Astrological overview for August 2008

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August opens with the sun shining strong in its own sign of Leo and it will stay there until the 23rd, when it moves into Virgo. Leos are all about confidence and at their best generosity of spirit so there’s a general uplifting feel. This is good news as this month is all about sorting out balance and deciding what you want to resolve in your love life.

A powerful Tsquare for much of August, (where the planets group together in a kind of triangle)  can bring up a few challenges as the energies are pushing and pulling against each other.  It represents conflicting desires in a situation, but it’s all driven by a strong desire to move forward towards a solution. So think about anything you want to resolve and avoid power struggles. Take a step back from it and allow the bigger picture to reveal the overall message of the situation. Be especially careful on the 4th though as this energy reaches its peak and you might find yourself doing something wild and reckless!

Venus changes signs from order-loving Virgo to gorgeous and relationship friendly Libra on the 7th, amplifying things, and Venus conjuncts Saturn on the 8th makes you ask yourself some deep question about who you want to commit to and your true long term feelings.

The new moon (new emotional phase) approaches on the 9th in Leo so, whilst there’s an awareness of current limits in relationships, your energy is focused on the potential of any romantic connections.  The new moon somehow holds the promise of new beginnings. The 13th is a day of strong Libra energy, with the moon, Venus, Saturn, and Mars all snuggled together, so this is a day when relationships, balance and harmony are top priority.

On the 14th, freedom-seeking Uranus slips back into the go-with-the-flow sign of Pisces, while Jupiter stands exactly opposite Saturn by the 16th. Jupiter is about expansion and increase, while Saturn energy tends towards restraint, so the message for you is how balanced are you between restriction and expansion? Do you act rashly without thinking things through? If so this vibe can help you find balance as well as Uranus allowing you to be a bit more open to the unexpected.

By the 20th, Mars and Venus in Libra are in each others’ arms in the sign of Libra, which is a potent indication for love and romance in the air. On the same day Mercury begins its retrograde phase in Virgo, so you might find yourself going back into the past to finally let go of an emotional issue.  This is just right for the mood of the full moon in Pisces on the 24th which brings things to an emotional and romantic crescendo, hopefully resolving where everyone’s heart is and revealing your next emotional adventure!

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