to take action on what you instinctively know is right and aligned with your true purpose and soul values  – all thanks to Mars shifting into your 2nd. Many astrologers focus solely on the Martian impetus to make money when in this house. But there’s another side to Mars in here that is often ignored and is about far more than just being a Wolf of Wall Street. And that is having the confidence to state our self-worth, to set our price and to take a stand over what we know is right. Mars in here literally shores up our values and makes certain we don’t sell ourselves short in either business or in our relationships.

So, if someone returns now – especially a past lover, their approach will be met by your new sense of increased worth. Are they able to meet this in turn? It’s going to determine where you go from here.

Exploring the mind/body/spirit/work  connection should be your next priority when the full Moon appears in your 6th on the same day as that unconventional love-in between Venus and Uranus. Whether you are aware of it or not, there’s a connection between your work, your daily routine and environment, atmospheres and what you eat. Sit in a toxic environment – you’ll feel polluted and drained. Fuel your body with convenience food, too many take outs and refined carbs and you lack energy. How all of this impacts on your wellbeing and emotions forms yet another revelation and gives you one more piece of that ‘need to know’ puzzle you’re assembling. When you see that cuase and effect – follow up with changes.

All this forms the backdrop of a birthday cycle like none other you’ve experienced before. The Sun and ruler Mercury both arrives in your 1st on the 21st. What are your gifts for the upcoming year? The ability to know that while you may not ‘get it all’ – you receive something better – exactly what you need instead. Plus you’ll have the talent to let go of what gets in the way of that. Especially when it comes to love relationships and partnerships of all descriptions. This is the first birthday cycle you have entered into for 12 years where you have Jupiter in your house of opposite numbers and dynamic duos of all descriptions. It remains in here until December wanting you to experience that Big Love or enjoying benefits that come to you via partners in ways that you have not done for a very long time.

Long distance travel, foreign affairs – in every sense of the word, love that opens up your horizons and present, potential and even yes, past partners are in focus. Back to having it all. Look to what you need to let go of in order to have that love. A full schedule, staying hidden in the background or in that comfort zone, remaining in a relationship which no longer works or just be afraid to risk your heart – these are the things you may have to compromise on if any kind of partnership is your deepest wish. Jupiter rules luck and taking a chance. Ceres (also in your 7th) rules the Art of Compromise. You don’t need ‘it all’. You need the one that’s right for you. Mercury opposes Ceres on the 25th and then retro Jupiter on the 30th, while the Sun in your 1st opposes  Ceres on the 29th. Second chances or realising what (or who) you need could see you getting that one special person or opportunity during the next 12 months. It begins with taking a chance or letting go of what you don’t – in order to make room for something so much better.

In a nutshell: New cycle. New you. New possibilities, Gemini. This birthday season, you don’t need to get or have ‘it all’ You just need what’s right for you. Prepare to unwrap just what that is now.


  • No more time wasters
  • Know yourself – and own what you want
  • Get a new deal on love

You have diplomatic skills and solutions to hand when it comes to office politics or power struggles at work as May begins, Cancer. Venus and Vesta conjunct in your 10th as the month begins, say you may know full well someone is either throwing their weight around and expecting things to go their way, but you see this for what it is. You won’t directly confront but take a diplomatic side-step. The result being you are in a much better position to negotiate or act in your own best interests while allowing the other party to save face and avoid confrontations in the process. You could just see the results of this the following day when Mercury (also in your 10th) trines retro Jupiter in your work sector. This situation – or one very similar to it, may well repeat towards the end of the month when a fresh compromise of new deal could be called for. Don’t be afraid to give some concessions if it means everyone walks away with their pride intact and you get most of what you want in the process.

Your mantra now is ‘No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else’. PT Barnum said that. You’ve entered your ‘This is me’ era. Or you did the moment Uranus arrived in its ruling house (11th) in your chart in March. This is not only your house when you get to be wonderfully and unapologetically you. It’s also your house of the future. Time to look forward and not back now as the new Moon appears in here on the 4th. To be open minded and flexible when it comes to imagining what or who the future holds. All kinds of relationships are being given that litmus test of longevity this month. And with Uranus involved you can expect surprises. Connections you thoughts forged in the fires of forever break apart, new friendships or associations take you far from your usual social sphere, or you make a radically different choice around a partnership or friendship, than you would have done in the past. If it’s built to last, it is involves who you are on a soul level and if it continues to evolve you, then you have nothing to worry about.

Exciting new friendships can be made and unexpected invitations, meetings and even business or goal-related opportunities could follow Mercury’s meet-up with Uranus on the 8th. Be very aware of who you hear from or encounter now. Are they daringly different and unafraid to be who they are? Most importantly, do they know who they are? Know Thyself was carved above the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi. When we know ourselves we own our destiny. Knowing yourself means knowing what you want in turn. Whether it’s in love, friendship or business, you need to surround yourself with people who know who they are, so they know what they want. No more time-wasters.

Key dates and decisions around relationships, partnerships, long haul connections or meetings that can result in these forming are highlighted for you on the 11th. This sees the Sun in your 11th align with Saturn in your 7th. The 15th when Venus arrives in here and especially on the 18th when it meets Uranus. Unusual friendships that could be so much more are promised by this close encounter – the first time you have experienced this in your adult lifetime. These come with the ability to transform your future as this day sees Mercury trine Pluto also in your 7th while a full Moon lights up your romance sector. Love is in the air – or at the very least a chance to be noticed when you do something you love and by someone (or more than one person) that matters.

The Grand Fire Trine of the 14th between the Sun in your 11th, ruler the Moon in your 3rd and Pluto in your 7th hands you the ability to change forever how people or even one individual, sees you. Again, how do you want to be perceived or even loved? The answer should be for who you truly are. Mars in your 1st from the 16th adds sass-appeal. You should know now you own it and you’re working it! You’ll have the confidence to dare to be you – with no apologies and no holds-barred. The 22nd sees Mars and Uranus align. The result? You’re unafraid to go after or ask for what you want, Cancer. And those on your ‘wavelength’ are going to love it and respond accordingly.

This new you is also unafraid when others don’t respond positively or how you hoped they would. In the words of the late, great Kenny Rogers: You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. In astro parlance, it’s all down to timing and seeing things for how they are. Not how you would like them to be. You’ve entered preparation time for your fresh cycle from the 21st when the Sun and Mercury both arrive in your 12th. You’re in the mood to compromise or negotiate – without selling your soul to do it. Play with the possibilities on offer, table your own, but remain true at all times to your values as first Mercury on the 25th and then the Sun on the 29th oppose Ceres in your work and health sector. The end result is weighted in your favour. However – don’t rush your decisions. And if you feel pressured to make on – this is a red flag. New information may come to light or you may be offered and alternative and better option on the 30th when Mercury opposes retro Jupiter. Expect beautiful and possibly lasting outcomes from meetings or discussions as Venus trines Saturn in your 7th on the final day of the month. Know what you want, what you desire – and put a ring on it or seal that deal. This is what not being anyone but yourself gets you Cancer. The love or solution that’s designed specifically for you in mind.

In a nutshell:  This is not a month to imitate others. But a month to be yourself. Work it, own it. It’s your secret to success in simply all areas now, Cancer.


  • Get ready for a proud moment
  • Career opportunities allow you to shine brightest
  • What does the company you keep say about you?

Lions live in prides. So, it’s hardly surprising your sign is associated with having a certain sense of it. May could see you glowing with pride or even having something to roar about. You take pride in all kinds of things. Not just in yourself and your appearance, but in your achievements too. If you have either a Leo Sun or are a Leo rising, here’s a little astro-insight into successful relationships of all descriptions. You need a partner or even friends, you can take some pride in. If this is lost at any point, the connection will swiftly follow. Before we get into what May brings, take a moment to think back over the circumstances that have led to you having a change of heart around a connection. Chances are when you examine this closely, you’ll soon see that in some way, shape or form, you losing your pride in or around the person was the cause of the flounder. This could be anything from them saying or doing something that made you look at them differently to them literally hurting your pride. There’s a reason I’m discussing this now as this month will show you if your pride in someone is misplaced or well-invested.

Ready for that Leo pride to show you exactly which one this may be? Being ruled by the Sun you love illumination. Light travels in straight lines. That’s you. There’s no shadowy agenda or lurky, murky, corner-slinking machinations with you. Indirect is just not your style, baby! And you operate on the basis others are the same. Sadly, not so. The month begins with Venus and Vesta meeting in your 9th of expansion and freedom. This is your house of all things big. It’s also a very ‘open’ house – and by that I mean, things are what they appear to be in here. If they are not – they will be exposed. Vesta can bring up relationships or situations where there are hidden elements of control or where someone is placed in a position where they must compete or vie for someone’s attention.  Mercury also now in your 9th angles to Jupiter (retro) in your 5th the following day. You also have Venus in your 9th making the same angle to Jupiter on the 10th and a passion-igniting Grand Fire Trine on the 12th sees that Venus link to both Jupiter and the Moon in your 1st. Pride misplaced in someone? If so, you won’t look back. Others however could be fairly glowing with pride – basking in the reflection of a chosen one’s love or achievement – or even their own success. Remember, Jupiter remains in your 5th of all things Leo-ruled until December. Pride in your children or creative ventures could be other areas which see you shining.

Where specifically can you shine brightest this month, Leo? By taking a ‘You own it’ approach to career matters. You’d have to be living on well – Uranus, not to have been aware that the planet of awakenings and revolution, entered your career sector back in March. Love your present path? Work it from your own unique perspective with pride like a boss. Want to be  your own boss? You’ll get your chance at some point during the next seven years. The same goes for a change in direction if this is necessary. Square peg in a round hole that gives you no pride in what you do? Uranus will free you to find that perfect fit and hand you pride in your abilities. Above all, it’s about owning what you and you alone have to offer. Not about being a ‘yes’ person. This month’s new Moon on the 4th in this house marks the start of a new and different achievement cycle. Be open and adaptable and ready to step up to the mark when offered an opportunity to change, expand or explore your role.

Making your best possible impression on those in positions of influence and authority – in other words, people you admire and success stories to emulate, is your superpower from the 15th when Venus arrives in here. This month’s full Moon on the 18th takes place in the Moon’s ruling 4th. The same day as Venus meets Uranus in your 10th. Sudden opportunities to impress, electrifying and exciting career choices or the ability to establish something which brings you greater emotional security and satisfaction may be on offer. This may require you to step outside that usual comfort zone and make a different choice or to recognise that while what is on offer may not look exactly how you thought it would, it represents opportunity nonetheless.

Mars entered you 12th on the 16th which hands you the courage to explore the alternatives, seek the truth and go beyond the mundane meaning of events. Ruler the Sun along with Mercury changes signs on the 21st, arriving in Uranus’s ruling 11th. Your eyes should be well and truly fixed on the future now. As well as who you know and your professional and social network. Back to that pride. You know you can be judged by the company you keep. It is a reflection of who you are. So choose wisely and guard your image. This includes your on-line one. Whether you know it or not, people who matter are watching you. This especially applies around the 22nd when Mars and Uranus make a secretive yet highly charged angle between them.

A new world and a new deal is on the table as we head towards June. Think about what fires up your soul. And what it would take to have or experience that. There is a way and it possibly comes via someone you meet or already know. You may have even encountered them before but not realised the significance. Mercury and they your ruler oppose Ceres in your 5th on the 25th and 29th respectively. No one gets to ‘have it all’ but you Leo, could get most of it. Especially around the 30th when Mercury opposes Jupiter also in here. What comes knocking again could be even better and repurposed just for you in mind, the second time around. Adjust your expectations upward but know what you are prepared to give up to get what (or even who) you want. And what you won’t, Leo. It’s a proud moment.

In a nutshell: This month asks you never to underestimate that Leo pride. It’s as necessary as water, air and sunlight. Without pride, where’s the love? You know in what or who to invest in now.


  • Sometimes love means saying No
  • Life offers an invitation to broaden your horizons
  • Take a no-limits approach and big up those dreams!

The start of May could bring a situation to a head where you simply cannot afford to be a pushover, Virgo. Is that ‘Welcome’ tattooed on your forehead? Love and self-respect sometimes man saying ‘No’. So don’t be afraid to do just that if it is called for when Venus and Vesta meet in your 8th on the 1st.

Ruler Mercury remains in this house until the 6th, impacting on retro Jupiter in your 4th of home, family and security. If a move is delayed, don’t despair and don’t push things. Delays may well work in your favour. You may feel the ‘pull’ of your roots or even a place where you want to put down some. Where is that? This may not be where you are from, but where you feel you belong.

The 4th sees a new Moon in your 9th open passageways to travel, learning and exploration. If somewhere far away calls you – answer it especially when Mercury arrives in here two days later. The 8th sees it meet Uranus in here for the first time in your adult lifetime. A different kind of journey, worldview or experience now beckons you forward. Explore your soul options especially when it comes to stepping into unexplored or unknown territory. Remember, Uranus wants to shake us free of anything that holds us back or limits us. This includes ideas, thoughts and perceptions. We may have accepted our way of looking at the world, but Uranus can show us another one. Dream a different dream and then don’t just dream it – experience it. This is your house of adventure. What are you not letting yourself accept? Time to say ‘yes’ to it. It could turn out to be lasting especially if it relates to the pursuit of love and happiness thanks to the Sun also in here aligning to ‘Put a ring on it’ Saturn in your 5th on the 11th while Mercury follows suit on the 17th.

The 14th puts you at the very centre of a powerful Axis of Attraction. The like of which in terms of freedom and emotional satisfaction, you have not experience for some time. This day delivers the perfect Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 9th, the Moon in your 1st and Pluto in your 5th. Your love life, children, travel, creative ventures and opportunities to shine are packaged within the promise of this aspect. Give these a few days to manifest. Venus is about to enter your 9th and will encounter Uranus in here on the 18th. This is the same day ruler Mercury trines Pluto in your 5th and a full Moon in your 3rd shines in the direction of a game changing romance or brings news that could send you hurtling along an exciting new path. This Moon also favours bringing work projects of anything to do with writing, publishing, presenting, exams, theses, speaking or pitching, to fruition. Send that idea or message ‘out there’ – and watch for answers.

Mars in your 11th (Uranus’s ruling house) from the 16th, sends you off in search of excitement. Sex up that social life now. You’re tired of the same old social scene or faces. Just be careful of the company you keep or where you seek it out. While Mars in here hands you the confidence to go out and meet new people and invigorates a lacklustre social life, you need to avoid risk taking especially when it comes to people you don’t know that well or ‘dodgy’ parts of town. Step out, but stay street smart.

The 21st sees both the Sun and your ruler enter your 10th of career, rewards and reputation. Both are now set to oppose Ceres in your 4th on the 25th (Mercury) and 29th (Sun). Mercury opposes retro Jupiter on the 30th. Has some kind of invitation been re-issued? Or a deal been re-purposed? This is why I mentioned not pressing forward with plans that may be delayed at the start of the month. There may now be a much better deal to be struck. Yes, you may have to make a compromise in certain areas. But it is one you can live with and rest assured, you are happy with the bargain that is struck.

The month ends on a future promise of more good things to come as Venus trines Saturn. Each decision you make opens up the way to another which builds on the one previous. Even Father Time can’t resist that alluring freedom and passion that Venus is offering now. A destiny defining trip, opportunity or romance takes you forward with future promise. Rings come in many forms. Some have keys on them too. You’ll put a ring around something this month, Virgo. Even if it’s just the circles you’re running around the competition. Or that key that opens the door marked ‘Potential’.

In a nutshell: Ready to explore a new path? No matter what direction you head in, whether it’s towards somewhere, something or even someone – your destination is love this May, Virgo.


  • Define your version of two-getherness
  • Love and other assets are up for negotiation
  • How powerful do you feel?

Could love finally happen on your terms now, Libra? Or else it gets put on a very different footing than it ever has been before.  You want balance, equality and true connection. The time of guesswork, wondering, chopping and changing, rejection – either you being rejected on rejecting what’s on offer – those days are well and truly behind you now. In their place, sexy certainty and an inner knowing when someone – or something, is right for you. You may put all your experiences gained over the past seven tumultuous years to good use at the top of the month when ruler Venus meets Vesta in its ruling 7th. You’re seeking that all-important balanced perspective across all kinds of relationships. This includes working and business partnerships, long term friendships as well as loves. Or even that individual that you can’t stand as this could mark the point of dealing with them once and for all. You’re simply unafraid to address any areas you feel are not aligned to your freshly forged surety when it comes to how two-getherness needs to work. Plus a fabulous alignment between Mercury also in your 7th, and retro-active Jupiter in your 3rd on the 2nd, sees you able to express this.

The new Moon in your 8th on the 4th, marks the ‘official’ cosmic start of a powerful cycle which links into all this. This is your house of shared resources, assets, what you borrow, owe or are owed. It rules loans, taxes, mortgages, maintenance, benefits, joint accounts, your salary, what you share or is shared with you in turn, and also how powerful you feel when it comes to attracting and utilising money and other assets. On a deeply personal level, this is your house of sex and it also rules the support you get (or feel you are getting) from your deepest, most intimate connections. So, expect to be examining these and asking the big question: Are you getting enough? Or getting back the equivalent of what you are putting in?

Mercury enters this house on the 6th, boosting your ability to negotiate and once Mars arrives in your 10th from the 16th, you’re able to bring real power to the table. Big changes to how you talk about, handle, deal with or invest your money, salary, investments, property, charity donations, your banking and anything shared with another (be it a person, entity or organisation) are in motion now. Again, these stem from you coming from a new place of relating – and this includes to relating to your self-worth and what you have at your disposal or own. Mercury’s meeting with Uranus on the 8th could see you entering into discussions or a new agreement around one or more of these themes. The 12th– 14th brings us a rare pair of Grand Trines. The first a Grand Fire Trine between Venus still in your 7th, the Moon in your 11th and Jupiter in your 3rd. A partnership – present, past or potential, could be set to benefit you. The 14th brings a consolidating Grand Earth Trine between the Sun (8th), Moon (12th) and Pluto (4th). Look at what is not being talked about or discussed when it comes to money, assets, mortgages, joint accounts or anything you share. To establish something lasting – listen to your intuition when it comes to anything that impacts on your security – as in home, property, living arrangements, your income – over the long term.

Changes will bring about a sense of increased security and also a sense of you owning your personal power when ruler Venus arrives in your 8th on the 15th. The 18th offers you an opportunity like no other you have ever experienced to show yourself, partners and others, just how far you have some. Especially when it comes to taking action on your own behalf. This day sees Venus meet with Uranus in here for the first time in your adult lifetime. It also sees s full Moon in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart while Mercury still active in your 8th, trines Pluto. What you share, what is shared with you in turn by others, mortgages, serious commitments, marital assets, the marriage bed, sexual relationships, loans, investments, stocks and shares – bonds – both monetary and ‘your word is your bond’ could be up for change or for you to stick to your position. Radical decisions can be made and agreements reached that free you from uncertainty and unshackle you from powerlessness. Come from strength now and take this with you into the future.

For some, an exciting, enticing and daringly different liaison could also be on offer. Is it the fact it is dusted with danger or comes under the heading ‘Forbidden fruit’ part of the attraction? Even if it does not, approach with an open mind. The goal may be evolution rather than anything lasting. During Uranus’s transit through this sign you will experience beginnings, endings and rebirths – often unexpected and unplanned. This can be a house where you are in for the long haul but even if you are not, you will be changed by the people you meet. All bets may be off around love but this also means that what you never thought could happen, does. Never say never again.

The Sun and Mercury arrive simultaneously in your 9th on the 21st. For some this could be the time when you pack your bags and reach for that passport. Travelling back somewhere you have visited in the past is especially favoured thanks to Jupiter which rules this house, retro in your 3rd. Go back over past projects, re-approach old clients or potential employers as there is so much potential still to be mined if you dig deep enough. That long deferred trip can be taken, hearing from someone from your past – even going way back to childhood, are other possibilities of the Mercury/Jupiter opposition of the 30th as both planets are in what we call ‘mutual reception’ –both by sign and by house for you. The wait for news or for something to arrive could be well and truly over now.

Your ability to compromise, be diplomatic and to bring those scales back into balance if they are askew, gives you the edge or even sees you capturing that opportunity or ‘lucky’ break during the last week of May. Mercury and then the Sun will oppose Ceres, also in your 9th, on the 25th and 29th respectively. Something you had given up on could be restored or a major breakthrough in a stuck situation frees you to move forward – grasping victory as you do so! The month could just end with a serious, success-making decision which sees your feet firmly placed on a secure and more balanced path. Ruler Venus aligns with Saturn in your 4th on the final day of May, seeing you establish something sustaining. This all relates back to your increased sense of self-worth, deservedness and your ability to relate to others – and the material realm, from a whole new perspective.

In a nutshell: Long term decisions you can bank on can be made this month, Libra. What you share with others is up for renegotiation but when it comes to love – put those guessing games behind you.


  • Get ready to discover what’s been missing
  • Go with the extraordinary
  • Balance the Law of Attraction with the Art of Compromise

Henry Ford once said that people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. How does this relate to you this month, Scorpio? Well, the universe is about to show you something radically different to anything you have been presented with in the past. And yes, when you see it, you’ll suddenly know exactly what you’ve been missing.

We begin the month with adjustments to be made in areas of work and wellbeing. Who or what is dictating those terms, Scorpio? Here’s the thing – you’re not in a position to enjoy the good things of life if that body is not cared for or fuelled up properly. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a real-worth experience. But what gets it through this and allows us to explore the realm of the senses? That’s right. That body needs to be your temple. Not the fast food joint next to it. Sensual Venus meets the pristine energy of Vesta in your 6th on the 1st. While Mercury which rules this house makes a highly beneficial angle to retro Jupiter in your 2nd. Correct any over-indulgences now. You can’t ignore that mind/body/spirit connection. Others may be the recipients of a new job offer or well- deserved promotion or pay rise during the first week of the month as this alignment gets a boost from ancient ruler Mars in its ruling 8th in talks with Jupiter on the 7th.

But back to that body functioning at its best. And most definitely with love, pleasure and interactions of all kinds in mind.  Are you ready to discover a love like no other? Or simply what’s been missing all along? The new Moon in your 7th on the 4th is always one which contains the promise of a new cycle of relating. It is also a new Moon which triggers your desires. For what? Usually for something ‘more’ and that more may be something you cannot quite name. Yes, it’s what’s missing. All you know is – especially if you are seeking, you’ll know it when you see it! Mercury enters this house on the 7th, favouring openness and candour in all kinds of discussions. If you want something now – ask for it. That job, that order, that business, that representation, that favour. Or tell someone how you truly feel. The 8th sees Mercury meet up with Uranus favouring encounters with exciting new people who don’t  fit into any mould – but in fact break them. This could allow you to see just what – or who, has been missing. Don’t forget, your 7th is not just about marriage partners, live-in and long term lovers. It governs your closest friends, close working and business partnerships, collaborations and activity partners as well. With Uranus in here, take it that the partnership opportunity which presents itself may not be the one you expected. But it will be the one which evolves your soul.

Watch for meaningful encounters or interactions around the 14th which may give you an indication as to who or what form this may take. This day presents you with a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 7th, Moon in your 11th and ruler Pluto in your 3rd. The following day Venus enters its ruling 7th. Something is building between you and someone else or is about to emerge or peak. Chances are between the 15th to the 18th, you’ll feel the tingle of anticipation. Of knowing that something is about to begin – even if you are not yet certain what it is. Yes, you don’t know what is missing – until the universe shows it to you. You should not have long to wait. The Law of Attraction meets the Element of Surprise on the 18th as for the first time in your adult life, Venus and Uranus meet in your 7th. The same day as a full Moon strikes your 1st. Who or what you have been missing or waiting for is revealed to be stunningly and surprisingly different in its light. You may be surprised at what you have attracted – or who is attracted to you in turn. It (or them) may not look how you expected, but you like that!

You’re now ready to ditch those ideas around what you thought you wanted and take a chance on something different. How do we build confidence? By trying something new. By leaving that comfort zone and discovering just what we are capable of. The Sun and Mercury both enter your 8th on the 21st and now you’re actively seeking out the different and soul-stretching and what you know represents the change you need. You’re able however to keep the balance between what works for you and continues to do so, and what you need to let go of to make room for something innovative, different and new – and potentially better. If you do need to change or bring something to an end, rest assured you will come out ahead but with an immediate sense of setting aside a burden. Mercury and the Sun oppose Ceres which rules the Art of Compromise on the 25th and 29th respectively. While on the 30th, Mercury will move to oppose Jupiter in your 2nd. Having the courage to go with the choice not taken before could leave you with the result you always wanted.

Long term decisions can be reached and deals can be sealed – either with a kiss, a ring or by signing on the dotted line as Venus makes an At Long Last Love angle to Saturn in your sector of words and promises, ideas and business on the 31st. If you’re a phoenix who is seeking what’s been missing in your life up until now, but open about what it may look like or what form it will take. You’ll never know what you’ve been missing until you’re willing to try the extraordinary.

In a nutshell: Love or simply what’s missing from your life may not look like you thought it would. But you’ll know it when you see or experience it. Embrace the different and extraordinary, Scorpio!


  • Free yourself from the daily grind
  • Expand your power to attract
  • Let your dreams shake your reality

Ruler Jupiter remains retrograde in your sign this month. So, take it that this tells you that you can afford to take your time, Sag. Go back over what you’ve started since it arrived in your 1st at the end of 2018. Look at your progress so far and make any course corrections if necessary. Set new personal goals. Especially if they involve anything to do with your image, profile, appearance, brand, message or how you want to come across to others.

Jupiter retro says: What’s the rush? The journey itself is the goal. We can be so fixated on where we want to get to or what we want to achieve, we miss the beauty of the moment. Or we get tunnel vision. We become convinced there is only one path to our goal or one goal that fulfils us. And so we may overlook other, easier ways of getting there or an opportunity that is in fact, so much better. This month is all about the luxury of being able to take your time and opening your eyes to alternatives.

Venus starts the month in your 5th of pleasure, romance and shining self-expression. It meets Vesta in here on the 1st and asks if you are being appreciated for who you are and what you have to offer? Do you feel you are allowed to shine? Or are you feeling dull because you are being unfavourably compared to someone else? That negging lover (or prospective one), or the person who constantly puts you down by comparing you to someone else. Buy out of any dynamic that smacks of this. You are simply too valuable.

The 4th sees those alternatives begin to appear. So, slowdown and focus on the moment. The here and now contains all the potential you need to create a fresh unfettered future as one of the most important new Moons of the year appears in your 6th. Stay connected to intuition and inner knowing over the next two weeks. It will act like a compass, pushing you towards the steps you need to take. And allowing you to discover exciting alternatives you had no idea existed. Don’t rush this process.

Mercury arrives in this its ruling house on the 6th. And on the 8th, could present you with the first of these brilliant alternatives I’ve been talking about. This could be directly linked to your work, your daily routine, your responsibilities, your wellbeing or even a pet. It’s not all about responsibility and duty this month either. The 122th lands you the fire, passion and desire that may have bene missing of late. A Grand Fire Trine forms between Jupiter, Venus in your 5th and the Moon in your 9th. This Axis of Attraction could bring you something you have been waiting for or see fresh opportunities present themselves in romance, travel or even learning that you could not see before. Especially as this day also sees Venus align to Mars in your 7th. You’re set to sizzle and if it’s a journey you’re undertaking – either real or metaphorical,, chances are you’re not travelling alone.

Venus arrives in your 6th on the 14th, while Mars leaves your 7th for its ancient ruling 8th the next day. By now you will have been following the ever-increasing whispers of your inner wisdom that have been building since that new Moon of the 4th. That work direction or job description could change, pivot, evolve or simply free you up to embrace something which gives you the variety you need on the 18th. This is the day that inquisitive and highly intuitive full Moon appears in your 12th. Aligning your soul purpose with what you do – or revealing exciting alternatives. For this is also the day when, for the first time in your adult lifetime, Venus and Uranus meet in your 6th. Accept a new way of working that frees you from the ‘daily grind’. This day also offers a cash-attracting angle between Mercury and Pluto in your 2nd. There is more than one kind of reward on offer now.

The Sun and Mercury arrives in your 7th on the 21st. Singles could see a new love interested, heralded by that Grand Fire Trine earlier, appear or a potential relationship opens up. When the Sun is in this house it is all about attracting what you want – and your beliefs around your ability to do this. This power doesn’t just include potential partners of all descriptions, but also friends, money, possessions, opportunities and gifts. Mercury in here puts you in an outgoing – well, even more so than usual, frame of mind. You’re both the attractor and the initiator as Mercury favours starting that conversation. No matter the reason you’re making that approach – to that potential client – or that love interest!

Step back, take your time and with every encounter or exchange, ask yourself what outcome you want – and what the other part is looking for too. Bring aware of their needs – be it someone to fill that position at a desk or in their heart, gives you both the best opportunity of getting what you want. Know also what you are prepared to give or compromise to get it. If you want togetherness, you may have to give up going your own way. It’s that simple. The Sun and Mercury will oppose the Queen of Compromise – Ceres in your 1st in the final week of May. What do you have to give up to get what it is you are after? That time, independence, or simply too much freedom? Sometimes we need an anchor. If you are alone and not happy about it, look closely at whether you are coming across as too independent? People want to be needed, to feel they fill a gap in our lives or can bring something to us we don’t have. Of course you don’t need someone to complete you, but don’t you love to be needed too?

Stay focussed on the details and the job at hand as May segues into June. The final day of the month sees Venus make a Working Girl aspect to Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd. It’s a moment like the classic Mike Nichols film of the 80’s by the same name. If you’ve not seen it, it’s well worth a look. Be determined and like the film’s protagonist Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) – don’t sell yourself short. Take yourself seriously professionally and others will too. And the rewards are set to follow. Let the river run and let the dreamers shake the nation. That’s you, Sag.

In a nutshell: Don’t move too fast, Sag. If you do you may overlook fabulous opportunities that exceed even your wildest expectations! Power and love are hidden in the moment. Look closer.


  • Surrender to passion
  • Your heart needs to be in it to succeed
  • Be in the moment – the present is a gift

So, just what does get your heart beating faster, Capricorn? Don’t expect May to be a flatline. Heart-starting events could show you just what you’ve been missing lately. Above all, it’s a time to stop taking life so seriously if that’s what’s been happening. To rediscover joy, playfulness and passion. To reawaken your childlike curiosity about life if that’s been lost along the way. And to be in the moment and go with the flow.

Some of you may experience this via your own child or children, a step child or your partner’s child or just giving your inner child permission to express itself. I will have more to say about this later in the forecast. Take care of home matter at the start of the month when Venus and Vesta meet in your 4th. Have you become so focussed on your responsibilities lately that you’ve neglected that side of you which wants to express itself and play? This aspect also asks if you have allowed yourself to be taken for granted. Are you shouldering more than your fair share of domestic responsibilities for example? This upside of this clearing house encounter between these two can be a beautiful, pared down home environment worthy of Marie Kondo. Less is more. Or a creation of a new routine where you delegate in order to have more time to do what you love. Ditch any kitchen sink dramas now.

Those heart-starting moments begin on the 4th when the new Moon in your 5th hands you permission to head off in the pursuit of pleasure and passion. Time to feel ‘at one’ with the world. To be open to what you attract. And to understand this begins with being ‘at one’ with yourself. This is your house of romance, creativity, what gives you pleasure and as I mentioned earlier, of children. When this new Moon appears – seize the moment. Begin something new which is related to one of these areas. It it’s love you’re seeking – put yourself out there so it can find you. Reconnect to something you used to love to do. Or try something new. Begin a venture you can lose yourself in because it captures your soul and creative essence! Above all, showcase yourself. Project yourself, your talents, your style, your abilities or your creative works out there. This is no time to hide yourself away.

Children, step-children, those younger than you, fostering, pregnancy, IVF, adoptions, a partner who comes packaged with children or partners with whom you could potentially because a parent are going to be in focus for the next seven years. This is all down to Uranus’s arrival in your 5th. Your inner child is ruled by the same house. If you feel you were stifled as a child or perhaps told to behave in a certain way which caused you to supress your true self, Uranus in here will redeliver that happy childhood which eluded you the first time around. Mercury the planet associated with youth enters here on the 6th and encounters Uranus on the 8th. Turning work or business into play could be one outcome for some. Recognition of your ideas and what makes you unique, another. Unexpected opportunities stamped with the hallmark of longevity are highlighted for you on the 11th when the Sun also in here trines ruler Saturn in your 1st.

From mid-month, dreams and desires could manifest in the realm of reality. Provided you take action to bring this about that is! The 14th sees the Sun in your 5th, Moon in your 9th and Pluto in your 1st form a Grand Earth Trine. Initiate those changes and go in the direction that makes that pulse race. It’s time to take a chance.

At some point during the next seven years, Uranus will move to trine your Sun from your 5th. The first time you will have experienced this in your adult lifetime. Right now, Uranus is in orb for all those of you born during the first four days of your sign as it moves through 3-4 degrees of your 5th. So, it is early Capricorns who will be most affected. Especially when Venus meets it in here on the 18th. This will occur the same day as Mercury trines Pluto in your 1st and a full Moon strikes your social 11th – Uranus’s ruling house. Unexpected meetings and counters or news which transforms your world, that of your children, your self-expression or your love life are just part of this wild, spinning vortex for future potential. One word of warning: If you do not want to become a parent right now, take extra precautions to ensure this does not happen. Mars in your 7th from the 16th is set to fire up that passion and desire when triggered by Uranus on the 22nd.

The Sun enters your 6th on the 21st along with Mercury which rules this house. Schedules, lists, details, systems, fact-checking, duties, spread sheets, proofreading as well as health and wellbeing matters – these kinds of housekeeping activities demand your focus. Both Mercury and the Sun will oppose Ceres in your 12th on the 25th and 29th respectively. The cost of neglecting to focus on these – anything from that routine to that body beautiful, could now become apparent. Don’t  take anything for granted.

End the month of a note of serious pleasure as Venus in your 5th aligns to Saturn in your 1st in a way that’s simply irresistible. When it comes to romance, this could be more than just a fling. That attraction could be sprinkled with long term promise. Above all, love and let go, be in the moment but don’t lose sight of what you need for the future. Having fun and don’t taking things seriously doesn’t mean we compromise on what’s truly important to us. If you are seeking long term love – don’t settle for someone who says they don’t want the same thing. It has to be mutual to work. Knowing we can have what we want means we don’t sell ourselves short. Your ruler always tells you time is on your side. But chances are there’s plenty to get that pulse racing this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:  Head towards passion and what makes that heart beat faster, Capricorn. May offers you the chance to shine at something you love to do. Or attract that lover that sets your pulse racing!


  • How can we not talk about family when family’s all we’ve got?
  • There’s no place like home
  • Author a new chapter in the Book of Love

The diplomatic approach works wonders at the start of May, Aquarius. Especially when it comes to work, business or what you say, write or communicate. You’re in a position to smooth ruffled feathers or clear up misunderstandings when Venus and Vesta meet in your 3rd. Your words have a beautiful precision to them. So, craft these with care for results that redress imbalances or product win/win scenarios. Above all, don’t be afraid of your strength now. Meditate on the Strength card of the Tarot to align with this energy.

Naturally, most of the month’s major influences concern your ruler, Uranus now in your 4th. It’s a month to be awakened. Both to your needs in the present and how your past has shaped where you find yourself today. If you don’t like your present circumstances, May provides not only revelations, but unexpected opportunities to change your situation by choosing differently and in doing so, create a new future.

It’s no coincidence that Friends, the TV series about what is to all intents and purposes, a ‘created’ family, is finding a new audience amongst today’s teenagers.  Friends first aired between 1994-2004 and is now being discovered by those too young to have watched it when it was first broadcast – or even not even born yet! Why? Many of these would have been born with Uranus which rules friends, in their Sun sign. Depending on other factors in a birthchart, Uranus can sometimes indicate the proverbial ‘black sheep’ of the family. Someone who simply feels they have been born into the wrong one! For anyone who has ever felt this way, creating our own version of ‘family’ is important. This is reflected in Friends and also other ensemble TV series.

Sometimes we are lucky and share the same soul as well as genetic ties with the family we are born into. Or even if we are walking to the beat of a different drum, our family gives us free-rein to be ourselves and is not threatened by that. If not, as we get older, designing a lifestyle and what ‘family’ means to us and which reflects who we are, becomes a big part of our journey. Creating your very own version of Grand Designs is what Uranus in your 4th hands you now. Beautiful moves, new beginnings and yes, who it is who gives you that sense of belonging and ‘family’ even if you are not related to them by blood, will feature over the next seven years as will your roots and your past. And not just in this lifetime. But this includes people who have been your ‘family’ in a past one.

Get ready to pull up or put down new roots as the new Moon appears in its ruling 4th on the 4th. This is always a new Moon where we get to plant seeds for the future. And one which wants us to understand this is OUR life, to live our own way. If you have been living in someone’s shadow or expectations, now is the time to break free of this. Property dealings are favoured under this new Moon. Buying, selling, leasing, renting, flatmates, Airbnb, moving in and moving on – Mercury, planet of commerce, communication and contracts promises comings and goings when it comes in on the 6th. The 8th sees it meet with your ruler and all of the above could take on an unexpected element as a result. Surprise moves may feature – especially if you were both in the first 4-5 days of your sign. If you are faced with a sudden or unexpected move, understand that no matter how inconvenient this may be, it has a higher purpose. And that is to shift you out of a rut and to get you to a place where you can truly live – your way.

Security and soul family creating decisions as well as your opportunity to step out of family shadows and into your own light are promised by the Sun/Saturn trine of the 11th. The 12th brings a Grand Fire Trine which could connect you to your ‘non DNA-related’ family ties. The 14th shows you that change can result in stability as a Grand Earth Trine links the Sun in your 4th to the Moon in your 8th and Pluto in our 12th. Don’t be afraid to make different choices to those of your past or which your family may have made. This is part of owning your own life and creating your future one.

Venus arrives in your 4th from the 15th. The planet of love, beauty and also your bank account shows you ways to beautify that living space or lifestyle as well as the possibility of increased financial security. If you are purchasing things for the home, just ensure you stay within your budget. Venus in here can easily have you breaking the bank as aesthetics are its priority. However, if you are involved in any kind of property purchase or lease or even a salary negotiation, whether these are self-initiated or not, Venus’s encounter with your ruler on the 18th could see you getting so much more than you bargained for. You are aided in anything that enhances your security – and which supports you individually. Links to reputation,, rewards and status are highlighted on this day by a full Moon in your 10th. As well as Mercury’s angle to Saturn in your 12th.

Now security and the serious stuff of living is out of the way, it’s now time to jump back into excitement, romance and pleasure! The Sun and Mercury both arrive in your 5th on the 21st. This is one of your houses of attraction and it is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. It is also your house of creative self-expression, holidays, indulgence and where you get to feel special. Think also about who contributes to that. It’s now time to kick back and be carefree, and to get yourself noticed in all the right ways. You are also set to attract – anything from invitations to contacts, gifts and yes – even love.

Both Mercury and the Sun will move to oppose Ceres in your 11th of friends and goals on the 25th and 29th respectively. Mercury will also oppose Jupiter retrograde in your 11th on the 30th. This occurs the day before Venus trines Saturn in your 12th on the final day of the month. Prepare to unexpectedly encounter an element of your past. Sometimes the past can represent a trap. But not in this case. If a second-chance opportunity appears (or a person), it or they are part of your destiny and also your future. Occasionally this kind of line up can deliver someone or something new, but it or they will feel oh-so-familiar like a half-forgotten tune. Watch for anyone you meet but feel you already know. Lovers who appear could represent a love story told a long time ago. But remember, this month is all about writing your own family her-story or history. And the same goes for love, It may be a familiar book. But this is a brand new chapter that you and you alone get to author, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Create your own definition of what home and family mean to you this month. When it comes to love – it may feel familiar but you get to write a brand new chapter – and a fresh ending.


  • It’s not what you have but how you utilise it
  • Talk takes an unexpected turn
  • Who you encounter is a reflection of hidden potential

Unless you are a billionaire or major lottery winner, we all have limited resources.  And even billionaires have to work with the same number of hours in a day like the rest of us. And as for lottery winners – as those schadenfreude tales of past winners now on the dole that we love to read tell us, sometimes even millions are never enough. The start of May wants you to look at what resources you have available to you in terms of money, assets, possessions, talents, skills and yes, even time, and how you make these work for you. But doing so more effectively. Prioritise what is most important to you as Venus and vets meet on the 1st in what is Venus’s ruling 2nd. It’s not how much you may have – but how you utilise it that counts.

Put it this way – you earn so much money. You spend so much time earning it. If you want more money you have to trade more time either via your present job in terms of overtime or putting in the extra to get that promotion or raise or applying for a new one. Or else invest your time in a side hustle. It’s a trade-off. As is deciding what is most important to you personally. Is it travel? Saving for a home? That hobby or passion? Chances are to get what you want with what you have may mean prioritising one area over another. Travel may be your passion – for someone else it would be a new car. You forgo the Audi TT for the trip of a lifetime while someone else would be happy not to take the holiday but to have the freedom of the open road in their dream car. Now you get it. The thing is this May – it’s you who decides what this is and how those resources are assigned.

That being said, career rewards you’ve been working towards or waiting on, could come within reach thanks to a series of reputation boosting aspects involving retro Jupiter in your 10th. The 10th sees Venus still in its ruling 2nd make an angle of success to Jupiter. This same day also generate a Grand Fire Trine between these two and the Moon in your work zone. Your ideas, what you communicate, your commute and how you move around or communicate receive a boost from the new Moon in your 3rd on the 4th as well as Mercury’s arrival in its ruling house on the 6th. There’s a fresh start on offer. Increased orders, a job offer, business, project, presentation or even a trip, could arrive perhaps unexpectedly. For some, this could mean gearing up in more ways than one. Perhaps stepping into a more progressive or entrepreneurial role in a future-focussed company. Others may just exchange that banger for – well, if not that TT maybe a Tesla, upgrade their technology or launch that website, blog or business plan as Mercury and Uranus meet on the 8th. Fabulous aspects between the Sun in your 3rd and Saturn and Pluto in your 11th between the 11th – 14th could see you taking your ideas or dealing with a bigger audience or client base than you thought possible. Or see the way you say something change for good.

Venus joins the on-going conversation in your 3rd from the 15th which now could take a surprising turn to your advantage. Electrifying ideas, inventiveness and innovation could be the result of Venus and Uranus meeting in here on the 18th. This is the same day as a full Moon of expansion sets sail in your 9th. While Mercury still in its ruling 3rd aligns with Pluto in your 11th. Success comes from being unafraid to speak up, share your ideas and daring to be different. Shout about it, Pisces! You could also encounter someone who embodies these kinds of qualities. If so, they are a reflection of what you yourself are capable of becoming and could have a major influence on your future path. By being yourself you’ll impress them.

The Sun and Mercury enter your 4th from the 21st and both will move to oppose Ceres in your 10th on the 25th and 29th respectively. Again, this may hand you a situation where you have to work with what you have or where you compromise in the present in order to be able to attain a more important goal in the future. Others may now focus on one area in favour of another or strike a new work/life balance. No matter how you shuffle those resources around, the result will be there for all to see. Some of you could receive good news around the 30th when Mercury will move to oppose retro Jupiter showing you that prioritising was well worth it.

Finally, let’s talk about love. It could just come dusted with fate, kismet, karma or destiny. Whatever you prefer to call it. Just be aware as Venus trines Saturn in your 11th on the last day of the month, this may be a long conversation and a slow burn. But it will begin with just that – a conversation. This could take place on-line, in line at the supermarket checkout, over email or face to face. You may not even realise the significance of it at the time. But over time, the connection deepens and the talk turns to something else entirely. What I can tell you is that if it unfolds this way, don’t rush things or push it. Be patient and it will prove to be worth the wait when at some point in the future, it takes an unexpected but very welcome turn. Love is in the air this May, Pisces. But it may arrive in disguise or be slow to reveal itself. Watch and wait.

In a nutshell: Start a conversation this month, Pisces. Whether the discussion is about work or something else, it has the potential to head in unexpected directions. Including love. Get talking.

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